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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Thursday!☺

As soon as I type those words, it hits me.. Today really isn't a "happy" Thursday.  Today marks 13 years that have passed since the September 11th attacks.  Like most of you, it is not a moment, or a morning, that I will ever forget.

Every second of it is indelibly etched on my psyche and soul.  The wounds have only just begun to heal.

May God bless the Departed, the Survivors, the Families, the 1st Responders and all the Soldiers who've fought to keep us safe in the time since.  May we hold them in our hearts and minds for all eternity, and may we continue lifting them up in prayer, not only today, but always...

Ordinarily, out of respect, I shut down BBDish for the day on September 11th.   Today, with Nominations likely happening, and quite possibly a visit from the jury members, that will not be possible.

Julie's announcement at the end of the live show has left some people wondering, so let's clear that up right away.  Julie said,
"Here's how the coming week will work:  Tune in Sunday as the Rewind Twist continues to shake up the game, and the jurors make a surprise return to the house.   Then on Tuesday, join us for a Special Eviction Episode where the Power of Veto will play out, and another houseguest will be sent packing, leaving the final 4 in place.  And, one week from tonight on Wednesday, it's the 2nd eviction of the week.  Who will be the next houseguest to join the jury, and who will make it to the final 3?  It all happens next Wednesday.  Plus, next Friday it's a Special Episode you don't want to miss."

To reiterate with easy to remember bullet points:
  • Sunday at 8pm ~ HoH Comp, Jurors in the House, Noms
  • Tuesday at 8pm ~ "Special Eviction Episode"  - They'll show the PoV Comp, Evict someone, and leave us with the Final 4. ***I believe this will be taped, not live.  In season's past, when taping, they've done it the day before the show is to air, and blacked out the feeds from the time taping starts til after the show airs, so I'm expecting a feeds blackout starting Monday afternoon and lasting until around 9pm Tuesday.
  • Wednesday at 8pm ~ Final 4 to Final 3.  This should mean we get an Endurance Comp on the Live Feeds on Wednesday night!  Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp has historically ALWAYS been Endurance.
  • Friday at 8pm ~ "Special Episode" -- I believe this will be the Clips Show they do every season. You know.. The Fancy Final 3 Meal, where they talk about their favorite moments and BB promises "never before seen footage," unless of course you have the feeds. ;-) 
All clear now? ☺ Let's get this Overnight Report on the move!  If you weren't around after the Live Show last night, be sure to check out Lessa's post:  HoH Spoiler ~ Aftermath ~ Reveal.  There are quite a few key conversations in there, as well as the HoH Reveal and Letter from home. 

Camera 1
As we rejoin the HGs on the feeds, Victoria has a new stuffed animal to love on.   It's a beautiful, manscaped life sized dinosaur tickle toy....  I want one!
Victoria: Are you sleeping up here tonight?
Cody: Me?  Probably not.  I guarantee you Frankie will want to sleep up here.

From downstairs, Frankie yells..

Frankie: Oh my God! GUYS!! We have the backyard!!! We're off lockdown!
Frankie: Normal week!

Up in HoH..
Cody: Sweet!
Derrick: So PoV's on Saturday.
**I kinda doubt it.  I think Noms will be today and PoV will be Friday night.
Cody: F'in A, dude.
Caleb: We ain't on lockdown no more. Normal week!
Derrick: It's a full week.  Double eviction maybe on Thursday then. 
Cody: That'll blow, dude.  That'll blow bad.
Derrick: Hey, that's the bad of this I guess..
**Keep your day jobs, boys. Psychic is OUT.

Frankie: Normal Week! Or, I guess the Veto could be tomorrow.  Literally it takes 35 seconds to set up.

Cam 1
Up in HoH.. Victoria leaves.  Cody and Derrick talk about what Caleb's going to do this time..

Derrick: So what was your take after that conversation?  Locked in?
Cody: I think it's good.
Derrick: Do you think he can waiver or no? Obviously anything's possible.
Cody: I think Frankie's gonna try.
Derrick: I mean, but what do you think?  How consistent?  Do we stay on it, or do we just rely on what he said?  I think the whole  "you put one of us up, Frankie can send one of us home" is big.. is huge.
Cody: Well, that was the biggest aspect of it in my head anyways.  I don't trust him. 
Derrick: You're a f'in jamoke too.  You're like, "I didn't even think of that."
Cody:  I told you we had to..
Derrick: hahaha.. I know, I know..
Cody: ..and I thought I was gonna be the one to f'in bring it up.
Derrick: No, I mean.. I told him, if it fails, put me up. I trust that obviously I have you that'll be off the block, and even if Frankie flips on me, I have Caleb, and I don't think Caleb would send me packin'. 

***I have agida just thinking about putting 500,000 pieces of trust in someone I've known for 3 months.

Cody: No, he wouldn't.
Derrick: Caleb wouldn't send me packin'; he'd send Victoria packin'.
Cody: Yeah. Exactly.  And the importance of this was that Frankie can't..
Derrick: We can't let him beat us though.  If we let him beat us, we're gonna look like clowns.  We're smarter than he is.  You know that, right?  He's been killin' that wall, but I've been killin' it too. I'm startin to get really good at it.   But I mean.. I don't want you to rely on me, and I'm definitely not gonna rely on you. Like I want you to f'in smoke me, and I'll be just as happy as if I win.
Cody: I've been the one that's been trying to get him out for weeks now. This is my chance to.  Literally.

Derrick: This Veto is so big for us.  If we win..
Cody: It's huge.  We're guaranteeing..
Derrick: If we win..
Cody: ..Final 3. We're guaranteeing, pretty much.

Derrick: ...Final 2.
Cody: We're guaranteeing Final 3 and it makes Final 2 that much closer.
Derrick: That much easier too, because he might beat one of us in the Endurance, but I don't think he can beat us in the mentals.  I don't. And to be honest with you, we'd have to beat him, because him in the final 2 would be scary, especially with another HoH win..
Cody: mm hmm
Derrick: ..and how he's played?  Especially with the hate that we have.. I can't believe how much that girl's doggin' me right now. 
Cody: I know.
Derrick: But it is what it is..
Cody:  I'm gonna say somethin' to her though.
Derrick: Don't.. Don't stir the pot on her.  That's giving in to it.

After very brief fishies, Victoria re-enters the HoH Room, speaking to Cody, ignoring Derrick.

Victoria: Frankie got pool ready for you.. or whoever.

After a couple of awkward minutes in HoH..

Cody: I need to go crush this game of pool.

Victoria and Derrick
HoH Room

Again, as she has been since this ruse began, Victoria is absolutely glowing in happiness.

Derrick: I was like, just let her be..
Victoria: When I went downstairs, Frankie was like, Your speech was Epic!  I was like, "If I'm leaving the house, I'm gonna leave with what I truly feel..."  I told him, I didn't want to say it before, because I didn't want to create any extra tension.  He's like, well now you're living in the house with him for an extra week.

Victoria: ..and I was like, "Whatever.. It is what it is."
Derrick: hm
Victoria: He said, "She crushed you"?? hehe
Derrick: Cody did.
Victoria: Yeah.
Derrick: That's why when you said it, everyone in the audience didn't go Oooohh.. Nobody did anything, cuz they were all in on it.  (brief fishies)  It's so ingenious.  This whole house thinks we hate each other.
Victoria: mm hmmDerrick:  ..and they have no clue we're tighter than anyone in the house.  They have no clue.  It's going perfect.  We have no choice but to ride this out now.

Victoria: I know.
Derrick: It's like 10 days, but.. If we can pull it off for that amount of time without gettin' caught..
Victoria: There's a reason the clock was set back.  I'm telling you, Derrick, I'm not meant to go home.
Derrick: Yeah.

Victoria: There's a reason.  It can't be..
Derrick: If we win the veto, he's gonna go home.
Victoria: Right.
Derrick:  If he goes home, now it's Final 4.
Victoria: Now that's it.
Derrick: If you or me don't win, one of us are goin' home.  You know what I mean?
Victoria: Yup.
Derrick: If we don't win, we're goin' home, but.. It's nobody's fault but our own.
Victoria:  Right.  I really thought I was leaving (tonight).. I was sad.  I was starting to tear up.
Derrick: Nope, nope.. We made it to day 91 now. We have to do what we have to do.  Keep playin' well.  Keep this up.  They're gonna try to get close to you.  It does suck.  Not being able to talk to you.
Victoria: It sucks.

Derrick: ..but it's like, a game..
Victoria: It sucks bad, but we're playing. 
Derrick: We're playing better than anybody in the house.

Derrick moves for the door.. He can't spend too much time alone with Victoria or it will become suspicious.

Victoria: Alright, love you.
Derrick: Wait 5 minutes before you come down.
Victoria:  Alright, bye.
**Beaming, glowing, playing the game Victoria is such a cutie pie, I cannot resist grabbing screencaps galore.

Derrick, Cody and Frankie

Derrick: Did you hear the crowd when she said it?  They were like Ooooh..
Cody: When she said it?!  I was like Oohhhh!
Frankie: I was like, shocked.
Derrick: I got crushed on national tv.
Frankie: You got crushed.
Derrick:  I got punked off by a 22 year old in front of 12 million people.

Cody: It's just ignorance, though. "Derrick, you betrayed me"??
Frankie: Betrayed me??
Derrick: You know what I almost did.. I almost said, "So, do I have your vote or no?" hehehe.  WOuld that have been great?
Frankie: Oh my God.. I just hope that it's not awkward, awkward..
Derrick: Oh, it's irreparable. She's never gonna talk to me again.
Frankie: Awkward all week.
Derrick: No, it's gonna be her talking to all you guys and not talkin' to me.  But honestly, at that point, if she's gonna act like that?

Cody: 1, that's immature. 2, it's hillarious.
Derrick: nothin' lost.
Frankie: I mean, she's 7 years old.
Cody: She's 7 years old.. 3, it's hilarious that YOU betrayed her.  It's epic. Better you than me, right?

Derrick: Right.  It's actually better she's in the house, because she would literally be CRUSHING me in the jury house.
Cody: I don't know.. She'd be crushing you, and everyone would be like, "I told you!"
Derrick: yeah.
Cody: "Told you!"
Derrick: She would literally have a campaign on.  "I Hate Derrick" shirt when she walked into the jury house. (joking tone of voice) Leave her here.  She can stay here.  I don't have her to have another week in the jury house. I'm all set. No way. No how.

Frankie: Um if Caleb gets any more crazy ideas, will you just make sure that he ah  doesn't have them? Thanks.

**Cody seems to consider impaling Frankie with the pool stick, but leaves it as a fantasy.

Derrick: He's on cloud 9 right now.
Frankie: I know.  Just let me know if he tries to backdoor me again.. Just gimme a heads up.  That's all.
**I'm sure they'll get right on that. Once they've solidly convinced him to do it.

Derrick and Victoria

Derrick: We've been in the house now for 84 days.. as of midnight.
Victoria: mm hmm
Derrick: It's already past midnight.  Everyone knows your name. They will remember you, whether you win or not.  And a lot of people will like you more than the person who won, if it's not you that wins.
Victoria: mm hmm
Derrick: We're here til day 91.. Well, I still think it's gonna be an accelerated week. Even though we have the backyard right now..
**and you are correct.
Victoria: Oh me too.
Derrick: Actually, even if it is, we're gonna be here til like day 90.  We have to just plan for it and keep studyin'.  You can't study too much, cuz your mind will go nuts.  Just gotta keep lookin' at it.
Derrick: Look for little details..
Victoria: The eyes, nose, mouth..
Derrick: Yup.  Pick up on all the things..
Victoria: Eyebrows..
Derrick: yup.. And know that the one you saw last time, it's probably gonna be different.. So if they used Hayden's mouth last time, it's probably not gonna be..
Victoria: They used his hair.
Derrick: They used his hair and his mouth on another one.
Victoria: And his mouth..  Yeah..

Derrick: You know what I mean?  So just expect his eyes.
Victoria: Do you think they'll make the same combinations?  The same people?
Derrick: No. No.  I think it's gonna be completely different morphs.  But now you have a chance to study.
Victoria: Good.
Derrick: Either way, like I said, I'm tryin' to win, you're tryin' to win..

Derrick spies Frankie, and heads inside to the kitchen...

Derrick: She's just sitting there staring at me.
Frankie: Are you serious?  So come upstairs.
Derrick: Alright.  I'll be up there in a couple minutes.
BB: Derrick, please go to the Diary Room...

***There's been quite a while of non-game talk.. We're skipping WAY ahead.

HoH Room
Caleb, Derrick, Frankie, Cody

Frankie: We're gonna feel like such assholes if it's a comp day tomorrow.
Derrick: Comp day? I f'in hope not.
Caleb: It could happen.
Frankie: Nommie Nom..
Derrick: We've got the backyard..
Caleb: We could wake up and it's closed.
Derrick: True..

Cody: I am readyyyyy.. to fall asleep.
Frankie: Me too.  I can't keep my eyes open.

Frankie goes to hug Caleb goodnight..

Caleb: Well, since we're all still in here, I cannot deny or confirm, so.. Noms'll happen.
Frankie: (little laugh)
Caleb: They'll happen.
Cody: So.. I.. cannot.. Bye.
Caleb: (little laugh) You leavin'?

Caleb reaches up for a hug, which it looks like Cody's going to give him, then he high fives him instead...

Cody: You guys coming down? OK..
Caleb: What's goin' on?

Cody and Frankie hug, then walk out the door..

Cody: Victoria wants to talk to you..
Frankie: Stop. I hate you.

3:52am Derrick finally has Caleb alone.

Caleb: I'm tellin' you, boy..
Derrick: When we were outside, he was like, I gotta talk to Caleb alone.. He's like, "If you hear anything, let me know.  As long as I get a chance to talk to him, I should be able to fix it, you know?"  I'm like, Oh yeah, of course, I'll let you know.
Caleb: Fix what? 

Derrick: Like if you were gonna think about puttin ' him up.  I was like, "honestly, Frank, one of us is gonna go up.  He's not puttin' up Cody again. " I was like, "But whatever one of us goes up, it's not a big deal.  We're still safe.." He's like "but you've never been nominated."  I was like, "Yeah, Frankie, but you've never been on the block in the hot seat either.  Bein' nominated and bein' on the block is 2 different f'in things. "

Derrick: And I was like, "One of us is gonna be on the block."  He's like, "No, no, you're right, you're right."   And I'm glad you said it too.. Cuz when you're in the chair and you have to talk to Julie, he's never done that either.
Caleb: No, he hasn't.
**I'm really not comfortable with Caleb's body language here.. It took him the 1st paragraph to even make eye contact, and the 2nd was this closed pose.

It takes Derrick a little time and effort, and hurt and rescue, and thought implanting, but I believe he manages to get him on board..  That is, unless you're as troubled as I am about Caleb's sudden fascination with looking at anything that's not Derrick..

Derrick:  We've all had opportunities to f*ck each other, and we haven't.  You're not trying to f*ck him this week, but at the same time, you are not a dumb guy, and you see the writing on the wall.   He's wona ton of competitions.  Who's won the 2nd most competitions that's still here?
Caleb: (raises his hand)
Derrick: You! So, I mean, you're not makin' a move, you're just sayin' hey, you've gotta go up, it's very discreet, you're not makin' it obvious, it's nothin' blatant.
Caleb: Yeah.  I mean.. I'm down, dude.  I don't really care.  I mean, it's a game.

Derrick: You've gotta do what's good for you, but ultimately, I truly believe that you're loyal to me and Cody.  I believe that wholeheartedly.
Caleb: mm hmm
**ok.. there's the eyes I've been looking for..
  Derrick: We have a formula, and there's only 1 way to guarantee that you, me and Calzone are in the final 3.  There's only 1 way. And that's with us not going on the block as the initial nom.
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: Now if he wins, I already told you, I trust you with my life, my family's well-being, to say, Hey, put me up, cuz I know that no matter what anybody says to you, you're not gonna vote me out if it comes down to you.
Caleb: Yeah..
Derrick: I feel confident sayin' that.
Caleb: And I wont.

Derrick: I know you wont.  But with him, if I'm up there initially, and he wins, and he senses somethin' between the 3 of us, he could say, "Victoria, take a seat."  Now you have to decide which one of us you wanna keep.  Now, maybe I'm naive, but I believe you would pick me over Cody.
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick: He's got a lot of love in the jury, but more importantly, we've been true to each other.  But I still don't want you to have to make that decision yet.
Caleb: Me either.

Derrick: And frankly, if he does pull himself off, even though we're gonna play it off like, "Yeah! You pulled yourself off! Hey, I'll go up, Caleb. Nice job. You're a f'in beast."  I'll go up on the block, you'll keep me, but instead of having only me play against him next week for the HoH, you're gonna have Cody too.
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: So honestly, not only are you keepin' us safe, but you're protecting yourself for the following week, cuz you can't play.  Would you rather have me and Victoria goin' up against Frankie, or me n Cody?
Caleb: Yeah.

Derrick: So for you not being able to play next week, you need to have an endurance guy and a mental guy, and you have both.

Caleb: Just like I said before, I don't feel like it's cool that I go up, because I didn't even have a chance to play.. and that was like with Jocasta - use the Veto on her, she didn't even have a chance to save herself.
Derrick: Right. I didn't even think of that.  You can say that.. Derrick, out of everyone in here, is the only one who got boned and didn't get a chance to play in the HoH. Twice.   But ultimately, it's nothing against him personally.  Do I think he's gonna take you to the end?  No, I don't.  But that's because it would be dumb of him to do that, because you would beat him.   But you're not even playin' for that.  You're just sayin, "I'm just makin sure you, me and Cody are gonna get there, or you, me, him and Cody are gonna get there.. Like we planned." That is the only way that guarantees us in the final 3, and possibly him in the final 4, if he wins the Veto..

This brings us to 8am eastern in real time.  I leave you to go pay my respects on this day... 



Blogger Dojo said...

Last night, right after the feeds came back and after Frankie left Vic alone in the Fire room, Vic did a thumbs up to the camera, got under the covers and whispered to the camera, it zoomed in on her but I can't make out what she said. Something like "If I can't, Derrick will...mark my words".

Any chance you saw it and could hear what she said?

September 11, 2014 at 3:18 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, :) If you give me a time stamp and a camera number, I'm happy to go listen..

September 11, 2014 at 3:40 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Good morning Carolyn and Dishers!

My original comment may not have posted so I'll just say, I love Victoria's animation now that her role is defined. She rocked the show last night :D

I hope she and Derrick survive the week and go further.

To all of you, keep safe, be kind and always remember.

September 11, 2014 at 4:12 AM  
Blogger jovee said...

Well....Vic can now be called the "PAWN STAR" ... 7 times on the block....She came up with a clever ruse ..pretending to be angry and disappointed with Der...I hope she makes it further....

September 11, 2014 at 4:17 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Dojo - I mentioned it in my coverage of last night - though I missed some of it, the gist was

"Jana and Tenley, this is for you. If I don't make it to final two - Derrick will. Mark my words." before she dove back under the pillows.

September 11, 2014 at 4:44 AM  
Blogger cindy Williamson said...

Good morning!
Great show last night, and thank you for the overnight report.
I feel a little bad for Caleb, the best thing for his game is NOT to burn the bridge with Frankie, but to back door him only. Deep down he seems to know this, but his need to be loyal to the other guys and their final three is clouding his judgement.
I absolutely love Miss V right now. She has had some mean girl moments this season, but all in all, what a sweetheart. I wish she would win something.
Of all the remaining house guests I feel Cody has been the weakest player. He should have back doored Frankie when he had the chance and at least had that to build a resume on.
My opinion of this seasons best players are:
1. Derrick
2. Frankie
And a distant......
3. Caleb (once Amber was gone)
Anyone of them could win at this point.
Now time to watch the memorials and pray for a safe day.

September 11, 2014 at 5:48 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Derrick talks way too much. I cant believe these guys listen to a guy give his opinion all day about what they should do and how they should feel and they are all ok with that. They should rename this season Mouse House

September 11, 2014 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My breakout star of the feeds has been Victoria.

I like the way she handled Zach's constant and childish attacks. Zach had it in for her and he was relentless. People underestimate how hard it is to deal with someone like that (in close quarters) and not erupt. Victoria cried, but she wasn't baited into a screaming fit.

I like how she handled being on slop (a two week stretch) without a single complaint.

She doesn't win comps, but I like her social game and her heart.

Out of all the HGs, she's the one I'd most want to have as a friend. She's smart, loyal, and she'd give you the shirt off of her back if she had to.

September 11, 2014 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Tella...thanks for link...that was hilarious.

September 11, 2014 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Am I the only person who thins it is hilarious to see Cody talking serious game in a dinosaur costume? I can not help but to giggle about it from time to time lol!

September 11, 2014 at 11:25 AM  

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