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Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Brother 12: The Overnight Report

Good Morning, BB Lovers! Happy Friday! Just as you've made it through another week, the HGs are beginning theirs anew. And oh what a week it'll be on the live feeds!

Today in the Big Brother 12 House, we'll have a Have/Have Not comp, a whole mess of HoH meetings, and Nominations, as well as whatever insanity the inmates or BB create today...

As of last night, it seems quite clear who is heading for the block:

Brendon as the target and Enzo as the pawn. Enzo has yet to be informed of this, and I'm guessing he wont be too thrilled if he ever finds out it was Matt who first threw his name out there to Britney.

All the same, we'll wait til after the actual Nomination Ceremony when we have confirmation to fill in the Nomination boxes. ;)

If you missed the live feeds last night, we've got you covered. Please check out the stellar coverage from Genie Sea and Lessa to get up to speed with everything that went down before midnight in the BB12 house. Here are the direct links to their posts:
The Overnight Report will be going up in sections, so please feel free to refresh periodically to check for new info. My goal for completion this fine Friday morning: 8:30am BBT.

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While I'm on about deals & steals, here are 2 more you've gotta check out:

OK.. Time to make the donuts! Please check in for the 1st couple sections of the Overnight around 5:30am BBT.

12:19am BBT
Cameras 1/2
Ragan & Matt

Ragan: Everything happens for a reason, and this last week, has been so eye opening to me, about a number of different things, how people are playing.. You know what I mean?
Matt: Yeah.
Ragan: It's just very, very, very eye opening to me.
Matt: hehe Me too.
Ragan: Both with, me in my position, and then what happened with you in your position.
Matt: Well..
Ragan: I'm completely... I'm just shocked that people were so willing to turn their back on you.
Matt: Yeah. It's funny.. I mean, this Diamond Veto is great, because it saved me and bla bla bla, but it's greater in other psychological aspects. I mean, I told you.. The way Hayden made it, versus Enzo?
Ragan: mm hmm
Matt: Hayden was so straight up, and I respect that so much. And Enzo, who probably felt the same way, is like, well, there's nothing we can do..
Ragan: Right.
Matt: Ya know, it's like, ehhh?? Little suspicious. And you're right, it's very telling.
Ragan: It's very, very, very eye opening.
Matt: And, I could see it in their eyes, when I talked to them afterwards, and it was all said and done in Jumanji, we were rippin' on each other, and just jabbin..
Ragan: mm hmm
Matt: ..and you could tell they both were kinda like, in their eyes, like, Oh F--k, what did I tell him? What did I say?
Ragan: yeah..

Matt: And Hayden, as much as he said and as candid as he was, I think he has less reason to be concerned with like.. I respect that he told me that.
Ragan: Right.
Matt: And he, probably, in his head, is like, Oh Sh*t, I can't believe I said that to him, but in reality, like, the player I am, I like that. I'd keep Hayden around, even knowing that. I'd keep him around, 'cause that's the kind of guy he is. He's open and honest about that stuff.
Ragan: Right.
Matt: Whereas Enzo, I feel he felt the same way, but he bs'd around it.
Ragan: Right.
***Ragan's unusually verbose.
Matt: But you're right, it's a very telling week. And it made the Kathy eviction a little easier too.
Ragan: That wasn't difficult at all, for me.
Matt: 5-0
Ragan: I mean, it was just like, as much as I like her as a person, I just.. I have absolutely no respect for... Here's what you should measure why I should be in the house, yet she doesn't apply the same measure. To me that's weird. And then to go up to you.. in the room..
Matt: I don't know what's gonna happen tonight.. Oh Really? 'Cause I do.
Ragan: If we can get...

: It's impossible, but if it were possible to get me, you, Lane and Hayden... That would be fantastic, but I just don't think it's possible.

***As we learned earlier in the evening, during Ragan's Hammock monologue to the feeds, he actually finds Hayden quite untrustworthy now, and want a Ragan, Matt, Lane, Britney final 4.

Ragan: Yeah...
Matt: I mean, it's not possible in an overt way. It would have to be, kind of just like, it happens.
Ragan: Right.
Matt: Like these people get voted out, and that's what happened. But, there's no way a deal like that could be struck. (pause) It's more possible, if Brit goes next week, because Lane's whatever..
Ragan: Right.
Matt: ..but that's still a rough one. That's a sketchy area, and it almost just has to kinda happen.
Ragan: I have.. I have to tell you, now with you in the game, I do feel protective of Britney.
Matt: Yeah?
Ragan: Yeah, I do.
Matt: In what sense?
Ragan: Umm.. I just do. I have a lot of different things milling around in my mind.
Matt: I do too.
Ragan: I think pieces are just gonna have to fall..
Matt: There's definite paths to take in this, and it's like...
Ragan: I just feel very connected to her.
Matt: Oh, I do too! Absolutely I do. On a friendship level, undoubtedly I do. (pause) But I think if...
Ragan: I think we just need to hold off... wait and see..
Matt: Yeah, it's crazy.
Ragan: Especially, because.. I think so much is going to happen from now until the next... 'Cause, I'm thinking double eviction will probably be next week. Next Thursday.
Matt: ahh... What if they just kill it?
Ragan: That would be awesome.
Matt: That would be awesome.
Ragan: And I do believe Everybody's gonna fight for Veto this week.
Matt: Yeah, I do too. I think we're ok on that front.
Ragan: Yeah.
Matt: So he goes.. ah.. f**k!
Ragan: See, this is why it's kind of important to figure some of this stuff out now, because...
Matt: I just think.. I think as far as the balance between having good people, and players we can take to final 2... I mean, Lane and Hayden would be awesome, but I just don't know that's possible, without it happening "accidentally," ya know?
Ragan: Right.
Matt: There's no way to like, come out with that deal. Because Lane's too close to Enzo, and.. I'm sorry. Hayden's too close to Enzo, and Lane's too close to Britney.
Ragan: Right.
Matt: So the only way is to get their pairs out, and by that time, then we are that, ya know what I mean, so you can't really do it before the fact. Ya just kinda gotta accidentally do it.

They discuss the likelihood of a double eviction this week, then...

Ragan: I cannot believe I'm sitting across from you right now.
Matt: hehehe.. Diamonds!
Ragan: Diamonds are a gay's best friend.

12:33am BBT
Cam 1
Enzo & Hayden

Enzo's feeling really unsettled this evening... and with pretty good reason.

Enzo: Where'd you go?
Hayden: I was in the DR, then I was in Taj.
Enzo: I saw you in the kitchen.
Hayden: I was tryin' to figure out what I was gonna eat.
Enzo: It's probably gonna be me n him up.
Hayden: (shrugs) It doesn't matter. (very low, but I think they continue re, what if Brendon wins Veto)
Enzo: Who's she puttin' up (with Brendon)?
Hayden: If that happens, Matt or Ragan.. Those are the only 2 options.
Enzo: Matt n Ragan?
Hayden: Or Ragan. Those are the only 2 options.

We hear the toilet flush, and Brendon emerges from the WC.

Brendon: Who's in the DR?
Hayden: Lane.
Enzo: Why? You gotta go in there?
Brendon: No, but Britney's upstairs, right?
Enzo: Yeah, she's upstairs. Maybe Lane's up there too.

Brendon: The 3 of us, no matter what, nobody throws each other under the bus.. Nobody says..
Enzo: Bro, I'm not even goin' up there, bro.
Brendon: I know. What has to happen is, if 2 of us go up, one of us off the block, that one has to win PoV, pull one of us off, then she has to throw one of them up. Like, I'm gonna try to convince her that they were, Ragan and Matt were trying to get me to put her up last week.
Enzo: They were?
Brendon: F--k yeah! Are you kiddin' me?
Enzo: Don't throw us under the bus. We wont throw you..
Brendon: 100%. I don't give a f--k. I wanna win the $500,000, but I'm more...
Enzo: Your pride is more.
Brendon: Yeah, absolutely.
Hayden: We know it's gonna be 2 of us up there.
Brendon: I have a hard road ahead of me, if I wanna win this money. I'm not gonna sell anybody short. I'm tellin ya what I'm gonna do. Remind her.. F'in Ragan was throwin' her under the bus. Matt was throwin' her under the bus.. Matt didn't want me to put him up. Ragan didn't want me to put him up..
Enzo: You could try, but she's already got in her mind what she's gonna do, ya know what I mean?
Brendon: It doesn't matter. I'm still building the f'ing case in my head.

Enzo: Yeah... yeah.. You have to at least try.
Brendon: There's a pair. A strong pair. That's not gonna take her to final 3.
Enzo: Yeah.
Brendon: Because if they do, that's 3 people that they all have to compete against...
Enzo: Yeah.
Brendon: Take 2 and one weak player, and I mean..
Enzo: Yeah.. (all these yeahs are lip service)

Hayden: She puts 2 of us up, the other one has to...
Brendon: Yeah. NO matter what. We 3 have to work together. 2 are up. The 3rd has to win PoV.
Enzo: yeah.
Brendon: If one of us goes home, fine, but she has to put one of them up, which f's them up. It's either Lane or one of the 2 of them, and it's not gonna be Lane. You see what I'm saying? It's the only chance that one of the 3 of us has to win this thing. Like.. I don't give a f--k if I win. I want one of us to win. I don't want one of those motherf'ers. They're f'in cocky as sh*t.
Hayden: (murmurs...)
Brendon: No, f--k that. Ragan's f'in won 1 PoV. Matt got... Big Brother wants to keep him in this f'in game.
Hayden: I've only won 1 thing too. It's like, sh-t.
Enzo: It's tough, bro, I mean...
Brendon: But, here's the thing, we keep studying. Guaranteed they get lazy. Their cockiness catches up with them. But we have to find ways around it. I mean, we go hang out by the pool.. f'in lounge.. whatever.. You work on Lane, you work on Lane.. If I go up, whatever. But, I don't know.. I don't trust Britney. My thing is with Britney, I still have leverage.

***oy oy oy

Brendon: ..because, you put me up. You told me you weren't last week. I go in the (jury) house, I'm f'in 3 votes. I'm Rachel, me, Kathy's the 1st one. I talked to her first so go ahead, do whatever you want. I mean, not that I want you guy to go up over me. I wanna win PoV and pull one of you guys off. I wanna pull somebody off, so that she has to put one of them up.

This is ongoing.. and delusional... if you'd like to view it on flashback, go to Cam 1, 12:33am, Aug 20th. I've got to move forward.

1:00am BBT
Cameras 1/2
Backyard - Pool Table
Enzo, Brendon, Lane, Hayden, Matt

The Brigade having a good laugh at Brendon, in code, in front of Brendon...

Enzo: No GB for the BG in the HD with the BB. ( No goodbye for the Brigade in the HD (?) with the BB)
Brendon: Ya better watch out with ya BJs... hehe...
Enzo: Cuz it's ND. Ya know what I mean? ND comin' atcha.
Brendon: On the LD.
Enzo: On the LD.
Lane/Matt: (chatter)
Enzo: This about to be GB for the ND in the BB right here. (This about to be goodbye for the Needledick in big brother)
Brendon: ND... what's ND?
Lane: What is ND?
Matt: hehe You're talkin' crazy.
Enzo: Like, Neutral Dick.
Brendon: I was gonna say No Doubt, but hey, whatever.
All Brigade: hehehe

Meanwhile, over on the hammock...

1:02am BBT
Ragan & Britney
Camera 4

Discussing events which would be difficult for Brendon, rehashing the events of the evening, and moving on to practicing for comps... then a Chima discussion...

Britney:.. be about speed.
Ragan: Right! And he doesn't have that. He gets flustered.
Britney: mm hmm
Ragan: He'll like..
Britney: And he gets things wrong when he's trying to go fast.
Ragan: mm hmm.. And if it has multiple components, like if it's the thing that has 2 sides? That will completely throw him for a loop.
Britney: That was a hard one.
Ragan: That's the sh*t I love.
Britney: mm hmm
Ragan: I'm bad with exact detail stuff. Like if you hear, the way that I was going over Simon Say.. I have keywords that I'll do to remember...
Britney: Right...
Ragan: ..what goes in what order.
Britney: For some reason, I just remembered those. I don't know why I did.
Ragan: Because it's the most obscure detail that's off for each one...
Britney: Yeah.. The only one that I...

Bubbles.. briefly... and we return to them reliving the Diamond PoV excitement. Britney tells Ragan how she danced down the hall and tackled Matt in her exuberance, joking, "I think I broke his neck!"

To continue on with the above conversation, please go to the Flashback area of the live feeds, August 20th - 1:04am - Camera 4 (for the closeups)...

And we're moving forward!

1:15am BBT
Cameras 1/2
Backyard - Couch
Enzo & Lane

Enzo: I'm just scared if this f'in dodo wins PoV. Who is she puttin up then?
Lane: There's no way he's gonna win.
Enzo: But who does she put up??
Lane: I'll talk to her. And that's what I was tellin' you. If it coems to that, we come out and we scare the sh*t outta her.
Enzo: That's what ya have to do.
***Give her a huge reason to put up 2 Brigade members? Oh, splendid idea, boys.
Enzo: Because if she puts up Hayden, that's it, yo. That's it. We're f'in done.
Lane: I'll scare her and say, Hey, put up anyone else besides Ragan...
Enzo: Yeah, you're weaker, because them 3 are tight as sh*t over there.
Lane: Yeah. I was like, "if you put anyone up besides Ragan, Britney," I was like, "you have 3 people gunnin' after you. "
Enzo: Right?! I swear to G-d, I survive this week, I want HoH, I'm puttin' em both of those motherf'ers up. (Ragan and Britney)
Lane: Yep. Well, he ain't gonna win PoV. This is our lives. We're fightin' for half a million dollars, man.
Enzo: He goes like this to us.. We were in the bathroom, and he goes,"Look, I'm not gonna talk sh*t." I was like, "Yo, Brendon, dead up, yo? If you talk sh*t about me, throw me under the bus, I'm gonna be f'in pissed." I said, "I ain't playin' games no more, bro." Right in front of him.
Lane: mm hmm
Enzo: Like I was playin it off, I said to Hayden, Hayden you throw me under the bus,I'm gonna be pissed at you too. Brendon was like, "No, I'm gonna throw Ragan and Matt under the bus." That's what he said, this guy.
Lane: ND said that?
Enzo: ND said that.
Lane: I guess we'll see.
Enzo: Yeah, we'll see, we'll see. I want him out of the house already, man. I'm gonna be fightin' for my life in that PoV.
Lane: Everyone is.
Enzo: Hayden said he's gonna use it on me, if he wins. I don't think there's no reason to even use it at that point.
Lane: Just to get you off the block.
Enzo: Yeah.
Lane: Dude, block's hard core. You might not can't handle it.

1:45am BBT
Cameras 3/4
Hayden & Lane
Jumanji Room

Hayden: Just yesterday, Ragan was telling me how much he doesn't trust her.
Lane: Oh, I'll definitely mention that to her.

Hayden: Tell her, y'know, I don't wanna throw Ragan under the bus, but..
Lane: Oh, no. I wont tell her that you said it. Everything I've told her, I've never thrown anyone's name out there, because, if you throw a name out there, it gets all f'd up.
Hayden: Right.
Lane: Ya know.. Just like the Kathy deal. I told her I was like, Are you and Kathy close? And she was like, Yes. And I was like, I thought so, but I'm hearing stuff that she gets pissed off at you, but I know you like her, and she was like, Oh. So, yeah, I'll do the same with Ragan. But yeah...

Lane hears a noise in the hall, has a look to see who it is, before continuing on in hushed tones..

Lane: ...she would put up Ragan before she'd put you up.
Hayden: Really?
Lane: She wants a final 3 deal with me, you and her. She said this a week ago, 2 weeks ago..
Hayden: That's good.
Lane: (whispers) We can get her out though.
Hayden: Yeah, man.

Matt enters.

Hayden: Then we got this guy walkin' around the the Diamond Power of Veto.
Lane: I know. You're a dick, man. I like it. I love the dickish move. Don't get me wrong. That's the best move that's happened in the house.

Lane: Dude, tonight is so exciting. Like, I love being in the house right now.
Matt: I've been about as happy as I've been.
Lane: Ohh, sh*t!
Hayden: You know what? This whole week, I was wondering, like, how is he acting so nonchalant about this whole deal?
Lane: Yeah. What're you thinkin', Matt?
Matt: Life is good, man.
Lane: Oh, yeah. It's perfect.
Matt: The b*tch is back.
Hayden: Oh my G-d. No GBs for the BGs.
Matt: I told you guys, no GBs for the BGs.
Hayden: I know you did, but I was like, I thought it was a dying effort.
Matt: No, man. It's what I knew. The brains knows things. This was one of the best nights.
Lane: Ever.
Matt: In the house. So far.
Hayden: Oh my G-d. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. Like..

Britney enters.

Britney: About what?
Hayden: When he whipped out the DPOV?

Britney: Brendon's the only one outside. I wish e could sneak upstairs and do Just the Tip real quick.
Hayden: Me, you and Ragan can go up and do it. And we can trap these 3.
Matt: I'll bring the DPOV.
Lane: No, I thought we're the audience.
Britney: You need to bring the noisemaker and the DPOV...

1:49am BBT
Cameras 3/4
HoH Room
Lane, Britney, Hayden, Matt, Ragan

They're arriving, setting up and planning for Just the Tip, their talk show...

Just the Tip: DPOV Edition

You've really got to watch Just the Tip on flashback to get the full effect. Please click the pic above to log in to the live feeds, if you've gottem, or for the 3 day free trial, if you need em.

2:12am BBT
Cameras 1/2
Backyard - Couch

Brendon and Enzo are outside talking about nominations, and they have been for quite a while. Brendon's encouraging Enzo to speak with Britney and try to keep himself off the block. Enzo says there's no point. Her mind is made up, and she's going to do what she wants, regardless of what anyone says to her.

2:27am BBT
Camera 3
Matt & Enzo

Matt enters and begins speaking right away...

Matt: Hey, um, if you guys decide to do a DR or something, or you wanna have a meeting, just have someone wake me up.
Enzo: Yo, why's everyone leavin' me with that motherf'er, yo?
Matt: (cracks up)
Enzo: C'mon, yo. What the f--k?! That's f'd up, bro.
Matt: Hey man, I'm sorry again...
Enzo: That's alright, bro.
Matt: It is alright.
Enzo: I know you'll vote Ragan over me.
Matt: I would. I honestly would.
Enzo: I know. That's your boy. BG. I'm sayin', quick question. Me and Ragan on the block, who're you gonna vote for?
Matt: Day one. Day one.
Enzo: Are you sure, bro?
Matt: Day one.
Enzo: Tell me, what would you have done today? The way we were?

Matt: I would've done what you did.
Enzo: I told you.. You wanted us to split the votes?
Matt: No. You shouldn't have split the votes. 'Cause that would've made you look bad with him.
Enzo: I don't give a f--k about him.
Matt: But.. ya gotta play a game.
Enzo: But then what do I do? I give Lane 2 votes and you 2 votes..
Matt: Ya gotta go with..
Enzo: It was fu--ed up today, bro.
Matt: It was.
Enzo: You fu--ed us up today, man.
**Finally, someone says it!
Matt: Nah nah nah nah.. Dude! It was the opposite of f--king.
Enzo: No, I'm not takin' it to the heart, because you had the power, and you couldn't say nothin'.
Matt: It was the opposite. It was perfect.
Enzo: But I told you, I was like, Yo, we found out from Kathy what the bad news is.. What do you want us to do? Do you want us to still split the votes and see if she carries out with that or what?
Matt: No, you did what you should do. Don't even sweat it. The BG from day one. Day one!
Enzo: So I'm probably gonna go on the block with that f'in retard...
Matt: Don't worry about it.
Enzo: Should I snap after she nominates me or what?
Matt: No! Nononono... It would be different if she wanted you home.
Enzo: Well, she's goin' home next week, cuz I'm winnin' HoH and I'm putting her up.
Matt: Day one to the final four, dude. The BG's makin' this! F'ing Final Four!

The HGs head to sleep about an hour after this conversation, but this is the last important one of the night... And this concludes the Overnight Report.

Happy Friday, BB Lovers!!! :0)

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Blogger Patty said...

Good morning Carolyn!!! Hope that you are having a great Friday so far :)

Hello all of you wonderful Dishers...I hope that you all are having a great day as well :)

Wow, last night's show was awesome! I absolutely loved how Britney reacted to the DPoV, so funny!

Ragan was absolutely hilarious in the DR for the vote...

This game definitely changes in a heartbeat sometimes and I have changed my mind almost as fast with who I am favoring, lol. It really looks like the BG will take this to the end at this point. The only one of the four that I really am not looking forward to winning is Matt; although, in the past few days, he is kinda starting to grow on me but I am still upset that he is using his wife like he is. Well, this has been a book and I am going to sign off now, lol.

Have a great weekend Dishers :)

August 20, 2010 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Good morning everyone! What a night last night, huh?? Poor Kathy, but she really did handle herself with class & dignity.

As much as I hate to say it, I really do feel sorry for Brendon. :-(

I would love to smack the living daylights out of smug Matt. My dislike for him grows with each moment.

Ragan is just a vile human being full of hatred & bitterness. Let it go Ragan. Seriously.

I wonder if Ragan is figuring out that Matt has "another" alliance???

And a question - why is Enzo so full of hatred for Brendon all of a sudden????

Have a great Friday everyone & once again - THANKS for all you do ladies!!! You are VERY much appreciated!! :-)

August 20, 2010 at 6:01 AM  
Blogger Have naughty said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

At the end of the live show Julie mentioned that Britney isn't the only one who will hold the power this week. At first I thought it was another twist, and Julie said she would explain more after the commercial, but never did. Then I thought "double eviction", so there will be another HOH after the first eviction. So now I am thinking Julie was referring to the double eviction. That would make sense, however, there is always an HOH competition after eviction on Thursday's, so again, the power always changes hands on Thursday's so now I am not sure if Julie meant double eviction or if there is another twist coming this week. Any thoughts?

August 20, 2010 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Patty! :) Thank you!!

Good Morning, Terri! :) I think the hatred is a show...

Good Morning, HaveNaughty! :) I was wondering the same..

August 20, 2010 at 6:21 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!!
Good Morning Patty, Terri, Have naughty!!!
Good Morning BBDishers that show up later!!!

Loved last night's show EXCEPT for the new HOH. Was really pulling for Enzo!! Oh well, hopefully through all the ups, down, twists and turns of the game, Brendon still goes next week. GO BRIGADE!!!

August 20, 2010 at 6:33 AM  
Blogger David B said...

Just watched it on flashback, it would have been 11:41 my time, I was fast asleep!

I think it was in ref. to power of 2nd HOH in double evicition.

August 20, 2010 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger Mel said...

Okay I don't comment much but this CRACKED ME UP!!!! Hahahahahah!

"This is ongoing.. and delusional..."

August 20, 2010 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

Oh, well, it's going to be a nightmare in the BB house this week.

No doubt Matt & Ragan will spend the entire week patting themselves on the back for being the greatest masterminds ever to play the game.

I hope that Britney doesn't fall prey to HoH Swelled-head Syndrome, and will actually use her strategic game-playing skills when deciding who to nominate.

As for the Brigade, well, I hope this lights a fire under their butts, as they finally realize that there is more to this game than just chest pounding, and sh*t-talking!

August 20, 2010 at 6:56 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

It's possible that they're going to have another power up for grabs this week, perhaps even a Coup D'etat.

If they continue offering the HoH the option to open Pandora's Box, it may trigger a competition where the houseguests have to figure out a phrase or saying, based on items strewn about the backyard -- like the competition where Jessie was in the gorilla suit -- and the houseguest who guesses the phrase correctly gets the mystery power.

August 20, 2010 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger Patti Z said...

Good morning, Dishers!
I was wondering whether you all think Brendon is really clueless about everyone's feelings about him or if he is just "stiff upper-lipping" it to get through it. I feel sort of bad for him sometimes, because they all pretty much ignore him and talk over him. His days are definitely numbered unless he wins POV but why doesn't anyone see that taking him to the final two is a guaranteed $500k for themselves since everyone else dislikes him so much? Except for Matt, Hayden and Lane, the HGs are all playing from an emotional standpoint this year. I kind of hope that it comes down to the three of them with Hayden or Lane taking it all.

August 20, 2010 at 7:18 AM  
Blogger bluex1969 said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!!!

Good Morning, Carolyn!!!

Had a blast last night!!! Too much fun!!

Thanks to Lessa for Screen Capping the HoH reveal!!!! Love seeing what the new HoH receives each week in their basket. I think Brit's is about what I expected hers to be.

Looking forward to nominations later today.

I can't believe he is being so delusional about Britney and his 'deal' with her. Does he really think she's going to honor it?

There is bound to be some fallout over this.

Thanks for the Overnight Report, Carolyn!!!! We love and appreciate you for it so much!!! ♥♥♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

See you all later!!!

August 20, 2010 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger aunge said...

Good morning all. I just can't help wondering if all the britany regan haters have ever been locked in a box with people they did not like with nothing left to talk about ( no tv,no Internet, no current events etc) would not act the same way. I know we all sit on our high horses out here saying we would not be like that but everyone has a breaking point. Perhaps we should not judge so harshly. I know I have caught myself filling up with hatred too but I have to ask myself if I am any different out here hating and bashing in my head ( and reading others very strong opinions on who they dislike because of what they say). Are we really any different? I'm just saying...

August 20, 2010 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Hey Everyone! I submitted my ideas for twists in future big brother seasons! Thought I would share them with people here on the dish!


I am a huge BB fan, but I have to admit this season has been quite... well... boring.

I just had a few suggestions on things I would like to see in future seasons!

In the UK they had a twist called "The House Next Door." Basically, there was a much smaller house connected to the BB house. A few weeks into the game, the evicted house guest of that week didn't leave the house, but rather, they were banished to the house next door. Soon after the "eviction" 5 new players, never having been in the main house, enter the house next door.

The "evicted" house guest is called into the DR and is told that this isn't the last she has seen of the Big Brother house and that she is in charge for evicting the 5 new house guests one by one. She is to keep all this information a secret.

What she doesn't know, is that she is evicting them TO the Big Brother house and not out of the game. When only 2 of the 5 "next door" house guests remain, she is told that her other evictions have been fake, and the people she had previously evicted from the house are really playing the game in the main house. This time, she has to choose one person to evict from the game FOR GOOD and the other person will come back to the house with her.

Now, not only does SHE re-enter the house with her previous house mates who voted to evict her, but she also has 4 extra people in the house: 3 of which she thought she had evicted from the game and 1 who she chose to bring with her.

I realize the CBS lot may not be conducive to actually adding a house next door, but AGP is a clever little enterprise, and I am sure they could work something out and make the twist work for the American version, even if it is to a lesser degree. I think this twist could be especially good for an All Stars season! Given the popularity of the last All Stars season, adding a few house guests in this twist would prolong the game and could make for a fun TRIPLE eviction show!


August 20, 2010 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

I realize the CBS lot may not be conducive to actually adding a house next door, but AGP is a clever little enterprise, and I am sure they could work something out and make the twist work for the American version, even if it is to a lesser degree. I think this twist could be especially good for an All Stars season! Given the popularity of the last All Stars season, adding a few house guests in this twist would prolong the game and could make for a fun TRIPLE eviction show!


I would also like to see the "Golden Tickets" twist introduced in America. Basically, CBS has a candy bar company put "golden tickets" in 100 of their candy bars across the country (Willy Wonka Style!!). Each of the 100 people make a YouTube video and America votes and a few of them become house guests for that season! This would not only be a fun twist that advertises the HELL out of BB, but also it ensures that America has invested in a few of the house guests, which should also help ratings!

Like I said, I love the show and would love to see BB do some crazy stuff! Also, I like how these twists don't actually change the organic BB game. Lately powers have been just HANDED to players (Matt and the DPOV and Jeff with the Coup d'Etat) and some of the casting has been, well, less than ideal. These twists would be unprecedented and shock the audience, but also wouldn't change the heart of the BB game for the true fans out there!

Thank-You for taking the time to read this!

August 20, 2010 at 7:55 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Terri: Amen, Sister! While I do not condone physical violence, a little smack across the face to wipe that smug look off his face is JUST what the doctor ordered! It is just very unfortunate because he is a very smart game player, but just as no one likes a sore loser... even worse is a sore winner! It makes you not want to root for him despite playing one of the best games in the house.

As Genie would say... *le sigh*

August 20, 2010 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

morning all

i just hope the ragan hatred towards brendon dies down. maybe if brendon does not take the bait, ragan might figure out that he sholud follow his high horse advice and start to be the better person.

amazing how ragan rationalized all his venom of matt putting him through hell.

britney, love her speech she has for brendon. I never planned on keeping my word to you.

oh ragan, you can trust her, right, because it's ok to lie, if it is to brendon?

who in their right mind would make a deal with britney going forward?

As much as matt can be smug, i give him this, he sticks with his loyalty, as long as he sees it coming back to him.

enzo is a goner from the BG in the BB, so bye bye NZ...

Kathy and Rachel, should be fun for a week in the JH.

August 20, 2010 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...

Good morning all!

I just had to turn off the feeds last night because of all the bashing. I also couldn't stand to see Brendon being treated like he was, and I was so proud of Hayden for saying that he couldn't be mean to him. I haven't been a Brendon fan, but there's something about the underdog that pulls me in. When he is gone, I will be pulling for Hayden!

About Enzo...he is no different from Kathy. He has won nothing and goes with the power. He just happens to have an alliance. I'm looking forward to seeing how he acts when he goes up. I predict a meltdown!

August 20, 2010 at 8:05 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Terri: And a 2nd Amen to your thoughts on Ragan... I just think he has been so hypocritical and displayed just disgusting behavior whilst in the house!

In his defense (ewww, I never thought I would say THAT) I really do think the game changes you, even if just temporarily. I know that Chelsia has said on her talk shows that she acted as a completely different person and did and said things she would never do on the outside.

I mean in Season 9 she made the noose comment towards Amanda (and Amanda's father had committed suicide by hanging himself) and the week she got nominated she destroyed Natalie's easter eggs and went on a tirade around the house saying nasty things about Natalie... she has said that she can't even stand to watch herself on her season, but after seeing her outside of the game, I genuinely believe that the person she was in the house is NOT the same person outside of the house... I just think a rare few of the people that enter the house have the ability to remain strong and remain true to themselves... but for most, it changes them while they are there!

That being said, Ragan is just NOT portraying himself well and is everything himself that he says he hates about Rachel... and then some!

August 20, 2010 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Terri: Geez, everything you said I have a response to! LOL! I think Enzo is back on the "hater" wagon that is Brendon because he knows Brendon is in trouble this week and he doesn't want to be guilty by association.

I don't think he has ever genuinely liked the guy (albeit he has come close) but was using him to advance his own game. I think he and Hayden really did want to keep him around for the target he has and for the fact that they aren't in trouble if he gets power again, but I also don't think they are going to stick their necks out for him either...

I can't wait for Rachel and Ragan to watch the show back and see how dumb it was for them to not see that the boys had something going on and how desperately they needed to team up with Brendon and Rachel. The Brigade wouldn't have stood a chance up against that opposition... look at the numbers

The Brigade: 3 HOH's, 1 of which was the first one where the team as a whole decided who was HOH (Hayden) and 2 HOH's where he was GIVEN the competition (Matt).

BBRR: 3 HOH's, one being the hardest endurance comp of the season (Brendon) and two being quizzes taken under the stress of KNOWING you are going home if you don't win. 5 of 6 POVs... Yeah... the numbers speak for themselves...

August 20, 2010 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Good morning Carolyn and Dishers!

Wow, last night was wild, and it'll be even crazier with DE coming up!

I'm so glad Enzo is feeling the heat, but I sure wish Matt had put him up instead of Kathy ;)

August 20, 2010 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

As always, TOR is awesome. Thank you so much!!! :)

August 20, 2010 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Good morning, Carolyn! :)
Good morning, Everyone! :)

What a great show last night! I really enjoyed seeing the surprised faces. I was so happy to see Brit become HOH & get her letter & all the goodies in the HOH basket.

I sure hope Brendon is gone this week so he can be with his "love".

Kathy handled herself so well. She really showed she is a good sport & understands this is a game & no hard feelings. But, after spending a week alone w/ Rachel she may end up being quite angry over it all. But, like they ALL said last night it was good all the ppl left are ppl that will compete & fight to win!!! Even Enzo really tried to win last night!

August 20, 2010 at 8:19 AM  
Blogger Fury said...

Can I just say that although the "Just the Tip" episodes may be funny to some, I find them disturbing and yet another opportunity to show just how distasteful the HG's can really be.

The bit regarding Kathy's departure is completely unnecessary. She showed more class than anyone leaving the house under those circumstances and still she is being made fun of for having class.

Matt's continued daily mocking of Kathy (and specifically her meds) is a blaring red flag for the other HG's that his wife's illness is complete fabrication. Adding to that is Matt never acknowledging her (and her real life struggle surviving cancer)once in conversation. Again, blaring red flag for the other HG's.

Ragan's hypocritical concern for Matt and his wife's (Stacie's) make believe illness gets more attention than the real live person in front of them (Kathy). I hope Ragan heeds his own advice and realizes what a ugly person he is when he watches himself on DVD.

August 20, 2010 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger ajs221 said...

Good Morning Carolyn, I hope if there is some other power running around out there it goes to Brendon. I feel sorry for him and it would be priceless to see the look on the others faces. In double eviction does it go first eviction from Britney's noms, then HOH, then POV, then evictions and then another HOH?
I think the brigade should stick with their plan to get rid of Matt...with his lie I would hate to see him win.

August 20, 2010 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

My Prediction for Veto:

I think this week is going to be a skill based veto, where one person is eliminated in each round until 2 face off in the end.

I think they are going to introduce a pool-themed veto since that his been the #1 activity this season... they will be competing for the BB Pool Veto (instead of their cup)... Also, this is one that Brendon could win but the boys could give him a run for his money! But obviously it will be a giant pool table and will have twists and turns you don't normally see in the game of pool!

August 20, 2010 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Ohhhh... maybe this weeks veto will be the one like Otev the Ape where some weird outside big statue thing gives them clues and they have to run around the yard and find dolls/bananas/ whatever the object with HGs name on them... it normally happens in the first veto where EVERYONE can compete, but this is double eviction week so they can't do it for the eviction where 6 are remaining because it has to be a fast veto since it is live... hmmmm....

August 20, 2010 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Goood Morning!!!!

Hi Lucky13!
Hi DavidB!
Hi Mel! - ;)

Hi EarlyBird! I'd love that!

Hi PattiZ!
Hi Blueee!
Hi Aunge!

Hi Stephen! :)

Hi LScott!

Hi Christy in AL! :)

Hi JLuvs! :) Thank you!

Good Morning, MsFitz! :)

Hi Fury! :)

Hi Ajs! :)

August 20, 2010 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Oooof!! Finally finished TOR, and only 90 minutes over my original target for completion! lol.

Happy Friday everyone!!! :0)

I'm scooching out the door.

Genie has the morning report, and I'll be back at 1:30pm BBT. :)


August 20, 2010 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...


I said that same thing in one of my posts... normally I am VERY uncritical of the house guests actions within the house... I actually like the smack talking and drama.... it just seems that this season in particular it is FARRRRR worse... it just makes me wonder if the HOUSE is really bringing this out, or if it is really just the way these people are... the house can only cause you to go so far away from who you really are... and since all past HGs haven't really taken it this far... it makes me wonder. I do see what you are saying though.

August 20, 2010 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger KantroSAK said...

Good morning all....

Thanks for the ON report Carolyn...

I'm going away to work at a trade show in San Diego on Sun - Wed, so I'll try to check in here and there when I'm back in my room..

The show was awesome last night, just as we expected, he wussed out and out Kathy up

I do like that Brendon didn't play for HoH!!

My wife on the other hand is VERY dissapointed with the remaining crew and HATES that Brit Brit won.. I on the other hand am a perve and look forward to all the Britney footage this coming week :)

August 20, 2010 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger MnM in Illinois said...

aunge said...
"Good morning all. I just can't help wondering if all the britany regan haters have ever been locked in a box with people they did not like with nothing left to talk about ( no tv,no Internet, no current events etc) would not act the same way."

Honestly I think I would have some moments I would not be proud of later.
But I could never sit back & do it all day,I could not see one person be all alone & not feel bad.Brendon is locked in the same house with a bunch of azzholes peckin at him all day,yet when he says anything,it's "that's why they can't stand him"

Brendon is annoying & full of it,it would bug me,but damn,he also does some nice stuff in that house too! it seems he tries to stay busy & get by/get along.

Ragan & Brit,seem almost Obsessed with the bashing.They must be *really* bored.

August 20, 2010 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Genie Sea said...

Morning!! NEW TOP POST!

August 20, 2010 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger LadyJack111 said...

@Fury - I totally agree. Having a family member that has struggled with cancer really makes me wonder why Matt felt he had to dig down so low to win this thing? If, and it is not in my hands, but if Matt ever has to deal with something like he made up about his wife, or like Kathy is now dealing with, he will be singing a very different tune. I say, though it may date me, Shame On You Matt!! Karma is a B***h and she is not always your B***h!!

@Kristen - I also agree with you. I was so excited about last night, and the DPOV and all. The show went pretty well, and then bam, here comes all the bashing of Kat and Brendon. What did Kat do? What did Brendon do? It is only a game and I know they are living it inside the house so it is their reality, but still. Try a little compassion people because someday soon it could be "There but for the grace of GOD go I".
The mean spiritedness (is that a word?) has me turning off my brand new, got for the first time ever, feeds :(

Good Morning all, and expecially you Carolyn.

August 20, 2010 at 11:04 AM  

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