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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sunday to you!

Not so Happy Sunday to The Exterminators.  Even less so for Judd, who is quite rightfully paranoid.  At the moment, it looks like he'll be the casualty.

The Exterminators plans for end game domination were dashed Saturday afternoon when McCrae won the PoV Comp.  One of them will be leaving the house to go to jury on Tuesday night, in a special (not live) eviction show to air Wednesday. The remaining Final 4 HGs will play for HoH that same night, and the winner will be revealed on that same (not live) Wednesday Show.  Then on the live show Thursday night, 1 final HG will be evicted, and we'll go straight into the 1st part of the 3 part Final HoH Comp: Endurance.  Yay! :0)

Naturally, the feeds will almost assuredly be down between the taping of the show on Tuesday and the time it airs Wednesday night. Whether they'll cut back on after the east coast broadcast or the west coast remains to be seen.

Anyhow.. The reason I'm bringing this all up again now is because this week, since the feeds will be down Tuesday night into Wednesday night, there will be no Sanity Sunday.

I'm here for the Overnight Report, and I'll be back with an afternoon update later on.  I'd say a morning report too, but we all know they never wake up before noon on Sunday anyway. ;0)

Ladies, eyes up and right.. 3 day sale.. 70% off on bras.. yippeeeee!!!! no more pokies!  I got this in the mail on Friday and had to wait an excruciating full 48 hours to share it with you, because the sale doesn't start til today, September 8th.

OK.. enough of my yapping!  Let's get this Overnight Show on the road!  If you missed out on all the festivities yesterday, here are the posts to get you up to speed:   PoV Spoiler & AftermathSaturday Morning before the PoVThe Overnight Report

As we rejoin our HGs, McCrae is trying to craft the perfect paper airplane...
..that will sail from the HoH landing throughout the house.  This one wasn't it.  He goes back into the HoH Room to craft another attempt. And another, and another..

Ginamarie is folding origami.  Judd is painting a duck.

Judd: Feel like they're gonna mumblemumble tonight?
McCrae: The person that I talked to said there might be something else going on tonight.
Spencer: I hope there's something.. I'm up for anything..
McCrae; Even like a punishment wheel..
Spencer: What if we go out there and Dr Will gave us all Botox?

Andy: No alcohol tonight.  Sorry everyone.
Spencer: Andy, that's alright.  We need to tell you.  We made you a doctor's appointment with Dr Giggles about your vagina.
Andy: They said, from now on.. (*fishies)
Spencer: They gonna open the backyard?
Andy: I didn't ask. Uh.. nobody told me to ask about that.

Spencer: When  I was a kid, I used to see a psychologist, and we used to fold origami and talk.  What brand is this?
Andy: Alouette?
Spencer: If I feel like I'm possibly gonna be judged, I'll throw it away.  Isn't it weird how we all come from different walks of life, but we all..
Ginamarie: Look at Judd's duck!

Spencer: Do you consider yourself a city girl?
GM: No.
Spencer: I'm the farthest thing from a country boy.
Judd: Me and McCrae are more that.. Small towns.
Spencer: If they were to line us up, people would think me.  I love the name of these chips.. Garden of Eatin.  Did you just touch my ass?
Andy: No!
Spencer: I know it's been 80 days..

Judd: I feel like Tommy's dad on Rugrats.
Spencer: Phil and Lil were aborted?  And she didn't know what it was, so she named it twins?

Talk turns to music..

Andy: Remind me right now what is on Pet Sounds..
Spencer: Surfer Girl?
Andy: Isn't Don't Worry Baby on there?
McCrae: God Only Knows?
Spencer: What movie is God Only Knows on that's popular?
Andy: Love Actually..

Ginamarie: Do you think if we come back to host, people will be excited to see us?
Spencer: It's weird.. When we leave here, there's gonna be millions of people who know us.
McCrae: I wonder how many twitter followers..
Spencer: I asked a friend to make a facebook page for me, and my goal is 2000 people when I get out of here.
Andy: Amanda said she did too, and she's like, what if there are only 6 people?

McCrae: I'm goin' outside.
GM: Are you goin' down, Andy?
Andy: I can help you.
GM: Thank you.

Andy, GM and McCrae leave HoH..

Spencer: Is that pain dry?
Judd: It's goin' fast.
Spencer: It really looks cool with the black.
Judd: Thank you.  My God, I'm ready for it to be Thursday..
Spencer: Me too.  You don't wanna go out for a smoke?
Judd: I only have 2 left.

Judd: So you think they're both gonna keep me?
Spencer; That's what they keep tellin' me.  I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I'm gonna take a peach downstairs and go eat.  Why don't you come down?
Judd: Yeah, I'm going to..
Spencer: ♫Movin to the country (gonna eat a lot of peaches)

Cam 3 and 4
GM's on the Hammock.  The guys are by the couch and pool.

Spencer: You wanna do some night swimmin '?
McCrae: I was thinking about it.
GM: I would, but I can't.

Spencer: Did ya'll tell Andy how many laps around the pool is a mile?
GM: 440!
Spencer: They told us that while you were in the DR.
Andy: It turns out they're low on footage.. Tension's high between Spencer and Andy.
Spencer: What if they use me sayin, "I'm gonna make you my bitch" then you sayin "I'm a pretty little princess." Then they're like, Andy fears for his life in the house..
**fishies at 12:35a

They're all back inside.

Spencer: Hey, do you know how to double juggle?

They give it a shot.  Pretty hopeless..

Spencer: I'm not tryin' to sound like a pervert, but.. if I was a home spectator, I'd be pissed.. I'd be like, of course the gay dude sent home the hottest girl in the house!
GM: Excuse me?
Spencer: Except Ginamarie.  I hope they did a whole f'in segment on her ass.
McCrae: They made me talk about it in DR.

Spencer asks McCrae to teach him how to juggle..

Spencer: You became the oldest girl in the house..
Judd: McCrae's always been the youngest.
Spencer: No, Jeremy.

McCrae: My dad can juggle on a unicycle.  It's f'in ridiculous. That's his claim to fame, apart from bein' 3rd grade checker champion.
Spencer: 3rd grade?  He probably never moved the back row.
McCrae: One of my goals is to be able to juggle on a unicycle..

Spencer: ♫BB 15, bitches. BB 15.
McCrae: I don't know what I'm gonna paint on mine. You gonna paint yours?
GM: I have no idea.
Spencer: She's gonna melt hers and smoke it.
Judd: The 1st houseguest on meth.

Spencer: If we all took turns painting on one, we could probably sell it on ebay.  The Big Brother final 5 duck.
McCrae: We should do that with one of the ducks that are already here..
Spencer: Cuz they already have the logo on it.
McCrae: I'll probably do that.. Have everyone sign a duck..

Cam 3 and 4
Spencer goes up to HoH. McCrae, GM and Judd remain downstairs at the kitchen island.  Andy's fresh from the HoH shower.

Andy: I love the dual shower heads.  Where's your head?
Spencer: I feel sorry for Judd, but I think we're doing the right thing.
Andy: If we tell him he's gonna go home, I think he'll freak the fuck out.
Spencer: Like.. if we keep Judd, next week, I don't have to worry about ya'll keepin me.
Andy: I swear up and down I'll keep you.
Spencer: I know, but it may not be your choice. I can't play HoH. If he wins it, that's fine, he doesn't get a vote.
Andy: I really think he'd take you over GM..
Spencer: He can't beat you, bro.
Andy: In the final 3?

Spencer: You're gonna have Helen, Candice, all the Amanda haters, which is a lot of people..
Andy: You're gonna be there with me, so it really doesn't matter.

Andy: He's way more scary in the final 3 than GM.. If we got to the final 2 in that HoH, I feel like I would just have fun.
Spencer: I'm kinda hedging our bets.. We have different reasons for cutting him next week.  We have the alliance to maintain.
Andy: You know everything I know, and hopefully that's vice versa..

Judd enters.

Andy: Hi!
Judd: I'm gonna stop bein' a bitch, but I'm so nervous.
Andy: You're fine!

Spencer: Dude, no.  Andy and I just had a conversation about it.. We're talking about next week, and you're involved.
Judd: I trust you guys, but..
Spencer: Isn't it crazy how the boys made a huge comeback?  Judd, you got no campaignin' to do to me bro.  You know who I'd like to be sittin' next to in the final 2.  I think you can beat me, but we both have our points of argument.

**12:59am Stretch!


GM: look, I made Spencer, cuz one leg's shorter than the other.

Judd: Why are there 2 diet cokes open?
GM: Cuz one went bad. It's flat.

Judd's trying to get Andy to tell us about something relative to Elissa..

Judd: Remember that morning?  When the music came on? You said damn I want some cabbage?
Andy: I never said that.
Judd: I'm makin' it up.
Andy: Gah. That's when we were sharing a bedroom with Elissa. Definitely a downgrade from GM.

Spencer: Oh my gosh, grandpa! I've got a golden ticket. ♫I've gotta golden ticket.. (fishies)
Andy: Grandpa was a thief.
Judd: And pretending to be crippled.
Spencer: I bet the Bucket's were drawing so many government checks.. I feel sorry for Charlie's dad having to support all those old people.
Andy: My grandma had a stroke.
GM: Hahahaah!
Andy: I had one friend she didn't like.. and my grandma would be like, why is this freeloader here again?!
Spencer: When I go out with Larry, he'll say inappropriate stuff, and I'll just look at people like, he's disabled.

1:15am GM shows Spencer the PlayDo doll she made for him. Andy calls her a suck up.

Judd: I was pissed when it was Ian today.  I was really hopin' it was Amber from season 8.
Andy: Amber would have loved Helen and Elissa.  They would have formed a power alliance.
McCrae: Know what would be a really big shame?  If they brought Elissa back for next season.
Spencer: I would hope for a whole new group of people we could hate.

Spencer: I bet "my words, my mouth" made it.  One of my favorite memories of this season is gonna be how annoyed Judd got with comps.. Hey guys, that's all we're takin' shots of.. OH my GOd!
McCrae: That's one of my favorite fights of the season.  Judd vs Production

Andy: If there was an enemies season, who do you think would come back?  I don't know if I have an enemy..
Judd: Aaryn and Candice
McCrae: Me and David, maybe.
Judd: Spencer and Nick.
GM: Nick and you..
Andy: Jessie v the pretty little liars. Jessie and Judd.
Spencer: Elissa told her to make out with you.. Who the f*ck gets that lucky for that to be part of a strategy?
Andy: Elissa and Candice.. One big dumb plan..

1:24am McCrae heads up to HoH to grab his hackey sack.. Everyone else remains downstairs. He tosses is from the HoH landing.

BB: Stop that.
BB: Knock it off.
Andy: You have gotten so many call outs today.
Spencer: I'm just being normal, and the button pusher has it out for me.

Spencer: Do you now they don't call it sitting indian style any more, because it's offensive?  Now it's "criss cross applesauce."  It's the pussification of society.
Andy: And another generation gets stupider.
GM: I grew up callin' it indian style, so that's what I'm gonna call it.

Talk turns to Jeremy and his acne.  Then back to Jessie..

Spencer: The way that cheek would hand out of those shorts? it would make me have bad thoughts.  It was so gross when Elissa said she would do anything her husband wants.. And IO was like, that's why you live in a totally different country than him.
McCrae: What an idiot.
Andy: Bye Elissa. We love you.
Judd: no we don't.
McCrae: She's gonna be the most bitter jury member.
Spencer: She has such a one track mind, she might even refuse to vote.  No what would be really cool, America, since you were the MVP weeks 4 thru 6, you get to vote.
McCrae: That would be awesome.  I'm sure knowing that she has to vote for one of us scumbags drives her f'ing nuts.
GM: I bet her husband's like, if you don't win, I'll give you a check anyways..
Spencer: I honestly want to soul search and find a way not to think about her.  She's the only person I've hated.

1:32am -- Stretch.

Sitting around the table, looking at the memory wall, the Hgs are talking about who had money in the house.  They figure Elissa, Aaryn, Nick, Helen..

The backyard opens again.  They all rush out.

Andy: I hope they play the Electric Slide tomorrow.
Judd: I hate that song.
Spencer: I go to the VFW sometimes to drink, and they play it.  I haven't been there since I was pulled over for allegedly drinking while driving.
GM: Who got a worse scar? Me or Jessie?
Judd: You.
Spencer: I told Jessie, what'll really keep that from scarring is the proteins in my semen.
Judd: At least it's on your knee.
GM: But it's where I bend, dude. I got stitches where I bend.
Spencer: It's weird how flies know when you're sneakin' up on them.
Andy: Spencer, you've been here longer than any Arkansan?
Judd: Britney.
Spencer: I've survived more evictions.
Andy: And now you're guaranteed final 4..

Judd: Besides our season, we should've got Ian to give us an all star season of his own.  Who on season 9 was nominated 6 times?
McCrae: Maybe Sheila?
Judd: I liked that season at the end, after they dropped the twist.
McCrae: yeah, the twist sucked.  It was decent I guess, for what it was.
Andy: I wonder what people thought of the MVP twist?
McCrae: They'd have to add more stipulations.
Andy: They should do it without someone with a pre-existent fan base.
McCrae: It sucks that no one will ever touch the record of most days spent in the house..
**Janelle, 3 seasons.

Andy: Let's say I got 3rd place?  I would get evicted, do an interview with Julie, and then take a seat with the jury?
Spencer: I don't know if 3rd gets an interview.
Andy: I think that would be pretty irritating if 16th place got an interview and 3rd didn't.

Talk turns to last season and Dan's blindside of Shane (and Danielle).  They loved it.

Judd: Zack was 3rd place in season 8.
Andy: Jerry was 3rd in season 10.
McCrae: I remember him falling off the plane. They must've been so worried that whole season.
Andy: Why?
McCrae: Cuz he was like 100.

Andy: I feel like we've done more puzzles than ever.
McCrae: Puzzlemania.
Judd: 3 in a damn row.

1:55am --time check

McCrae: That and Otev were the 2 I really wanted to play in.
Andy: I know everyone was hospitalized, but I really wanted to play in Zingbot.
Judd: That one was the hardest..
GM: Did you stop in that one?
Judd: I stopped cuz I had 190 somethin' balls and one dropped. Why go on when people are at 220?
GM: Cuz they might drop.  That one was definitely rough.
Judd: It's weird that this is everybody.
GM: This used to be like Wall Street.
Judd: people everywhere.

Spencer: My nomination ceremony?  Did I do it quick?
GM: Yeah..
Andy: ELissa's was the one where I was like, Fu.... and her picking players for the pov..
Judd: I was slow.
Andy: I think you're endearing.  I think you come off as kind of charming.

1:59am The yawns begin, as do extended lulls .. Talk turns to Helen and her volume.

Andy: Like, I would say the words, "you're screaming" all the time.
GM: (yawn)

McCrae: What a long strange journey.
Spencer: Yup.

Andy:  You know how websites will do odds?  I'm really interested to see who they thought would win.
McCrae: I am too.

Andy: My homepage on my laptop is Entertainment Weekly, and they always do BB recaps.. It's crazy that my face could be on my homepage right now.
Spencer: Why would your face be there?

Talk turns to Elissa and how mean Andy was to her during the live show.. He's proud.

Judd: If she had stayed, we should've been like, if you talk game with us, we're gonna yell out loud..
Andy: It was just cool that we were all in agreement about what had to happen.
Judd: That would've been the dumbest thing ever if I had used it on her.
Andy: That was so great.. watching her try to cry..
Spencer: The Android mechanic didn't fill up her tear fluid.
GM: That's how she is at funerals.
Judd: Think she cared about the game?
Spencer: She cared about promoting Elissercise.
Andy: Elissercise.com which if you go to make you gain weight.
Spencer: Also.. all proceeds go to ___.. And Hitler Youth.
GM: And the United Negro College Fund.. Hahahahaah!
*you're an imbecile.

2:07am Elissa bashing continues..
2:09am They move on to colon health in the house. Then costumes.


Judd: It's kinda cool out tonight. I wish it felt like this during the puzzle. That's what I like about the live show comps.. best temperature ever.
GM: Not when it's water.
Judd: Who does this?  Like, do the water during the day; do the hot ones at night.

Talk turns to Candice.. GM growls.

Judd: My favorite was the mud one.
McCrae: I had like a panic attack during that one. Being under the bench?  It made me super claustrophobic.
Judd: Elissa kept saying I was pissed she won. I wasn't.  I was pissed I had solitary confinement for no damn reason.
Spencer: When did Dan get solitary?
McCrae: it was later in the game.
Andy: Isn't that where he dreamed up Dan's Funeral?

2:22am GM goes inside..

Judd: I was pissed before.
Andy: Thanks for a great comp, Heath! Now I'm never gonna get on the bad girls club.
Judd: I'll never be the Bachelor.
Andy: I bet we all get a question on the live show now..
Judd: How many have I had now?
Andy: 900?

Spencer: I can't wait to see Bull in a China Shop.  hear that train?
McCrae: Reminds me of home.
Judd: Everywhere I've lived, I've always been able to hear a train.
Andy: Where I live in Chicago, I can hear them..

McCrae: OhmyGod.. I want like a shitty ass ipod filled with music as soon as I get out of here.
Judd: I don't want a video from home. Do you think it'd be awful if I said I didn't want it?
McCrae: Production would be pissed.
Judd: Would y'all vote me out if I got a phone call, and it was from Dave?
McCrae: That'd be really funny if you got a call from Nick.
Andy: Gm would f'ing combust.. pure rage.

Judd jokes about getting a phone call from Jenn City, and having nothing to talk about.. or someone from season 1 that no one remembered.. or Carol from season 8..

Judd: That makes me wanna rip all my hair out that someone actually did that.
Spencer: These white hairs in my beard are weird.
Andy: I remember Joe getting Catty about something.. and America voted for Eric to vote him out.
Judd: If ya'll got that now, would you take it?  America's player?
Spencer: Depends how much money.
Andy: Can we agree that Ragan got the best deal ever?  And he had the easiest tasks..
Judd: I remember when I was gettin'.. is it grilled or drilled?  Grilled about something upstairs.. by Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy. and I was like, Candice.
Andy: Poor Candice.  She never stood a chance.
Judd: Probably the reason I said Candice was I thought she was a big liar..
Andy: When in doubt, blame Candice.

Andy: Did Candice have any allies in the house?
Spencer: Howard.
Andy: And then they would claim they were playing the game separately.

They ponder the state of alcohol distribution.. and figure it's going to drop even further.

Andy: Where'd GM go?  What if she's dead inside?
McCrae: Most accident prone person.  I never get hurt.
Judd: She's good at the strangest competitions. The Egg thing..
McCrae: Plus her back..
Spencer: I think her broke toe is ok today.

GM sticks her head outside.

GM: Hey Spence, can I wash my hair in the bathtub?
Spencer: Yeah, you don't even have to ask.

Judd: My biggest pitch to get rid of Kaitlin was that she'd win all the comps, and then Aaryn won 4 HoHs.
Spencer: Aaryn was all about breaking Janelle's record. She was like, I ony need 4 or 5 more comps.  I was like, damn, you need ot downplay that.
Judd: These comps would be way more fun if your life didn't depend on em.
McCrae: Yeah.. I wish they'd leave one out here for us.

Talk turns to comps they enjoyed, and how it sets them off balance when Julie's commentating a live comp...

Judd: Andy's gonna be the funniest old man ever.
McCrae: I wonder how many comps have been ruined by people saying F*ck.
Judd: I thought I'd be better at the dog thing.  Who would Elissa have put up?
Andy: I think I would've been her target.
McCrae: It was awesome how GM immediately made her the target. She pulled me into the room and she was like, Elissa told me the rings were fake.
Andy: I was like, Thank God!  Elissa was such an idiot.
McCrae: I'm guessing her sister musta been like, do this.
Spencer: She said she has duplicates of her stuff for when she's out in the streets of Toronto.  I wish they would officially announce that Have Nots are over. That's just a fun moment.

Judd: So what's our schedule gonna be next week?
Spencer: Ya'll are thinking it's gonna be different..
McCrae: Maybe Wednesday will be the eviction day?  Or that'll be the special Wednesday eviction episode, and then Thursday will be the 1st part of the final HoH..
Andy: Endurance.

McCrae: Then Sunday episode will be the memory one..

Spencer goes inside..

Judd: I'm trusting you guys.
Andy: About what?  Kidding,
Judd: I don't wanna aggravate the piss out of you, but I'm gonna ask every now and then.  Can I bum a cigarette?
McCrae: Yeah, don't worry about it.
Spencer: How cool was it that we got to see Ian today?
McCrae: SO cool.  It would've been great if he could've stayed over.
Judd: I wish we'd have someone come stay the night... like Dan did in Canada..

Talk turns to the mess in the house.  Spencer suggests they limit themselves to each having 1 set of dishware.

Judd: I didn't tell ya'll when I came in here, but I was a big germophobe.  I got over that shit real quick in this house.
McCrae: It's like a festival in here.

**Talk turns to portapotty vileness. Not from my fingers. I can't.  it's a thing with me.. Running away..  2:51

Spencer: That was a pisser.  But, at least now we know what we're gonna do after the show.. go home and see everyone who loves us.
**they must've finally told them - no vegas.

Andy: I wonder how fast we'll be able to go?
Spencer: Final interviews..
Judd: How long are you gonna wait before you go to FLorida?
McCrae: Like a month..
Judd: Would you come back for Christmas?
McCrae: Absolutely.
Judd: Minnesota Christmas.
Spencer: You might be opposite to be, but I'd be trying to work her to moving to Minnesota.. You seem to close to your family and friends.. There's houses to sell in MN. F*ck her.
McCrae: I don't know what the market is.
**not even close to South Florida.. although shockingly high for the midwest.

Talk turns to toys they loved as kids.

Andy: I wonder if we're gonna be here til the 25th.
Judd: Tomorrow's thew month anniversary of when I was evicted.  I've been back here longer now that I was gone.
Andy: It said we need to be available til the 27th.
Spencer; I'd imagine if there was a View interview, they'd fly us out..
Andy: I wonder.  If it's the 18th, that's cool.  It's pretty quick.  But another part of me's like, that's an extra thousand bucks if we're here til the 25th.

McCrae goes inside.

Andy: He's starting to be such a good competitor.
Judd: One of us HAS to win HoH and HAS to win Veto.
Andy: I'm gonna go to bed in a little bit.
Spencer: Is that a threat.
Andy: Yeah.  I'm getting sleepy.
Spencer: I'm not terribly far from going to bed, I guess.
Judd: (reiterates)

3:07am McCrae returns

Judd: This week's gonna be a normal week.. and then you think next week is gonna be a faster week?
McCrae: yeah.
Judd: I wonder if they're bringing someone back again.
Spencer: No, they wont do that.
Andy: They could throw in a luxury comp, if they wanna fill time.
Judd: If I get a movie, can I give it to someone?  I think if they were gonna do that, they'd have already done it.
Spencer: I'd just like something else free - like a BB lunch box.
Judd: I'm starting to get homesick.. Going home makes me nervous.
McCrae: Makes me super nervous.

3:10am GM returns.  Hair coiffed.  Andy goes in to brush his teeth.

GM: I was so sweaty after that comp, I had to wash my hair.
Spencer: You want some chocolate or anything?  I'm about to go to the Storage Room.
GM: no..

Judd: You think it'll be weird goin' home?
GM: No.
Judd: Drivin' and stuff.
GM: No.
Judd: I think it'll be super weird. Bullshit.  You'll text me and say, it's super weird.
GM: Once you drive, you always know how to drive.
**he's possessing her of deep thinking abilities she lacks.

3:13am Andy returns.. Elissa bitch session ensues.

GM: Thank God no late DRs tonight.
Spencer: I think tomorrow will be pretty quiet too.  Sunday always is.
GM: I wonder what shows tomorrow..
Spencer: HoH, Nominations, and my HoH Room..
Andy: I wonder if all of the punishments will be in that too.. I think they'll have a lot to cover with the Live Eviction.  I've talked the most about that.
GM: I haven't.. and I was HoH.  You'd think I would. I just did the puzzle things.. That wasn't live.

Andy: I feel like I talked about the double eviction a lot..
McCrae: I did too.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.
McCrae: Seems so loud.
Judd: I said that before.
GM: It echoes with less people in here.

Andy: I wonder if all our punishments will be on the Wednesday show..
GM: And the Veto.. What are you gonna spend your $96 on?
Andy: We could all go to Chili's for dinner.
Judd: The punishments will be on Sunday..  They're part of the HoH comp..
McCrae: Yeah..

Talk turns to Judd's punishment and all the comments from the Drill Sergeant.  Their favorite was "This isn't BB Cananda!"

Spencer: That's all I care about.  I want to represent my state very well.  I want people to be like, if all Arkansans are like Spencer, that'd be a pretty cool place to go.
Judd: I hope people don't judge TN by me.
Spencer: I think you do a good job representing your state.
Judd: I just wanna represent me.. and my family.  Sorry everybody that's watchin'.. Stressful quarters in here.  I'm not always a dick.
Spencer: He's always a dick.

Judd: If we had Saboteur this year, I'd have loved to have done it.

Talk turns to Annie..

GM: She had to last 4 weeks, but she got voted out.  Wasn't she the lesbian girl?
Spencer: She was bisexual, but she was in a serious long term relationship with a girl.
McCrae: I wish they'd bring in an actor for that kind of thing.. someone who just didn't care.

Spencer: Think about all the bs reality shows.. We're on f'in Big Brother.

3:28am Talk turns to lesser reality shows..  Then to Jeremy's behavior, threatening people while he was HoH..

Spencer: He was stupid.  He should've just stfu.
McCrae: He could've done so much better in this game. I think he would've made it a lot farther if he just chilled out.
GM: I liked him a lot, because he was like every douche bag I know in Jersey.  Him yellin' at Helen?  I was like, that's yellin'??
Andy: It was ridiculous.
Judd: Do you think he looked bad for doing that?
Andy: Yes. Although, I knew Aaryn was the true instigator. She came in and I saw the look in her eyes, and I knew she was up to something..
GM: Someone hid the wine in the bathroom.. I don't know if that was the same incident.

3:33am And back to whining about Elissa's existence on the planet.  Spencer suggests Elissa is the little girl from My Robot (?) all grown up..  TV chatter continues.

Andy: Alright, I think I'm gonna go to bed.
GM: Sleep well.  Don't forget... Photo booth from 2 to 3.

Andy says goodnight and heads for the loo.. He changes his mind and comes back outside.  Talk turns to Season 11.. and why Chima left..

Andy: That would be very frustrating.
Judd: I can see why she kinda lost it.
Andy: Did she get ejected the next week?
McCrae; Yeah.. they showed all the footage of her covering cameras, refusing to go to DR, and then the mike thing was like the end of it.  Why didn't she get threatened with a penalty nom?
Spencer: Just straight to ejection.
McCrae: That's why penalty noms are bs.

GM: Otherwise Kaitlin would've got one.
(GM adds quite a bit of rudeness re Kaitlin and Jeremy)

McCrae: That's why Canada was cool.. They'd like dole out punishments on the regular.
GM: You're not goin' to bed, Andy?
Andy: I just don't wanna be awake tomorrow while everyone's sleeping.
Spencer: I can't decide if I wanna go listen to some music.
McCrae: I'm gonna get some bible reading in..

Andy: It's nice we don't have to get up early for anything tomorrow.
ALL: Yeah.
Spencer: It's a nice night out.
McCrae: Perfect.

Spencer: Finally.. That was my first audible Judd fart.
Judd: Wasn't me.
Andy: Ginamarie.
Spencer: She's a fart ventriloquist.

Spencer: I think I'ma turn in..
Andy: I think I'll follow you in.
McCrae: I'm gonna smoke another smiggy.
Spencer: Goodnight all.  Sorry about your stitches.  Congratulations on your Veto.

Andy: You were up late last night..

Cam 3 and 4
Judd and Spencer

Judd throws out an idea that he'll be really mean to McCrae next week, so he'll become his target, Spencer tells him they'll talk tomorrow, and that he's planning to sleep very late.   Judd heads back out to the backyard.

Andy says goodnight.  McCrae, GM and Judd remain out back.  Judd heads inside to "get some aloe," which is code for whisper with Andy about creating a living hell for McCrae next week to make himself a target and keep it off of him. This is an offer Judd's making for votes this week.

McCrae calls it a night.. leaving Gm solo on  the couch outside.   Judd makes his way to the bathroom.. McCrae's in the loo.. Judd waits.

Judd: This is gonna be a long week.
McCrae: This is gonna be a really long week.
Judd: Don't let nobody change your mind.
McCrae: There's no point to keeping GM. She doesn't help me at all.

Judd: Is Gm still outside?
McCrae: mm hmm
Judd: You goin' to bed?

GM enters.

Judd: Gems, you goin to bed?
GM: Yeah
Judd: Alright, have a good night.
GM: Night, McCrae..
McCrae: Night Night..

There were 5 in the beds and the little one said, roll over, roll over..  Sweet dreams, houseguests..

And this concludes the Overnight Report.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wish Spencer would wake up and put Andy on the block, I mean he knows he cant beat him so why not get him out now !

September 8, 2013 at 4:31 AM  
Blogger ceemurph said...

G'morning everyone! It's so nice to see McCrae finally playing the game. Same thing happened when Brendon left and Rachel had to play on her own. She really started to shine and I completely respected her a a player!
Makes for some great tv when they realize they can win of they play for themselves!

September 8, 2013 at 4:37 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

I'm assuming they'll play final PoV on Wednesday, and have the live PoV meeting and eviction on Thursday.

Let's hope there isn't some crazy blindside, like last season, when Danielle used the PoV on Dan, who subsequently evicted Shane, instead of Ian, like he promised.

September 8, 2013 at 4:41 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Will the wonders never cease. Everyone in the house said that Amanda took things too far in her taunting of Elissa by crossing the line and saying personal things against her family. Over the last 2 days Spencer, Andy, Judd and GM have repeatedly made comments about Elissa's husband and children. Disgusting.

Andy decided Helen had no chance of staying when she started talking about the 'good' people and the 'bad' people. Yet the Exterminators keep patting themselves on the back. They got rid of all the 'bad' people except McCrae. They left a house full of people that America loves and is rooting for. (vomit)

Andy and especially Judd commented several times throughout the season about how much they hated it when people would talk about who deserved the money. Yet the Exterminators have talked constantly about who deserves the money over the last few days. Andy has been the worst. Amanda didn't deserve it because she was too mean (choke) even though they all admit she played the best game. Elissa didn't deserve it because she didn't need it. But Andy, Judd and I think Spencer have all said McCrae doesn't deserve it either. McCrae has now won 2 HOH's and 3 POV's. Compared to others in the house, those who are gone and those who are left, he has been an angel when it comes to being mean. And McCrae does not appear to be rich. You would think that would make him deserving based on Andy's criteria of some people not needing the money. But no, Andy doesn't think McCrae would spend the money properly. Isn't Andy the one who said he would use the money to go on a vacation?

Also, Judd wants Andy to volunteer to go on the block. He said he will be super mean to McCrae all week to make sure that McCrae wants to target him next week. (Uh...ok, how does that save Andy if he is on the block this week?) Anyways, Amanda tried a similar startegy with Elissa. The difference-she was actually trying to save Andy. She got slammed by everyone because of it.

Hindsight is 20/20. Once the majority of these people are done with this game, they may want to keep their eyes focused forward. I think, in hindsight, they will be disgusted with themselves.

One more thing-When Judd sees the show and sees McCrae's true reaction to Judd's first eviction, I hope he has some regret for his action's upon returning to the game.

September 8, 2013 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I have been watching the new season (2013) of BB AUS. It was such a random thing. Someone had posted a link for BB UK which started a week or so before our BB so I started watching that. Then, shortly before that ended BB AUS started. I tried watching an older season of UK once but it just doesn't feel the same knowing that the group of people you are watching haven't lived in the house for a couple years. There is also Celebrity BB UK which started 3 days after the finale of BB UK. It only has about a week left as it only runs 23 days.

September 8, 2013 at 7:28 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


McCrae was also my number one pick from pre-season interviews. I think he was the overwhelming favorite going into the game, but a lot of people have given up on him. There are a few of us who have stuck by him through the whole game. I hope our positive vibes can push him to the f
F2 chair.

September 8, 2013 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger SushiUshi said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow dishers!
I know every year the feeds devolve into a hate fest for evicted house guests- but it's tough sometimes. They go from swearing not to talk about Elissa to obsessing over her in less than 30 minutes- blarg.
Some of the funniest moments last night were when they made of McCrae for wanting Mackeral instead of chicken- and those jokes were to his face. I wish they understood they are so much more entertaining when they are being good natured.
Judd's pitch to stay- to offer to terrorize McCrae if he stays? This is his masterful plan? I fear that we will definetly be seeing the end of Judd 2.3 (he went from 2.0 to 2.3 after his freak out post POV). Hopefully this offer will be just what Andy needs to out the Exterminators to McCrae. (Have you noticed how afraid Andy seems to be to leave McCrae and Judd alone? That's what happens when you lie so much!)
Last note- wouldn't it be great if all of the jury ladies have cut up Andy's shirt and each wear a different piece of it to the q&a session? That would be glorious:)

September 8, 2013 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I have put up with a lot from these HGs. Sometimes I have not been as offended as some people have been. Sometimes I have been offended right along with the entire viewing public.

I have listened to them be racist, rude, crude, personal and just plain mean. Spencer has officially gone too far and I am completely done with him.

"Phil and Lil were an abortion." Seriously Spencer? You leave those adorable little twins alone. No one messes with Phillip and Lillian or any of the Rugrats for that matter. It's just a good thing he didn't say anything about Chuckie. I would have had to go all kamikaze on his arse.

September 8, 2013 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger MattitudeV1oh said...

I thought I'd be sad to see Judd go but I'm really not. When he was first in the house I loved him because he'd always pop off random funny phrases. He knew how to enjoy himself even when others were mad.

Now? He's an angry ball of bitterness. Ever since he's returned he's had a chip on his shoulder like the house owes him something. He placed all the blame for his eviction on Amanda and McCrae even though Andy got the ball rolling and both Helen and Elissa were huge parts of it. He constantly complains about production and has gone to the least entertaining person in there.

Judd had so much fun snowing Amanda and McCrae last week. It's nice to see the tables turned this week. So long, buddy.

September 8, 2013 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger SushiUshi said...

I think spencer is referring to the conspiracy theory that the Rugrats were all in Angelica's imagination.
I wish I were kidding about this.

September 8, 2013 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Agreed! 100%. What a nasty piece of work he has turned into. Throwing his tantrum yesterday made him look like a disrespectful child.

September 8, 2013 at 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I was just thinking that Andy is that person that your parents (at least my parents) told us not to be. He says the least offensive things but is around for just about all the offensive convos. He says a few words but mostly nods and laughs. He's the person with the most moral compass in the group but instead of standing up and saying something, changing the topic or just walking away he pretends. My dad told me not to do this be because 1)You will associated with those people and 2)At the end of the day by sitting there laughing and smiling you are ultimately agreeing. Now Andy is in a game and I understand that. But I just find it coming from him to be the most ironic. Not that because you are gay you should take on every instance of bullying but he knows how it feels to be bashed and talked about. When GM said that horrible comment about Elissa's son Andy cringed slightly. One because it was obvious in it's offensiveness and two it's probably the closest thing what he and many other people go through. People sitting around calling him names. I just wonder what he will think of himself when he looks back on the season. I think I just had more faith in Andy because he is gay. Which I guess is wrong because he shouldn't be forced/expected to be culturally sensitive because of his sexual orientation. In my mind in just seems weird.

September 8, 2013 at 9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a word to the wise - CBS is showing the Jets/Patriots game Thursday night. Not sure what it will do to other areas of the country but if you watch CBS from NY, the show will be on at 2:07 a.m. Friday morning. Really bugs me.....only live show of the week and I have to record it anyway!

September 8, 2013 at 9:49 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

G'morning, everyone! :0)

I'm gonna go for a nice long ride. I'll be back by 2pm BB time to check and see if they're awake yet.. And get a post going if they are.



September 8, 2013 at 10:13 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn
Thank you taking your sanity Sunday off to keep us BB fans fed!
Hopefully you can sneak in a bike ride during the day").I'll be back later to talk game, Gotta make hubby happy with a breakfast so I can get back to BBD.

September 8, 2013 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

Happy No-Sanity Sunday, that sounds about right with this group

Anyone who would like to use my "leftovers" name for the vile four feel free.

I too miss the old Judd, the fun and funny Judd, where has he gone? If he goes this week he'll get a new record as well. The only HG to go to jury twice. Along with Spencer's perma pawn status and GM's injuries all the leftovers have set a new record, except Andy. Yes, you could say he's the biggest floater, biggest vermin, some other bad thing but it's not really a verifiable record, like theirs. I'm sure he'll do something though to become infamous.

I hope McCrae goes on a winning streak right to the end. He didn't say anything bad most of the game because he didn't say much most of the game. He has participated in some light Elissa bashing but it's tame in comparison.

I always feel left out of the loop on Sunday's so it will nice to see updates today. Even if they are just pics by the pool or something.

Check your local listening for opening day football on CBS. I have only a early game but tennis is on after so could still be a delay.

Have a great day everyone :) See you back here tonight.

September 8, 2013 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger Show the Love Be The Love Feel The Love said...

Go google the true meaning behind the rugrats and u will know what he was talking about...

September 8, 2013 at 10:39 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

bobbi, last time CBS pre-empted the live show for pre-season football, New Yorkers were able to watch it live on sister station TV 55, which is channel 10 if you have Cablevision. I'm hoping they'll be doing the same thing this coming Thursday.

I think chella hit on what's been bothering me about Andy all season, particularly during the latter half of the season. When he isn't contributing to the bashing of evicted house guests himself, he's usually the one bellowing and laughing it up the loudest while the rest of his alliance does it, all while visibly squirming. I get the impression he does it to fit in with the riff raff he, ultimately, chose to align himself with. He may be doing it to advance his own game, but he still has to live with that choice long after the game ends.

September 8, 2013 at 11:25 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone.

I also think The Leftovers is a perfect name for this group!

I have been pulling for McCray (and Amanda) from the first videos of this group and I'm still am. But one thing I do not like is how easy it is for him to join in the Amanda bashing when he admits she was a shield for him all the way and how he planned on cutting her at final three. The least he could do is show her some respect

Andy and Spencer are so good at lying they could even make me believe them and I've watched with my own two eyes and ears their conversations. At this moment I'm not sure if they really have decided to roll with McCray to final three or not but somehow I doubt it. I think that A /S both have their own reasons for taking GM. Happily Andy thinks she would pick him for final two but I believe she would stick with her deal with Spencer. Wouldn't that be poetic justice for her to be the one to tell Andy 'get to stepping' at final three!! lol

I see Judd is already up and stressing. Too bad J U double D!

I hope every has a great sanity Sunday and Carolyn enjoy that wonderful beach bike ride I have a feeling you are going to take this afternoon!

September 8, 2013 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Carolyn, do you blog about any other show after BB is over? I don't want to go through the rest of the year with out ya. Although this has been a controversial season, I enjoyed watching my favorite show and sharing it with all of you.

September 8, 2013 at 12:29 PM  
Blogger MRMIKE said...

What's the story about no vegas???

September 8, 2013 at 1:42 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Everyone! :0)

I'm back, and I'll be starting an afternoon post by 2:30pm BBT.

September 8, 2013 at 1:55 PM  
Blogger heather said...

Thanks for all you do Carolyn! I have a few questions I have wondered about. How long are these bike rides? Is this something you do professionally? Are you able to work at this time besides the hard work of the blog? have you ever shared what you do for a living?

September 8, 2013 at 1:56 PM  
Blogger heather said...

I have the same question.

September 8, 2013 at 1:57 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

NOT DEFENDING SPENCER (ever. He repulses me) but im sure he was referring to a conspiracy theory that's flying around on the internet. Phil and lil were an abortion. Tommy was a stilborn. I think chuckie died in a carcrash with his mom. Its supposedly all angelicas imagination.

September 8, 2013 at 2:05 PM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

I believe it was yesterday that McCrae told everyone that Ian said their would be no Vegas this year!

Judd: Since returning to the Hs after a being Blind sided in a DE, I am not surprised he was on edge as to how to get back in the game.
He does not handle stress very well and it is showing. His reaction to not winning POV was, yes immature and his most recent strategy to be mean to McCrae is just not a well thought out plan.
No doubt if Spencer follows thru w/ putting him OTB, we will see more if not worse behavior. Perhaps a self evict. Just so disappointing that he turned out to be no different than the other Hsg in disgusting convos.
While McCrae seems to be coming into the lead as a fan favorite for the win...( I don't care) I am not as quick to give him a pass on his part in whats been going on in the Hs, He IMO has contributed at times in disgusting convos and by being Amandas Man, is guilty by association as he sat(supporting)from behind while she went from one hsg to another just intimidating and bullying them.
All the Hsg have no self respect! They have humiliated themselves before the American public.
I wonder what BB fans in other country's think about this years BBUSA.

September 8, 2013 at 3:10 PM  

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