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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Saturday! Today in the BB House: The Power of Veto Competition.

The Exterminators spent the night trying to lull McCrae into complacency, stressing his guaranteed place in the final 4, and the need to make sure GM doesn't win... and telling him that even if she does, Judd will go home, not him.

Still, it's do or die for McCrae.

As we rejoin our HGs, Judd is in the midst of 75 sit ups, so ordered by the Drill Sergeant.  All but Spencer are present.

Drill Sergeant: Aww! Are you gonna cry?!
Andy: Drill Sergeant, this was a shitty one.
Judd: Hurts so bad. I'm gonna be in so much pain tomorrow.
GM: Let's go!
McCrae: I wanna do the voice so bad.

Judd: 46.. stop laughin'.  I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.
GM: Want some icecream?
Andy: hehehehe
Drill Sergeant: Stop Whining!
GM: C'mon son.

Gm, Andy and McCrae all have serious giggles.

Judd: Stop, f*ckers.
Drill Sergeant: Is this Big Brother, or little wimpy sister?!
GM: Ha!

Andy: hehehe
Judd: That was a good one. 57.. How many again?
Andy: 75
Judd: 59.. 60!

ALL: hahahaha
Judd: hahaha

GM: C'mon little girl. You wanna look like that picture from the Joneses. Move it.
Judd: 65.
GM: C'mon, 10 more, ya pussy.  Move it.

Judd: (breathless) Hang on.
Andy: Hehehe
Judd: 69.. Stop!
Judd: 75.  F'in hate you, drill sergeant.
Drill Sergeant: Good work, grunt!  You are.. dismissed!
ALL: Yayyyyy!

Cam 1

Judd: It's gotta be about time for y'all to take your thing off now.
GM: Almost.. I gotta take a shit.
**every single time she says this, Tom Jones sings in my head. ♫shes a lady, woah woah woah, she's a lady..

BB: Judd, please go to the Diary Room

Andy: Spencer, you missed it.  It was hilarious.
Spencer: I saw it on the monitor.  Judd, you look fit as a fiddle.  I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Andy: I know. I got yelled at for dozing off in here.
Spencer: What did the drill sergeant say to Judd?
Andy: He said he was dismissed.  I wonder if the next HoH will be questions.. I still can't make any sense of the decor;.. Like there's coral and an octopus, but that's the only nautical stuff around.

Spencer: What's that noise?
Andy: I think GM might be spraying her hair..
**She's spraying the bugs in the shower.

Spencer: When're we gonna cut this shit?
GM: Soon, I think,. I didn't get any sleep today.. and DRs like every hour.
Andy: I felt like I was doing a lot of DRs today too.  Not that I'm revelling in your misery, but seeing you squirm over Candice's voice..
GM: Her voice..
Andy: Howard do you like being called anything.. I hate being called Howie.. Fast forward a month, Howieeee!
GM: I just feel so hot, and my toe got worse.. I can't even bend it.. I don't even know if it's broken.  It could be. Today is just a bad day.

Judd: One more hour.
GM: He said you were dismissed.
Judd: From the situps.
GM: Whatever.  We know you're lying.

BB: Ginamarie, McCrae, please come to the Diary Room..

Judd: 75 sit ups was madness.. I got to the point where I was doin' 3 at a time.  I'm gonna be sore as f*ck for tomorrow..
Spencer: You'll be fine, once the adrenaline starts flowing.
Judd: Sit ups you can't cheat.. Either you do em or you don't.
Andy: I bet GM and McCrae's DRs are cute.
BB: Andy, you are not allowed to talk about production.
Andy: I can't even speculate?
Judd: Nope.
Andy: I think I'm gonna walk.  Nobody's played chess in a while.
Spencer: F*ck chess.
Judd: You think they're almost done with theirs? It's 12:09, surely.

Spencer: The gifts were fun today.. Andy's was fun.
Judd: I bet that was fun to do..
Andy: 90.43 is better than nothin'.
Spencer: Coulda been $6.
Judd: A bar tab.. Though that would be an expensive bar tab.
**not in miami
Andy: Chicago can be pretty expensive.

Andy: Do you think before the 1st night of the show, Julie studied our names?
Spencer: Yeah, I bet she did..
Andy: We had a lot of unique names..

Names chatter.. Skippy goes in close on the DR door.. and then to fishies... sigh. 12:15am

Feeds are back.  GM and McCrae are free. McCrae's in the loo. Judd's setting up a playdo voodoo doll on Andy's bed.

Gm's making cookies, McCrae gets called solo to the DR.. Spencer's in the Storage Room.

GM: Get it, friend!
Judd: It's gonna be so nice to sleep without the drill sergeant.
Andy: I liked him.
GM: He was cool. He should come make an appearance.
Judd: I wish Andy had him, instead of me.

Andy: We should all sleep in the Have Not Room, for fun.
GM: Hell no!

GM: Spence.. McCrae goes, I think I'm goin' before you.. What did you tell him upstairs?
Spencer: I haven't really talked to him yet. I want him to feel safe. He knows there's a boys alliance and he thinks he's part of it.
GM: He's acting like he doesn't know anything.

Andy: I found this on my bed.. It's a voodoo doll with a pin sticking in the heart.
Judd: Who did that?  Was that you?  It musta been McCrae.

GM calls Andy over to tell him McCrae's pretending not t know any dates.

Spencer, Andy and Judd are having a nice giggle over the voodoo doll.

Andy: It's nice that the Exterminators are back in business now..
Spencer: And hopefully by this time tomorrow.. GM, you gotta try to take a pain pill.  Hey GM, at some point soon, we're gonna try to get McCrae upstairs alone..
Judd: You want me up there too?
Spencer: Early.. Your part is.. And then you'll dart out, and we'll tell him that..

Spencer: I think my favorite part is your candy corn dick.
Andy: Judd 100% made that.  I feel like Kaitlin is the HGs we talk about least.
Judd: She was nice.
Spencer: I did see her left tit one time.  One of the highlights of my summer,
Judd: Was it nice?
Spencer: Yeah.  A tit's a tit.

Looking at the Memory Wall, Andy, Spencer and Judd talk about who looks like they haven't slept in a week (Candice)..

Spencer: I'm gonna make some protein muffins and mess up every dish in the kitchen.
Judd: Oh gaw.. She made protein muffins all the time.
Andy: They sucked.
Judd: I didn't even likem em when I was a Have Not.

Andy: I still can't believe the Have Nots got Habaneros and Headcheese the last time.. That was insane.
Spencer: Dude, I wonder WTF they're building outside.  Holy Shit!  It may be an early as f*ck comp..
GM: We don't have to pick players.
Spencer: Come out and say, Nominees join me, everybody else, hold hands and sing.

Judd: Think I need to talk to him tonight? (he's sleepy)
Andy: You kinda already did.

Cam 1

Judd: I think if I talk to McCrae tonight it might be kind of fishy.. I'm just gonna go to bed and talk to him tomorrow.
Spencer: That's cool.

Cam 3 and 4

Spencer: Judd's beat. I've never seen him wantin' to go to bed this early.
GM: He barely got any sleep.

Judd: Alright, Ya'll, I'm gonna go to bed.. I just wanna be so prepared for tomorrow.
Andy: I'm probably an hour behind you.

GM: If you happen to talk to him when he comes out, I'm gonna shower down here, so I wont disturb you, and you'll just have to check on these cookies if I get called in.
Andy: It' so hard to read him..
GM: If you enlighten him.. and just say you'd vote me out..

Chair Room
Cam 1
Andy, McCrae and Judd

Judd: (whispering) I was just reiterating how important it is that GM don't win tomorrow..
McCrae: Yeah, man..

Judd settles in for bed.

Cam 3
Andy, McCrae and Spencer head up to HoH..

Spencer: Dude, You have nothin' to worry about.  These are the 3 that we've talked about for a long time.  GM's gotta go.  If GM wins it, Judd'll go up and out.
McCrae: That's what I'm trying to prep GM for.. just in case.. just so it's like 2-0 vote and you don't have to break the tie.
Andy: I love Judd, but I feel like he'd cut me in a second. I get nervous when I talk to him.
McCrae: That's how we felt about him the first time.

Andy: I still do.
Spencer: GM goes this week, and it's us 4. Next week, Judd goes, then it's us, final 3.

Andy: So, it's ok.  Honestly, I don't give a shit about losing either one of em.
McCrae: I don't either.
Andy: We were going thru a lot of scenarios, and we think the 3 of us have an even shot.
McCrae: And Ginamarie has the girls..
Spencer: There are 6 girls in jury now?
Andy: If Gm goes, 7.  Helen told me, if GM makes final 2, she'll vote for her.  And the cool thing is, I think all of us can beat Judd, next week.. If any one of us wins veto, boom, he goes home.

McCrae: I feel like, tomorrow she's gonna go crazy.. She's f'in crazy attack dog. How good did she do during the maze? Did anyone see?
Andy: About the same as you.

Spencer: I know you've been stressed today.  Holy shit, dude.. If I could do it again, I'd put you and Andy together, but I wanted him to have a chance to win money.

Talk turns to Thursday night.. and Elissa's "betrayal"

McCrae: It was dumb of me to even question it, but my head was spinning..
Andy: And I told you.. I almost give her props.. like that was a big f'ing plan.
McCrae: I didn't think I was gonna put you up, and then GM's like, she told me about the fake ring. I was like, oh, ok, that's weird.
Andy: (gasps, then bites his lip)

McCrae: What a dumb ass Elissa.  Like, why would she tell GM about the fake ring?
Spencer: F*ckin' Elissa.  Dude.. Thank you for getting her out of here.   You got nothing to worry about.. Final 4.  Here's 3 of em.

Talk turns to GM talking smack about Amanda.. Andy goes down to check on the cookies.

Spencer: I'm sorry Amanda went, but it woulda been me otherwise.. I'm really glad you're here, bro.
McCrae: I'm glad you're here too.
Spencer: And that speech?  I didn't wanna bash you, but I just wanted GM to think, low pressure.
McCrae: She's starting to feel it now too.
Spencer: I didn't know what to say, but I didn't wanna bash you on tv.

12:57am --Stretch

Spencer: I feel like I'm just getting to know you as a player..
McCrae: I feel like I am too.  The only thing that worries me is Judd.

Andy: Judd worries me as well.
McCrae; That would be my only concern. Just as long as I stay this week..
Andy: I can't believe we've gotten this far.
McCrae: Final 5.
Spencer: Final 4.  We're 3 of the final 4. We're at the point of the game where we can talk about our strategy..
McCrae: Gm was gonna kill me when I was saying that I was trying to throw that 1st veto. The one I accidentally won.
Spencer: When Elissa whispered to me, is pot roast one word?  I was like, I think so.  I knew it wasn't.  I've ordered it enough.
McCrae: That was such a crazy week.  I wanted David out..
Spencer: That week was easy.
Andy: Everyone wanted David out.
Spencer: The next week was super stressful.
McCrae: That's the week I wanna get the feeds for.. Everyone had their specific tasks, which was fun..
Spencer: That'll be an interesting day of feeds to go back and watch..

Spencer and Andy go to get cookies.. McCrae stays up there to use the bathroom.  Downstairs, GM's in the shower.

Cam 1
Spencer: I think that was perfect.  I'm goin' back up immediately.

Cam 4

Spencer reports to Gm that McCrae fell for it hook, line and sinker. She is quite pleased.

Cam 1 and 2
Spencer, Andy.. McCrae

Spencer and Andy are eating cookies, waiting for McCrae to emerge from the loo.

Andy: I'm gonna go to bed in a few minutes.  Watch, they're gonna be assholes and wake us up at 8am.
Spencer: I'm worried I'm gonna kill those f'in fish, forgetting to feed em.   It's been a long couple days. Yesterday?  We were up til like 5 am, it feels like.. Then I got this beautiful woman here.. and my dog.
Andy: I wonder what the letter rules are.. Dear Andy, Just want to let you know that everyone misses you very much.  Don't trust Ginamarie..
McCrae: I wonder if we'll get videos from home.
Spencer: If they're gonna do it, now would be the time.. Since Spencer loves CBS, and Les Moonves and John Endemol..
Andy: Brenchel Army, Elissa's not here any more.. You need a new player to support. \

McCrae: To me, this is pretty much it.  If you guys don't trust me any more, I''ll go home this week.
Spencer: Look at it this way, we're all f'in good this week.  We've only got one stressful one to worry about next week. Then it could be us mother f'ers sittin' up here, no body downstairs.
Andy: oh my God.. Ok.. On that note, gentlemen, I'm going to bed.

1:19am Andy leaves.

Talk turns to Judd's punishment, then  GM.

McCrae: She's beat up.  But there's a part of me that thinks she's faking it.
Spencer: She's banged up.  I don't know if you saw, but she tried to pull Andy off the couch and drag him to the door. I'm like, that's almost exactly how you messed your back up with Judd. Dude, that set?  It's gonna be like a f'in jungle. Swingin' from ropes..
McCrae: That would be badass..   I wonder what time it'll be tomorrow..


McCrae: Weird noise.
Spencer: People.. in the walls.  They've been like 6 o'clock lately..
McCrae: I remember Andy's was.

GM comes in..

GM: I just came up to say goodnight.
McCrae: You're not looking good.
GM: I don't feel good.  I'll see you boys in the morning.
McCrae: Get some rest.
Spencer: G'night sweetie.

McCrae: You know?  If she's real beat up, there might be an advantage to keeping her..
Spencer: It's apples and apples to me.  With Judd it's a tossup.  If I had to go head to head with Judd, or a healthy GM, I'd rather go up against Judd.
McCrae: I always wondered if he's playing Dan's game.  I gotta play smarter. I'm on the block.  I can't be throwin out names.
Spencer: It don't make a f*ck. Would you ever have cut her?
McCrae: yeah.  I swear to you.
Spencer: None of us could have beat her in final 2.
McCrae: I agree. She was f'in the best player of the season.  My plan was always to cut her, like an offering to the BB gods..
Spencer: Well, you got out Elissa. That's huge.  BB blood.
McCrae: F'in Amanda would love you if you got rid of GM though.  I'll swear on anything, if it was me, you and her final 3, I would have brought you 100%.  That would've been the biggest move.. and the coolest move.. and that would've won me the game.
Spencer: That would've been like Daniele cuttin' Dick and going to the finals with Zack.
McCrae: And she would've won.

Spencer: Yesterday, the HoH was so weird.. Judd was like, it doesn't f'in fit!  Mine didn't.
McCrae: The best was like the next one.. you and Gm.. She scared the shit out of me.
Spencer: I wonder if they tell your family, he won HoH.. I feel like they've had this letter sittin' around for a while.
McCrae: Mine too.

Home chatter.. then taxes..

Spencer: I don't really like sleepin' up here.
McCrae: It's weird.  Those 1st 2 nights when I was up here by myself?  That's why I was like, yeah, Amanda, you can sleep up here.
Spencer: That's one thing I didn't have this whole game - someone to run things by.  But that's what bein' on the block was good for. I just had to stfu.
McCrae: I should.
Spencer: It doesn't matter.
McCrae: I think Judd's pretty on board with me..
Spencer: I think he's good with the guys alliance. He doesn't know about the 3 of us and our history.
McCrae: Alright, well, f*ck. I'll try not to worry so much.
**keep worrying,

Spencer: Andy is a killer social player.  He's one of the best I've ever seen.  It's almost been an honor..
McCrae: All of the moves he's made have been to keep himself blood free.  He's really good.  Except for Elissa..
Spencer: I bet she just walked.
McCrae: I hope she thinks about us, and that she has to vote for one of us, and just walks.  I hope Amanda encourages it.  It's down to the nitty gritty.  I better try to get some sleep.
Spencer: No tellin' how early it'll start tomorrow.  They could do it in 20 minutes from now.  Yeah dude, it's all good.
McCrae: All I can do is trust.  This is it for me.  I'll go down with this ship.

1:37am They say goodnight.  McCrae heads downstairs to the chair room, then the kitchen.  Spencer comes downstairs to brush his teeth.. Judd and GM are already lights out in the Rainbow Room on 3 and 4. She's icing her foot..

1:41am McCrae and Spencer say goodnight again.  McCrae brushes his teeth.

McCrae gets into bed fully dressed, pulls the cover over his head, and reads his letter from home.. and sniffles.. He then lies down, still cocooned in the blanket, and continues sniffling...  1st one eye peeks out.. Then he comes out from the blanket, misery depicted on his face.

We watch as it becomes determination.

1:55am He undresses and lies down for sleep.  Instantly, he's called to the DR.  The rest of the HGs are sleeping or near it.

McCrae returns from the DR and climbs back under the covers, without turning the light out. This time, he's reading the bible.

McCrae gets out of bed to turn off the lights and go to sleep..

With 5 sleeping HGs in the BB15 house, this concludes The Overnight Report.

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Blogger YKW said...

Am I first to make a comment? Thank you again for all the hard work it has to be to sometimes cringe worthy ~ hugzz ~
Far as game playing I will admit that Andy has made the best moves all season ~ far as who do I want to win hmmm probably no one ~ sad bunch to choose from when reading over nite blog, watching live feeds it is just a shudder moment how vulgar and downright disgusting most of them are especially GM with her trash mouth..seriously each of them think or rather forget someone out there is watching and repeating everything they say or do ~

September 7, 2013 at 5:00 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

There is nothing wrong with GMs foot

September 7, 2013 at 6:08 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

Go Mccrae please win the veto

September 7, 2013 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger Skeptik said...

Hi Carolyn; I did not mean to whine about my posts. It seems that I post just as you have published a new one and I guess I lose track of where they went. I was out of town a couple of weeks ago and was reading the blog and tried to post but I think I forgot to sign in on my rarely used Facebook account so they didn't get published - my fault for not reading.

Oh well, onto things BB15:

My ideal F2 would be Judd and GM but I don't mind if any of these 5 win.

GM has said some offensive things about a lot of groups but I take it as her bigger than life personality and her need to be funny and at the center of things.

McC gave his game to Amanda and let her take all the heat which might work out if he wins enough POVs and gets to F2.

Spencer is another one that seems to need to shock them with his vulgarity to women and his opinions. He has been on the block and survived so many times he could deserve consideration to win.

Andy (as I have posted many times) is a huge floater and plays both or 3 sides against each other. I do give him props for convincing McC it was Elissa that turned and voted Amanda. He even had Elissa convinced that McC had voted Amanda out, so he could win the game.

Judd is my favorite and he will need to win POV to ensure he makes it to F4, F3 and F2.

September 7, 2013 at 6:51 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

GM spent countless hours bashing Amanda in front of McCrae. She has gone from the normal hateful insults to trying to cast doubt about Amanda being a liar. Of course GM thinks Amanda lied about what Howard said. Based on other things that Howard did and said in the house, I believe Amanda. She tried to cast doubt on whether or not Amanda just used him. "Do you think she would have hooked up with you if you weren't HOH?"

Well, this is my qustion for GM. Would a 33 year old woman with half a brain and an ounce of common sense believe that a 'kid' she knew for 13 days was going to marry her? For future reference, at her age, if she wants people to take her relationship seriously, maybe she should stop referring to the object of her affection as a kid.

GM is even trying to convince McCrae what real love is. "Every time Nick looked at me I would melt." That is not love. That's infatuation. Most adults can actually tell the difference.

September 7, 2013 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Emma-jane said...

Hey all. Did anyone else know Nick Uhas is an actor? Sitting on the couch watching Dates from Hell on Investigation Discovery, one of those recreation of horrifying events shows with actors portraying the victims and I see Nick! Looked him up on IMDB and I see he has 9 titles to his credit, couple of 1 episode tv series and some shorts. GM should be excited:)

September 7, 2013 at 7:45 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Last night Andy said, "There weren't very many people I liked last seaon." All I could think is, I expect to hear that same comment a lot during BB16.

Then Spencer was talking about Britney. He seems to have quite a crush so let me just say EWWWWW, Yuck. OK, now that is out of the way. He said, "Why did she have an effin' kid and ruin her body." Once again, first thought that popped into my head was 'if only Spencer's mom had been more worried about keeping her girlish figure.' That's just stupid anyways. Helen and Elissa have had children. They most certainly have NOT messed up their bodies.

Sticking to season 14 theme. People are comparing Andy to Ian. Why did we love Ian and hate Andy when they did the same thing. There is a fine line between double agent and rat. A double agent can gain the trust of many. He shares that information with his true alliance to help protect his entire alliance and help them get further in the game. He does not take his alliance's information and secrets to the enemy. Ian was always loyal to the alliance that he chose to work with rather than the alliance BB tried to create with the coach theme. Andy has gathered information from everyone, shared what could hurt other people in the game and made up the rest so that he would remain safe always and loyal never. That is a rat. Yes, it's legal game play and may get him to the final 2. I have never respected it and never will.

Also, on a human level, Ian was more kind and caring and treated people with more decency and respect. Even though Boogie was not actually part of Ian's true alliance, Ian felt bad over his part in Boogie's eviction. I have not seen Andy feeling bad. He celebrates the fact that not only did he outplay people but also that he pissed off, screwed over, embarrassed and hurt people.

September 7, 2013 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Of the extramentators Andy has played the best. Ive gone back and forth on whether he is a floater or not. I've decided now that he is. All he has done is lie and float to the power. He has done it well

September 7, 2013 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Thats a nice excuse for GM, im sure she will use it. Aaryn and Amanda said some offensive things, but GM is the only one in my opinion that said things tinged with true hate. The race related comments that have come from GM is true racism

September 7, 2013 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Its pretty sick, but maybe Mccrae doesnt love her. I can understand him not stepping in on the fight Amanda instigated, but to sit there and listen to trash like GM continue to bad mouth someone you say you love, is true cowardice.

September 7, 2013 at 9:28 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Andy is no Ian. I thought Dan should have won, but comparing Andy to Ian is silly. Andy is much more of a Shelly

September 7, 2013 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gooood morning! :))

Please come join me in the new top post.

September 7, 2013 at 9:35 AM  
Blogger Granny B said...

I think Andy is playing Ian too! I couldn't stand Ian and I hated that he won. Dan deserved it. He was the BEST BIG Brother player ever in my opinion. I love that Amanada won't win this. Compared to the other 4 Andy is the only one who has played the game.

September 7, 2013 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger YKW said...

Andy is no way by any definition Ian ~ give 100x props to Ians game he was not a filthy mouth like Andy is ~ Ian felt truly bad but it was huge game moves for him ~ Andy will smile at one person then turn around and say called each of them vulgar names ~ Jumbo love all your comments and mostly I will agree w/xception of Andy ~

September 7, 2013 at 11:00 AM  

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