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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday Evening in the BB16 House

Here are just a couple quick conversations from before midnight on Tuesday night.. All the after midnight key convos will be in the overnight Report.

The HGs spent pretty much all day and night playing C.Y.A. for the Double Eviction..  Here we focus on Frankie's efforts as well as Christine's, since the 2 of them are likeliest to be the most in jeopardy during the double.. We begin with a little Victoria-Nicole convo, just for kicks, and because I enjoy them...

Camera 1 and 2
Victoria and Nicole

Victoria: I just can't stand all this fakeness and kissing butt. 
Nicole: I know.  It's getting to me, hardcore. Cuz I've never been around such a high dose for so long..

Nicole: I hope it's a double eviction on Thursday, and.. not you or Derrick leaves.
**me too.

Victoria: Yeah.. we'll see..
Nicole: Everybody's feeling way too comfortable.
Victoria:  You think so?
Nicole: Look at them 2.. (**Cody and Christine on the couch) They're not worried at all.  They should'nt be, cuz they're in good positions.  Caleb doesn't care if he goes. Frankie's paranoid.

Victoria:  Mmm
Nicole: If Frankie doesn't win, he's in trouble.  He's probably going home.
Victoria:  mm hmm
Nicole: But if he wins, Veto.. If he doesn't win one of those 2 comps, I think he'll go home. Right?
Victoria:  Yeah. But he's a beast.  He's A Beast.
Nicole: He's very smart too.

Victoria: That was weird what he was saying today about us all being in character.. I'm not an actress.  I'm a photographer.
Nicole: I'm a person...  and that gets in the way, because I don't know how to hide.  I'm not an actress. I don't know how to hide when I'm like sad, happy..

Cam 1 and 2
Storage Room
Cody and Frankie

Frankie: Are you concerned that I would put you on the block?
Cody: No. Is that coming from Caleb?
Frankie: Yes.  So, I just wanna.. Remember the whole thing with Zach?  Like, us not talking to each other?  I just wanna make sure that anything that happens..

Cody: But is that coming from Caleb?

Frankie: It's coming from Caleb.  Yes.
Cody:  He said, Cody's concerned?
Frankie: Nnnno.  He said that he's concerned.
Cody: That's what we'd been mentioning upstairs.  Caleb was crazy nervous.
Frankie: I know, exactly.
Cody: And I was like..
Frankie: No no no.. I never assumed that it was you that was concerned, but I don't like the..  I want us.. We.. We always work best when we go directly to each other with everything. 
Cody: Yeah.  But I didn't feel like there was anything to come to you about.
Frankie: There isn't anything. And the whole thing with Christine.. That Caleb told Christine that.. and there's just too many things.
Cody: Yeah
Frankie: So..
Cody: I just know that he was obviously nervous.
Frankie: Yeah.
Cody: He was like, people are gonna be comin' after us.  I was like, ok.
Frankie: Exactly.
Cody: When he was really nervous, I was like, I'm confused, but I was like, dude, whatever.. We're getting to the point of the game where like..
Frankie:  He didn't say YOU were concerned.
Cody: Oh.
Frankie: He said that he was concerned.. but I just wanted to make sure, cuz now I know that it's a theory that was put out there, and of course, obviously, I don't..  I don't let things like that linger. In this house.  Because it's..
Cody: But it wasn't a theory. Caleb was just very nervous. Anybody was comin' after him.
Frankie: Exactly.
Cody: I was just like, dude, I understand you're in power right now.. I was in power last week.  Like, I'm not crazy freaked out about it.  If someone's gonna come after me, they're gonna come after me.
Frankie: Right.
Cody: We're at that point in the game.

Frankie: But why does Christine think that's a thing?
Cody: I don't know.

Frankie: The point of the matter is, we're gonna be the final 4 motherf'ers in this game.
Cody: 100%.  Cuz there's no one that can really get us out.
Frankie: Exactly.  And I.. I don't question you at all.  Is that wrong?
Cody: No.  I wasn't..

Frankie: I don't question Derrick at all.  I don't.
Cody: Right, but that's..
Frankie: I don't know if that's like a bad thing.
Cody: No.  He was just like, I think very nervous.  He was like, dude, man, we're getting to the point where people are gonna take a shot at me..
Frankie: I know.
Cody: And I was like, who can take a shot at us?
Frankie: Exactly.  I feel like he has sort of started to infuse paranoia in all of us.  When he said it to me, I was like, should I be worried??  If he was a mastermind of this game, I'd be like, he's trying to pit us against each other.. but he's not.
Cody: Right.. That's why, for me, he was very nervous about who's in tight with Christine, and I was just like, well, I know how tight I am with Christine, but it's not like..
Frankie: Exactly.
Cody: I mean.. it's gonna be f*cked up.  There's not gonna be smiles, but.. when it happens, it's part of the game. 
Frankie: yup
Cody:So for me, I know I'm close to Christine.. You're close to Christine..  It's gonna happen.  We have to f'in lose her.  And that's what sucks.. But..

Frankie: I'm so excited.  I love you..

Cody: Last night, when you were questioning, I was like, why is that even in his head?
Frankie: It was in his head, and I didn't know if he put it in your head..
Cody: alright..

They re-solidify the bond, or at least go through the motions of it, and agree that Christine going up and out Thursday night is the test.. It's Team Us 4 (guys).  Incidentally, we know this is utter bs on Cody's end, as he's been pretty keen on getting Frankie out during the double.  I'm not sure about Frankie.

And we're moving forward..

Cam 4
Backyard Couch
Derrick and Christine

We join this conversation in progress..

Christine: If you won HoH, are you still going for Victoria?
Derrick: Yes. I mean, that being said, she's on the block, I have to put her up there with somebody, and I'm not a vote, so if that person goes home, I'm ok with that too.
Christine: mm hmm
Derrick: And I wouldn't even say that I'm goin' after Victoria.  I could tell you that Victoria would be goin' up. 
Christine: Yeah. If I go (win hoh?), obviously she's going up.
Derrick: Right. And the other guy's a very plausible option, and ultimately, one of em have to go.  But yeah, she'll definitely be up there. You have to put her up there.
Christine: Oh, you have to.  100%.  Everyone is, I'm sure.
Derrick: yeah.  As far as goin' after her, it might be a waster to send her home.
Christine: mm hmm
Derrick: Based on what you said earlier, I definitely did some thinkin' and you're definitely right.
Christine: As cool as I think it would be to make it final 5 as an alliance, I just thought about the money more.
Derrick:  Yeah, you know, I think of all people, you don't have to convince me.
Christine: mm hmm
Derrick: Definitely don't have to convince me.



Blogger Ellyson said...

Is it wrong of me..? As much as I want Frankie to leave, I want to see him squirm for a few days while he has to wait for Thursday like everyone else. I want the house the shun him like they've done everyone else. He doesn't deserve a quick eviction.

September 3, 2014 at 6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What guy were Christine and Derrick talking about?

September 3, 2014 at 2:36 PM  

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