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Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: The Overnight Report : A Big Flirt, a Birthday Party, A Boy Band, a Broken Heart

☼ Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!  And Happy Birthday, Nicole! 

The HGs were so much fun late Sunday night on the live feeds.  I think you're gonna love this TOR as much as I loved writing it, which was a lot.   Every minute I spend with the Big Brother 16 HGs, I love them even more.  What a treat!  If you haven't gotten the feeds yet, they're a must this season!  Here's a 2 day free trial, so you can check them out for yourself.  I recommend the Season Pass option - It's the best deal, and it's a no hassle, no cancellation required one time charge.

The Overnight Report starts a little earlier than usual tonight.  Here's everything the HGs got into from 11:30pm Sunday night up until they went to bed.

Cam 3

Amber, Devin, Frankie, Cody
Devin: I wanna be on slop.
Frankie: I will not shower. I will rinse my head out and I will do a French bath for a week.  That's it.  I will not shower. 
Devin: Alright, I'm gonna try this out.  Like, how I make oatmeal.  If it is that bad, I'll volunteer for slop every week.

Cody: Why? ? Do you wanna lose weight?
Devin: Definitely.

Devin goes inside.

Cody: Dude, that's bs.  He should just eat.
Frankie: I know.
Cody: Who's saying anything to him about eating?
Frankie: Brittany.
Cody: (shocked) Noo.
Frankie: It was all lumped together in one really big sum.
Cody: Has he really been down?
Frankie: Oh, he was bad today.. really bad.
Cody: I want to talk to him.
Frankie: You should.  He's a good guy and he's really going through it.
Cody: He's actually taking tolls from this game.  I don't know how to start the conversation though..
Frankie: Now would be a great time.  He's in a good mood.  Just be like, "Hey, we haven't really gotten a chance to connect, and I just wanna tell you, I really like you and I've got your back."
Cody: I like that.
Frankie: And that's it.  That's all it has to be. Like, "if you ever need anything, come talk," or "I got you, man," cuz it's like, we've managed to build a good friendship, and I think it's good to keep nurturing it while we can.
Cody: Everyone here are good people.
Frankie: There's no one in this house who's truly a bad person.  I truly feel that.  It's always gonna be a good person.  Know what my life coach says to me?  She's like, "Always think that you go the job.  ALways think that you got the gig, because if you don't, you'll be just as disappointed as you wold if you thought you weren't going to."
***hmm.. ie, keep a positive outlook, and $150+/hr.

Frankie: So like, always have the best relationship you can, until you can't.
Cody: Yeah, I gotta talk to him tonight.. I know a lot of shit's been going down, but if you ever need anything..
Frankie: Perfect.  I think if you pull him aside and say that, that would be great.
Cody: He's a big teddy bear.
Frankie: He really is.
***and I would hug him and squeeze him and call him George. ok.. if I'm being honest, hugging and squeezing weren't at the very top of my list when I first laid eyes on him..

11:46am Let's see what the others HGs are up to.

Derrick: I feel good.. Next week could be an easy week or a hard week, depending upon who wins HoH.  If we get one of our guys up there, we're good.  Devin needs to keep doing what he's doin' right now, which is nothing.
Frankie: I had a long talk with him today.
Derrick: He's just gotta relax.  I'm here.. As a superfan, that's a win for me.  Only one person's gonna win the big bucks.  Same with you, even though you're playing for 1/2 a imllion, you wouldn't know it.  Hayden?  Thouroghly enjoying being here.. I'm candid. I'm gonna be straight up with people.  I'm definitely a fan of Frankie.. That's for sure.

Camera 3 flips to Caleb talking about gutting an animal.  I'm out.

Camera 1
Nicole, Cody, Derrick

Derrick: You've probably seen us more in an 11 day span..
Cody: And sooner or later, we're gonna end up cuddling, and I know you don't cuddle with your brother..  Whats your family like?

Nicole speaks lovingly of her family.  Someone gets called to the DR, and Cody figures he said something to offend them.. They chat a bit about how they are in their DRs.  Cody and Derrick say they turn up their accents, and they're in and out fast. 

Cody: ..except when Nicole and I snuggle.
Nicole: Yeah, when are we gonna snuggle?
Cody: We could have a fake showmance.
Derrick: Just put the blankets over your head, even though you're just sleeping, and everybody'll be like, they were definitely doing something.  They were definitely doing something.  I thought I saw a movement.
Cody: yeah yeah yeah..  We could fake a showmance, easily.
Nicole: I don't wanna fake it.  I think you're cute.

Derrick: OK, I'm out.  I'm a 30 year old 3rd wheel. She's kickin' real game to you.  Gone!

Derrick leaves them. 

Cody: Ok.. When I'm not sleeping in an icebox, we'll cuddle.

They continue talking.. Cody asks about her family again.

**I really, truly, absolutely love him. Quite possibly the sweetest guy ever.

Cody: Do you wanna be married?
Nicole: I do, but I want to find the right person.  Hopefully by 25.
Cody: Why an age?
Nicole: I wanna be a young mom. I think you're a good boyfriend and I think you'll be a good husband.
Cody: You think I'm a good boyfriend? How doyou know?
Nicole: I can just tell.  You have a really good heart.
Cody: What if I'm faking it?
**Then you've got me completely snowed too.

Christine comes over to join them.  She pulls up a big orange cushion.

Christine: So.. anything cool?
Cody: We decided we're gonna have a showmance.
Christine: ok, cool.
Cody: What time is it?
Christine: I don't know.
Cody: It could be Nicole's birthday already and we don't even know it. I wanna be the first person to tell you Happy Birthday.
**such a cutie. 

Talk turns to past HGs.  Cody wonders what the Alumni think of them.

I see half naked men on cam 3.. we're going there.

ahh.. The HGs are planning a surprise party for Nicole.  So sweet! Hayden's practicing his moves. Christine gets called in to the DR, and they quickly send someone else out (Devin) to make sure Nicole stays put until they're ready for her to come in.  BB comes through with beer and wine.  As much as they'd like to start, they insist on waiting til Christine gets out of the DR.

Cam 1
Cody, Nicole and Devin

Nicole: Are your friends as big as you.
Devin: My best friend is like 6'6", hes huge, he did track n field..

Derrick sticks his head outside..

Derrick: Guys Guys! Come in!  Julie's on the screen!!

Devin, Nicole and Cody hurry in..

***Best. BB. Birthday. Ever!!  You have to watch this on flashback!

12:40am 25 minutes later, the Birthday party is still going strong.  ONly 2 have left.

Cam 1
Have Not Room
Joey and Brittany

Joey and Brittany are prepping their beds for the night. 

Joey: If I was younger.. If you had to choose a guy..
Brittany: None.  But I think Cody's adorable.

Right on cue, Cody enters the room, then Zach.  Then Frankie, who joins Cody on his bed.

Cody gets up to try Brittany's bed, which he declares fabulous. Joey and Brittany offer to help him make his more comfy too..

Cody: Brittany, what do you have under here?
Brittany: Clothes.  A lot of clothes. 
Cody: It's so comfortable.

Cam 3
Victoria, Nicole, Hayden
Backyard Couch
I love the look of love in Victoria's eyes here. Can't fake that.

 Amber and Joey join too.. and Christine.

Amber: Oh, Nicole, you're so happy!  You can see it in your eyes. We've been planning that.
Hayden: I've been planning that dance for like 3 days.
Nicole: Did I look surprised?  You guys scared me.

Nicole and Victoria are a little buzzed on wine. They're on their second glass.  Victoria and Christine start complaining a bit about Devin...

Nicole: I feel bad, because he's always so nice to me. I feel bad I was doin the X (arms crossed in an X) to Hayden.. Can we all 3 cuddle tonight?

Cam 1
HN Room
Zach and Joey are doing the ice box boogie.  Joey and Brittany have now set up Cody's bed so it'll be more comfortable for him.

Cody: Oh my God.. I'm gonna sleep like a chld.  It's still hard, but.. satisfying.
***"It's still hard.. but satisfying." so many options, so little time. Cody, you can't make it so easy for me.

Devin comes in and goofs around with them, dancing.. 

Cam 1
Jocasta and Caleb

Caleb: I'm like, you have no idea what it is to see that someone in that way.  Instead of being attracted to someone because of their butt, being attracted to someone because of what they do and how they are.
Jocasta: That's how it was with Chris (her husband).. He saw how much I loved God, and that's what made him fall in love with me..

Cam 1 
Storage Room
Cody has his planned, I'm here for you bro, one on one with Devin.. Devin does more talking than listening, and very quick.  He's clearly not at the same comfort level with Cody as he is with Frankie or even Brittany.

Devin: No doubt. I appreciate you, bro.

Cam 1

Jocasta: We're gonna have an issue.  Zach is goin' for Nicole.. (and Hayden.. and Cody?)
Caleb: That's what I don't get.. Why aren't they going for Amber?  Maybe 'cause they know I have that on a lock.

Devin joins them, goofing around, pondering what his wrestling name should be.

Cam 3/4

It's dance party USA in the yard.. and snuggle time for Cody and Nicole on the double chaise.

Brittany comes out of the DR to announce that they are no longer allowed to pad their have not beds with clothing.  Buzzkill.  Victoria wonders if her mom is up watching.  She loves and misses her parents very much.   Zach, Hayden, Derrick and Frankie join them around the chaise..

Cam 3
Frankie: Derrick, we need you right now.
Derrick: You gonna start a boy band?
Frankie: BB Boy Band.  The BB Boyz.
Zach: What's our first hit?  Our first hit's called "Joey's Alliance"
Frankie: Too soon!

Frankie and Cody do some boy band moves..

Cam 3
In the backyard, Frankie and Zach are working on signature moves for the boy band.. 


Cam 3
Kitchen Area
Devin, Caleb and Jocasta

Devin: Dude, I'm so fat.
Caleb: No you're not.  Not unless you start eatin' again.
Devin: I'm about to.
BB: Nicole, please come to the DR.. 
Jocasta: All those guys are just goin' to town on her.

Hayden comes in..  And Amber..

Caleb: I don't appreciate you touchin' my girl's head like that.
Hayden: She asked me. And put her head in front of my hands.
Devin: I gotta tell you, Hayden, I don't appreciate you touchin' my boy's girl's head.
Hayden: I don't appreciate you touchin' my boy's boy's girl's head.

Caleb: Ok.. Now she's gone.  I can do this..
Jocasta: Are you serious?  You know she likes her head to be rubbed.
Amber: I'm confused.
Caleb: It's about Devin.
Amber: I like iceskating.
Caleb: Remember back in the day.. skain' at the rollerdome.
Amber: Did y'all used to have lockins?  All night at the rollerrink?
Caleb: Heck yeah..
Amber: I loved those..  (to Devin) You're a different person.
Devin: You should have seen me in the DR.  I walked in there.  He's like, Officer.  I said, Sergeant.
Caleb: Officer Big Brother.. hahaha!  You goin' to the bathroom?
Amber: Yeah
Caleb: (joking) You listen here, you guy behind that camera..

Camera 1
Zach, Frankie, Paola, Christine

Frankie: Caleb's the lead singer.
Zach: That's what i'm gonna do after Big Brother.. I'm gonna be in a Boy Band.  Big Brother's definitely gonna give us more alcohol after tonight.  We just gave them GOLD. 

Caleb comes outside.

Caleb: Devin's killin' me.  He don't drink and he was straight chugging 3 glasses..

Derrick joins them.

Derrick: Did you like my move?
Frankie: Yeah.. He pussy popped. He literally dropped and back arched with his ass out.
Caleb: I can dance.. If you see me salsa dance, your eyes would pop.  They'd have to call the fire department.
Zach: Oh man.. I wish I were watching tvgn tonight.
Derrick: TVGN's over.. The live feeds are on.  They never shut off.

The backyard crew is riffing off each other by the double chaise.. Nicole returns from the DR, and requests a Hayden head massage.

Victoria: Did they wish you happy birthday?
Nicole: No.
Victoria: That's not very nice.

Amber joins them..

Amber: I'm gonna meditate upstairs with you before bed.

All the other HGs clear out.. Nicole realizes what's happening and says NO!

Then settles in for her massage.  They gametalk about the next HoH.

Hayden: Obviously one of us has to win it.
Nicole: I want Christine and I to win it at the same time, because obviously we'd never evict each other. Why did everybidy leave?
Hayden: You know why.

Nicole heads inside to the bathroom.

Nicole: Everybody left so it was just weird.  It made it feel like a showmance thing and it's not.. I really wanted a head massage.  Do you guys have any left over noodles?
Victoria: Yeah, do you want?
Nicole: Yes, I want.

Christine heads into the bathroom.  Victoria to the kitchen.  Nicole pokes her head in to the bathroom to ask Christine to go talk game to Hayden.

 Cam 1
Nicole: What time is it?  People are hittin' the hay early.
Jocasta: Who already went to sleep?
Nicole: Amber...

Cam 1
Hayden and Christine are shooting some pool.  Brittany's in the backyard too, preventing them from talking game.

Cam 3
Cody, Derrick and Zach

Derrick: Cody don't like that chick. (I don't know which)
Cody: I'll keep her around, throw her up against someone..
Derrick: One of us have to win HoH next week.  God forbid, if a girl wins, one of us is goin' up.
Cody: This sucks. The only thing I'd like to see, is if like Amber won, who she'd put up.

Joey enters.  Quick convo change..

Cody: I'm excited for the new HoH, just to see what the comp is..

Talk turns to bed comfort.. They're not happy with the DR, who let them pad their beds with clothing for 2 nights, but put a halt to it tonight. 

Fire Room
Devin, Derrick, Paola

Paola: Is your daughter gonna be ok?
Derrick: Yeah.. She has tubes in her ears, because she used to get ear infections.  They told me 2 days before I was supposed to come that she had to have another surgery.  I called here and said, I'm not comin'.  They told me, they would let me know if it went ok, and if not, they would let me go home.  It'll be tomorrow.  I'm happy to be over it..
**everybody, if you pray, please say one for Derrick's baby girl.
Derrick: I don't even know what adenoids are...
**oh, I had those out.

Cam 1

Hayden:  I do trust Frankie, but the thing is, he's friends with everyone.
Christine: Do you trust Caleb?
Hayden: I don't know.. I don't know.  Because he's HoH, I've been tryin; to shmooze him a little, and because I think he'll be HoH more than once.  If we had the right chance, I think we could go against them.
Christine: That works.
Hayden: I'm just trying to think future..
Christine: We should talk to Frankie.
Hayden: I love Frankie.. He is awesome.
Christine: I agree.. but scary too..  Part of me wants to get Devin out, but part of me wants to keep him in as a target.  This week, I'm voting with the house, cuz neither of them do anything for my game.
Hayden: Exactly.
**smart cookie.

Hayden: What do you think about Derrick?
Christine:  He came up to me like the 1st day.. He's like we outsiders hav eto stick together.
Hayden: He said the same thing to Nicole.
Christine: Food for thought.
Hayden: Mm hmm.  It deifnitely could get scary for sure.. If they are an alliance..
Christine: ALl the girls are out.
Hayden: It's all very dependent upon who wins the next couple weeks.  What do you think about Donny?
Christine: I really like him.
Hayden: I think he's definitely smarter than people give him credit for..
Christine: me too.

Hayden: Right now...
Christine: Lay low.  If at this point we talk to too many people, it's just too early, too much.
**love. this. girl. She gets it!!

Hayden: One thing that teed me off a little about Caleb is how he was praising Derrick.. He was like, Derrick is smart, Derrick knows this game inside out, and I was like, yes..
Christine: I wonder where Frankie is.  He always dispappears.
Hayden: He must feel somewhat asfe with how he lies right now, becauee everyone loves him.
Christine: True and very true..

2:15am Christine heads inside, looking out loud for Frankie..

Camera 3
Caleb and Amber

Caleb: Someone told me that you said you'd go out with me after the show.
Amber: No..  Oh, Caleb..

Amber heads down to the kitchen..  Caleb gets called to the DR.

Amber: Caleb just confessed that he liked me..
**she's not at all about it.
Nicole: What did you say back?
Amber: I said, listen, I just want to be on a friend level.  He just confessed everything.  I feel so awkward.  I'm not here for a showmance.
Jocasta: He didn't say showmance though..
Amber: No.. but I don't like him like that, period.  He's like, I see how you look at me.
Jocasta: How do you look at him?
Amber: Like I look at everybody.

Talk turns to mac n cheese.  Jocasta's promising to make some, mama style..  Devin and Hayden come in..

**2:23am  Stretch!

Cam 3
HN Room

Cody: I just wish you never confessed to anything..
Joey: It'll be crazy.. I honestly feel like Paola's going home.
Cody: It just sucks.  I know that if I had won PoV, Don would be gone.  What makes it more frustrating for me is.. I was an idiot.  I'm really sorry.  You're on the block because I didn't win PoV.  I'm sorry.
Joey: Thank you. I think he really did talk to a lot of people, and they said, it's your decision..
Cody: You need to talk to people.. Tell them what an asset you can be. She's not an asset.
Joey: She'll probably go ome next week.
Cody: Or she'll slide under the radar. That's what happens.
Joey: I genuinely apologized to Caleb..

This is ongoing, but I want to hear wht Christine is saying to Frankie..


Frankie: Smartbombs.. I like us being the smart bombs.. hehehehe.. I love you.. A day at the beach.
 We're both lying to people.. I have so much fun when I'm with you.  Alright.. see you in 11 weeks.

Cam 1

Fresh from rejection and a DR, Caleb looks either pensive or moody or just plain sad.  I can't decide which.

The camera flips back to the kitchen.  Topic: The meaning of being "God Fearing."  Then to the bathroom with Zach and Brittany, talking jury, jury money, etc..

Zach: How do you feel?  You feel comfortable or no?
Brittany: I don't right now.

Paola enters.  She says she' snot comforatble in the DR either.

Zach; How are you feeling this week? Just keep doing your thing..

Frankie comes in and kisses Zach and Paola goodnight.

Zach: Wher are you going?
Frankie: I'm goin' upstairs with my man.. Caleb.. and Devin.
Paola: I thought Zach was your man.

Frankie leaves.  Paola continues on the same line.  She doesn't feel like herself in the DR..

Paola: I'm just trying not to think about this week.  It makes me scared and nervous.
Zach: I think you're ok.
Paola: You don't know though..  I just want to be real, and it feels too proper (in the DR).
Zach: I feel you.

Brittany rejoins them with a pickle.

Brittany: I will die if I'm a have not again.

Around the house...
  • Amber hits the sack..  
  • Caleb's down for the count too. 
  • Zach and Paola are in the bathroom talking.  
  • One by one, HGs are filing in to do their pre-bed routines..
Cam 3 and 4
Fire Room
Amber tells the assembled women about her talk with Caleb.

Amber: I just told him, I'm here for friendships with everyone.
Jocasta: That makes a man hunt.  What he said to me was..
Amber: Why's he talkin to everyone.  He says to me, I heard from someone that you wouldn't mind goin' on a date after this.
Jocasta: Who would say that??
Amber: I think it was Hayden.  What is wrong with these giys?!
Jocasta: But.. the word says, there is all power in the tongue.  Maybe he's just trying to speak it into existence.
Amber: (laughing) Jocasta, you are not helping.  I just feel bad...

Jocasta: Once you tell him, hey, I have a different type.. if he knows that's not your preference.
Amber: He's like, people see the way you look at me.  I don't look at people like that.   I don't look at you in any way.  I'm just..
Victoria: It just seems to him becaus ethat's how he looks at you.
Jocasta: You need to think like a man at this point, and see that he thinks you're playing hard to get.

Amber: That's not where I'm trying to go with this.  I feel awkward.  If I really like someone, it wouldn't have been awkward to me. I feel bad.
 Victoria: Don't feel bad.  But you're gonna have to be up front with him..

Camera 3 flips to the HoH Room


Frankie comes in, then Devin..  All 3 of them are sharing the HoH bed tonight, with Devin in the middle.

They're laughing so much, it's like a slumber party.

**I'm hitting publish on this post now for the early risers.  Please refresh the blog at 7am to check for more added below here..

Cam 3 and 4
HoH Room
Frankie, Caleb, Devin

Frankie: G'night.  This is fun. I like you boys very much.
Caleb: (to Devin) Get your butt off me.
Frankie: (funny voice) You can put your butt on me.
Caleb: You better hope it's his butt facing you.
Devin:  It's so hot in here.
Frankie: Thank you. It is hot.  It's never been this hot.  I still need one foot under the blankie. Goodnight.
Devin: G'night, Frank.. clown.
Frankie: mm hmm.
Devin: Caleb, we could get that tanning oil on you tomorrow and really get you baking in the sun.
Frankie: I hate you. Oh God..

Cam 1
Zach and Derrick

Derrick: F'in Cody.
Zach: He's the man.
Derrick: F'in Cody.
Zach: He slays..

Cam 3
Fire Room

Jocasta: That's exactly what she was doin' to the pillow. Humpin' it.
Cody: Like a dog?
Jocasta: Like a woman.
Cody: You are too much.

Hayden, Brittany and Christine come in and the party continues in the fire room.

Amber: Christine is hillarious.. talkin' about the first time she ever felt a __ on her yahoo.
Hayden: Victoria said she's just a cuddler.  She's not even awake.
Jocasta: She said the wine is messing with her.
Hayden: Alright, I'm going to bed..

But first, he crawls in to Nicole's bed to cuddle her for about 30 seconds.

Then it's Cody's turn to climb in and cuddle Nicole, complete with instructions.. Cody wins the cuddle war.

Then Christine comes to cuddle the two of them - Nicole and Victoria.

Cam 1

Caleb: Everyone's up man.. They're either in the kitchen or outside now.. Dude, I need to go to bed. I got so much on my mind.. 

Camera 3
Victoria, Nicole, Christine

Nicole: I don't think it can get much more beautiful than Cody.
Victoria: You have to come to Miami.  Everyone's really beautiful there.
Nicole: Wait, so Victoria, if Cody asked you to cuddle, you would say no?
Victoria: Yes.. I don't sleep with men.  Also, Cody seems like a little child to me.
Nicole: Not to me.   Pao's really in love with him..

They debate a snack.. Hayden joins them in his underwear..

Nicole: America's seeing you in your underwear right now.
**We've seen him in significantly less.

3:52am ~ Camera 3 and 4, if you'd like to see ~ Hayden shares his birthday suit with the girls before he goes inside.

Nicole: And there's an example of why No.

On Camera 3/4, Brittany and PaoPao come outside, offering coffee.. The girls on the hammock decline, as they plan to go to sleep soon..    Inside, on camera 1/2 Hayden is now entertaining Amber and Jocasta, in a much more modest way.  He's wearing Amber's clothes, including bunny slippers, for bed.

Paola, Christine, Nicole and  Brittany remain chatting on the hammock.


And this concludes the Overnight Report.  Happy Monday, Dishers!♥



Blogger Unknown said...

I feel sorry for Caleb and Amber. Going to make for some awkward time in the house. Will this derail his game, or make him more ruthless? Will his action make it more difficult for Amber's social game?

IMO Frankie and Christine are the power couple in this house.

Thank you for the overnight.

June 30, 2014 at 4:47 AM  
Blogger Victoria said...

It was Christine who walked up to Nicole and Cody when they were on the hammock and pulled up a orange cushion. Not Victoria. :-)

June 30, 2014 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry! :) Hopefully they'll be able to get past it quickly. But.. Caleb fell so hard, so fast, it could definitely work against Amber for the rest of the game. Just depends where his head is at when he comes out of the funk, I guess. She certainly could've played it smarter, saying something like, she'd be interested but only outsode of the house, just to keep him at bay and happy.. But her decency won out.

Good morning, Victoria :) Thank you for the heads up. If you give me the time stamp on the error you caught, I'd love to change it. I searched, but there's just so much last night, I couldn't find it.

June 30, 2014 at 6:53 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning! That was a Fantastic Fun OR read!
As always thanks Carolyn for a great job.
Will definitely go back and watch some highlights.
Okay…I admit I am a little behind in my daily reading and feed watching…
I thought crap I'll never catch up.?
But you know what, the sun rose and the coffee smells and tastes really good, especially reading the OR…. Good BB feelings back!

June 30, 2014 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Yasmin!☺ Thank you so much! I thought it was a blast too! I can't remember the last time I've had SO much fun writing a TOR! I ♥ this group of HGs!

June 30, 2014 at 7:20 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

where was Donny all night?

I sure love Nicole and Christine...actually even the ones I don't like are nice people.

June 30, 2014 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Linda Joy :0)

Great question! I was bouncing from room to room all night long (as you could see) and I never landed on him.

June 30, 2014 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Great read,as usual Carolyn 😊

June 30, 2014 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Andrea!☺

Thank you! It was a blast to write!

June 30, 2014 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger tonitoni said...

Good BB Monday morning!

I believe Donny was one of the people who set up the bowling game.

He was also spotted sitting on that red bean bag while Nicole was lounging in the hammock. There is a natural ease between the two of them. He asked her how she viewed him. She said she thinks of him as a father figure. He seemed genuinely touched. Aw, love that guy!

I also spotted him inside when all the festivities for Nicole's surprise Birthday party was going on.

Fabulous coverage of last night's antics, Caro!

June 30, 2014 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Terraific said...

Good morning! What a fun TOR. Love these hgs!

June 30, 2014 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I am really enjoying Christine. I love Nicole. I think a Nicole/Cody showmance would be adorable. All the girls think he's pretty and he ends up with the sweet, humble, all-American girl. I could root for that relationship.

After pre-season interviews I thought some of the girls would target Caleb for a showmance. Instead, Caleb is turning into a love sick puppy/obsessive, scary, stalker type. Run to an alliance Amber! When Caleb gets it through his thick head that you are not looking at him in the special way he thought you were he will waste no time targeting you for eviction.

The 'Frankie is SO nice syndrome' is already starting. Everyone likes Frankie so no one will want to take him to the end.

Minor annoyance of the night-Well of course it would be trivia related. Joey said people used to listen to Pink Floyd's The Wall while watching The Wizard Of Oz. Pink Floyd-yes. The Wall-no. Everyone knows it was Dark Side Of The Moon.

June 30, 2014 at 9:25 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, ToniToni! :) Thank you very much! They were such a hoot!

Good morning, Terraific! :) Thank you! Me too!!

Good morning, Grendon! :) I'm really enjoying the 2 of them too... and a Cody/Nicole showmance would suit me just fine. :0) LOL re the Pink FLoyd snafu.

FYI -- The HGs are being woken up now, so keep an eye out for a New Top Post

June 30, 2014 at 9:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Carolyn, thank you :) Happy Monday everyone

June 30, 2014 at 9:48 AM  
Blogger Mikey said...

:) I enjoyed the read this morning.

June 30, 2014 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Mikey! :) THank you!!

Good morning, KMac! :0) Great to see you!!

New Top Post!!

June 30, 2014 at 10:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gaytor - his commentary was always so funny and enlightening - I have been a lurker (but paying member) of your site for so many years, and I always waited to see what Gaytor had to say about so many situations - I will truly miss his commentary this year, and for many more. Thank you for all that you do, and how many incredible voices that you inspire on your blog!

July 1, 2014 at 4:42 AM  

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