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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Overnight Report™

Good Morning, BB Lovers! Happy Monday! :)

Jun's off in Cancun, so we wont be seeing a Sunday show blog from her, but I have a few thoughts on the edits this season... I know quite a few people have been perturbed by the favorable edit Jeff's been getting, in terms of the fight sequences, mainly, and how AGP cut out his threats to slit Russell's throat, and basically made him look like the calm one being attacked.

I'd just like to take a moment to point out that this happens every season. Each HG fills a role, and some things get deemed too explosive for primetime. This season: Jeff's been deemed the likeable hero, so the tv only audience will only ever see that portrayed. Even with Chima, they protected her from an onslaught of hate mail and repurcussions by not airing the real truth of her terrorist rants about Russell, much less her calling herself the twin towers and him the airplanes, or her calling Russell a Muslim extremist terrorist.

They prettied it up for the tv only viewers. That's just what they do.

Last season, Jerry's role was "sweet old grandpa," so his hideously nasty remarks about Keesha never made it to the tv only viewers. Likewise, Ollie and April's having full on sex, what seemed like almost nightly. As far as the tv only viewers knew, they just had a sweet, chaste little romance, like Jeff and Jordan.

Fortunately, every single minute of this is preserved on the Flashback Machine for all Superpass/Big Brother Live Feed subscribers... Season 10 and Season 11. The truth is always there, for anyone who wants it.

Moving right along...

The HGs had rather an early night last night... They were all alseep shortly after 1:30am! Here's what they were up to from midnight til bedtime...

At midnight BBT, we find Kevin and Natalie playing chess in the HoH Room on cams 1 & 2, and Jeff and Jordan enjoying what will likely be their last few days together in the house on 3 & 4. Michele is off camera.

Midnight BBT
Backyard - Hammock
Jeff & Jordan

Midnight finds the mid season power couple fascinated with each other's pupils, literally... Then we move on to the Praying Mantis that's eyeballing Jeff.

Jeff: Dude, he's like lookin at me, for real.
Jordan: He's been lookin' at you.
Jeff: Well, he could look that way. He knows something's goin' on over here.

***Maybe he's the one you saved, and he's now appointed himself your backyard guardian.

Jeff: He's like, lemme get in there.
Jordan: (ever so softly) I just pooted.


Jeff: He looks like he's..
Jordan: Every time I have to fart around you, it's always silent.
Jeff: Looks like he's ready to spring into action... I was comfortable! Whaddya doin'? You keep movin' that way! Would you please stop moving?! You're disrupting the balance of the hammock.
Jordan: (sweetly) Please stop bitching.
Jeff: Really?
Jordan: Are you done?
Jeff: Let's just go back to the way we were...


Jeff: Dude, I don't like this guy. I got you over here, and this guy eye ballin' me over here. I don't like it.
Jordan: Wanna go to bed soon?
Jeff: Why?
Jordan: I'm kinda sleepy.
Jeff: Are we gonna fool around?
Jordan: Nooowah, Jeff.
Jeff: Then forget it. (pause) A little bit?
Jordan: No... you know we're not.
Jeff: Uch. Don't lie.
Jordan: You know we're not going to...

Jeff: No, we're gonna.

***Jordan's responsive smile silently agrees.

Jordan: We fell asleep the other night around nap time with our hands locked.
Jeff: When?
Jordan: Was it today or was it yesterday?
Jeff: We were holding hands?
Jordan: Mm hmm. I think so. Cuz your hand was down here like this...

Jordan describes...

Jeff: What a photo moment. That's a Christmas card.

Talk turns to Jordan's big zit... Aahh.. young love.

Jeff: Don't touch it! You're gonna be like, (screws up his upper lip) Hi Julie...
Jordan: It's cuz I don't have any makeup to cover it.
Jeff: You better hope that thing springs into action tomorrow.. Yeah, Monday? You'll be good. Just stop touching it. (teases her a little more)
Jordan: Stop. I hope you get a huge pimple then.
Jeff: Why? Don't wish that on me.
Jordan: Yeah, cuz you're bein... (she presses her thumb against his lip)
Jeff: Ow, that hurt. Where was that dirty thumb all day?
Jordan: In my butt.

Jeff giggles. A little more chatter, then...

Jeff: So, did they ask you about the thing today?
Jordan: nope. Did they ask you?
Jeff: mm hmm.
Jordan: Shut up.
Jeff: No. They're not gonna ask about that.
Jordan: I hope they don't.
Jeff: It's like they were off tonight. Ya know? They didn't bug us.
Jordan: mm hmm
Jeff: Or maybe cuz it's getting less.. they don't have so many people.. Gah.. Remember when it was 13 people?
Jordan: Mm hmm

We here the pool balls crack in the distance.

Jordan: Who's... (turns and looks) That's Michele. Do you see her?
Jeff: Mm hmm ... I like that cool breeze.
Jordan: When she was holding that pool stick, she looked like she was holdin' a gun or something.
Jeff: Public Enemy?
Jordan: mm hmm
Jeff: Can't wait to watch that. What if they put it on the plane? That'd be the best ever.
Jordan: Plane for what?
Jeff: Whaddya mean, the plan for what?
Jordan: To leave?
Jeff: Yeah.
Jordan: Wait. For jury? Oh like... Oh, we'll have to fly, right? To Malibu?

***And I think we have our Jordanism of the night.

12:15am BBT

Jordan: I'm sleepy.
Jeff: You can't go to bed. I'll come lay down, but I'm gonna wanna crack jokes.
Jordan: ok. I wanna lay in the bed.

But first, Jordan's rendition of the Pepto Bismol commercial...

Jeff & Jordan go inside to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

***Moving over to check on Natalie & Kevin.

12:18pm BBT
HoH Room
Natalie & Kevin

Playing chess... very little talking going on that's not related to the chess game, until...

Natalie: I'll talk to Jordan when Jeff's gone. There's no point to talk to her now.

12:29am BBT
Michele & Jeff

Michele: Time for bed?
Jeff: Yup. Umm.. I mean.
Michele: Not really, right?
Jeff: Yeah, later...

Michele giggles.

Jeff: Dude, I slept all day.
Michele: Good, you'll be up all night.
Jeff: Aww, man. I hope not. I think the more you sleep, the more tired you get.
Michele: Yeah.
Jeff: I think that's where I'm at...

Jeff blows his nose, sticks the tissue up it, and walks towards the sink...

Jeff: Tomorrow I have to do more productive things.

Jeff walks down the hall...

Michele: Like what?! You gonna knit a blanket or something? What are you gonna do in here?
Jeff: I don't know. Maybe I'll try somethin' like that. Something!
Michele: Make a playdoh statue?
Jeff: I was gonna say... make something outta clay. I'll make a little Jeff tomorrow.
Michele: Woooh!

Jeff moves to the itchen and pours himself a glass of water, then crosses the house, until he arrives to Jordan in the Pool Room, already in bed.

Jeff: What're you lookin' at?
Jordan: You.
Jeff: You abandoned me again.
Jordan: No! You were pluckin your eye brows.

Jeff takes his clothes off... folkds them...

Jeff: 10 seconds after you were outta there. May I close this?
Jordan: Yeah, I jut kept it open for your sake.

Jeff closes the door between the two rooms and climbs into bed with Jordan.

Fast fwding a few minutes to 12:40am BBT. Jordan's giving Jeff some scratch time...

Jeff: I feel like a dog all the time. No matter where you scratch me, I'm like (pant, pant).
Jordan: Oh man...
Jeff: Jowdan. Don't do it.
Jordan: Don't do what?
Jeff: Don't sleep. See, you wouldn't be so tired, if you didn't abandon me.
Jordan: I was mad at you before.
Jeff: You were? For what?
Jordan: Cuz I thought you were being sneaky.
Jeff: How?!
Jordan: You and Michele were talkin', and I thought you were trying to be sneaky, and I got mad.
Jeff: Really? And then you figured out that she just came in there whiel I was playin cards?
Jordan: No. I figured I'd just bust in there.
Jeff: Awww. I was playin cards by myself, and she just came in.
Jordan: I know. I was pissed cuz I thought you were ryin to be sneaky behind my back, like I didn't know what you were doin'.
Jeff: No, I wouldn't do that.
Jordan: Then I walked outside, and I kinda walked around, then I kinda came in here and set, and then I walked out... Remember?
Jeff: Oh.. when i went to go shower?
Jordan: Mm hmm. And then I went outside, and then you came outside. I was mad!
Jeff: No, totally not. I was
Jordan: I was like, this a-hole.
Jeff: See, you jump to conclusions, instead of just asking me.

Snuggle, giggle...

Jordan: I didn't.
Jeff: I just went in there to play by myself, and then I heard the door open, and I thought it was you...
Jordan: Well, she asked me. (whisper) She was like, "Is Jeff in the Green Room?" I was like, 'i dunno," and she goes in there and I was like, huh? ok. You didn't finish.
Jeff: That was it. The end of the story.
Jordan: I know. You never told me what she said.
Jeff: I told you.
Jordan: Ok. You did. I forgot... nevermind.
Jeff: You were mad... Don't f'in do that sh-t.. Get mad at me for no reason.
Jordan: I was... Especially somebody that I'm close with and's supposed to be my partner, doin something shady and sneaky.
Jeff: Well, was I?
Jordan: I don't know.
Jeff: Well, was I?
Jordan: I guess not, but that's why I left.
Jeff: ok.
Jordan: That's why I walked out.
Jeff: Stupid.

Jeff rolls over to kiss her. She says no.

Jordan: You said you don't.
Jeff: I don't what? I was tryin' to work it?

Jeff fans the blanket up, sharing a noxious smell with Jordan.

Jordan: Jeff! Ew! Your farts smell at night...

This is followed by a whole lot of fart talk, which naturally leads into cuddling...

Meanwhile, upstairs in the HoH Room on Cams 1 and 2, the chess match has finally finished and Natalie and Kevin get to talking.

1:09am BBT
HoH Room
Natalie & Kevin

Natalie: 2 in a row, baby! Ahhh! (she won)
Kevin: Oh my God. Whatever. You're not better than me. It's gonna be a weird 4 days.
Natalie: I'm excited for next week.
Kevin: It's like, this is gonna continue. We walk into the room, they're gonna spread. Jeff and Jordan are gonna be all coupled up. It's just gonna be weird. Is there something we can take advantage of? Like.. Use this week to court Michele?

Natalie: What do you mean, court Michele?
Kevin: Like, make her... Cuz Jeff and Jordan are gonna be really coupled up, right? And she's gonna feel really jealous.
Natalie: Yes. It doesn't matter what we say or do to her.. Hse's gonna run back to them and tell them, because now it gives her a reason to talk to them...
Kevin: No, we don't have to tell her anything. Just hang out with her a lot.
Natalie: But it's not gonna change anything.
Kevin: She's still gonna take Jordan.
Natalie: Right. And by the way, we're 4 and 2 in pool also. I'm up 2 out there.. and now 2 here. Hey, you should be happy. I'm on a winning path. It's all week, baby.
Kevin: Well,I'm doing it on purpose to build up your self esteem. That's what the plan is.

Kevin: Why does this feel so long?! Cuz the veto was early...
Natalie: Not even because of that... There's only 5 people here.
Kevin: and he's not even f*cking trying!
Natalie: Do you really want him to try, or something?!
Kevin: No! Do you think he could convince Jordan to do something dumb?
Natalie: Like what?
Kevin: Like, get expelled?
Natalie: No (giggles)...
Kevin: Seriously.
Natalie: (still laughing) Why would we want that? Then Jeff would stay.
Kevin: No. Do you think he...
Natalie: Jordan's not gonna do nothing, Kevin. She knows, and he wouldn't do that to her, because he actually cares for her and likes her, and he knows that she'd lose her money.
Kevin: Well, she's already willing to lose 500.
Natalie: Yeah, but she still gets the money for being here.
Kevin: The stipend?
Natalie: Yeah. Jordan would never do that, she's not that dumb.
Kevin: Yes she would! Why don't you think that would happen?
Natalie: He won't do that! It's not gonna happen. First of all, he can't do that. You're not allowed to bait people.
Kevin: Nonono... Just ask her. Throw your mike in the pool... She's willing to give up 500! Maybe we should give him hope, so he doesn't get desperate like that.
Natalie: Stop worrying! Jeff's going home. She's just trying to be nice. Jordan would never do something stupid, so stop worrying. You just have to vote to evict him. She knows he's going home. Why do you think she's making out with him at night?!


Natalie: Tomorrow, we have the ceremony, and we get to find out how much money...

Talk returns to Jordan.

Kevin: She has dumbb*tch-itis. And when you have dumbbitch-itis, you do dumb things. Symptoms include: offering to give up 500,000 to some random dude.
Natalie: Trust me, I know.
Kevin: Lydia had dumbb*tchitis!
Natalie: If your boyfriend was in the house, and it was you or him, would you want him to go?
Kevin: It had to be?
Natalie: Yeah.
Kevin: I think he would have to go. I'm a better competitor than him.
Natalie: Well. We're not talking about that. If you had to win 500,000 dollars, would you prefer to have it, or would you prefer your boyfried to have the 500,000?
Kevin: We're both the same, though.
Natalie: No, cuz you're not. He could take that money, and say, "peace." You're not like a husband and wife where..

***Actually, Natalie, that's exactly what they're like... Kevin, take note.

Kevin: He would never do that in a billion years. It's not even the same!
Natalie: I'm trying to get to a point! They're not even realy together, and she's willing to give it up. If it came down to me and my boyfriend, I'd say, I want the 500,000 dollars.
Kevin: She's been infected with dumbbitchitus!

Talk turns to Lydia...

Natalie: 1st off, Lydia was a bipolar, crazy ass b*tch.
Kevin: It was just the last week, when Jessie left... She went bazerko.

1:25am BBT
Natalie & Kevin
Haves Room

Natalie and Kevin come downstairs for a few minutes... They make a stop in the Haves Room, and Natalie shows Kevin her bag, where she's hidden Michele's comp gloves that she went rifling through her possessions earlier in the evening to steal. Kevin's going to lock them up in the HoH Room, so Michele won't be able to find them.

Natalie: They want me up as the replacement nominee. You'd better not mess up tomorrow.
Kevin: Mess up?
Natalie: You better not say my name.
Kevin: (teasing her) If I do, you're safe.. I dunno, should I?
Natalie: What?! If you do, there is no hope! I'll get a butter knife and sharpen it!
Kevin: (still teasing) I dunno, you have been awfully close to Jeff.

A couple more minutes of chatter, then both make their way to bed and sleep. By 1:39am BBT, all the HGs are snoozing.

That's all folks! :) As of 7:55am BBT, BB just woke the HGs!!

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Blogger someone said...

What is she worried about him being shady about?Didn't she tell Michelle to try and keep Jeff in the house?

If Jordan quit would she be allowed to vote in the jury house?

August 31, 2009 at 7:17 AM  
OpenID Logaine2 said...

Just out of curiosity, and for something that would make "damn good TV", would it be possible, if Jeff and Jordan were to be both on the block for Jordan to be able to do something intentionally wrong to incur a penalty vote, thus assuring Jeff's continuance in the game? I know when Jen "ate" while on slop restriction, she incurred both a "nom" and a vote. I wonder if the rules state that this can not be done intentionally. An extra vote of course would automatically insure that a tie would not occur, assuming Michelle sticks with her plan to vote for Jeff, it would never go back to Kevin to break the tie. Would be good TV drama to see Jordan "fallon her sword" for her man. Just my two cents worth.

August 31, 2009 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger wendy2 said...

That C-Venus chop brought tears to my eyes....its so sad.

August 31, 2009 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger diane1015 said...

Good Morning Everyone!!

Check you listings for Thursday night's show. I am in South Florida and BB is going to be on a different channel because of the Dolphins Football game.

August 31, 2009 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

I hope you got some rest last night.

My sister is coming home today. Much better. :)

I am going to go read overnight report, but wanted to hi first.

August 31, 2009 at 7:26 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, Genie, fellow BB addicts

Another week and ten thousands more schemes.

Glanced at the overnight so far doesn't look like I missed anything yet.

Get ready for Survivor. Watching the profiles of the contestants. There is a Natalie who looks a bit like Jordan and Laura combined, she is from AK. There are 2 Russells, one is bald but not young and fit. There's a Laura. There's 2 black men this time and three black people over all. Two older women. One old guy. There's a tough looking woman, former Marine.

Hope something happens in the house today. Well Michele will use the Veto but other than that who knows. I'll check in later.

Have a great day.

August 31, 2009 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger someone said...

Ok so my husband was thinking about that key that Jeff found..he says the message said could effect HOH right? Kevin got greedy and he was locked up and jeff saved him, right? Well what if the deal was that if they didn't save kevin whoever held the key could overturn his HOH? But Jeff used it to save Kevin and that deal is off.

Yea maybe Jordan could get a pen vote..If she is really willing to give it to Jeff and if she does something like that for him he better ask her to marry him and take her to Hawaii..

August 31, 2009 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger (MnM)- Michelle said...

I'm sad

I'm not enjpoying this anymore :(

Stupid Natalie has ruined it for me,I swear!

everyone going all "mean Girls" on Michelle makes me sick.J/J don't think for theirselves,they just follow Natalie GAH!

I hope they stay together forver,cos that is the only thing they have put any thought or energy into.It's BB! not Jeff of Love

August 31, 2009 at 8:16 AM  
OpenID nnewblogger said...

Good Morning All. Re Natalie's comment

Natalie: No, cuz you're not. He could take that money, and say, "peace." You're not like a husband and wife where..

***Actually, Natalie, that's exactly what they're like... Kevin, take note.

I think she was referring to the legal rights to each other's money that a married couple have in a community property state and in this case, SADLY, I think they have no rights.

August 31, 2009 at 8:20 AM  
Blogger Brook said...

good morning sunshines. disappointed in the show last night. i just lurked and remain deeply appreciative of carolyn and genie's efforts) i enjoy shows that feature a lot of game talk but this particular strategy (ies) are hashed and re-hashed.

go michele and kevin! (and maybe jeff)

August 31, 2009 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Carolyn. Hope the shoulder is feeling better today and you did a lot of 'ice ice baby' therapy.

I fell asleep about 20 seconds before BBAD started. And sounds like I am glad I did. No feeds on at all yesterday. That felt good too. My bleeding ears needed a break.

I didn't see any game play in TOR to talk about so I'm certainly glad I didn't flip on the feeds when I woke up about 3AM and fell into the bed.

Hope everyone has a happy day. I'm going to be lazy, cut back on the pain pills and start resting up for the weekend. Still very excited about the 100,000 men coming to town for Labor Day Weekend / Southern Decadence.

Isn't today the PoV ceremony? I don't think there is a snowball's chance, but it sure would make me happy for Kevin to nominate Natalie.

*SIGH* For all those still hoping that Jeff gets saved Thursday and gets to come back in because or the silly Pandora's Box Key... Forget it. Look at the calendar and figure it out. Besides, the house being down below the needed participants to pull it off, the expulsion of Chima took care of the Fast Forward Week. The days are now numbered and everything is on track for the 2 hour Finale Show to end the season.

Depending on what happens Thursday night (who wins HoH) I may be ready for this season to be over even sooner.


August 31, 2009 at 8:33 AM  
Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

I hate that the HGs get petty and hide other HGs belongings. Wanna win? What happened to fighting fair? So much for being an athlete. Most of the ones I know who compete at high levels have some integrity, and I'm not buying the "It's a game!" defense.

grrrr In some ways I am identifying strongly with Michele. Everyone picks on the smart kid. arses.

August 31, 2009 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

Wow Natalie STOLE Michele's gloves. It one thing to hide something but to outright steal something is different. And it is even on camera and film. Lets see in just a matter of a few minutes Natalie insulted Kevin by saying that him and his man are not like husband and wife and then insulted Lydia by calling her names and then threatened him with a butter knife if she go's on the block. I hate to say this but maybe Natalie should go on the block today and Michele and Jordon vote her out and leave Jeff there. Natalie has got to go

August 31, 2009 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

nnewblogger Kevin and Alphnonzo (sp) are indeed married under California law. They are one of the lucky 18,000 couples that tied the knot before Prop 8 passed and it became illegal for same sex couples to marry again.


August 31, 2009 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I didn't know Natalie had actually found Michelle's gloves. I am disgusted that BB is allowing them to steal. I know that 'hiding' has always been permitted. But by putting them in her bag, or by locking them in HOH, I feel that crosses the line into stealing.

Still not loving Jeff and Jordan. Just the comments that have a tendency to keep popping out. Comments about how they couldn't stand Russell and what a bully he was, the constant bashing of Michelle and the comments about Kevin not being a man of his word. Jeff! Jordan! Wake up! You have done the exact same things. You went back on deals, you made deals you had no intention of keeping and you lied. Yes...you lied. When you make promises of safety to someone in order to have them save you and then you walk into the next room and say, 'That's alright, we can still get rid of them next week'...in my book, that's a lie.

Go Michelle. I hope you make it to final 2. But why in the heck are you trying to save Jeff?

This cast has utterly confused me this year. From the lies to the strategy to the split personalities. The only one who has not confused me-Natalie. I knew from the first episode that I did not like her. So thank you Natalie for giving me some consistency in season 11. At least I have never had to change my opinion of you.

August 31, 2009 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Natasha said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Just watching some of the flashbacks from last night. Jordan really hit a nerve when she said

She's hoping Jeff stays and she goes and she's hoping America will vote for her to have the "America's Choice" vote. She told Jeff she doesn't think America will vote for Russell or Lydia because they both called her fat, and that's not right to talk about someone like that!

Do What?
But its ok for her and Jeff to bash Michelle behind her back no less.

And thanks Diane for the heads up, I live in South Florida too and I didn't know about the schedule change!

August 31, 2009 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Goooood morning Someone! :)

Gmorning, Logaine2 :)

Good morning, Wendy2! :)

Good Morning, Diane1015 :)

Good morning, Pamela! :)

G'morning, MI Man! :)

Good morning, MnM Michelle! :)

Good morning, newblogger :)

G'morning, Brook! :)

Good Morning, GayTor! :)

G'morning, ZAny! :)

Good morning, Vicki! :)

August 31, 2009 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


New Top Post :)

August 31, 2009 at 8:53 AM  
OpenID nnewblogger said...

Gaytor, I'm so pleased for them. Maybe Natalie didn't know that. (Why, oh why, am I defending

August 31, 2009 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Natasha & Diane - Where in SoFla???

August 31, 2009 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger ScottinMiami said...

Speaking of edits, Michele got a good one. America votes for the underdog especially when that underdog comes up strong. Bet she gets America's sympathy vote if she is in F2

August 31, 2009 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Good morning, Carolyn! ☺
Good morning, All my BB addict buddies! ☺

I think I'm pretty much done with this season if Natalie continues to move into the finals. And, I don't think Kevin is going to get rid of her anytime soon. I was a teeny tiny bit encouraged by Kevin last night in the DR when he was upset Natalie didn't try in the HOH but since I knew what already took place in the days that followed, he didn't think twice about getting rid of her, my hope was dashed quickly. I don't understand why he wants Jeff to fight so much. He's getting what he wants & getting him out. If Jeff did fight it doesn't seem it would change Kevin's mind in any way. But, Jeff's pride has gotten in his way & he won't work on Kevin to stay. Plus in the back of Jeff's mind he would be campaigning against Jordan & he doesn't want to do that even though she has said that she would rather go than him. (yes, I think Jeff has a conscience) I am saddened that Jeff gave up. But, it was said in the comments last night & I agree that J/J really do not understand the BB game since they hadn't really watched many seasons of it & that hurt them both in the long run. Too many reasons to list of why it hurt them but IMO it did.

I'm holding out hope for Michelle to go to the end. She has been the best player out of all remaining except Jeff & since more than likely he will leave I want to see her win. Not because she has been alone or that I feel sorry for her. Which I don't. The only thing I hate for her is the lies that were spread that are continuing to plague her in J/J's minds & have clouded any positive or truthful thing she ever says. She has been good at comps & strategy to stay this long & deserves it over Kevin, Jordan and most of all Natalie. I wish Jeff would stay to battle it out with her. Would make it a whole lot more exciting to me.

Saw some of the survivor bio's. There's so many I'm gonna read a few at a time so they don't all run together. But skimmed over the ages & there are a few older people which I'm glad instead of just 1. One lady is in her late 40's & became a cop just recently. She has 4 kids (8 to 16). She sounded interesting. One girl is going to flirt to get ahead. I guess some ppl find that a good strategy but personally I thinks it's stupid.

August 31, 2009 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger David B said...

I agree I am mostly done with season 11 and am looking forward to the Shark Tank on ABC more than BB11! hopefully Survivor will be a gooder. As soon as Ronnie left to early I started losing it for season 11

August 31, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

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