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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Evening with Genie

6: 30 PM BBT
Living Room
ALL HGs/All Cams
Britney is talking about opening Pandora's Box and being trapped with Jessie. She calls him a hard core d*ucher. He stood very close to her and was mean to her. Told her to do push-ups... The rest of the HGs got a Hawaiian feast and Hawaiian dancers.

Britney: He was awful. Awful. I thought it was going to be fun...

Jessie was all about himself as usual and kept saying how underwhelmed he is with her and the HGs in general. He avoided answering all her questions. He kept making fun of her. Britney says he isn't that tall.

Britney: He said you are lazy and I said yeah but I got farther in the game than you... I kept trying to talk game but he wouldn't.
Hayden: They probably told him not to...

They move the party to the kitchen so Britney can have her Fruit Loops, and talk some more how horrible her visit with Jessie was. Matt thinks it's funny.

The others had barbecue, cherries soaked in booze... YUM! The letter Britney got said, "How would you like to receive an hour of advice". Britney says, "They didn't say what advice." Sounded like he gave her workout advice.

Matt says that Ragan missed the whole thing because he was inside ripping everything apart looking for a key to let Britney out. Britney saw them on the spy screen. Jessie's parting words were; "There's nothing I can do for you. You're pretty much a lost cause."

Britney: I told him. I don't know if they told you to be a d*uche bag. It's getting old.
Matt: What did he say?
Britney: He kept talking... (*Yup. That's Mr. Pectacular!)

She tells them that she didn't pay attention to Jessie most of the time, opting to watch them on the spy screen.

Matt repeats that Ragan didn't enjoy the feast at all because he was looking for the key. Britney says, "That's nice of him."

7:09 PM BBT
Hayden helps Britney bring her things up to HoH.

Britney says she was hoping for Evel Dick or Janelle or Dr. Will or Michelle (BB11) or Kevin (BB11)

Hayden: The characters I remember from last season are Jeff and Jessie... And unfortunately, it's going to be Rachel from this season.
Britney: I agree... He's going to be all over me... I don't want to talk to him...
Hayden: What would you say?
Britney: I would say it's either you or Hayden... G-d! He's coming up with Ragan.... Ragan doesn't think Matt does anything wrong. He believes everything Matt tells him. I think Ragan is a good person but he doesn't get what's going on. What do you think?
Hayden: Yes... Ragan is a really good person, but Matt has him wrapped around his finger... I think Ragan will do anything for Matt... I think what I tell you stays between us... Ragan knows Matt is his ticket. Matt has all the blood on his hands... Last week Ragan came to me on the hammock and he proposed a Final 4 deal with him and Matt, me and Enzo. I don't know where that leaves you and Lane.

Britney: The Jury House.
Hayden: Basically Ragan will do what he has to do and say what he has to say to help Matt.
Britney: I like Ragan, and I don't want him to be mad at me... but he is going to be pissed... If Matt leaves, I'm the person closest to him. I know that Matt and Ragan are loyal only to each other.

Hayden: I think Matt has real loyalty to Ragan... but other than that... if he has to... he would throw Ragan under the bus.
Britney: I think Matt would do anything he had to in order to win... I want to win this game really bad... but I can't throw out this part of my brain that has a conscience.

Hayden brings up Evel Dick but doesn't know much about that season and Britney gives him a very accurate breakdown of his relationship with Danielle., but totally inaccurate when she says that Danielle did nothing in the game and rode on his coat-tails... (**Hello?)

Britney sees Lane coming up and says the first thing he will say is, "Did you see me?"

Lane comes in: Did you see me? (*LOL!)
Britney: He (Matt) wanted to come up as soon as Brendon went to DR.
Lane: Let's put Hayden up.
Britney: You mean (she does quotes with her fingers) Matt?
Hayden: Let's put Lane up...

They joke around a bit about that and move on to Nick who they say will beat Lane up when he sees him.

Bubble tea anyone? :)

Matt has joined the HoH Crew. Britney is not on the feeds, probably in DR. Talk is about hiking. Brendon comes in too. Oops Matt! Game-blocked!

Ragan is alone in Cabana looking very worried.

7:45 PM BBT

The HoH conversation is friendly and mostly between Hayden, Lane and Brendon with Matt contributing once in a while. They comment how good Brendon looks without hair, and can't imagine him with hair. Talk is about skiing, snowboarding, boards, boring...

8:07 PM BBT
As above. :)

8:17 PM BBT
Brendon goes to take a shower before he gets chained to Britney. Lane leaves shortly after.

Matt: What do we do about this?
Hayden: I think it's going to be me.
Matt: I think it's going to be me or you... I think the fairest way is to split the votes. This sucks! I'm going to really cry this week. I don't have to pretend... Lane is the only one that can salvage this.
Hayden: Yeah.
Matt: I am so pissed off man. I was so happy we came back from the dead and survived. And it's like right away.

Hayden: So if it's me and Enzo up there and it's a good chance... You vote for me. Lane votes for Enzo. Brendon votes for...
Matt: Enzo. Ragan votes for you...
Hayden: And then..
Matt: I think you're fine... Either way it comes down to Brit... How does this sh*t happen to us? Two weeks in a row?
Hayden: I don't know...

They go on to talk about the competition. Matt says it's impossible that Enzo delayed the Penguin Suit because Matt was firing on it immediately.

Matt: Something isn't right. It ain't right... It doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up.
Hayden: A lot of things don't add up.

Matt insists that he was "hammering" the button on every single punishment, and he didn't take any of the prizes. He says he doesn't even know how to explaining to DR why he is angry because he is angry at production. (*The same one that gave you the DPoV while Britney had to endure Jessie?)

Matt asks Hayden to get Brendon to pitch for Ragan to go up. Hayden says that Brendon doesn't care. (**So basically Matt now wants Brendon to do his dirty work... hahaha)

8:40 PM BBT

Caps for words.

Britney has come out of DR crying. Hayden tells Lane. They boys decide to give her some space. Britney's unpacking and everyone else is horizontal... Matt goes upstairs, rings the doorbell, but Britney didn't answer. because she was in the bathroom. She comes out to see who it was.

Matt goes to the Cabana to join Ragan. Matt says he thinks that she didn't answer the door because it was him. What actually happened is the water was running. Ragan tells him she probably needs some time alone because she was upset.

Ragan: If she's like this before she gets in handcuffs...
Matt: I know.
Ragan: If this is the way it is when one of my friend's gets HoH....
Matt: Why would she turn like that?

Matt goes on to say that it was weird that Brendon felt comfortable enough to just walk in the HoH room. He repeats about the alleged discrepancy in the PoV Competition.

Ragan: What is the point of playing this game?
Matt: We're not playing it. We're being played. Puppets. (*Welcome to BB!)

Matt keeps going on and on, driving Ragan over the brink...

Ragan: I'm done. Done!

8:57 PM BBT

BB: Brendon. Britney. Please go to the Diary Room.

Britney goes to get Brendon. He goes to change. Hayden asks her is she's okay. Lane comes in to check on her. Matt comes in and asks if he can go get his water bottle that he "forgot" up in HoH. Britney asks him if he was the one ringing the door bell, because she was changing and didn't hear him.

Brendon has to be in the chum bath every hour, and Britney has to be there too. Hayden says he will stay up to keep them company.

Britney and Brendon go to DR.

Britney: Come on! BFF!
Brendon: I'm trying to get all my gas out.
Britney: Get all your burping and farting out now... (*LOL cute!)

As soon as they go to DR, Lane and Matt stick their heads in to ask why she was crying. They agree that's it's been a tough time for her. They go back to Jumanji. Matt tells Lane that Ragan is pissed off at him... (*Lies!)

812 PM BBT
Cuff Buddies!

Brendon will be "sleeping" in HoH on the floor because he doesn't want to stink up her bed. He also asked DR if he could start the chum baths tomorrow so Britney doesn't have to go through the punishment too.

They are having fun with it at least!

The backyard is open!

Chum Bath anyone???

Smells like fish!

They go upstairs to make Brendon's bed on the floor. He doesn't want to use her pillows to make them smell.

Britney: Ragan looks so sad.
Brendon: I know. Why?
Britney: I don't know...

Sweet tea anyone?

Okay! Be honest! Who would have thought two days ago that I could grab this cap?

9:47 PM BBT
Britney is telling them that Brendon gave DR hell about not putting off chum bath, so she wouldn't have to endure it; and they bubble-block us. Brendon is called for his first chum bath.

And in he goes!

Sits down. Submerges.

And out!

Into the shower.

With Britney trying to stay far away......

Meanwhile, at the jacuzzi, Matt is trying to convince the others that he got nothing and that Britney got the prizes..

Brendon and Britney join them. Enzo says Brendon stinks. Britney replies, "It's not that bad."
Britney asks Matt what's wrong with Ragan, and Matt says," He is being emotional. He told me to leave him alone."

10:12 PM BBT
While Enzo is in DR, and Ragan is sulking in Jumanji, the rest are having a nice little chat around the jacuzzi.

They are talking about taxidermy. Okay maybe not a nice chat... hehe

10:20 PM BBT

Ragan: Are they all out there?
Lane: Yeah. Enzo is in DR.
Ragan: Can we have a conversation that will not leave the two of us?
Lane: I promise.
Ragan:I just feel like... (extra long pause)
Lane: Let me throw stuff at you and you can say if I'm right. Do you think that the house is treating you like... disposable?
Ragan: That's a part of it...
Lane: Cause I talked to Britney. She was upset too...

Hayden, Brendon and Britney come in, and leave. Matt comes in.

Matt: How you doin?
Ragan (with a false tone): Okay.

Ragan takes Lane into Taj.

Ragan: People treat me and Britney like we're expendable... And then I feel...that... I think that... there are 3 pairs in this game right now... The boys clearly don't want Enzo to go... They have been clearly playing both sides and I don't fault them.. My fear is that there is going to be some half baked deal to put me or Matt on the block... probably Matt... and Matt will probably go home... And what pisses me off is that when Matt had that power, he could have put them up.... Mat and Britney are strong players and they are threats to them.
Lane: All of ya'll...

Lane pretends not to know what's going on.

Lane: I don't want to be in Britney's shoes.... It's hard.. And now that there are fewer people, you will see their true colors...

Again Ragan is advocating for Matt... Since there is nothing new said...

Checking in on Britney and Brendon outside.

Britney wants to know who felt safe enough to take all the prizes. Talk turns to Have Not situation and Brendon says he's thankful for a roof over his head and food. He thanks her for being a good sport. They agree that they're getting the full Big Brother experience.

As their conversation goes, it's friendly and not awkward at all.

Ding! Dunk #2

10: 47 PM BBT
In Cabana. Enzo is ranting about Matt to Hayden.

Enzo: It's just you, me and Lane. In the DR sessions, I've already blasted him (Matt). That's it. I'm done.

Lane comes into Cabana and Hayden tells them that he only had 50 points so he went for the 5k and for the trip... (*Ruh Roh!)


On that note, I have to call it a night! I am pooped! :) Spark up the feeds, folks!! If you need em, get the 3 day free trial! The feeds are on fire! Stay tuned for updates with Lessa's Late Night Post or Carolyn's Overnight Report! :)

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Blogger Carolyn said...

There are actually about 800 comments on this post... They're just contained in the pov spoiler, which is where this update originally existed. ;)

August 22, 2010 at 5:11 AM  

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