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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grenades Before Midnight

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sunday to you!  So much BIG STUFF happened before midnight last night that resonated for the rest of the evening,  I've decided to break the Overnight Report into 2 parts: Before Midnight and After.. Also, if you were away last night, here's the PoV Spoiler and Aftermath.

Let's get right into it.. 

Continuing from the end of Frankie and Zach's Storage Room session...

Camera 1
Storage Room
Frankie and Zach

After coming clean with each other about everything..

Frankie: I lost my mind!
Zach:  You did, but everything's great now. Let's forget about everything that happened in the past.  Cuz that's all we can do. There's no point in thinking about it.
Frankie: NO, we have to just move forward and have each other's backs.
Zach: I'll be honest.  I'm not talking game.  To Anyone.

Frankie: Yeah.. It has to be me, you Cody, Derrick.  I think we should do original Bombsquad. Christine the 1st to go, and then..
Zach: I'm gonna start spreading a lot of shit too.. 
**heh.. remember these words. They're going to come into  play immediately.
Frankie: And then, I have an order..
Zach: Order of what.
Frankie:  Who I want gone in the final 5.. But I'm not telling you shit.
Zach: You don't have to.
Frankie: Let's do this.
Zach: Let's do this.  We don't have a choice at this point.  We really don't. We started something..
Frankie: ..and I'm never gonna mention that you told me about the plan. And they already know that I know about the plan.
Zach: Let's not talk about anything that happened in the past.
Frankie: Yeah, ok.
Zach: Let's erase it from the piece of paper.
Frankie: Send home a non-Bombsquad-ier..
Zach: Send home.. (Fishies)

Frankie: When you gave me the face.. on the top of Otev..
Zach: You were happy?
Frankie: I was so happy.
Zach: I'm so happy I won!
Frankie: It's amazing how, like, our bondis so much stronger than all this bullshit, cuz.. we were in trouble for a..

Zach: We were in trouble.. cuz you were trying to get me out!  I'm not gonna mention it again, but.. you tried to get me out, dude. That's so f*cked up, dude! 

Frankie gives Zach the true rundown of the Hayden/Nicole alliances.. with him and Christine and with Cody and Derrick.

Zach: We're good.. You and I..  There's no reason to talk game about anything at this point.  I have to rely on myself, dude.  I have to just  win competitions..
Frankie: I'm relying on myself. 
Zach:  Cuz I was relying on you and Cody and Derrick and Christine..  I was relying on you.  I need to rely on myself.  How bout this.  Let's just do a thing, I will never put you up, and you will never put me up.  And we'll leave it at that. OK?
Frankie: hehehe

Frankie:Yes.. Yes..
Zach: Is that fair enough?
Frankie: Yes. Ohh, I love you.  Plus we have our bonus deals..

Zach: Yeah yeah yeah.. I'll take you to Germany, whatever.. You'll take me to Africa.. We'll draw up a contract.. I love you, Frankie.. Everything's great.

And they leave the Storage Room..

OK.. And now it's time for Zach to stir up some shit.. And drop a very un-Bombsquadlike grenade right on Derrick's game.  Kaboom!

BeeHive Room
Zach and Victoria

Victoria: Did you talk to Frankie?
Zach: Yeah.. We're still good right?  Yeah, we're good.  You were tryin' to get me out last week, but yeah, we're good.  What am I supposed to say?  Frankie's so good at shit like that.  I believe him. I shouldn't.
Victoria:  You trust him in this game?

Zach: I will tell you everything.  Me n him had a final 2 deal..I was in like 2 alliances with him.. Like, him and I were like this.. He got paranoid, cuz he was lying to everyone about his sister.
Victoria: You really believe that's why?  It's such b.s.
Zach: It is, right?  I know.. and then..
Victoria:That's his reasoning for getting everyone against each other.. When were you guys in an alliance?  Week?
Zach:  The first week, there was a big alliance.  And then like 4 weeks ago, we made another alliance.
Victoria: This is just you and him?
Zach: No.. and this is between you and me, obviously.  Please don't tell Cody, don't tell Derrick.. And I'll tell you everything, because I trust you. That you wont open your mouth..

Zach: Me, Derrick, Cody, Christine and Frankie.
**Did you hear that little noise.. I believe that was the pin being pulled from the grenade.
Victoria: (silence)
Zach: You don't know about that?  You have no idea?
Victoria: (silence)
Zach:  Don't say anything.  We were in an alliance, and we still are in an alliance.  But like, we're not.
Victoria: (silence)

Zach: Frankie's trying to repair all the damage that he caused.. Cuz he was tryin' to get me out last week, and Cody and Derrick were like no, he's our boy, and then from there it just spiraled out of control.. and he went to Hayden and Christine, and they made an alliance with a name an everything..
Victoria: Cody and Derrick agreed to that?

Zach: Yes.. but they were gonna go against it on Thursday.. So they had my back.
**he still believes.. sigh
Victoria: Can I tell you?  I told Derrick, I really don't wanna vote Zach out, he has my back.. I don't know where Jocasta stands, and he was like, "ok, I'll flip if you do."  Like, flip to keep you.
Zach: They were gonna vote me out too?
Victoria:  Noo.. they were saying they were gonna go with the house vote.. and then that day, when everyone was scrambling, I told him, I don't wanna vote you out, because you are not going after me.  So like, I was, before anyone said anything, I said, I wanna vote Jocasta out.

Zach: Woah.. and now Frankie's like trying to fix everything.  He had me in the storage room for like 30 minutes.  "We can fix everything. We're still together.. bla bla bla.." He's like, "America loves me and you together.."  At this point, I'm not gonna talk game with anyone, because at this point, you just have to win competitions.  I want Christine gone.   Christine only has 3 options: you, Derrick or Cody.  Are you worried?
Victoria:  yeah.

Zach:  So then, I'm gonna tell you some more stuff.. We had an alliance.. I had an alliance with Christine, Derrick, Cody, Frankie... but I had a final 3 with Christine and Frankie.. And I also had a final 3 with Derrick and Cody.  So I was the common denominator of both.  I had them 2 who had my back and them 2 who had my back, and I was with everyone.   And I had a final 2 with Frankie.  So I was perfect.  And Frankie and I even talked about when we were the last 5 here:  me, Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine - how we were gonna end up being the final 2.

Zach:  But Frankie told all of that stuff to Cody and Derrick, and now they don't trust me.  So that's why the last 2 days, I was like, I'm goin' home.  Cody and Derrick still have my back.  I'm so surprised. They really do.  I don't lie to people, I just don't tell them stuff.
**you're so snowed.

Zach: I was in a perfect spot and Frankie just ruined my game.  He told everyone everything.. So then, after that, I told Nicole everything I just told you. 

Skipping ahead to 10:33pm

Zach:  I do not trust Frankie.  I don't.
Victoria: I don't like to talk.  Don't trust Frankie.  I'm telling you.  You trust me.  I've been keeping you in this house.  Just saying.  And if you do trust him, just know..
Zach: That you told me so.
Victoria: Yeah
Zach:  That says it all.
Victoria: When the votes don't match up, and you're walking out that door before him..

Zach: Alright, so after this week, Nicole's gonna go home.. and it's gonna be 8 people left.  Me, you, Cody, Derrick, Caleb..
Victoria: Frankie.
Zach: Against... Frankie, Christine and Donny..  It would be us 4 - me, you, Cody, Derrick.
Victoria: Me, you, Cody, Derrick..

Zach:  And we gotta get Donny or Caleb.  or Both.. Against Christine, Frankie.  I think that could happen.  But.. 1st objective: get Nicole out.

Camera 1
Fire Room
Victoria and Nicole

Nicole: What did Zach tell you?
Victoria: Everything he told you.
Nicole:  Are him and Frankie best friends again?
Victoria: No

Victoria: He just put all the cards out on the table.
Nicole: Is he trying to get jury votes or what?  I don't get why he'd tell me everything if I tell you everything....
Victoria: He's just whatever with Frankie.. He's gonna be civil with him.   But I've been straight up lied to.
Nicole: You're talking about with Derrick?  Oh yeah..

Nicole:  I didn't want to be the one to tell you.
Victoria:  I cannot trust him.
Nicole:He knows he can influence what you do.. I think he cares about you a lot.  Know what I mean?
Victoria:  No.
Nicole: He loves you. 
Victoria: I don't care as a person.. I've just been lied to this whole entire game.  Literally.  I feel so stupid.  Since day one.  I don't feel like he's my person anymore.
Nicole: I feel like Hayden was way better for you to keep than him.. because he didn't, genuinely didn't have anybody.. like, it was just us.
Victoria: so hurt.. Oh my gosh.. I don't what to say, what to do..
Nicole: Let's think about it.
Victoria: I literally want to punch him in the face.

Nicole: I think he's trying to protect you though.. I do honestly think he will try to keep you in this game as long as he can.

Victoria: But that's not what our deal was, Nicole.
Nicole: Ohhhhhhh...
Victoria: Like, that's not.. I can trust him.  I don't even want to be in the same house.  I don't stand a chance, unless I win HoH.
Nicole:  I completely understand how you feel, because that's how I felt when Hayden left.
Victoria: I told Derrick 99% of the things I knew... and he didn't tell me crap. 
Nicole: I don't think it'd be good for you to talk to him about it, to be honest.
Victoria: I don't even want to talk to him.  I can't look at him in the face, Nicole.  I cannot look at him in the face.  He disgusts me. Everything that he's gonna say now, I'm gonna throw it in the trash.. I feel so stupid!

Camera 3 and 4
Christine and Derrick
HoH Room

Christine confirms to Derrick that she's putting Victoria up as the ReNom..  There is mention of Christine, but like all co-hohs before her, she says she will honor the deal she made to not backdoor her.

Camera 1
Fire Room
Nicole and Victoria
Cody walks in..

Cody: Are you crying because of me?
Victoria: no.
Nicole: It's really not because of you.

Victoria:  Is my make up everywhere?
Cody: No, I just call out crying eyes when I see them..

Victoria: It's 100% not..
Cody: I'm sorry..
Victoria: Don't be.  It has nothing to do with that.  You're good.
Victoria: It really has nothing to do with that.
Nicole: It doesn't even have anything to with Game..
Cody: I feel bad.

**Notice Victoria's eyes.. She never strays from looking at Nicole.  I do believe we've found the one woman in the BB16 house (or it's immediate surroundings) that is immune to a Cody snuggle.

Cody: Are you ok?
Victoria: Yeah, I'm fine, I promise.

Victoria doesn't want to talk to Cody.  She wants to continue her talk with Nicole alone.  She leaves after a while to find Zach.. 

Cam 3 and 4
Victoria and Zach

Victoria wants to confront Derrick.  Zach wants her not to..

Victoria: I really wanna call him out.
Zach: Why? Were you in an alliance with him?
Victoria: No, but..
Zach: You have to tell me then..
Victoria: There's nothing really to say.. like.. he didn't tell me half the things I thought.  I don't know what to do.  I feel so betrayed right now.
Zach: By Derrick?  He's had your back the whole time.
Victoria: I told him everything.. about game.. about everything.. and I just feel like.. I feel so betrayed.
Zach: He's had your back the whole time.  You shouldn't feel betrayed at all.
Victoria: He made an alliance with Christine.. How is that having my back?

Zach: Alright, well..
Victoria: I put my trust.
Zach: Number one, you can't call him out, cuz there's no upside to calling him out.
Victoria: (crying) I just feel alone in this game, cuz I don't have anyone anymore.
Zach: He's had your back.
Victoria: Zach! Making 5 alliances is not having my back.  I don't trust anyone.  I literally feel played. 
Zach: He's only stood up for you.  You can't call him out. You can't let this get out.  That was between you and me. And.. I can't let you let it effect you.  He's the person who sticks up for you over anyone.  You don't look stupid.  There's been alliances behind my back..

Zach: You can't know everything in this game, and I spilled out my entire game to you, so I really hope..
Victoria: I don't want to.. I just can't trust him.  I literally don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
Zach: Derrick?
Victoria: yeah. I'm so over him, I don't know what to do, Zach.
Zach: He's been your best friend this whole game.
Victoria: Best friend my ass.  Making a 5 person alliance?  That's a best friend?
Zach: He didn't make it.  He just accepted it.
Victoria: Oh ok..
Zach: What is he supposed to do?
Victoria: Tell me about it.
Zach: How does that make you look stupid?  Tell me.  I don't want to see you upset.  What flipped the switch?  Did you talk to Nicole?
Victoria: I just thought about it..
Zach: She lies. (Nicole) Alright.. What are we gonna do about it?
Victoria:  Nothing.  I just feel alone.. I'll get over it after tonight.

Zach: He's had your back the whole game.
Victoria: (Crying) I look so stupid in my DR sessions.
Zach: Why?  There's something you're not telling me. I don't understand.  He hasn't betrayed you, Victoria.
Victoria: Yes he has.
Zach:  He's had your back, he still has your back.  If this comes out, I'm f*cked, you're f*cked. We're the next 2 people gone.

Victoria:  I know.
Zach: So what are we going to do about it?
Victoria:  Nothing.  I just have to fake everything.  And.. Nicole shouldn't leave.  She's on our team. She's on our side.  I'm telling you.
Zach: Whose our side then?  I'm telling you, Derrick is on our side. 
Victoria: What is he doing upstairs with Christine for hours?  At least 2 hours.  What can he possibly be doing up there for 2 hours?  I did find out something. I just found out like 2 weeks ago that he had a deal with Christine..
Zach: So you knew this before I told you..
Victoria: And I asked him, did you make a deal with Christine, and he said no, and I said, ok, all there is in this game is trust, so I'm going to trust you, and he straight up lied to me.

Zach: That's the game.. I trusted Frankie with everything.  I would tell him everything about me, Cody and Derrick every single day.  I would laugh.. Laugh with Frankie about Cody and Derrick and how I'm gonna backstab them when I get the chance.  And he's the one who f*cked me first.  I've felt like you the last 2 days.  You just have to do something about it.

OK.. This concludes the pre-midnight Report.. Sit tight for the Transcript and Pics that will cover Midnight to bedtime.. Oddly enough, it'll be called "The Overnight Report."



Blogger lscott said...

So would momma rance like a daughter in law like Victoria?

August 10, 2014 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Wolfe13 said...

Oh my goodness, do these HGs even know who they are aligned with? My head is spinning! I'm hoping Zach was lying to Frankie..... I mean, really- who could vote for Frankie for America's favorite? I would vote for Devin and Joey before Frankie.
And other than Frankie and Christine, I don't know WHO I want to go this week. I'm pulling for everyone else for different reasons, mostly Zach and Donny.

August 10, 2014 at 6:06 AM  
Blogger nikanico said...

You know...I like Victoria as a person, but maybe if she had actually been PLAYING (sorry for the caps) the game this whole time then maybe she wouldn't be so upset by Derrick who has just been playing the Big Brother game. He actually has been protecting her and does care about her. If she had tried even one time to be part of this game maybe she could have been a part of one of these alliances she feels so left out of. It's a wonder she gets any camera time at all....in a house full of cameras.
Zach made a big mistake telling her all of that because it seems like no matter what he says she is just blinded by Derrick and his supposed betrayal. Hopefully she keeps her mouth shut because I like Derrick and I don't want his game blown up. I haven't read the second part of the overnight report yet so I'm hoping I don't read that now! Fingers crossed!
And Carolyn, just want to say thanks for all you do. I have 2 children with severe autism and have no time to watch the live feeds anymore (I used to a long time ago) and thanks to you and all of your hard work I can keep up on the game I love so much.

August 10, 2014 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@nikaniko, Thank you! Finally I found someone who doesn't hate Derrick. LoL.. I know, I'm with you, scared to click on TOR. At least Zach, tried to tell her that Derrick has had her back, but only so she wouldn't go to him and throw Zach under the bus and yes get them both on the block next week! I agree with everything you said.
I guess, just like the game of BB, everyone is different and not everyone likes the way Derrick plays the game. There have been many more before him who played the same, some winners some losers, and I've loved them all! ;)

August 10, 2014 at 10:30 AM  
Blogger Kawnee said...

Iscott, to answer ur question abt momma Rance liking Vic as a daughter-n-law, she was interviewed this pased week & someone called in to ask her that exact question & she said absolutely NOT! She sais that Vic is WAY to high maintenance.

August 10, 2014 at 1:20 PM  
Blogger Kawnee said...

Iscott, to answer ur question abt momma Rance liking Vic as a daughter-n-law, she was interviewed this pased week & someone called in to ask her that exact question & she said absolutely NOT! She sais that Vic is WAY to high maintenance.

August 10, 2014 at 1:21 PM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I really do not care that Frankie has a sister that is a pop singer. This has absolutely nothing to do with how he has played this game. And if any of those houseguests call for that then they deserve to get evicted. And I think it is so funny when he's telling all the guys that he is a famous social media mogul. But then he says on YouTube he doesn't get paid. I'm sorry Frankie but up mogul usually means you're making lots of money. I'm not seeing where you're making any money. And I'm also not seeing how this has any bearing on you lying and backstabbing everyone
in this game. I really hope those houseguests and get him out quickly. And does anyone really believe that he's going to spend that winning money on buildings schools in Africa!

August 10, 2014 at 5:23 PM  

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