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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!  I wish you a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Labor Day!  The HGs will be having the PoV Ceremony today in the house..

Well before the Overnight began, there was a very important conversation that Ryder grabbed and was kind enough to point us towards:

 Shortly after 10pm bbt McC, Amanda and GM have a meeting in the HOH. GM told Amanda and McCrae that she would not be putting Elissa up as the replacement nom. CAM 3/4  10:30ish Amanda goes outside for a cig and starts talking to Judd and Elissa and basically tells her whole game story. Amanda once again explains why she felt so hurt by Elissa personally attacking her and as a result she starting attacking Elissa back (as well as the plan to keep both Andy and Aaryn safe). Amanda apologizes to Elissa yet again for doing that. Elissa once again does not apologize and tries to discount what she did. Elissa runs off to get GM and everyone but Spencer are on the patio. Lots of stuff comes out from everyone. Secrets, lies, and truths...??? This is a very important conversation. 
For more updates on the earlier part of Sunday Evening, please refer to Michigan Man's comments at the end of the Sunday Show Viewing Party post.

As we rejoin our HGs at midnight,  with the exception of Andy, who is up in HoH, everyone's gathered out back on the couches, and they're in good spirits, rehashing the season and laughing together. Mostly..

*** FYI --You'll notice a 45 minute lapse in the coverage between 2-2:45am BBT.  There but for a Comcast outage go we!

GM: You are smart, a million dollar smile, and you have a nice rack.  People at home think you're crazy, but I know you're a..

Elissa: She should've said, I loved your master manipulation, but it gots ta stop, because I'm manipulating you or your man right out of here.
Ginamarie: You trying to rap, Elissa?

Elissa: You know I'm just kidding, Amanda.   But Jessie and Candice's was the best.
Judd: I tried not to make eye contact with anyone.. but I was right next to Elissa..

Amanda: I didn't hear a word.. All I hear was you're crazier.. and Elissa saying, that's for damn sure.
Elissa: I didn't say that.  Did you say that in your DR?  Ohmygosh.. they highlight everything that I say that's mean.
**not even a 10th.. fear not.

Elissa: I'm a rebel tonight.
Judd: You gotta stop.  I don't know what they said was going on, but..

Talk turns to the Bunny Hop HoH..  then the wall..
Amanda: What did that guy say?
Spencer: He said I'd invited him.

Elissa: Let's play telephone.
Amanda: You can't talk about production, even through telephone, Elissa.
Elissa: I wasn't!
Amanda:  "my favorite producer is.."


Judd: Now I think about it a lot..
Amanda: I think about it.
GM: I think about Nick..
Amanda: And now, I'm gonna be sitting lost in a house, not even playing, just waiting for you guys to wrap it up.

12:13am Skippy goes a new route and flips the quad up to Andy, who finishes shaving and lays down to listen to music in the HoH bed.

Spencer comes up to HoH and asks where McCrae is - DR.  He reports to Andy that all's peaceful on the western front.  Judd joins

Spencer: Amanda's rollin' over.  There's always that fear of the person who doesn't care.. Know what I mean?  I'm nervous about volunteering about going on the block..
Andy: Nothing could change.
Judd: Elissa's solid as shit.  We're both solid as shit. We were just talkin' about the game, how cutthroat the season's been..
Spencer: Ya'll understand my fear though..
Judd: You gotta trust us.. How stupid would we be if we kept Amanda in?
Andy: Seriously stupid. It's gonna be 3 to 1.
Judd: He's not gonna use it on her?
Andy: No, I think he knows it's gonna be Spencer..

Amanda joins, then McCrae..

Amanda: How f'in big of a nasty bitch is that girl?
Spencer: You've been the nicest version of you I've ever seen.
Amanda: Was she not nasty?
Spencer: She's diggin'.
Andy: What'd she say?

Amanda: Everybody hates you.. She's saying things things GM should have said in her nomination speech..
Judd: She keeps talking about people she should'nt be talking about.. She's on the verge of a penalty nom.
Amanda: Jeez, please!
Judd: I'm serious.

Elissa: You have to go to Le Cirque.  I'm addicted to the shows in Vegas..

Talk up in HoH turns to politicians and politics..

Cam 3
GM and Elissa

Cam 1
Spencer, McCrae, Andy
Andy: I'm like super-paranoid that Judd and Elissa have something going on.
Mc: Me too.  Worries me. I dunno.. GM swore that she didn't have anything with either of them.
Andy: A part of me honestly believes she doesn't.. Like she honestly just wants to separate you because you're a power couple.

GM comes into HoH.  Elissa's downstairs in the bathroom.  Talk turns to H and M.  Neither McCrae nor Spencer know what it is.

Andy: When I was in highschool, I was one of 6 guys who had to model tuxes..

Elissa comes into HoH.

Elissa: Is Amanda still in DR?
Andy: No, she's hiding in here.
Judd: (whispering) Amanda.. Amanda..

Andy: The one they gave my was like a black person tux? (*??!) I literally had to walk around all day.

Elissa: You miss Amanda already?
Judd: You miss her?
McCrae: Yeah, I'm codependent.
Elissa: Are we gonna play cards or Jenga?
Spencer: I'd rather see you play blocks than cards.

Elissa: Andy, we wanna see you pop, lock and drop it.
Andy: I do, every morning.

Judd: Who's the most likely to wind up on Celebrity Rehab.
Spencer: Me.
Elissa: Amanda.. Aaryn..  I have one glass of wine and I'm knocked out.  My husband calls me a cheap date.


GM: Dude, they gave us f'in rat noses today.. I was like, yes, dude, they're f'in awesome!

GM: Well, at least she's takin' it like a man.. She basically offered me her first child.  I am not fallin for it.  What did she say outside that Elissa was tellin' me? Amanda's like, I made the best moves in the game.. I was controlling everything.. Pshh.. Exterminators.

Elissa: (enters)  Amanda?  Did you hear how she said she master manipulated this whole game?
Judd: Makes me really want to keep her.  It would be a travesty..
Spencer: Why don't we just make it easy and all walk out on Thursday?
Elissa: Amanda's just played the best game ever.
Judd: Is McCrae trying to throw my name out too?
Spencer: Bragging about how much money she makes?
Elissa; She said she and Helen make the most.
GM: They do it to themselves, Judd.
Spencer: When I first came her, I told my boss, I represent my family, my __, my workplace and my religion.. Everything she's said here?

GM: I don't know how Aaryn didn't put her out the 1st week.
Elissa: Helen's the only reason I kept it together..
GM: Mastermind..

Cam 3 and 4

Amanda: Hell.. It's weird how this has been our life for so long.  Judd said something cool to me today.. He said, even if you go home now, you're one of the best BB players in history.  I thought that was cool.  It's my time.


Amanda: I feel like we tried everything.  I think it's done. I don't think there's anything else we can do.  We'll see.  Like if they're gonna talk about my taunting Elissa, and they don't show all of the stupid comments she makes.. (fishies)

Checking up on HoH..

Elissa: ..but I do know that I'm coming between you and your man, because one of you's going home this week.  My man would never want anyone but me.. None of my men have ever wanted anyone but me. While her boobs are hanging out with her booty shorts.. and she's flapping all over the place..

Spencer: I bet they talked to Amanda's ex boyfriend.
Elissa: I'm sure they did.
Spencer: And her parents..
Elissa: I'm sure they're soooooo disappointed in her.


Amanda: And Ginamarie, hopefully.. But I think that GM never wanted you gone.  She wanted me gone. Spencer's lying.
**everyone's lying.

Amanda: I think he offered himself up to GM as a replacement nom, because he knew I would go and he would stay.

Amanda: Do you think he was just saying that?  John? That I'm one of the best?
**someone in the DR
McCrae: I think you're a really really f'in good player.  I honestly do. I'm just sad you're not making it as far as me, cause I don't hold a candle to you.
Amanda: Obviously you guys are better.  Look how far you're making it.
McCrae: You're better.  This is my fault.  I should have won.
Amanda: HoH?
McCrae: Anything.
Amanda: No, honey.  This wasn't something you could control.  We just had a bad week, and it kinda screwed us.

1:17am -- Judd comes outside for a smoke. Amanda and McCrae spot a bird and start talking to it..

Amanda: Don't shave anymore.  It's bad luck.
McCrae: ok.
Amanda: You promise me you'll love me after this, even though we're so different?
McCrae: yeah

Checking the Quad..
Andy and GM are in the Rainbow Room, making wardrobe choices.
Judd's on the couch having a smoke and thinking he'll have an early night.  Spencer's keeping him company.
Amanda and McCrae are on the Hammock.


McCrae: My aunt is gonna love you.
Amanda: Why?  Because I'm a nutbag?
McCrae: You're like my mom's side of the family, for sure.. My mom will like you.
Amanda: Even though I went crazy.
McCrae: She'll understand why.
Amanda: And she'll see how much I love you.

Judd comes to sit with them..

Amanda: There's no way you would vote to keep me, is there?  You can tell me the truth..
Judd: Over Spencer?  Probably not.  Gamewise, I don't think it would be a smart idea if I did.
Amanda: But if I stayed, we could Goof Troop it all over again.. Can you imagine if .. You would be the swing vote.  I would owe you everything.  Only you.
Judd: oh, because you would have 2 votes, he would have 2 votes.
Amanda: Something to think about.
Judd: It's definitely something to think about..

Judd: I'd just draw so much more of a target on myself.
Amanda: No, you woldn't.  It'd be 2 people against us 4. You, me, Andy, McCrae.
Judd: Best I could hope for is 4th.

1:27am Andy and Spencer join..

Amanda: Did she say anything else, besides that I'd be the most likely to go on Celebrity Rehab?  She's such an angel.
Spencer: I don't wanna say anything tonight, but I wanna tirade about accurate editing.
Amanda: Me too.

Spencer: Judd said, a bunch of truckers Andy's given handjobs to were interviewed..
Andy: I did used to lot lizard in South Carolina a lot..
Judd: Oooh.. Lot lizards can go up til their 60s..
Spencer: If you hit you up a good trucker with a sleeper cab, you can make some good money.

Amanda: Are they girls or guys?
Spencer: Girls..

Spencer's rocking the hammock for McCrae and Amanda..

Spencer: I hope that Howard gets a job at the railroad.  He thinks he's gonna be na actor, but I don't think that's gonna happen.
McCrae: He was good at acting shady as f*ck.
Andy: Michelle from season 11 was in the movies..

Amanda: How did we go from 4 girls, 3 guys to 4 guys, 2 girls?  Friggin' Elissa and GM.
Spencer: 4 guys, 1 girl and a cyborg.

Spencer: Judd's on oxygen, poopy can't swallow, there's a little person in a zingbot costume..
McCrae: I'm sure it's a nice guy in there, but I've always hated zingbot.

Elissa: Are you guys waiting on the party to arrive?
Andy: We were wondering why you were getting called out when you were by yourself..
Amanda: Elissa, your nipple is showing.
Elissa: (gasp)

Elissa: Hi Judd.. Hi Andy..

Elissa dares Andy and Spencer to do flips..  They decline.  She does..

Amanda: I can see you nipples now.
Elissa: No you can't.  I'm wearing a conservative top.
Amanda: I can see the diameter of your nipples.
Elissa: I'm dressed conservatively, and you're trying to sexualize my appearance.
Amanda: I can see your nipples.
Elissa: Whatever.

Elissa goes inside.

Spencer: She told you.  Whatever.

Cam 3
Elissa comes out with another top on and flips some more.  Judd shows off his moves..

Spencer: Did you guys ever see Les Mis?
Amanda: Yeah..
Spencer: I was at a job interview recently, and they asked me, do you think people will say you look like Adam?  And I said, F no.. They'll say I look like Jean Valjean.

Elissa and Spencer try to look in the black hole in the back yard.  BB reprimands them both..

Spencer: Whatever. I'm just having fun... not trying to look behind the curtain, oh great and powerful Oz.

Checking the Quad..
Cam 1/2 - Judd has joined GM up in HoH. Andy does as I'm typing.  GM tells the boys how Amanda offered her the world.. and both Judd and GM tell Andy that while Amanda thinks they are aligned with Spencer and Elissa, she still believes Andy is on her side. Judd tells them about what Amanda said within the past hour, about him being the swing vote.

Cam 3 and 4 - Spencer and... Comcast Outage!!!


Amanda: And I love him, and that's why ..  McCrae, for your game, what do you think was the most beneficial place we had sex in ths house.
Spencer: I'm gonna make it my mission to catch ya'll in the act this week, cause I bet it'll be f*ckfest 2013.

Judd: Condoms are only 47% effective.
Spencer: I used to fill my dick up with hot glue just to make sure.  It's a scientifical fact you can't get pregnant in the shower.

Judd: There's gonna be a new STD formed in this house.
Amanda: McCrandaria?
Andy: I got in trouble for just touching buttons in the photo booth..
Amanda: you knew that was on and they could see everything?
Judd: I feel like I need a tetanus shot.
Spencer: ..just from sleepin' in the same room with em.

Amanda: They saw everything.. and made a comment about it.
McCrae: They aint never saw nothin'.

Elissa comes out.

Spencer: Did you get your picture taken?
Elissa: Judd, I have a secret to tell you..
Amanda: is that about your secret showmance again?
Elissa: (whisper whisper)
Judd: No.. they were just talkin' about havin' sex in the photo booth.

Judd: I think I need to talk to the medic tomorrow..
Spencer: We need to get a black light in here
Amanda: Don't take it into the rainbow room, or the hoh shower, or the photobooth, or Elissa's bed.
Elissa: I washed those sheets.  And bleached them.  You are that horny?  I feel like you two are not touchy feely at all.
Amanda: For most of the game we decided not to be.. not to rub it in people's faces.

Andy: I think it's about bedtime for me.
Elissa: I think so too.. I'm trying to wait you out.
Amanda: She literally did.  She's so tired.  Her buzz has worn off..
Andy: Does somebody wanna play Jenga?
Spencer: Amanda, do you know how to play blackjack?
Amanda: Yeah, want me to teach you?

Judd says goodnight.. Andy follows..  They head into the bathroom and talk about Amanda.

Elissa: Goodnight, party poopers.

Amanda and Elissa heads inside.  Amanda congratulates Elissa on making it to the end of the night.  Spencer and McCrae hang outside.. the last 2 surviving members of the Moving Company.

McCrae: In my DRs, that's what I said, the only reason I even considered it was because you were in there.. but I don't think I can work with these people.. I'm not here to be Billy Badass. Calm cool and collected..
Spencer: That's me.. I'm here to play, but as far as everyone's concerned, I'm just hanging out.
McCrae: Moving Company was a cool concept, but..
Spencer: Jeremy and Nick just f'd it.
McCrae: I just knew that no one would take me seriously..

Spencer: If we had been able to vote Jeremy out, I think we would have still been able to work with Nick, and pull in Amanda.  If Amanda had been able to develop a trust for Nick.. and even have GM as an outside satellite..

Amanda comes out for a moment.  They all head inside..  McCrae goes to brush his teeth.

Elissa: Is McCraby in the bathroom?
Amanda: Yeah
Elissa: Who's sleeping in your bed?  I swear someone's sleeping in there.
Spencer: It just looks that way.

Amanda: Once this Veto meeting is over tomorrow, I don't wanna do anything.. I don;'t even wanna do the Veto Meeting, to be honest with you.
Spencer: Just call in sick..
Amanda: Were you always a health nut?  Did you always have an athletic build?
Elissa: I had thick gymnastics thighs when I was younger, but then when I was 16 or 17 I was like 100 pounds..

Spencer: I had a floor routine.  I was pretty f'ing amazing.

3:12am  Spencer says goodnight.. leaving Amanda and McCrae alone in the bathroom.

Amanda: What'd she say after I left?  Ginamarie?
McCrae: Same.. She's like, I've got no one, and I just wanna make it fair.. You guys have each other.. She made valid points, actually.  She's taking out a target and a couple.  Whatever.  It's always the same thing.

Amanda: I love you. I would never want you to use it on me, even if you wanted to.
McCrae: I would beg for it. (for her to use the veto on him)

They start the I love you chorus and the smooching.. I check the quad.  Elissa, Andy are Judd are chatting  in the dark.  Lots of giggling from Elissa.

Amanda: Don't be scared.  You're gonna do great.  Don't worry about tomorrow.  Even if you wanted to use the Veto on me, I wouldn't let you.

They leave the bathroom.. en route to bed..

Amanda: It's weird.. We walk past that door, and it's like it's part of the wall.. I'm going to be walking out of that door.  It's just weird.

Everyone's in bed.. light chatter on the way to snoozing..

Pillow talk..

McCrae: If Jeremy had gotten it, it would've been the Sioux d'Etat.
Spencer: I thought Ginamarie might get the Diamond Power of Guido.

 And this, my friends, concludes the overnight report.  See you when BB wakes the HGs!



Blogger Jerry said...

Thanks for the update.

I think all of the alliances are pretty much dead after Amanda's eviction. I'm not sure anyone trusts anyone else at this point. It will be interesting to see who goes up on the double eviction. I think we could predict Elissa's choice (Mccrea and Andy) I think Mccrea's would be the two girls left. The others I don't know, they are all so good at BS, and don't, with the couple broken up, have any axes left to grind.

I think here will be a lot of, who can I beat in the finale driving their nominations and vote. I think Elissa and/or Spencer is who the rest would want to sit next to.

Can't wait for Thursday. Good feeling to be able to say that after the way so much of this season went. I do agree with one of your posters who said, I wish we could vote to give the money to charity.

September 2, 2013 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger Jennib said...

HAHA! "Sioux d'Etat" and "Diamond Power of Guido".
Is Amanda really rolling over as it appears? Hmm. I want to believe it....

September 2, 2013 at 4:45 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I think that Amanda is the sorest loser in the entire game. She was so cocky and so rude to everyone that she got out of the house, treating them so disrespectfully and telling all others to ignore them. Now that it is finally her turn to feel what it's like to be on the block and possibly going home, and she sits at the table crying !!! Then insists she doesn't want to play anymore and wants to leave the house. As long as she got her way she was miss big mouth, shredding everyone else to pieces, but now that it's her turn she's turned into a whiney 5 year old. I've watched After Dark and read the Feeds, and while Elissa is no angel, let's be honest here - Amanda targeted her from Week One and has done nothing but talk crap behind her back, and when she won HOH and wouldn't follow Amanda's orders, she amped up her disgusting behaviour right in Elissa's face. Overall I thought Elissa handled it well, but a person can only take so much. For Amanda now to try and play this like Elissa was after her is stupid. We all saw Amanda going after Elissa and saying the worst things possible. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Amanda is home watching all the stuff and hearing what people had to say behind her back and to see how really awful she came across as.

September 2, 2013 at 5:10 AM  
Blogger Em Kay said...

Hi again.
I appreciate we all have differing opinions, and I wish the anti-El comments in your updates (beside the asterix), again admonishing El's self-image, would also include that it's impossible to attain Sainted behavior under months of fire.

It seems El isn't taking the viciousness with enough humility.

The reports now reflect a band-wagon flip-flop that joins in the negativity. Strong, independent thinking women are not tolerated because they think too well of themselves. Got it.

I can't stay, and I'm sorry about it. I know it's no loss for your lovely blog, that you are very generous to write so devotedly. But I did request not to have to read snipes about El being snipey.

I'm not entertained by watching El upset by months of targeted, slander, and deeply frustrated by the careless response around her. I don't wish to read about how her response to the situation offends ppl who don't find her perfect enough.

I don't participate in the Amanda bashing, nor put Women down to others either. El's life philosophy is shared by many and my own 23 year old daughter has been nurtured as a free-thinking, strong woman. She's also a Yogini and works with Habitat for Humanity serving others, and thinks well of herself. She experiences the same hostility and her sarcastic wit has been honed, as a direct result
So I'm sure you'll find my own self-image, as flawed as all the other women.

September 2, 2013 at 5:57 AM  
Blogger eliz said...

I'm watching after dark McRae talking to GM in HOH. What a boring person to have one-on-one with. My boyfriend hates big brother and makes fun of me constantly. He's in the other room and every time McRae talks my bf goes "YEAAAAAAAH...." Makes me lol.

September 2, 2013 at 6:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I have so much catching up to do. I actually stepped away for picnics and time with friends. I haven't seen feeds, BBAD or last night's show yet.

My daughter is watching the Thursday show and they just showed the part with Dan talking to Julie He was talking about the 'mist' and how he never crossed a line or went personal. As a viewer I respect that he never veered from who he was. He kept it classy in that sense. However, I think he was more hurtful to the HGs than Amanda has been.

None of the HGs care about Amanda. Not even the one's that have been close to her and aligned with her throughout the game. Everything she did may have made them uncomfortable and at times angry. None of them are going to be hurt because people you don't care about can't hurt you. Dan did make deep personal connections and friendships with people and then slit their throats to get ahead in the game. My guess is that a lot of people are still hurt by what he did.

Also, he said he admired Judd because Judd came back into the game with the right attitude saying that he was coming back with a clean slate. In my opinion, that is simply not true. Judd came back with a chip on his shoulder and a definite grudge.

September 2, 2013 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger Skeptik said...

Morning all;
I don't see how Amanda can lie to everyone but McC and then believe the lies she is told by Judd and especially Andy. I guess she has had her way so long she can't see that Andy has left her alliance. She will surely be surprised when she see's Andy's goodbye message if he is truthful and tells her about the Exterminators.

Amanda being paranoid about MVP being Judd plus Helen not trusting him, got poor Judd evicted the 1st time. It will be sweet revenge if Judd does his goodbye to Amanda and tells her he was working with GM.

Going forward, I think some F2 deals will be solidified after the double on Thursday.

September 2, 2013 at 6:50 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Carolyn. Poor Carolyn :( I certainly hope all the extra Carolyn parts are in and you have them close by. You're going to need all the Zen Time you can get too.

I'm sitting here thinking about what it has been like since Thursday, or actually even the BB Week before that one. Non-Stop designates more than a flight from Miami to Cancun. The action in that house is going to make any of the "Housewives" series a white glove tea party with watercress finger sandwiches.

At least I think so from what I have heard about the shows. I proudly fly my virgin banner overhead when it comes to watching a single episode of any of the "Housewives" shows.

It's going to be explosive as we watch Amanda on the roller coaster that runs inside her world.

I almost wish the Exterminators would trust each other enough to throw her one vote. It might give her enough hope to behave herself, thinking it will be a tie and she has a chance to stay. But then again we don't want to wish watching and hearing Amanda kiss up to Ginamarie either.

I think that whole idea would give me ulcers to go along with everything else wrong with me.

Enjoy the morning. I hope it lasts. The longer they sleep the farther away the time for the Veto Ceremony will get.

I hit the Tip Jar like I said I would. Deposit hit early because of the Monday holiday... YaY! Wish there were tons of extra zeros added to that but it doesn't matter what the amount is because you are worth so much more than any of us could give.

Hang in there... after Thursday I hope it becomes fun again. I still can't have a clear favorite but I have more HG's I wouldn't want to see get a dime... About 24 of them because some definitely have split personalities, neither of them worthy.


September 2, 2013 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Happy Labor Day :)

Morning Carolyn, all

Can't believe I had two days off in the same week, it's almost like a normal weekend. I hope everyone has a great time today. No game talk for now, maybe later.

Have a great day :D

September 2, 2013 at 7:06 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Ok, I am official retiring my idea about GM having us all fooled. I love her HOH persona though, a mix of Gordon Gekko, Don Corleone, and Cheri Oteri. She has it all figured out. Not as much as Elissa, but who does?

September 2, 2013 at 7:35 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Carolyn!

I have a question for you.

When it goes from F5 to F4, the feeds are normally cut for a while, right? Do we get to find out who the F4 HOH and veto winner are before the feeds are cut?

My memory is fuzzy and I can't remember.


September 2, 2013 at 7:42 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, Jerry :)

Exterminators is strictly a 2 week allaince even in their own best case scenario.. once they are down to final 4, it's everyone for themselves.. IF they even make it that far.

Personally, I thnk it would be far more entertaining if Elissa wins the next HoH and McCrae the next PoV.. Then poof.. Bye bye Exterminators THIS Thursday night.

Good morning, JenniB :)

On some levels yes, others no.. I think she does accept that she'll be walking out the door, and she knews the only chance of staying is with Elissa going up, and even then, not a guarantee by any means..

Good morning, Chatty Cat :)

Good morning, Em Kay :)

I've searched the post and I don't know which comment of mine you're referring to.. Possibly the one commenting on how Elissa's being edited for the tv only audience, which actually isn't an attack on her at all..

Strong, independent thinking women have always and will always be supported.. If you had any idea the amount of salacious comments about Elissa's past don't get published every single day, you'd realize how protected she has been on BBDish since day one.. and you'd probably change your tune pretty quick.

Good morning, Eliz :)

Hehehehehe!! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :)

I'm SO happy to hear you took a Sunday Sanity break! :) Aren't they the best?!! I agree about Judd.. Maybe he'll lighten up a bit once Amanda's gone? Here's hoping.

Good morning, GayTor :)

Thank you very very much!! :0) I'm having extra Carolyn parts configured in the factory as we speak. ;)

Good morning, Mia Monsdotter! :) Can you please email me? dishchicks@yahoo.com :0)

Good morning, Michigan Man! Happy Labor Day!! :)) I'm so haoop for you! Talk about a guy who deserves some time off!!

September 2, 2013 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger Karen Gray said...

Good Morning All,

GM now has a special respect for sticking with her plan to remove Amanda. It will be a refreshing to see a different reality within the house. She has dominated (whether in her own mind or fact) and dictated so well the entire crew served her needs. Scary to have her win, saying that's not strategy this is how she is in real life. In Amanda's mind she matrixed every bullet and controlled every eviction...so glad GM hung tough, hope there's follow through on Thursday.

Thank you Carolyn and have a wonderful day!


September 2, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, Jumbo :)) hehehehehe

Good morning, Gracebay :)) They often are.. for a day or 2.. We often find out who won HoH because we have someone in the audience. :)

September 2, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Carolyn, I like your scenario! That would probably make Spencer the renom. So, who would go home, Andy or Spencer, I think Andy.

September 2, 2013 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


I think Andy too. and quite deservedly so.

September 2, 2013 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

good morning Car and disher's.
Its been long few days for me but today i think i get to relax and watch the melt downs and drama unfold after the veto meeting.

I am so happy amanda will be going home thursday i just hope no one (ag, or producers) or the house guests will pull a rabit out the hat to save her. I do not like her antics.

She was the one who pushed every hoh to do what she wanted, and she pushed e to use ap on any one she wanted up. Amanada is a bully. Plan and simple.

I am just happy she will not win this game.

F# still rooting for gm judd and e

September 2, 2013 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger BeeBelle said...

Jerry and Carolyn - that scenario would make Spencer the chihuahua referenced in your poll!

I suspect a quiet day until we find out who the replacement nom will be today. Then, based on that, I would expect Amanda to try another move. What I would like to see is McRae making a move for the rest of the week - any move! Trying to save Amanda would be something, but if he decided to make a deal for himself by getting rid of her it would be fireworks in September.

September 2, 2013 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Why did they wake them do early?

September 2, 2013 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Monday Morning Carolyn and BB Buddy's!

Well the Kaboom of Amanda's nom quickly went Kaplunk... Her style of game control, dominate and intimidate didn't work on GM who appears solid in how she wants her HOH week to go.
McCrae even voicing at the hint of using the POV on Amanda is just weak... and him for that matter.
Mean while everyone is talking about this week Andy is busy laying the foundation for next week with McCrae..."Just don't trust that Judd and Elissa are not working together" Ya know just in case McCrae wins HOH.... don't laugh it could happen")
Elissa just keeps making the target on her back bigger and bigger with every breath she takes.
Judd is simply lost in this game!
And Spencer doesn't get that BB doesn't write 2 check's in F2, one for you and one for Andy! You had to be in the game actually playing the game!

September 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

The Morning Updates have begun...



September 2, 2013 at 9:12 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, Yasmin! :)

Good morning, Tiffany :)

Jerry - they always wake them early on Mondays, for the PoV Ceremony..

September 2, 2013 at 9:13 AM  
Blogger Aaron Senecaut said...

You nailed it exactly! Truth!

September 2, 2013 at 10:02 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

McCrae, like a get off your arrs kinda move...lol

September 2, 2013 at 10:22 AM  

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