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Friday, March 21, 2014

BBCanada: Friday Morning

Good Morning, BB Lovers!☺  Welcome to day 1 of Rachelle's HoH.  It's wakey wakey time for the HGs, and as you can see, they are just getting coherent.  Poor Allison's bedmate kept her up half the night, thrashing about.

As soon as they say anything worthy of transcribing, you'll see it here. :-)

For a quick low down on last night, please see "Overnight Lite."

Rachelle should get her HoH Room sometime this morning, and pre-nomination HoH meetings are sure to follow.

Ika and Allison

Ika tells Allison that Sarah confessed her vote to her, after the fact.

Ika: And.. she betrays all of us, and she's the victim.  This house is crazy.
Allison:  This house is crazy.
Ika: There's no convincing her.  She's (Rachelle)  really close with Sabrina.. Sabrina probably has the most influence over her.  Sarah confessed everything to me, and I'm like, well, thanks for f*cking me and then confessing afterwards.  I thought that by not backdooring them, I'd be safe for a week.. but they all looked me in the face and they all lied.
**Welcome to Big Brother, Ika.

Neda enters, and Ika stops talking.

Sarah, Arlie and Kenny
Jacuzzi Area
3 of the 1st 5 - Getting their stories straight... 

Sarah: Well, I can tell you guys.. Ika's acting like we're all good, but I can tell she's going back to the girls and talking shit. I feel like I'm ok with Rachelle, I'm ok with Neda..
Arlie: Did you tell her you were with the boys from day one?
Sarah: Never.  I gave her the reasons I made the decisions I made.. I felt like if you were gone, the whole girls' alliance was going to fall apart.  I told her I literally didn't make my decision til moments before.
Kenny: I was like, who flipped?  Heather and Ika are very similar in very juvenile ways..
Sarah: This is what she has to do.. She has to discredit me.  What she's doing is smart, but she just doesn't realize that you guys don't believe her.
Arlie: I said I legit have never had a conversation with you about game..
Sarah: Perfect.  So that makes you ripe for he picking for her to demonize me.

**But IS Arlie still first 5?  I'm not sure.. 

The boys go WooHooo happy.  They found their cigarettes in the pantry. Talk of rationing begins immediately.
**Can't help but wonder if Paul hid them, since they magically reappeared after his departure.  Nope! Kenny found them in his coat pocket that BB just returned to him. Thanks Clio!

Kenny, Jon, Andrew
Smoke Screen Plotting

Kenny: She said, I'm not going after a big player this week. That's why she didn't put us on slop.
Jon: She's sittin' pretty.  She's not gonna try to fck that by takin a big swing at someone. 
Kenny: Shes not gonna take a big swing.  I think we're gonna be ok, but again, this week can be f'in nuts.
Andrew: We have a few hours to see how it goes.
Kenny: I don't even think you have to be in Neda's ear too much.
Jon: Just chill.

Just as they're about to say something about Sabrina, Sabrina joins.. Talk turns to the Ika drama last night.  She was screaming so loud in the DR, she woke someone up in the house.  And then Heather - Sabrina told her she's not going to pretend to like her, just because she didn't go home.


Adel: Are you gonna try your best to...
Sabrina: You're not going to go on..

Sabrina and Sarah move to the jacuzzi area...

Sabrina: We were gonna backdoor Ika, but Adel told her last night, he swore on his Koran, that he would use his veto on her, and this is his last week to do it, so he has nothing to lose.   So we're gonna put up Allison and Heather, and whoever wins PoV leaves it the same, and Heather will definitely go home.
Sarah: Rachelle and I had a talk last night.. I don't know if she believes anything I said.
Sabrina: You're ok with Rachelle and Neda..  Ika tricked Arlie.  He said to her, in front of me, that you told him 2 days ago what you were doing.  He's so stupid.
Sarah: I fixed as much as I can with Neda and Rachelle.. but there's still doubt in their minds.
Sabrina: It's nothing.
Sarah: In life, in my heart, it effects me.
Sabrina: The reason I'm on slop is because I told her not to put the boys on slop.
Sarah: Did you hear Kenny?  He wanted to take it for you. 
Sabrina: It's better for them to be strong so they can compete. The only thing is, I really need Allison to trust me..
Sarah: You don't think we should get her gone this week?
Sabrina: Allison?

Kenny: Rachelle just got called into the Diary Room, so we're assuming she's getting her HoH Room any minute now.

Sabrina tells Kenny about Adel's promise to use his PoV on Ika if she's up, so change of plans, getting rid of Heather this week.  Sabrina also tells Kenny about things leaking through Jon.. Kenny understands, but they need him for a number right now.  At Sabrina's direction, talk turns to the possibility of getting Allison out, instead of Heather.  Kenny suggest they keep her this week, but only as a voting number.

Sarah: If the 3 of us aren't opposed to getting rid of her, let's keep that in our minds.
Kenny: We'll figure that out after PoV.
Sabrina: Just know if we keep her after this week, it's 4 more weeks.

10:05am Hush Hush Screen.. Methinks it's HoH Reveal time..

10:28am Feeds are back.  Everyone's up in Rachelle's HoH.  Allison is reading her letter, Jon is happy dancing around with the headphones on.. and he just kissed Arlie on the head.  Allison passes the letter to Adel..

Andrew: Did you mom tell you, Hey Jon, it's only because they didn't have enough cool kids for the short bus?
Jon: Oh no.  I was on the short bus anyway.  That's where all my friends were.
** :0)

Sarah is first to self evict from the HoH Room.. Come to think of it, I don't see Ika in there either.

Adel is next out.. Then Arlie..  Both are in search of slop.  Then Jon..

Dining Table
Adel and Arlie
Stealth Whispering

Adel: I'm gonna need that card next week to make a move.
Arlie: 100%.  I think you'll have it next week.  If we get through this week, then you use it next week..
Adel: I'm done.  I'm in. (jury)

Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Rachelle, Neda, Sabrina 

Rachelle's gone to the Dr to request a picture of her mom. The letter was from her, but no pics of her. :( She returns to HoH. 

Andrew: Were you just about to put me on slop, but then you thought, oh wait, he'll cook for me.
Rachelle: Pretty much. 
Andrew: And Sabrina's a better cook than I am, but she's also a saint.  If it was a movie, I was about to be shot, and you (Sabrina) jumped in front of the bullet.
**Sabrina volunteered for slop.

Side conversations take over the room..  Hunger Games, etc..
Sabrina: If there's anyone who deserves it..
Rachelle: Thank you.
Sabrina: Just for being a good person.

Sabrina and Neda are raving about Rachelle's boyfriend.  They both want to know if his friends are as hot as he is.. Plans for a visit.. Rachelle's very happy with her HoH Room.  It looks just like her room at home, very pink and girly.

10:50am Arlie rejoins the HoH crew.

Sabrina: Your grandma is gorgeous.
Rachelle: She is.. She super elegant.  It's so weird.  My boyfriend is going to my house to watch it..
Sabrina: Do you wanna go outside?  It's so nice out.
BB: Houseguests, this is your 3 minute warning.  The house will be off limits in 3 minutes.

Everyone files out.  Sabrina and Rachelle head for the privacy of the jacuzzi area.

Sabrina: Here's the thing.  Adel's gonna use his power on her.
Rachelle: You sure.
Sabrina: Positive. So we nominate Heather and Allison, and Heather goes home.. or Allison.. Everyone's on board except Andrew.   I told the boys.  Shes not nominating any of you, so she has to be the last to go of the girls..

They go back and forth on Heather or Allison..

Sabrina: After the veto, we have to talk more about it.
Rachelle: Should we talk to Allison and tell her she's a pawn?
Sabrina: Yes.  I'll talk to her, then I'll come into the room with her, because she trusts me.

Adel comes in.. In talking with him about his power, Sabrina is surprised to learn it does NOT run out this week, but next, and he has no plans to use it on anyone this week.

Sabrina: Would you use your veto?
Adel: This week?  No.  I have no alliance.  I am the biggest target since Paul left.
Rachelle: Whatever decision I make though, you're not gonna use the veto?
Adel: No.
Sabrina: I told her.. we have a deal with Adel til jury.  The thing is.. no matter who she puts up..
Adel: There's no chance I'll use it on anyone.  I'm using to for a power move next week.  If next week, someone wins HoH.. Say one of the boys wins.. What would I sacrifice it for this week?! I'm not gonna listen to them what they want to do. Whatever we decide this week.. Hopefully it's to take one of their votes away.  I don't care who you guys get rid of.  I'm 100% voting with you. Think of that.. If you lower one of their votes.. Don't go after one of the big dogs.. By hearing and looking, Ika's f'd.
Sabrina: We're not going after you.  We just want to make sure you're not going to use the Veto.. no matter who it is.
Adel: No matter who.  You guys are my last hope to get anywhere in this game.  I know I have a slim chance to even get to jury..

They guarantee Adel his safety this week.  He guarantees he will not use the Veto Power on anyone, no matter who besides him goes up. It's all he's got.

**Since the Fear of Adel's Power being used to save Ika was the only thing keeping her off the block this week, the plan for a Heather-Allison nomination with no Ika backdoor may change.

Meanwhile, on Camera 3, Sarah and Ika are having a private talk at the far end of the pool.. With the potential for volatility, all the other HGs are giving them a wide berth.

The conversation is much calmer than I expected.  I scroll back 15 minutes to get to the beginning of this conversation..

Ika: Are you ok?  I actually do like you. You're gonna see your kids.
Sarah: I feel like that was my shot, you know?
Ika: I feel like, when you're a mom, it's a different willpower.
Sarah: There's gonna be so many that I wont be able to keep up with. That one I was fine.
Ika: You'll always have a chance in endurance.  The guys are too big. ..A lot of times, people who are not physically fit win the game. Like, remember Evel Dick.. the old man?  He won.

Talk moves on...

Ika: I don't want you to go home. I'm gonna try to just lay low, and try not to be a target for next week. Let someone else go crazy.  I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I'm really worried about next week though.  When the guys strike, I know I'm gonna be first.  They're not gonna go after Adel.  They want to use him to go after people they wont go after themselves.
Sarah: The thing with the boys is, 2 days ago, when everyone was asking me, I told them, yes, I'm voting for Paul, just to get them off my back, but I really hadn't decided til the last minute. Even though they're tleling me they're coming after you, you never know what they're thinking.
Ika: The guys are very logical players.. I knew that when they sent Kyle out of the house, not Paul.  If they were emotional players, they would've sent Paul out, because of what he did to Andrew.  I don't have any pull with the girls.  I'm not that close with Neda, I'm not that close with Rachelle.  I'm ok with Sabrina..
Sarah: mm hmm..
Ika: ..but she's closer to everybody else than me. I might be a strong personality, but I really don't have any pull with those girls.  I was talking to Rachelle.. I was like, they're coming after us.  You need to go after them first.  There's no point going after Heather, who can't walk or talk straight... and leave them 5 strong.
**Hindsight being 20/20.
Ika: So I'm telling Rachelle, take out one of those big guys.  Sabrina is very opposed to it. I look ahead.. I know I'm going up.
Sarah: You've proven that you can win competitions though.. At least give you a chance to fight.
Ika: At least we're safe this week.  Somebody's going and it's not us.  There's really no more girls alliance.  I feel like in an alliance, you make decisions for the alliance..
**And that's what Sarah did.

Kenny and Andrew are working out..

Sabrina asks permission for she and Rachelle to come join Ika and Sarah at the end of the pool.

Sabrina: Ika's full of shit.  She's like, "Why do they have to come?"  She needs to realize people can read lips. 

They walk over to join them, tired of the Andrew-Kenny muscle show.  Sarah and Ika say they're talking about how their kids must be reacting to them on tv.  Talk turns to chatter about the injury reel BB showed them last night.

Ika: I wonder what Kyle and Anick are  thinking, watching from home.
Sarah: I'm gonna wait a while..
Sabrina: Me too.
Sarah: No offense, guys, but when I get home, I'm gonna want to forget this for a while..  If I make it to jury, I'm probably gonna take a long time before I watch, but if I don't, I'll probably want to watch it play out.
Sabrina: I don't want to watch nothing.
Sarah: I know.. I want to watch Vampire Diaries.
Rachelle: I feel like I'm gonna be in shock when I see other people.
Ika: I wanna go home and see my kids.
Sarah: If I miss my kids this much now.. How much crying am I gonna do then?  I'm gonna be so dehydrated.. I can't even hear you say, "It's from my mom," without tearing up.

Talk turns to the slop diet.  Sarah tells Sabrina she'll see weight loss every single day, and that'll keep her going. 

Kenny and Andrew have now joined the girls at the end of the pool.  Adel's too.  Chatter about the montage last night brings up a request for a fart montage.

I draw the line at transcribing dialogue about expert towel folding.

11:58am  The lockdown continues..

12:05 They let the HGs back into the House.. and we get Hush Hush.. I'll be back at 1pm to begin the afternoon update in a new top post. Please keep your eyes open for Marsha the Moose, and give me a heads up in the comments if she appears!  

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the free Big Brother Canada live feeds, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  Get going on that, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.☺ P.S. HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..  $11 well spent!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn,

Hello Dishers,

Not having access to watching the show and only having your reports Carolyn(thank you) I am not sure about the players yet. Live feeds make all the difference and I am spoiled...who is the truly evil players and who is the whiner? Who is playing best game?

Opinions anyone????

Have a great day and thank you again Miz Carolyn....


March 21, 2014 at 8:26 AM  

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