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Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Looking Like Caleb will Nominate Frankie

Following a conversation with Frankie, Caleb tells Derrick everything that was said.. It seems apparent that Frankie will join Victoria on the block today.

Caleb: He said, "If you put me up, I'm not gonna be mad at you.  I'm gonna go into the Veto and hopefully win it.  I won it last time."  And uh, he just basically said he's afraid that since he's a huge target that he could possibly go home.  And I said, I think at this point, anyone sittin' next to Victoria, we've all wanted to be in the final 4 for a while.  It doesn't matter..
Derrick: We just did it.
Caleb: Cody's a big target too.
Derrick: But I think Cody's more loyal than he is.
Caleb: Yeah.  I told him.  Cody's a big competitor in this game too.  You can't just count him out. And he said, "You and I are the biggest targets in this house."  And I said, "You're right."
Derrick: That's bad that he's saying that to you though.  You do know that right?
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick: Because you guys aren't a team.
Caleb: Right.. and he started sayin', "If I win that final HoH, you know I'm takin' you with me."
Derrick: Of course.
Caleb: Of course he's gonna tell me that.
Derrick: Of course. He's been tellin' me for weeks.  He probably tells Cody the same thing.  What he said was a mistake though.. By saying "You and I are the biggest targets," he's actually saying, "there's no chance I'm gonna sit next to you, because you could beat me."
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: SO if he's able to get rid of you, there's nobody close to him.. So he can take me or Cody, probably would take me, because Cody's got more fans in the jury house.. And he can say, Derrick's won 3 comps, I've won 9, he's gonna expect them to give it to him..  Know what I mean?
Caleb: Well, you already know, if me and Cody are in it, you've got our votes, and all you need is 3 more. 
Derrick: I'm not even worried about that, because I'm gonna be there with you. We gotta get there.. We gotta get to final 2, and I'd like to be there with either you or Cody.. Preferably you.  This isn't takin' a shit at him.  We already had the same situation happen, we put up Cody, and we kept him. 



Blogger Paul773 said...

Hi Carolyn and everyone else :-) So, is Frankie Caleb's real target, or is Victoria? I don't know why he wouldn't just have put Frankie up as a renom, assuming Frankie doesn't win the POV. (And I hope he doesn't.) I have really grown to like Caleb in the past several weeks, and I adore Victoria. Frankie is playing a great game, but I do not want him to win. At all.

September 11, 2014 at 11:55 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

If he puts Frankie up as a renom, he could win the POV, take Victoria off, and force Cody and Derrick to be on the block by default. Frankie has to go up now.

September 11, 2014 at 2:36 PM  
Blogger Paul773 said...

Thanks Lindsay!

September 11, 2014 at 5:24 PM  

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