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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovelies!  Happy Friday to you!  Nicole and Christine won the 2nd HoH Competition of the evening, and as you can imagine, that has changed the house dynamic dramatically. For those of you who love the part of the season when they start to eat their own, your time is now.. Right now. Boy oh boy..

It's been a crazy night in the Big Brother 16 house! Yowza!  For our live feeds coverage immediately following the live show, please see Lessa's post  BB16: Thursday Night Hot House. The HGs were nutso and so were the live feeds!   That's followed by Lessa's 2nd post: And the HoHs Are...

And now we're here!  So let's dive in and see what new mischief they get into...

Christine and Nicole
Camera 3

Nicole: I don't know.. Can we agree to not evict each other?
Christine: Yes! Yes!
Nicole: OK.. So we're making it another week in this house.  Promise?
Christine: Promise.
Nicole: OK.. I wont put you up as.. I would never.. OK.. I just wanted to make sure.. Cuz that could be like super scary.

Frankie enters.

Christine: We have no idea what to do.
Frankie: Ok.. Well I have an idea.
Christine: Ok
Frankie: ...and I'm gonna put this out here.. and I'm just gonna do this, and I'm just gonna say it...  I was working with the other side of the house.
Frankie: I was legitimately invested in you and Hayden, until information was brought to me that you were throwing me under the bus to other people and saying that you were gonna backdoor me this (last) week.  That was your plan.  So, obviously, I flipped.

Frankie: On you guys.  And the main thing.. honestly official.. but it was definitely something that I was working on because I'm working with idiots on the other side who are not trustworthy, and they're not very good at this game.
Nicole: mm hmm
Frankie: When you called me out on national television.. You and Hayden both.. The people that I was working with?  They've cut me. I'm done.  I've been told I'm done.  (to Christine) I've been told you're done. I've been told (sotto voce) they don't want anything to do with you anymore.  They want nothing to do with you anymore.

Nicole:  I don't even get who the other side is.. Cody, Derrick?
Frankie: Caleb and Zach.
Nicole: I was just tryin' to figure out why it was so beneficial for you guys to keep Zach... when Hayden was so trustworthy.  That's why I'm so confused.  He was the most trustworthy person in this house. He's more trustworthy than me.
**they weren't up against each other, dear.
Frankie: I am so pissed.
Christine: We got played.
Frankie: ..but we got f'in played.
Nicole: They made it look like it was your 2 decisions.
Frankie: Yes.. yes..
Nicole: Hayden and I were both automatically like..

Frankie: I'm gonna get out of here really quickly, but just listen.. If Christine and I flip, there are 5 people working in this house against 4.
Nicole: Wait, who?
Frankie: (counts the 3 of them plus..) Victoria and Donny.

Nicole: Victoria's an idiot.
Frankie: I've got her as a number.
Nicole: I am so pissed at her.  That's what I thought too.
Frankie: I've got her as a number.
**funny, you don't look at all like Derrick.

Frankie: But if you put to of them on the block.. Both of you.. Put 2 of those 4 on the block.. Caleb, Zach, Cody, Derrick.. If you put 2 of the 4 up, each of you, then regardless, we have the numbers.
**Et tu, Frankie?

Nicole: I'm afraid you'll flip again, to be honest.
Frankie: I know.. I know I know.. And if you go tell them that I'm telling you this, then I'm completely f'd.
Nicole: I am afraid..
Frankie: I know.. But look at me.  Who have I been 100% loyal to this game?
**Ariana? hehehe

Frankie: This girl right here. I've had her back since day what?  2?  I've gotten her out of a million sticky situations. (to Christine)  I've covered you, I've covered you.. I've covered you, I've covered you..And.. I wanna go to the end with you. And I love you. (he toots)
Nicole:  (starts laughing)

Frankie: (laughs with her)  And because of her relationship with you, that's what started Me starting to flip on them.  So.. I farted, and it smells like death.
Nicole:  I'm sorry for being such a spaz..  I lost Hayden, and I couldn't even say anything.. and it just sucks cuz he would've stayed trustworthy the entire time.
Frankie: I know.  So he never said that?  You never said that?
Nicole:   No.
Frankie:  OK... Well, I don't see that you have many other options, because those boys are not budging.
Nicole:  I don't have any other options, and I'm grateful that you're coming to me..

Frankie: Let me prove it to you..  Put them on the block, and let me vote one of them out.
Nicole: I'm very scared..
Frankie: Let me prove it to you.  That's all I can offer you.
Nicole: I know.
Frankie: I'm screwed now.  I'm screwed. I chose wrong.  I made a really big f'in mistake. 
Nicole: Yeah, I know..
Frankie: And she.. (to Christine)  They're DONE with you.. DONE.  With me, there's hope.  You're done.  They all talked about it.

Frankie: The point is, they are 4 strong to the end.  Just think about what I said.   I've got no option. I've got no one left.
Nicole: I've got nobody.
Frankie: You've got nobody, Donny's got nobody, and Victoria is a number, and she will vote for what ever..
Nicole: Victoria pisses me off.  Hayden had her back like no other, so she was.. stupid.
Frankie: Clearly I'm good at being manipulative, but I will do it for you... I will prove to you..
Nicole: You could be saying this and still working for them.. I thought people had my back and was totally shocked and then lost my best ally and couldn't even play for HoH..
Frankie: You are their number 1 target, you are their number 2.. I am their number 3.  So.. That's all I got.

11:49pm Frankie leaves them..

Nicole: I know who has to go, and it's hard to say it out loud.
Christine: I know. We can't put all of them up.  We have to leave some replacement nominees.
Nicole: Exactly.  As long as we can agree to not backdoor each other.. We need each other in this game.  I know you think Cody has your back, but he doesn't.  We need each other in that Endurance comp next week.

Nicole tells Christine how Cody has thrown her under the bus to him.. They move on to who to put up..

Nicole: As long as we're not backdooring each other, I don't care who stays HoH. You have my word that I will not put you up as a replacement nominee.
Christine: you have my word. They are going to try to get in our heads to pit us against each other.
Nicole: I know.. You and I need to start off with a clean slate.  You and I would've been fine without all the boys causing drama between us..

Frankie (sticks his head in) Oh and most likely, Hayden's coming back in 2 weeks. (and he's gone)

Nicole: Ok, so most likely, you want to put up Donny, which is fine.. I would like to put up Victoria, cuz I'm pissed.. I would just ream her a new one..She's such an idiot.  She's moping around. 

Christine: Here's what I'm thinking.  You put up Victoria, I put up Donny, and then choose between Zach and Caleb.
Nicole: Ok.. Then we have Cody as a backdoor option.  Would you consider him?
Christine: Yes.
Nicole: We gotta start right now, Christine.  You and I.
Christine: We gotta do this together.
Nicole: I would put up Caleb in a heartbeat.. or Zach..
Christine: You put up Caleb, I put up Donny.
Nicole: Yeah, cuz Caleb got out Hayden.. I don't really wanna put up Zach again.

Christine: Don't.  I'll put up Zach...and um Donny.
Nicole: Ok. I'll put up Caleb and Victoria.  DO you think that's good?  Please don't tell anybody.
Christine: Please don't tell anybody.
Nicole: I'm not going to..
Christine: What do we say?
Nicole: We don't have to say anything.  You just listen to them plead their case..  One of us is not gonna have power after tomorrow, so we have to trust each other.

Who does that leave for ReNoms?

Nicole: We gotta stay working with Frankie.. and we're not putting each other up..
Christine: So that leaves Derrick or Cody.
Nicole: Wowww..  OK.. I would probably put up Cody, cuz I'm so pissed he voted me out.
Christine: I think, if we got Cody out, Derrick would be weaker. 

**Chicas.. leave my eyecandy alone.

Nicole and Christine
Camera 3

Zach does a pole dance of sorts at the BeeHive Door.

Nicole: I like Zach best out of all the guys.. which is frikkin' bizarre.
Camera 1
Cody, Zach, Donny

Zach comes into the bathroom and starts dancing with Cody.. 

Zach: C'mon, Donny, join us..
Cody: You are entertaining.. 
Zach: C'mon, Donny, do it with us.

Donny gives it a whirl, then..

Donny: I'll throw a hip out.
Cody: hahaha
Zach: Dude, Donny, I'm not gonna lie, man.  You mirked that Veto competition.  You mirked it.
Donny: Aww.  Thank you so much.. Oh God.. I died.  I heard em say you had 2..  I almost gave up.  I couldn't find nothin' in there.

Frankie enters the bathroom, saying he double dosed himself on his meds today.

Zach: ..now I can finally get with the girl I've been waiting to get with since day one.
Donny: hehehe

Meanwhile in the BeeHive,our Co-HoHs are having a talk..

Nicole and Christine
Camera 3

Nicole: ..playin' such a dirty game. These guys..
Christine: These guys are sick.  Put Donny up, and then there goes another one, but.. Gonna have to explain to him.
Nicole: Even Frankie asked me about you and I.. We found stuff that was lies.. We basically don't know what happened to our relationship.  Honestly, it's against the girls.  Victoria's gonna be the last gorl here, if we don't do something about it.
Christine: This is so frustrating.
Nicole: I want her to go too.  That's a waste of my time though.  A waste of my HoH. I'm so sorry, Jocasta.  That sucked.  I almost pooped my pants..  Everybody that I trusted....
Christine: I feel so..
Nicole:  That's great tv though.
Christine: Yeah, it is.
Nicole: I don't think my family's pissed.  My family feels sorry for me probably, cuz I was like..

Nicole: ..and then me just going off in the kitchen? (makes devil noises and laughs at herself)  I'm so embarrassed!

Nicole: ..and you just kept saying, I'm gonna throw up.. I'm gonna throw up..
Christine:  hehe
Nicole: ..and I called you out too.  hehe. What did I say?  I said, Christine, and something to you.. I'm sorry.

Living Room
Camera 3
Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Zach

Nicole spills something and walks away to grab a towel..

Caleb: She's gonna put you up.
Zach: It's worth a try...but you're wastin' your time

Caleb: Hahahaha!

Talk turns to past comps..

Zach: That domino one was Fu-un!  You got f'd.
Caleb: I know.. Still.  Then I win HoH, and I get one picture.
All: You got a letter!
Caleb: The 1st time, I didn't get nothin'!  Now I get a letter and nothing..  so it's like, no offense to her or her, but what makes their HoH better than mine?

Nicole: Because you were safe during the double eviction.  It's so worth it, Caleb.  Do you understand how..
Caleb: That doesn't mean anything.
Nicole: ..important that is?!
Caleb: HoH isn't HoH without..
Nicole: I definitely think you should have gotten food.
**usually the DE HoH does get a basket.
Caleb: That's what I mean..  
Christine: Well, you you you're a Have Not.
Frankie: Right.
**right, not a have not, but a slop only.. hence no goodie basket - I get it, BB. You're forgiven.
Caleb: I know, but Thursday I can eat it, and if I'm goin' home because of that, I can take it to the jury house with me..
Frankie: I'm sure they'll have food at the jury house.
Caleb: They wont have my Monsters there.. They wont have beef jerky..
**gahhh.. lips shut tight.. I'm still within my promise of not making fun of Caleb for 24 hours.
Frankie: They'll have anything you want.

Talk turns to finale..

Frankie: Well, we're officially all gonna be there on the finale, on the live show, talkin'..
Zach: Yup.  No Brittany, No Amber, No Devin, No Pao, and Noooo? Joey.  But we will all be there.
Caleb: I'm sure they'll be there.
 Zach: They'll definitely be there, but not part of the jury.. and they don't get 11 stacks.
Frankie: Oh wow..
Zach: Stacks on stacks on stacks.. I want a 2004 Toyota Prius, and I'm happy.
**I thought it was $13,000 in stipend for HGs who made it to jury, but Zach's saying 11 so..

Caleb: I'm tellin' you guys now, if I'm on the block, I'm gonna eat a whole  box of poptarts.
Zach: Why?  If I'm on the block, it's a penalty nom anyways, so..
Christine: It'd be a penalty vote.
Zach: Yeah. Then you'll get a vote.
Caleb: If I get put up on the block tomorrow, I'm gonna be pissed off.
**I'm not gonna make it to 24 hours.

Zach: We all will be..
Christine: Yeah..
Zach: So Christine.. You got a tough one girl..
Caleb: it all depends who gets 1st pick..
Zach: 1st pick, Victoria..
Caleb: I do know one thing.. I'm not losin' it, so.. It ain't happenin'.. and no one's gonna throw it.

12:30am  -- I spy Frankie talking to Nicole.. Let's go there..

Camera 1
Dining Table
Frankie and Nicole

Nicole: That doesn't even look like Derrick..
Frankie: I don't even know who that man is..
Nicole: It's scaring me.
Frankie: Uncle Fester..
Nicole: hehehehe

Frankie: I keep counting it over and over again.. We're not only in the top 10, we IN the top 10.
Nicole: (averts her gaze downward and mumbles) We are in the top 10.
Frankie: You're guaranteed to make it to.. not next week, but the next.. day...
Nicole: We don't know what happens..
Frankie: (rhetorically) Christine's gonna backdoor you?
Nicole: Definitely not.
Frankie: Day 64..

Suddenly, it hits her.. 

Nicole: Wait.. 4 of these people that are highlighted are going up tomorrow?
Frankie: Yup
Nicole: (whispered) Wowww..
Frankie: It's nuts. 
Nicole: Wow.. 4 of these people, but 2 can't.. 4 of 7 people???

They walk towards and into the bathroom..

Frankie: I know.. I was talking to Donny, and we were saying, it could go down to 6.. All four people go up, and then the other HoH is the replacement nominee.
Nicole: (Gasps!) Wait, and that's if we get down to 6 people?
Frankie: Which is.. we're 3 away...
Nicole: They're gonna keep this going.. I thought this twist was over after tonight
Frankie: Nope.  Me too.
**me three.

Camera 1
Zach and Nicole

BB makes for strange bedfellows...

Nicole: We could work together.  You're not my target.  I'm not even gonna put you up, even as a replacement nominee if I win.  I swear. Even as a pawn.

Nicole denies having been in an alliance with Hayden or Donny.

Zach: I believe you.  I'm just telling you what everyone..
Nicole: I've heard a lot of stuff too..  like about your alliance..  We were told that you were going home 100%.  Everybody was voting you out.  I swear to God. And it wasn't even my idea, cuz I didn't think I could get the votes, so I wasn't gonna try.. and we were approached.. that you were going home 100% with a unanimous vote.  I dont' trust anybody in here though.  I'm by myself.
Zach: I don't trust any of them..
Nicole: Yeah, right.

Zach: I swear.. They were trying to get me out.
**and then they worked a miracle to save you so they'd keep the numbers on their side. Of course, that was before THIS HoH.. shnikees..
 Nicole: Oh, 100%.
Zach: They were.
Nicole: Wait til you see it.
Zach: I know. That's why I want to talk to you.
Nicole: You were going home..  I don't know what happened..
Zach: Frankie and Christine are super close, and they're both shitting their pants right now.
Nicole: Oh, I know. 

Camera 1
Dining Table

Caleb: I went with my gut on what I been hearing the last few days, and he's gone.. he's in the jury house.. waitin' on someone else.

Camera 3
HN Room
Victoria and Cody

Victoria: I'm kinda sad he's gone.
Cody: Nicole came up to me, and she was like, "Oh, you wanted Hayden gone over Zach." She thought there was this big plan.  She was like, "Did you know everything was goin' down?"  I was like, No!  I should have said, in the moment, Yeah, I wanted Hayden gone over Zach. That's why I voted you out.  Like, I didn't talk to anybody about how they were voting.  I went with what my gut was saying.. Obviously, I was f'in wrong.
Victoria: hehe
Cody: And Look.  Look who f'in won HoH.  I voted for Nicole (out).  Honestly, she's a f'in beast.
Cody: Everyone's like, Hayden's a beast.  (shakes his head) Nicole's won 3 f'in HoHs. She's a beast!  She's more of a competitor than me..  I suck!
Victoria: hehe
Cody: So.. Nicole said to you that Frankie said he was comin' after you.. She said the same thing to me, so now where's her stories getting crossed?  Which makes me think she may have been lying, but I don't think Hayden lied to me at all this week.
**Fat lot of good that does Hayden.
Victoria: I don't think so either.. and I told you on the hammock.. I think Hayden has my back.. He would never choose me over Nicole..
Cody: Which sucks..
Victoria: But he always updated me and like..
Cody: Filled you in.

Camera 1 and 2
Zach and Nicole

Zach: What're you thinkin'?
Nicole: I don't know..

Zach: Don't worry about her.  She's (Victoria's) going on the block.  That's a done deal.  What I'm pissed off about is Frankie and Christine are f*cking liars
Nicole: I know.
Zach: Is that who your 2 targets are?
Nicole:  I don't know.
Zach: You just don't wanna tell me.  You don't have to tell me.
Nicole: No, they're honestly not.
Zach: They're not?? is it Cody?
Nicole:  I don't even know who my target is.  I know it's not you.  I just gotta figure out..  get to the bottom of really what happened.
Zach: I don't know wtf's goin on either.  I'm kind of in the same boat as you..
Nicole: I know you're not alone, Zach.  I know you and Frankie and super close.
Zach: F*ck Frankie.  He's been lying to me this whole time.
Nicole: I know.
Zach: And I know now.
**oh Zach.. if only you could've seen his face when they said they wanted to keep you last night..

Zach: And he's running around pulling an Amber.
Nicole: hehe
Zach: He is. He's running around, making sure no one's talking about him when everyone is talking about him.

Zach: He needs to go this week.
Nicole: Yeah right.
Zach: No?  You don't think? 
Nicole: I don't trust you, telling you information.  I know you're just gonna run and tell everybody, because that's what happens every single time.
Zach: You think I'd do that?
Nicole:  People tell me that you do that.
Zach: Let's put it all on the table.
Nicole: Two people who you trust told Hayden that.. That your plan was to backdoor Hayden. 
Zach: Christine and Frankie are huge f'in liars..
Nicole: Well that's who told him that.
Zach: And they're trying to play the entire f'in house.
Nicole: I know.
Zach: But now that they've gotten caught...
Nicole: You and Frankie are so close that I can't..

Zach: But, let me tell you something..  Frankie is dead to me.

This conversation continues and Zach tells Nicole all of his alliances in the house..  If you'd like to see it on flashback, start at 1:27am on Camera 1 and continue through 1:34am.

Camera 3
Frankie and Derrick
Team America Time.. 

Frankie: Team America has it's next mission.  We have to convince someone to go up on the block as a pawn and then get the evicted.
Derrick: (deep exhale)  Ok.
Frankie: All 3 of us have to play a part in getting them...

Cody comes in..

Derrick: Who do you think is gonna go up?
Cody: I haven't spoken to either of them.
Frankie: I spoke to Nicole right after.  She  apologized for blowing up at me, which was nice.  Pretty sure i'm still not on her list of top favorite people on the planet.  Still, I'm pretty sure we're safe..

Derrick leaves.  Frankie stays to talk with Cody..

Cody: Who would put up Donny and Victoria?
Frankie: I think Christine might try to stay..
Cody: I think they'll talk through the nominations.
Frankie: Of course.  Of course.  This is the worst thing that could've ever happened. 

Cody: And God knows what Zach is saying..
Frankie: Yeah.  Maybe you should've accepted the offer to work with them.
Cody: F*ck that.
Frankie: I can't believe how badly I got f'd in all of this..
Cody: She like yelled into my face, "I can never trust you!"

Let's go see what Zach is saying..

Camera 1

After Zach tells Nicole about every alliance he's been in.. Nicole just told Zach about the Rationale Alliance.. Then..

Zach: They were like, wait til you see Nicole's face.. Literally, this was like 5 hours ago.. I was like, "F Nicole.  I hate her.  I f'in hate her."  I hated you.
Nicole: That's not true though.. I hope you know.  I didn't "mastermind" no plans.
Zach: Clearly.. I literally just told you my whole game.

Nicole: She wants to be the last girl.. She told me she wants to be like Britney in the Brigade, so I know she wants me out.  I'm afraid that she'll backdoor me this week.

Zach: Well, you have my vote to stay.
Nicole: ok

Zach: (whispers) And I'm still in a final 3 with Cody and Derrick.

Nicole: Ok
Zach: Also, after all this went down, I believed Frankie and Christine that you guys approached them, but now I know..
Nicole: Oh nooooo...
Zach: I'm saying, now I know that's not true.  I just told you my whole game.  I don't know who to trust anymore, but I do trust Cody and Derrick.  And I have their backs more than Frankie and Christine's.  And I would love to see one of them go home this week.
Nicole: I can't believe how much Christine is playin' me.

Zach: Christine and Frankie are like... (see above)

Skipping ahead a bit..

Zach: Clearly, she's making up information.  The Detonators has been around for 3 weeks.
Nicole: Wowwww.. I'm so happy you told me that.
Zach: I'm so happy you told me about Cody and Derrick (The Rationale).
Nicole: Please don't say anything.
Zach: I'm not, because I'm gonna be honest with you.. They would've picked me over you guys.
Nicole: Oh, I know.  They did tonight.
**but just by the hair on his chinny chin chin.

Zach: Now we have to work together.
Nicole: I don't want you to tell them that I told you, because then they're really not gonna trust me.
Zach: I'm not gonna tell them.

Nicole: Cody's already super-pissed at me, because I looked at Cody and said, I can't trust you.
Zach: You have to trust me, and I have to trust you.  That's the bottom line. I hate Frankie and Christine.  I hate them.  And I'm so bad at acting like I like someone when I don't, so it's gonna be shown.

BB: Nicole, Christine, please come to the diary room.
**TIme for the HoH Reveals!

Zach: Ok.. Gimme a hug.
Nicole: Please keep this to yourself, Zach. I really do wanna trust you.
Zach: I will.  I really wanna trust you too.
Nicole: I'm serious.
Zach: I'm not being sarcastic.  I promise.
Nicole: ok
Zach: Listen, I'm not being sarcastic.  I swear to God.
Zach: This is my last chance of being the last 2 here.  I swear.
Nicole: Ok.
Zach: I literally just told you my entire game.
Nicole: I trust you.

They have a very quick hug, and Nicole heads to the DR.

Frankie comes in and Zach tells him nothing..

Have Not Room
Zach and Cody
Camera 3

While Zach shares nothing with Frankie, he spills to Cody.. 

Cody: What just happened?  You hooked up??

Zach: What?  No..
Cody: Just kidding.
Zach: Frankie told Nicole that she has to put up me, you, Derrick, Caleb.  I swear. Do NOT say anything.

Zach moves to leave..

Cody: Wait.  Come here.  Right the f*ck now.
Zach: I don't want him to come in here.
Cody: Can we go to the Storage Room real quick?
Zach: GO in the Storage Room..
Cody: I'm goin'..

**Frankie and Derrick are in the BeeHive talking while this is going on..

Cody and Zach move into storage

Cody: She said this right to your face.
Zach: Frankie told Nicole..
Cody: When?!
Zach: Tonight.  That "you need to put up Cody, Zach, Derrick and Caleb."
Cody: So Christine's  gonna out 2 of us up.
Zach: mm hmm.  WEll, we'll see.  Crazy.
Cody: Are you f'in lyin to my face?
Zach: Frankie...
Cody: I wanna tell Caleb.
Zach: No, not yet.
Cody: I'm gonna tell him right the f*ck now.
Zach: Just wait.. I'm about to backstab Frankie, tonight.

**Is anyone else hearing Princess Bride in their head?  When Humperdink causally talks about his week of war and wedding planning?  Just me?  Yeah, probably just me..

Zach: Frankie's gonna know.
Cody: I'm gonna go talk to Nicole now. F*ck this.
Zach: Nonononononono
Cody: No, not you.. I was gonna say, I'm gonna talk about myself.
Zach: Don't do anything yet, please.
Cody: I'm not going to..but I need to talk to her before f'in nominations, cuz right now, my ass is on the chopping block, because I called out Frankie and Christine, and then Christine went f'in.. She coulda spun it however she wanted.. But there's a reason Hayden wanted Frankie and Christine out.  Bro.. We shoulda never.. Ohh..
Zach: I know.  I'm pissed Hayden's gone now.
Cody: You guys are f'in assholes.  Me an' Donny are the only ones who voted to keep him.

Zach: Frankie just came up to me, less than a minute ago, asking me, "What's Cody's deal? What's Cody's deal?"  I'm like, I don't know.. He's not talking.  Frankie's F*cked. Cuz.. I'm gonna vote him out.
Cody: If he's on there, he's going home.
**Revolt of Frankie's SnuggleBunnies.. ♫They'll have one less problem without you..

OK.. it's nearly 8:30am eastern, and I started this at 3am eastern, and there's been SO much to cover, I haven't even gotten to the HoH reveal yet.  If you'd like to check out the HoH Reveal on Flashback, go to 1:54am on the Quad. 

Cody: Who's Nicole gonna get a letter from this time?  Her 3rd Cousin removed?
Nicole: Alright Everybody...
Caleb: Hang on.. Jocasta and Hayden ain't here yet.
All: ooooohh
Nicole: Too soon!

Suffice it to say, The Male Detonators are now going at each other full steam ahead.  Or are they?? Is it possible that they're actually trying to get themselves all nominated to insure that 2 come down and have immunity during the BoB, and then, ideally, one wins PoV, and either Nicole or Christine have no choice but to nominate whoever's left? Meaning a non-Detonator? This certainly leaves the door open..

In a conversation between Zach at Caleb at 2:16am, Zach tells Caleb that Frankie told Nicole and Christine to put the 4 of them up, and Caleb says if he gets nominated beside Frankie, he will intentionally throw the BoB so Frankie stays on the block.  A few minutes later, at 2:24am, Zach tells Derrick, Cody and Caleb that HE wants to be the one on the block next to Frankie, so he can throw the BoB Comp.  Basically, it seems like it's open season on Frankie Grande...

Moving forward to 2:42am, Derrick is up in the HoH with Nicole, and he tells her that Zach, not Frankie, is the biggest snake in the house.   Derrick tells Nicole that Zach would like to be nominated next to Frankie (**kaching, Team America?) and throw the BoB to guarantee Frankie stays up.  Nicole tells Derrick that she's concerned that Zach wont follow through on the promise to throw the BoB Comp, and then Frankie will come after her.

Moving forward to 3:22am, Nicole, Derrick and Caleb are in HoH.  Nicole still doesn't trust that Zach will throw it and Caleb tells Nicole he'll volunteer to go up alongside Frankie and throw the BoB Comp..

Caleb: I will sit down, and I will say, "Frankie, you done this to yourself, homefry.  Have fun tryin' to win this by yourself."
Nicole: That's such good tv.
Caleb: Ya know, "You threw me under the bus."
Nicole: ok.

Caleb leaves, Derrick remains..

Derrick: If you don't f'in trust me now, you're never gonna trust me.
Nicole: Ohhh.. I trust you.

Like every other move he makes in this game, even Derrick's positioning of himself is well thought out.  He's not imposing, not dominating, just Derrick, talking to Nicole, on an even and equal plane or lower.. completely non-threatening..

The plan is now for her to nominate Caleb and Frankie, and Caleb will take a dive in the BoB to make sure Frankie stays on the block. 

Nicole: Frankie and Christine wanna work with me.  I don't wanna work with them.  I wanna make them look as bad as possible.  If I go out... throwing them under the bus, I don't care.
Derrick: Right now, the storyline is Hayden and Nicole against Christine and Frank.   You know that, right?  That's definitely the storyline that's bein' played.
Nicole: But there's 2 of them and one of me.
Derrick: But you're gonna get one of them out this week.
Nicole: I hope.
Derrick: Caleb's a lot of things.  He's not a liar.  He's loyal to a fault.
Nicole: I trust him.  I feel so good.   Can you please understand?  I just lost Hayden because of those 2, so if I can do something to screw over there game, I was going to..
Derrick: I think this is the surest chance you have at it..

Nicole: Can I at least have you to talk to and tell everything to, because I need that one person.
Derrick: Yes, as long as you promise me that you're not gonna backstab me.
Nicole: Oh, I wont.
Derrick: That's it.  Because I know you get comfortable with people and talk.  I don't get comfortable with people and talk.
Nicole: I'm not comfortable with anyone in this house anymore.
Derrick: I would never tell Zach anything.
Nicole: I'm not gonna tell Zach anything anymore.
Derrick: That's just me bein' honest with you.  You have to remember at all times, everyone here is here to beat you. 
Nicole: mm hmm
Derrick: Including me.

Derrick: Cody's in on the plan.
Nicole: And I have your guyses votes to get him out?
Derrick: Correct, correct..

Nicole: Thank you, Derrick.

And this, dear Dishers, concludes The Overnight Report... ☺   I'll see you back here when BB wakes the HGs.  We've got a big day ahead of us with Nominations and the BoB.. and their respective aftermaths..

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Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

I love this game. The feeds have been nuts. And whatever Derrick is misting these HGs with... it works.

I love that Zach has turned on Frankie... and, sorry all Zankie lovers, but I never felt it.

However, will they vote out Frankie, or will Donnie and Derrick stay loyal to the TA? The tasks are ridiculous as is anyway. If the TA loses a member... is it over?

As is now... love that Zach wants to go up next to Frankie via Nicole's hands. Zach said he’s going to sit on the ground during the BOB and when Frank asks what he’s doing, he’ll say sending you home. Good TV.

。☆ 。☆。☆
。☆。☆ 。☆

Hoping for a F3 with Derrick, Nicole and Zach now. But things can change... lose lips sink ships.

Off to bed I go and wishing for the target to still be Frankie.

August 8, 2014 at 3:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning.
I went to bed all depressed, I thought the season was ruined, we were back on the original script from the first week.
Then I watched the Nicole/Zach convo in the BH room this morning, about 1:25 ca 1 and 2. Who would have thought I’d become a Zach fan. He is telling Nicole the absolute truth and she is beginning to trust him. Interesting pairing, between them they know most of the secrets.
Is Zach telling Derrick too much in order to build mistrust of Christine and Frankie? Or is Zach playing Nicole?
This year is so confusing.
I think we are going to have to wait for the nominations to get some feel for where people stand.

August 8, 2014 at 3:26 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

Seriously, I think every HG who has been in any kind of showmance/fauxmance/bromance/stalkmance... whatever is proving to play a more focused and better game as a single player.

Last year was a perfect example.

August 8, 2014 at 3:49 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Good morning. I totally crapped out last night with a super migraine right before the show. I'm gonna blame it all on the zack-may be leaving-may-be-staying-anxiety.

Looks like maybe (I stress the maybe) zach will see the light. I'm rooting for a TRUE alliance between Donny, Nicole & zack to form. But I never get what I want in BB.

I don't care which of the girls remain HoH if they'll kick Derrick or Frankie to the curb. Hopefully Derrick because he is less likely to win his way back in.

August 8, 2014 at 4:14 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Due to football and work I just watched the double eviction. Beast Mode just keeps winning comps. Gotta say, if I could have picked 2 HGs to leave last night Hayden and Jocosta would have been in my top 3. I wonder if this wakes Donny up? You cant fight the numbers in BB.you have to join them. When Jocosta was evicted, nobody in the house seemed to care at all. She wasnt even playing the game. Nicole is in big trouble next week. She better fix her game quickly

August 8, 2014 at 4:31 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I almost forgot... They should put a camera on Victoria to give us a HG cam. At least she would be a little bit involved in the house then. She does have a really great butt though!

August 8, 2014 at 4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night has been my favorite feed night by far this season. I think it was a good thing to keep the double HOH this week.
Have a great day dishers!

August 8, 2014 at 4:45 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I did forget... I hate the dual HOH! It makes the game much more about comps because its too hard to stay of the block. Especially with this few HGs the BOB dictates too much what will happen for the week. I miss the old BB.

August 8, 2014 at 4:56 AM  
Blogger C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Btw, what has cody done besides winning that ONE HOH ? I would be completely fine with him going. But honestly he, Derrick, and Frankie need to experience the block.

August 8, 2014 at 5:00 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

And this is why a lot of viewers wanted Zach to stay. I dont like him personally, but at least he is playing the game

August 8, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dual HOH, annoying but, I think when there are six people left it will really be interesting. ;-)

Did Nic/Chris ever get an opportunity to talk in the HOH room?

I'm still confused on who to believe.

August 8, 2014 at 5:26 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Wow what a night!!!

Good Morning Carolyn xoxo

I am really holding onto hope that Nicole and Zack can and WILL work together,we shall see I guess.

I went to bed right before the feeds came back,bummer,but these old eyes just couldn't hang anymore.It is for sure going to be a few days of excitement :)

Great job as always Carolyn and Lessa xoxo

August 8, 2014 at 5:29 AM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

I stayed up until almost 4 watching the feeds, boy do you have your work cut out for you Carolyb. Finally took an hour nap, now to see if the HG's are still at it or if they crashed too. When they go to bed at a normal time I can usually hang with them youngsters but not today(I'm on BB time). Very interesting to watch everyone scrabble. Hope it's Framkie that goes. I think of Ll ppl Nicole should team up with are, Donnie(cuz I just live him and he sees all and says little, and can win comps) and strangely, even though I don't really like him Caleb(cuz he is loyal to fault and no one would expect it). Would love to see Victoria gone because she is a waste if my time but don't wNt Nicole to waste her HOH on her. Not a Christine fan but since everyone is onto her game why not make her the weekly pawn? Use her instead of Princess Victoria? Everyone knows her game and won't believe a word she says hopefully.. Really hoping Hayden comes back soon and he can join Nic, Don, Caleb then they make it to three and leave Caleb in the dust and I would not care which of the three that won. Although I do like Derricks game he is not my fav. Person. Thanks so much for all you do Carolyn. I hope you get some sleep today.

August 8, 2014 at 5:31 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...

Good morning!!

Am I the only one who thinks N&C are CRAZY if they don't put up the "Big 4" Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Frankie?? I was SO ready for this duel HoH business to be DUN.


These guys are *clearly* running the house. These girls need to tip the scales back in their favor or pack their suitcases.

Also, Christine is very quickly becoming my least favorite player in BB history. And that is truly saying something.

August 8, 2014 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger Debbie Darling said...

Carolyn I just adore you!

"Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it, I'm swamped."--Prince Humperdink (yes I can see it too!!!)

OK my dear...have fun storming the castle!

August 8, 2014 at 5:51 AM  
Blogger Kevin Culling said...

Hi Carolyn!
Thanks for all your great work on this site.
So happy that Nicole and Christine won HOH! Without that I doubt we would be seeing all this scrambling from the guys. Derrick has done such a great job this season that he isn't on anyone's radar, but the other boys are FrEaKiNg out; I love it!

August 8, 2014 at 6:01 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Hayden evicted booooo!

Zack is like a big roller coaster… your excited one minute then afraid but at the end of the ride your woohoo!
I was hoping in the midst of paranoia info would get back to Zack…. was waiting for his convo w/ Nicole.
Bc I think these two got played and feel they can't trust anyone and I hope they do work together….But they need numbers and will need to think game on…. what if Hayden returns..
Frankie and Christines game has blown up…
and they won't be able to recover.

Anyone who says this game is predictable, is looking at it from the outside as a fan and not as a fan who plays the mental game inside the house with the hsg. (not sure if that will make sense to some)
But this has been my Fav season!

Have an awesome day!

August 8, 2014 at 6:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm torn about who I want to go home: Caleb or Christine.
But I am glad it is finally getting exciting!

August 8, 2014 at 6:31 AM  
Blogger ashleyyyrose said...

Good morning Carolyn! Thank you Lessa for the updates last night!

This is exciting!!!

Silence and sunshine,
I 100% agree! My hope is for Christine to go this week, but I know it will probably be Frankie. Ijust wish everyone could see how strong Derrick is and put him up. THAT would certainly tip this game upside down. However, if Caleb is planning on throwing BOB to keep Frankie on the block, then I do not want that scenario to happen. I want those four to truly battle for their own lives in the BB household.

August 8, 2014 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

G'morning!!! :0)

ok.. quick nap time, so I have a prayer of keeping up with them today!

see you around 9-10am bbt.. Depending when bb wakes em.

August 8, 2014 at 6:58 AM  
Blogger ashleyyyrose said...


I have always subscribed to the idea that showmances work better when the people are split up. Rachel is the best example, and I have never been a fan of hers. Even with Caleb's stalkmance, I believe he is now playing the game since Amber left. I think Zack is really starting to see the light now. He has been playing a game and now I think he is really driven.

August 8, 2014 at 7:02 AM  
Blogger AmyV. said...

I LOVED the Princess Bride reference!! :) <3

August 8, 2014 at 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole would be sooooo stupid to go with the guys. She would get picked off so easily

A Frankie/Christine/Donny/Nicole alliance would be such a strong alliance.

I hate how Derrick/Cody blamed everything they did last week on Frankie/Christine... They were the reason why Zach almost went home, not Frankie.

August 8, 2014 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for synopsis on the detonators actions. You may well be right that they are setting up Nic/Chris.

We know that Derrick, Cody and Frankie are lying to Christine and Nicole. We know that Christine usually lies. With Caleb, what you see is what you get. Donny and Victoria are pretty much irrelevant at the moment. The first question, to me, is who is Zach blowing the most smoke at? the next question is who are Nicole and Christine actually going to put up? The final question, how much of Derrick/Cody BS does Nicole and Christine buy?

Great job on the TOR... you are the best!!!!!

August 8, 2014 at 7:38 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

Even after all the talk last night, I still think that Nicole is going to get played somehow. There is no one left to trust!! I think she's in trouble no matter who she puts up.

August 8, 2014 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

At the point in the game where I have tons to say. You will be sick of me by the end of the day.

Question-Why is Nicole's initial reaction to blame Frankie/Christine instead of Derrick/Cody? Nicole DID want to BD Frankie and now she knows that he knew it the whole time. Derrick and Cody are the ones who lied and screwed her over. They were the ones double dealing the hardest and the math proves it. Derrick said he got scared they wouldn't have the votes. Nicole knows that Donny and Hayden were voting Zack out. They only needed 4 votes, so if Derrick and Cody had kept their word she would not have been blindsided. That had NOTHING to do with Frankie or Christine.

And to those saying that Nicole should not trust Christine-I can't say that I would trust Christine but Nicole does not have a lot of options right now. Anyone watching feeds knows that she can't trust Derrick, Cody or Caleb. Those three have made it clear that Nicole IS still a target. Christine knows, or at least should know, that the guys are done with her. Will that ensure her loyalty to Nicole? IDK But, other than Donny who do she have that she can rebuild with. She isn't going to trust Frankie even though he would be a much better bet than Derrick. Zack may work, but he's unpredictable. And the guys are also still going to target him sooner than later.

After watching for the last week, we all know what Derrick and Cody said to AND about Nicole and Hayden while doing the same thing on the other side with Frankie and Christine. Why would anyone be saying that they want Nicole to trust Derrick? Unless they are plain and simply NOT Nicole fans.

August 8, 2014 at 7:58 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

This struck me as funny-Proof that some people still believe in miracles:

Caleb's mother said, "Please stay humble and try not to boast too much." Bwahaha

So, to lighten the mood, these are the things I found amusing last night.

3-Cody said, "I'm not working with Frankie or Christine anymore after this week." AFTER this week? I wasn't aware that Cody had been working with them at all this past week. Oh Cody, just go pout and look pretty. That's what you do best.

2-Derrick says to his boys, "Let them make their nominations. I don't want to find out any of us mentioned each other's names to be OTB." Oh, wait-it was ok to mention Frankie, Christine and Zack all of last week. It was ok to mention Frankie and Christine from the time Hayden was evicted right up until the second HOH was won. It was only after one of your boys didn't win HOH that you realized it's not nice to throw people UTB. I understand now. Glad you clarified the rules of good sportsmanship for me.

And, the funniest comment of the night, when Caleb was talking to the camera's about what kind of girl he wants (I swear, I can't make this stuff up) this is an exact quote-

1-"I want a girl with a head on her shoulders.".......???? Huh? As opposed to what? A girl with shoulders on her head?

August 8, 2014 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Its not mist. Nicole is just ultra gulible. Hayden played her. Derrick is playing her. Christine played her. Donny played her. Zach really played her..not as bad as he played Frankie, but still. When he called her a fruitloop dingus he meant it. When he was condesending to Frankie the first week thats the real Zach. He has no remorse. Thats why Derrick called him the biggest snake in the house.

At this point you want to be nominated so you have a chance at BOB which completely changes the game from how it used to be

August 8, 2014 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

*Pokes Head In BBDish Door About 6 Weeks Late*

Hello Fellow Dishers! Especially to the lovely Carloyn!

Sorry for my absence in the blogs even moreso than usual this year! This summer is particularly busy on my cases in Court and work has been non stop non stop non stop!!!

Despite this hectic schedule, however, it is now that time of the season (as Carolyn so eloquently mentioned in TOR today) where they start to eat their own and the dish is just too good to ignore, notwithstanding work! So, better late than never, right folks?!

Better get back to the daily grind for right now but tonight and over the weekend I hope to join in some fun comment section antics like old times!

I have missed you all!!!!

August 8, 2014 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

IF Nicole retains the HOH and IF she ends up with her target OTB, she still needs numbers (more than Donny and Zack.)

The guys are still controlling the house and the vote. Victoria is now one of the guys. If Derrick is OTB he will most likely be safe. If he is not OTB he will control who gets voted out.

Nicole needs 3 votes this week. She has Donny. She may have Zack but he is unpredictable and Derrick and Cody still have some pull over him, She absolutely can NOT trust Derrick and Cody. She will NEVER get Caleb. He doesn't consider the girls as anything more than placeholders OTB. He has made it abundantly clear he is still going after Nicole.

So, Nicole has Donny and possibly Zack. She needs Christine and/or Frankie. I don't know if she can trust Christine but she may have to take that risk. If she kept Christine and Frankie as a team, I think her odds are better. The other side is DONE with them. And that way, if Zack flakes on her, she still has 3 votes which is enough to take out her desired target.

I think going after Frankie would be more of a wasted HOH than going after Victoria. Frankie has no power left. He needs someone to take him in and work with him. If Frankie goes (number's game) it's possible that Nicole doesn't lose anything BUT she also doesn't gain anything.

Cody and Derrick need to be split up and the only way either of them will get voted out is if BOTH of them are OTB next to each other. Nicole (or Christine) need to gain some control and get some numbers or they have no chance. They need to put personal feelings aside. Even if Nicole wants to go after Frankie next or Christine still wants Donny out after all that has happened, this is NOT the week to do it.

August 8, 2014 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

OOMG. I am in love with derrik right now. I hope nicole belives him and not nicole or franki. I hope she puts caleb and franki up and caleb throws the BOB and franki goes home. Please gods and goddess hear my prayers

I hope derrik cody zack and donny are all safe this week.

I would love nicole to stay hoh then bd chrisitne and have her and franki up LOL gold just BB gold

August 8, 2014 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Great job Lessa and Carolyn. Thank you. Happy Friday Dishers.
This season got great the week. I'm fascinated. Don't know what to expect!?!

August 8, 2014 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

So, after hearing the morning convo between Christine/Nicole, it's obvious that Christine has jumped on the 'let's blame Frankie' bandwagon. Really stupid on her part. She doesn't have the guys. She doesn't really have Nicole. Frankie was her one chance for an ally.

This is why people like Derrick actually do deserve to win. At this point I would vote for him over any of the other HGs. But that doesn't mean I respect his game. It has gotten ugly and very dirty. I know a certain amount of dirt is required. No one makes it through the game completely clean. But the unneccessary and eccessive mud slinging and underhanded moves leave me feeling unsatisfied at the end of the season. I never feel like I am rooting for someone I actually want to see win. I feel like I am stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Our nice group of people turned mean and nasty and it didn't take long at all to see true colors. This is why I had such a hard time last year. There were people who did terrible things(Amanda and Aaryn ). People seem to think Frankie is the evil one this year. Then there were people who seemed to be considered 'nice' and were more respected inside and outside the house. (Helen and Elissa). This year Derrick and Cody would fill those slots. But I couldn't bring myself to root for them because the nice people actually weren't very nice.

Therefore, unless Hayden returns and gets to F2, I am rooting for Donny 100%. He might not be an aggressive player or a genius, but the man is NOT stupid nor is he mean. He has shown he can win comps and he has played a clean game. Not Team America but definitely Team Donny.

August 8, 2014 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

So, after hearing the morning convo between Christine/Nicole, it's obvious that Christine has jumped on the 'let's blame Frankie' bandwagon. Really stupid on her part. She doesn't have the guys. She doesn't really have Nicole. Frankie was her one chance for an ally.

This is why people like Derrick actually do deserve to win. At this point I would vote for him over any of the other HGs. But that doesn't mean I respect his game. It has gotten ugly and very dirty. I know a certain amount of dirt is required. No one makes it through the game completely clean. But the unneccessary and eccessive mud slinging and underhanded moves leave me feeling unsatisfied at the end of the season. I never feel like I am rooting for someone I actually want to see win. I feel like I am stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Our nice group of people turned mean and nasty and it didn't take long at all to see true colors. This is why I had such a hard time last year. There were people who did terrible things(Amanda and Aaryn ). People seem to think Frankie is the evil one this year. Then there were people who seemed to be considered 'nice' and were more respected inside and outside the house. (Helen and Elissa). This year Derrick and Cody would fill those slots. But I couldn't bring myself to root for them because the nice people actually weren't very nice.

Therefore, unless Hayden returns and gets to F2, I am rooting for Donny 100%. He might not be an aggressive player or a genius, but the man is NOT stupid nor is he mean. He has shown he can win comps and he has played a clean game. Not Team America but definitely Team Donny.

August 8, 2014 at 10:13 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Everyone!!! :0)
We have a Morning Update that REALLY needs your attention - Please have a look! CLICK ME

Stephen Richie, as I live and Breathe!! I thought we'd lost you to the law! I'm SO happy to see your smiling happy self in here!♥

August 8, 2014 at 10:26 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...


My real disgust for showmances started in AllStars when Boogie played an unknowing Erika. Before then I mainly felt heartbreak when somebody's heart was broken. But after AllStars it has gotten worse. I really don't think the House is a place for Carnal Knowledge. I think why so many loved Jeff and Jordan is because they stayed classy, where Rachel and Brendon and Amanda and McCrae made themselves look cheap... real love or not. Get a freaking room... after the show is over. I am glad no real showmances have happened this year. And those who have been distracted maybe can focus on playing now.

August 8, 2014 at 11:17 AM  
Blogger DARE said...

There a report I heard from a journalist friend I know that Caleb is on TMT with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and is a sparring partner for him occasionally. I'm pretty sure Caleb's family released the story so that people understand he really isnt boasting, just telling the god's honest truth about him being god's gift to humanity.

August 9, 2014 at 5:12 AM  

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