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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!

Spencer and Andy have come up with a plan to keep the Exterminators intact, however, it requires McCrae getting a full frontal lobotomy, and they're short on surgical tools.

The plan:  Get McCrae to use his PoV on GM, with the promise that they'll all vote to keep him, and she'll throw the HoH.  If you'd like to see the birth of the plan, go to Cam 1 or 2 at 11:55pm Sunday night..

We rejoin our HGs at midnight..

Cam 1 and 2
Andy: It's a tough sell for sure. Especially because he knows.  I even said up here that I never would.  So I would just tell him that I talked to GM and she's super nervous about going home. She swore on all her stuff that she would throw the HoH, if you use the veto on her.. I know it's scary, and..

McCrae: Pretty much like, F*ck, I know I'm going up..
Andy: We've all done it.  Well, you haven't, because you keep on winning vetoes.
Spencer: He keeps on beggin'.
McCrae: He's just like, it doesn't make any sense, Andy f'in put him up..
Andy: In my defense, he wasn't here that week, and that was the clearest week ever that you weren't gonna get  single vote.
Spencer: He come up here and got grumpy..

McCrae enters.. Pizza's ready.

Andy: We were also brainstorming. Trying to think of any way possible to get GM to throw that HoH.

McCrae Like the cosmetics as collateral..
Andy: If I can get her away from Judd for a little bit..
Spencer: you can tell her she's going home..
Andy: If I can go to her and say, I wanna keep you, but I don't think McCrae and Spencer do.
McCrae: I don't know what she has that's worth anything to her, but her cosmetics seem the best bet. The only problem with that is if she doesn't win HoH, she has to go up..
Spencer: You could tell her I'd go up, but I guess with her it doesn't make any difference.  I'm just gettin' so tired of being around bummed out Judd. I mean, I understand why..
McCrae: Exactly. That's how I would feel.  Just like, up and downs.

Spencer: I'm gonna go down and get some pizza..

They all go.

Rainbow Room
Cam 1
Judd and Andy

Andy: Hi. What're you up to?
Judd: Bed.
**I'll believe that when I see it!

Andy: G'night, Judd.

Kitchen Area
Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Gm..

McCrae: I'm f'in tired all of a sudden.
Spencer: You've only been awake a few hours.
McCrae: I know..
Spencer: These days when you're up 8 hours'll just kill ya.  Wanna go upstairs?
McCrae: Sure.

Spencer and McCrae go up to HoH, leaving Andy downstairs to talk to GM..  Andy comes up anyway.


Spencer: So I'm just giving Andy time to talk to her.
Andy: I'll go down and talk to her in a little bit.. I just wanna eat.
McCrae: The best way to do it would be to tell her you don't want one of us to go to final 3.. and if one of us won veto we'd keep her safe.
Spencer: Say, I need you safe, so you gotta make a deal.

McCrae: I don't know..
Spencer: Me neither.  It'd be nice if there was a clear cut option.
McCrae: Andy would have to tell her that the only way she could stay would be to make a deal with me and Spencer, staking her cosmetics on it.. And if you threw it, we would keep you, because we wanna keep you or Andy.
Spencer: I think she's big on deals.  I think if she made one she'd stick to it.
Andy: I agree.
Spencer: That's kinda how she's played all season, seems like.
McCrae: Yup.

Spencer: HoH is one comp we've gotta win next week.. and then Veto.. It'd be nice to know which one's in the bag.
McCrae: As long as one of us gets HoH..
Spencer: If she won it, it'd f*ck everything up.
McCrae: yup.
Spencer: It's stupid of me to eat this pizza so damn late.
Andy: It's not that late.  You probably wont be in bed for 6 more hours.
**bite your tongue

Spencer: Judd says he's goin' to sleep. That mf'er, he'll either be up at 5 or he'll be walking around in 20 minutes.  He keeps sayin, I shouda fought harder in that veto. Well, ya just quit. As soon as he saw it was a puzzle, he was like, I don't know what it's supposed to look like, and laid down.
McCrae: So dumb.
Andy: How soon did he stop?
McCrae: About half way?
Spencer: Sooner I think.   What if that's a tie breaker question?  How many seconds before Judd gave up the PoV comp?

McCrae: We haven't had a chumbath this year.  WTF?
Spencer: I feel like there's been a lot more money this year.. 3 5s and a 10?
Andy: 4 5s, cuz I could've gotten 5..
McCrae: I guess it's roughly the same.

Spencer: It's a little warm up here.
Andy: Yeah it is.
Spencer: I don't know if it's officially warm, or if it's cuz I piled a bunch of Pizza in my face.

McCrae: Andy, you'd have to tell her that she would have to throw the HoH, otherwise you'd go home during the Veto Ceremony, because you already promised us that you'd throw the veto.
BB: Ginamarie, please come to the DR.
Spencer: It'd take somethin' serious to get her to throw it.
McCrae: She'd probably be like, I'll tell him I'll throw it, but I wont.
Andy: If she wins the HoH, there's no guarantee I'll win that either.

Andy goes downstairs to wash his plate.

McCrae: Good, really good.
Spencer: I think he's played a phenomenal game.
McCrae: I trust you guys, but I feel like you'd wanan get rid of me at final 4..
Spencer: I don't want to.. Finak 3 HoH? It's enduirance and speed - my worst.  I can't beat him, I don't think I can beat you..
McCrae: The nice thing about me and him.. I think we'd both bring you or each other.

Cam 3
Gm emerges from DR.  Andy asks her to come sit outside.

Cam 1
Spencer: I was just the place holder.
McCrae: But you have a record..
Spencer: You have 2 HoHs, 2 PoVs.. you've played a hell of a game. I honestly feel like I'm playing for runnerup.. 50,000 would change my life. There's no shame in that game.  GM's got a good chance, being the only surviving girl..
McCrae: That's the thing with me and Andy.. Me and him would both take you over each other.
Spencer: I want the 3 of us to be in the final 3.
McCrae: Me too.
Spencer: You and him in final 2?  To me, you lose.
McCrae: i agree.
Spencer: You've got to assume he's got 4 votes if you kick me out.

Cam 3
GM: You goin' outside, Andy?

Cam 1
Spencer: Next week, say GM wins HoH, and it's me and Andy on the block, what do you do?
McCrae: 100% I pick you. I feel like I have a good chance against you.  Whereas Andy, I don't think either of us can beat him.

Cam 3
Andy: I come to you and tell you I wanna keep you, but Spencer and McCrae want...  This is a ruse for McCrae.  You tell McCrae.. Cuz McCrae reallly wants you to throw the HoH.  We were thinking that if you tell McCrae the only way you'll throw the HoH..
GM: Is if he doesn't use the veto.
Andy: No, that he use the veto on you.  And you're gonna have to lie and say, if you use the veto on me this week, I'll throw the HoH.
GM: What should I tell him?
Andy: He wants to be like, you're gonna go home, and the only way we'll keep you is if you throw the veto..
GM: You don't think Judd would be mad?
Andy: Judd would be really excited.. because he would go up, but we would send McCrae home on Thursday.
GM: hehehehehe

Andy: I'm gonna tell them that I was out here brainstorming with you, and you proposed the plan.. It could get immediately squashed..
GM: If he's thinking Judd goes home..

Andy: Maybe I'll go up now and run that by him, and if he's interested, we'll talk a little bit more..  He'll probably just be like no.
GM: He's only 1 vote anyway.
Andy: Yeah.. no matter what, you're staying.
GM: I'll tell him.. Even though I don't like to throw shit, I will..
Andy: I'm just trying to plan things out.

GM: We need him (McCrae) outa here dude. He's f'in tryin' to pull things out of his ass.
Andy: He's (Judd) trying to get Spencer to put me up instead of him. Oh, who are you talking about?

GM: I just don't want him to say something fishy.. Cuz I know how he is.  I wouldn't do shit like that.  But he's a different person than I am.
Andy: I can propose it..
GM: He listen, he was thinking about  using it on Amanda..
Andy: I can be like, you have a guaranteed spot in the final 3.  If he uses the Veto on her, you will throw the HoH.  The only thing that scares me is what if he says, screw her then, we'll keep Judd.
GM: Plus I'm gimpy as shit.. and you can say I'm dumb too.  Use that.
Andy: I'll be like, GM doesn't trust the 3 of us the way we trust her, because we've all gone back on our word and she never has.

Andy heads back up to HoH..

Andy: So Gm brought up a lot, including some interesting other plans.  She's like, the thing about that is, I don't trust the 3 of you.  You guys all promised me you would keep Nick and you didn't.  She's like, the only way I would ever throw the HoH is if McCrae uses the Veto on me.. She hates Judd.  She wants him to go home.
McCrae: That's the most f*cked up thing ever.
Andy: That's just what she said.. She's like, I would keep my word if that insures that I stay.
McCrae: Holy shit.  That's so smart.
Andy: I don't wanna jeopardize your safety at all, but I actually think she means it.  I also reassured her that I'm still playing in that HoH..
McCrae: Damn..
Andy:  I'm like still trying to process it.  If she really does it, it means we will win that HoH?  Does it all make sense?
McCrae; It doesn't almost. That's f'ing crazy.
Spencer: Damn
McCrae; Why would we tell her that, just so we could take her makeup and vote her out?
Andy: She's like, you never know how things can change in this game.
Spencer: She's scared of the boys alliance.
Andy: I know that's asking a lot.
McCrae: That doesn't make sense to me.  If she offered up her stuff as collateral, like, why would we take her stuff and then vote her out?
Andy; Sometimes with her..
Spencer: That's GM.. She's trying to be the Godfather.. Make a deal you can't refuse.

McCrae: I don't know.  If I didn't use it on Amanda, why the F*Ck would I use it on her?
**the words I've been waiting for, almost.
Spencer: You're safe regardless.
McCrae: I'm not saying you would, but that would be a f'in big move to hang your hat on.. MMmbye, McCrae.

Andy: Anyway, so I was just running through it in my head.  She was like, I aint a liar, bro.. I swore to him that I wasn't working with Elissa and I voted her out.
Spencer: Wouldn't it have been funny if in my HoH basket they gave me a bunch of butterscotch?
Andy: I feel like, with her, she'd stick to her word.
McCrae: It puts me at such a disadvantage.  I'd have to worry about all that shit.. and be up against Judd, who's scheme master.. and have Judd pissed at me, for keeping GM safe to get him out.
Spencer: It's not necessarily a move against him.  It's a move to secure HoH.  It's game time.
Andy: What do you think, Spencer?
Spencer: I think it's a deal worth taking.
Andy: It gives us a little bit better odds than if we didn't take it.  But again, this is all on you.  It involves using the veto, not on yourself.
McCrae: It's crazy.
Spencer: You just gotta make your mind up by tomorrow.
Andy: I'm cool with it either way.. I'll fight my ass off for HoH no matter what..  I really do think that GM would vote out Judd. All day she's been talking about how much she hates him.. And we all know she votes on emotion.
McCrae: (farts aloud)
Andy: I'm trying to get into your head.  It could either be an awesome move or..
McCrae: I totally trust you guys, but any time you don't use the Veto on yourself, it's the f'ing dumbest move.
Andy: (talks a lot and really fast) and you know I've been loyal to you since week 1.
**actually, as we learned from his DR on the Sunday show, he knows you are the reason Amanda went  last week.

McCrae: Judd'd be double pissed if I didn't use it on my self.. but used it on GM.. He'd go nuts.. walk out of the game.  Holy shit.
Andy: Everything about GM just fascinates me.  She was like, WTF would I do without my makeup?!  Her makeup and Nick are like the 2 things you can use to get her on your side.

McCrae: Is she outside?
Andy; Yeah.  Lemme go talk to her a little more.. I just wanna flesh this out a little bit.

Spencer: What're you thinking?
McCrae: F*ck that!
Spencer: hehe. That's what I'd be thinking too.
McCrae: To me it just seems way too weird.
Spencer: That's a Ginamarie deal.  If it were me, I'd take my chance at HoH with GM tryin'.
McCrae: It doesn't benefit me as much as it does you and Andy.  There's no way I come out of this with Judd less pissed at me.. This way, I take the full brunt of it, and you guys get off scot free.

Cam 3 and 4
Andy tells GM it's looking good and McCrae's really thinking about it.  She tells him some of her brushes alone are worth $300. Andy tells her she'd have to remove those, as McCrae would keep them as he walked out the door.

GM: Ok.. I'm gonna lay here and relax and see if he comes out.

Cam 1
Spencer: She and Andy are tight.
McCrae; That's what scares me.
Spencer: Just tell him you thought about it and no matter what you're not doing it.

1:08am Andy enters HoH..
McCrae: There's no f'in way I'd ever do it.  F*ck that.  Why would I put myself at such a risk.  We have 2 to 3 odds already.
Andy: I just had to run it by you.
Spencer: There's definitely pay-off in it, but I understand your fear.
Andy: She really hates Judd. I almost think he's entering Candice territory.

Spencer: I can't believe how much shit she talked about Amanda when she was tied to you.

1:11am -- Stretch!

Cam 1
Andy: Yeah, Ginamarie the Godfather definitely came out tonight..
Spencer: hehehehe!

Cam 3
Judd comes out to the hammock, having been woken up by the DR, and GM fills him in on the plan ...  He hugs her.

GM: We're tryin' bro, were tryin!
Judd: Love you!

Judd goes back inside.

Cam 1
Spencer: I do hope at the Finale that there's a GM injury reel.. and I wanna see Andy fall in the pool.

Andy: I still am like, wtf..
McCrae: The thing that scares me is being the stupidest BB player ever.
Andy; At the hands of Ginamarie.
McCrae: If someone made that move, and I was voting, I'd be like, f*ck you..
Andy: But I really want you around.
McCrae: I'd be the dumbest motherf'er ever.  You had final 4 in the bag, and you threw it away, what happened?  I'm the dumbest motherf'er ever, Julie.
Andy: Why don't you go talk to her? Just see what she says..
**Seriously, Andy?  Give it a rest.

Andy: I think she's kind of perceptive and she can see Judd's sinking his own ship.
Spencer: I love how she plants subtle bombs.. "That F'ers a Quittah!"
McCrae: I like your Ginamarie best, Spencer.
Spencer: I actually just try to do Andrew Dice Clay.
Andy: Just imagine if Candice had come back, instead of Judd.
Spencer: This would be the easiest decision ever.  Bring the worst competitor to final 4.

Timecheck 1:24am

Andy: Say what you will about her, but she really made me laugh..

Talk continues about Candice, in this brief respite from Andy pushing McCrae to throw his game away.

Andy: Are you gonna go talk to to Ginamarie?
McCrae: I don't know what to say though.
Andy: I really want to come out and hear it, but I wont.  Do we want her to know how close the 3 of us are?  That we would instantly vote to keep you?  She's the least stress.  You can trust the 2 of us.
Spencer: You can talk to her in the morning.
Andy: I would say talk to her tonight, for sure.
McCrae: I can say, well, Judd, I know where he's at.  He didn't put up me and Amanda.. You did.. And I know you weren't coming after me, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't in the future. And if she sweetened the pot.. I wanna straight up tell her, there's no way I'd use the veto on you.  That's a bold move.  I commend your attempt, but I can't risk my safety.
Spencer: So you're basically thinking, you're not gonna use the veto on her, but you wanna know what she'll do after Judd's up and the noms are set.
McCrae: I don't wanna go down as the dumbest player in history.. I've already got a terrible reputation, for being puppy dog to Amanda. I trust you guys completely.. But if I did this, it would be like, oh, this is the perfect time to get rid of McCrae.  I'm a comp threat.  I try to put myself outside of myself, as if I wasn't myself.. There's a part of me that sees the hilarious stupid motherf'er factor.
Andy: I wouldn't do that to you.  But it's completely understandable.  Part of me's like, Ohmygah.. That means that guaranteed, you or I will get HoH.. Boom, it's a done deal, but.. it's a lot to ask.

Andy: Oh Ginamarie.. Makin waves..

McCrae: Man!
Andy: Essentially it's not..
McCrae: I know, but it's a really smart game move from her perspective.  Just seems like, woah, she is here to play.
Andy: A part of me says yes, but then, is she?  I feel like in her head, she could be like, I'm not doin' nothin' if he doesn't use the veto on me.
McCrae: Dude, I've learned, never underestimate her.

Spencer: She's been at the same dance studio 23 years.  She wont dance a step outside of that studio.  That's how she's played this game.

Andy: For Judd's mental stability, maybe it's better to squash this right now.. He would go crazy.
McCrae: I'm just gonna tell her that, I'm not gonna use it on her, but..
Spencer: Why don't you say this.. I'm not gonna use it on you, but once noms are set tomorrow, there's still room for us to make a deal.  It's not Thursday yet. There's a lot of days to work out something.
McCrae: I need to make her afraid a little.
Spencer: You'll be talkin' to her and she'll pass out from all the medicine.  She refuses to take pain meds.
McCrae: Dude, she's more machismo than all of us.
Spencer: I totally agree.
McCrae: She's more of a man than I am, 100%.

Andy: I'm trying to think of either route.. Like you can go out there and scare her, or you can go out there and see how sincere she seems.  I really think she has this thing that she cannot be portrayed as a liar.  Like, you could instill in her, if you went back on this, you would be worse than Candice.  Like, that would cut to her core, you know?
McCrae: yeah.

Andy: I wonder if Judd's just laying in bed, pissed.
Spencer: I'm sure he is.
Andy: Part of me feels bad, but dude, you quit the veto.
Spencer: You wont cry this time.  He's a different Judd.
McCrae: This time it doesn't matter.  I'd rather GM walk because she annoys the shit out of me, but it doesn't matter to me at all.. It's ATTWX..
Andy: What's that?
McCrae: And then there were X..  There's a person in the BB community called ATTWX.. Shoutout to attwx, dogdave, hamsterwatch, dingo
**echo.. echo.. sigh. 1 of you seriously has to get on the show next season.  I have shout-out envy.

McCrae: I'm gonna go for a cig, i guess..
Andy: Have fun.  I think the Godfather's out there.

Spencer: When you walked out, he was like, what's Andy trying to make a power move?  I squashed that quick.  Here's the thing, I trust him more than I trust Judd.
Andy: Me too.  I'm just scared GM's gonna f*ck something up.
Spencer: I almost want you to go chaperone.
Andy: I don't want her to f this up and have him be like, what the f's going on with Andy and GM

Cam 3 and 4
McCrae: Andy told me about the deal..
GM: hehehehe! You know I don't like to throw shit, but if it gets me another week..
McCrae: i think it's a reallyt smart deal for you to come up with.. and it's not that I don't trust you, but I don't want to be the stupidest player in Big Brother history.
GM: It's hard for me to trust people.. I always feel like I'm by myself.
McCrae: That's how I feel now too.
GM: We get to the final 4.. You won it fair and square.. you gotta do what's best for you.  You got pluses and minuses on both sides.  We only got til tomorrow morning. You know.. If there's anything I could give you or do anything..
McCrae: I trust you.. When you give your word, you're solid.  What I don't trust is those 2.. Even if you vote, they can still.. Cuz Spencer breaks the tie..
GM: You have 2 things from me.. You have my promise for HoH, and you have me as a vote.  I like Andy, Spencer.  You're f'ing awesome.  Judd?  His attitude sometimes?  I don't believe him.

GM brings it all back to Nick, and how angry she was with Judd for lying to her..

GM: He quit twice.  I'm like bleeding to death. I have a broken f'in toe.. and he quits?! Since he got a second chance, if he happened to leave, it's kind of like he never existed anyway.. I already felt the heartbreak. It's not like it didn't happen before.  I would actually vote him out.  You'd have my word for my vote.  I think you could trust Andy. If I don't make deals, I don't shake your hand.
McCrae: I can trust you.  I totally can trust you.  It's just like, the scary thing is, I know me and ANdy are good competitors, and I think he'd be worried about me even going further, and I think that's why I got put up.  He could be like, let's get mCCrae out now.  It's the perfect opportunity.  And they might not even tell you.  Andy will do whatever it takes to win, and this leaves me so weak and vulnerable.  That's the scary part.
GM: You know what I'm offering.. Your choice is yours.. Whatever you do, I will respect it, I will honor it, and I respect you as a person and a gameplayer.
McCrae: I think I'm pretty much gonna use it (on myself).  I'll tell you now.

GM: This is now, and then there's next week.  It's like, I got HoH and Aaryn got it and I was good.  Things..
McCrae: Change so fast in the house.
GM: If you happen to use it on yourself.. and I'm guessing Judd goes up.. If you happen to use it and get off the block, I don't know for your game moves if it's better for me to stay or Judd.. If I happen to win and you vote for me, with me and Judd up there, I would keep you safe.
McCrae: It would have to be a veto deal.. Use it on me and I'd make the decision.  HoH is safety..
GM: Veto decides who's packin' it.

GM: I'll be honest with you, I was makin' a timeline bracelet.. They called me out.
McCrae: They called me out for makin' a calendar too.

GM: I'm like a wounded bird right now..
McCrae: What you have going for you is your word is good to me.  Judd's isn't.

Timecheck-- 1:59am Stretch!

Cam 1
Spencer: I'm a nasty bastard.  I'm Al Bundy in this motherf'er.  If he comes up here and is like, I'm gonna do it!
Andy: I'll be like, are you sure?
Spencer: GM.. She's amazing to me in certain ways.  I know you'd keep me over her. She could turn it on in Final HoH.  I trust you more than any motherf'er..
Andy: As I was coming in, I could here the announcer, and I was like, YESS!! Cuz I wanted you to win so bad.

Cam 3

GM: We've already seen how his word goes.  I like to keep my word.  Once you do something to betray somebody.. I don't feel bad about him goin' out.  He was out for 2 weeks. That'll cleanse your soul.  DO what you gotta do.
McCrae: That's a good move though.  Your pitch is so smart.  I honestly have to respect that as a game player.
GM: You almost have to take risks to proceed in other things.. SO it's like I'm riskin' this, but I get this..  My dude, you do what you wanna do.  And after the 4, we'll all hustle hard.  Good talk, dude.  Gimme a hug.

Cam 1
Spencer: Dude, you're gonna win this. You deserve it.
Andy: Thank you.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Andy: There's GM. Where's McCrae?

Cam 1
Andy: How'd it go?
GM: It went awesome.  He's actually considering it.  he's comin up.
Andy: Sit down!

McCrae comes into the HoH..

McCrae: Oh shit.. I washed my colors with the white towel, and now that towel's pink.  Dude, I thought we were in a post racial world.  I didn't think I had to separate.


Spencer: Let's give the producers something to work with.. If he buys this, this'll be the biggest game move of the season!
Andy: A part of me, like if he uses it, I just wanna be like, You just got exterminated.
Spencer: Veto Meeting's adjourned.

GM: We had a great talk. But... we didn't agree to anything.  That's why we didn't shake. I'm like, I'm pitchin' it to you, it's your decision..
Andy: Did you say why you're not cool with.. Like, if you stay on the block.. You giving him your makeup.
GM: He didn't even bring up the makeup.
Spencer: That's good.  He's still juggling the idea.

GM: I like Judd.  I know this sucks.
Spencer: It doesn't suck.  I'd rather have you than him.  I would feel like the biggest asshole sending you home and keeping someone who left.  You both did your parts.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.
Andy: You should just go to bed.
Spencer: Good work, GM.  If Judd asks you.. Did you mention me and Andy at all?
GM: No.
Spencer: Good.. Don't, because he'll try to scumbag us all. He can't rat you out, but he can rat Andy and I out.
GM: I told him, you can believe me.  Judd, not so much.
Spencer: Ok.. We'll just see what happens tomorrow.
GM: Goodnight, and Veto meeting in 90 minutes at 8:00 tomorrow morning..

Andy: I feel so much better about that..
Spencer: I just don't trust Judd.
Andy: Me neither.  If it came down to one of us versus McCrae, she'd vote out McCrae.
Spencer: And she'd do it with vigor.

Both agree, Judd's got to Go

Cam 3
GM fills Judd in, and tells him McCrae's thinking about it, and he was called to DR..

Judd: So Spencer and Andy are not on board?
GM: They will be.. They wanna keep the Exterminators together.  They want him out as much as we do..

After a tiny bit of chatter, GM shuts the light out and they both go to bed..

Cam 3 and 4

Spencer and Andy are running final 2 scenarios..

Spencer: Your social game and your strategic game has been awesome.  Like I'm jealous of the game you've played.  You could bust into any room..
Andy: GM thinks I was alone the whole game, but even week 2, I was a covert ass double agent..

Spencer: Ohmigah, dude, I wanna get to final 2.  If you win HoH next week, it's the best case scenario for me, I think.. GM and McCrae will take me.  McCrae will take you over me at final 2 though.
Andy: I don't think so.
Spencer: Ya'll have been tight a long time. The new, independent McCrae is a lot more trustworthy than McCrae with Amanda.  I figured it out once Howard left.. Amanda has got to trust me, or I'm toast.
Andy: I just kept hammering in the fact with Amanda, if it wasn't for me, you'd be gone.

Spencer: Final 2, dude.
Andy: Same. We don't even have to mention it again.
Spencer: If you hadn't tried to link up with me, what was your backup plan?
Andy:  Week 8?  I would have stuck with Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn.
Spencer: And what drew you to me?
Andy: You always made the right decisions.. I knew I wanted to make the move to you and GM..
Spencer: When did 3AM happen?
Andy: That was all Amanda.  I was already with them, and she was like, "I got Aaryn!" I knew I could either stay with them, or I could move ahead with people that people didn't think I'd align with.  I'd always say just enough to keep you safe, without making it obvious we were working together.. Like, oh, we can get him next time..

Spencer: My opinion.. The Zingbot really drove somethin' home to you.
Andy: Oh yeah.  The Zing cut through me like a blade of steal.  I knew I was in with everything, but at the same time, why would I f*ckwith a formula that's working, when there's a large group of people, and I've got Amanda and Helen are vocal.. The thing about the early part of the game is staying low key.  I feel like I was the glue that was keeping it together for a long time.  It hurt my pride a little bit.  I was like, I want to be getting the credit.  The moment Judd came back, I was like, this is it. It's my time.  I need to flip right now.

2:41am This is ongoing on Cam 3 and 4


McCrae: I just hope that my HoH during that double showed.. I know I have an ally in you.
Spencer: You did. You're really kinda easy toforgive.  This motherf'er over here?  He put me on the block.  Judd's had a second chance, and GM is GM.
Andy: It's so weird.  I trust you both so much.. But if Spencer's talking to Judd, I'm like, ohmyGod, I'm going up tomorrow.
McCrae: That's why it was great when he was gone.  That paranoia was gone.
Spencer: Dude, if you and Amanda had pulled Howard to the cockpit once a week and said, you're cool, he woulda been like a loyal servant.
Andy: Helen would've had my back to the end, but when she put a target on my back, Goodbye.
McCrae: Same with me and Amanda..
Spencer: If you hadn't won the veto, my heart woulda been broken for you.  Now you get to play as McCrae.. There's a little bit of interesting freedom now that you have.
McCrae: Yeah, I like to play the game this way.

Andy: How'd it go with GM..
McCrae: I was like, this is a very good game plan, but there's no way I'd ever do that.  I'd feel like a Marcellas.
**there it is.  Been waiting for that reference.

Spencer: The only safety is come Thursday, sittin on one of the couches.
Andy: And that's where we'll be.

Andy: Our mission this week, which I feel like we're leaning toward getting Judd out.. I think it's best to keep him in the dark.
McCrae: Plus him not having cigarettes.. It's gonna make it worse.  He's gonna be..
Spencer: How many packs do you have left?
McCrae: 5
Spencer: GIve him a pack.
McCrae: Fuck that.  You guys want me to use veto on GM and give him cigarettes?
Andy: We would've tried to talk you out of it.
Spencer: I thought the deal was enticing because I can't play for HoH.
Andy: I also thought the deal was enticing because I don't have a veto.
McCrae: Wouldn't it be an awesome move..

McCrae: Pretty much the only sure thing is having that sucker.. Only sure thing.
Spencer: I think I'm gonna get Pandora's Box.
McCrae: I think so too.
Spencer: And I think, I'm gonna get f*cked, and you're gonna get.. Or what if I get a conjugal visit from Marilyn and y'all get an hour of Elissercise..

Timecheck -- 3am -- go to bed, boys!

Spencer, Andy and McCrae rehash many moments and decisions from early on in the season.. As I already transcribed them all the first time, doing so now would be redundant.

Chatter upstairs continues on 1 and 2.  Spencer spies Judd on the screen.. Judd comes up to HoH.

Judd: Can't sleep.

Spencer: Jeremy Dillon McGuire, you're a f'in idiot.
Judd: See you soon, Jeremy.

THey all agree they liked him, but they couldn't play with him.  Same for Nick.

Judd: I think Nick really didn't know how to play.  He outsmarted himself. If he would've just chilled out and talked to people.
Spencer: When he told me he was a professional roller-blader and he didn't want anyone to know?  I was like, no one's gonna give a f*ck about th

McCrae: Helen was like, "We're partners in crime!'
Spencer: And we were like, Shut the F*ck up.
McCrae: Exactly.

Andy: Nick was like, I'm not coming after you.. And I'm like, But you're coming after people I'm workin with.
McCrae: He knew about the sides.
Judd: He just made himself the head of the snake.
Spencer: I think we could've at least got to jury..
McCrae: Probably me, you and Nick..
Spencer: Or you, me and Howard.  Howard' been coached his whole life.. he was a football player.. I tried to coach him in here, but he wouldn't do it.  I was like, you just gotta play ball, bro, You've gotta do something that makes you approachable. And then he admitted he was throwing challenges..
Judd: He didn't throw that damn Have Not challenge though.. He just sucked at that.
McCrae: He seemed like such a threat.. but it turns out he wasn't.  He'd be much better at Road Rules or Real World..
Judd: He still would've had to have some kind of personality.  Him, Carol and Jenn City went to the school of mystery.  It's a mystery to me how they made it in.

Timecheck -- 3:32am


Spencer: You know what's funny?  If Helen had not been so bloodthirsty for Amanda?  The 6 of you could've kept on walking.
McCrae: Yeah.

Chatter continues.. Game for tonight, I believe is done.. and so, my friends, is the overnight report.

CBS Interactive Inc.



Blogger Shamrock said...

Morning Caro ....

McCrae .... Don't even think about it !!!

September 9, 2013 at 3:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The only thing that surprised me last night was McCrae's DR, when he said he knew Andy betrayed them.
But then he went the "the house wants" crap. The only ones with a pair in the house are all women.

September 9, 2013 at 3:45 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

G'morning, Shamrock :)

September 9, 2013 at 3:47 AM  
Blogger Wolfe13 said...

I was relieved last night to learn that McCrae seemed to know he was odd man out and has to keep on his toes.
Regarding taking GM down...like Shamrock said 'Don't even think about it!'

September 9, 2013 at 3:52 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Sorry I wasn''t here last night. I figured since we were running almost an hour behind I would just DVR and watch later. If it was a live show I would have used one of the links.

So anyways, I watched the show and was happy to see McCrae's DR's . I will be glad when Andy watches the show and realizes he is losing his flair for lying. I haven't started reading TOR yet but I heard Andy was trying to talk McCrae into not using the POV on himself. If this is true then I think Andy has gone off the deep end. He is overplaying. I hope it catches up with him.

I will not be at all sad to see Judd walk out the door. I guess it would have been better if he had never come back. Now, not only will he lose the game, but he has lost a lot of support from the viewers and any chance at america's favorite. I would really like to see Andy follow him out the door. Andy is afraid to face a house full of women who hate him. He had no problem sending Amanda to that same group of women. He needs to man up. And if he thinks they hate him now, they will hate him a lot more after they watch the show.

September 9, 2013 at 4:07 AM  
Blogger NikkiP44 said...

Thanks for the info Carolyn. Does observing Yom Kippur mean that after Friday afternoon you won't be reporting until the overnight report?

Good morning!

September 9, 2013 at 4:21 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

It is so nice to see that mccrae is not an idiot Nd he must know that Andy and spencer have a final 2 deal, giving Andy wealth was so telling

I can't wait to see mccrae's DR from last night

Spencer I must admit is a good player, Andy is so obvious and Spencer must see it could lead to his own demise, if mccrae wins HoH those two are going up and hopefully We will see Amanda happily greet Andy in the jury house

September 9, 2013 at 4:32 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Writing while I'm reading.

Spencer said McCrae won 2 POV's. Actually, he won 3.

GM thought McCrae might use the POV on her because he considered using it on Amanda. There is a major difference. He actually cared about Amanda. GM is crazy if she thinks she is equal to Amanda in McCrae's mind. I didn't think he ever really considered using it on Amanda anyways.

September 9, 2013 at 4:42 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!!
Good morning BBDish Friends!!

Happy Monday!! (What an oxymoron that is.) ;-)

I enjoyed the show last night and the viewing party Caro. ShiShi, I hope you helped yourself to all the long island iced teas you could handle. (I was multi-tasking and missed your comment until this morning.)

So, I'm off to TOR. I'll check in with you all later.

Have a great day!!

September 9, 2013 at 4:46 AM  
Blogger Joni said...

Good morning! Don't do it McRae!!!! Save yourself!!! Don't throw your game away!!!! McRae can so win this. If its McRae and Andy in F2 McRae would take it over him!!

September 9, 2013 at 5:14 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

TOR was great as usual Carolyn. I've always known McCrae is smart and it's good to see it come out now that he's been separated from his Siamese twin. I just wish it had happened earlier in the game because I really can't root for him. Not against Judd. And why are they so against Judd??? What did I miss? Is the boys alliance a ruse too? Why are they more willing to keep GM? If Judd gave up or is as shady as they're saying, why don't they think they can beat him in the end? Oh well, I'll go down with the Titanic and continue to pull for Judd until Thursday. If the Exterminators lose a member, I'd really much rather they get rid of GM. Realistically, I think GM would win over the guys except for Andy. Especially if this jury votes personal instead of game the way I suspect they will.

September 9, 2013 at 5:46 AM  
Blogger J.Co said...

Good morning!

It's gotten to where I can't even stand to look at Andy. He gives himself way too much credit.

I hope McRae wins. It would be the only saving grace for this season.

September 9, 2013 at 6:39 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I really really hope that McCrae is not stupid enough to fall for that. I also hope that by Andy suggesting it, it makes McCrae see what a snake he is.

September 9, 2013 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Sometimes when people constantly try to push their own agenda and prove how much smarter they are than other people, they just end up looking really stupid.

Not that I'm mentioning any names........Andy.

September 9, 2013 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I havent seen the sunday show yet. 60 minutes messed up my recording. I want to see what Mccrae knows in DR. He know the game better than the others, its hard to figure out his plan going forward

September 9, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning Carolyn.
If McCrae uses the POV on GM he will definitely go down as one of (if not THE) dumbest BB player ever. I still do not understand why anyone would want to take Andy to F2. I guess it would be giving them too much credit to think between the four of them they could come-up with a plan to get Andy out since he is really the only one who has played the game since day 1 and will most likely win in F2. I was hoping McCrae would be a better player once Amanda left but now it is becoming clear, she was the one that kept them safe. He has no idea what he is doing...

September 9, 2013 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning Carolyn

I just read where Andy would like "the credit". How's this for credit Andy. You have officially earned the credit as the best liar, the best floater and the best back stabber

September 9, 2013 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger jay-dubya said...

If McCrae is that stupid, he deserves to be sent out. Amanda will kill him when she finds out. Andy is a Dan-level snake!! I love this show!!

September 9, 2013 at 7:32 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Lovely and all my other BB Buddies.

I haven't read TOR yet just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'll be back later.

September 9, 2013 at 7:32 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

September 9, 2013 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

First time for me posting. I found this site because I missed the end of an eviction so googled to see if I could find a blog. Great blog! I love it and will hit the tip jar here rather than subscribe to live feeds, much easier to read Caroline’s recaps and comments this late in the season.
Hmmm, let me see. If McRae uses the veto on GM, they would put Judd up and vote Judd out. Conversely, if he uses the POV on himself, they will put Judd up and vote him out. Same end result, purportedly. Who in their right mind would think someone would believe this logic?
I am so sick of seeing Andy running around the house trying to prevent any of the HG’s to strategize. His whiny voice when he strategizes himself is obnoxious. When is someone going to realize he is the slimiest ever? If they all think he’s liked by everyone, why would they want to be in F2 with him? I cannot believe how gullible these people are.
The DE was a D U Double D Dudd! I was rooting for Elissa toward the end because she appeared to be calm and thinking things through rather than reacting first as some of the other HGs tend to do. I loved to watch her smile and ignore Amanda’s comments during her ridiculous rampage. However, I was disappointed to see her childish jabs instead of talking strategy about why Amanda should go. Honestly, it was like she was in first grade trying to turn everyone against Amanda all week. She made a good move switching, knowing the others were gunning for her for sure.
Granted, I was not fond of any of the remaining HGs and it is so sad to see how childish people can be in their criticisms of other people and their vulgar topics as though they have nothing near an intelligent conversation to contribute to the house. Apparently the game brings out the absolute worst in people, especially if they are carrying on this way just to “fit in”?
It was so disappointing to see that Elissa didn’t expose Andy during her OTB speech so that McCrae may have had some inkling that Andy is the one who didn’t vote to save Amanda. How could she have possibly been so blind to his “oh my, what happened” look?? BTW, his innocent look seems to convince others as well. I would like to just smack the look off his face every time. After visiting with Julie, I can see that Elissa thought McCrae turned on Amanda. What Elissa? That was a fatal mistake not to have forced herself into a confrontation with Andy before the DE when time was so short and laid a foundation for McCrae to have some doubts. She tried begging people not to vote her out but she should have raised her voice and scream at Andy. It does appear that McCrae may still believe it is Andy who lied? GM doesn’t help with her fake ring story.
If there is some coherent thought in Spencer’s head that makes him realize Andy is the snake, maybe he would consider blindsiding him. I had been hoping that he might being playing it cool and then switch to Andy at the last minute just to keep Andy in the dark. No way do I believe that anymore because he would have to confer with Judd and McRae to see if they would follow through and vote out Andy. Wake up folks!
My hope is that the rest of them will continue to believe that Andy is so well liked by the jury that they will all wise up and get him out before F2. Right now I am rooting for McCrae who appears to be thinking but keeping his thoughts to himself.

September 9, 2013 at 7:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So, I'm heading for vacation in Cuba tomorrow morning, hubby's 60th birthday. Will have no Internet or wifi :( so I'm gonna miss all the end of season fun. Carolyn, is it all over this week or is it next week?

September 9, 2013 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Andy has such an issue with being called a floater or being compared to Shelley. It kills him that people think Amanda and Helen ran the house. He said, "I want to be getting the credit."

He said Amanda and Helen pushed for Judd to be evicted and Elissa was in on it. Amanda wanted Howard and Candice out. Elissa lied and voted Amanda out. If Judd goes home this week it will be McCrae's fault. If GM doesn't make final 3 that will be McCrae or Spencer's fault. Even Jessie being voted out wasn't Andy's fault-from Jessie's reaction, apparently it was Amanda's.

Andy has based his game on lying, backstabbing and keeping his hands clean but he still wants credit for every strategic move and every eviction. He just does not understand that you can not take the credit unless you also take the blame.

Andy did not seem to be an Ian fan. I said that I don't consider Ian a rat in the same sense as Andy. Ian did betray Boogie's trust although he didn't lie. Ian was never in an alliance with Boogie and Frank, they just assumed he was because they thought he didn't have anywhere else to go. After Boogie was evicted, Ian did take the credit AND the blame. He also apologized for the betrayal but not for the game move.

This is something Andy has never done. The first time he was truthful was in Amanda's good bye message. Even then, it wasn't a message of being regretful but having to make the right move for his game. He seemed to take the most glee in the fact that he had so thoroughly blind sided her and screwed her over.

I just want to know how he plans to argue his case in jury. To get credit with no blame is he going to say, "I did EVERYthing. But NONE of it was my fault. They all MADE me do it."

September 9, 2013 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

I'm actually nauseated! I cannot believe McCray would fall for that. He can't be that stupid. He was talking before Amanda left about Marcellus using the veto on someone else and how stupid that was. He didn't even use the veto on Amanda! Why in the heck would he use it on GM! If he does this he deserves to go home!

September 9, 2013 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Happy Monday, BB Lovelies!

G'morning, Jerry! :)

Good morning, Wolfe13! :) Me too!

Good morning, Grendon! :) I should have moade it more clear - This was not GM"s idea at all. Spencer came up with it, Andy was the mouthpiece and GM played her role, dutifully, once coached.

Good morning, NikkiP! :) Yom Kippur startsFriday at sundown and continues through Saturday early evening.

Thankfully, Part 2 of the Final 3 HoH should'nt be played til Saturday night, so we should be all good around here.

Good morning, LScott! I thought so too.

Good morning, Lucky13! :) Happy Monday to you! ;)Thank yuo very much!

Good morning, Joni! :) I'm awful at guessing votes. Who do you think McCrae would have ovr Andy?

Good morning, JCo! :) That would be a nice twist.

Good morning, Katie! :) I'm reallllly hoping they show us McCrae's DR in reaction to it.

Good morning, Jumbo :) Bummer!

Good morning, PJRack! :) I concur.

Good morning, SusanBaker! :) I know you mean that as an insult, but Some would say that means he desreves the $$ ;) hehe

Good morning, JayDubya! :) Ahh, but he's not.

Good morning, ShiSHi! :)

Good morning, Katie! :) He's not. Like I said, they lacked the surgical tools for the full frontal lobotomy.

Good morning, Nancy Walker! :) Welcome, Welcome to BBDish! Thank you very much! I'm so glad you found us!

September 9, 2013 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Happy Monday, BB Lovelies!

Good morning, EmmaJane! :) Happy Birthday to Hubby! It's over on the 18th. This Thursday will be part 1 of the Final 3 HoH _ Endurance. :))

ShiShi :) He's not.. At least I think he's not.. It sure seems like he's not..

September 9, 2013 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yay, we get back on the 17th so i'll have time to get caught up and see the last show live. Yipee

September 9, 2013 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Emma-Jane - Awesome!! :0)

September 9, 2013 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Looking at McCrae's game, I am starting to think that being hooked to Amanda may have been a blessing and a curse. I know that a lot of people are going to say he wasn't really playing for most the game, but what would have happened if he had been? He is showing himself to be smart, intuitive and good in comps. He has a decent social game. Compared to most of the other HGs he has treated people decent and has not been overly vulgar and offensive. He started week 1 with all the power-HOH and POV. Had he continued on like that, he would have been targeted immediately. Look how many times they tried to get rid of Frank last year.

As for Judd's game-before the first eviction he had a great social game and a ton of charm. His strategy was flawed. He wasn't killing it in comps. Since he came back his social skills have disappeared, he has zero charm, his strategy is to make deals to evict other people but he isn't bringing anything to the table besides a vote. Not only is he not doing well in comps, he gives up, quits and then throws a tantrum. So just why does he think he does deserve F2? He thought Amanda was awful and that she just expected other people to pack their bags and give her the game, but now he seems to expect the same thing. He feels like someone owes it to him to take him to the end even though he isn't really offering anything in return.

September 9, 2013 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Think of it this way: If McCrae uses the veto on GM, at least he won't have to move to Florida!

Imagine Amanda's reaction in the jury house. Priceless.

September 9, 2013 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn and BB Buddies!

What great OR!

Andy has already given his acceptance speech for winning BB15!

S: "Dude your gonna win this, You deserve it!"
A:"Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Well Carolyn guess you can close the bog, we can all stop watching it's official Andy is our BB 15 WINNER!

That had to be my highlight of TOR!

As far as the Marcellas POV plan with McCrae and GM... hours wasted on utter game nonsense!
He is not an Idiot! He will use POV on himself and Judd will go up and so far he will go home!
But what I did find interesting was how Spencer is positioning himself for the sweet spot in between the remaining HSG.
He is telling them he would be 2nd in F2 to any of them( not a threat)
That Andy would win over anybody in F2, laying the foundation for next week that if M or GM get HOH they most likely target Andy.
Spencer has a F2 w/ both Andy and GM.
keeping her is smart for his game cause she is solid with him and so is Andy . Neither will target Spencer. They will go after McCrae.

And that's what I call the BB sweet spot!

September 9, 2013 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Welcome, Nancy. This is a great place & Carolyn is amazing.

McCrae isn't blind...I think he will use the pov on himself.

September 9, 2013 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


You were clear. I understood that it was Andy's idea initially. Who else would think they were smart enough to talk someone into BB suicide? I am just glad that McCrae is not the idiot Andy thinks he is.

September 9, 2013 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Lucky13..yes I did. I was a greedy pig and had several. I'm still a little tipsy! lol

September 9, 2013 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger jay-dubya said...

Carolyn!! I do not want to leave the wrong impression. Dan is one of my most favorite house guests ever! I root for him during both of his seasons. I think Andy's lies are so enormous and slimy that, although his scheming should earn him the votes, the bitterness of his betrayals will cost him his game, like Dan. Of course no one will ever match Dan's ability to dodge a bullet. His own funeral?? Brilliant!!

Anyway, I want to see Andy exposed and evicted!!

September 9, 2013 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Oops-I guess I didn't understand. I knew it wasn't GM's idea. I did not realize it was Spencer's. As long as McCrae is laughing at them all when he goes to DR I will be happy.

September 9, 2013 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Happy Monday, BB Lovelies!

Grendon :)

Good morning, JayDubya :)

Good morning, Chele :)

Good morning, Yasmin :) Thank you!

Good morning, Adam! :)

Everyone -- New TOp Post!


September 9, 2013 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Thank you my morning laugh!

September 9, 2013 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger Sonya_Dallas said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow dishers/trollers :) I don't usually post, but I love reading this site. You do such an amazing job and we should all be thankful to have a 'safe place' that eliminates a lot of the vile commentary going on that has zero to do with game play. I know I am! I do feel for you Carolyn ~ you and your bleeding ears having to hear it all.

In reading some of the OTR, if seems like Spencer's wheels are turning regarding Andy. He makes comments that surely suggest he's trying to point out the danger in keeping Andy. There are times when I wonder if he's just hesitant to suggest Andy as a replacement before someone else does. Would that not be the most awesome blindside though? Throw Andy up there without a word to anyone?

Surely it's not 'too early' to get the rat out. I wouldn't be resting on my laurels with this opportunity. I know both McCrae and Judd would vote out Andy and secure GM's allegiance. Perhaps that is what Spencer fears? I may be seeing things I want to see, wishful thinking for the demise of Andy.

September 9, 2013 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Sonya :) Thank you very, very much!! I'm so glad you decided to post today!

September 9, 2013 at 9:55 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Nancy W, you will find the comment moderation here a world of difference from other sites. And Carolyn posts the live stam links.
Nancy T.

September 9, 2013 at 9:58 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! and fellow dishers!!

Wow, interesting f5 we have here, and watching them all scramble for those last 2 spots is becoming interesting!

I have to expand on what Susan Baker said a little earlier

"I just read where Andy would like "the credit". How's this for credit Andy. You have officially earned the credit as the best liar, the best floater and the best back stabber"

My opinion is that's what gets you to the end in BB...look at a lot the previous winners....Dan, Adam (BB9), Ian...to name a few, all floated when they had to, lied when they had to, and backstabbed when they had to in order to make it to the end...

I guess I se it as good gameplay, even though I'm ot really and Andy fan...if anythng I'd rather see GM and Spencer F2 at this point, or Spencer and Mccrea...

September 9, 2013 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Let's not forget to give "Professor" Andy the credit for the most idiotic game move suggestion! Mc take GM off the block so we can get rid of JU DD. She will not try and win the next HOH and neither will I. Now, please tell me why anyone would give up the chance at a guaranteed spot in the F3?? Hopefully Mc knows now that he is Andy's #1 target. Now, where did "Professor" Andy go to college again?

September 9, 2013 at 11:37 AM  

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