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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oh, Caleb.. Bless your Heart.

Good morning, BB Lovers!☺  This is the post right before the post you're actually waiting for, and which I plan to get posted by 9am eastern. Consider this one a nice little bonus.

If you were out and about last night, you'll definitely want to have a look at the PoV Spoiler and Aftermath before you get started on these last little pre-midnight tidbits..  In addition to the Spoiler, there are quite a few key conversations in that post.

Cam 1
Cody and Caleb

Caleb: Even if I took 2nd place, I wouldn't take it with Derrick.
Cody: Not even close.  If you were sittin' in the end with Derrick, not even close.
Caleb: Exactly.
Cody: At that point, if I'm sent home, I'd be like you 2 are my dudes, you're my boys, I'm happy that one of you are gonna win the money.. The big money.

Caleb: I think whoever goes out 3rd will probably win America's Favorite player.
Cody: I wouldn't even care, to be honest.  I just love this show.  The fact that I got this far into the game?  I'm gonna go home and be like Dad, did you ever think I'd get so far when we parted ways in June?  For me it's a win.
Caleb: Thus is what I think of.. From the very beginning, I thought how cool would it be to have 2 beasts up at the top, literally goin' "I have no idea which one of us is gonna win."
Cody: And having like a thing, like I don't know what I can say, but being "listen, your votes are gonna go, this is why I think I should win it."
Caleb: Right.
Cody: Do I think I played a better game than him?  I don't know. That's up to you.
Caleb: Right.  That's the same for me. "He's won comps."  You're a fighter. 

They talk about all their comp wins.. Then..

Caleb:  People like Derrick make it to the end all the time, because they're gonna get 2nd place.  Simple as that.
**Oh, Caleb.. Bless your heart.

Camera 3
Fire Room
Derrick and Victoria

Derrick: If I'm in the jury, you definitely have my vote.
Victoria: Caleb and Cody have a final 2. There's no way I'm getting there unless I win. I'd take Cody. I think I'd win over him any day.

Derrick: So you think if I had the option, I should take Cody.
Victoria:100%.  100%.  Nicole would never vote for him.  Hayden wpuld never vote for him.  Cheistine and Zach would vote for him.. Donny would vote for you.  Jocasta would vote for you.
Derrick: And then you..

Victoria: I think you deserve it, out of everyone.
Derrick:  Let me ask you a question.  Why do you think I deserve it?
Victoria: Gamewise.
Derrick: What do you mean gamewise?
Victoria: You've played an amazing game.  You haven't been on the block once in 80 something days.  You handed someone an HoH. That is huge.  You never lied and manipulated people in the wrong way.  You gave me your word day 1.  You've kept your word.  You haven't played a dirty game, but you've played the most amazing.. You know what I mean?
Derrick:  I get what you're saying.
Victoria: You never manipulated and lied..
Derrick: The only good thing is, if you're not here, I think they both would take me.. because I think they..  If it's me, you and someone else, I don't know who they would take.  Maybe cuz we're bros.. maybe.. But I think if it's Cody, Caleb and you, I think they'll take you. 
Victoria: To the final 2?
Derrick: To the final 2.  But even if they have a final 2, I think they would backstab the other guy and take me, cuz they think I'm easier to beat.

Victoria: If it comes down to strictly game, not even personal, 100% you win.


Cam 1 and 2
Derrick, Cody, Caleb
HoH Room

Derrick: I promise you, on everything I love, there's no more twists, there's no more nothing.  I think the game's over next Sunday, and I think, as far as the game's concerned from this point forward, it's just game.  There's one more twist to come: Double Eviction Wednesday night.

Derrick: Oooh..we didn't know!!! Wednesday night's gonna be a double evict.
**you're close.. There's no double eviction this week, but 2 more will go by Wednesday.  The 1st one on the Tuesday night show, which will likely tape on Monday, and the 2nd one on the Wednesday Live Show, which will leave us with our final 3, and ought to bring us another Endurance Competition.

Cody: That's even better, dude, cuz then she'll go home so f'in fast.
Derrick: Right. She'll go home with him, and from that point, we'll have (an incorrect timeline cuz Derrick doesn't know the finale was pushed from a completely innocuous date to Erev Rosh HaShanah, the 24th).  We're definitely 8 days out right now.
Caleb: Very good odds.
Derrick: yes.  Watch her win HoH. hehe.
Cody: No way..
Derrick: I think this HoH will be mental..
Caleb: We're good to go..
Derrick: One of us will win HoH, One of us will win PoV, we'll enjoy the last few days in the house.

But getting back to this week..

Derrick: I wouldn't tell Frankie too early.
Caleb: Why not?
Derrick: Because honestly, he will cause f'in havoc.  What's he gonna really say?
Cody: Not much.
Derrick: Nothing. But I wouldn't give him a week to just sit here and stir the pot.
Caleb: We're not gonna give him a week, but I think we should still tell him beforehand.  That way he can dress up super nice. Which he does anyway.

Cody: He can find out night before..
Derrick: I'm cool with that.  I'm definitely cool with tellin' him.  It's always nice to soften the blow, but I just don't think we f'in tell him right after the Veto Meeting.. ya know?
Caleb: Yup
Derrick: If we know the live show is Wednesday, Tuesday night we sit down, the 4 of us, and tell him.  It's a compliment.. Hey man, you won a lot of comps.. It'd be tough for anyone to beat you in the final 2.. Look at this as a compliment, because...
Cody: You played an amazing game.
Derrick: You played an amazing game..
Cody: Just.. soften it.
Derrick: Yeah, you played an amazing game, and frankly, if we didn't push that button, you'd probably make it to the final 2 on your own merit, because most of the time, you're gonna win the comps.

Cody: Great. But no he's not.  Smoke him.
Caleb: Yeah, I won more HoHs than him..
Cody: But we have to soften the blow.
Derrick: Just strokin.. 

Cody: Cuz he really thinks, "I'm goin' to AllStars."
Derrick: He very well might. He won a lot of comps.
Caleb: Lemme ask you, for him to go to AllStars, why wouldn't I?

And we're moving forward into the night..

Camera 3 and 4
Victoria and Derrick

Victoria: Do you have a final 2 with Caleb?

Derrick: No

Victoria:  Ok, you need to get on that. I think he wants to take Cody.
Derrick: Why do you say that?
Victoria:  Cuz he was just saying how he could beat Cody.  I was like, I don't know.. And he was naming people.  He thinks Zach is voting for him, and I was like, no he's not, Zach is Cody's best friend.
Derrick: You have to just keep letting him know that.. That way, if you're there with him, or I am, he'll take us over Cody.  So what you did was perfect.

Next up, we'll dive in for the after midnight.. aka, The Overnight Report... in a new top post.  



Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

Sorry... this is long. But most likely my last long post of the season.

What an interesting night on the feeds. It seems Frankie has an inkling he might be going home. And as much as he has driven me nuts with his boosting and raunchiness, he did entertain me many nights. He can be a really funny guy. I wish I could have his abs workout routine on You Tube. It’s fun. I don’t wish him anything bad when outside of the house. Again, it’s just a game… even if it is about an amount of money many in the real world kill people for. There is no way the Hitmen will make the mistake by keeping him.

Caleb is still pondering his fortunes via the Bomb Squad and unless he wins the F4 Veto his game may be smoked as well. If he wins the Veto, I can very well see him compete in the Final Q & A. If he wins that… he could win… and I believe he would take Derrick, no matter if it is Cody or Victoria as options. Having heard him talk about what he would do with some of the money if he won makes me feel a bit bad. It’s incredible, since when the Season started I was not a fan. And the whole Amber situation did not make it better. I have respected his loyalty, because it is a trait I value in a person. I wish him future success in the midst of some personal insight. He has also made me laugh with his colloquialism and being that English is not my first language… it fascinates me. 

Victoria, she has danced and pranced her way to where she is, by following Derrick’s lead. She has not been useless as most say. She has served a clear purpose and if she ends up in F2… she deserves it. She would have been gone long ago, without Derrick convincing the alliance that she is a reliable vote or as the eternal pawn. She has been on the block 8 times. More than any other HG. As a side note… I am glad BB bought her a new necklace for the one Hayden broke. I don’t know if it was intentional or not. Either way, destroying another’s property is not OK in BB. I remember Jen in BB8 destroying all the cigarette packs that belonged to Evel Dick. BB replaced them. I really hope that Derrick is not the one who sends Vic packing… it will break her heart… just as what happened to Jerry in BB10. This is where the real drama will play out… who Derrick keeps between his loyal Hitmen competitor or his trusting side kick. Neither HG’s family will look upon him kindly if their kid is betrayed. But as Derrick said … He loves his family more and hopes the others will understand. This one always hurts.

Cody, the handsome flirt, and yes… according to pre season interviews his strategy was to flirt his way to the end. He has succeeded thus far. People also say that he has been useless. But he has done everything when it needed to be done. He has won when on the line. He has been loyal… so I don’t really get the ‘he is not worthy’ mantra. He clearly is, smoking all of them in the morph comp by cutting his previous time by 10 minutes, by an astonishing 2.20. Cody also deserves to be where he is. Will he remain loyal to Derrick… or take Vic or Caleb if those are options? Derrick has been talking all night about this bond and trust the two of them have to keep Cody in line. Time will tell.

September 13, 2014 at 5:21 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

... cont.

As for the master mind this season…

Derrick, his game has been subtle as the EW article stated. It has been like watching a chess player moving his King closer and closer to the end. His evaluation of positions and setting of goals and long-term plans for future play has been interesting to watch. This is DRAMA to me. While evaluating a position strategically, a player must take into account such factors as the relative value of the pieces on the board, the pawns, the safety of the king, and the position of HGs known as pieces. It has been intricate and many seem to having missed it. I can see Derrick being a very good detective on a case.

So, my question at this point is… will both in the F3 bring him to the end? I can’t wait to see it play out. Derrick has also accomplished by not being nominated once in 42 nominations. That is impressive. Closest to it is Jason Guy (who is now a news reporter/journalist in FLA), Jason was never nominated during his 78 days and 12 nominations/renoms and he lost the final Q & A to Lisa and she evicted him and picked Danielle for F2, and Lisa won.

I am starting to feel the withdrawal coming on… as usual this time of year. Good thing many other shows are coming on, and maybe I should get more of a social life. I have truly enjoyed this season on every level. So many likeable houseguests… even those who were not good players were hard to say goodbye to. How refreshing.

September 13, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

PS. Off to bed I was thinking about a couple of things... It's almost morning here in LA... but I can sleep on the beach, since we are expecting a hot weekend. :-)

I read somewhere today that the TA members are allowed to out themselves, but none of the others. This makes sense to me and why it has not been used as strategy. Not that it would benefit anybody much... but still.

As for the schedule... with Frankie now heading out the door on the very down low taping on Monday (most likely), he will walk out to a room mostly filled with CBS employees to keep the secret until after Tue's show. The feeds will most likely be down Monday most of the day and Tuesday until show airs. After Dark will get footage taped earlier in the day on Monday.

Since this is not an open Eviction with fans... I don't see Frankie getting the same reception as Christine. For good or bad.

I do believe somebody will leak the HoH as usual. POV comp will be playing out Live Wednesday, I think.

September 13, 2014 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I think Caleb would take Cody for the bro factor. I dont see Caleb's statement being any more naive than Victoria's saying that she would beat Cody in the final 2. Grendon posted yesterday that at least Victoria had a strategy in comparison to Cody, I disagree. There wasnt a girl in the house beside Victoria that would have voted Cody out. That is playing the game. As hard as Derrick worked Victoria all game, thats as hard as Cody worked Brittany... and Amber...and Christine...and Nicole. He sent each one packing. Thats playing the game

September 13, 2014 at 6:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jumbo :)

I think they're all playing the game, and some have a deeper understanding of it than others..

September 13, 2014 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Tella, I've been hoping all season that he will put his an routines up on youtube! :-)

September 13, 2014 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Tella, I've been hoping all season that he will put his an routines up on youtube! :-)

September 13, 2014 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Tella, I really hope people see your comments here in this post. Sleep well, dear, and when you awaken, please feel free to repost into the overnight report. :-D

September 13, 2014 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Maybe. Its a pretty simple game to understand though. I just hope if there is a season next year that its a big improvement over these last two. Casting is ruining the show I used to love

September 13, 2014 at 7:28 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I honestly have never seen anyone as delusional as Caleb, I don't know if I should laugh or feel sorry for the sap lol

September 13, 2014 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I agree about Caleb. I haven't seen him wrong a single person all year. Its like a man isnt allowed to love a woman anymore. It is so so easy to fall in love with a woman as beautiful as Amber, and then to be locked in a house with her 24/7... People need to cut him some slack.

September 13, 2014 at 7:52 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I love that Victoria really has her head in the game now and is totally willing to fall on her sword for Derrick. She had redeemed herself in my eyes. #poorcaleb it's so sad to hear his dillusions

September 13, 2014 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


You saying you "haven't seen Caleb wrong a single person all year" implies you missed the part where he purposely put Amber on the block (without a chance to play BOTB or Veto) to "show her her place and teach her a lesson."
I would think that is the definition of 'wronging' someone.

The situation when he sent Hayden home also comes to mind. Caleb repeatedly said he'd never do that. That also appears to be 'wronging' someone.

Just because he talks about how loyal he is doesn't mean he hasn't played the game (ie told lies). Caleb isn't exactly an angel, and he shouldn't be because that isn't how the game is played.

September 13, 2014 at 11:06 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Thats part of the game, not doing wrong. I meant more in the way of personal attacks

September 13, 2014 at 9:26 PM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

I want to post my ideas about the final 5 of BB16. I agree with most of what I have read above, with the exception that while they have all played the game, some have played a game I respect more than others--based on difficulty, such as the willpower it must take to button one's lips and not badmouth others no matter how angry you feel, or how resentful, how couped up with players not of your choosing. And on the amount of planning and effort that can go into developing a gameplan.

I was thinking Caleb had played a pretty clean game--with the exception of his treatment of Amber, but then I read Frups N's comment.... Caleb was OBNOXIOUS to Amber! BUT Amber accepted Devin's invite to join the Bomb Squad (I love calling it the B.S.), then she never became an active member, trying to fit in, contribute. She is partially responsible for her isolation in the alliance, but certainly not Caleb's sexist response! It would not have won the game, but it would have gotten her further, by which time perhaps other options may have opened up.

Amber did not come to play the game, she actually did come to have a showmance--just not with Caleb. She said so in pre-season interviews. And she thought BB was the start of a sports reporting career. This didn't excuse Caleb's backstabbing her, and certainly not his sexist bs, but it lessens his blame some for turning on AN ALLY. The others were equally disloyal and Frankie equally a jerk. The B.S. still turned on Zack, Christine, Devin, and Nicole (they had the agreement to send Frankie out starting this week) and he had promised never to evict Hayden. But that was playing the game, everyone there in the B.S. did the same, and to those he actually played with, he was very loyal. Caleb is deserving of final 5, 4, and perhaps 3.

I laugh when he says his winning comps entitles him to final 2 or winning--If it were just a matter of winning comps, then bring on the hulks and lets not bother with women, older people, etc. Because of Caleb's sexist and demeaning talk re: Amber and many females, I personally devalue his game and want to see him gone before f2. I've enjoyed his silliness on occasion, but then he shoots off his mouth and I have to escape!

I don't value Victoria's game much at all. Her strategy to attach to another player, a male, and float to the end is the laziest and most demeaning role in BB. Her vote was available, so no one evicted her--but they said almost daily, that they "didn't want to waste an HOH evicting her." That's disrespect. Sure she fought to try to win comps--to save herself from eviction. She did not save any allies. She never took a position. She NEVER WON HOH! Even Adam, Kalia, et al, did that. Vic never prepared for the game. Did not watch the earlier seasons to even know who the past winners were. It's embarrassing to women when one just cries to guy and begs to go along.

I will say she she did very well this week, working on Frankie so he'd take Derrick to f2--but now he's leaving, didn't win HOH, and it was for naught. And it was FOR Derrick! She could not play like that for herself or for someone who was an equal, taking her to f2 with them...an equal partnership... She has her hands all over someone else's husband late at night, and then says he's like a brother. I never touched my brother that way! Finally, she ripped up the hat she legally gave to Zack. It was his, he said it was his identity, and then when his power is gone, she rips it up like a bratty child. Immature and mean. Just when I think I like her, she is awful. Unlikeable. She needs to go, right after Frankie.


September 13, 2014 at 11:12 PM  
Blogger cyninbend said...


Frankie. Horrid. I started to like him the first week, but then he developed the sense of entitlement, the snobbiness, his using his sister, and has to be the phoniest jerk ever to be on BB! His behavior on the live shows is so cringe-worthy that he simply is the most unlikeable HG this season. Those outfits, that mugging, the compliments for Julie...yuk! But there is worse. The misogyny is terrible, worse than the mugging for the camera and the wardrobe of a 4 year old. He befriended Vic 1st week of feeds, then nominated her, saying, of course...this is BB and that's what you do. With a sneer.... And he treated Zack the same. But you do not lie and backstab from the start for no purpose or advantage! Now he's all over Cody again... He does not understand the game--just thinks it's an excuse to be cruel and then manipulate the vote to win.

He's also a huge liar--his HOH blog states he tried his best to save Donny even though Derrick did not want to--opposite of the truth. He ignores the fact he wanted to just do his performance for the TA mission. He lies throughout, as though we don't watch feeds and don't know the truth. He may have won comps, but his only strategy was to lie. Lie about Zack. Lie about his intent. Lie and lie some more.The alliance fell in his lap, and he thought that and a famous sister, empty promises and a token gift of about 25% of the winnings to dance schools (yes, whoever said that was right and I was wrong) in Africa would win it all for him. Rotten strategy.

The rape joke (alcohol vitiates consent and that makes it rape bc we know Vic would never consent to sexual activity on the internet with the jamoakes. The hand gestures made me want to shoot him. Not do it, just want to! Jerk. That was evil pure and simple, and other BBs with producers who don't enjoy misogyny would have sent him home immediately that night...Stephanie Pratt, at maybe 115 lbs, was made to apologize to 230 lb Gary Busey simply bc she was verbally pushy when he failed to bathe or use the toilet to urinate in the bathroom. Frankie, rotten social game. Go home empty-handed.

Cody has played a very good game imo. It looked lazy when he was just laying in bed with the ladies, but really, what was he supposed to do? His muscles were pretty imposing at the start, he was mentioned as a target--so when he won HOH, he quickly realized he would not last long playing aggressively like that. So, in a way that demonstrates a good understanding of the game, he modified his strategy, becoming a lover, not a fighter...

Cody was lucky to have the B.S. fall in his lap just as Derrick, Caleb, Christine, et al, were. But he allied with Derrick for a final 2 that both guys seem to respect a lot, if not to the end, at least for now. He's won a POV as he's needed to, relied of allies as necessary, not making waves when Frankie nominated him, but making certain his allies kept the faith. He may not deserve 1st place, but he is certainly worthy of final 3 and would not make a shameful 2d place winner. He has rocked some comps, known when to turn on Frankie to rid himself of that threat. He's been loyal to his alliances, showing an unwillingness to dump allies before absolutely necessary. Is he the most loyal of the guys in the house? It looks like it's so. He's even shown he knows much more about the game than he's let on...he's concealed a knowledge of game that may have targeted him as much as his athleticism. Pretty good game!


September 13, 2014 at 11:28 PM  
Blogger cyninbend said...


Finally Derrick! I will say up front he should win. My only complaint is his bullying of women--I believe bc he really does not get women at all! Their thinking confuses him, frightens him. He faithfulness to his wife prevents him from getting close enough to a female player that he could trust her to run interference with the females in the house for him. He enlisted Cody to flirtmance and cuddle the women, to get information, identify threats, but when Cody was busy elsewhere, and women players dared to discuss Derrick's activities and game play, Derrick freaked out! He lost it, showed a massive amount of fear, and pushed the women (both a foot shorter than he, a decade younger, and quite awed by his intelligence, speaking ability, and strength as a gameplayer) too hard! They were in tears and feared playing the game ever after--intolerable in other BB franchises. Vic has said she fears talking game since that night bc of what he may do--that is bullying. Derrick's only real flaw in this season as I see it.

Derrick has played an incredibly comprehensive game. He did not just fearlessly use each player he thought could help his game in the way that best suited their talents and characteristics. He went a step farther and played the HOUSE. The atmosphere in the house is a huge factor that can set off divides, cause power to shift, alliances to fall apart, and the best of allies to turn.

Derrick kept the house very calm! Tight. Yes BORING OFTEN... He did not let anyone create any drams, causing them to fear permanently harming their game should they create any drama. Even OTB, targeted for eviction, he kept players calm, not campaigning for votes, under the false belief that if there was anything that could be done to save them, Derrick would be doing it! Even if it harmed his game.

Derrick had each evictee believing he had done everything possible to save them. Promising to campaign for him in the jury house! THAT is a comprehensive game. Incredibly well-planned. The detail with which Derrick covered each possibility really earned my respect. People on line were suggesting that Derrick may have played the game too far under the radar, and he might have escaped the awareness of the jury, and could lose the game because of this. But that is confusing the beliefs of players still in the house with those who have gone to jury, misted by Derrick on their way out the door.

An examination of each juror's thoughts about Derrick shows this is not a likely flaw in juror's minds---he played each evictee while they were still OTB, convincing each one that he was working tirelessly on their behalf. Amazingly, he kept each player calm and not talking to the other person OTB! Playing the BB house, keeping everything mellow, no power shifts, no flips... and playing the jury house from afar through each new evictee (admittedly Derrick couldn't work Christine much...probably a vote for Caleb--her fave game, or Frankie--the best game she says...who knows?).


September 14, 2014 at 12:44 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...


He had his alliance totally fooled into thinking he'd told each evictee that they didn't have a chance, that they were going home/to jury, and don't make waves/drama. He was supposedly so harsh that after they left the house, none of them would vote for Derrick to win the game! Caleb believes it. Cody seems to buy it. Vic put the finishing touches on Frankie's brainwashing--while Derrick convinced her he was trying his best to save her...and she has never considered blowing his cover now that she will be staying--the house itself is misted!

Derrick apparently is considered by his alliance to be the perfect final 2 partner to take to the jury if you want to win (something previous season's HGs have tried to do in fits and starts but no one has comprehensively accomplished it so the HGs discuss it openly like this). Derrick has turned Cody's showmances and cuddlemances into juror votes for him to win, Caleb and Frankie's egos into votes for them to win... An amazing game. As the season comes to a close, my respect for his game has grown. He does not leave loose ends. The only thing he cannot control 100% is the final HOH comps and his fellow HGs. It would be a shame if he lost bc of those.

My apologies for this run-on post. I read the others and many elsewhere, and was thinking all last night about Derrick's game... and was kind of overflowing with thoughts in response...

September 14, 2014 at 12:47 AM  

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