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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  Today in the house, Derrick will write his HoH blog and take his HoH Pics.. The rest remains to be seen.

As we rejoin our HGs, Hayden and Nicole are snuggling under the covers on Camera 1, and we've got a pow wow happening up in HoH on Camera 3. 

Camera 3
Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Caleb

Derrick: He burned those 7 people, and now he's goin' home.
Zach: Dude, what was he thinkin' putting me on the block?
Derrick: He wasn't thinking.

Zach: Ok.. So.. Brittany's the target and he puts her up with the weakest player, Pao.   So, he already has his bases covered, they're gonna lose, whatever.  But he goes out of his way to tell Pao, you better throw the competition, or I'm goin' after you next.  Pao has no choice, she throws the competition.  Already he's f'in up.  Then, at the PoV, right before we walk out, he turns around and goes to Pao, "If I win, I'm usin' it on you."  Pao goes "yes, yes, yes!"  He wins it, doesn't use it on Pao, uses it on his target, Brittany, and then puts up his alliance member.

Frankie: hehe
Caleb: hehe
Derrick: Annnnd.. fast forward.. he's goin' home with an 11-0 vote.  A week ago, he thought he had a guaranteed spot in jury.

Camera 1

Snuggle partners have changed.   Zach in, Hayden out, then Nicole and Victoria on the end.

Nicole: I feel like you guys don't give each other a chance.

Victoria: Ha! Nicole.
Zach: Really? Shut up, Nicole.
Victoria: Yeah, for real. Nicole, can I tell you a secret?
Nicole: Zach is super cute, Victoria.
Victoria: Nicole, I'm  engaged outside of this house.
Nicole: No, you're not.
Victoria: ok.
Zach: You're engaged? OK, where's your engagement ring?
Victoria: Obviously I'm trying to keep it a secret.
Zach: What's the point of keeping it a secret?
Victoria: Because I need to get on good terms with the guys here.

Nicole: Are you serious??
Victoria: Yes!!
Zach: No, she's not.
Victoria: Wait until finale.. hehehe.. you'll meet him.

Nicole: I wanna know if this is the truth, right now.

This is ongoing.. and obviously bs, but they have fun a lot of fun with it.

Hayden, Frankie, Zach, Victoria, Jacosta, Christine

Zach: But Victoria's secret, now that's a  big deal.
Frankie: Is it big? Victoria's Secret! Victoria's Secret.  You won Victoria's Secret.  That makes so much sense.
Zach: It's actually better than that.  It even more ridiculous.

Jacosta: What's the secret?
Victoria: There's no secret.
Zach: You've been playing it off so well.. That's something that's really hard to hide.
Frankie: You're not a girl.
Jocasta: She's already married with kids.
Zach: She had a sex change.

Zach: This is the juiciest secret..
Frankie: He's just trying to get out of his whole Amanda Zuckerman thing.
Hayden: Victoria, you can trust me.. I will only tell 14 people.
Zach: And just know, if it gets out, she told, not me..

Nicole: If I were you, I would just say it.
Zach: No, because it hurts her game.
Nicole: It doesn't hurt her game at all.

Frankie: Amanda just tweeted, I am absolutely not related to that ass.
ALL: hahaha

12:41am - After many guesses, including porn star, Victoria confesses her secret is not true.

Victoria to Nicole: If I tell you it's not true , will you stop trying to set me up with Zach?

Cam 4
Caleb and Amber

Caleb's practicing his eviction show speech..

Caleb: Last night you were sayin' "I'm a beast, I'm a beast."
Amber: But I'm not putting it in my speech.
Caleb: I wouldn't either.  I would not get up on national television and make myself look like a cocky punk.  My competitive skills come in with my mouth.  At the end of the day, I'm really tryin' to read people, and figure out who I can really trust.

Then they move on to who they trust in the game.

Amber: mm hmm
Caleb: Frankie, he gets nauseous, and he throws stuff up that he shouldn't be doin'.  He needs to learn to calm down.  Derrick?  I trust him to the moon and back.
Amber: mm hmm
Caleb: Christine, I don't know. I feel like at any given moment, if someone offered her a dal to backdoor you or me, she'd do it.
Amber: Christine, I feel like, thinks that she'll get far with me n you, though. So she wont do that anytime soon.
Caleb: So for sure, us 5.  I don't completely trust the other ones.  They haven't showed me trust.  At the end of the day, we're gonna make it to jury.  And backdoorin' is gonna start happening once we do.
Amber: mm hmm
Caleb: If you get backdoored, you get backdoored, and you go sit in the jury house.  I just know I'm gonna sit in there and know that I gave 110%.  It feels good knowing you're the toughest guy in the house.  Like Jeff.. He didn't win anything, but look what he's doin' now. You don't have to win to do anything.  My thing is, I want America to know who I am..

Amber: My thing is, I want to be last 4..
Caleb: Why last 4? Now 2nd place?  That's a big deal.  3rd place, you lose, just like the 1st person who left.  That's my next goal: jury house.  Then my next one is to be on top. And it's literally beast mode time at that point.  The sucky thing is you can't win HoH back to back.
Amber:  So that just means, you need to win one week, I need to win one week, you need to win one week, I need to win one week.
Caleb:  Yes.  If you can turn beast mode on like that, yes.  That would be great.  And we would be known as the strongest couple in BB history.  All America knows that we are the closest people in this house.  I wouldn't hide anything from you.. I tell you anything.  At the end of the day, if it was you winning, me winning..
Amber: We;ll see who jury thinks is the best.
Caleb: We know who that's gonna be.
Amber: Oh Caleb.

Talk turns to this week.  Amber tells him he shouldn't have done it.  He says he had to..

Caleb: And now come Thursday, all America will see that the crazy country boy just pulled off somehtin' nuts.
Amber: Do you feel better?
Caleb: Yeah. 

Camera 1
Frankie, Victoria, Christine, Jacosta, Nicole

Secrets, Giggles and Lies continue..

Victoria: So there's a possibility that he's waiting outside with a ring, and he's gonna come to finale..

Zach comes in..

Frankie: oooh! Now Zach doesn't know the secret.  ♫We know something you don't know..
Zach: If you don't tell me, I'm gonna relinquish your secret that you told me.

Frankie: We already know the secret.. And now we know a new secret.

Talk turn to sunglasses.. Christine and Nicole are shocked and appalled by how much Victoria paid for hers.  It's just completely outside of their life experience.

Victoria: I work really hard.  Why shouldn't I treat myself to nice things?
Christine: Different lifestyles.. That's what I'm saying.
Nicole: What would you do if they broke?

Victoria segways into pet hamsters.. Lots of cute stories... And a very painful one about an iron on her stomach at 1:14am..

 And on to tales of conception and delivery.  Victoria's sister's baby was conceived at her house.  Christine's sister was delivered on her mother's bed..

Christine: I will not give birth in a hospital.
Zach: It's a business.  They're trying to get you in and get you out as fast as possible.
Christine: Yeah, I will never have a child in a hospital.. Unless it's an emergency..

Frankie: Oh! Will you rub my back for a second?

Checking upstairs.. Caleb and Amber are still talking up in HoH.  At the moment, he's telling her how he'll encourage her during the Endurance Comp they expect will be happening this Thursday.

Caleb: For now, we don't have anything to worry about.
Amber: You keep saying that but you can't know.
Caleb: We don't.

Amber: You need to start wearin' your hair down.

Cam 2
Fire Room
Stories, Family talk, Chill time..

Cam 1 and 2
Zach and Derrick

Zach: Oh, he's out dude.
Derrick: This is the easy part.  The hard part is being safe next week when I can't defend myself. That's the hard part.  See what happens.. Everything happens for a reason.

Zach: Right.
Derrick: Cody's puttin' the moves or talkin' something with Brittany right now..
Zach: I know!  Cody's the man.
Derrick: If I looked like him, I'd be doin' the same thing.  Tell me one person right now who would vote him out.
Zach:  Caleb.
Derrick: One guy.  And only because why?  Because Amber likes him.  And would Amber vote him out?
Zach: Probably not.
Derrick: Exactly.  He's sittin' pretty. 
Zach:  We're all sittin' pretty.
Derrick:  But if it's me n you against him?  The girls are sendin you and me packin'.  We don't have to worry about it yet.. Unless Donny gets us all out.
Zach: Donny's a beast. 
Derrick: He is. Who was the one who told you Victoria was questioning me?
Zach:  I think it was Frankie or Christine..
Derrick: I take what she says with a grain of salt, but..
Zach:  I would love to send her home.
Derrick:  She's not a threat at all.
Zach:  She's not even close to a threat.
Derrick: She's naive.  She doesn't even know we're in a game called Big Brother.
Zach: You think tomorrow you're doin' your blog?
Derrick: I don't know.. I hope so.
**yes.  Blog and Pics are on Tuesdays.

1:28am Cody comes out from the DR and plays pool with Derrick, the victor.. Then Christine comes outside as well..

Christine: Victoria's just talking in the bedroom.
Derrick: I would just shut the light off.
Christine: She doesn't stop.
Cody: Isn't there a shit ton of people in the room right now?
Christine: Just everyone who should be sleeping.

1:32am   Christine heads inside.  Cody begins to speak about what he was talking to Brittany about..

Cody: We were bs'ing a little bit.
Derrick: Yous two gotta have the weirdest relationship in the house.
Cody: Dude, It's outta control. I don't know what to think with her.  I called her out on it.
Derrick: If she doesn't win it, or if we don't win it, she's gonna get put on the block.   If it's anyone else but Donny and Jocasta.  They're the only 2 who wouldn't put her up.  Just by attrition, there's no one else.
Cody: I don't know, dude.  Once again, I'm sittin' there in the bed, and.. Amber comes over..
Derrick: Solid..
Cody: And Amber comes in and sits right next to me.. And Caleb comes in and starts pacing.. And then jets into DR.  Like, he wasn't called in.  It's kinda pissing me off, cause he's acting like a little bitch.  It's like, dude, she's not into you like that.
Derrick: Well, he's lucky he's on the block with Devin this week.

Cody: Did I tell you what he said to me and Frankie today..
Derrick: He said the same to me.
Cody: And the absolute truth of it is, if we even attempted to work with him, it would be an immediate target on our backs.  What Frankie said to him was good.  Frankie was like, "if you're gonna campaign, you're just gonna solidify the 12-0 vote, so just relax and enjoy the last days."
Derrick: Donny told him too.  He went to Donny and asked if he thought he could get 6 votes, and Donny told him no.
Cody: Donny came out and told us that.
Derrick: Yeah, Devin came to me and told me that too.. I was like, I'm not even a vote, bro.  He's like, yeah but you talk to the guys.  I said, you blew that up, bro, that doesn't even exist anymore.  The house is up in the air right now.

Cody: I feel like if I win HoH, I blow up my game..
Derrick: Somebody's gotta go up, and Brittany ain't puttin' up Donny and Jocasta.
Cody: 1/3 of the house is gonna go up on the block this week.  And with Devin out, who's the target?
Derrick: I think Victoria's gonna be next.  People are gonna put up who they think isn't good for their games.

Zach returns..

Zach: Donny's definitely not going after you.
Cody: I think if Donny wins HoH, he would go after Caleb and give us a chance to get him out.
Zach: That would be great.

Derrick: I don't think Donny has any intentions on winning HoH.
Cody: You think he's gonna toss it?
Zach: You think he's gonna toss it?!
Derrick: Of course he is.  He's already concerned with..  He said it to all of us.. He's like, "Oh man.. I hope I'm not comin' off as a competitor."

**It's like Derrick is giving Cody and Zach free lessons.. I feel like Zach is Luke Skywalker, Devin is Darth Vader and Derrick is either Obi Wan Kenobi or Yoda, but I can't decide which.

Time Check -- 1:39am

Donny: He's not gonna toss it. 
Derrick: Same way you didn't toss the first one.
Zach: I'm gonna toss it.
Cody: You're gonna toss it??  I mean, I know you think we're in a great spot, but like, I have no idea where the house is gonna be at once Devin's gone.  Like, no idea.

Cody: So that's my thing.. Someone like Donny would be good.  Someone like Jacosta..
Derrick: not for me.
Cody: I don't think she holds a grudge.
Derrick: Jacosta would put me up and she should put me up.  She has to put up 2 people.  Why get blood on her hands with both?  That's basics.
Cody: So who do you think wouldn't you up?  Nicole, Christine..
Derrick: Nicole, Christine, Yous two, Hayden, Caleb, Brittany I don't know about, Donny I don't know about..
Cody: I don't think Brittany would put you up.

Zach:  What were you talking to Brittany about?
Cody: We were talkin' about a lot of different shit.. Outside of the house.. then inside.. I was like, Honestly I'm pretty po'd about a lot of different stuff, because people are getting bashed by a lot of different stuff said by a liar.  I was like, Brit, you've been paranoid.. The fact that you said to Zach, I think Cody's mad at me?  I don't know what she's doing.
Zach: I don't think anyone should be worried about Brit at all.  What can she do?  She's got nothing.
Cody: I don't know what she's got going with Donny.
Zach; She's in an alliance called The Outsiders. She let it slip last night.
Cody: Whatever dude.
Zach: I knew they called themselves the outsiders weeks ago.. I swear.
Cody: How poor is your game if you link up with people called the outsiders..
Zach: She's smarter than Victoria..
Derrick: Brittany has the balls to put up all of us.  We legit saved her life in this game.
Cody: Devin told her that Zach and I went to him and said we don't want Brit to go home.  I was like, Honestly, I've been kinda irritated..
Derrick: Every time I see her, she's talkin' game to somebody..  She was in the Rock Room with Donny for an hour.
Cody: So you don't trust Donny?
Zach: I'll be honest with you.. I would flip on the Bomb Squad in a second.
Derrick: Bomb Squad doesn't exist.

Zach: We need to set up a plan of action.  First Item: Set up an alliance with Hayden.
Cody: But Hayden's already down with us.
Zach: We need to make it official though..  Seconds Plan of Action: Donny.. 
Cody: But we don't know where he is.
Derrick: We thought there was this big thing goin' on between Donny, Brittany and Jocasta, but that hasn't panned out.
Cody: Next week, they're not gonna have the numbers to get any of us out.
Zach: I just think that Caleb and Amber are not a good look for us.
Derrick: No one associates us with them.

Zach: (re Caleb) Cody, he hates you. (because of Amber)

This is ongoing and going and going..  If you'd like to watch the rest of this conversation on flashback, go to 1:46am on camera 1.

Pool Table
Cam 1 and 2
Caleb, Zach

Caleb: I said, "maybe I'll keep you safe next week."  "Oh, Caleb, don't be overconfident."  "Amber, you're safe right now because of me.  You're not on the block right now because of me.  Simple as that."

Cam 3 and 4
Cody and Amber

Amber: You definitely can teach him a thing or 2.  You have your cuddle buddy tonight.
Cody: Who's that?  Who's my cuddle buddy?
Amber: hehe

Cam 3
Christine, Amber, Caleb

Christine: That room is so horrible to sleep in.

Caleb: I'll switch spots.  You can sleep in the Ice Room.
Christine: hehehe
Caleb: It's just as bad.  Devin is worse than 4 people snoring together.  If I fall asleep before him, I'm fine.
Christine: That's what happened with me in there.  My mind was racing and they all fell asleep and started snoring, and I was like, Shoot! I'm supposed to fall asleep first.
Caleb: I wanna go home and write a country song.  If I had gotten to bring my guitar.. I could sit out here and play all.. night.. long.  That would be my stress reliever.

Amber: That demonstration from Frankie earlier tonight was hysterical.
Christine: Dental dams..

HoH Room
Camera 1 and 2
Derrick and Cody

We join this conversation in progress..  To sum up, Derrick is not pleased with Zach, who after saying how much he wanted the next HoH all week, tonight declared he would be throwing this week's HoH competition, leaving Derrick, who will not be able to compete, swinging in the wind. 

Cody: I just wanna get me n you to the jury point, and then as far as we can, and if I f'in go.. 
Derrick: Dude, it's a fail if we don't get to the top 3.
Cody: Yeah
Derrick: We gotta get to the top 3. Once we get to the top 3, we're golden. It would probably be in my interest to take a weaker player.  I'm tellin' you to your face right now, I'm takin' you, and if I end up with the 50 grand, I'm gonna still look like a f'in stud.  

Derrick: If I take someone else, I'm gonna look like a straight scrub, kinda like Dan did in 14.  Time will tell if it works out.. I'll prove my worth.  If I win the (Final 3) HoH, and you're gonna say, F'k D, are you gonna stay true to your word?  You're gonna see what I'm about. Period.
Cody: I'm gonna do the same.

Derrick: And I'm gonna give the best f'in speech I can to get the money over you. I'm gonna say, listen, so you guys know, we were both in an alliance together, and now we're here together.. and this is why..
Cody: I'm playin' people in the house, but I'm not doing anything maliscious.  I'm doing things so you and I are at the end.

Derrick: That was really it.. The little Hayden, Donny thing.. It concerns me a little bit, because if Donny isn't including me..
Cody: Same thing with Brittany..  We're expendable.

Derrick: I came up here and took a shower, and I was like, this f'in 23 year old kid is gonna fk my game up.  I don't expect him to go in there and win the comp for me.  I don't think I'm in jeopardy at all.  But.. it's nice to know when someone says, dude, I'm gonna  crush the comp this week, they're tellin' the truth.. Or, just don't say anything at all.
Cody: You know, every comp I go into, I'm not gonna be tossin' competitions.
Derrick: As sad as it is, I know we wanna get him out, but if Caleb wins, we have a zero percent chance of goin' on the block.
Cody: mm hmm
Derrick: ZERO.  He's loyal to a fault.  He wont put us up.
Cody: That is my exact line about Caleb, but.. I also think he is so obsessed with Amber..
Derrick: He really doesn't think there's anything goin' on with you and her.  He came outside and said tonight that he had the best conversation with her.. The minute he mentions the possibility of one of us goin' home?  He's going up.  Even if he decided to make a move 3 weeks from now, he can'[t get you out.
Cody: The only way he could wold be to put me up next to you.
Derrick: I think he trusts me.  I'm his new Devin.  If you're concerned with him backdooring you, I need to be closer to him thatn anyone in the house.  I think he knows he has to play nice with you.. Victoria and Jacosta are the 2 he's putting up if he wins this week.  He's going for the floaters..  When he tells me he's coming for you, I'll tell you, and you'll have to win that comp.  I don't think any of us are goin' up this week, or for the next couple weeks.. but if I had to pick a name: Donny would be the one to put us up.
Cody: He scares me cuz I don't know where his head's at.

Cody: You know who I'd love to see win an HoH next to me?  F'in Victoria.
Derrick: We'd be so golden.  Do you see my argument between her and Brittany?  Victoria, I know I could control her vote.  100% she'd never put us up.  Now down the road, that's a vote for me, so we gotta get her outa here so it's even.  I get it. 
Cody: I could give a shit less about that.
Derrick: I'm just sayin', if it came down to that, I'd be like, dude, good faith, I'll put her up this week.  Just to prove to you it is what it is.  Right now,  I can say with 100% certainty that Victoria will vote the way we tell her to vote.  With Brittany?
Cody: With Brittany, unless it's Donny or Jocasta, I think Brittany would.

This is ongoing.. and while interesting, completely speculation.. If you'd like to continue with this conversation on flashback, go to 3:22am on Camera 1 or 2.

Cam 1
Caleb and Amber

Caleb: You're 110 pounds soakin' wet.. You're gonna be fine either way.  I'll see you in there in a minute..

Amber heads into the Have Not Room, followed by Caleb..

It's lights out throughout the house..  Skippy is amusing himself by focusing on random objects..

...and this concludes the Overnight Report.  Thank you for being a part of bbdish.  See you when BB wakes the HGs!



Blogger Tam said...

Good morning, Carolyn. Thanks for a great TOR, as usual.

July 15, 2014 at 4:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's rainy and very muggy here in the northeast, doesn't help my emphysema at all.

So the testosterone alliance has it all figured out down to the final 3.

I'm really not sure where Hayden stands, I still think there is a shot for Donny, Nicole and Hayden
working together.

Now we understand Victoria, she was carried off by a crow when she was a baby. Does she actually believe that? I think I dated Victoria in high school (maybe it was her grandmother). '-)

Frankie giving sex ed was funny. We do have some very normal 20 something's in this house and a few weeks without is starting to show.

So far this is one of the least dramatic HOH's I can remember in BB. It is interesting seeing the houseguests actually relaxing with each other, but I still want some chaos for the entertainment value.

Thanks for what you do Carolyn.
Get some sleep, no drama today. :-)

July 15, 2014 at 4:32 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Tam! :0) Thank you very much!

Good morning, Jerry! :0) Hehehe. OK.. you're here.. NOW I can go for my bike ride.. Yes, I've become that dependent upon your first thing in the morning comments.☺

July 15, 2014 at 4:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh Oh, pressure on. I was up early this morning and went to breakfast. My neighbor is in Ireland with her granddaughter so I have been taking care of her animals. Cow, chickens, rabbit, cat. I do live in a rural area. Anyway, my point is that some mornings I may be a little later to the party. Enjoy your bike ride. :-)

July 15, 2014 at 4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoy your comments every morning. As always, thanks for the overnight. Terrific Tuesday to all!

July 15, 2014 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!!

At least these HG's are giving you a nice relaxing week before the madness begins again Thursday!!

This overnight has to be one of the funniest on record...Victoria's far flung stories, and Caleb's delusional lies...all rolled in with a little strategy from the "new brigade"

Chery on top of the sundae was Caleb saying he coined the phrase "Drunker than Cooter Brown" because that's what he nicknamed himself and he said it when he was drunk for the first time and it caught on....

I've defended Caleb's narcissism this year on possible leftover issues from going to war, or childhood problems, but that kinda did me in...I'm done with the Caleb defense now....

Otherwise, this is the perfect season to me...many say without drama it make's the feeds boring, but I'm enjoying this group becoming friends, bonding over a shred experience, and still playing a cutthroat game...this is what BB is all about...save the drama for facebook!

Ok, enough ranting from me...back to manning the chat room! lol

Thank you Carolyn!!

July 15, 2014 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Jerry, I would love to see Hayden, Donny and Nicole work together . Still waiting to see what Donny has planned.
But Nicole will tell Christine who will then run to Frankie who tell Cody,Zack and Derrick.
Nobody can seem to keep a secret in that hs.
But i am hoping Donny is quietly observing this and laying in wait to make a big move.
Thx for TOR….

July 15, 2014 at 7:18 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Gooood morning, Everyone! :0) Here's a pic from my bike ride this morning.. I stopped in the middle of Bear Cut bridge to shoot this one. :0)

Jerry :) Thank you! I did!

Good morning, Foofie! :) Thank you! Terrific Tuesday to you!

Good morning, DavidLockner! :) Right?! I don't feel like I can completely zonk out, because the DR is almost sure to rile up Devin somehow, but... pretty close! I'm love, love, loving this season.. Glad you are too!

Good morning, Yasmin! :)) It's funny.. I feel guilty that Donny rarely makes an appearance in TOR, but he's just an early to sleep kinda guy.

July 15, 2014 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Mornin' Carolyn!
This has got to be the all time best analogy in BB history: "**It's like Derrick is giving Cody and Zach free lessons.. I feel like Zach is Luke Skywalker, Devin is Darth Vader and Derrick is either Obi Wan Kenobi or Yoda, but I can't decide which." AWESOME!!

My husband's sister passed away 2 days ago, the only daughter of his parents and he's now one and oldest of two boys left in their little family. It has been just wretched on us all, as she and I were very close. But...in the quiet times when I cannot stop thinking about the tragedy of it, (she was only 50 and it wasn't expected. She passed in her sleep. We are all still in the dark about why it happened).
I can come to BBDish, not Jokers, not HamsterWatch, but BBDish, and clear my mind of the pain & anger I feel.

So, God bless you, Caro and again, all my thanks to you and all the BBDishers out there, even tho this is the first season I have commented this much, and now I see that there was a reason...Here feels like family, no matter who is on which HG team, it seems, well, just closer here.
It gives me comfort to come here when I need a distraction.
I needed that laugh this morning, that was a fantastic analogy, and I vote Derrick to be Obi Wan! :0)
Peace Y'all,
Pamela M

July 15, 2014 at 7:34 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Pamela Michel ☺♥

I am so sorry for your tragic loss.. and I'm touched and honored to be able to help you through it in any little way..

Bug Hugs to you!!!


July 15, 2014 at 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn and all you other wonderful Dishers!! Great TOR, per usual, Caro :-) Once again, your report just somehow makes my coffee taste that much better!
I usually like to wait until after the first few evictions to air my opinions on the HGs, cuz let's face it, the first few to go aren't around long enough to really know much about them, personally or gamewise. So here goes! BTW, this is in no particular order....

Derrick - I like his gameplay so far. I almost thought he was gonna blow it at the beginning of his HoH reign, talking Nicole into doing what was best for HIS game, rather than just letting her make her own decisions, but as it turns out, she never really wanted to be HoH anyway, and in all reality, she just made it far too easy for him. Which brings me to....

Nicole - I think she is sweet, smart, and I love that she's a Superfan from Michigan just like me :-) But she does have a hard time making her own choices. Even in small, insignificant matters. Watching her play pool w/Hayden a couple nights ago she said "I just can't decide which shot to take. I like it better when you tell me what to do." Is this merely part of her way of flirting w/Hayden? Maybe. But after her wishy washy kind of HoH, I'm thinking she just isn't that confident in her own gameplay. Yet. I'm still holding out hope.

Hayden - I like this kid a lot. Not only is he adorable as all heck when it comes to Nicole, I think he is playing a smart game so far. He's not playing hard enough to be on anyone's radar just yet, but he's not laying low enough to be called a floater. And I think he's probably smarter than the others think he is right now.

Christine - I like her quirkiness and I think she genuinely is a good person. She could go far in this game, but not if she doesn't tamp down the paranoia a bit (some paranoia is needed in that house, but she's jumping on too many rumor bandwagons too easily IMO), and it's hard to tell, even from her DRs, where her alliance really lies. Plus, while I think she's pretty smart, she is gonna need some help from some more physical players to get very far, and none of those players really seem to fully trust her either.

Donny - I love love love Donny <3 He has the most heart out of them all, from what I can tell, and he is quite funny. I go back to the premiere when he said something about not being as smart as the rest of house thinks he's going to be. I don't remember the exact words, but I do think it's funny how they're all speculating about him being a PhD or whatever, when he really is just a simple, laid back, down to earth groundskeeper. I do think he's smarter than he probably gives himself credit for, but I don't think it was good gameplay to suggest Nicole putting up Christine, or for him to relay what she told him before Noms to Brit & Jocasta. Although he did manage to sort of turn that around a little by making her question whether she asked him NOT to tell.

Brittany - I don't much like her. She is probably the strongest (physically) female competitor right now, but she plays too emotional for my liking, and for all the whining she does about not getting along with other women because they are catty, she seems to me to be more catty than the rest of them. Except maybe Victoria lol

Jocasta - I love how she is true to herself, and doesn't compromise her beliefs. But I just don't see her going much farther unless she can hurry up and win some comps. She doesn't know the game, and she only seems to talk game if she is forced to.

That's half of who's still there. The next half in my next post. Sorry it's so long, but I have the time to do it right now (takes forever having to do it from my phone haha!) so I'm taking the chance while I've got it!

July 15, 2014 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

ok.. 1 hour nap.. shhh.. don't tell anyone.. i think i'll still beat them to wake up time.

July 15, 2014 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

OMG Carolyn that is a wonderful picture.

I, for one, am enjoying the heck out of the friendship in the house this year. I think this is the all round best casting in years.

Everyone is so accepting of Frankie and his hilarious ways and so willing to pass the hugs around. Lovely to see.

July 15, 2014 at 7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before I continue my thoughts about the rest of this years HGs, I want to express my sincere condolences to you, Pamela Michel <3 I am so sorry for you and your husbands loss. I am glad you are posting more this season, it truly IS a family here, and I am glad that you find comfort here. You and your family will be in my prayers <3

July 15, 2014 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Pamela...I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. I heart is with you. I also lost a wonderful friend two days ago and miss him very much. I'll keep you in my payers.

July 15, 2014 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

hi Caro,
first post of the year for me.
I so much appreciate your hard work, hopefully late night Lisa can give you some reprieve.
I really like this year's cat.
I find Nicole adorable and i think Derrick is one of the best players since Dan.

July 15, 2014 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

@Pamela Michel

Before I started gabbing, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your loss. A few years ago my brother in law passed away at 48. By the time he actually passed, we knew the outlook was not good. But the actual cause was completely unexpected. It all started with a trip to the ER for an abscessed tooth.

July 15, 2014 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I don't wake up as early as Jerry. By the time I drink coffee, read TOR and do the things that need done around here, I never know whether to post or wait for the wake up call.

My first topic of conversation is Caleb. I told my friend a couple weeks ago that I thought he looked like Harry Potter. Hearing one of the HGs say Harry Potter on steroids had me cracking up.

I want this BB16 catch phrase banished for life-'Beast Mode.' They say that so often that I'm afraid I will start seeing beast mode t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Caleb was talking to Amber about the speech he will give Thursday and said he didn't want to look like a cocky punk on t.v. Does he think what happens during the live show is the only time we see him? There are feed watchers and some of what happens on the feeds makes it into the Wednesday and Sunday shows. Sorry Caleb, we have all seen moments of you being a cocky punk. (Prepping for the most recent POV is a good example.)

Now, my real question is this-did Caleb ever watch Big Brother? Just wondering because he doesn't seem to know much about the history. He said that Jeff never won comps and look where he is now. Actually, Jeff did win comps. The reason he is where he is now is because he was loved by far more fans than he was disliked by. Also, we cheered Jeff and Jordon because it was real and it happened naturally. It was not fake or forced.

When nominations were made, Caleb said several times that no one in the history of BB has ever done what he did for Amber. Actually, that is not true. The most memorable example would be Brendon giving his POV to Rachel when he knew it meant that he would be sent home.

He also said that he and Amber will be the strongest couple in the history of BB. Well, if he is speaking strictly on their strength as a couple, I would say that Dominic and Dani, Jeff and Jordon, even Shane and Danielle made stronger couples than Caleb and Amber. Mainly because Caleb and Amber are NOT a couple. If he is referring to their strength as competitors, once again I would have to say that Brendon and Rachel are miles ahead in that category.

Caleb talks beast mode but Brendon was beast mode. So was Rachel for that matter. She probably would have kicked most these guys butts in strength and in endurance. And they never would have thrown comps or volunteered to be pawns. Keep in mind, I was never a Brenchel fan but, I can still give props where props are due.

July 15, 2014 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, MissAliss! Thank you! Wow!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the hgs!! I'm looking forward to part 2..

Good morning, ShiShi! Thank you so much!♥ I shoot sunrise, sunset and beauty shots around the island all year (except now) on that account.. I'm also LOVING this crew, for exactly the same reason and more..

Good morning, LScott! :) I'ts so nice to see you. Welcome home, friend!

Good morning, Grendon! :) YOU are a treasure! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

July 15, 2014 at 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, here are my thoughts on the remaining HGs not mentioned in my earlier post.

Caleb - I'm starting w/him because your comment, David Lockner, about how he said that he coined the phrase "drunker than Cooter Brown" had me laughing so hard that I almost spit my coffee all over the screen of my phone! I am guessing that if all the other HGs had heard that, at least one of them would know just how full of bs he is, especially those from the South. Heck, I'm from Michigan, and I've heard that saying countless times since I was a teenager. While I fully support our military and have immense respect for those that serve, this guy is just too arrogant for his own good. Has all his bragging gotten him anywhere w/Amber? Ummm, no. In the game? Ummm, no. His "love" for her is just creepy (are those her clothes he keeps wearing wrapped around his head?). and he hasn't won anything since his first day in the house (which doesn't mean much to me cuz who knows how many threw that first one to keep a target off their backs). Also, as a woman, if I have to hear him say "I don't know if she just said/did that cuz she was on her period" one more time, I'm going to vomit. He has no game. Not with women, and not in BB.

Amber - Totally using Caleb's obsession w/her to her advantage. I'm afraid she'll be toast if/when he leaves, cuz none of the girls will keep her and I don't think any of the other guys will either.

Brittany - While she may be the strongest (physically) female at this point, she doesn't have a very good social game. She says she doesn't normally get along with other women because they're catty, but she fits that bill herself.

Zach - He is entertaining to watch at times, especially when he's around Frankie. But he also gets too paranoid. He talks about Victoria being a spoiled brat, but I think he needs to take a look in a mirror sometimes. With him sleeping all day, and having fun all night, how much help can he be pitching in? I don't see him making it as far in this game as he thinks he's going to.

Frankie - So, so, so entertaining to watch! No matter who he's around! I love how he can be "just one of the guys" AND "just one of the girls"! He manages to fit in comfortably with everyone. But that may be one of his downfalls. I think he played his strategy a bit too hard, a bit too fast (Oh, the fun GaYToR would have had with that comment!!) I'm also not sure where any of his allegiance truly is. Not at all. I'm afraid all his back & forth is gonna catch up with him and it will be too tangled of a web to unweave.

Victoria - Clueless is the word I'd use to best describe her. She talks game, but I'm not sure she really knows she's playing one. I don't think she acts as spoiled or entitled as some would say she does though, and I feel bad for her about that. I do think she will be gone sooner rather than later.

Devin - Did y'all know he has a daughter???

So there are my thoughts. I reserve the right to change them at any time. And this being Big Brother, I probably will :-D

Love and hugs,

PS I tried posting this second half once before, but my phone signal went out just as I was hitting publish and I didn't know if it went through. So if it did, some of the stuff I said for each person may have changed. Couldn't remember exactly what I wrote the first time haha!!

July 15, 2014 at 10:50 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Missy: Wow you are so on point! Awesomeness on the HG's! Girl, I am from the South, Mis'ippi Gulf Coast and Caleb is nutso for saying he coined the phrase "Drunker than Cooter Brown"! I too have heard that my entire life and although my son's name is Caleb (Oh it's so hard to hear them even say it...) and he's a southern boy, AND a retired special ops military service guy, as hard as I try, he's not making it easy to like him. Coming from an area with two military bases, and in surrounding States, I met lots of these guys in my younger years, but none as cocky, yet, and I hate to say dumb, but y'all know what I mean, as he seems to be. He certainly is no Jeff Schroeder, for sure! Poor guy, he's going to get a rude awakening when he gets backdoored & sees that he doesn't have the fanbase of Jeff...LoL. I know, I know, he may not...we shall see! :0) I was thinking the same thing about Rachel and Brenden! You are right! Loved reading your thoughts on the HG's.

@Carolyn @Grendon @Missy @ShiShi
Thanks so very much for all the lovely condolences. You all warmed my heart and made me smile. Sadly, we now know it was most likely a drug interaction, ie: A new Blood Pressure Medication mixed with Alcohol. Very dangerous combination. Won't know for sure until an autopsy is complete. SMH :"(

On a better note....
See y'all for next report!
Much Love,

July 15, 2014 at 12:34 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Whoops! Sorry, that was @Grendon that made the comment about Rachel and Brenden! Me too, I thought, "What the heck are you saying, Caleb?!"
Wanted to scold him like I do my son, named CALEB!

July 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


I am so sorry for your loss. Was reading back @Grendon's comments - they are so good! ;) And saw you have lost a dear friend just 2 days ago.. I wanted to give my condolences to you as well as @Missy for her brother in law and just say I'll send up prayers fory'all too.

God Bless!

Y'all can call me, MEECHELE, since I've seen two other long time Pams on here, lol. I get called Pammy, Pam, Pamela, but just to distinguish, no confusion, call me, "Mee-shell" my middle name Michel, my big bro (BB..haha) says it like that "Meeee-Shell"
It's a southern thang :D

July 15, 2014 at 3:20 PM  

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