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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BB16 Hayden Works HARD to get that 2nd Kiss from Nicole!

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Before I get going with the Overnight Report,  since Zach is 99.999 leaving tomorrow, and with him all hopes for Zankie to develop into something more, I thought I'd start the day with a quick sidetrip to 10:30pm Tuesday night in the HoH Room, with Hayden and Nicole,  aka HayCole, our sole fledgling Showmance..Guess what?  It's heating up again, and it couldn't be cuter.

Camera 3
Hayden and Nicole
HoH Room

Nicole: You've kissed 100, I'm 101.. I've only kissed 5..
Hayden: Think about it this way..  I've only had a couple actual girlfriends.
Nicole: Yep
Hayden: Sooo..
Nicole: Soooo... this is awkward.  It is weird though.. Out of all the boys in here, I would only want to kiss you.  Isn't that weird?  Because Cody's like super-attractive, pretty much a dream looking guy.
Hayden: hehehe
Nicole: But I would not even desire to kiss him.  Know what I mean?
Hayden: So I'm not a dream-looking guy?
Nicole: No, you are.. But just like the perfect..
Hayden: I know. Cody's a handsome dude.  If I was not into women.. (clears throat) Cody'd be a first. 
Nicole: haha.. it's just weird.. It's kinda cool, I guess..

Derrick comes up, and they bask in the glow of their mutual achievements this week.

Camera 3
HoH Bed
Nicole and Hayden

Hayden is negotiating more kisses.

Hayden: I wont.. just.. just close your eyes.. it'll be fine.
Nicole: I can't believe people are leaving us alone.
Hayden: It's great.
Nicole: I'm like 12.
Hayden: That's ok.. I'm 9.  I wont just like jump on top of you.

Nicole: Can we just cuddle without you trying to make a move?
Hayden: Let's just cuddle.. front to front.  I wont make a  move til it's the right time.

The cameras whirr into position.. Nicole notices..It drops down as if to conceal that it's all eyes on them..

Hayden: They're rootin' for us..
Nicole: Oh, God.. Hayden.. It's horrible.
Hayden: They're rootin' for us, Nicole.
Nicole: Ok, I'll go front to front.. just please watch (the monitor)
Hayden: I will.
Nicole: I can't believe that's what they're really doing with that camera.  That's pathetic.

Hayden reassures her he can see the spy screen.

Nicole: I don't wanna do this.. I'm scared.
Hayden: Stay.. stay..
**no man has ever had to work so hard for a 2nd kiss..

Hayden: I'll coach you through this. Alright.. Close your eyes.. Move your hand.. I'm not gonna just come in for a flying kiss.  Don't worry.
Nicole: You've gotta watch.
Hayden: I'm watching the camera. Don't worry 'bout the camera.  Close your eyes..

She's too nervous and fidgety.. Nicole sits back up..

Hayden: Just come down here.  You're gonna be fine.  You're not gonna die.
Nicole: I might.
Hayden: Well, you're gonna die, but not today.
Nicole: Yeah, true.

Nicole notices alllll the cameras trained right on them and it freaks her out even more.

Hayden: This is the funniest moment in the Big Brother house so far.  If I don't get a kiss out of this, America's gonna..

He goes for it..
and we have contact..

Hayden: You're the funniest girl I've ever met.
Nicole:  I'm funnier than Victoria?
Hayden: Yeah
Nicole: For real?
Hayden: She's entertaining.  She's not funny.  I mean, she's funny, but in her entertaining little way.

Nicole: Do you wish you didn't kiss me now, because I made it so awkward?
Hayden: nope
Nicole: Really?
Hayden: Absolutely not.
Nicole: Are you sure?
Hayden:  Your awkward.. is cute.  Like, that's what makes you you.
Nicole: I guess..
Hayden: Need to clean off the glasses from all that fog?  All that steam?  That was super steamy..
Nicole: Shut Up!!!!

Hayden: hehehe!
Nicole: We're not friends.  That was so mean.
Hayden: Why was that mean?
Nicole: Because..
Hayden:  And now..

Nicole: Ok, Hayden, I would totally kiss you.. all the time.. It's not that.. It's just, somehow I get a little nervous.
Hayden: yeah?
Nicole: I do, I get nervous..
Hayden: I can tell.

Nicole: Hayden..

Hayden keeps hovering, puckered up above her, and she keeps bobbing and weaving to avoid making contact. 

Nicole: This is a workout.  Is my activity bracelet on?
Hayden: hehehe
Nicole: hehehe .  I'm only at a 1 still.
Hayden: (goes for it again)
Nicole:  Hayden.. Hayden.. Stop.. you're like a frikkin vacuum cleaner..
Hayden: I know. (goes for it some more)
Nicole: Haydennn.. be good.
Hayden: I'm like a dog to you.  Be good! Stop! No!
Nicole: I've been awkward since the 1st day I met you, though.. You bring out my more awkwardness.
Hayden: I know.  Since the 1st 1st day.. Since the 1st day before the 1st day.
Nicole: Oh, it's so bad.  I can't even look at you without thinking, Oh Gah, I better look away, because he's..

Nicole: ..gonna.. go for it..
Hayden: It's not.. ok.. stop freakin' out.  You're fine.
Nicole: Because.. (she points at the monitor)
Hayden: Stop freakin' out.

A good minute into it..

Nicole: OK, that might fog up my glasses.  That was a good one!
Hayden: hahahahahahaha!

Nicole: Ok.. we're done.
Hayden: Should I clock out?
Nicole: yeah.
Hayden: Ok.. How much do I get paid for this?
Nicole: What do you mean?
Hayden: I just clocked out.  This is a job.
Nicole: Are you serious?!

He answers with another kiss.. off the clock, as it were.  And another.. and another.. until Nicole finally relaxes into it all, well.. as much as Nicole can.  If you'd like to see the whole adorable thing on flashback, go to 12:50am on Camera 3.  Stick with it til 1:10am if you can.  They are 35 kinds of adorable.  Go have a  look. ☺

If you don't already subscribe to the feeds, here's a 2 day free trial so you can check em out. ☺



Blogger pickedonalways said...

they are so adorable together!!! this is one "shomance" that I would love to see blossom into a real ROMANCE!!! they really look happy when they are together and the sweet innocence of their relationship is so refreshing!!! WTG!!! HAYCOLE!!!

August 6, 2014 at 4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haycole brings ADORKABLE to a whole new level!!! :D He's so patient with her awkwardness & you can tell it's because he cares about her. He embraces the awkward because, like he said, it makes her who she is. He's calm & reassuring with her and always lets her know that while he'll push her for more kisses, he won't be overly aggressive or even ASK her for more than that.

I would LOVE to see if they could make it work outside the BB house (apparently she asked if he'd come visit her in Michigan later last night & he said he would), but I'm just not so sure. There are things about his personality & his behavior that freak her out (heavy metal music, use of marijuana - even if only casually because she's a nurse, his "don't want to get married" attitude) because they are SO far removed from what she's used to dating/even KNOWING. And yet, Hayden is a very down-to-earth kid who has Midwestern values because he basically grew up there and that puts him into a place where he can definitely understand where Nicole is coming from.

It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out, but for the next 50 days, I am 1000% #TeamHaycole & #TeamAdorkable!! <3 <3 <3

August 6, 2014 at 6:07 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks for posting this. I was watching and quit as I was embarrassed for Hayden. Glad I gave up too soon!

August 6, 2014 at 7:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The "We have contact" pic made me cry! How sweet! Thank you for this post. xoxo

August 6, 2014 at 7:02 AM  
Blogger Carebear said...

Nobody for NiCody? lol I thought they were going to blossom into something. :confused:

August 6, 2014 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Shiobhan said...

Carebear, I thought the exact same thing. I like Hayden, but I don't see this as a long term relationship.

August 6, 2014 at 12:05 PM  
Blogger Carebear said...

Shio: I prefer her and Cody over Hayden.. Not sure what it is about Hayden that I dont like.. Nice guy just don't see it fitting for Nicole.

August 6, 2014 at 1:56 PM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

I am glad to see Nic with Hayden. Not only does he have the patience and humor she needs, I get what she sees in Cody that makes her not want to go there. Besides the snorting snot every 10-15 seconds, he has a smarmy quality. Some his actions, some in his eyes, some even in his words.

He cuddles with Frankie--really enjoying the contact. Which would be fine, if that was where his h...never mind, you get where I was going, no puns intended. And 15 minutes later, he's with Christine, who talks constantly about her husband and wears her Christianity (and "morals") like a...a...a tattoo! Literally. (all these supposedly Christian-based tattoo designs...)

Cody lets Christine run her fingers through his hair for a solid hour (it seems) and he very sensually runs his fingers along her arm....(snort, snort).... It does not look all that innocent...she seems to crave contact with him--she's hooked and he has to know it and is not seriously attracted to her--he said so.

Then, he's up and climbing into his bed where Victoria crawls in next to him...and they start snuggling, cuddling... When the guys need to meet in the SR, he's up and hugging Zach...then Frankie...Caleb...

This is just too much of a jump from one to another for me to buy. No other HG in the past or present has ever felt that much need for physical contact.

Then there is another side to it all...He gets this very jaded look in his eyes sometimes--it's very reminiscent of a teenager trapped into life as a gigolo...he does not look like he's happy. I mean when he is laying down with someone he looks at the ceiling, depressed, dejected, used up. Maybe it's way too 1975 TV movie-of-the-week or Midnight Cowboy, who knows--it's just a feeling I get from him, sad, kind of jaded). I have no clue if there is anything to the vibes I get and he could just be missing his family, my imagination jumping from one thing to the next. But still the feeling persists that his life is not as rosy as the others expect for such an extremely good-looking guy.

Nicole does not deserve that baggage, nor does she seem particularly prepared to deal with it. Hayden still has that hippie joie de vivre that Nicole needs. The energy to make her happy. Just my take, as an amateur shrink.

August 6, 2014 at 8:22 PM  

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