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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday Evening in the Big Brother 16 House

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you!

This week is 99.999% a wrap as far as Nicole being evicted is concerned, so the HGs have moved on to laying the groundwork for Thursday night.  They all correctly expect a double eviction, and naturally, they want to make sure they last through it..

Here's the maneuvering that caught my eye from the earlier part of the evening, as well as just some delicious moments.. I'll be covering the midnight on portion of Monday night in another post..

Camera 4
Have Not Room
Derrick and Cody

Cody's worried that Caleb has told Frankie that they were trying to get him backdoored.. Derrick's reassuring him that Caleb wouldn't do that..
Cody: He plays this game blindly loyal.. He's f'in not smart.
Derrick: Yeah, but that's why..
Cody: Blind loyalty is just as bad as mistrust.
Derrick: Honestly, we probably shoulda sent Frankie home.
Cody: It's a mistake that we didn't. 
***ya think?!

Derrick: But you know why I knew he wasn't going to and I stopped pushing it? The minute he said these words.  "Oh, and I'm gonna be the one to axe him, and have millions of people hate me." What else could we have said to convince him?  We were like, he's the best competitor.. oh and by the way, we know who Nicole's going after, and then I even said blatantly, F'in Frankie's gotta go, and he was just like, yeah.. but, he wasn't gonna send him home. I think, in the back of his mind, he doesn't wanna be the one to send Frankie home, because of the fact that Frankie's who he is.  I don't care about that.  You don't care about that, but I think he does..

Cody: That's who I want to send home on the double eviction.  Period. Don't care.  He's goin' up next to Victoria if I win, and if he loses (the pov), he's goin' home.  Because, quite frankly, he's the one that would take a shot at me. He's gonna take a shot at Caleb and me. Do I think that I would stay, if Caleb and I are sitting on the block next to each other? Yes.  But all it takes is Christine bein' like, maybe not..

Camera 3
Kitchen Area
Derrick and Frankie

Frankie: Did you tell Cody that I know about last night?
Derrick: No.

Frankie: I think I should just have a 2 minute with him.
Derrick: No, I mean, honestly, he's probably gonna do the same thing I did.
Frankie: Should I just say it?
Derrick: It's up to you.. I mean, does it really need to be said?  I didn't happen.
Frankie: No, I just wanna be like, if you have an issue with me, come talk to me.
**a very reasonable request..
Derrick: Honestly, it really was not that big of a deal.  Don't take my word for it.  It's your game. But it really wasn't.  I don't know how Caleb portrayed it.  He has very theatrical ways of portraying it..
Frankie: No, it wasn't..
Derrick: If it was somethin' like realistically..
Frankie: You would've come and told me.
Derrick: I don't think you would've gone up.  I mean, literally, I don't think the kid's gonna do it.  But he was like, "you know Frankie's a beast.. eventually we all have to go at each other," I'm like, "yeah.  But he's also a beast that can be an ally.  If you send him home and keep her here, there's 3 of them and 3 of us, and you don't know where they're gonna vote. They might get the idea to work together." And he's like, "No, you're right, we have to roll with it."  He's like, "Frankie hasn't steered me wrong this game.  We had a couple hiccups." 
Derrick: The same speech he always gives..
Frankie: Yeah..
Derrick: But I think it was more him brainstorming out loud.
Frankie: Right, exactly..
Derrick: ..and wanting our opinion, than "this is what I think we should do."
Frankie: Right, exactly.
Derrick: He did not do that.
Frankie: Ok, gotcha.
Derrick: He wasn't up there rallyin' the troops, by any stretch.

Frankie: Well, Cody's concerned that I wont put her up.
Derrick: I think, honestly, I think that was his (Caleb's) concern too.  I think the only one who wasn't too concerned about it was me, because I have somethin' they don't know..
Frankie: But should I talk to Cody?
Derrick: No.. You know how you do it?  You win, you put up them two (Christine and Victoria), and then..
Frankie: I just f'in did it.  I just won..
Derrick: yeah, but now's different.
Frankie: ..and had them both on the block.
Derrick: Now it's different because you 3 are the heavyweights in this house. It's apparent.
Frankie: ok.

Derrick: Lemme ask you this.. If Cody wins, are you 100% sure he wouldn't put you up?  You are a beast.  You said it.
Frankie: That's what I'm saying.. Should I try to mend it?
Derrick: He's not mad at ya. But he knows that only one of you are gonna probably win this thing.  I don't think it's anything bad.  You said it.. Every week it's gonna be a thought.  I wouldn't worry about it, bud.
Frankie: ok
Derrick: I'm worried that we didn't get a mission.
Frankie: Me too.

Cam 3 and 4
Caleb and Derrick
Living Room

Caleb: I find it so weird that Cody would rather hang out with all those girls than us.   Maybe he is..

Derrick: Frank thinks he is. Frank swears by it. He thinks it's possible.
Caleb: Yeah, I just..
Derrick: It is possible.  That'd be a killer thing to come out with at the finale... although it's already been done.  Guy from Canada just now just did it. He was a gay guy, pretended he was straight.
**Hi Kenny Brain!☺
Caleb: The whole time?
Derrick: Yeah, but when he was gettin' evicted, he told em. He was kissing girls and everything..

Caleb: Very well could be..  Either that or he's setting himself up for..
Derrick: That's what I think he's doing.  I don't think he's...  I think he's just setting himself up, because they make up a large portion of the house right now.
**It's funny to me.  Neither one of them will say the actual word in reference to Cody.. as if it would bite them like a snake.

Caleb: Yeah..
Derrick: Where if one of us are up there, and they're not? 

Skipping ahead a minute.. Frankie comes inside..
Caleb: We're talkin' about how awkward Cody is.  He never really hangs out with the guys.  He's always with
Frankie: Oh, it's bizarre.
Derrick: He's like, maybe Frankie's right. 
Frankie: I am way straighter than him.

Cam 2
HoH Room
Christine and Caleb

Christine: Hey, can I just talk to you real quick?
Caleb: What's up?
Christine: I didn't want you to think at all this week that I ever talked to Nicole about game or anything, or that the girls were getting aligned.  That's embarrassing to even think about.  I've just been frustrated all week with hearing things..
Caleb:Where'd you hear that from?
Christine: From a couple.. just..
Caleb: That I'm worried about you workin' with the girls?
Christine: Noo.. Not that YOU..  no no no.. That things have been being said, and I'm just..  and you of all people, I just didn't want you to.. cuz I like went on the block and stuff, so I didn't  know if that had to do with it.
Caleb: No.
Christine: Ok. I just wanted to make sure.
Caleb: I think between all of us, it was mentioned that if we kept Nicole, she would try to do that.
Christine: Understandable.
Caleb: That's what that..  That's all that was.
Christine: ok. And with the whole Frankie..
Caleb: I was so close to puttin' him up.
Christine: I know.. I was waiting to see what happened.
Caleb: So close. I was just like, I don't know if I wanna make the move, cuz if I do, and Nicole tries to flip it, it could be trouble..
Christine: mm hmm
Caleb: Or just go with the plan.. I think we do have Frankie's best interest.. right now.
Christine: Yeah.
Caleb:..because he can still get in trouble, know what I mean?

Fire Room
Camera 3
Victoria and Nicole

Victoria: I'm emotionally broken.
Nicole: I know.
Victoria: Completely.
Nicole: mm hmm.  You gotta get your head in the game, Victoria.
Victoria: I know.. But there is no head in the game, because in this stupid f'in season..
Nicole: hehehe.. no.. I know.. But you've gotta get your head in the game. OK?
Victoria: Moving forward..
Nicole: Moving forward, you gotta win.
Victoria: If I don't win competitions, there's no head in the game, I'm going home.
Nicole: They're gonna send Derrick home before they send you home.

Victoria: No they're not.
Nicole: Yes they are. 
Victoria: I can't do that.
Nicole: He's a much bigger target than you.
Victoria: He cannot go.
Nicole: I'm telling you, from a game perspective, they will send him home over you.
Victoria: I know.. 100%.
Nicole: OK.. As long as you know that.  You have to emotionally prepare for that situation.
Victoria: I can't. I don't know how I will.  I can't.
Nicole: Victoria! hehe..

Victoria: What?
Nicole: You have to..  I'm trying to help you right now.  You have to imagine him not here. You have to exert that energy and fury in competition..

Victoria wells up with tears and begins to cry at the mere thought of a house without Derrick in it..

Nicole: Victoriaa... Stop.  He could very well win HoH, or you could, and you guys'll be ok.  But i'm just saying, you have to, you cannot.. You have to be strong.  I lost my best friend in double eviction, and it was effing hard.
***poo poo poo.. salt over the shoulder.. don't you dare jinx Derrick for the DE.

Victoria: (crying and sniffling)
Nicole: But you cannot quit in this game.
Victoria:  I know..

Nicole:You have to be strong.
Victoria:  (choked up)  Since day one, we've been like this (crosses fingers).  Cuz it's not like 2 weeks into the game.  It was like since day one.  It's crazy.  I can't. 

This is ongoing, and really sweet, if you'd like to have a look at it on flashback.  Derrick comes in and gets involved too.. Victoria tells him she'll go home in his place if he's up.. Not possible, but incredibly endearing.

OK.. One last thing before we dive into the after midnight in the Overnight Report, a quick little foray into the earlier part of the evening when we learned a bit more about Zach's exit, and what he did when the cameras weren't rolling.  Thanks to Robin for the heads up!

Derrick, Victoria, Nicole, Frankie
Fire Room
Camera 3 and 4

Frankie: He had the best exit in Big Brother history.
Derrick: Yeah, he did.  He had a good one.
Nicole: Did he do a poem?
Derrick: I know he ended with, "Julie, I'll be seein' ya in a couple minutes."
Frankie: Yup.. and then she said, "With a vote of.." And as soon as she said "with a vote," he didn't even wait for the number, he stood up, got up on the table and started throwing Froot Loops on everybody.

Derrick: Had a bag..
Victoria: It was so cool.
Nicole: But did he make up like a poem?  What did he say?  Was he nice to you guys?

Derrick: No.  He's like, "I hate.."  But before the tv went live, he gave all of us hugs, and was like, love all of ya'll, do not hug me when I'm leavin'.  Do not gimme a hug." He's like, "but I like all of you, I love all you guys, gimme hugs, I can't wait to hang out with you.."
**that's so sweet.. to me, it sounds like Zach was afraid he'd start crying if they hugged him during the show..
Nicole: Did he shout out his family?
Derrick: I think he did..
Frankie: And his instagram..
Derrick: He's like @ranceypants, you know.. he said, "I hate everyone here," then like I said, he got up on the table, and before she even finished, he was throwin' Froot Loops at us.. then he dumped the bag right before he walked out.  Didn't hug any of us.
Nicole: That's awesome.

Derrick: And that was his character.  And he lived up to it til the last moment.  But like I said, before the cameras went live, he was f'in huggin' everybody. It was a complete facade.
Frankie: And he was so happy..
Derrick: Yeah, he was happy to be leaving.
Frankie: He was happy to see everybody when he came back in.
Derrick: He was happy to be leavin' though.
Frankie: Yeah, but when he came back in, he was so happy to see us.
Derrick: Oh yeah, he was pumped.
Frankie: But he had no f'ing desire to re-enter this house.
Derrick: No. He really didn't.
Frankie: Noooo desire.
Nicole: hehehe
Derrick:  He was a competitor, so he wasn't throwin' the comp, but..
Nicole: He wasn't that pissed when he didn't win.  That's for sure.
Derrick: No, he wasn't.  He was like, "Up, see ya later, bro."  I think he was done.  He was done playin' the game, and he even said it numerous times, he wasn't good at the game. He wasn't good at it.
Nicole: He was kinda good.
Derrick: He literally came up to me and was like, "Derrick, ahh, just so you know, Nicole's talkin' shit about you.."
Nicole: hehehe
Derrick: "..and uh, she's tellin' Victoria everything.."

Nicole/Victoria: hahaha!
Derrick: "..but don't say nothin' to her.. I had nothin' to do with it. I didn't say anything.  It's not me.  Don't think it's me. It's not me.  If she says it was me, it's not."
All: hehehe
Derrick: Ok.. talk to you later, good talk.
Nicole: hehehe.. "If she says it's me, it's not." How obvious.
Derrick: Yeah.
Frankie: No, he was the worst.
Derrick: Yeah.. I literally got him upstairs with me, and he's like, "Alright, not gonna lie.  I'm a f'in liar. I said everything to Victoria.  I'm a f'in liar.."
Nicole/Vic: hahaha

And we're moving forward into the night...  Please check for the Overnight Report, covering interesting bits from midnight til bedtime in a new top post starting at 7am Eastern, 4am BBT. 



Blogger Unknown said...

Awww. Thanks for the little Zach tidbit there. What a pleasant surprise. I was travelling yesterday and didn't catch any of the feeds.

Zach is such a precious young man.

September 2, 2014 at 4:22 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

That was awesome to hear about Zach and I cannot wait to go back to flashback and watch Derrick do the ZachAttack impression!

♥Muuuaahh, Carolyn! ♥
Hope your feeling better, sounds like you are...Imma Virgo and I worry bout others, a lot, lol :)"

September 2, 2014 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Pamela Michel! :-)

I am! Thank u very much!!

September 2, 2014 at 12:08 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hiya CheriD,

That was definitely my pleasure. I love that they shared that with us..

September 2, 2014 at 12:09 PM  

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