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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Live Show Thursday!  The HGs have been on lockdown inside since 4pm BBT, which means it's big build for the HoH Competition.  Fingers crossed for Endurance or a Physical Comp that spills over onto the live feeds!

While the east coast was watching the Wednesday Show, Cody put on Frankie's short shorts and did his best Frankie impersonation.

It's well worth the trip to flashback land.. Go to 5:54pm on Camera 3, and do try not to drool.  ;-)

If you need help accessing flashbacks, please have a look at this post. I made you a diagram and wrote up easy to follow steps. 

Christine and Nicole have told each other they're planning to vote to evict Caleb, just to cause a hinky vote situation that will be blamed on someone else.  Caleb has said that it better be an 11-0 vote, or heads will roll.  Caleb has also declared that he no longer has feelings for Amber, thinks she's a user, and wouldn't cover her with a blanket if she was freezing. Methinks he doth protest too much, but.. whatevs.  Incidentally, Amber's at the top of Hayden, Nicole and Donny's wishful next out lists too.  And... Zach told Frankie about his alliance with Derrick and Cody, "Los Tres Amigos," so it's as fake for him as it is for Derrick and Cody, who have their own final 2 deal.

OK.. Now let's begin the Overnight Report, rejoin our HGs on the feeds, and see what kind of trouble they get into after midnight!

We've got Christine and some lovely shirtless gents on 1 and 2, and
We've got a prayer sesh with Brittany, Jocasta and Amber on 3 and 4..

I think you know where we're going. ;-)  Obvi, there is much much more to this Overnight Report.  Please click below this sentence where it says "Read More" to continue..

But first... It's Thankful Thursday!  So... Thank you for being here on BBDish for our 10th season covering the Big Brother US live feeds!  We absolutely could not do it without your support!  Very special thanks to those of you who've gotten and are still getting your live feeds via the links here on BBDish! And HUGE thanks to everyone who has hit the tip jar here on BBDish already this season!  Ordinarily, the Tip Jar Thank You list lives on the left sidebar, but on Thankful Thursdays I get to bring it front and center to shower these folks with the attention they deserve.

Special Thanks to...
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Cam 1
Cody, Frankie, Zach, Christine

Cody: I felt horrible about it.  I had such a crush on her.
Frankie: Well, that's what Zach does when he has a crush on people too.  He makes them feel bad and says horrible things about them.
Cody: This is the worst straightener ever.  They put a new box of condoms in there.
Christine: We were playin' with them.  It's not like we're going through em like rabbits.
Cody: Let's put this out in the open, Christine.  When do rabbits use condoms?
Chrsitine: Well, they obviously don't.
Frankie: But they f*ck a lot.

BB tells Devin to stop singing..

Frankie: (whispers) I can't wait til tomorrow.
Cody: This straightener blows cock.
Frankie: Please don't say blow cock and butthole in the same sentence in front of me.
Christine: hahaha!
Frankie: You guys are all assholes.  I understand that you're all sexually frustrated too, but that's because you're dickheads and can't figure it out.  For me, there's no option.
Cody: if I wanted to, I'd take Zach in the Jack Shack.  Trust me.
Zach: What??!
Frankie: Why wouldn't you take me?? I'm the one who wants to go with you in the jackshack.
Christine: Brittany wants you So bad, Cody.
Frankie: I mean, just because you're kind of hot.
Christine: Cody?  You think Cody's hot??
Frankie: Like maybe perfect a little bit.

Cody: So Frank, you wanna do my hair now?
Frankie: ok.

Skipping ahead..

Cam 1 cont'd
Zach: What's a low number to you?
Christine: 7 or 8.
Zach: I've f*cked 7 or 8 girls in 1 week before.
**oh you classy sweet talker, you.
Cody: No way..
 Zach: I went on a little spree. I called it Spring Break 09.

Cody laughs. Frankie takes it all in.  I'm game for any excuse to show those abs..
Christine: Did you ever have sex with 2 girls in one day?
Zach: Uhhhhhhh.. no.

**he's lying. In my ears, that extended Uh was him figuring out if he'd confess that to a girl.

Cody: 2 girls in one day?

Zach: No.. no.. I've never done that.
Caleb: You're probably in the 30s or 40s.
Zach: No.. I'm kidding. Just 2.  I lost my virginity in my Sophomore year of college..
Caleb: What was your, Frank?
Frankie: Women, one.  Men... we don't wanna talk about it.
Cody: Why?!?!?
Chrsitine: I know Frankie's number.
Zach: I know Frankie's number.
Cody: I wanna hear it.  Me?  I think I'm in like 15 to.. I'd have to count it out.
Caleb: You think??
Zach: Can you remember all of em?
Cody: yeah..
Zach; I can't remember half of em.   No, I'm kidding.  I've only F'd one person.
Caleb: For 1, you went to the University of Florida.
Zach: There's over 60k people there and it's over 60% girls.
Caleb: yeah.
Zach; Do the math.  There's about 35,000 horny girls.
Cody: That's assuming they're all horny.  I'm gonna go with a ballpark of 10,000.
Caleb: And once a month they're all horny.
Christine: I'm always.

Frankie: I think it's just different for gay people.
Caleb: That's the last thing that's on my mind with a girlfriend.
Christine: Are you kidding??
Caleb: No, but I'm an army guy.  I went a year and a half with out it before.  Right now, I'm over a year.
Cody: Yeah, I'm like 6 months.. but you can't really have sex with your parents down the hall.
Zach: You can't?
Christine: Oh, Zach.. 
Cody: I mean, I have with my girlfriends, but not with like a random girl.
Caleb: Don't get me wrong, I've had a one night stand before, but I still talk to that girl today.
Cody: 14.. maybe a few one night standers..

It's 12:17am - If you'd like to follow this conversation as if continues, go to 12:17am, Camera 1 on Flashback.

Meanwhile, bible study continues in the Beehive..

Camera 3 and 4
HoH Bathroom
Cody and Derrick

Derrick: I saw it.  When I jumped in the bed with you guys, and you were flirtin' with Brittany and Amber was sittin' right there..
Cody: She was hatin' it.
Derrick: Hatin' it. She wanted to punch Brittany in the mouth.  I think Amber's the way to go.  She's looking for someone to be with other that Caleb.  She's planning road trips with you.
Cody: I really do think we'll be friends outside the house.  Honestly, I would take her as far as we could.
Derrick: And we're better in mental comps than her.
Cody; We talked about a lot. The only thing is.. Caleb.  When can her and I talk..
Derrick: He's givin up on her a little bit.
Cody: Keep her safe til jury, then send him home, not her.
Derrick: F'in sucks.  We used the ace in the hole on Brittany.
Cody: We should've let her go home. The Bomb Squad would've never been exposed.  We showed our cards, and she turned and f'd us.

Derrick: She didn't say a word about you.  She came up here, and we were talking about Zach and stuff. and she said she gives a cold shoulder.. In this house, you can't do that. And she still don't trust you.. or me.
I got a little bit of a soft spot for her, because she's a mother, but..

Talk turns to Victoria.

Derrick: She's driving me nuts.. but she don't do shit. Any week you want her out.  Any week.
Cody: Today we were talking, and she was like, "I'm so excited for tomorrow."  I was like, for the HoH?  She's like, "No, just for the live show."
Derrick: Even if she did win HoH, there's a zero % chance she'd put us up.
Cody:  I think we should send Brit home this week, but it can't be one of us doing it.
Derrick: It wont be me. (can't compete)

They try to figure out who would put Brittany up..  and if Cody would feel comfortable putting Donny up.

Derrick: If you're prioritizing your allies, whoever is at the bottom of the list..
Cody: ..has to go.

Camera 3

Cody: Sometimes with Christine, I feel like things I say could get around.
Derrick: It does.  She gets nervous.  Donny told me directly that Christine told him about the alliance. 
Cody: I wanna win it.  I've literally been saying in my head nonstop, tomorrow's my day.
Derrick: Nobody wants you to win more than this guy here.  Out of everyone in this house,..
Cody: I just wanna win.

Caleb enters.

Caleb: How is it?
Derrick: Aww dude, my bubbles ran out.  I was talkin to the feeds when Cody came in here. 
**I'll grab that for you in a bit, if I can find it. ~~Alas, Skippy didn't share this one with us.  Perhaps because Derrick wasn't mic'd up.  I've now watched every moment from 11:59pm when Derrick headed up to HoH til here on the quad, and it just doesn't exist.

Derrick: Living like a G, bro.  Lovin' life.  I'm pretty sure people had sex in this thing, which makes it a little gross..
Cody: hahaha
Derrick: But I'm rollin' with it.  We're just sittin' here talkin game.
Caleb: I already know 100% one of our people win it. At least 1 of us will get in here, if not 2.  If 1, then Jocasta and Victoria go up on our side..
Cody: And on their side, they're not gonna put 2..
Caleb: They're not gonna put 2.  And that's where whoever's up there with them, let them say what they want, but guide them.. Say "We can't put 2 competitors up."

Derrick: Why wouldn't we put up Brittany and Jocasta?
Caleb: We need to put Brittany on one team and Jocasta on the other, so one goes home.

Derrick: Let me throw this out there.. You out Brittany and Jocasta on one team, and you put Donny and Victoria on the other.  Whoever comes off, either Donny's goin' home, or Jocasta's goin' home.
Cody: Or Brittany.
Derrick: So it doesn't matter who goes home, because even if the other one's pissed at you, their strongest ally just went home.  Do you get what I'm sayin'?
Caleb: Yeah.

Cam 1
Amber, Jocasta, Brit

Amber: This game..
Brittany: Not to cut you off, but my mind. I'm all over.. Devin did say something.
Amber: mm hmm
Brittany: Today he's all, God man.. The Have Not thing.. He apologized to me like 4 times.  The first day he was like, "it's not so bad."
Amber: Caleb was like, if you ever..  I've been trying to be distant, but I didn't know distant was gonna be this distant.
Jocasta: I think he's being distant.
Brit: I think he's hungry.
Jocasta: hehehe

Brit: You can either do the poor mes, or you can suck it up.  You have less than 24 hours..
Amber: I can't wait for tomorrow.
Brit: We'll start cooking all day tomorrow.  After the challenge.
Amber: If I'm up there and it's just the moms, I'm gonna be like, ok.. but you guys can't put me up.
Brit: Me and Jocasta are gonna be like, Girls, you better drop now!
Jocasta: hehehe!!

Brit: My voting is gonna go how I want to vote.  Nobody's gonna tell me when it comes to my friend and someone I want gone, nobody's gonna change my mind.
Amber: With Pao, it was hard.. But now I'm like, all the lies she told..
Brit: But I understand your vote too.. Look how far we've come.  We can't let some bully dictate how we vote.

Amber: That's what I'm gonna do.  I'm gonna be honest.  I'm gonna play my game.
Brit: That's my strategy.. just be me and take it week to week. I know this game, you have to kinda be guarded at times, but I still feel like you don't have to be a vicious, malicious person.  I pick out and obserge the people who really want to be here. I don't think it's fair for someone who really doesn't care to be here and people who love it walk out the door.
Amber: I just don't want my mom to ever have to work again..
Brit: Same.. My mom doesn't even have a car.
*me neither.
Amber: That's the same with my mom.. My mom.. she needs so much right now.  It's time for me to help.
Brit: I can't even explain how amaxing my dad is.
Amber: The 1st couple weeks were hard for me..
Brit: I've adjusted more now.. It's almost become work.  The 1st week was really hard not talking to my kids.  At the airport (their pwrd for sequester), I was losing it.  It was horrible.
Amber: It's crazy what you think about people 1st..
Brit: It is.  I thought Jocasta was gonna be mean.
Amber: I did too.  Then I come in and it's totally differnt.

They run through their 1st impressions of all the HGs and how they differ from now.. It's a really nice bonding time with the women..

Brit: Know what I wanna do when he leaves tomorrow?  I wanna give him a pickle bouquet.  That way when he goes to talk to Julie, he has a pickle in his hand and he smells like a pickle.
Jocasta: That's hilarious.
Amber: I have nothing to say to him.

They wrap it up with good hugs and I love yous... before they make their way to bed.

Camera 1
Caleb, Hayden, Amber, Brit, then Derrick.

The ants are back.  Caleb and Hayden watch as Amber and Brittany try to rid the kitchen of the scourge.  Hayden looks like he has just woken up..

Derrick comes downstairs.

Hayden: Hey Derrick.  How was your bubble bath?  Did you talk to the feedsters?
Derrick: I talked to the feedsters for about 20 minutes til someone informed me they couldn't really hear very well..

Cam 1
Living Room
Derrick, Caleb and Cody

And we have a hat change.. 
**I wonder if he'll go with the pashmina next?

Cody: Is Brittany back there?
Derrick: She's in the bathroom.
Cody: I was gonna call her out.
Derrick: Don't poke the bear.
** hehe

Cody: (laughing) I f'in always poke the bear.  Always.
Derrick: You f'in look for the bear.
Cody: Always.

Caleb: Derrick, it's gonna look like this.  I'm gonna have the HoH robe on an everything.
Derrick: They'll probably take it back before..

1:46am Caleb begins rehearsing his speech for the live show.  With all the focus on Devin this wseek, it's easy to forget that Caleb is up there too..


Caleb: I feel like straight baby face right now.. I feel like a 21 year old. 
Derrick: How old are you, 26?
Caleb: Yeah, I'm old.
Brittany: You're making us feel really old.
Cody: You guys are really old. 
Derrick: Hey, that's alright.. I bet if I go in a place with you, I could pass for being' younger than you still.
**In fact, he's a professional at it. ;-)

Cody: You're like a grandpa, almost.
Derrick: I swear, if I said I was 26 they'd believe me.  We'll travel when we get outa here.. I guarantee you they'll say I look younger than you.  If I shave my facial hair, it's a wrap. I'm tellin' ya.
Caleb: I mean you guys are nowhere near old.  What?  2 years?
Derrick: I'm 30, she's 29.
Cody: I'm 23.
Derrick: F'in infant.
Brit: I'll be 29 for a couple more years.
Caleb: If I was gay, I'd be rockin' the cradle with you, Cody.

Camera 3
Amber, Derrick, Brit, Cody

Amber: I'm starting to trust people more.. but then again, I don't want to trust too many.  He was just so rude today.

Brit: He was.  He's been throwing like low blow comments.
Amber: To everybody..  Like, I felt bad.  I don't like the way he makes me feel about..
Brit: If he gets a reaction from you, he just wants to continue doing the same things..
Amber: I just hope we have a Have Not comp soon.  Do you think this'll be the last week we pick?
Derrick: This week or next.  They're fun.  Dude, if we get the milk one, Brittany's definitely the sponge.
Brittany: I love that competition.
Derrick: She'll dive into the milk.  She wont be able to get out.
Brittany: Did you ever see the Canada one where they were like caterpillars in cocoons?  It was hysterical.

Derrick's up in HoH on 1.  He's alone, so I'm keeping a close eye on him, in case he's got something to tell us.
Amber and Brit are in the kitchen on 3 and 4 making snacks. Cody's there as well,not pleased with himself for taking such a long nap earlier, because he'd like to sleep now.  They're joined by Hayden who is in a similar predicament.

Derrick kills the light in HoH, then takes a seat on the couch with his family..
2:41am Derrick's under the covers, lights off, watching the spy screen... as his eyes are getting heavy..

2:48am - 3:00am
Downstairs in the kitchen, we've got small-talk, light flirting between Amber and Cody..  and ribbing from Cody to Hayden.

Camera 3
Hayden, Amber and Cody

Cody's reading a medicine bottle, with a bit of poetic license..

Cody: Apply to affected area. Use every 2 hours. Children should be supervised. Other information: Hayden sucks dick for the taste.
Amber: hehe
Cody: Wow, that was weird.  Hey man.
Hayden: It's on all of em, dude.  It's not just one.  I know.  I've had this ongoing thing with Chloraseptic for a while now.  Trying to get a law suit against it. It's like why do you have to say "Hayden sucks dick" on your instructions?

Amber: hahaha
Hayden: I've never understood it.  My family's been trying to fight it for years now.
Cody: And by your family, you mean Voss water. 
Hayden: All of them.  All of Voss water is trying to fight Chloraseptic.

Cody: That's amazing.  Oh, Hayden.  I don't know who I would talk shit to if you weren't in the house. 
Amber: I need to go to sleep. Was Devin snoring?
Hayden: Yeah, I heard him from the Storage Room.  Cody, I wanna say, you're in the top 14 people I'm glad are in the house.
Cody: hahaha!

Cody: Hayden, I'm gonna have to say.. I don't have anything.  That was a good one, dude.  I was like, Oh my God. He's gonna say something nice.  Nope.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.  See you back here in a bit!



Blogger Unknown said...

I'm disappointed that Derrick didn't talk to us. :-(
I wonder how many people will actually throw votes to Devin, enough to make him stay? That would be funny.

I don't understand Derricks animist toward Brit. I wonder if it's real, he had such a nice long talk with her the other day. Maybe he's just looking at the people who are aware enough to upset his plans. But he says his real alliance is TA, but he talks about Donny being a target.

I'm confused!!

No need to speculate, tonight will make things clearer.

An aside Carolyn; I left a comment, in last nights comment section, for TripL. Could you bring it forward? Thanks.

July 17, 2014 at 3:29 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry!☺ He did.. the question is, did production put a feed on him. I'm going on a hunt..

TRIPL - I'm reposting this message from Jerry Williamson to you in the Viewing Party post here, so hopefully you'll see it:

@TripL; Before my wife's mastectomy she rescued a two year old German Shepherd. She had chemo every three weeks on a Wednesday. When we would get home from the hospital, her feeling like crap, and walked through the door, the dog threw up. It happened every time my wife had chemo and my wife never once threw up. Hang in there, hope can come from unexpected places.

July 17, 2014 at 3:46 AM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

What time to you wake up. I am on the West Coast and awake at 4:30 a.m. cause I just can't sleep and you have already completed the overnight report! When do you sleep?
I decided to check BBDish, just because. I haven't been watching this season other than maybe 2 episodes. How are you doing?

July 17, 2014 at 4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn, Jerry, and all the Dishers yet to post :-) Great Overnight Report, as usual. Like Lee said during the Viewing Party last night though, I too am kind of missing the chaos and big blow out fights lol I'm sure they will happen at some point, so I'm not gonna get too nostalgic for it just yet. It IS nice to have a crew of HGs that can get along with each other and be happy, except for the occasional hiccup. So Caleb is changing his tune about Amber.....yeah, I'll believe that when he walks out of the house and meets his next target, er, crush.
Derrick's behavior re:Donny is more and more disappointing to me. How is America, who he keeps saying he is wanting to be proud of him, supposed to believe that the alliance WE voted him into is his one true alliance when he continually talks to others about putting up one of its two other members? I know he doesn't want anyone to be suspicious, but there are other ways to deflect. Come on Mr. Undercover Cop, you, of all people, should be able to come up with something!! I like Derrick, and for the most part I think he's playing a pretty good game. But this just irks me.
Well, I'm off to make sure hubby is ready for his MRI today. He is claustrophobic, so he hates these things. But he has to have them at least once a year (this year more) to monitor the neurological disease in his spine. So it's pep talk time!
Have a great day everyone and see you back here for the live show!!

Love and hugs,

July 17, 2014 at 5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Jerry I am also confused by Derrick and his constant steering towards Donny. Is this all a clever ruse? I don't think Donny trusts Derrick either. Loving this season.
As always I'm thankful this Thursday as I am every summer day for you Carolyn and the other dishers who put up with my attempts at humor and my ramblings about past and present HGs.

July 17, 2014 at 5:44 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

My favorite BB day of the week!

Caleb " Beast Mode Cowboy" fully expects the red carpet treatment when he get's out, including crowds paparazzi. Instant stardom!
He related a story of when he came back from over seas from military service to surprise his family (thoughtful) he was dressed in Uniform, waited till church services started and then made his grand Entrance.
Really….are you that needy for attention that you would take away peoples worship for God for yourself?..certainly the last place you should even think to do that.
WOW just speechless….
As far as Amber….he still drinks from the cup of delusion…. while he is not talking to her, says he's over her….well um er…nope! Not when he still planning to be with her after….
Carolyn maybe you could send him the book or maybe even the movie " He's just not that into you"

Finger's crossed we get to see Hayden kiss His Nicole out of her froggy suit tonight!!

Off to work…hoping to catch the live show.
have a great day!!!!.

July 17, 2014 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm convinced that BB has an Ant Farm growing on the BB lot and releases the ants on a yearly basis to drive the houseguests even NUTTIER than they are! LOL. BTW...I'm going to see Queen with Adam Lambert tonight at Madison Square Garden so I'll be checking for updates on my iPad as soon as the show is over here at the Eviction Night Party...will have to leave my boa home though. Praying for endurance so I can watch it in the car on the way home. WiFi jetpack is charged and ready to go...And, Devin...I'll be thinking of you when they sing Another One Bites the Dust!!!! :)

July 17, 2014 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Good morning , I think we know who your fav is so far Carolyn . Hehe me too though . I want to know your take on him throwing Donnie in the mix of noms . Is it just a cover or do you think he really wants him gone ? I don't I think it's all for show .

July 17, 2014 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn and Jerry

Hurray Thursday.

With an overall likeable cast, it is a breath of fresh air. But it is also harder to justify why I root for some people and against others. Partly personal preference. Partly that, if there isn't going to be drama and fighting then I do want entertainment. Some people are simply more entertaining than others.

The Girls:

Victoria-Unintentionally funny. Has shown no game yet. I don't think she would be afraid to make a power move. She needs to know who to make that move against. Hint-the guys spending all their time in HOH are not going to keep you in the game.

Jocasta-No game yet. I think she could be a good ally to my preferred group. I don't think, if she had an alliance she trusted, that she would be afraid to put someone up, vote someone out or tell someone off.

Nicole-She is team Hayden so I am team Nicole. I hope she can make Christine and Frankie realize that 'the boys' don't plan on taking them to the end. I want 'The Outsiders' alliance.

Christine-I think she is more loyal to Nicole/Hayden than Derrick/Cody. I hope she chooses her team wisely. Christine and Donny need to trust each other because it will take a tight group to go against the alpha males of the house.

Brittany-I am confused about her. She seems tightest with Derrick/Cody but then seems like she considers herself one of the Outsiders. She seems to crave male attention but then seems as if she is trying to take the males down. She seems jealous of Amber but then seems to be Amber's BFF. If she chooses to side with the Outsiders she could be a strong ally.

Amber-She definitely likes male attention. I don't care for flirting as a strategy or assuming that the big strong men will protect you and carry you through the game. I don't think she caused the Caleb situation. That is completely on him. But Amber, word of advice. Do NOT flirt with Hayden. That will make you the next that needs to go in my opinion.

July 17, 2014 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Sorry Carolyn, I accidentally posted this on the update about Brittany being saved. It really doesn't belong there. Not only did that merit it's own update. It also deserves to not be tainted by game talk.

The Guys:

Donny-As likeable as he is, I think he has a cut throat side. He really seems to hold a grudge. I probably would too, but most of the house lied to him. If he doesn't let it go he won't be able to find people to work with. I was so glad to hear him say that Derrick is the ringleader. Maybe if all the other HGs talked less and watched more, the way Donny does, they would realize that things are not always what they seem.

Hayden-Love him. Loved him since the beginning. Hoping he can assemble the right group of people to work with.

Zack-I'm not completely sure where he stands. Lately it seems that his alliance with Frankie is more real than Tres Amigos or The Detonators. If that's true, I'm good with that.

Devin-I actually feel sorry for him. I don't think he is nearly as bad as the legend he has become. He's definitely not the worst player in BB history. I would never trust him completely but I think he could be used as an ally. I would keep him over Caleb at this point just for the fact that if I had to live with Caleb another day I would shoot myself.

Cody-I like Cody. I just don't like that he's so tight with Derrick. I do think that if he was in a house full of Derricks, Calebs and Devins, he would probably be just a pretty face but kind of boring. I think it's Zack, Hayden and especially Frankie that bring out his fun side.

Frankie-Aside from the fact that he has taken a lot of criticism for things that others are equally guilty of, let's face it. Frankie brings the entertainment. I don't think any of the guys except for Hayden would be nearly as much fun without Frankie there. I hope he is a little careful with Zack. I would love him and Hayden to team up.

Derrick-I just am not feeling the Derrick love. I have tried but it's just not there. I don't like that he has an alliance with everyone. I don't like that he is lying about things to put targets on other people and cause mistrust among people like Brittany and Nicole. He said that the only alliance he is loyal to is TA. I call BS (and I don't mean bomb squad.) I think his meaning of loyal is that he won't put them OTB. But he will dang well make sure no one else trusts them and that they have targets on them so someone else will put them up. And then he would probably vote them out.

Caleb-This guy is just absolutely ridiculous. I don't even know where to start. With his obsessive stalker like behavior. With his klepto tendencies. Just because you see something in the store room and it doesn't have anyone's name on it, it doesn't mean it belongs to you. Caleb, give Frankie his scarf back. You look like an idiot anyways. You are not Steven Tyler. He acts like a spoiled child. He has never been taught to be a good loser or a gracious winner. And just like a pre-teen boy, he thinks if he talks big it makes him look big. He thinks that infatuation is the same thing as love. He thinks if you do a favor for a girl, then she owes you something. And he seems to believe that if a girl says no it relly means yes. Once he does realize that he's not getting what he wants he leaves the playground, refuses to share his toys and spends the rest of the day sitting in the corner pouting.

July 17, 2014 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

☺♥Goood morning!!♥☺

Hi there, RubyRoo! I wake up between 10:30-11pm BBT every night, so I can write the Overnight Report live as it's happening.. Then, God willing, I catch a couple more hours when it's done. Doin' great! Apart from being hideously sleep deprived! ;) I'm so happy to see you in here!

Good morning, MissAliss! Thank you! I'd say we had plenty of chaos week one and 2 with Caleb and Devin in power.. I'm happy for the chance to get to know them all, and I'm SO enjoying the honeymoon.. Good luck to hubby!!!

Good morning, Foofie! :)) I wish I could tell ya, but I have honestly no idea about that.. Thank you!

Good morning, Yasmin! :0) I know.. Crazy right?? lol! Have a great day!

Good morning, Debbie! :) LOL!! Have a blast at Queen.. I LOVE them! Mmm.. Freddie Mercury was such an incredible talent.. damn AIDS..

Good morning, Kim! :) I truly, truly, have no favorite yet. I am loving each and every one of them for so many different reasons. It feels like an incredible gift!

Good morning, Grendon! :) Hurray, Thursday!!! And as always, a wonderful blog from you! Thank you!!!♥♥♥

July 17, 2014 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

After watching Wednesday's episode, I’m SUPER convinced Derrick's feeder comments are too contrived. Wish we'd heard what he said last night but it wouldn’t matter: He wants to convince himself as much as us. Certainly watching the combination of his DR's, the live feed, his feedster speak & his one on one interactions with Donny, he is NOT being truthful about Team America being his "true" alliance! Moreover, when ED or Frank conversed with us, it wasn’t concocted. He comes off super cocky - liked him better before he was TA. He has too many alliances – does he even know if any are real. He's spread too thin bc he went into deep cover mode over trying to maintain the BS & I don't think he'll be able to pull himself out of this false cover-persona. IMO, he's blown it - only time will see if he reveals his background - mark my words, it's gonna happen because he's losing it & it'll be all he has to bargain with (it'll be to Brit if she’s still there & most likely after she puts him up). Donny realizes TA members are all truly out for themselves no matter how strongly Derrick tries to convince him otherwise. Derrick is misleading himself. Cody is his only true alliance & whether he admits it or not, he wanted badly to be aligned with Brit because she can influence people in the jury & feels she'd play the parent card for him if he were at the end. But I'm on the outside looking in & my armchair analysis is biased. He’s looking TOO far ahead. Refusing to trust Donny speaks VOLUMES about his true intentions/motivations. Donny knows this based on his own DR's. Why do HG always fail to realize other’s bad decisions are only “bad” from their own game perspective - they should be asking WHY a person feels the need to make that decision for THEIR OWN gameplay & how it fits into theirs; Derrick had the ability but he's lost the art. I hate watching these guy alliances trash talk about having the women on lock & can control their votes. That's why Brit upsets them - she can't be controlled. The women are failing to step up as well. Hopefully, if Devin is booted, they might be less intimidated to speak up or make moves.

On a happier notes, I LOVE Zach and Zrankie. YES, Zach’s floating; but his floating works - especially this year with its twist. Just hope he doesn't blow anything up again this next week. I was initially upset Frankie was TA, but I LOVE how his attitude – tasks to entertain us. Hope Hayden/Nicole are able to bring Christine & Donny into a state of trust. If Donny shared his TA status it might be just the show of trust Christine needs to prove to her that Derrick & Frankie are only using her and only care about her as a number/to get information. She might leave the boys behind knowing 2 BS members are secretly in TA: 1) proves ulterior motives & 2) they don’t have her back. H/N already hang as do C/N and H/D so there's little need to reconvene as the 4 if they align. They’d have brigade-ish hands & ears in all the house. Christine could manipulate the BS remnants. Donny could reinforce Christine via TA. Hayden's fringe membership with the guys could reinforce Donny's position. Nicole would be believed to be in check via D/H/C on all counts so shed likely be safe. N/D would have access & influence over the other houseguests. Still holding hope for Operation Blindside Caleb but it looks like a fail. I won't be sorry to see Devin go, I just don’t want to see this guy group skate through. Crazy scary how Caleb has changed his tune about Brit – from fatal attraction to despising her – not healthy.

My faves: Hayden, Nicole, Zach & Donny. LOVE Frankie’s entertainment value but not his game. Mixed feelings still on Cody, but damn he's nice to look at. –meh- at the rest of them for now. I’d like to see Victoria step it up once she figures out that she’s on the show.

@Debbie – LOL at unleashing the annual ant farm!!
Thanks Caro for all you do.

July 17, 2014 at 9:58 AM  

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