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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sunday!  If you went to bed before the PoV Competition results came out last night, Run, don't walk, to the PoV Spoiler and Follow Up!  Then, if you haven't already, go get yourself the 2 day free trial of the feeds, because this season is fantastic!

12:00am BBT
Camera 1
Zach and Victoria

Do not adjust your feeds, Zach and Victoria are working together and very nicely to make a nice tomato soup with their slop provisions.. More, Victoria is preparing and Zach is smelling and tasting and involved in the process...

They look much more like newlyweds than the adversaries they've been.. and why not?  If Devin and Brittany can come to terms, why not them? (you really MUST check out Devin and Brittany's conversation in the PoV Spoiler and Aftermath post)

Finished with preparations, Zach and Victoria head into the Beehive Room to enjoy their feast.

Victoria: He just told me before that he doesn't wanna be downstairs because he doesn't want to see people's faces.
Zach: How are you eating it?  It's so hot?
Victoria: I love everything boiling hot.
Zach: It tastes good though..  I hope I get some sleep tonight..
Victoria: Me too! I went to sleep early last night.. like 3.
Zach: In this house, that's early.

Victoria: That veto competition.. I would have given up.  It was so frustrating.
Zach: So frustrating.  I'm so pissed.
Victoria: I thought you were gonna win it.
Zach: It's super spicy..
Victoria: I love everything super spicy.  Is it too spicy?  You don't have to eat it.
Zach: It's good though.   That comp was so hard.
Victoria: How did he get it?  I thought for sure you or Derrick.  For sure.
Zach: Yeah, Derrick was doing really well.  This is SO spicy.
Victoria: I know.  You don't have to at it.  I'll make it tomorrow without spicy.

Zach: This is crazy.
Victoria: I don't think Pao's going home.
Zach: I wouldn't be surprised if I was put up.
Victoria: No, me.
Zach: Is today Saturday?
Victoria: I don't know..

Zach: We have a week of being Have Nots.. We'll probably be Have Nots til Thursday night..
Victoria: Now I want something sweet.
Zach: Well, you can't have anything.
Victoria: Slop with maple syrup..
**I feel like I'm in the twilight zone with these two smiling and being nice with each other.

Zach: Today was so frustrating.  Have you been missing your family a lot?
Victoria: mmm.. It's so hard.. At home, I'm cooking all day Friday, and then we all have dinner together, and lighting candles.. It's hard.
Zach: It is hard.
Victoria: You don't know how you're being protrayed on the outside world..
Zach: I definitely open my mouth too much.
Victoria: Me too.
Zach: But I don't have any bad intentions..

Zach: I feel like I'm going up.
Victoria: Join the club, honey.  Don't worry, we're not gonna do an initiation for you.  We'll just welcome you with open arms.

Zach: I'm so over it.  I'm just gonna not think or talk about the game this week.  Today, the HoH hates me, I'm a Have Not, I lost the comp, I have a headache.
Victoria: You're still in the Big Brother house.
Zach: It would be great if I won the money..
Victoria: But you have a great life at home.
Zach: If my mom was watching, she'd be like, Get your head in the game, it's not over.
Victoria: It's not.

Victoria: I might be put up.
Zach: You might.. He said you and Brittany are the only girls who have the guts to go after him.
Victoria: That's fine, but say it to my face..  I wouldn't doubt it if he saves Pao and puts me up. 
Zach: You have Nicole and Brittany.. you need 5 more.  If you keep flirtin' with me, you'll get 3.

Zach: Hopefully Cody..
Victoria: Yeah, but Cody's super close with Brittany.
Zach: Can you get Donny?
Victoria: Donny I have for sure.
Zach: Then you just need 2 more.  Frankie is 6..  Can you get Jocasta?

Victoria: It would just be frustrating to go home because of him.
Zach: That would be awful.
Victoria: I'm gonna try to go to sleep.
Zach: I think I'm gonna try to go to sleep also.

Timecheck -- 12:25am
Zach grabs a couple pillows from the Beehive room to take into the Have Not Room.  Let's see if BB allows it.. They head into the Have Not Room..  Victoria comes back out to the living room to talk with Derrick and Nicole..

Victoria: Enjoy me now, because I'm going home.

Then back to the Have Not Room to invite Zach to come with.  Then to the kitchen to make some slop oatmeal..before she heads outside to join Nicole and Derrick on the Hammock.

Cam 1

Nicole: I think Hayden's cute, kind of.. I don't know..
**no one else is present, so she's talking to us.

Nicole: I'm sorry if I'm chomping.  I could live off Froot Loops though.
**apologizing for chomping?  yeah, she's definitely talking to the feeders.

Hayden: Who are you talking to?
Nicole: Myself.
Hayden: hehe!
Nicole: That's probably how I got in here.
Hayden: That's how you made it?  You're just insane?
Nicole: ♫Insane in the membrane.

Hayden: (to the yard) Who wants to go night swimming?!

Camera 1
Nicole is joined by Christine on the Hammock.. for a quick stealth whisper..

Christine: He just made a deal with Brittany.
Nicole: How do you know?
Christine:  Frankie.  Frankie tells me everything.  Brittany just made a deal with him, so he said he's gonna take Brittany off, put Victoria up, and Victoria's going home.
Nicole: She's one of our allies.
Christine: I.. I.. we don't know.
Nicole: I saw that comin' a mile away.
Christine: umm..
Nicole: If he thinks she would make a deal after how much she hates him..

Hayden joins them.

Christine: I know.  Brittany just made a deal with Devin that he's gonna use the Veto on her and put Victoria up, and Victoria's out..  Quite the change.
Hayden: That's cool.
Christine: Just letting you know it could be something crazy that happens and we're just like, what?!
Nicole: I'm just glad I can't go up.
Christine: Yeah, you guys are SO lucky!
**The BoB winners are immune from becoming ReNoms.  No double jeopardy, as it were.  This week, that means Nicole and Hayden are safe.

Nicole: You know who I really wanted to go up? Amber.
Christine: Oh, yeah, right.   Actually, Devin doesn't like her, so that is a possibility.
**Not if the Bomb Squad is to remain intact, despite Devin's explosion last night.
Hayden: I would love her to go home.
Nicole: She actually is full of herself.
Hayden: Yeah, she is.
Nicole: She's always like, "I went to 5 proms." and "I need to gain 20 pounds."
Hayden: That would be sick..

Talk turns to Zach.  They don't like him either.  I've never seen these 3 be catty before.  As much as I like them, I'm kinda disappointed.. 

12:33am Victoria joins them..

Hayden: Am I the only guy up still?
Christine: I think you are.
Nicole: Hayden, if you didn't know, you're my favorite guy in the house.

Hayden: Wowwwww
Christine: That's huge, Hayden.  That's awesome.
Nicole: Like you didn't know.
Victoria: Well, now you know.

Camera 1
They ask Victoria about her conversation with Devin.
Christine: Did your talk go ok with him?
Nicole: Did you ask him why you're a Have Not?
Victoria: I said, I don't need you attacking me in the room, and I'd like to know why I'm a Have Not.  He said I'm a princess and it was a lot of things, but basically he said that I entitle.. I am entitled of people.. No..
**It's not translating well from the Hebrew in her head.. They give her a hand.
Christine: Entitled..
Victoria: ..to have everything?

Victoria: So it's his job to discipline me and show me what it is to have nothing. 
Christine/Nicole: ::gasp n giggle::
Victoria: ..and that's why I am a Have Not.
Nicole: That's definitely gonna make an episode.
Hayden: That is ridiculous.
Christine: I think I'm gonna vomit.

Victoria: Then I start tearing up..
Nicole: Are you serious?  He's not your father.
Victoria: I say, who the hell is he to discipline me?

They rehash the speech, and how much they can't stand Devin..

Camera 3 and 4
Derrick and Zach

Zach tells Derrick he's worried that he'll be going up as the ReNom.  

Zach: He's legit bipolar.
Derrick: Dude, you were so close to winning. It just shows, we can win shit, so you better respect us..
Zach: You and I need to literally create a masterplan.
Derrick: Where do you think Cody is?
Zach:  Cody's my boy for life.
Derrick: Good, I like Cody too. I really hope he's with us.

Derrick is wary of Frankie, but Zach says he's trustable too. 

Derrick: If he doesn't put you up, and I don't think he will, you're gonna have to make a decision about what you're gonna do if you win HoH.  I gotta get to Brittany tonight and talk to her.  I'll know if she's still being honest with us. I'll know. We all have our crosses to bear.. That comp was designed for you or me.  We're smarter than f'in Devin.
Zach: I feel like if I had to do it again, I'd kill it.
Derrick: Me too!  You haven't won a comp, but you've always been very competitive. Me too.. And me and you are more well liked thatn Devin.  Put either of us on the block with Devin, and he's goin' home.

Zach: Devin and Caleb approached me to be in an alliance with them and Frankie..
Derrick: When you decide to make a move, just bounce it off me or Cody first.  I'll be honest with you.  Whatever you decide to do, you're a grown ass man.
Zach: Devin's never gonna trust me again..
Derrick: No, never.  He don't trust you at all.  That's a good thing.  he showed his cards.   You know where you stand with him.  Open that door a little.. I wanna get Brittany in here..  Walk by, Brittany, walk by.. We gotta be nice to her.. and we'll see what we think afte we talk to her.

She has to go to the DR.

Derrick: Ok.. She made a deal with Devin.  No doubt about it.  From what I heard, they're thinking about taking her off and putting up Victoria.  Far as I'm concerned, Pao is a much bigger floater.  Victoria's a pain in the ass, but I don't trust Pao as far as I can throw her.. because of throwing that comp.

---Timecheck -- 12:49am -- Stretch!

Camera 1
Victoria, Derrick, Hayden,

Derrick: I don't think he's gonna take her off.
Victoria: He might take off Pao and put up someone else.
Derrick: Well, he might take off either of em and put up someone else.  I'm assuming whoever he puts up is who he wants to go home.
Victoria: mm hmm
Derrick: Ultimately, we're all individuals, and we're gonna vote how we want to vote. With Joey last week, it was easy for everyone.  She could blow up at any moment.  I wouldn't want to work with someone like that.  I don't know.  We'll definitely know tomorrow.
**or Monday.

Camera 3
Living Room Couch

Derrick is talking to the camera on the wall.

Derrick: What the hell?   Are you trying to tell me something?  Nod up and down if you are. I'm f'in losin' my mind.

Camera 3 flips to Caleb and Cody at the pool table...

Cody: Because I'm close with you, I don't want to do anything to make that awkward.
Caleb: And I ask myself, why does she do that with everyone but me, and i'm like, well maybe she sees everyone else like a brother..
Cody: It's possible.  I know she said that to me.  SHe's like, "I see you and Frankie as a brother.. "
Caleb: She's not like that with me..
Cody: Cuz if she does that, what's it gonna lead to here.

Camera 3 flips to Derrick and Zach in the Have Not Room

Zach: Before I do anything, I'll be like, alright, Devin, Caleb, you guys only care about each other, I'm gonna expose the Bomb Squad.. I'm gonna come to you, Nicole, Brittany, Victoria, if she's here still..
Derrick: I know you say he's close with you, but I think Frankie's definitely playin' both sides.  He's up in his room right now, I think.
Zach: From there, I'm gonna call a house meeting, but without Devin and Caleb.. You and Cody wont be there.  You have no idea what's goin' on.  I'm gonna say, I've been in an alliance since day 3.  I'm over it.  Devin's a liar.  Caleb's a liar.  I've had enough of it.
Derrick: We gotta work together to gettem out.
Zach: I'm gonna say, if any of you win HoH next week, put me up.  I'm gonna throw Battle of the Block.   So it's gonna be me and Hayden up, throw the Battle of the Block, compete for the PoV, andf then backdoor one of them.
Derrick: And then Devin or Caleb go home.
Zach: Right.
Derrick: It's a thought, and it's plausible.  It's got a lot of variables.  I wanna run through em.  I personally think Devin is gonna reel you in, talk to you.. But if he doesn't put you up and you're safe this week, he might try to reel you in.. He's f'in scary.  We haven't bought his shit since day one. He don't work at Harley.  He's a f'in smart dude.   His suspicion about Donny would only come from an inner feeling, because he's doing it.  I think he was a pro ball player at some point, made some decent money, but he's not gonna tell us that.

Pool Table
Camera 1
Hayden, Cody, Caleb

Topic: Devin's treatment of women.. and the women in the house failing to step up and be honest about it, so Caleb has appointed himself their champion.

Brittany comes out of the longest DR ever. The camera follows her and flips to the Hammock.  She joins Christine, Nicole and Derrick there.

Brittany: I just hate talking when it's so frustrating.  Over and over and over again. I don't know if I've ever been that frustrated in quite some time.  I'm just not liking this game right now.
Christine: I don't even understand what's happening in this game right now.
Brittany: Me neither.. and I have no control over it.  My hair's in knots.. I'm sleeping in a cold ass bed..

Nicole gets called into the DR. 

Victoria gets up to go to bed, and takes Derrick's empty slop bowl with her. Christine leaves too.    Derrick has the Hammock to himself.  They all say goodnight to the boys outside playing pool.

Camera 3
Caleb, Hayden and Cody

Camera 2
Derrick and Brittany

Prepare for the Interrogation.

Brittany: I don't know what to believe with him.
Derrick: If I woulda won that PoV, we'd be all set.  Whatever you do, be careful what you say to him.
Brittany:  I tell him nothing.  I think he's panicking, because if he stays in the house..
Derrick: If you stay on the block with Pao, I think you're golden.  Even if he puts Victoria up, I think you'll stay.
Brittany: He promised me that he wouldn't put any of you guys up.
Derrick: The guys, it's an unwritten rule, we all hang out together.  He's not gonna put up a strong guy, because he'll lose the trust of all the other guys.  I hope he doesn't change the noms at all, but I think he's going to..  I think he has a deal with Pao.  She didn't even wanna wear her glasses for a competition.
Brittany: Yesterday at night, she started talking weird.. and today, she couldn't look me in the eye.   I'm telling you right now, if I'm gone, don't trust Pao.  If somehow I come off, my goal is to get rid of Pao.
Derrick: Victoria's annoying, but she's not malicious and she's not vindictive.  SHe's very sheltered.  She's still a virgin.  She has a very different perspective of life.  With Pao.. There's some type of agreement.  I get why he wants to get rid of you.  You've told him right out you want him gone..
Brittany: I think he's trying to make deals with a lot of people and tell a lot of people what they want to hear.

Derrick: I've been straight with you since day one, so I'm gonna be now.  There's no doubt in my mind that he made a deal with you.  You have to do what you have to do to stay in this game, so I respect it.  There's no doubt in my mind that that occurred.  Whatever  that deal was, use it to stay here another week, but don't believe he cares about you.
Brittany: I now he doesn't care about me.  I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.  I see right through him.
**Interesting, in her lack of denial, she may as well have confirmed. 

Derrick: If Pao's on the block with Victoria, I will do whatever I can to send her..
Brittany: He's very good at throwing other people under the bus.
Derrick: Be honest with me. Who'd he throw under the bus? You gotta trust me.
Brittany: I do trust you.  He threw Pao under the bus.. and I had already known that she was up to shady shit.
Derrick: Did he admit she had thrown a competition?
Brittany: mm hmm
Derrick: That motherf*cker.
Brittany: ..but I already knew it..

This conversation is ongoing, much like the night... If you'd like to watch it on flashback, it's now 1:49am on camera 2.

Camera 3

Caleb: I really didn't pay much attention to what was here.  I just paid attention to the game play and strategy.. Bu ttryin' to learn strategy was pointless.
Cody: Oh yeah.  Absolutely.  That's the one thing I said, you can't pin strategy down til you get in the house.

They both marvel at the transformation of the backyard from comp to comp to regular backyard again.

Cody: Oh man.. I need a girl back home.
Caleb: Well, I don't have one either, if it makes you feel any better.  Due to bein' here.  I was like, I'm goin' in there single, just in case I meet my Southern Charm..
Cody: And whaddaya know..
Caleb: Honestly, comin' in here, I think they thought me n Nicole would click.
Cody: No way.  Not ever.
Caleb: I honestly do though..

Cody: They didn't put a girl in here that I said was my type.
**maybe someone in casting wanted you for herself.  I would..

Caleb: Last night, Amber was sayin' "I don't like you killin' animals.  You need to stop that." I was like, "Listen, my queen.. I run a hunting business." hehe.. "I have a huge farm with deer all over it.  That's what we do.  I wont ask you to do it."
Cody: Or watch..

camera 1
Hayden and Pao

Hayden: You are so gross.
Pao: C'mon.. That was pretty funny though.
Hayden: I'm gonna go inside, eat a little something, brush my teeth and go to bed. So.. goodnight.
Pao: Hey, does my butthole smell?

Camera 3
Double Chaise
Derrick has joined Cody and Caleb.  They're talking about the PoV Comp from today.  Derrick's telling them how crushed he was..

Derrick: But.. power to him, man. He nailed it.  He f'in nailed it.

Camera 1
Snack Time

Pao: If I'm here next week, I'm gonna volunteer for Have Not.
Caleb: I think you and Amber should do it.  Me n Frankie will too. I can cook.  I'll come up with something.
Pao: I'll survive.  As long as I have a bed. The only thing that's gonna suck is a cold shower.
Hayden: What you have to do is work out first.  Then it's refreshing.
Caleb: I tried it out the other day, and it was takin' my breath away.  It was cold..

Camera 3
Brittany, Cody, Derrick

Derrick and Cody are shooting pool.  Brittany's solo on the double chaise..
Hayden sticks his head outside to say goodnight..

3:00 am
Camera 1
Caleb and Pao
Kitchen Table

Caleb: So I said, if I take you to the end of this game and you win the 500,000 dollars, you're payin' for the first date.
Pao: hahaha
Caleb: And she was like, Umm no.
**moving right along...

Meanwhile out back on camera 3, Derrick, Victoria and Cody are on the Hammock.  Zach has just gotten out of the DR.  Zach collapses on the pillows in front of the Hammock.  They're all pooped.

Victoria gets up to go to bed.  Zach promises he's 10 minutes behind her.

Derrick: Love you, Victoria.

Zach: Alright, so tell me if you see Caleb come out here.
Derrick: Ok
Zach: So I already told him I'm f'in over it.
Cody: Good.
Zach: Can you tell me what you and Devin talked about after I left?
Cody: Of course I'll tell you.   (nothing new)

Zach: I feel like we have enough ammo to at least try something.  If I go home next week, I'll be just as happy..
Cody: Knowing you tried.

Zach lays out the plan he told Derrick earlier this evening.  Cody's role in the plan is to play dumb, as if it's brand new to him.  If you need a refresher, Zach's plan is to blow up the bomb squad, but leave Frankie, Derrick and Cody out of it, so they suffer no fall out and can continue on in a new alliance with Zach..

Zach: I'm not even so concerned about this week. I just want to flip the house.
Cody: I'm with you.. but I don't think it needs to be overt.
Zach: You wanna just backdoor Devin if you win HoH.
Cody: Yeah.  Caleb put us all on blast last night.. I'm fine doin' it to him.. And I'll f'in put Frankie on blast too, cuz I'm tired of all of his back and forth shit.  I'll be like, Frankie, what did you say about Devin?

This ongoing.. These Alpha males are tired of playing Beta and Zeta in the alliance. ;-)  You can smell the testosterone from here.

3:14am con t'd
Cody: Caleb and Devin, dude.  I'm puttin' em both on blast.  Both of em are goin' on blast.
Derrick: Amber too.  Amber's gotta go to.
Cody: We'll throw Caleb on one end and Amber on the other, cuz Caleb will be the night in f'in armor and throw it.. He's in love with this girl.  I don't know if he's sayin' it for the f'in cameras cuz this kid talks out of his ass, but..
Derrick: He's a bull rider, a professional country singer..
Zach: He had a division one scholarship for football and baseball.
ALL: (laughing)
Derrick: And he finished #12 on The Voice.. you know that, right?  CBS called him.. They gave him his option between Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother.  They said, do this one for now.  We'll hook you up with the other ones down the road.  That's what he told me.
Cody: No F'in way!
Derrick: I'm not making it up.
Zach: hehehe
Cody: Oh my God, this kid is..un..

You get the gist.. ;-)  The Bomb Squad is falling apart at the seams..

Derrick, Cody, Zach

Derrick: You know where Frankie is right now?  HoH Room.. with the guy who just told you he doesn't trust you.  Think about it.  He might not be talkin' shit about you, he might be.. But you can't tell him anything about Devin and Caleb, because if he decides the house is flippin, he might go with A/B, Caleb and Devin, and he's gonna tell them everything you've ever told them.  See what I'm trying to say?
Zach: Yeah.
Derrick: Trust him.. but I wouldn't divulge anything more.

Derrick: We gotta vote out Pao. Caleb has a deal with Paola too..  A couple days ago, he said, we're gonna vote out Paola, but me and Devin are gonna vote to keep her, just so when she's walkin' out, she'll know we kept our word.
Zach: I'm over it, bro.  So over it!  He told me that too.
Derrick: You know I'm not bullshitting.  I tell you guys everything I know.  Mark my words.. We're gonna be in a war with these guys, and we're gonna have some f'in casualties.

And this concludes the Overnight Report!  Have a spectacular Sanity Sunday!  I'll see you back here for the Sunday Show Viewing Party ~aka~ The Feather Boa Sunday Gala tonight at 7:50pm Eastern.

Have Fun on the Feeds and Don't forget your Feather Boas! ;-)



Blogger CarolynBBDish said...


July 6, 2014 at 4:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

None of it makes sense. That's after breakfast and two cups of coffee. Maybe I need to start drinking to understand where the heck these people are heading.

Great TOR thanks.

Will Britt go back on her word to Devin? We know Devin's word is useless. But in this game it should be.

I really don't know where Christine stands any more.

We do have some good actors in the house and they seem to be editing the DRs so we (me) can't get a good handle on things.

Too many people to keep track of, maybe I'll have a better grasp when it gets down a bit.

Donny and Jacosta seemed to have just droped off everyones radar. Probably good for them right now.

I am really tired of Devin's voice on the feeds, I tend to just tune him out and rely on you to tell me what he said. You deserve a medal just for that! ;-)

See you tonight, sorry no boa... at 75 I think I'm excused. :-)

July 6, 2014 at 4:31 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Watching the feeds this morning, 453am 3/4, Zack and Cody are onto Jacosta, so I guess she isn't under everyone's radar..

July 6, 2014 at 4:56 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

500AM 1/2, Britt is telling Derrick she wants to turn down the veto. She has asked production if she turns it down, can he then use it on Pow Pow and she is waiting for an answer.

Sounds dumb to me.

July 6, 2014 at 5:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Dishers,

Goodnight Carolyn, see you tonight...


July 6, 2014 at 5:14 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

I know it's not included in the OR, but after Victoria finished her convo with Devin, she walked down the stairs muttering something in Hebrew.

I'm going to assume whatever she said wasn't very flattering towards Devin, based on her subsequent conversations.

If anyone can translate, I'm sure a lot of people would be grateful.

July 6, 2014 at 5:50 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Good morning, sweet Carolyn. Off to grab coffee while reading TOR then running out the door to Church. See you back here tonight.....think I found a great boa in Hobby Lobby so will pick it up after Church :-)

Have a great day!!!

July 6, 2014 at 6:15 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Other than Brit and Donny, Im not really feeling any of these people yet. One question I have is : Has Christine told Nicole about the bomb squad? It appears to me that she has not which make Christine super shady, but I think Nicole's aww shucks will get annoying too.

July 6, 2014 at 6:24 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, everyone!!☺

Thank YOU for being here!

If anyone can grab me a time stamp on Victoria's muttering in Hebrew (post Devin talk), I'd be very happy to translate..


July 6, 2014 at 6:29 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Don't remember the time but on twitter in response to the ask of what Victoria said, someone said it was basically "Son of a Bitch" but that bitch translates differently in Hebrew, can't remember the term she used to describe it if that helps. Sorry don't have a time stamp and I didn't favorite the tweet so couldn't find it.

July 6, 2014 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

Victoria leaves the room shortly after 10:48 BBT, Cam 3. Thanks in advance for the translation, Carolyn!

July 6, 2014 at 6:43 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

if it sounded like "Ben Zonah," then son of a bitch is a decent translation.

July 6, 2014 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

hehehe.. ok.. what she says is Ben Shel Zonah, which is the same, but funny and kind of cute, because it means she really doesn't know how to curse with gusto in Hebrew. It's too proper..

July 6, 2014 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

Thanks for the translation, Carolyn. Always the princess, she keeps her cursing classy. ;)

July 6, 2014 at 6:57 AM  
Blogger henryv22 said...

Thanks for your excellent reporting it frees me from listening to that headache called Devin.

July 6, 2014 at 7:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

wow ok not as big a night as the night before but still a good report. Thank you and good morning Caroyln and dishers.

I think if he puts vic up, pow goes home.

next week we want Devin gone, i hope that happens.

I still like Caleb just wish he'd dump Devin for good. he could repair his damage done by dumping Devin and getting pow out, I don't care if you gave her your word you would vote to keep her, shes going home dude, bro , da mn it i like Caleb why cant he be a little smarter, Devin is messing up his game more than Amber ever could of.

July 6, 2014 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Caro, I'm hoping that you have a wonderful sanity Sunday. I am fo sure with my 3rd downpour of the day I'm finding it very easy to catch up on lost sleep.
I'm wondering if I'm the only one or if others are finding that their archives July calender has the dates wrong. Mine shows the 4th was Thursday. It has the days and numbers totally wrong for the entire month. June and August are correct. If we all are finding July incorrect shouldn't someone at CBS be able to fix it?
Thanks for the translation on Victoria's proper cursing. I find it very funny, but her lack of please and thank you just isn't cute at all.

July 6, 2014 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger MimiJK said...

Carolyn, thank you for publishing your blog. It is very organized, unlike some other blogs. I have only been here 2 years and enjoyed every minute. Thanks for all your hard work!

July 6, 2014 at 11:43 AM  
Blogger MimiJK said...

Thank you Carolyn for all your hard work. You have the most organized blog, unlike some others I won't name. You keep everything interesting, too. I have been on this blog for 2 years, but just signed up to post comments.

July 6, 2014 at 11:47 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Carolyn hope you had a wonderful bike ride this afternoon. It actually was not all that hot here which made for a much nicer day

See you tonight.

July 6, 2014 at 4:39 PM  

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