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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Overnight Report ~ Pool, Paranoia, Prayers and Pflirting

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!  Today in the BB16 House: The PoV Ceremony.  If all goes according to plan, and the HGs are being honest, Donny will be using his Veto on Jocasta, and Derrick will be putting Devin up in her place.  

Now let's join our HGs on the live feeds and see what they got into after midnight BBT.  I predict Pool, Paranoia, Prayers..  and Pflirting.  Not necessarily in that order.

Cam 3
Pool Table
Cody, Nicole, Hayden, Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Devin

Cody: Nicole, if we win, what do they have to do?  Hayden and Frankie have to kiss on the mouth.
Christine: Good job, Cody.  Hayden, why is your hair so fluffy right now?  I love it.
Hayden: I think it's because I right when I got out of the shower, I put it in a bun, and then I unleashed it.
Cody: OhmyGod, Nicole.. This 10 is gonna go right in this pocket.
Christine: Hayden!! Woah! Nicole and Cody are winning?!  Oooh.. Now they're not.

Cam 1
Amber, Devin

Devin: OMG.. I wish a doctor could just go orthoscopically into my stomach and take out everything that doesn't need to be in there right now. Be straight up with me..  DO you know if something's gonna happen tomorrow?
Brittany: I have no idea what's happening tomorrow..
Devin: This is the most peace I've found since I've been here.. I'd probably cry if Donny didn't use the veto tomorrow, and I'd probably cry if Derrick put someone else up.  The only reason it's popping into my head is because Victoria's running around super nervous.
Amber: Honestly, I have not talked to Derrick.
Devin: I just have this weird feeling in my gut.  It's Big Brother.  Nothing ever happens the way it's supposed to happen. 

Cam 1
Cody and Nicole

Nicole: What kind of mouth did he say I had?  I wanna use it in his goodbye message.
Cody: I don't think he said anything bad.  And if he did, it doesn't matter.  He's going home.
Nicole: He just needs to go home.  I can't wait.
Cody: I can't wait. Now that he goes home, I don't have a hand in it..
Nicole: You can have my hand that I had in it.

Cody: Are you gonna try to win HoH on Thursday?
Nicole: I hate it..

Cam 4
Derrick and Caleb

Derrick: Pao Pao for all we know was a saboteur.. Everything in here is a miniature game.  Before we blow it up to somebody.. I trust Amber completely. You trust Amber completely.. I know 100% she completely trusts you. I can't do it.  I'm not goin' on the block for her.  Try to get her ear tonight.. If it's something legit.. They might be filming us right now going oop, they're onto it.  Just tell her, I heard Zach is Amanda Zuckerman's cousin.. See what she says.. I have a gut feeling on this one.  Too many things add up. And he does have the same facial features.. same personality.. Everyone has something that makes them interesting.  That's why they're here. When you talk to her, I'll stay away, and then we can regroup. If she told someone else, like Amber.. If she goes out there and says, Pao Pao said this, she's making a rumor up.  Maybe she's waiting for someone else to confirm it.  She has no reason to lie to you..
Caleb: She said, Pao Pao told me some stuff about the alliance..
Derrick: I saw, with my own eyes.. Then Donny was tellin' me somethin' trying to build my trust.. He was like, "Pao Pao told me some information that you might find interesting.  She told me that Zach is Amanda Zuckerman's cousin.  She was like, Watch out.  Zach is AZ's cousin."  Amanda was like, no filter.  Sound familiar??
Caleb: Do you think it could be one of the one's where he says, "dadgummit, you guys got me."
Derrick: Could be.  There's no way to lose in this situation.  We got nothin' but time in this house.

Derrick: Let's go see if Brittany's still attached to Amber's hip.
Caleb: If she's not, will you say Caleb needs to talk to you?
Derrick: Sure.

12:29am They go downstairs, peak out the window and see they are still attached at the hip.  Both head up to HoH. We stick with them on Camera 4

Derrick: Where are you guys going?
Amber: We're waiting for you.
Derrick: Is this a door locked conversation?
Amber: It can be.  Devin thinks he might be staying.

Derrick: Devin came  in here yesterday and he was like, man, I don't know if Donny's gonna use the veto on Jocasta. He is trying to stir shit up.
**ie., He's getting in everyone's ear, one by one, to cause paranoia.
Amber: He just told that to us.
Derrick: He said he's not playing the game, but he is definitely playing.  As far as Victoria, I love Victoria, I think she's great.  There's nothing going on there.  She's paranoid all the time.  I think she's a sweet girl. Everyone's just bustin' her balls.  I assure you, you can take this to the bank, Donny is using the veto, Devin is going up and going home.
Amber: Do you think he'll go home?
Derrick: Omg.. 12-0 vote. We would be moronic to keep him here.  I've already told him, I'm backdooring you.  Donny has already physically given the Veto to Jocasta.  Donny is an extremely intelligent person.. He's gonna be smart and take his best friend off the block.  Devin's still going around saying he and Donny are in an alliance.  Donny's a smart player.  Devin's going home.  Donny's gonna look like a stud on national tv.. People are gonna be applauding that we get him out of the house.

Cam 1
Backyard - Couch

Frankie: Scared to death! Everyone tells me everything.
Christine: Me too!
Frankie: And Donny just started talking to me.
Christine: Me too. Where did he come from?

Frankie and Christine think Donny's a professor..

Frankie: He keeps slipping in front of me.. When Jocasta got dehydrated, he was like, "You could just jump in the pool and absorb it by osmosis." 

Talk turns to their own high school and college experiences.

**12:48am --Stretch

Frankie: If Victoria is the target next week, I am going to throw up.
Christine: OMG.She has no idea what's even happening.
Frankie: She's like "What's final 2?"  I feel like the only people we have to worry about are Donny and Jocasta.. They're meddlesome. Maybe Brittany too..
Christine: She's scary.  Brittany was the one who was like, "Tell Nicole I'm just pissed.."
Frankie: About what?
Christine: The whole Bomb Squad thing.

Frankie: Apparently Pao Pao went out with a bang.
Christine: She made up all kinds of things.
Frankie: I'm so happy she's gone.  I'm also so happy Joey's gone.  People with bad game are so annoying.  I really hope we can get it down to just the superfans.
Christine: That would be amazing.
Frankie: I'm not convinced of Hayden..
Christine: Hayden knows a lot.
Frankie: I'm not sure about Zach..  I really think that's the twist.. Sticking 8 people who know what they're doing with 8 people who have no idea..

Cam 3
Derrick, Amber and Brittany

Amber: People are stirring up so much.. I don't know who's starting stuff.
Derrick: I wouldn't sweat it.
Brittany:  People just change stories.. I feel bad, so I just don't say anything anymore.

Derrick: I don't know about the game, but I do know this week: Devin is going on the block.  Supposedly I'm workin' with this kid. Well, I'm gonna be the one who sends him home.
Brittany: I think the whole alliance thing was actually brilliant.  But you can't pick an alliance on day one.  I never thought Joey would ever leave.. and Devin.. I was like how will we ever get these 2 out of the house?
Derrick; He literally almost ruined my game.
Brittany: Everything out of his mouth is a lie. 

Amber: He was even tellin' me that you guys had a showmance name.

Derrick: I really do believe he's being portrayed as the villain this year.  Even if he goes on the block, I guarantee you, in the next 2 days, there will be some kind of rumor about Caleb.
Brittany: Oh yeah.. I'm sure he's the one who was trying to get into Donny's head.

Derrick: And Devin will be the source of that rumor.  I don't blame him.  I don't expect anyone to lay down.. but.. He's not a very good social player.  I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.  He's been UP my ass.  Part of that is game, because if people see that, they'll think something's going on.  He's just planting little seeds, hoping one of them grows and I change my mind.  I think we're all good.  I think when the Veto Ceremony happens tomorrow, you'll all be very happy.  I'm a straight shooter.  Devin's going on the block.  I'll have a nice little speech for him and tell him to take a seat.  I hope the house votes him out.
Brittany: They will.

Amber: Now I feel like an idiot..
Brittany: Me too.
Derrick: So you're votin' him out, you're votin' him out.. Nicole was the boss up here.  She said it to his face, "Just so you know, Devin, you're my target."

They count the votes..

Derrick: Watch what happens when Devin leaves.  The rumor mill is gonna be cut in half.  The machine of lies will stop running.

Amber wants to do her goodbye message together with Brittany. 

Derrick: I'm tellin' you both.  Devin is my target.  He's goin' on the block.  I'm just waitin' for Donny.  I'm glad you came up to talk to me.

Cut To:
Cam 1
Cody, Frankie, Christine

Frankie: What I'm trying to do is convince her that she needs to be with them on their side.

Victoria enters.  End of whisper session.

Frankie: Why do tampons have chlorine in them?  Is it to bleach your hooha?

Christine and Cody leave.  Victoria and Frankie remain chatting about The Soho House, a club in Miami, NY, London and L.A.

Frankie: What are Brittany and Amber freaking out about now?
Victoria: I try to stay out of it, because then it makes me paranoid, and I don't like to be paranoid.

Victoria's going to go to sleep soon.  She heads upstairs to say goodnight to Derrick.   Jocasta is up in HoH now too, to pray with Derrick..  Victoria makes her hug and kiss goodnight rounds in HoH, says goodnight and leaves.

Cam 1
Frankie, Hayden, Nicole, Christine

Hayden: Your what bracelet??
Frankie: Kabbala.  It's a religious thing. It protects you from the evil eye.  Whenever your string breaks, its because it absorbed too much negative energy.. then you retie it.

Talk turns to music.  Christine tells them that she and Tim have completely different taste in music.

Hayden: I would get married to metal music.
Victoria: I wanna get married in a castle.

Back to Frankie's Kabbala bracelet.  BB wont give it to him.  They think it's a vanity item.

Frankie: If I keep asking for it, eventually they'll give it to me.  It just sucks when you have an alternate belief system.  Like same thing, they wouldn't let me have my Zohar.  They're like, no, it's not a bible.  No, it's a book on healing.  It's a gray area, spirituality.  But Kabbala is so mainstream now!
Christine: It is!
Frankie: It's like religion plus.. You go to temple, you go to Kabbala class..  It's an extension of Judaism.. You can or cannot be Jewish. 
Victoria: It's more like positive energy.
Frankie: All the tools that the bible has, stripped away from the stories.  It's belief.  I believe that the string helps me, so it does, because I believe it.  And the fact that it snapped today.. it means something.
Hayden: Where do you get it?
Victoria: Israel.
Frankie: It's blessed at Rachel's tomb..
Hayden: Cool.

Frankie: But I'll be fine.  I'll just say that I'm gonna get it, and I'll get it.. and I'm gonna get it before I need it.
Victoria: I think because they know how much it means to him - that's why they're making it an HoH thing.
Frankie: It's not like soy milk.

Frankie: I'm gonna go play with Caleb.

he runs across the yard to Caleb..

Cam 3
Group Prayer in Progress

Cam 3
Frankie and Caleb

Caleb's paranoid about Amber being secretive with him and going upstairs to talk to Derrick.  Regarding Frankie's Kabbala bracelet, he advises him to win HoH.

Caleb: The thought of not trusting you has never occurred to me, but you do talk to everyone.  You talk a lot.  That could be a reason people are saying that..
Frankie: I do talk to everyone.  That was one of my strategies coming in.  Befriend everyone.
Caleb: The only people I really trust are you, me, Amber and Derrick.
Frankie: I just don't see how she would let anyone persuade her into thinking anyone of us don't have her best interests at heart.

Caleb: It was all PaoPao.. the Saboteur.  The only thing I don't like is Amber tellin' me she only trusts certain people, but then she sits on the hammock with Brittany for an hour and goes up to HoH with her..
Frankie: (whispers)  Jocasta, Brittany and Donny are working to flip Amber, and they are succeeding.  Scary f'in shit.  They better not flip anyone else.
Caleb: I'll talk to Amber again..   I can't say I don't wanna see you talking to them.  The only thing we can do is when you see her talking to them, but in..

Talk turns to Donny and Devin..

Caleb: I think Donny's just tellin' Devin what he wants to hear.
Frankie: I would not be surprised if Jocasta voted to evict you..
Caleb: So he'll get 2 votes.

Frankie: Brittany and Amber are convinced they're going home next week.  Both of them have told me that.
Caleb: Why they think that?  It's fine if Brittany feels that way.  She should.  But Amber??  It irritates me that she's doing that.
Frankie: I feel like, we don't do anything til after the meeting tomorrow.  When Devin's on the block, you can pull her aside and say, "I wanna make sure we're good and you know you're good."  Devin, Donny and Jocasta are telling her if she doesn't go with them, that she's gonna get picked off.  I just hope she's smarter than that.  And Brittany.. She's so scared.
Caleb: I'm  gonna go talk to Derrick in a few minutes.  He'll fill me in.  There he is..
Frankie: If he comes over here, I'll let you two talk.

Cam 4

Derrick: What's up boys?!
Frankie: I'm sad.  My kabbala bracelet broke.  What happened with the girls?
Derrick: It's  good.  They were told a rumor by Devin -- SO.. Instead of letting it fester in their head, they came straight to me, and I told them, Donny is using it on Jocasta and I am putting Devin on the block.  Boom. Done.   I squashed it for em.  Now they feel great.  I'm gonna do my thing tomorrow, and then we can send him home.
Frankie: He got to me yesterday.  I'm ma that he has this power still.  Still.
Derrick: This is a huge game move.  Whether I win or not, I got him out.
Caleb: I'm gonna give a good little speech..

1:53am ---Stretch!!

Caleb remains outside on the Hammock, now alone.  Frankie, Brittany, Amber, Victoria and Jocasta are in the kitchen, making and eating snacks. 

Frankie: My Kabbala bracelet broke.
Amber: Really?? It's probably this house. Isn't it when they break, there's too much tension?
Frankie: It's absorbing all the negative energy from everywhere.. doesn't even have to be my own.  Could be the world's.. There's 9 million people watching me right now.
Amber: I forget about that.  I literally almost took my clothes off in the bathroom today..

Derrick enters.

Brittany: Would you like some Salmon Salad?
Frankie: It's delicious.  Best thing I ever tasted.
Derrick: I'll try some.
**I've just had my 1st feeds induced hunger pang. 

Cam 4
Hayden, Nicole, Christine

Hayden: Derrick, I think I f'd up bad.
Derrick: No no no.. Don't think.  You did.

Hayden: Like I said earlier, I am a very open person, but that doesn't mean that I can change.  It just means that I haven't found the right person yet.   What if I really like you?  Which I do.
Nicole: No.

Derrick: Brittany and Amber just spoke to me.. I wanna make sure this is clear to everyone.  I am using the ReNom on Devin.  No one else is even being considered.  He can do whatever he wants. He can say whatever he wants.  He is still going on the block.  There is no doubt in my mind, he is going on the block.

And Derrick leaves.

Hayden: Thank you.
Nicole: I love him.
Christine: Me too. A lot.

Nicole: I'm in a frikkin' frog suit.
Hayden: And you look hella cute.
Nicole: I have a huge zit.  HD it up.

Hayden: I will go to a country concert with you.  I will watch a romantic comedy with you.  What if I end up being what you need?  What if it's now and I just haven't realized it?
Nicole: I don't think they are.
Hayden: I don't know.
Nicole: I do know.

Hayden: What if my wife is sitting right in front of me?

Talk turns to Nicole's highschool boyfriend.. He's ready to settle down.  Nicole figures she's probably supposed to end up with him.

2:17am Victoria joins them on the couch..  Christine and Nicole go inside to get some food.

Hayden: What's wrong Victoria?  You look super bummed.
Victoria: Not bummed, but I'm warning you I'm gonna be really emotional the next couple of days.
Hayden: How come?
Victoria: I'm waiting for mother nature to give me a present.

Victoria and Hayden chat on the couch..  She misses home, mom, nephews..  At 2:20am, they're joined by Cody eating cookies.

Victoria: I miss cooking.  I miss working..
Hayden: You miss work?  You must really love what you do.
Victoria: I capture the most special times in people's life.. Lately I've been doing a lot of boudoir..

Cody offers himself as a subject.

Victoria: I don't take pictures of naked males.
Cody: We can get around that.

2:22a Cody gets up to shoot some pool with Derrick..

Cam 3
Cody: I don't know what got said to Amber, but that girl is stressin'. People are goin' nuts in this house.
Derrick: That's the game bro. You've seen the show.  It's the down time.
Cody: It's driving me crazy.  People in general are driving me crazy.

2:30am Stretch!

Christine, Hayden, Victoria, Derrick, Cody

Cody: You're the cutest girl in the whole wide world.
Nicole: Thanks, Cody.
Cody: I just can't take the frog outfit.

Hayden: Is that the game right there?  Wowwww!
Cody: Shut up, Cody.  You suck!
Hayden: You have not beaten me.

Cody: I can't wait.  I'm gonna get my first ever fan question. Isn't that crazy?  I have a fan?!

Christine: I can't believe Devin..
Nicole: What'd he say?  That Donny wasn't gonna use it?
Christine: No, that Derrick was gonna put Brittany up instead of him.
Nicole: Ridiculous.

Cody: ♫And when she's looking..
Derrick: Did a bird just die??
Christine: hahahaha
Cody: What do you mean?  Uptown Girl..

Caleb: Thank you, America!  You messed up givin' us the tortillas.
Derrick: Oh great.. next week we're gonna get cow balls.

Camera 2
Fire Room
Amber, Frankie, Jocasta

Jocasta: You do realize, people can only do what you allow them to do?
Frankie: Exactly. Absolutely.  I've also realized that since it fell off.

Jocasta: Strongholds are serious.  You can't allow someone to have a stronghold on you.  It's unacceptable.  Especially in this game.  We know this is animal behavior.. times 1000.  
Frankie: I just feel like I've been spinning around like a top.  Part of my strategy coming in was to please everyone.. and I can't do that.
Jocasta: So you name in your mind the people you can.  Name in your mind, who can I tolerate.. and who can I trust in that toleration.  You know what I mean?  That's the only way you're gonna feel good.

Amber: It gives you even more of a reason to win HoH this week..

2:50am Frankie asks Jocasta to pray with him.. He's really at a loss without his bracelet.  Jocasta finds a passage for him to read, while Jocasta and Amber literally envelop him in a circle of love and prayer..

**I'm moved. 

Jocasta: That's some good stuff.  Bette than the weed I used to smoke.  Thank you, Jesus.
Frankie: Mommy, the minister's cool.

2:56am The prayers continue..  While Frankie reads, Amber and Jocasta softy repeat the refrain, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  Once finished reading, Frankie joins in the refrain.

Jocasta: It is in you.
Frankie: I feel better.
Jocasta: Give it to Him.
Frankie: I will.
Jocasta: Sigh.. (he does) Bigger..
Amber: Ok.. take a shower,  put some of that on your hands, and you will sleep so well.

Frankie: Thank you.. So much.

Jocasta: Do you know you have love?
Frankie: Yes
Jocasta: Outside of the game, do you know I love you?
Frankie: Yes.

3:01am This is ongoing.. Let's check on the others.   On Camera 3, Brittany and Victoria are heading inside to get ready for bed.  Christine, Nicole and Cody are in the kitchen, several HGs are by the pool table..

Cam 3

Cody: I love kisses.  They're my favorite thing in the whole world.
**mine too

I can't think of a better way to end an Overnight Report... ☺  Happy Monday to you!



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning!

There is just too much cuteness in this house, I'm gonna catch diabetes. :-)

Devin (with Frankie's help) is doing a good job spreading paranoia, Derrick is doing a better job tamping it down. So far no explosions and with this group I'm not expecting one.

If I was in the house I would want to get rid of the people who know the game and can compete and keep the others. They all say they want to win, then plan against their own self interest.
Why are they going after Victoria and Jocosta? My first targets would be Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Hayden. As a spectator I'm (sorta) rooting for Donny, Derrick, Brittany, Nicole and Hayden. With that in mind my next two nominees would be Frankie and Christine with Cody or Caleb as the replacement in case of Veto.

We seem to always root for the nice, non-dramatic, people but, in reality we actually would like to see chaos in the house.

Pray for some drama! :-)

Thank you Caroline....
Hit the tip jar folks.

July 14, 2014 at 3:38 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good morning Caro and anyone else up.
i'm about ready to leave for my monthly chemo. I did watch the critters trying to escape Victoria and had a good laugh when they had to come inside due to outsiders yelling at them from over the wall. I'm taking my tablet with me to read the TOR.

July 14, 2014 at 3:43 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Carolyn!

I'd love to pick your brain about something. Do you think Donny will continue to be a target in the house (especially w/HG's like Christine, Frankie, etc) or do you honestly think the target will shift? Do you think Donny is on his way to becoming the house whipping boy (taking Devin's place once he goes)?

I have a sinking feeling about this and I'd love to get your sage opinion.

Have a great day and can't wait to hear your thoughts (fellow Dishers this goes for you too :) )

July 14, 2014 at 4:30 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Buenos dias!

Victoria is like Chauncey Gardner..does she even know that this is all on TV? Cody is in love with Britt. I cant blame him at all

July 14, 2014 at 4:38 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

"Hayden: Derrick, I think I f'd up bad.
Derrick: No no no.. Don't think. You did."

I'm super lost. What did Hayden do?

July 14, 2014 at 5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Carolyn and all you other fabulous Dishers!! Great TOR, as always, Caro :-) I have to say, I am loving this cast of HGs for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones for me is the positive spiritual energy, and the openness to participate of those who may not have tapped that side of themselves had they been with a different mix of people. Those that declare an affiliation might not share the same one, but they are all open to learning, praying with each other, and basically just sharing in each others beliefs and practices. Even those that I don't see participating or talking about it with the others don't take offense or bash. It's very refreshing to see after last year.
On to game talk...I don't agree with Derrick's statement that the gossip mill will be cut in half when Devin leaves. Sure, he might be responsible for the current paranoia about Veto related things, but when he is gone, Frankie will pick up the slack and resume his position as the seed planter. I love Frankie's energy and heart when he's not in game mode, but I think he's playing a dangerous game. I really hope he can reign it in before it gets him sent packing.

July 14, 2014 at 6:08 AM  
Blogger RAR said...

Who is Nicole truly into??? Cody or Hayden???

July 14, 2014 at 6:17 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Thanks for another great TOR!
This BB cast is a house of non stop cuddling! It's contagious!….((Hugs to You!:) and fellow Disher's))

I was worried that Derrick would literally talk his game away, but he seems to have calmed down. And doing a good job keeping everyones paranoia in check….ah that mist
I am impressed he talked Nicole into putting up Amber, Which he knew would result in caleb volunteering to go up, as Derrick said "That would be a cowboy move"
Anyway this had played out this week, he would get out one of the 3 targets.
#1 Devin
#2 Caleb
#3 Amber
House on board!, no blood on his hands…

Lovable Donny will most likely use the Veto on another little friend Jacosta…
While I think he knows the game. There is a big difference to actually playing it.

Nicole and Hayden together is just fun to watch!
I love when she says " OH Haaaydeeen" in her cute accent!

July 14, 2014 at 6:31 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I think Christine and Frankie would be great on the block


I dont think Donny will in anyway take Devins place. He may end up on the block, but I wouldnt want to be the one next to him

July 14, 2014 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger FranC said...

Good morning everyone! I love love love these HG's.. I'm watching early this morning when Frankie was upset about his bracelet. He went out to the pool table and Cody held his hand and let him know they were there for him. I don't know any guy that would do that! Bless them all. They sure do keep us entertained. Even when nothing is going on, they're fun to watch. Derrick teaching Hayden how to make amends with Nicole.. priceless! I hope everyone enjoys their day.

July 14, 2014 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, lovely ones!☺♥

Just a heads up - We've got a new top post! Join me up there: CLICKME


July 14, 2014 at 10:06 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Nicole, not sure if you're still reading over on this post but Hayden was referring to messing up with Nicole. It was all in fun.

July 14, 2014 at 10:53 AM  
Blogger Fuzzies said...

I am starting to love this group of hgs. I honestly think losing his bracelet was the best thing for Frankie because it gave the others a chance to show him some love and support that was way stronger than a piece of string. EPIC moments this season...Donny putting veto around Jo's neck, Kabbala love fest, Haydens froggy pick up lines. Soooo good to have Big Brother back on track.

July 14, 2014 at 1:47 PM  

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