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Saturday, August 16, 2008

PoV Spoiler & Follow up

Good Morning, BB Lovers! Happy Saturday! Welcome back to the main site! Ahh :) Feels very good! Within this post you'll find the PoV Spoiler & Follow-up, as well as everything that happened before the PoV Comp last night. So.. in addition to being the PoV Spoiler, this is this Overnight Report. ;)

2:41am BBT
The Feeds just came back on, and Dan is wearing the PoV around his neck!!

2:41am BBT
Hippie Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha's so happy she could burst. Dan is more reserved. He's laying in bed with the Veto around his neck, saying "I never win anything. I never even get questions right."

Keesha: You gonna change it?
Dan: (smiles) Probably not... don't tell anyone.

2:41am BBT
50s Room
Ollie & April
Meanwhile, Ollie and April are in bed whispering and admittedly nervous about just where Dan's loyalties lie.

April: I've always saved Dan.
Ollie: Dan's always asking me each week if he was safe, and I always told him yes. He owes me and you.
April: If the goal is for me to go, then I'll go, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.
Ollie: Jerry is going home.
April: Thank you for making me feel better.

2:45am BBT
Dan goes to see Jerry in the 80s room. Jerry congratulates him, and Dan tells Jerry he'd like to talk to him in the morning, after they all get some sleep.

2:53am BBT
April gets up from her position in bed with Ollie to take a shower, saying she feels disgusting.

2:53am BBT
In the living room, Dan tells Memphis he'll talking to Renny in the morning.

2:54am BBT
Keesha, Michelle
Keesha & Michelle are showering and chatting very happily. April comes in and chats with them while she waits for an open stall.

2:56am BBT
Hippie Room
Dan & Memphis
Memphis: He's not the smartest guy in the world. He probably thought he could get through the game by folding, which ya can't, know what I mean?

3:00am BBT
Talk around the house has turned to the snake in the comp... Everyone but Michelle was creeped out by it. She thought it was beautiful.

3:02am BBT
Hippie Room
Memphis and Renny
Memphis: That gave me a stroke out there. I thought he was gonna win.
Renny: (whispering very low)

Memphis tells Renny he's gonna go to sleep.

Her too.

3:05am BBT
Renny comes to the downstairs bathroom, tells everyone goodnight, and heads up to the HoH.

She also tells Dan, "You made your students proud."

3:07am BBT
Keesha, Dan & April

It's starting to sound like it was a morph of some kind... Keesha, Dan and April are talking about Keesha's pink bra/bikini top having been in the comp.

April: Congrats again, Dan.
Keesha: You ok, Dan?
Dan: It's been a long day...
Michelle: Food comp, nominations, eating crickets...
Keesha: Poor Dan. He's exhausted.

3:12am BBT
All the women have now showered... April goes back to Ollie.. She's feeling a little better now that she's clean. They're in separate beds, whispering to each other about Keesha.

In the bathroom, Dan gets in the shower. Keesha's on the couch, chatting with him a little. Not a care in the world. ;)

3:14am BBT
50s Room
Ollie: Get her vote. Talk to her. Make a deal with her. I can't promise I wont put her up.

Keesha passes through on her way back to the kitchen...

Ollie & April continue whispering..

April: If they say I've won stuff I'll give every girl in here an outfit...

April goes on to list the cash and prizes everyone else has... They think perhaps Jerry will offer Dan the $4,000 he has to use the PoV on him.

3:17am BBT
Keesha & Michelle

Feelin' good... relieved. Keesha's mellow now. Michelle is still very pumped up.

3:22am BBT
April comes out to get a drink and make nice with the girls. Michelle goes to the 50s room... chats with Ollie. April gets her drink, and tells Keesha, "G'night honey."

3:23am BBT

Around the house...

Bathroom - Dan has finished showering.

Kitchen - Renny calls down to Keesha from the HoH landing. She can't sleep. Keesha invites her to come down...

50s Room - Ollie, April & Michelle are in bed.

3:27am BBT
Renny's in the kitchen with Dan & Keesha.

Michelle, Ollie and April are talking full voiced in the 50s room.

3:28am BBT
Kitchen Counter
Dan, Keesha & Renny
Dan: That was so cool.
Keesha: That was very impressive, Dan.
Dan: Thanks. That snake was so cool.
Renny: What kinda snake was it?
Dan: A boa constrictor.

Dan goes... Renny & Keesha talk.

Renny: See ya later... (about April?)
Keesha: That was crazy.

***Yes it was!

Here's everything that happened before the PoV last night...

HGs Say: POV is Tonight
Spark up the feeds..

7:41pm BBT
80's Room
April & Ollie

Ollie says he heard yelling. He thought it sounded like Keesha yelling in the HOH room.

BB: April, please put on your microphone.

Keesha & April

April goes to look for her mic. Keesha tells her the PoV competition is tonight.

They move the conversation into the kitchen.

7:44pm BBT
April & Keesha

Keesha tells April again..Production told them the PoV comp will be tonight.

Keesha: That's why we can't have alcohol..
April: I can't stop crying..must be because I got my period.

Michelle joins the kitchen conversation about the PoV. Michelle also tells them she was told not to drink.

7:50pm BBT
Renny joins the conversation in the kitchen.

Renny: I'm not in the mood for this PoV tonight.

Keesha, Michelle & April are discussing their periods. April tells them she keeps crying, because she has started her period.

7:53pm BBT
Hippy Room
Keesha & Memphis

Memphis bets Libra is in the jury house by now. They are reminiscing about their time in the house.

Keesha: We are not a boring cast, that's for sure.

April, Michelle, Dan

April, Michelle & Dan are chatting in the kitchen.. Ollie goes up to ring Renny's door.. Renny does not answer.

Ollie comes down..April and Ollie are discussing the PoV comp.
Ollie: What's up Big Brother? Is the competition tonight?


Ollie: Good..I didn't know that..
Renny from upstairs: Did you guys hear that?
April: Yeah..it's because we were questioning it..

8:04pm BBT
Ollie & April

April: Do you forgive me?
Ollie: I was over it a long time ago..
April: I was in the DR crying about it..

April tells Ollie she is sorry..she is stressed..
Michelle joins..
Jerry from hall: PoV tonight..
April: Yeah, we heard that..

Michelle tells them BB told her not to drink any of Renny's wine because PoV is tonight..

8:08pm BBT
Hippy Room
Dan, Keesha & Memphis

Dan: We have not had an endurance PoV yet..
They discuss past Big Brother endurance events..

8:11pm BBT FISHIES briefly

April, Ollie & Michelle

April says she never watched the internet feeds..
April: That's creepy to think people are watching us..What kind of people sit there and watch us 24/7..

Ollie: What do they show on there?
Michelle: I don't know I've never watched them..

Keesha joins..She also has never seen the live internet feeds.. Keesha tells them she found out they show everything. BB told her after she came out of the HoH shower naked..

Keesha: I saw myself in the mirror and thought, oh no, a huge production team just saw me naked..So they told me..

FISHIES Briefly..

Ollie: They can't show that on the internet.
April: They can't..I heard they have a 20 second delay.

***You wish! lmao.

FISHIES Briefly..

Ollie says he knows how to do the Thriller dance. April & Michelle asks him to do it. He does not do the dance.

8:26pm BBT
Dan, Memphis

Memphis is cooking. Dan is staring at the memory wall.

Living Room

Dan is alone..talking

Dan: Something is going on in this house..(Pause) I wonder if you know what I mean? (Pause) To find your dreams in this house..(Pause) I am on my grind??


*** Could be picking players for the veto..
8:41pm BBT Still FISHIES

8:49pm BBT
Ollie & April

April: I don't know what they expect of me today.. Pick, Pick, Pick... Am I grinning too big?

Ollie & April are discussing what kind of PoV comp it will be. They wonder if it will have prizes, and what should they do if there is a prize.

Ollie: I think we both need to play for the veto.

***Ya think?

April is talking about sharing her clothes with the women in the house..

April: Maybe America will see it and give me America's Favorite.

April: Michelle is probably sh*tting in her pants right now..

Ollie: Jerry won't give up in this competition..

9:00pm BBT
Renny & Keesha

Renny: You ready to play in that POV?
Keesha: As ready as I'll ever be..

Keesha: They are still building it..

This discuss what kind of comp they think it could be.

Michelle is hosting.
Renny: They have to go over it all with Michelle.

Keesha & Renny go downstairs to eat..

Keesha, Renny, Michelle, Dan, Memphis, Jerry

BB: Renny please come to the DR..

HG's eating and talking..

Dan is playing in the veto..
Jerry: Dan, this will be your first one in awhile.
Dan: Yep, since week two..

***Veto Players
Renny, April, Jerry, Ollie, Keesha, Dan
Michelle is the host..

9:23pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Keesha

Memphis and Keesha are discussing Renny's nominations. Memphis does not understand why Renny would say all last week that April & Ollie are two in an alliance and tight, then not put them up together..

Keesha: Yesterday I had no idea Jerry was going up.

Keesha is worried the competition will be tailor made for April..

Dan joins the conversation.

Dan: I can't believe Ollie was picked.

They are worried and discussing what will happen if Ollie wins PoV. They wonder who Renny will put up..

Dan: Jerry winning it, is not as bad, as April winning it..
Keesha: I agree, but someone's gotta go up.
Dan: And if someone sends your girlfriend out of the house..won't you go after them..

9:37pm BBT
Keesha laughing..
Keesha: Can you imagine Jerry and Libra in the jury house together..That'd be a show in itself..by the time the third person got there, they'd done killed each other..

9:43pm BBT
Michelle, Ollie, & April

Michelle & April are counting how many times they have cried in the house..After much counting and explaining why they cried..Ollie says:

Ollie: So, about 5 to 10 times each..

9:55pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Keesha

Keesha: Do you think April will take Ollie to the end?
Memphis: No..
Keesha: She told me she wouldn't take him to the end, because she couldn't win against him..
Memphis: WTF is she talking about?! She can't win in the end against anybody.

Memphis: Do you think Renny is trying to keep her here? Without telling you?
Keesha: Who, April? Everything's crossed my mind lately. I asked her, who do want out? She said April.
Memphis: What she's doing doesn't make sense..

Dan joins the conversation..He just left the DR.

Dan: Do those nominations make sense to you? Um, no..
Memphis: I don't know what she's doing..

Memphis leaves..

10:04pm BBT
Hippy Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha: It's so stressful. It could hurt Renny..
Dan: I know, we've been hard on her, but if she gave us an explanation, we'd feel better..

Memphis comes back licking a lollipop..

Keesha leaves..

Dan: Keesha, will you get me my sucker, please?

10:15pm BBT
Keesha returns with Dan's sucker..hehehe

Talk is all about the "suckers" .
Dan: I'm not use to lollipops like these. I'm use to suckers.

The lollipops remind them of Pee Wee's Play House.

BB: Keesha, please come to DR.

10:26pm BBT
Hippy Room
Memphis & Dan

Dan: Do you think she cut a deal with Ollie?
Memphis: It's almost like a slap in the face.

Dan: He knew he was safe, that's what gets me.
Memphis: They can't win. They can't f-ing win.

Dan says its hard to talk to Renny.

Dan: She's like, I'll put ya up.. I'll put ya up.. How do you talk to someone like that?

Memphis leaves. Renny comes in.

Dan: I'm surprised you put my key first..
Renny: You want to talk to me about that?
Dan: Nah, I was just surprised..

Conversation changes to Renny's CD..jazz music..and the big lollipops..

10:34pm BBT
Michelle & Memphis

Memphis is telling Michelle, he will be pissed if Renny puts him up if the PoV is used.

Michelle: Do you think she will put Ollie up?
Memphis: I don't know, that's what we were just talking about..


Memphis: I promise you whoever goes up we have three votes..we vote to keep each other..

Michelle: Of course, I'd vote to save you..

10:48pm BBT
Hippie Room
Memphis, Dan & Renny

Memphis is telling stories about his drunken adventures back home. Renny is really enjoying them..

Renny tells them a story about her youth..
Her and some friends in a van..
Renny: It was like Cheech & Chong..when we got out, all the smoke..

She tells them they end up taking a wrong turn and they become part of parade..

11:02pm BBT
Hippy Room

Keesha joins them..
Memphis is telling another story..

Keesha: Are you high on sugar??

BB: Memphis please come to the DR..

11:17pm BBT
Ollie & Jerry

Ollie and Jerry are frying up and eating some slop.. Yummy..

Hippy Room
Dan & Keesha

Keesha is changing her pants under the blankets..Dan puts a pillow over his head to acknowledge her modesty..

Keesha & Dan talk about Steven and how much they liked him.. Keesha tells Dan, Steven really liked him..

Memphis comes back from the DR..

Keesha says she met John Stamos in a bathroom at a club..

Dan: In the bathroom??
Keesha: Yeah..it was a unisex bathroom.
Dan: Men and women in the same bathroom in public??

Dan is shocked..He has never heard of unisex bathroom..

Dan: You guys are serious?? You are looking at me like this is normal..

11:38pm BBT
50's Room
April, Ollie & Jerry

Jerry is yawning and looking really tired..April says she is tired..
April: At least we won't get a wake-up call tomorrow..last time we had a night comp. they didn't wake us.

Ollie is laying on the bed..April is yawning a good bit..It's contagious and comical at this point..Jerry yawns then April..
April: I can't stop yawning..

Michelle joins..She is putting on her make-up..Michelle is wide awake..making jokes..making funny voices...doing little dances..

11:50pm BBT
Michelle goes to check the time..
April: Man, I'm so tired..

April mentions her period..and cramps..
Ollie: If I ever had a time of the month, this would be it..

Michelle comes back making more jokes, funny voices, and funny faces..
Ollie: Michelle you have A.D.D., don't ya?
Michelle: Yes, NO, how dare you..

April: She scares me sometimes Ollie..she says things that are so random..
Michelle: What do ya mean?
April: Out of the blue...you say..I'm single and ready to mingle..

April & Ollie cuddle/spoon..
Michelle: Spooning turns to forking, forking turns to knifing, knifing turns, to spatula..

Ollie: It's not an all niter..they can't do that..
April: This is BB they can do whatever they want..

12:09am BBT FISHIES briefly..


12:17am BBT
Feeds back..

Ollie, April & Michelle are testing each other on HG's facts..names, favorites, etc..


12:22am BBT
Feeds back to hear:
Jerry: Old people need to go to bed..
Ollie: Let's turn the lights off..They'll hurry up cuz they'll see we are sleeping..
Jerry: They don't give a sh*t..

They turn off the lights..

Jerry: My contract says because of my age I don't have to work past midnight..


More yawning from Jerry..

12:27am BBT
Hippy Room
Dan, Memphis, Keesha

They are having a party..lots of noise..
Dan, Memphis & Keesha are flicking the lights on and off..

Dan: I saw a hand..
Screams..laughter..Dan says he saw a hand in the mirror..

Memphis: Hey, Mike if you are listening, I want to hear, "LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE"..

12:28am BBT FISHIES briefly..

12:29am BBT

Weird noises are coming from the Hippy Room..
Michelle goes to investigate..

Michelle: Dan are you naked?
Dan: No..
Keesha: Dan I see you..
Dan: I'm putting my shorts on..

Keesha is refusing to turn off the lights..
Keesha: Promise you are done Dan..Promise
Dan: I can't do that..

Memphis: Dan get in your bed..Keesha get in your bed..
Keesha flicks the lights on and off..
Memphis: KEESHA, KEESHA, just go to bed..
Keesha: Does it bother you when I'm quiet..
Keesha screams..Memphis is tickling her in the dark..

They do not trust each other..every time someone turns off the lights someone gets up to tickle or touch another..scaring Keesha in the dark is the goal..

12:39am FISHIES briefly..then to Trivia - PoV Comp!!!!



Anonymous Another Dan said...

Sounds like Dan may want to use POV to either mend fences with the Colonel or ensure the Colonel goes this week. I don't think Renny will permit that though.

August 16, 2008 at 3:48 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

YAY! We are home again. That other place was a nice place to visit but there is no place like home. I clicked my Ruby Reds three times and here I am!

I still can't sleep. I'm so excited about seeing that gold around Dan's neck.

A few thoughts before I walk away and crawl into my coffin.

Carolyn, I'm watching TWC and it looks like Fay may go to the left side of Florida. Here's hoping wherever she goes, she doesn't do much damage. I get nervous every time I see that 'cone of probability' and how it keeps moving a bit west.. Who knows with these storms. It could continue the same path and go to lower Texas coast or Mexico. I now hate this time of year, and so close to the 3rd anniversary of Katrina. I need more klonopin. Glad I can get that script filled this week.

And that brings me to Jane. :p~ Jane we have so much in common in the way of same interests. If I weren't so crazy I'd want to be a therapist. One of Danny's doctors actually suggested it to me several years ago.

The things you said way back earlier in the Friday posts was so SPOT ON re: the various mental illnesses and how they fit the HGs. It makes me wonder if you are an SS Atty.

(Carolyn is that 'a' or 'an'? Hard to believe back in my days of college I was 4.0 in all my English Comp and other classes. Maybe because back then we had to write on slate with a chisel and I had time to stop and think about each word?)


I'm singing from "Hello Dolly!" about being back on this web addy.

"Dolly will never go away again!"

Maybe in my next post, I'll be sober. I'm such a lightweight when it comes to drinking these days.


August 16, 2008 at 5:03 AM  
Blogger Alice said...

Good Morning Carolyn Darlin. So glad to see ya back. I'm sure you are resting now after getting up and covering the POV aftermath. I'll be in a meeting all day today. Luckily for me the HG will probably sleep most of the day. Will be back with you tonight. Love ya.

August 16, 2008 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Good Morning Carolyn,
Just got up and can't believe all that happened overnight.
I want to start my day by saying that I hope that you and your neighbors stay safe and also to send my best to Rhonda on Monday and for a speedy recovery.
I am so happy that Dan won the POV. I don't think that he will use it on Jerry just for revenge.

August 16, 2008 at 5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe i am making this comment right now. I literally woke up to use the bathroom and I thought to myself...I gotta check to see who won POV. I am so stoked that Dan won it!! I am laughing at how delusional April and Ollie are...."Make a deal with Keesha but I can't promise her I won't put her up next week". Ollie is so stupid, you really call that a deal?? LOL!! Get out of here!!

PS - Welcome back to the primary site Carolyn, ReportX & dishers!

- Liz from Canada

August 16, 2008 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning.. and good night.. ;)

I'll be back around noonish eastern.. maybe 1. We'll seen when I wake up.

Morning, Alice, Andrea, Liz & Dan :)

I'm passing out.

Gaytor - i think it's an a, though it sounds better an an.

August 16, 2008 at 5:20 AM  
Anonymous patti said...

What a night in the Big Brother House! PHEW! And what fantabulous results! WOOOO! I was reading comments last night about Renny being stupid putting up A/J instead of A/O but I must say I agreed with her, and look, it all worked out. See you all bashed dear Renny for nothing!

I need to comment on April getting her period last night. First of all it WAS true, she was late (I thought she said due on the 13th) and the fact that she cried when she got it? Ummmm.........April is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them, and she had to realize all that unprotected sex could have easily resulted in a pregnancy, and the fact that she cried? What does that tell ya people? The girl was trying to get pregnant! Think about it, first of all, her twin sister is pregnant with her second baby and April doesn't even have her "man" yet so she has to be feeling a little behind the eight ball. And conceiving a baby live on the internet, wouldn't that make her famous, or should I say infamous? I am so glad she is not pregnant, although that would probably be one gorgeous baby if she was. :)

All I know is when I was of child bearing age, the only times I ever cried when I got my period was during the time of my life when I was trying to conceive.

~i'm just sayin'

August 16, 2008 at 5:47 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

Good morning Carolyn and all!!

What a night!! I'm so glad Dan won, I can't wait to see if he truly won it or if others won it for him. Renny did well, scaring the others into believing they may be a pawn. I was so nervous when I saw that it was 3 against 3, and Ollie was part of the 3. Dan can't use this POV, then April is guaranteed to go with the 3 votes from K, M and D, however, we all know M wants J gone and could turn this house, it would be stupid for him to do so though, he could make a deal and keep his word to Jerry and vote to keep him, Jerry would feel oh so honored, lol.

Gaytor - I hear ya on the Klonopin, I have plenty, wish I could help ya. I rarely take them, although last night took full advantage after spending the night in the ER with my niece. Thankfully, I was more of a wreck than she was.

Have a good day everyone!! :-)

August 16, 2008 at 6:28 AM  
Blogger theZanyOne said...

Welcome home, everybody! Carolyn, you take care of yourself down there with all that weather.

Glad Dan won! way to go. wooo hooooo

Road trip time. Hope nothing too exciting happens while I'm gone!

August 16, 2008 at 6:45 AM  
Blogger jane said...

I dreampt about this last night. Although it seems like a lucky result, I can't get over what a dumb move this nom was by Renny. If Ollie had won who would Renny have put up? Dan seems like the obvious choice, but would Michelle keep him in the house? I don't think so. Michelle could have flipped the power right back to her/April/Ollie with a Jerry chaser.

She could have put up Memphis or Keesha, but again, I don't see Michelle wasting the opportunity and even if it came out alright - talk about emimies out of friends. If she put up Michelle it could go either way, but again, big time enemy in Michelle.

As it stands, while the vote should come out alright (though it would be a lot safer with Ollie up there not Jerry), her allies have a slight distrust they didn't before.

I think the pressure got to her, pressure and a little power. Also this odd notion this season that you have to have a "reason" to put someone up - that they have to have done something to you. The only reason anyone needs is "I said so."

Perhaps this is old news, but it really irked me and I think will change the game no matter what.

August 16, 2008 at 7:06 AM  
Anonymous Arri said...

I am so unbelievably happy that Dan won that Veto. Not because he particularly needs it, but because he finally got to play and deserved to win something.

That gold never looked so good around anyone else's neck. :)

August 16, 2008 at 7:06 AM  
Blogger ***MsFitz*** said...

Good morning, Carolyn! Welcome Home! I'm glad you went back to bed after getting up so early to post this for us.
ReporterX - Hi, you are wonderful!

Good morning all my BB buddies!
Good morning, TexasGirl, I got your good nite msg before I shut down last night!

Wow, Woo-hoo! I am excited Dan won something & that it was not A/O/J. Dan is such a stand up guy I bet he is going to talk to the Colonel so they can mend fences. (at least for this week) I wouldn't trust the Col. at some point to pull some of his hatred out of his bag to slam it into Dan's face one more time.

April, you are in a fantasy land if you think talking to Keesha is going to get you anywhere. She may enjoy one of the outfits but I doubt she wants it bad enough to keep you. Ooorrrr, maybe, Keesha could take an outfit & then vote her out anyway! Hmmmm!
Smart one Ollie, "Make a deal w/ her but I can't promise I won't put her up next week." Oh, Keesha jump right on that one. NOT!

Song for Apri / "Another One Bites the Dust", Queen...
And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust.

August 16, 2008 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger jane said...

Hey Gaytor! Actually I'm a lawyer and a therapist, though I don't do either professionally right now (I'm also someone who get bored very easily :-) But I sure do like to play armchair lawyer and armchair therapist. I did work as a legal advocate for people with disabilities, so that adds to my arsenal of condemning information.

Funny you should say you are too crazy to be a therapist. Crazy is a prerequisite. I'm not kidding. People get into the field because they are interested in crazy - generally they are interested because they want to figure out their own craziness (I can't deny it here).

Actually social work and counseling are masters programs filled with older people. It's never too late - crazy ain't going nowhere.

August 16, 2008 at 7:16 AM  
Blogger April in Alabama said...

Good Morning everyone! I wasn't able to hang in there last night...well this morning. I crashed close to 4am my time. I'm so happy Dan finally "decided" to win something! Maybe he can win HOH and not look like he's just floating by. I so wish we could see the comps on the feeds, I don't want to wait 'til Tuesday. It is very fun to watch April/Ollie scramble for votes, I hope she goes this week! She wins too much for them to leave her in the game. I wonder what Ollie will be like with her gone....probably a whole new person!

August 16, 2008 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger CakeGirl5 said...

Good morning fellow dishers!!

Carolyn, hope you are safe!

Thank goodness Dan won the POV - WHEW! I would love to see Jerry talkin to Dan like nothin happened and for him to hint around that Dan should use the POV on him, and then Dan just be like "eat shit and die old buzzard" (I know Dan would NEVER say anything like that- he is too nice) Me- however- I can get mean when people are REALLY shitty to me like that!
Fortunately that has not happened since high-school ;P

Well, I really hope Dan keeps the noms the same and that April goes home -

Carolyn -
Since things seem to have been sped up this week, do you think it could be a double evic THIS week?

August 16, 2008 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger JulieB said...

Good Morning everyone!! :)

Yahoo we're back to the main site!!

I woke up this morning around 4 am, checked the site, debated writing a comment and prompty went back to sleep. Probably a good thing I said zippo, would not have made any sense to anyone but me LOL

I would have have stuck around with everybody last night but I have a meeting this morning....yuck, on a Saturday!!

Thankfully the hamsters should still be sleeping when I get done.

Thanks to you both Carolyn and ReporterX for keeping us to up to date all night long!! You're sure you're human and not bots??

Gaytor, we keep missing each other! :(

So Dan is going to talk to Renny and then talk to Jerry....those will be interesting discussions that I cannot wait to see.

As long as the plan is to get April out and stays that way, I'll be a happy camper.

Have a super Saturday my BB addict buddies :)

August 16, 2008 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Ry said...

Dan won Yippee-Skipee!! I am thinking Dan is gonna try to talk to Renny and Jerry to take Jerry off and have Ollie go up. I would be so very, very happy if that were to happen!

~ Ryan ~

August 16, 2008 at 8:19 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

goooo dan woohooo dont use the pov leave it the same and kick aprils but out of there

August 16, 2008 at 8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just woke up too... g'morning carolyn. i'm glad we're back home again.

i want to wish you all the safety there is, with fay. seems just about every other year i'm frightened for you & yours down there.

i'm thinking renny might be pretty genius about her noms, and lucky dan won the veto.

no matter what happens, april could not/will not/impossible to win this game...so dan uses the veto to take jerry off...renny puts ollie up...everyone votes ollie out (before he actually gets a chance to play) and wah-lah!

even if april stays (yarg!) and by default gets into the final two, she'll *never* win.

she lost this game a long time ago!


August 16, 2008 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Spot said...

Welcome back! And, as always, thanks for the updates.

Have a good weekend everyone.

August 16, 2008 at 9:08 AM  
Anonymous lila ~*~ said...

Good Morning,dear Caro and fellow BB lovers!...a truly good morning.

Seeing that POV necklace on Dan is a thing of beauty.

Expecting Jerry to honor any deal Dan might offer him would be utterly foolish.Please,don't go there, Dan.

Keesha's response to April's "Good night, honey" should've been "Good bye, honey." ...but that will come. I'll be patient.

Jane- Just to bolster your craziness prequisite for therapists point:

After the shrink who treated me for childhood depression deliberately drove his lotus into a brick wall, I was referred to a new therapist.Her name? Miss Looney.

Stay safe, Carolyn!!

August 16, 2008 at 9:11 AM  
Anonymous Michigan Man said...

Congrat on getting back to your real home Dishchicks. Is everything where you left it? You better check to make sure someone from AGP didn't move the plants and check under the beds for lurking HGs.

It's great that Dan won POV but I don't envy him this week. Poor guy is going to have so many people up his butt he won't be able to sit for the rest of the season. Brides will be coming from all sides, promises, threats, everything. You know Jerry will bring up Dan's faith and say he can redeem himself by saving him. Saving Jerry wouldn't be a bad thing if Renny would put up Ollie, it would be quite funny actually. I don't think she would want that though since she does like Ollie and wants Jerry to sweat a bit. Will Dan make a counter speech to Jerry's rant last week? Is there any good reason for Dan's game to use the VETO even on April? Knowing Dan we know he wouldn't flip it back and never would have flipped the first time if not for our vote so I can't see it happening, would be interesting though, a D/Mich/A/O alliance.

Have a great day everyone, check back in later when the house wakes up.

August 16, 2008 at 9:26 AM  
Anonymous haoleangel said...

yay! huzzah! hooray! yipeekiyi! crowd'sroar! dan has pov! hello, bbpeeps! more snoopy dance, as someone posted earlier. =D

August 16, 2008 at 9:37 AM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

Welcome home everybody! Glad things are back on track.

Dan won PoV ... so cool.

Thanks again to the DishChicks and crew for all that y'all do!


August 16, 2008 at 9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm....wondering why my comment wasn't posted...must be because I'm not a fan of Keesha's...oh well I know I'm not the only one who can't stand watching her.

Samantha from Canada

August 16, 2008 at 9:42 AM  
Blogger jane said...

I want to do a pyschological study. My theory is the tension in the house decreases since they brought in the lollipops. Now they all have a substitute bottle, pacifier, or teat to suck on, which should be very soothing.

August 16, 2008 at 9:50 AM  
Anonymous Another Dan said...

UNLESS Dan magnanimously takes Jerry off the block, I have a gut feeling that this may be the week the Colonel goes home. Ok ok ... the sequestor home, but you know what I mean. Renny might be willing to go along with that if Dan talks it up a bit AND April agrees to make some concession like money or outfits to the girls. Most of them want April out, but ALL of them want the Colonel out!

August 16, 2008 at 9:55 AM  
Anonymous FL-CHICK said...

Good afternoon Carolyn,
Welcome home....
I now know for sure that I'm BB10 nuts. Today I went to Walgreens and when I was leaving a man entered the store...I did a double take, thought it was Jerry..I really did..It took me a minute to realize that it could not be him...
Of course I live in senior-citizen country! lol lol

August 16, 2008 at 9:56 AM  
Blogger johnny5 said...

I hope they make that Barbie witch squirm up until the moment they vote her out.

August 16, 2008 at 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning crazy dishers! lol I am so happy Dan won the Veto! As long as J, O, and especially A didnt! I was kinda confused about the way Renny has been handeling the HOH and the way she was asking her alliance to be pawns. But finally I remembered something she said to Keesha lastnite in the HOH room that made perfect sense now why she put up J and A instead of O and A. Just like Adam done last season, Renny has been seeing that Dan and Memphis throw compitions constantly, so she told Keesha now maybe they will try to win something if they think thier ass is on the line. And there you go! She was right! It worked! Now she pushed her alliance to start playing the game too! The Renegades!!! Thanks Carolyn for everything! Hope you and all your friends are safe and out of harms way!

August 16, 2008 at 10:07 AM  
Blogger thatdudeswife said...

It's so funny that ya'll are sitting here talking about kolotopin, and I just got mine yesterday!! What a coincidence. Is it something all BB fans need?! lol...

Onto the game...
I was not surprised with Renny's actions before the nomination ceremony. She said it best. If they think they are going up, then they will play their hearts out for the veto. Smart move from the nawlins dawlin. And look!! She was right! Dan was sweating, and he finally won something. Now, Renny can get April out, and not worry about putting someone else up in her place.

As far as April crying, I heard someone say something about trying to get pregnant. I thought that was rather interresting. You made some rather good points. It could have well been just April crying over the fact that she is likely gone this week. She was so quick to make fun of Libra and Keesha on the block, and now there she is in the same seat. She was probably choking on that humble pie which is what made her cry.

What a great week so far! I don't see nominations changing, and I could care less who leaves. I really hope it's April so her and Ollie can be split. I would like to see how Ollie plays the game without her. He may just pull a Zack on us all.

August 16, 2008 at 10:13 AM  
Anonymous roseya said...

Jane-couldn't have said it better myself. Renny made more "enemies" than she thought by doing her noms like this. I know she doesn't fully trust Dan or Memphis but to put them in a position of not trusting her was not smart.

Last night Memphis, Keesha and Dan were all saying it was a slap in the face, they don't understand, she can't be trusted as much.

Thank goodness Dan won the POV. I don't see him using it, but I think he'll keep that decision close to the vest and let them sweat.

August 16, 2008 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning everyone :)

Sam in Canada - I don't really care who ya like... Just don't call any of the HGs trash on my blog.

August 16, 2008 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger kimmilicious said...

Now I know for a fact most of you don't like Libra and neither did I, I didn't hate her or call her bad names though because this is just a game..but you have to admit since she's been gone it's too boring..OMG!!! around this time last season they were ripping each other a new one but now it's so calm...too calm...I have to admit I hate it!!!! This season has alot of boring people..and when April leaves it's going to get worse...Even if you don't admit it (aloud) I know you guys agree..lol..Amazing I'm so done with this season..it's like torture watching it now..I thought it would be a few more fights but I was wrong...Bring on Survivor!!!!!!!

August 16, 2008 at 11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by tomorrow dan and memphis are going to have BLEEDING tongues that sugar will cut like a knife its happened to me and it hurts like heck wish I could tell them

August 16, 2008 at 11:46 AM  

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