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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Brother 12: Tuesday Taping of Eviction & Endurance Comp Spoiler

Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother 12 House.

The 1st part of the Final 3 HoH is a jungle themed endurance. The HGs are all on vines, and Big Brother has them banging into a wall, flying across the yard, going under a waterfall, and banging into another wall.. Back and forth.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

As of 6pm BBT when the audience was released, everyone was still very much in the game.

***More details from the taping will be coming in later this evening, straight from the person in attendance!!

And here she is...

Just got home from the taping of BB12, and it was great. Lane was hysterical. His DR's were so funny, the entire audience loved him.

The POV comp was with the HouseGuest's pictures but not a morph. They had huge cards with at least one of the houseguests picture on each side of card. There were 2 questions for each card. They had to find the card that matched the questions and line them beside each other in the correct order. Hayden was so fast. Lane didn't get any. Enzo answered all the questions but missed more than 4 of them. Brittany didn't do well either.

The goodbye messages to Brittany were very good. Brittany started crying a little. The interview with Brittany and Julie was good. Julie asked her about her relationship with Lane, Brittany told her he was like a big brother to her, the audience didn't believe her. Julie brought it up several times and Brittany just kept saying no.

It was a good show. Very funny. The HOH comp is really good. To bad we can't watch it. It is every similar to the one they played in season 10 (I think it was 10). They are lifted, than swung into the wall, swung across yard, under a waterfall in the middle that really soaks them and they bang into other wall on the other side of the yard...the do this several times, than nothing for a few minutes, than it starts all over again. The walls they bang into are huge and gray.

When we left the studio, we walked by the BB12 yard..you cannot see it..There are huge walls surrounding the yard, but we could hear the machine going. That was cool..

They have the huge padding underneath them for when they fall. It was one of my favorite comps, so was fun to see they brought it back, but spiced it up a notch.

Oh, and BBAD will also be a taped show tonight. They taped the houseguests for 3 hours today to show tonight on BBAD.. (***This is what the audience members were told. Here's hoping it's true)

That's it for now, if I think of more, I will send it in!

***And I will post it. :)


Flashback Funnies!!

Hello BB Lovers!

While the live feeds are out due to the Weds. show taping... Here are some fun things to occupy our addiction!

Before we get started:
If you have any complaints, please leave them for those who can make a difference: CBS Feedback Form! Choose Big Brother & Complaints.

Join A BB House Party with Missy & Chelsia is going on on the live feeds today! :)

4:05 PM BBT
At Home with Jordan happening now!

Here are some fun and funny Flashback moments to help you remember the HGs at their best and funniest!

5:30 - 6:15 PM
Missy with call in by our Caro!!

July 9th 9:56 PM BBT Cams 1 & 2 
The house guests have not been infected by the nastiness and are actually getting along.  Matt, Brendon, Lane, Enzo and Ragan are joking around about the house paranoia.

July 10th 3:05 PM BBT Cams 1 & 2
Matt, Enzo, Annie, Britney, Andrew and Brendon are joking around, about their reactions to the saboteur's shenanigans, about the paranoia, about their ignorance towards Judaism. It's one of first times they have stopped treating Andrew like a weird pariah and asking questions.

July 11th 3:10 PM BBT Cams 1 & 2
Slip and Slide complete with wardrobe malfunctions!

July 13th 2:00 PM BBT All Cams
Britney, Monet, Lane, Annie, Ragan, Matt, Kathy, Hayden, Rachel & Brendon take part in Britney's "Would You" sex talk. It's quite graphic and shocking, so proceed with caution! lol

July 24th 10:13 PM BBT - All Cams
Flip Cup Fun! All the house guests are involved in this drinking game, complete with boogieing down and spider eating!

July 30th 12:20 AM BBT Cams 1 &2
Britney and Matt impersonate Rachel up in HoH. They are mocking Rachel but when Rachel walks in on them she shows an admirable ability to laugh at herself.

Enjoy! And if you have some FB funny moments of your own, please feel free to add them in the comment section!

Watch Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!


Big Brother 12: The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Tuesday!!

Let's get the bad news out of the way 1st, shall we?

As we hinted in this post, Big Brother Live Feeds has now confirmed that CBS is blocking the feeds starting on Tuesday. During the blackout, real superpass will have the special live programs for all of you to enjoy on the feeds.

There are currently no specifics about when the blackout begins or ends, but we'll let you know. If I'm making guesses, I think it's safe to say the blackout could begin around 3:30pm BBT, since that's when the ticket holders have been told to arrive, or earlier, if they're being even bigger wankers. As far as an end time goes, I'd bet on Wednesday at either 9pm Eastern, or 9pm BBT...

Further, I'd lay odds on us finding out who won Part 2 of the Final 3 HoH shortly after the feeds come back on Wednesday Night, as they may very well play that comp during the day on Wednesday, while the feeds are down.

If you feel the need to vent, here is a place to do that:
CBS Feedback Form - Choose Big Brother & Complaint

Remember: this choice comes from the executive producers of the show & the network, not real... and certainly not me. lol. As you know, Endurance Comps are my favorite thing, so trust me when I tell you, you are nowhere near as bummed as I am about this.

In addition to the Final 3 Endurance Comp being the ultimate in BB comps, it's also the very last hurrah as far as live feed sign-ups go. Apart from your kind and generous hits on the tip jar, live feed signups are what support this site and all other Big Brother sites, and they're what enable us all to keep doing what we do year after year. We're all taking a big hit with this...

Now the Very Good News: We have people in the audience tonight! So... we will be among the first to know all the details from tonight's taping of the PoV Ceremony, Eviction and Endurance Comp. In the event anyone takes a quick dive off the apparatus, you will know. In the event, this Endurance comp is over as painfully quick as the others this season, we will know the winner, and we will report it here in a new top post!

More Good News: In addition to the special programming that'll be happening on the feeds today and tomorrow, we'll have some special things going on around here too. ;0)

In case you were out and about enjoying Labor Day & didn't see these yesterday...

While I get crackin' on the overnight, who knew Evel Dick was crafty?!? Check this out: Evel Dick Shadowbox. It's quite a prize for any serious Evel Dick fan and/or BB memorabilia collector. While you're over there, a couple more very cool pieces of BB history: BB8 Carol's Duffel Bag & BB5/7 Diane Henry's Big Brother 5 Duffel Bag.

If you've got questions for the BB12 HGs (or HGs from any other season) that you'd like me to ask them in Vegas, please leave them in the comment section of *The Vegas Post*. If questions are spread out all over the blog, I'll never be able to find them!

Lastly, I put up a bunch of new quickie polls this morning. They're on the right sidebar. Go vote! :0)

Now... It's time I get to work on the Overnight Report! My goal for completion today is 6am BBT! :0) Hehehe.. If nothing else, I'm counting on Vegas to reset my internal alarm clock for the rest of the year. Who wakes up at 4am EDT/1am BBT without the aid of an alarm clock?!?!

1am BBT
Around the house with the Final 4

As we join our HGs, Britney & Lane are on 1 & 2. She's just finishing up his beard dye job, and the interaction between them is really sweet.

They're more great couple and less brother sister... I recommend it on flashback.

I really have to compliment Britney on her ability to put the betrayal aside, come to terms with the fact that it's a game, own up to the fact she lost, and just enjoy her last days in the house...

Upstairs in HoH, Enzo is listening to the recording artist of the season: Eminem. Hayden has just entered the room.

1:15am BBT
Cameras 3/4
HoH Room
Enzo & Hayden

Enzo: C'mon, man. What the f--k are they doin' with this week? What's goin' on? Like what's the mess about? Do you think like Wednesday would be the Endurance?

***You're close. It'll air on CBS on Wednesday, but you'll be participating in it on Tuesday. Good luck to all of you. We wish we could be there with you on the feeds, cheering you on...

Hayden: I don't know, man.
Enzo: I think so, cuz why the f--k would they put it up today?

Hayden: yeah.
Enzo: I think Wednesday might be the last show.

***again, boys, you're close. Next Wednesday is the last show. 9-11pm on CBS.
Hayden: Yeah.. it could be they just don't wanna compete with the NFL.
Enzo: Yeah... I think it's definitely a very good possibility.
Hayden: Yeah. It's a good guess.
Enzo: I think Lane's gonna take you too.. to the finals.. if he wins the last HoH?
Hayden: You serious (laughs)
Enzo: I think so.
Hayden: I think the only way I can get in, is if I win.

Enzo: No, I'm dead up, man. I think Lane is just thinking about 50,000 dollars.
Hayden: Ya think? (pause) I do know that 50,000 is a lot of money.
Enzo: Yeah.
Hayden: 25,000 is a lot of money.

Enzo sits up to look at the view of the memory wall on the spy screen...

Enzo: Look at that board right there. I mean, you would get Kathy... I mean.. I would probably get Rachel and Brendon.. Matt, you would probably get. So that's 2-2. I could probably get Lane, so then it's 3-2. Then it comes down to Britney, and I could probably get Britney. It depends.
Hayden: I think it's gonna be a 4-3 vote no matter what.

***I think Enzo in the finals against Hayden doesn't get one vote.

Enzo: That'll be a perfect ending to a great f'in season, man.
Hayden: The ending is gonna be insane.
Enzo:I think after all those questions, and how you represent yourself, and how every one of them takes the Brigade...
Hayden:Like, who do I take? I'm close with you, I'm close with Lane..
Enzo: I know.
Hayden: I feel like I'm in a tough spot too.
Enzo: We're all in a tough spot.
Hayden: Like you said, we made it to the final 3, and then we bang out..
Enzo: And then whaddawe do?

Hayden: It's like, hehe, sh*t. I mean, getting rid of Britney's tough. I mean, if one of us had to send Lane home..
Enzo: I mean, if I get rid of Lane, Britney would probably bring me to the finals over you, if she was to win... but I can't do it... ya know what I mean?

***Ahem.. I agree. Britney would take you, thinking she could beat you. To quote Enzo (regarding Brendon), but direct it at Enzo (regarding Lane), "Seriously? You gonna throw away your chance at 500Gs for someone you met a few weeks ago??"

Hayden: Yeah.
Enzo: I rather win the last HoH.
Hayden: Like this vote, it's gonna come down to what you wanna do, cuz like I said, I'm not gonna use the Veto, and if you get rid of Lane, then Britney wins, she takes you to finals. I win, I definitely take you to finals.
Enzo: That's what I'm sayin'. That makes me the best position, if I get rid of Lane. You don't think I thought about that too, man?

Talk turns to theorizing about what would happen if Hayden used the PoV on Lane and put Enzo up...
Hayden: Maybe Lane gets rid of Britney, and it's us 3, or maybe Lane gets rid of you, and then he's in the nest position.
Enzo: That's what I'm sayin'.
Hayden: She wins, she takes him. I win, I take him. He wins, he takes himself.
Enzo: Yeah.
Hayden: If he wins, who does he take? Does he take me, or does he take Britney?
Enzo: That's why the best thing is... I know I would be in the best position if I just got rid of Lane. Britney would be with me, cuz I just saved her ass... But I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking about us three going. We did this from day one. We go to the end. And then, I don't give a f--k about Britney. If she stays, and she wins, it's a f--king massacre for us. That's why it's just like.. I don't care about that sh*t.

***Joella, stop screaming at your husband. His loyalty is sweet. It's not gonna bring home the half a mill, but in a way, it's endearing.

Hayden: Also, Lane has a point when he says, we can make our money when we get outta here, man.
Enzo: Yeah.
Hayden: I wonder if one of us is gonna get enough money to make a real difference.
Enzo: The rest are just gonna have enough. 50,000 is nice, but it's done.
Hayden: That's one year, or 2 years of salary. 500,000's a lot of money, but that's not gonna last you a lifetime.
Enzo: That's not gonna last you a lifetime either. Cuz you get 300,000 dollars, probably after taxes.
Hayden: 340,000.. 325,000.. something like that.

Enzo: We're in a tough spot if we win that last HoH, no matter what. At that point, you just gotta respect whatever that person does. I think Lane is playing for 50k... so he might just take you.
Hayden: But if he takes me, I think Lane has a chance to beat me. I think you have a good chance of beating me.
Enzo: I thought about that. I think I have a better chance of beating you than f'in Lane. For some reason. I don't know why I think that. If I take Lane, he's got Britney and probably Kathy. I have Brendon and Rachel.
Hayden: I think Lane might have Ragan.
Enzo: And maybe if he has Ragan, he might have Matt, then Lane beats me.
Hayden: Then it all comes down to me, and who would I vote for?
Enzo: Now, if you go up against Lane, you would have.. Well, he has Britney, so that's 1-0. You would have Kathy, so that's 1-1.
Hayden: He has Ragan, I think.
Enzo: So that's 2-1. You probably have Matt - 2-2.
Hayden: Maybe..
Enzo: And Brendon and Rachel, I don't know if they like you.
Hayden: Do I have Brendon and Rachel, after i sent Brendon home? Probably not!
Enzo: That's what I'm sayin', so it might go to Lane... I think it goes to Lane... And Brendon feels bad, cuz he put Lane on the block, and he always wanted Lane to come. Ya know what I mean?
***I have no idea what you mean.

They continue running the numbers... You'll win, no you'll win, no you.. And so on and so on. All it means is: Take me to the Final 2!!!! You'll win!! I swear it!!

We're skipping ahead to where Lane joins them up in HoH.

1:33am BBT
(almost 1:34)

After finishing another special shower, Lane heads up to HoH to talk to the boys.

The boys react as if they've been caught with their hands in the cookie jar at age 5.
But they're actually reacting to his beard.

Hayden: ahaha...
Enzo: It doesn't look different.
Lane: It looks way different!
Hayden: Darker.
Lane: Way darker.
Enzo: Oh yeah it is a little bit.
Hayden: It looks way darker. It looks good.

Enzo: Where're you goin'?
Lane: I'm gonna go get ready for bed. We're havin' Jumanji Jam.
Enzo: No.. Come on.. C'mere, yo, dude. So.. who you takin' to the final 2?
Enzo: After the final 3.
**is that when final 2 comes?
Enzo: Who do you think you have a better chance to beat? Me or Hayden?

***No pressure there, Lane. We're just curious. heh.

Lane: hehehe.. Yeah.. umm.. We're gonna go do Jumanji Jam.
Enzo: hehe.. Cuz my heads f--ked up right now, cuz think of this... Lemme blow your mind right now. Lemme f--k with you a little bit.
Lane: Ok.
Enzo: Let's say I take Britney to the final 3? You know what I'm sayin'?
Hayden: Yeah yeah yeah.. Listen to his theory right here.
Enzo: If I take Britney to the final 3...
***Lane Thought Bubble: You &*@* *&*%# **$^!!! I &$%* @#^&% kill you!

Hayden: This is.. I don't use the Veto. I leave nominations the same.
Enzo: Yeah
Hayden: He just threw this at me a second ago.

***Translation: See how this guy is!! If you win Final HoH, you really ought to take me.

Enzo: This ain't me now.. You know what I mean? I take Britney to the Final 3, she wins, she takes me to the final 2. If I win, I take her and win. Oh no.. (gesturing to Hayden) I take you?
Hayden: I don't know.
Enzo: See, if I take Britney to the final 3, that's like, I'm in a good position, because he could like, take me, and Britney could take me.

Hayden: This is me.. Say, me, I'm not gonna use the Veto.
Lane: (tight) mm hmm. Which we might want to right now.

Hayden and Enzo crack up laughing...

Hayden: You and Britney are on the block. He's like, dude, if I take Britney to the Final 3, that puts me in a great position

Enzo let's Lane off the hook.

Enzo: Naw.. I would never do that.
Hayden: He's like, "yeah, cuz then Britney would take me to the final 2.."
Enzo: That's not me. That's not me..
Hayden: "And you would take me to the Final 2... " hehehe
Enzo: That's not me thinkin' that.
Hayden: (Laughing)
***Lane Thought bubble: Oh, then who is it? What foul demon has infested your brain?

Enzo: It's just like.. Ya know what I mean.
Lane: (tight) Are you gonna use the Veto?
Enzo: Naw..
Lane: If you use it, we take Britney off the block...
Enzo: Why?
Lane: You don't gotta take me off. Don't take me off. And he has to come up..
Enzo: No no no no
Lane: And then we leave it to Britney to decide...
Enzo: (stammering) See I would.. I.. I just.. not.. I'm just.. I ]m just.. I'm just.. I'm just f'in around. I wouldn't do that.

Hayden: Well, I think no matter what I do, I'm screwed.

Lane: (pacing) Cuz we leave Britney to decide who to take.
Enzo: What? Ya see.. There's no one screwed here. We go to the final 3, like we said we were gonna do from the beginning. And we have a week of fun.
Lane: Well what was that talk?
Enzo: That was just to f--k around. Just to let you know what's goin' on over there (in the DR), cuz I've been dead up from the beginning. Know what I mean? I would never do that.
Hayden: That's what the Doctor's Office is tellin' you?
Enzo: Nah Nah nah.. They're just throwin' sh*t out there. Hypotheticals. But I would never do that. There's no reason to do that.

Enzo: What I wanna do... I wanted the PoV sh*t to happen today, so it solidifies it, it's over with.
Lane: (still pretty tight) yea.
Enzo: Us three..
Hayden: So the doctor's office (DR) is throwin' that at you, or Britney's throwin' that at you?
Enzo: No, no, Britney has not talked any game to me. She knows not to. But.. (Lane, ) who do you think you have a better shot at beating? In the final? (laughing again)
Lane: Why are you askin' me that?
Enzo: I just wanna.. Cuz he (Hayden) stresses me out, this kid, yo.
Hayden: Why am I stressin' you out?
Enzo: Cuz you seem like stressed out. You seem nervous.
Hayden: I am stressed out, bro!

Enzo: What are you nervous about? You made the final week?!
Lane: Like, I'm in the middle of.. 50 grand. I'm playin' for 50 on 2 different occasions.

Enzo: You win that last HoH, you have a shot.
Hayden: Yeah.
Lane: Want me to explain? Say I win 2.. the next 2 competitions and say I wanna take a chance of thinkin' I might beat him, but.. he has one more competition. The jury's gonna vote on competition wise, if I take him. OK.. Don't take him, I take you... The jury's gonna vote on social skills, cuz we have no competitions.. So then you beat me and you beat me.
Enzo: Yeah, but look. You have Britney...

This is ongoing, but now they revert to the "I have no chance at winning this game. Please take me to final 2. You'll win. I guarantee it" talk of the past 72 hours...

Enzo puts suspicions to rest.

Enzo: We're the Brigade. We're going to Final 3. BG to the Final 3, then let the best man win.

Ultimately, they all head down to Jumanji, and chat for ages before they go to bed happy...

This concludes the Overnight Report.

8:16am BBT - Wake up music & Bubbles!

Per Fury in the comment section: The HG's were treated to Guns 'N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle".. maybe a precursor to what lays ahead for an Endurance Comp? Possibly a jungle theme? :) - It's certainly possible!

Wakey, Wakey Houseguests!! It's time to get up and entertain the live feeds viewers! Let's go!!

This could be the last we get to see of you for a while. Make it worth our while!

9am BBT
Skippy thinks the fishies will entertain us more than the bubble bath. Thanks all the same, but we'd like to see some HGs.

I'm beginning to wonder if the blackout may have already begun...

Errrr.. this isn't looking very promising.

I'm calling it. There's a jacuzzi with my name on it, and my lower back is crying tears of joy. As much as I love the feeds, my spine isn't so crazy about them....

At the latest, I'll see you back here at 5pm BBT with a special surprise... and then I'll open up a new top post at 6pm BBT while we await Spoilers from our eyes inside today's Big Brother 12 taping!

Dishers, instead of turning our lovely comment section into a cesspool of negativity, please direct all complaints to the link provided at the top of this post... Here it is again: CBS Feedback Form - Choose Big Brother & Complaint

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Late night light...

Hey ya'll! Back from my day trip to the Big City, with a bunch of books (spent the most in the bookstore. It's a weakness, I tell ya!), and still no wedding outfit (but a cute top if I can find a long skirt to go with! Otherwise, it's a totally cute top to wear around town. hee.) and trying to catch up...

Alas, it seems as if we're talking about the same old things... - and they're starting to tape the final HOH tomorrow? Without it being live? Will it be on the feeds? If not... this isn't cool at all! Harumph. I guess time will tell, right?

Tonight, it's Britney's last night in the house, and our fearsome foursome are hanging out in the HOH, talking everything from their trip to Steamboat, and the need for friends in the house. It's a circular conversation that we've all heard before, going all the way back to the first night and the first saboteur blackout.

I will hang out for a couple hours, in case we get something new, and we'll go from there. If anyone's around, I'm in the comments section. :)
11:40 - The boys play blackjack while Britney watches.

11:48 - They clear off the HOH table, and convince Britney to join them for some more blackjack. They gather snacks first..

Enzo: Do you feel bad sometimes talking about the Brigade in front of Britney?
Hayden: Yeah..
Enzo: I feel bad for her, I do.

They break out the tamale's for betting...

12:35am - ...still playing blackjack. Hayden's the dealer/house.
1:00 - Blackjack breaks up, Lane heads down to dye his beard with Britney's help. Hayden and Enzo chat in the HOH about generalities - and I'm headed to bed. Night Dishers!


BB12: Arts & (Air) Crafts & Snoozers

Good Afternoon BB Lovers!

Before we get to the live feeds, please make sure to read Carolyn's concise, insightful and informative Prequel to the Days Ahead outlining what to expect in the next few days. It's a must read!

Plus, for a look into what the HGs have been up to since wake-up call, please read Carolyn's lovely Morning Report!

Plus PLUS, in case you haven't heard, Carolyn will be going to Reality Las Vegas Bash! So if you have questions for any HGs past and present, please leave them here: Vegas Questions!!

3:30 PM BBT

In your corners House Guests! While on Lock Down, each of the remaining four have chosen to spend their afternoon differently. Enzo and Hayden are passed out in Jumanji. Lane is in HoH rocking out to Led Zepplin... ooops sorry that's my neighbor... to Eminem while watching Britney on the spy screen. She in turn is amusing herself with Solitaire now, and crafts earlier...

Look at what she made!

Yup! Good times! :)

Britney is having a hard time with Solitaire saying it's easier on the computer, unconcsiously mirroring a statement many HGs have made before her. Technology has taken over simple tasks such solitaire, simple calculations and telling time, making them very difficult for those who have been relying on this technology all their lives... I notice it with many of my students... They don't know how to read analog time...

And I'm not sure about Lane's look... Is he a gangsta or a cowboy? Would that make him a cowsta? Inquiring minds want to know!

BTW, since the HGs aren't really doing anything right now, you might be treated to more of my rambling thoughts in this post. Don't say I didn't warn you! hehehe

And Skippy is on his/her toes this afternoon, quickly switching the feeds to the sleeping Enzo and Hayden so that we don't see Britney's Game Changing Solitaire Move... **eye roll**

Let's analyze the sleeping techniques of these two specimens. Enzo prefers the Shrouded Sunglassed Shun position, while Hayden is partial to the Partial Cocoon Hand-Dip pose.

1:18 PM BBT
Genie checks to see if her volume is working. She blows her eardrums when she plays a song... Yup. It's working...She is now wondering if she should alert BB that two HGs might have stopped breathing. Or maybe they are playing possum. Or practicing the Zen art of coma simulation...

1:29 PM BBT
Skippy confirms that my speakers are working by flooding them with the BB music that accompanies the Bubble Swamp on the feeds.... Both Michelle in Indiana and I jump out of our seats...

Britney: Please. Would you be nice to him...
Or Skippy will swamp you with bubbles...
Lane is running through the kitchen. Britney sings and Skippy is on it!
Feeds are back momentarily with Britney making her nth cup of coffee and going up to HoH.

Britney: This is like the funnest thing I've done since I got here... listening to a CD and playing cards. Multi-tasking. (*Don't forget having coffee)

I watch her closely to see if she cheats... heh... Britney. You're supposed to flip the cards three at a time, not one at a time, if you want a challenge... :)

I think I'll be making a video on how to play solitaire without technology...

1:53 PM BBT
  • Feeds switch to Lane giving himself the 3-in-1 beard again. 
  • Hayden is called to the DR.
  • Skippy wakes us up...

  • Enzo and Britney are chatting. Enzo makes himself a bowl of Official BB12 food (cereal) and treats our ears to the soulful tunes of his slurping.
  • Britney and Lane are in the bathroom primping, talking about the Official BB12 CD -Eminem's Recovery.
  • Britney joins Enzo at the table chatting about the After Party, wanting celebrities and lots of fans there. They talk about the Lock Down and the upcoming lock downs. 
Enzo: We might be getting a movie. It's weird we haven't had a veto ceremony...
Britney: Mondays are for PoV ceremony... Our schedule is off.
Enzo: I don't know man...
Britney: Are you going to try this time (Endurance)
Enzo: Oh yeah!
Britney: Because this is your last opportunity.
Enzo: I'm like Cinderella...
Britney: How are you like Cinderella in the BB house? Cinderella cleans.
Enzo: I lose competitions... That's what I do... It's not like I try to lose them...

Talk turns to food. Then airplanes because Enzo is making one.

Enzo: I love airplanes.
Lane: You can't love something and not know anything about it....
Enzo: I gotta study airplanes more...
Britney: You gonna try to play golf? Learn about it...
Enzo: Yeah I wanna try.

2:17 PM BBT
Hayden comes out of DR and tells them that he has to go write his blog which confuses everyone because they know that happens on Wednesday. Britney gives him some pointers on what to write on his blog. Mention that each of them miss their loved ones. Steam Boat... etc Lane gives Enzo pointers on what to add to his airplane.

Lane: Before you get on a plane what do you check for?
Enzo: That it has wings and an engine... (*lmao)

Lane goes through the whole procedure of checking a plane.... I get distracted by a shiny object...

It turns into a flying lesson without the plane....
Britney: I don't think you're gonna survive... (*Me either...)

It's hilarious. Definitely a Flash Back moment... lmao

*Public Service Announcement: All those in the Studio City Area... An imaginary plane is acting erratically in your area...

Enzo: What's touch and go? Airplane suicide?

I am entertaining statistics on how much of this Enzo will remember 10 minutes after this conversation...

Britney: I don't think you should get your licence. I think you should stay on the ground...(*I second that!)

And we've come in full circle. I present you: Princess Britney.

Talk of flying and planes continues after the table-flying lesson.

Britney: (to Lane) Did you paint a naked woman on it and call it Betty?
Lane: No.
Genie: How about Betty-Sue?

2:50 PM BBT
Long bubble bath ensues...

3:03 PM BBT
Feeds return.
Lane is still talking about planes. Enzo and Lane are talking about people who haven't signed releases and we get treated to bubble smoothies.

They hear the noises outside.
Britney: What are they doing?
Enzo: They're building Godzilla.
Britney: Are we doing something for today or tomorrow?
Enzo: I don't know yo... He's blogging upstairs...

Skippy doesn't like this line of reasoning and bubbles us. Oh Skippy! You're so silly! We know already!

Feeds back.
Hayden is out of HoH.
Talk has turned to how much they all admire Brendon, Kathy, Andrew and Rachel... not so much :)

3:14 PM BBT

Britney: Maybe they're not doing the PoV because we have to be outside.
Lane: Maybe we'll have the PoV Ceremony tomorrow.
Enzo: And we'll have whatever it is tonight?
Hayden: Maybe we'll be locked in until Thursday.
Britney: No. That will be crazy!
Enzo: They started building at 8 this morning!
Britney: That can't be luxurious...

Speculation hurts their brains and the conversation goes into chit chat. Hayden is called to DR again. The talk is about Jet skis and boating; losing bikini bottoms and watching naked women; floating beer pong tables...

Britney: Ring the door bell! I want to see a celebrity.
Enzo: Even a non-celebrity acting like one. I don't know you? You're new?
Britney: Can I have your autograph?

Britney: I want to take a nap.
Enzo: I think it's going to be soon.
Lane: Hayden will come out and say, "Who wants to have a competition?"
Britney: Maybe I should wait until Hayden comes out before I do anything.
Lane: Should we sit in the living room?

No one budges. Talk turns to school starting (*shudders) and school experiences. Britney goes to the bathroom. The natives are getting restless.

Enzo: Yo. Give us a saboteur message.
Lane: Stop that.
Enzo: Yeah. Stop that.

Enzo goes to sit in the living room by himself.

Enzo: Yo. It smells like ass here. (He sniffs his arm pits) Or is it me? Naw.
He lies down.
Enzo: It would be nice to watch a game in here.

Lane has gone up to HoH to listen to music. He comes out on the landing.
Lane: Hey Enzo! What track is Almost Famous? Track 13?
Enzo: Yeah.

Britney passes through on her way to Jumanji and the horizontal.
Britney: Are you sleeping?
Enzo: No. I'm picturing watching a game.
Britney: Tell me if it comes on.
Enzo: Absolutely.

The house settles into silence with not a peep from BB telling Enzo not to sleep in the living room; not an imaginary cheer coming from the imaginary game on the screen; not even drive-by lyric can be heard coming from Lane's headphones.

Hayden has been in DR for almost an hour. Britney wakes up and asks why Hayden is still in DR.

Enzo: They're still banging stuff out... They're talking and banging stuff... It's like a Wednesday today.
Britney: I want to go to DR and ask them questions and Hayden is still in there.
Enzo: What kind of questions?
Britney: Some stuff.
Enzo: I wish they would end the show Thursday.
Britney: I wish there was some kind of catastrophe and... they will end the show on Thursday... With no casualties of course...

Hayden comes out with the camera and says he was tweeting and good bye messages.

Hayden: Why are we doing goodbyes today?
Britney: We haven't even had a PoV and we're doing good byes?
Hayden: I did one for all of you.
Britney: What?

Enzo is called to DR and let the picture-taking commence.

Britney goes inside HoH to listen to music. Hayden makes himself something to eat. Lane putters in the bathroom. They are wondering what is going on today. The camera keeps panning to the filthy pots in the sink.

"Bootleg Superhero"

Hayden, Enzo & Lane are speculating about what's going on; and have shortened the season even more with Britney being evicted on Weds. with an Endurance following, and Live eviction on Thursday... Close but no 10K!

And I will be leaving them to their speculations...

Everyone! Enjoy Britney's last night on the live feeds! Updating will resume later with Lessa's Late Night! Until then please mind the critters and enjoy the feeds! :)

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