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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Overnight Report

She's probably contemplating the national debt. 
Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Thursday!

I just had the strangest BB dream about Roller Derby...  and within a few minutes of tuning back into the feeds, the guys are talking about how good GM is on rollerskates.  Hmmm..

Tonight is the 1st part of the Final 3 HoH.  As you know, that's Endurance! :-)  If you'd like to watch the Final 3 Endurance Comp as it's happening, here's the 2 day free trial for the live feeds.

If you need to get up to speed on what happened in the earlier part of the evening, please see Michigan Man and Ryder's comments at the end of the viewing party post.

As we rejoin our HGs, Andy's upstairs in HoH having a shower.  McCrae, GM and Spencer are in the living room..

Let's see what they get into..

While the feeds were down, not only did Andy win HoH, but he nominated McCrae and Spencer, and then Andy won the PoV too.. #DontShootTheMessenger

If the above statement makes you want to just give up and disappear for the rest of the season, please consider hitting the tip jar before you do.. It would be much appreciated.

Living Room
Spencer, McCrae, Ginamarie

Spencer: Readin, eh? I'm thinkin' about breedin.  Oh.. Motherf'er.. I wish I had time to do some laundry.
McCrae: Wear some comp outfit.
Spencer: They all got taken.  Remember when Chicken George would f'in cover himself in tin foil? I understand it now.
McCrae: Mr Fart.. CBS got sued from Mr Fart LLC.
GM: Tomorrow's only a 1 part thing?
Spencer: Yeah.
GM: So a new person doesn't go up there?
Spencer: I think it's over as a room.. I'll probably shower up there tomorrow.
McCrae: Me too.
Spencer: ♫I'm gonna get some booty. ♫ I'm gonna get some booty. ♫I'm gonna get some booty on Wednesday.

McCrae: Shit..

Spencer: Houseguests, there's no sex in the champagne room.
McCrae: I'm gonna go upstairs and listen to Night Melody.
GM: Spencer, you can come lay down in the bathroom, if you want. I'll be in there a couple minutes.  You can be entertained by watching me curl my hair.

Spencer gets up.  It's the only show in town.

GM: In Endurance, I win.. Then there's a questionnaire between you and Andy..
Spencer: Part two is physical, not a questionnaire.  If you win one and I win one, then we'll play for the finals and pick each other.
GM: I don't know who would pick me.
Spencer: Me either.  They all just think I'm a scumbag.. and they all love Andy.  Even Elissa. We have to take each other.
GM: I know.

Spencer: What you've got goin' for you is you sent Amanda to jury..
GM: But that's 2 votes.
Spencer: Those might be the only 2 votes you don't get.  If you take Andy, that would be a half million dollar mistake.
GM: I know.  Even McCrae said that.  I guess you pick who you can beat..
Spencer: All you gotta say is, I sent Amanda out..
GM: I don't have Amanda, McCrae or Candice..
Spencer: You've got Judd there, tellin' people the truth..

Talk turns to dresses, beard removal, hair product..

Spencer: I can't wait to cut my beard off.
GM: F'in sell that shit.

Andy and McCrae come in..

Spencer: Have you ever gone to the Marcy Projects?
GM: I'm a white girl in a convertible, so it wouldn't really be a good idea.

McCrae: We haven't been called in much at all today.
Andy: Looks like Judd was the root of all our problems.

Talk turns to Judd's many medications..

Spencer: How are those not gonna f up by tomorrow?
GM: It's better when it's looser.
Spencer: I like girls when they're looser.
GM: No you don't.
Spencer: Loose women, not loose pussies.

Andy: I can't believe I got f'd out of a damn HoH blog and camera.
Spencer: Oh Andy..
Andy: CBS just missed out.
GM: ♫Cuz I'm a blond, yeah yeah yeah..

Spencer: Your Italian hairless cooter.
GM: I showed Helen my piercings..  She's like, that's a first.
Spencer: So, GM, since you're Italian.. When guys go down on you, do they sprinkle parmesan cheese?
GM: No, My ex.. (fishies)  No guy ever said that to me before.
Spencer: Do you like to drop, McCrae?
McCrae: All the time.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do.
GM:  Andy's like.. nah
McCrae: I'm sure suckin' dick isn't that much better.
Spencer: One is worth of the other for sure.  I still stick by my stance that I would give up vaginal for oral.

Andy: Oh my God.. I'm probably gonna have to shower down here after tomorrow.
Spencer: With the peasants.  McCrae, tell me somethin' that Amanda said about me.
McCrae: She was like, we can never trust him. She was like, look what we've done in the past.
Andy: What about me?
McCrae: Nothin' about you.
Spencer: How bout at the end?
McCrae: She told me to stick with you and Andy.

GM mocks Amanda.

McCrae: She thought you were really smart, playin' a country boy.

Andy goes up to HoH to listen to music..  Talk in the bathroom turns to Howard..

BB: McCrae, please go to the Diary Room.

Andy: So, do we wait and tell him tomorrow, or do we tell him tonight?  I kinda wanna tell him tonight and put him out of his misery..

Spencer: He's such a good dude.  You make the call.
Andy: I told him I just had to think about everything tonight.. Maybe tell him after lockdown.. He's like, if you use it on me, I'll like for sure vote..
Spencer: If you wanna do it tonight.. Or tomorrow.. That way he knows what to wear.. and he can prepare what to say..
GM: First of all, he won the first HoH..
Spencer: I respect that.

They move into the kitchen.

Andy: I almost wish it was Amanda that was still here.  It would be easier to do it to her. I genuinely like McCrae.
Spencer: I hear you.  What we did was a sweet move.
Andy: I think I'm gonna head to bed in like half an hour.  I spent 25 out of the 1st 28 days in those airplane seats.

GM: So.. Amanda f'd McCrae the 1st week?
Spencer: She'd only been away from her boyfriend for 2 weeks..  I think he realizes.  I think he really wants to get back with his girl, Jessica.
Andy: I do think it's funny that Jessie made out with Judd after Elissa and Candice instructed him to.
GM: Wow.

McCrae gets out of his DR and joins them in the living room.  Talk turns to the returning HG.. They all agree they didn't want any of them back.

Andy: But look at that, we've still got 4 originals here.
McCrae: Yeah, I'm psyched about that. It would suck to have to vote for a returnee..
GM: Who wanted him out so bad?  Helen?
Andy: I blamed it mostly on Helen..

Talk turns to Judd being "squirrely."

12:44am  -- Stretch!

Living Room - All but Andy
Spencer: It'd be wind to live on Pangea..
McCrae: I wonder how long it would take to get across Pangea.
Spencer: F'in Jeremy could do it in an hour.
Mcrae: Panthalusa was the ocean..

McCrae: I'm worried about that bag of slop opening up in my bag.
GM: Wrap it in saran wrap, like drugs..
Spencer: I'm not a fan of those coconut mnms.
GM: I like em.
Spencer: I bet Marilyn's planning a comin home party for me..
GM: Can I axe (sic) you guys something?  What's with the arrows?
Spencer: I think it's just part of the aviation theme..
McCrae: I think there's 23..
Spencer: How many airplane images are there?
McCrae: 3? 4?

McCrae and Spencer go to the Cockpit to "examine the planes"..

McCrae: I pitched to him, but..
Spencer: He hasn't talked any game all day.
McCrae: I pitched to him that if GM gets to final 2, she wins.  And plus, if it's skating, she's nuts.
Spencer: Oh my God dude.. She was born to skate.  She skated out of her mom's vagina.

Spencer returns to the living room.  McCrae goes to the loo.  Spencer, McCrae and Andy give each other thumbs up on the approaching extermination.  McCrae rejoins them. Talk turns to home furnishings.

Andy: I think I might go to bed.
Spencer: What time is it?
Andy: It's like 1..

GM: When was BBQ?
Andy: 13?
GM: My hand still bothers me.

Spencer: I'm probably gonna go to bed too..
Andy: G'night everybody.
GM: G'night.. Congratulations.. If I come up, I might just sit on your face.
Andy: I don't eat pussy!
GM: hahahahaha! That was f'ing awesome.

McCrae: I'm gonna brush my teeth and read.  What do you think?
Spencer: I think I could actually fall asleep, so I'm gonna try to take advantage of it.

GM's in the kitchen having a snack.   Andy's up in HoH having a snack.  Spencer and McCrae in the bathroom, brushing their teeth.


Gm's in the kitchen, washing up.. Spencer comes in and offers to help.  Andy's up in HoH, snacking and reading packaging.  McCrae's reading his bible in bed.

Spencer: I'm gonna go crash.
GM: Me to. I think I'll go do my nails in bed..

Spencer: G'night, GM. Thanks for my bracelet again.
GM: You're quite welcome.

GM heads to the Rainbow room and gets to work on her fingers and toes.

It's lights out in the Chair Room with Spencer and McCrae - pillow talk about sunglasses and vision. Then they move on to life..

Spencer: There's one thing that I learned from 24-31..
McCrae: Don't f'ck around with your health..
Spencer: Just stay on top of things.  Like, is this a decision I'd make in front of my parents. If I can leave you with nothing else.  It can get out of control so quickly.  That shit can haunt you for years.  Like, Amanda.. If y'all got something goin, I totally support it, but you're a smart dude.. If the basis of your decision is, f'ck it, if it don't work, I can do something else.. That's not a good basis for a decision.
McCrae: I think that I'll probably take a road trip to Florida this winter anyways, to even see my grandparents.  I don't know.  My parents go to Florida every year.
Spencer: You should look into train tickets.  If you came down to Little Rock, I could take you in for a couple days, let you stretch your legs.. It'd be cool to take a little train tour through the United States.
McCrae: Yeah.. I never get out of the state.
Spencer: You gotta get out and test your mettle.
McCrae: I feel like this is the start.
Spencer: I'm never gonna have another adventure like this. There's no tellin' what you got ahead of you.

1:32am --Stretch!

McCrae: "Stay hungry, Stay focused." (**Steve Jobs)
Spencer: That's one of the only things I've ever poached on facebook. When we get out of here, I'll befriend you on facebook.  There's so much life out there for you, for sure. You're younger than me.  I'm pretty much doin' what I'm gonna do.  You got so many options.  You should seize it.  I see you and I see so much potential.
McCrae: For what?
Spencer: For anything.
McCrae: Jeremy Dale McGuire is what I wanna be when I grow up.  I think that'll be the 1st tweet I do when I get outa here.. JDM for life.

Spencer: I'd like to go to Minnesota too. I've always wanted to go there.
McCrae: Would you bring Marilyn with?
Spencer: Oh yeah. Where I go, she goes.
McCrae: I think you guys should come in the fall.. I'll take you to Lake Superior..
Spencer: I'd love to.. In all honestly, it probably wont be this year.. I have to be back at work October 1st.

GM passes through to go to the bathroom..

McCrae: I'd rather go meet in Chicago too.  I bet Andy'd bring us to some fun bars and stuff.
Spencer: Gay clubs..
McCrae: It'd be fun as shit.
Spencer: It'd be a confidence booster, gay guys hittin on you. I think my confidence would be shattered..
McCrae: No way dude.  You're a bear.

GM returns and says goodnight, cuts off her light and climbs into bed.

Spencer: It's gonna be so weird to have your cel phone back.  The first thing I'm gonna do is google my name.
**You may want to wait a while on that.
McCrae: I'm gonna google McCrae Olson 1st, then McCrae Olson Nude.
Spencer: What if you're approached to do porn after this?
McCrae: I've thought about that.  What would I say?
Spencer: You say, I'll think about that..

1:50am Talk turns to the casting of Batman, various other movies.. and attending the next possible Comic Con.

Spencer: I'm gonna try to get some sleep.  I'll probably be up tossing and turning. It's day 84?  Unbelievable.  I honestly didn't think I'd last after The Moving Company.
McCrae: I didn't think I would either.
Spencer: Where the both of us got lucky was that Jeremy went out that next week.  That was the blood they wanted.

McCrae: If you go to like, final 2, I think they're so bitter, you're in a really good position because you don't have any blood on your hands.
Spencer: We'll wait until tomorrow.
McCrae: if he uses it on you, I hope you don't vote me out.
Spencer: I have no idea what he's gonna do.  I think I'm playin' for runner up.  Everybody here has played such a better game than me. I suck at comps.
McCrae: I think, as this season goes, the best thing you can ask for is the most bitter jury.
Spencer: Who knows how it's gonna go.. With everybody here now, I'm happy with them winning it. I could see you getting America's Player.
McCrae: Elissa.
Spencer: If she gets it, that's just gonna make me sick.  I wish they'd do some new way of voting..
McCrae: Split it up.
Spencer: I don't care if she gets 10 grand, but give it to people who played honestly good games.  I still believe that Amanda was honestly the best game player in the house.
McCrae: I do too.

Spencer: I just didn't have the physical or the mental energy to do it.  It took a toll on her.  Being on the block that many times is tough.  Nobody wanted to work with me.  I could be gone next week. Even though I had a pretty good idea what was goin' on, there was nothin' I could do about it. It's been a pretty crazy summer for me.
McCrae: I bet that'd be so tough.  I've been on the block for 1 day.  You've been on the block for like 30 days.
Spencer: I don't know how many days, but it's over a 3rd of the summer.
McCrae: Nominated 8 times..

Spencer: I know that you and Amanda would go up there and tell them to put me up..
McCrae: Who? When?
Spencer: All the time.
McCrae: I know for the Aaryn and Howard one it was like that.  We can't let them save each other.
Spencer: I understand.. but it made for a stressful time.
McCrae: yeah.. I'm sorry.
Spencer: No need.  I think you're a wonderful person.  It's a game. There are a lot of emotions, but it's just a.. You've played an awesome game, and Amanda played an awesome game.  Regardless of how iot all shakes down, it was an honor to play with you.
McCrae: Same with you.

Timecheck -- 2:06am

Spencer: I was the pawn, but it's easy for that to get messed up.
McCrae: Oh yeah.
Spencer: You get in here, and you think you're gonna play one game, but you've just gotta ride the wave.
McCrae: Know your role, shut your hole.
Spencer: Exactly. It's not about bein' right.  It's about bein' here.

Spencer: I left Amanda kind of an ugly goodbye message.. I regret it.
**now that I'm inches from final 2 and I'd really like you to get her vote for me.

McCrae: I don't think she's gonna care.  She told me, stick with those 2.. That was my gameplan.  She trusted you... as much as she didn't in the beginning, because she knew I trusted you.
Spencer: I know your game went haywire after she left. But you have some major victories after that.
McCrae: I know..  I almost wish she'd left a week or 2 earlier, just so I had more time to get back into it.  I kind of felt crippled after she left.  I don't know where everyone is, who everyone's paired up with..
Spencer: Well.. It's so f'in crazy.  There's only 6 days left.
McCrae: I don't think I'm gonna see it.
Spencer: I don't know where Andy's head's at.
McCrae: He didn't give any indication?
Spencer: He didn't really talk at all today.  I suppose I could tell you not to worry, but thinking into tomorrow.. Just be rested, for the comp, for the live show... You gotta be. The other day we were talking about the Final 4 and Doctor Will..
McCrae: I always thought he gave it up so Boogie could win.

Spencer: Are you gonna be as big a fan after this is over? Or bigger?
McCrae: Probably still the same.  Or Bigger. Right now it's tough to say.
Spencer: You're just so exhausted with it.  It's almost mentally crippling.  You just have to enjoy every bit of it.. Who do you think, if there were to be 3 people from this season selected for AllStars..
McCrae: JDM (Jeremy).. Amanda.. and I don't know..
Spencer: I think Amanda.. Andy.. You and Amanda were a good team.. It's hard to knock that.  GM's got some wild magnetic quality about her.  The 4 of ya'll.. it wouldn't surprise me at all if you were asked back.
McCrae: Right now, it's grueling to think about.
Spencer: I'd be so overwhelmed.
McCrae: I'd go out week one.
Spencer: It's crazy that Dan made it all the way twice.  I thought it was cool before, but now I think it's amazing.. I see how he did it now.  He had Danielle under complete control..

The following is all whispered..

McCrae: If you talk to Andy tomorrow, keep pushing that she could beat him in final 2.
Spencer: She could. To be honest with you, I think your affiliation with Amanda could hurt you in final 2.
McCrae: You have clean hands.  She has nothing, plus the Amanda thing.  Plus, she was skating like crazy out there.  If I get it, I'm not taking her.  No f'ing way.
Spencer: There's no way I would take her over you.
McCrae: I already -pushed it to him tonight, but I don't know what his plan is..
Spencer: I don't either.  Tomorrow, you just have to get in his ear.  I'd rather go into the final 3 with you and Andy.  In my opinion, I think both of ya'll would take me.  I don't know what he's got with her, but he needs to know that she could beat him.
McCrae: Yeah.
Spencer: I'll try to talk to him.. You try to talk to him.  We'll stay on top of him, and see what he does.

Spencer: Try to get some sleep.. Nighty night, man.
McCrae: Nighty night.

Sweet dreams of Final 3 HoH Glory and 500k, houseguests!

CBS Interactive Inc.



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning. Who will the POV evict? I think GinaMarie would evict McCrae, McCrae would evict GinaMarie, I really have no idea who Spencer would send. I think Spencer is in the best position, everyone left would keep him.

At any rate it makes tonight worth watching.

September 12, 2013 at 3:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Poor McCrae... I have a feeling he's headed out the door this time and the "Rat Pack" (as I like yo call them) are the only ones left to play to win.... what a shame NONE of them deserve to win anything!!
I am extremely ashamed and embarrassed by these baffones BB called contestants this year! Makes me sick to think that there are still such ignorant and vile people in our own back yards.... guess i have been way to naive!!

Thanks Carolyn and all your people that keep bbdish.blog going your the first place i run to every season!! Can't believe you hung in there this season... i would have closed up shop long ago on this season... thank the CBS gods it's over!!!

September 12, 2013 at 4:22 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Well... Looks like we got us a brigade ending. As GM would say " they alls looks alikes". Speaking of GM, i knew she was faking all those injuries. A little cut on your knee doesnt make you limp like a dying dog. And last nights show had to have been a prop audience for that many people to be cheering for GM to win.

I guess of the extramen-ators I would rather Andy win it, but he is in a bad spot. No one will take him. Thats what made Dan so great... He got picked for f2 twice! The reality is all four have an equal shot with the jury. GM is actually the scariest due to sympathy votes. If Andy saved Mccrae they might be able to form a legit f2 pact which is probably his best move. He has to know the other two wont take him.

Sadly, tonight will probably be my last show of the season. I didnt watch a second of BB12 once Brit left, not the endurance, not the finale, nothing. This time I will probably flip in and out on the finale just for the interviews and stuff. If GM whens it could be the end of BB. It could also be a sign of the apocalypse and the end of the world.

Good night, and good luck

September 12, 2013 at 4:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Carolyn!
Ugh..I have no words. Not a happy camper this morning. I hung-in as long as I could but I just can't make myself get on board with the Rat Pack.
It's been a really disappointing year for me. So much back-stabbing, ugly words and no one to root for. I understand and enjoy how BB works but this year made me sad. Maybe it is b/c this is the first year I ordered the live feeds??? Is it always like this? So much crude behavior, horrible language and hate for other players? I'd really like to know from those of you who have watched the live feeds before this year. I would have loved to hear more game talk and A LOT less bashing and foul language.

I've voted for favorite player, removed my shortcut for live feeds and will stay off twitter for a while. But, I will definitely see ya'll here next year! Thanks for EVERYTHING you do Carolyn. You are amazing.


P.S. I guess I did have a few words...
P.S.S. Hitting tip jar now.
P.S.S.S. Loved the messenger comment Carolyn. :-)

September 12, 2013 at 6:16 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

GOOD MORNING CAROLYN!!!, Goddess of Dish and Our Summer Addiction.

I haven't read yet and I didn't make it last night until the feeds came back so I have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of FB watching.

Thank you in advance goes to Michigan Man for your help in covering the before Midnight BBT things. You are always appreciated. Even when I am watching along with you I tend to miss the good stuff and listen to the nonsense. I'd be so lost without Carolyn and you.

I loved this:

While the feeds were down, not only did Andy win HoH, but he nominated McCrae and Spencer, and then Andy won the PoV too.. #DontShootTheMessenger

If the above statement makes you want to just give up and disappear for the rest of the season, please consider hitting the tip jar before you do.. It would be much appreciated.

I won't be going anywhere. This has been my mostly secret wish all summer. I know it's not a popular choice but to each their own. If Judd were sitting next to Andy at the end, that would make a terrible summer have a redeeming quality. I'm so sad that Judd gave up on that puzzle and I do believe that is why he was the replacement nom as Spencer explained in a DR last night.

I happen to think that of everyone left and most of the Jury, Andy really has played the best game. He was NOT a floater or if he was, I guess I would try to be one also. I keep remembering that since Day 1 of the feeds, Andy knew every little thing going on in that house and used every bit of it to his advantage. To me that is playing the game and worthy of a win.

Looking back, for now is the time we start doing that, there were three distinct sides in the house this year.
1. The Nasty Ones
2. The Nastier Ones
3. The Elitists
The first two groups tended to flip depending on who besides Amanda was in power any given week. Group 3 stayed the same, consisting of Helen and Elissa.

The other argument I see constantly is that Andy is vile. Really? Is he worse than anyone else in the house this season besides maybe Judd? Tell me please, Andy haters, what has he said that was worse than anything that came out of the Top Offenders mouths. Aaryn, Amanda, and Ginanarie, Spencer, Jeremy, Howard, Candice, Jessie, even Helen or Elissa at some points in the game, McCrae, Judd and Kaitlyn, in no particular order, have all been vile at some point before they left. I'm leaving David and Nick off the list because, first, I can't recall them saying much, second, they weren't in the house long enough for us to really get to know them. Those first few weeks, most HGs are always on their better if not best behavior.

Of course that better or best behavior doesn't hold true for everyone. I'm thinking of 4 young women and one disgusting man in particular. I don't think I need to list them individually.

Back to my point. I'm happy that Andy is HoH and I hope he can pull off Part 1 of the 3 part HoH tonight. This is the only time a reigning HoH gets to play for HoH 2 times in a row.

Bottom line. Andy DESERVES to be there. Why? Because he has BS'd his way through a long, next to impossibe, summer and anyone still there deserves to be there because they managed to survive 13 other evictions as of right now. (I think with the "Return of Judd" that will make my count right. Please correct me if I am wrong.)

So, my chant for the week is: Geauxxxx Andy! Bring it on home!

I do wish I could hit the Tip Jar again but alas the bank account is bare and it's only the 12th of the month. Would anyone like a used DQTD? He's free, but you have to pay for shipping. Sold "As Is". No refunds or exchanges. There is one warning label. If you live near a casino, be forewarned. This may not be the DQTD for you.

I'll shush now and finish with a big:

Geaux Andy Herren!


September 12, 2013 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger BeeBelle said...

GaYToR - thank you for giving your perspective, even if you don't think it's a "popular choice." I have always said if you make it to the end, no matter what type of game you have played, you are playing a winning game. I don't agree with people who are trying to guess jury votes based on personal vendettas, because I think usually by the end, most of the jurors have settled down and want to evaluate the final two based on what they did to get there. I think in that case, Andy has been more proactive and actually had a strategy (whether you respect it or not) - so is actually likely to get the win for that reason, not just because he is well-liked. I think the final speeches for votes will be interesting. I'll keep watching to the end, just to see how this social experiment plays out in the end game. (Plus, it's so easy to follow the end because not much is going on anymore!)

September 12, 2013 at 7:55 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

I wonder what will happen tonight. I assume Andy will stick with the leftovers and get McCrae out. Something to hang his hat on. Can he beat GM though in endurance, can Spencer? I'm not sure they can. Against Spencer I think McCrae wins but against the other two I'm not so sure. He lost Elissa's vote most likely by being the HOH who nomed her. Aaryn is more likely to vote for any of the leftovers. Candice, I don't know. Anyone but GM I guess. Helen would vote for McCrae over Andy but the other two? Amanda would of course vote for McCrae but if he's not there then what? Could Andy get her vote? Jessie would probably vote for McCrae despite hating Amanda. It's going to be lackluster no matter what. Maybe if Andy makes one more big move he'd get votes for that. I don't know.

September 12, 2013 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger Diana64 said...

Good morning, Carolyn

I thought Judd's exit interview was great last night. He has my vote for AFP.

I think Spencer is definitely final 2. Bleh. As much as that turns my stomach if I were one of the final 4 I would take Spencer as well. He's everyone's best chance at winning the 500k.

Out of the 4 that are left I think Andy has played the best game. I know he's seen as the "rat", but he's played it perfectly. He's floated, but not in a passive way.

That being said if GM makes the final 2 i think she has a really good chance of winning the 500k at this point. Even though she has said some vile things no one (except for Candice) in the house holds it against her.

Me, I don't find myself cheering for anyone this year. Just watching to see how it plays out.

September 12, 2013 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger brnidgrl said...

Good morning, Carolyn & Dish Buddies!

Caro, there will be NO shooting of this lovely messenger! I ABHOR the message, but it's not your fault that Andy the WEASEL won!

As to that, GRRRRRRRRR! Makes me utterly sick that Andy won PoV, too. Best case scenario for me at this point is that GM realizes she can't beat Spencer in F2 despite their deal (although they both deserve credit for keeping their closeness a secret - they've had an F2 since the fake Grasshoppers!!) and votes him out. As loyal as she is, though, and as Spencer is in her "Leftovers" alliance, I don't see it happening. As someone pointed out the other day, pinky swears are her currency not handshakes. So unless, J-U-Double-D unleashed the Cracken in McC's bible message, he's a goner tonight. :(

I think whether or not there's a bitter jury depends on who's sitting in F2. If Andy is sitting there, I expect that Helen, Amanda, Candice, Elissa, & McCrae will be VERY bitter & he won't get their votes. If it's GM or Spencer, though, I'm not quite sure whether they'll vote on game play or not. I'm thinking there won't be as much bitterness if it's GM & Spencer - especially once the jury finds out how long they've had an F2 and NO ONE knew about it!

September 12, 2013 at 8:16 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

PJ Rack re:the feeds

No, they are not like this every year, they've never been this bad. Normally at this time there is a lot of fun HGs just enjoying themselves. It's the people this year and has nothing to do with the game or the feeds. I hope you come back next year and hopefully there will a "normal" group of people playing and you can experience what we've all come to love about live feed viewing.

Thanks Gaytor, I knew you'd be happy. If Andy won it wouldn't be the worse thing, that would be GM winning. I just think winning over Spencer and GM is a hollow victory because he could've probably won against Amanda and McCrae. He's now won more comps than McCrae and Amanda would have that one comp victory and a jury who hated her. But he would've been loyal to his alliance to the end. Now he has a bitter jury that he screwed over so who knows.

I love the game so I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here til the bitter end.

September 12, 2013 at 8:22 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Morning Carolyn

(I couldn't bring myself to say 'good' morning.)

I already knew the bad news before I opened TOR. My friend filled me in. I was all pumped up for the endurance comp tonight but now, well, not so much. I probably won't even watch and am more than likely done with any and all feeds for the season.

I would consider not even watching the show tonight but I do want to see the jury house and find out what they have been telling each other.

I will definitely watch the finale. But that is only to see the question and answer sessions, to see if Julie has any hard questions for anyone and to see what the audience reaction is. I absolutely do not care who wins.

I guess in reality, nothing has changed in regards to the show. It's only the feeds that I am done with. The difference is, I am not watching the show with excitement or anticipation. I am watching for everything except the parts that deal with the final 3. I know it sounds like sour grapes or poor sportsmanship. I just can't find it within myself to care about people that I honestly don't care about. I can't even look forward to a surprise with America's favorite player because that was predetermined the day Elissa walked into the house.

September 12, 2013 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn and BB Buddies!

Thank you Carolyn for being here this morning as I was sad to hear of the loss of your friend yesterday. You have endured a difficult BB season and personal tragedies and yet you are still here for us....hugs!

September 12, 2013 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger AmiLrn said...

I loved loved loved Brit!

September 12, 2013 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Moving Forward!

I have to say I was surprised Andy put up Spencer, thought he would nom McCrae and GM.
Now their is two things Andy needs to consider.
#1.Which 2 will give him a better chance of wining in the remaining comps.
#2. Which 2 will give him better chance of (a) taking him to F2 and (b) Jury votes.
McCrae is one I think He knows has better odds in endurance and as we saw last night can do well in Q&A. But would not take Andy to F2.
So I am confident that McCrae will be evicted tonight.

@ BeeBelle Your summary of Andy is just so on point!

I had hoped for a different outcome at this point mostly due to Andy's arrogance, But he certainly has played a better social game and his people skills have enabled him to be liked in the hs which furthered his game, some may argue but their is some game strategy in doing that, obviously it helped him get this far. I don't blame him for not being loyal to Amanda, she put a huge target on her and those with her as she stopped playing with her mind and more with emotion (her down fall).
I am sure we will do much dissecting of each HSG game and how they played and deserve to win over who is left....
moving forward that's All I can do.

September 12, 2013 at 9:49 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well almost to the end. This has been the worst group of HGs ever. BB please screen the next group better. We had to listen to racism, foul language and pure meanness. You really dug to the bottom of the barrell for this group. Now that is said the only person left deserving to the win, is Ginamarie. She was the only one that had the nerve to vote out Amanda. I love her parting words to Amanda "GET TO STEPPIN". I hate that she got involved with Aaryn, but after Aaryn's eviction she played the game. I didn't like Andy so call game play at all...He flipped and flopped and ran backwards and forwards telling everything like a little kid. In the DR after each eviction, he had that phony crying going on...I vote GM

September 12, 2013 at 10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you that this is a "Brigade ending."
I also agree with the idea of splitting the money for America's favorite into three parts.
I saw last night on the east coast feed there was a constant repeating banner running across the bottom of the screen urging a vote for Elissa as America's favorite. Who paid for that?
I love this site, Carolyn. I am new, I put a pittance in the tip jar, but I didn't see an acknowledgement. Is there somewhere I am not seeing it?

September 12, 2013 at 10:30 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Happy Endurance Thursday!

Good morning, Jerry! :) I believe McCrae is toast.

Good morning, Sarah :) alas.. me too. Thank YOU!

Good morning, Jumbo :) Re Brigade Ending, yup. Re GM, don't forget the broken toe.

Good morning, PJ :) Thank you very much!! ♥

Good morning, GayTor :) I echo your gratitude to Michigan Man and Ryder! LOL re selling a used DQTD ;)

Good morning, BeeBelle :)

Good morning, MichiganMan :) I assume the same.. Although I'm not sure Andy will feel as comfortable to intentionally tank the Endurance COmp as he has nearly every other comp this season.

Good morning, Diane :) I liked Judd's exit interview too.

Good morning, Brnidgirl :) :) :) Thank you!!

Morning, Grendon :) le sigh... hugss...

Good morning, Yasmin :) Thank you very much. Hugssss

Good morning AmiLrn :)

Good morning, PartyCrow :) Thank you very much! Seriously, every contribution is very much appreciated. I've just now updated the list to include the last couple days.. Please let me know if you see your name now.

September 12, 2013 at 11:23 AM  
Blogger amytheschemer said...

Caro, please forgive if i have missed it somewhere...but usually you list the mechanics of the last couple of days in the house... where can i find this?

September 12, 2013 at 1:06 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...

After listening to Arrogant Andy talking about how the Exterminators are the greatest alliance ever and McCrae basically never stood a chance, I have decided that I am not watching the show tonight. I don't know if that makes me childish or a poor loser...frankly, I don't care. Out of a house full of racists, homophobes and just plain mean people I find Andy to be the most unlikable person of the entire season. I don't even know if I can explain it or if it even matters. He actually makes my skin crawl. I did not even have a strong favorite this season so I don't think that's the problem. I have seen disappointing and anticlimactic endings before so I don't think that's the problem. I have had people I loved and rooted for 100% not make it to the end, some not even make it to jury (Kaysar) so I don't think that's the problem. I just do not like anything about Andy. Absolutely nothing.

If Spencer and GM have half a brain between them, they will fight like hell in the upcoming comps and cut Andy at final 3. That, I will watch.

September 12, 2013 at 1:32 PM  

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