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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Big Brother 16: The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Saturday! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. :-)   The HGs should be having their PoV Comp today, but as of this moment, the backyard has yet to be locked down and the live feeds are still goin' strong.  

Following Paola's prearranged and  intentional tanking of the Battle of the Block Comp, Devin is now the sole HoH, and Paola and Brittany are on the block.   Amber is happily out of the HoH role, and Nicole and Hayden, the victors of the Battle of the Block,  are off the block.  If you'd like all the juicy details on all of this, please consult these 3 previous posts: BB16: Battle of the Block Spoiler, The Overnight Report - Nominations Spoiler!, BB16: Amber & Devin's HoH Letters & The BB Handbook.

In the event Pao wins the PoV, Devin says he'll pull her off and put Victoria up in her place, just for Pao to have a comfortable week, and to make Victoria look so bad for campaigning against Brittany, who is still his target, that everyone will want her out the following week. Devin seems unclear that if Pao wins the PoV she'll be the one pulling herdamnself off the block, and not his almighty and magnanimous self.

OK.. Let's forge ahead!☺

Camera 1
Jocasta, Brit, Pao
Jocasta: Did you tell her about Hayden?
Pao: I was laying in bed, and he's all..

Jocasta: You have to give her the pre-cursor.  I asked him, what's your type, and he's like, I like foreign girls.  I said, you mean exotic women.. So my girl Pao is exactly what you go for.. SO he turns around and (starts moving suggestively around Pao.  Pao demonstrates).

Pao gets called to the DR..

Double Chaise
Zach: Do you think we're just chillin' for the next 2 days?
Brit: No, I think we have the Power of Veto.
Christine: It's usually Saturday or Sunday.

Cody, Frankie and Derrick are shooting pool.  The girls are teasing them from the sidelines..cheerleading and mocking.. Apparently, it's play with Cody's hair night.. First Nicole, now Jocasta.. Who's got next?

Please form a straight and orderly line.  No pushing.

Camera 3/4
Caleb and Amber

Topic: Past relationships, heartbreaks...

Amber: Us being so young, that's life, we're human. I've had my share of mistakes.  I've hurt people in ways I didn't see I was doing it.  My intentions are to never hurt anybody.
Caleb: I think the most important part is knowing and admitting I could've been better.  I've never cheated on a girl, but I cou;dve been better.  It's like the Bruno Mars song.. I hope he brings you flowers..
Amber: I love Bruno Mars..
Caleb: Just young love, and not knowing how to love..
Amber: It's just little things.. I love everybody no matter what they go through.  I'm not gonna judge. I have a hard time now trusting people. I was blind by some of the things I did..  I'm happy now, though, because I did everything I could.  I'm ok, and I'm satisfied with where I am, because I did everything possible to make sure someone knew I loved them. I'm ok. 

Caleb: I used to wear my heart on my sleeve really bad.
**used to?!
Amber: I still do.

Caleb: I look at their manners.. I look at their credit scores.. (kidding)

Caleb: When we get out of here, and it's not game related in any way, I hope we can hang out.
Amber: No Big Brother weddings or dates..
Caleb: In here, I feel like what we have is good.  It's a friendship, and it's gonna grow.  That's the most important part to me.  My first 2 girlfriends, I was not their friend. (and he gets now that that was wrong)

They both appreciate traditional roles and values.

Caleb: I told Pao, I treat my girlfriend like I treat my mom.  I treat her with honor, respect, loyalty, integrity.. 

This is ongoing..

Backyard Couch
Devin and Frankie

Frankie: You should get it before she's gone.
Devin: It's detrimental to the team.. It's dangerous.  You don't mix business and pleasure.
**I think he's referring to Caleb and Amber
Frankie: Not in this house.

Zach joins, then Jocasta.

Devin: I don't sleep with the opposite sex on tv.
Frankie: Me neither.

Zach: I sleep like this.. no one would want to sleep with me.
Frankie: I would.  There's a spot for me right there.
Zach: If you'd shave, I'd let you.  Your stubble just freaks me out.

Jocasta joins them and talk turns to the lack of beds to bodies.. Devin thinks it's the first time they've ever done it.

1am  -- Off camera, we hear, "Pull it out, Cody!" I'm reasonably certain those words have never been spoken before in his lifetime.

Devin: I don't like bunkin' with the opposite sex in a bed.
Jocasta: I don't care to do that either.  I just don't want anyone to be uncomfortable.
Devin: I just don't like the image it portrays.
Jocasta:  Hayden and Cody were sleepin' in the icebox last night, freezing.  I don't want that to happen again.

Zach: I'll sleep in there. I don't mind.  What's the dilemma?
Frankie: Not enough beds til Have Nots are chosen.  Pao doesn't want to sleep 3 to a bed. Pao doesn't want to sleep with Victoria, because she has perfume on.  Victoria can't sleep in a room with men.
Zach: All the problems come down to Victoria.  I'll sleep in the ice box room, but not if it's because of Victoria.

Jocasta plays mediator, peacemaker..

Zach: How about Brit and Pao take my bed, and I sleep in the Ice Box?
Frankie: I still don't know where I'm sleeping.

Zach continues on his Victoria hating..

Devin: You gotta watch what you say. They're ladies.  No matter what.
**holy hypocrisy!

Cam 1
Backyard Couch
Zach and Jocasta

Devin gets called away to the DR, leaving Jocasta and Zach alone.  Jocasta explains that Zach's issues with Victoria may actually stem from a language barrier.  Jocasta has spoken with her about it, including the word "please" into her vocabulary more, and focusing on bringing politesse into her words.   Zach hears Jocasta, but he's not interested in being more that cordial to Victoria, ever.

** Conversational Hebrew is a very direct language, not so flowery.  It's jolting to Americans at first, but the please often comes from the eyes, not the lips.  Jocasta is 100% right. 

Zach: She's not the type of person that I want to get to know.  I don't give a damn.
Jocasta: I believe there's good in everybody.
Zach: That's why I'm glad you're here.  I need that pushed on me.  She's rude, man.

This conversation about Victoria is ongoing..

Double Chaise
Cody, Frankie, Christine, Derrick

Derrick: Are we agreed?  If me and Zach do it this week, then you and Caleb to it next week?
Frankie: Yeah..

Cody: When do you guys think the PoV's gonna be?
Frankie/Christine: Sunday
**Carolyn: Saturday.

Derrick: Hopefully they pull the PoV before Have Not.
Frankie: I think the only reason we're not having Have Nots yet is because it's a nation holiday, and tomorrow morning they'll call Devin to the DR and tell him to pick.
Derrick: Maybe I'll just volunteer this week.  Get the full f'in experience.
Cody: It's fun.
Derrick: No it's not.
Cody: Eat slop and drink electolytes.  Keep your energy up.

Devin joins..

Devin: I gotta do it right now.  I asked if I could do it right now.. They said no.  I think they're gonna dick with everyone.
Derrick: Maybe after PoV..
Cody: I did pov on slop and I was good.
Derrick: You're a freak though. You got girls massaging the top of your head.

Talk turns to the Live Show and their nerves.. and how to properly address Julie Chen.. and how not. Then onto relationships in the house, historically.. and meeting past HGs for the 1st time.  And onto Rachel's wrap party in Los Angeles. 

Devin: Dude, her sister Elisa's so hot.
Christine: Are you joking?? Oh my gosh.  Sorry.

Cam 3
Frankie: What the hell?

**Splash! **

Amber: I told you not to dare me, Caleb.

Devin: Oh God.. I'm goin' upstairs.
Derrick: What the hell'd you do to her, Caleb?
Devin:  Oh my heavens.

Frankie: Is he really going upstairs.
Derrick: He really is.

Camera 3
Christine and Devin

Devin: Oh my God, dude. 2 questions..  Do you know where Jocasta stands?
Christine: Not one clue.
Devin: That's my problem.
Christine: Any time anyone's ever talking game around her, she just sits there quietly.
Devin: I have a feeling she's either trying to be floater extraordinaire, and not tip her hat, or she's super tight with Brittany.  I told you how she came to my room last night, right?
Christine: Jocasta?
Devin: Yeah.  I've had really good conversations with her.. So I'm like, she's cool, I trust Jocasta.. but you know how when you're HoH, people are gonna come up.. I was in here, listening to music, looking at my daighter, tears in my eyes, and all the sudden the lights flip on, and Jocasta was like, "Hey, have you seen my sweater?"  Amber was using her sweater and left it in the room, so she says..
Christine: yeah.

Devin: So then she flips off the light, and then hops in the bed next to me, like on top of the sheet.  I wasn't gonna be rude, but I was like, "I'm sorry, Jocasta, I was just having a moment," but she didn't leave.  She just started talking to me, talking to me, talking to me, talking to me... So we started joking around, and I was like, ok, my moment's over.  And then when we came down was when everything started going crazy (with the recorded messages, I think).  So today, we had a great talk, not game or anything, but in there she wants to talk about Joey.. She keeps talking about Joey.. Brittany says she has a gay brother names Alex.. But Joey said she only had 2 sisters.  So I'm like listening to her story, but I was like, what does it matter?
Christine: Exactly.. Joey's not here.

**I'm waiting for him to get to a point.

Devin: So she comes in, gets in the bed, and she's like, I'm tired, I just want to relax, and then she starts talking about Joey AGAIN!
Christine: Omg.. who cares?!
Devin: She's going on and on about Joey.. I'm just like, Oh man, dude, she's not here anymore.  And then we leave because they came out with the food.. But uh.. I don't know where she stands.. and I feel like she's trying to figure out where I stand.
Christine: Is that her way of game talking with you?
Devin: I think she's trying to bring up certain things to see what I say back.
**so that's a yes.

Devin: So I'm sitting up here the next morning, and I said to Caleb, "you understand what happened last night, right?"  And he said, "Well all I know is that people are sayin' you tried to throw me under the bus last night.
Christine: (head in hands)
Devin: And I was like, What?? And then Frankie and Derrick come up, and Frankie goes, "As sad as it is, that's what it sounded like."
**Just so we're all on the same page, had Devin not won HoH this week, he would've been put on the block by every person in the house.

Devin: And I'm like, what are you talking about?? I was just letting the house know that I made a mistake, I pre-judged Donny.  If anything, I was saying I forced Caleb's hand, and I was gonna try to play the game as honest as possible without telling lies.
Christine: Yeah.
**Christine cannot stand Devin, but she's masterful at lip-service.

Devin: With Nicole and Hayden, I was straight up.  I was like, this is what's up. Pao threw that comp for me last night.
Christine: Yeah.  And they won.
Devin: Yeah, but it was pre-done that Pao said she was gonna throw the comp.
**Devin, this is something you bring up and share with people during your F2 or 3 speech.  Not now.

Christine: Really?!  That's so interesting.  I was talking with her, and she was like, I don't know if I should throw it or not.. I don't know if she was just saying that to see what I would say or do..
Devin: I told her not to tell anyone.  That no one knew but me and Caleb.
Christine: Oh.. ok..
Devin: She's a loose cannon too.
**mirror's right above your head, dear.  take a look before you call anyone else in that house a loose cannon.

 Devin: During the comp, Brittany was leaning in to her saying, "You better not be throwing this, you better not be throwing this.. "
Christine: Shut up!
Devin: Yeah, Pao told me today.  The whole time they were up there.  Pao didn't answer.  Then after, Pao came up and said, I want Victoria out!  Victoria this, Victoria that..  Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in.  The whole squad doesn't know.  Just Derrick, Amber, Caleb and you know..

Timecheck -- 1:48am

Devin: the 2nd question I wanted to ask you about is Amber.. You know how she gets emotional.  She plays very much with her heart.  It was very tough up here.  I was like, ok, these are your nominations, you nominate who you want to.. she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I'm like, you should've just let someone else win.
Christine: That's what Caleb told her, "You should've just let Christine win it.  She wouldn't care."
Devin: Yeah.So with her, and this stays between you and I.
Christine: I promise.

Devin: At some point last week, Amber went up to Caleb and said, "Hey, if you take me to the end, I'll take you to the end."  And so Caleb, being all lovestruck with her, was like, oooh.. ok.. He wants to do anything with and for her.  But he never told me that at that time.  Anyway, the night she was getting all pissed at the house for teasing her about Caleb, she says to me, "You know how when you get to know someone and their all about themselves? "
Christine: mm

Devin: And she was saying it, but she said it very quietly, but loud enough to where i could hear it, and Pao could hear it.  And I looked at her, and I was like, "you need to stop.  you're talking shit about a squad member.. you're talking shit about someone who really likes you." 

**OK.. He's just rehashing the whole thing, including the part where Amber said she found him most attractive.  I'm gonna sit here and listen and see if there's a point to all of this.  If Devin's actually leading somewhere interesting with this, in his role as HoH...

1:58am (cont'd) 
Christine: Between you and me, I don't know if you noticed, but the moment Caleb stopped paying her attention, she has been all over Cody.  Physically, everything. 
Devin: I didn't even notice, because I don't even look in her direction, out of respect for him..  It's a very weird situation.  I wish he didn't do it with an alliance member.  Mentally she feels weak, and I feel like she's looking for a stronger player to carry her..  It's just weird.  She threw me under the bus with Frankie and Hayden too.. she says to me, "Devin, we need to tell them!" And I'm like, "What?"  She's all, if we're telling them they're safe, then we need to tell them why.
Christine: Oh my gosh.  Did she tell them?
Devin: I had to tell them right there on the spot.  They both promised not to say anything.. And then she puts it all on me, "Well, Devin wants Brittany out..."
Christine: Oh my gosh.
Devin: The reason I want Brittany out?  She's a strong player! DO you think I want that girl hanging around?  She wont notice you and Amber, but she'll pluck off the guys one by one.
**he's right.

Devin: My deal to Pao is that if she wins the PoV, I'll pull her off and put Victoria up there..
**ahem.. If Pao wins the PoV, she'll pull herself off.
Devin: I told her, Brittany's the target this week, but I will put Victoria up there so you have comfort, and I'll let Brittany and Victoria campaign against each other.

Christine: That's nice of you.
Devin: That way, we'll still get Brittany out this week, and hopefully, Victoria will badmouth her friend so much that people will be like, ok, you're next.
Christine: Yeah.
Devin: And it'll take a lot of the heat off the rest of us.  There's no heat on anyone but me anyway.. But Amber.. She's making me so nervous..

Apparently, the point is that Devin is nervous about Amber and Caleb's friendship.He wants her out 1st of the alliance, once it comes down to that.  Caleb had been agreeable to that in the past, but Devin doubts that'll be the case moving forward.  If that's not the point, please let me know, because I've run out of patience waiting for it.

Cam 1
Double Chaise
Derrick and Caleb

Caleb: She's a strong competitor.  She's basically doin' the same thing Devin's doin'.  

Caleb: Devin's like, well Brittany's running her damn mouth, and I'm like, well, Devin, you're doin' the same thing.
Derrick: I have a soft spot for him, because of his daughter, but I've got your back..
Caleb: it'll just be, when we hit that point when it's like, 1st jury member starts now, I think it'll be best to get Devin out then, and I think everyone will want that.
Derrick: Yeah, but what about this week?
Caleb: They're just hopin' Brittany wins it.
Derrick: There are people hoping Brittany stays.
Caleb: They want Victoria to go.. So none of us can use the PoV if we win it. And next week, Pao Pao and Victoria can go up..
Derrick: If every one of our people didn't vote the way we want, then Brittany could stay.
Caleb: They will.  I do need to talk to Amber about that though.. She loves both of em.. Pao and Brittanty.
Derrick: I don't want your shoes.  What if Devin says, I want Brittany gone, Amber says, I want Pao gone.  As a married man, you better choose wisely.. That's a di-lemma.  Amber gives you those eyes?  You're gonna be comin' up to me, "change of plans, dude."

Both Laugh..

Caleb: I need to go ask her. 

Caleb goes inside.

Derrick: Perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  Amazing.

Cam 2
Derrick gets up from the double chaise to join the boys in the jacuzzi.

Derrick: I'm gettin' kinda lonely.
Frankie: We thought you had a date.
Hayden: We're talkin' about cunnilingus.  Pull up a chair.

Cody: The opportunities have been there, but I keep gettin' denied.
Frankie: Really?
**I'm having trouble fathoming it too.
 Zach: A lot of girls don't like it.
**say what now?!

Talk turns to  girls on Tinder, herpes, etc.. Derrick excuses himself.

Cam 2
Amber and Jocasta

Jocasta's telling Amber about Victoria's drama and tears over people's perceptions of her and how she can alter them.

Zach, Hayden and Frankie

Topic: Ambitions.. and capitalizing on BB "fame."
Frankie: I wanna start a youtube channel.

Camera 1
Caleb, Amber, Derrick, Christine

There is movement afoot to keep Brittany this week, because she has a good chance of winning an HoH, and she'll go after Devin.

Amber: We have the numbers to send him home, and even possibly people in our alliance would send him home.
Derrick: You couldn't put him on the block though.
Amber: Brittany would.
Derrick: He'll blow up.  He'll have 5 days to blow everything up.
Caleb: He's not gonna bash us though.. He'll be mad at Brittany, not us.
Derrick: Good point.
Amber: I just can't.

Derrick: No girl should feel like she can't speak or finish a sentence.
Caleb: Agreed.. and If I hear him talkin' to you like that or you like that.. 

They all agree that the way Devin spoke to Brittany was completely unacceptable, and they cannot support it.

Amber: He is honestly taking this HoH thing and thinking he is King of the House.   I wish I would've stayed HoH.. backdoor him this week.
Caleb: It's either we all agree or he gets 3 more weeks.
Derrick: Let's say, after PoV, you go up to him and say, "listen, I talked to a few people," without sayin names, "and they wanna keep Brittany,"  What do you think his reaction is gonna be?  He's gonna lose his shit.
Caleb: yeah.
Derrick: We gotta do what's good for the group.
Amber: I just know that I would throw the HoH competition next wee, just for Brittany to put him up.
Christine: He just said that if one of his alliance ever backdoored him that he would tell everyone..
Derrick: He said that?
**repeatedly.. but Devin has said many different things to many different people.  

This is ongoing.. and I love it.  Should make for a very intense week on the feeds!☺  If you haven't gotten the feeds yet, here's a 2 day free trial

2:40am Frankie joins the crew by the Hammock, and they fill him in.. They want to save Brittany to take out Devin.

Caleb: If he's the only one who wants Brittany gone, she aint goin' home.

Hayden joins, and they ask if he has a preference this week.  He says it doesn't really matter to him which one goes.

Camera 3
Have Not Room
Zach and Devin

Topic: Victoria..

Devin: Nobody should ever treat anybody the way that she does.
Zach: Exactly.

Cam 2
Jocasta and Amber

Topic: Issues with Devin.. and the bed shortage.. and values and morals..

Camera 1

Devin: I just talked to Christine and she didn't say anything.
Caleb: I just talked to Christine after she talked to you.

Caleb: For one, both of the girls are scared to death to talk to you, cuz how you talk to them.
Devin: What are you talking about dude?  What are you talking about? I just talked to Christine upstairs.
Caleb: I'm just saying she was intimidated to talk to you.
Devin: What are you talking about?  All of a sudden you're not down to put up Brittany.
Caleb: I'm down to put up Brittany.  She's already up.  I'm just saying there are a couple people in the alliance who may not be.
Devin: I don't wanna do a he said, she said.. They're saying one thing when I talk to them..
Caleb: At the end of the day, Devin, I think it'll show in the votes.
Frankie: She's not gonna go against the alliance.
Devin: Where did this all come from, dude?  I just talked to her and she was fine.

Devin pulls Christine out and rattles off questions..  Christine denies denies.. and says that she gets nervous whenever anyone pulls her in like that.

Devin: He said that you don't want her up.
Christine: I don't care one way or the other.

Devin goes inside, and Derrick and Caleb assure her she's done nothing wrong... and now they've seen first hand how gruff he is with the women.

Derrick: I would just say, if you're gonna talk to him, just make sure there's another guy there.
Caleb: I ask him a simple question and he blows up.

Camera 1
Devin and Caleb

Caleb: You ok?
Devin: No, I'm not.  I ask you a simple question and you talk to me foul like that. I don't talk to anyone disrespectfully.  I don't talk to any of the girls like that.
**just let that sink in a moment.

Caleb: That's not what half of the house is sayin', Devin.
Devin: Hey, look, this is the thing.  There's no more alliance.  We're done.  The whole thing is done.  
Caleb: If that's how you want to handle it.
Devin: We're done.  I had your back from day one, dude.

Devin goes inside.

Derrick: Now what the hell happened?  Ya can't talk to him.
Caleb: Ya can't talk to that guy.  You just can't do it.
Frankie: I feel like I should try.
Derrick: You told him 3 times not to bring Christine out here. 3 times.  The poor girl was standing there holding her zipper.
Frankie: What'd he just say?
Caleb: Just heated.  He just blows up over that kinda stuff.  I'm not gonna let him talk down to me like he does the girls in this house.  He wont talk to me like that.  It's not happenin'.
Frankie: But what did he just say?
Derrick: It's over.
Caleb: I said, Devin, one minute you say it's personal, the next you say it's all game, which is it?  He wants to play honest? Everyone in this house wants him gone but me. Everyone.
Hayden: And now he just ruined that.
Caleb: I was strictly talking game to him, and he blew up out of proportion.. He's the one goin' against his word.  Not me. And I was takin' up for Amber and Christine, because of how he talks to em.  That's not happening anymore. 

Hayden says goodnight.

Caleb: Then he's gonna say, you're love struck, it's all about Amber.
Derrick: Do you think he's talkin' about bomb squad, when he says the alliance is done.
Caleb: He's talkin about bomb squad.  If he blows it up.. no one will believe him anyway.
Derrick: The door was open when he said it.  Whether that was intentional or not, they heard it.

Zach comes out.. They ask him to get Cody too, so they can talk.

Zach: Can I ask something?  Is it because of Brittany?  Cause he's the only one who wants her gone?
Derrick; Exactly.
Zach: I don't wanna talk shit about Devin, but.. The whole time you were talking to Amber on the hammock, he was over there goin' "This can't be happening.. This can't be happening.. Can't be mixin' business with pleasure.

Caleb: And then he said, this alliance is over.
Derrick: With the door open.

Caleb: Devin's the only one who wants her gone, because she'll put him up.
Zach: OK.. So now we're an alliance of 7.
Derrick: Just wait.. would you be sirprised right now if he woke up everyone to call a house meeting to blow up the bomb squad.
Caleb: He would.
Derrick: He would absolutely do that. 

Timecheck-- 3:29am  Let's check on Devin.. Frankie's been calming him down.

Cam 3 and 4

Devin: I'm not angry at anyone.  I'm not angry at Caleb.  When you get cornered like that, how do you want me to respond?  Frankie, I feel like I'm playing with a bunch of people who don't know how to play the game, dude. I better start doing some cardio.  D-Shep's going home.
Frankie: I'll see what's going on.. I love you.
Devin: I love you too.
Frankie: Relax..
Devin: Wow man..

Cam 1
Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, Zach, Cody, Christine

Frankie: He's not committed to blowing up the bomb squad at all, but if you keep antagonizing him, he will go nuts.

Since the door was open, they plan to spin "the alliance" Devin mentioned as something that was just between Caleb and Devin.  Frankie tells them that Devin feels he's now public enemy number one, and he'll go up and out unless he wins pov next week. Frankie advises everyone to let it be tonight..

Frankie: Let's try and let him go peacefully.
Zach: Sleep on it, Caleb.

Caleb goes inside.

Derrick: I'm more scared of Caleb than Devin,

Caleb returns.

Caleb: I'm gonna go lay on the hammock with my blankie.

Frankie joins Caleb on the Hammock, and Caleb tells him what transpired..  and how Devin brought Amber into it and called him "lovestruck."

Caleb: At the end of the day, I want her there with me instead of him.  I want you there with me, instead of him.  Y'all two. Anyone else.. I don't care.

Peeking on Devin, 3:39am  Camera 3 -- Lights out in HoH..
The conversation between Caleb and Frankie continues on the hammock..  Concerns about Devin's temper have now reached into the male population of the house.

Frankie:  If he gets physical, just put your hands to your side.
Caleb: That's not gonna happen. 
Frankie: Do defensive, not offensive.  I don't want you to get ejected.  Let him get sent home.  I don't know what his condition is, but he certainly seems to go up and down up and down..

Cam 1 - Brittany's outside on the Hammock with Caleb and Derrick
Cam 3 - Frankie's in the BeeHive Room with Christine

Brittany: He threw you under the bus in front of all the HGs. When I went upstairs, I told you, your game would be better here, without Devin.  He wanted the target off his back, and onto yours.  I knew you were friends with him.  I had no problem telling him that he was full of shit.  He says what sounds good, but he doesn't follow through with anything.  He made me feel like an idiot.  How he talks to people is so disrespectful and degrading.
Caleb: I took up for everyone in this house on that.
Brittany:  I know.  Thank you.
Caleb:  Amber and Christine were sittin' here and they both felt belittled and disrespected.
Brittany: I told him, there are a few people who have cried because of how you made them feel.
Caleb: Needless to say, he's highly mad at me.  That's fine.  But when all that was over, he came back outside and he said, We need to talk!  I said, do you feel better now?  He said, NO, We need to talk now!  I said, Devin, you talk to people like that in this house, not to me.. That ain't gonna happen.  I said, Devin, I've had your back since day one.  I have your back now.  But people in this house don't like you and all the girls are scared of you.  He said, Fine, we're done.  Our relationship's done.  OK.. He ran upstairs, stormed off.  
Brittany: He's not making sense.
Derrick: If you won HoH, you'd put him up.
Brittany: Hey, the whole house wants him up..
Caleb: If you win, pull yourself off, he'll put someone up as a replacement.. I don't think he'll put me up, but he might.
Brittany: If he wins, I think he'll take Pao down..
Derrick: Tonight's not a good night to talk to him..

Brittany: Maybe if someone can convince him.. if I come off with the PoV, maybe someone the house wouldn't mind evicting.. Victoria..

They all agree.  Victoria's rubbed quite a few the wrong way..

Brittany:  He;s not all there.. right now. I think he's probably fine outside this house.
Caleb: He's loosing it in here.
Brittany:  He's gonna explode. Like, when we were playing the comp this morning.  He was being so rude and disrespectful.. and then when we lost..
Caleb: I wanted you to know that all that was for the majority of the girls in this house who are afraid of him.. and Christine really didn't help, because when he called her out, she was scared crapless.  I just want you to know - I want you here.  I'm about getting out the weak people.  You're a strong player and you can help people in this game.  Amber and I were sitting here trying to figure it out.

Timecheck -- 4:59am

Brittany: That's why he wants me out.  He can't manipulate me and I'm not scared of him.
Caleb:  That's what I told him tonight.  All these people are scared of you.  Not me.

Cam 3
Frankie, Caleb, Amber, Brittany

Amber suggests Caleb go up and sleep with Devin in HoH.

Amber: If my boyfriend and I got into an argument, I'd do that.
Caleb: He's not my boyfriend.

Devin talk continues..

Frankie: Maybe this will all work out..
Amber: You have your Zach romance..
Frankie: I think he's in love with Cody now.
Amber: I naired Hayden's nipples tonight.. and I'm gonna nair a BB into his butt hair tomorrow.

5:25am Chatter continues, and  Jocasta joins them.  The plan is to stay awake with Brittany to watch the sunrise.. which they can't actually see.. That's Brittany's plan for them, anyway.  After the intensity of the late night, it's lovely to see some shiny, happy, giggly HGs..

Camera 3 flips to Cody, Derrick and Zach on the couch, eating pasta.  Frankie joins them.

Frankie: Are you freaking out, or are you ok?
Derrick: What do you think?
Frankie: I think he could throw Caleb up if he wins PoV.
Zach: Wont matter if he does.  Caleb's not goin' home.
Derrick: This has nothing to do with the Bomb Squad.
Frankie: Caleb said he wont put him up, but he'll vote him out.  I actually don't think it's a good idea to put him up at all. Then he has a chance to get himself off..

Cody would love the chance to put him up and out.

Frankie: He said he was gonna lock himself in his room and not talk to anyone.. 

5:30am The others head inside.  Derrick and Cody remain.

Derrick: Dude, you realize how amazing this is for you and me, right?  Break those 2 up?  Perfect.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.



Blogger Unknown said...

Arthur is passing to the east of us here in Maine. Power was out this morning (back now) very windy and heavy rain. But, the coffee is hot and I have TOR. :-)

I'm actually getting tired of watching Devin step on his ****.
Britt seems to be playing it just right to make it through to next week, I hope she keeps it up.

That said I'm willing to sit through another week of Devin if he goes home next week.

I will take another look at Victoria's actions with the cultural differences in mind. I do think she is a snob though.


July 5, 2014 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger patti said...

Morning dishers!

Hey Caro, did you notice you titled TOR Big BOTHER? LOL! As a proofreader I notice everything, and that made me giggle.

Oy, what a night eh? LOVIN it! Devin ain't so "hot" anymore is he? For some reason, his mannerisms remind me of OJ Simpson.

Happy Saturday all!! xoxo

July 5, 2014 at 4:57 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thank you Carolyn.

POV is going to be ridiculous and the aftermath, more-so.

Frenzy. Tempest in a teapot. I want Britt to win just to see Devin implode lol

July 5, 2014 at 5:22 AM  
Blogger CINDY "SAID" said...

Oh my goodness! I just cannot stand Devin! I hope someone sees what an ahem! never mind he is! I was shocked to read he got Paola to do that and I am a little disappointed she did it. I guess she's scared having been on the block twice. Devin's ego has got to GO!! Thanks Carolyn for all you do!

July 5, 2014 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning :0) and goodnight.. for a little while.. :) just a nap.. be back around 11:30-12 eastern / 8:30/9 BBT

July 5, 2014 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Fellow Dishers,

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday weekend and had a GREAT 4th..I ate to much, there is something about BBQ hamburgers with all the trimmings that is so good...yummmmmmmmm
Stay safe and enjoy...

I am not sure about Devin, I think if things continue, he will implode... :( and I think a few HG's just may push a little...I don't like the way he treats people and his superior attitude, but Caleb is the same way...they both make me VERY nervous...

OH and I like Victoria, an I missing something?


July 5, 2014 at 6:12 AM  
Blogger Edie said...

Good Morning Carolyn and dishers ! I work nights and always miss the good stuff . So thank you Carolyn for all you do ... You are the woman :)

I see Devin has finally lost it ! They need to send him in to see the head doctor . I am really worried for the houseguests ... If he is like this now , imagine when he gets put on the block !!!

I was reading the updates and I think you accidently called Amber Amanda ... Lol I was like wait who is Amanda . I'm not trying to correct you I just found it funny .

I hope everyone has a great day , and thanks again Carolyn for all you do :)

July 5, 2014 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

ok this game may have just got better.
Love Calab, so glad he stood up to Devin.

I watched 307-347am in lashbacks. Wow

oh ya good morning Goddess of the dish and dishers. wow what a night

July 5, 2014 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger StephenN42 said...

Morning Carolyn and Dishers hither and yon...

Looks like Devin sealed his fate last night. He can't play for HoH BUT he will be able to play for PoV when he goes up. So Back dooring is risk but the question is too big a risk?

Derrick doesn't miss much he has great observation skills. And is starting to grow on me.

Victoria needs to suck it up. Culture differences aside...She is the stereo typical Princess.

Brittany is playing a smart game so far keep off the radar until after the PoV..then campaign long and hard. But it looks like someone other than Britt will be going home.

See everyone on the Feeds!
Where the game is really played!

July 5, 2014 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger sleep2dream8 said...

This is off subject. But, does anyone know where I can get that hammock?? I love it!!

July 5, 2014 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger sleep2dream8 said...

I don't know if my comment is posting. But does anyone know where I can get the hammock like the one in the backyard?

July 5, 2014 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry! :0) Stay safe!! I'm ready for Devin to go too.. He doesn't even look pretty to me anymore..

Good morning, Patti! Thank you, I did! Woopsie! :) That .. and all my Amber/Amanda typos..

Good morning, Mappy! :0) Thank YOU! And I agree! Cuckoo for cocopuffs!

Good morning, Cindy Jones! :) It' interesting if you look at it in social experiment terms.. He who is the biggest and the loudest is accustomed to getting his way..

Good morning, Pammmmm!! :0) I'm glad you had a super 4th! Me too! :0) xxxooo!!!

Good morning, Edie! :0) Thanks so much!! Re Amanda/Amber - that seems to be my finger's go-to-typo this summer.. hopefully they'll cure themselves.

Good morning, TiffanyJade! :) I'm glad he did too..

Good morning, Snalley! :) Could well be, but there's still time for someone else to have a meltdown too.. there's always time. hehe

Good morning, Sleep2Dreams :) I'd love to know too! btw, if ever your comment isn't posting, there are a couple of possible reasons why: 1) I'm napping while the HGs sleep, 2) I'm transcribing my fingers off and as soon as there's a break in the action, I'll come moderate and publish comments. :)

July 5, 2014 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn and BB Buddies!
Hope everyone enjoyed there 4th!

Caleb has made it official Amber is his QUEEN!( His words not mine)
And as the king he must protect his queen from the big bad bully Devin (well um er sort of )…..Only he can't if had the opportunity put Him on the block.

Derrick,Christine and Zack for me…. playing the smartest..

woe just had an earthquake in Cali! just a small one.

Listening to Jacosta and Zacks one on one about Victoria's manner's was a nice break….Jacosta has the art of conversation down…A woman with a balanced mind and heart. And Zack seemed genuinely appreciative of her advice.

This is going to be an Awesome BB week!!!
Let the Bomb squad go BOOM! ….please! ;0

July 5, 2014 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Please come join me in the new top post :) HERE


July 5, 2014 at 10:19 AM  
Blogger sleep2dream8 said...

I don't know if my comment is posting. But does anyone know where I can get the hammock like the one in the backyard?

July 5, 2014 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger islandgirl said...

Thank you for another awesome TOR! <3 I love this season...glad that they are agreeing that D-Shep needs to GOOOOO BUH BYE!

July 6, 2014 at 1:13 AM  

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