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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chelsia & Mamaceeta - Bloggin' with the Chicks

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And Heeeeere's Chelsia!

So almost a puuuurrrrfect week!!!

Thursdays show was crazy!! Everything happened so fast!

I'll start with Michelle :) I loooove her going off!! The BB house definitely got to Michelle. And her saying that she was actually pretty calm, man I would hate to see her upset then! And what is it with people saying that they love each other in the BB house?!?!? There is no love!! Michelle… you do not love these people, to be honest, you really dislike them! And after hearing the sick things she was coming up with about Dan…. Really Michelle?!?! That's how you show Dan your love?!?! Ur sick! I feel bad for his family, having to hear some of the sick crazy things she was coming up with… Dan is a good guy!!!

And was this episode ever so fun to watch Ollie's true colors!! Someone a lil bitter? Red headed cabbage patch kid?? Who says that? I didn't realize that he didn't really say that when they showed it on CBS!! Ahhh editing…! And why were Ollie and Michelle saying that Dan's football pic is fake? The stuff people come up with in that house!

Calling him a fa**ot??!! I can't wait for the gay community to rip Ollie a new one for all the times he has said that word!!! Remember… my boy Joshy will be at the wrap party… we all know how Joshy can get when you upset him…. I'm gonna love to hear what he has to say to Ollie about that!! I also think Chi Chi LaRue will be attending… this should get good!!! Hehe!

I was really happy when Julie told Michelle that Dan was just a good game player and that he was not a plant in the house. Although it was weird that CBS allowed something like this to be shared with a HG… I mean, that could change how Michelle would vote if Dan were to make it to final two. It sucks that she still thinks something is up with him… I hope she takes what Julie said to heart!!

I was soooo nervous watching them go into the HOH comp!! And when Keesha and Jerry tied I was definitely biting my nails!! I was happy with Keesha's nominations, although I didn't like her revealing that she had been standing by Dan, Memphis, and Renny.

I could not believe how fast they changed the comps in the backyard!! BB can really do anything!! That POV comp was cool! Dan really kicked some ass!!! I love that Ollie stood there still looking in the hay after the comp, because he thought BB screwed him and didn't put the POV symbols in there.

I watched the episode with my Mamaceeta, and at one point during the POV we found ourselves screaming into the TV :) And how about Ollie just sitting in his room before he got evicted, this kid was biiiitter!! I was shocked with what Ollie said to Dan in his speech!! Holy buckets!!! I thought Dan came back very well saying that he enjoyed Ollie's "humor" I was also laughing because when Memphis voted, he was still out of breath from the comp.

Ollie just getting up and walking out was a bit much. This kid is gonna be upset with himself when he sees how stupid he looks! I do feel for Ollie because of the shock factor. This all happened so fast. To leave the house like that would really suck!

At least he has April in sequester to play with! I really hope they show Ollie going to sequester!! I want to see April's reaction, and I want to see if they really are going to become a couple!!

I was sooo pissed to find out Jerry won HOH!!! I am however happy that he did not put up Dan and Memphis!! That would have been terrible!! And Memphis won POV, I really hope he takes Dan down...

I have a fun lil story to share about Memphis….

I met a guy he works with last week and I totally told this guy that I made fun of Memphis for calling himself a "mixologist". I told him I thought it was sooo stupid and that he is a bartender!!

The guy told me why Memphis is a mixologist and not a bartender, and it's actually pretty cool!! The bar he works at never makes your normal drinks; instead they have to create drinks on the spot. They have fun lil mixers and have to present to drinks to you in a creative way!! So I am sorry Memphis for making fun of you… I now understand :)

So I'm back in Iowa and man-O-man does it ever feel good to be here!! And no… don't worry… I have not gotten any death threats yet!! Haha!! I went out last night and today I am moving VERY slow!!! I watched the Iowa game at Mulligan's (where I worked before BB) in Cedar Falls. Goooo HAWKS!!!

I'm very excited because tomorrow at my parents' house we are gonna just hang out and grill out!! Yummmmyyy I am soooo excited to get some Iowa corn on the cob!!! Hehe I know… I'm a dork!! And Sunday night I'm gonna go watch my lil cuz race!! Hopefully he will kick some ass!!

My dad came a picked me up from Des Moines on the bike and as we rolled into my hometown I had to laugh because we drove past the sign that BB showed when they interviewed Jessie's parents, so I snapped a pic!!

I fly out on Monday with my lil girl (dog)!!! Im sooo excited to have my baby girl in Cali with me!! Yahoo!!! And for the record…. She has lost some weight!!! Hehe!!

And…. For the wrap party Joshy is comin to stay with me!!! I can't frickin wait!! It's gonna be soooo good to see my boy!!!

And my date for the wrap party is going to be….. The REAL DEAL!!!! Yahooooo he's gonna have a BLAST!!!


Carolyn: And now... A Special Treat... As if hearing from Chelsia a couple times a week wasn't special enough. ;) We were talking the other night, about all kinds of BB stuff, and Chelsia pointed out how interesting it was that April went out the same week she did.. and Ollie the same week James did... Interesting, no? Things that make ya go hmmm...

Anyhow, as you know, Chelsia's home in Iowa for a visit, and I could hear her mom in the background, so I asked if Mom might like to blog... from the HG mother's point of view. She said yes!

So here we go... Please be advised that Chelsia's mom doesn't watch the feeds, so all of her opinions about this years HGs are based upon the edited for tv version...


Here's Chelsia's Mom:

Greetings from Mamaceeta! I was asked to do a little blogging and give a "mother's point of view" about Big Brother.

The first time I watched the show was when Chicken George was a house guest. And then for some reason I lost track of watching Big Brother for a few years. I think the fact that I had to base my life around a show that you need to watch three times a week got a little tough for me.

I did intensely watch season 9 and found it very interesting. All the different personalities in the house kept my curiosity up. My interest took on a whole new meaning after my daughter was on the show. In fact, I really hate to do any blogging and refuse any interviews because of the fact of how Chelsia's family has been treated by a few of some crazy Big Brother fans.

I pray for the families of any future house guests.

As I said, watching season 10 has a whole new meaning for me because of what I know about the workings of Big Brother. How they scout for house guests and what they hope to pull off.

First off I would say my favorite house guests this season are Renny, Jerry, and Dan. They just seem like down to Earth people to me. I enjoy what they say and how they feel about a few house guests. Now I say this from what I see on T.V. I do not watch the live feeds at night.
    Chelsia: Let me remind you… Ceeta has not been watching the feeds and has not heard some of the nasty things that have come out of old man Jerry's mouth :) she just sees this cute lil 75 year old man that has a sick wife back home.

The fellow Iowan Jessie did not last long and I am glad for him. He did not come off well on T.V. I don't know Jessie, but I think the saving grace for him was getting voted off early. Sorry Jessie, some day you will understand.

The rest of the house guests played as hard as they could…some a little too hard, like Brian. I don't know how many alliances he got himself into in a one hour show, but that really back-fired. Take care yourself Brian, and don't take any of this too seriously. Five years from now, hopefully your life will be back to normal!

The rest of the house guests are just swimming in a "dream of reality". They really don't know what they are hoping for or what they have gotten them selves into.

I wish them the best of luck as they get off the show and swim back to reality!

Don't be afraid to ask for a life jacket if you need one.

Take care to all, and remember the words of the Beatles…."Let It Be"!

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Blogger Genie Sea said...

Thank you Chelsia and Ceeta!

It's so interesting to read thoughts from the perspective of TV only as opposed to the feeds.

I am really sorry you all had to go through a lot because of insane fans. Know that a lot of us LOVED and love Chelsia, and were rooting for her the whole time. In fact. I have made smashing eggs at Easter a new tradition! teehee ♥

August 31, 2008 at 10:08 AM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

Great perspective, thank you!! Even from TV only the view seems somewhat within reality.

Thank you for blogging with us!!

August 31, 2008 at 10:12 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

My Mother-in-Law is also a TV only viewer like Chelsia's Mom, and it's amazing how different the attitudes of the TV only people are compared to Live Feeders/BBAD watchers.

Jerry has gotten one of the best TV edits in BB history.

August 31, 2008 at 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks Carolyn, Chelsia and Mamaceeta for your comments and insights...I have to say that during bb9 Chelsia was not one of my favs....I think she allowed her impulse controls to get away from her and really had a mean streak going ( ie- the easter eggs and how vicious she got ).

However, as well all know, the hg's often get caught up in all the drama and emotions get out of control...the Chelsia that we have been hearing from over the last few weeks is the one that we all loved in the early part of BB9..so glad to see that girl - I like her so much better...

As to gameplay, thanks to the Lessa links I am all caught up on last night's fun and games - the fab 4 really do have a special relationship, and its nice to see MOST of them not throwing the others under the bus yet...eye on the prize...gotta get Jeery out the door...

F2 for me right now would be Keesha and Dan...with Dan taking home the big prize...

To all in harm's way from Gustav and the rest of the brewing storms in the caribbean and the gulf, stay smart and safe...my mom's in WPB, Fla...and after getting hit hard by Wilma, well, I'm pretty worried...just hope this year's storms fizzle fast

~ hockeymom ~

August 31, 2008 at 10:14 AM  
Blogger ♫~☼ceanBreeze~♫ said...

Thanks Chelsia & Mamaceeta for sharing, and of course, Carolyn for setting it up for us!

That was definitely a treat to hear about the show from Mamaceeta's perspective. Too bad she doesn't know the truth about "down to earth" J, haha

August 31, 2008 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I love reading Chelsia's opinions about this season and now her mom's as a TV only.
My mom is a TV only and everyday I ask her if she wants to know what's going on in the house and she says no and within 20 seconds she breaks down and wants to know everything. She's so cute.
She also thought that Jerry was a nice man.

August 31, 2008 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger Noni in NJ said...

Oops was leaving a comment on Happpy Sunday as this opened up. I always love hearing from Chelsia and her point of view as an ex hg on the happenings. Loved the fact that she shared what she learned about Memphis/mixologist. That was kind of her and probably alters ouOr opinion in the bartender/mixologist issue. I have grown to know and like Memphis more since those days, seems so long ago. Now, that debate seems so petty.Especially with all we have witnessed in the house he is one of the sanest and most likeable hgs. I think if it comes down and he is in F2 with anyone, his car will count against him in the votes. April worked too hard to make that a factor and sure she will continue to do so. Personally I strongly believe it is on gameplay only and dan has it won hands down in that. Dan's putting Memphis up if he does take him down as expected will go down in history as the most daring and clever play.
Dan has never been a floater and shown that he plays the game even if it puts himself at risk. The rest of the 4 will realize his main goal was to get the fab 4 to f4, even making himself a major target in accomplishing it. AGP has got to love what he has brought to the game as all TV and feed viewers do. We at dish certainly love the way he has entertained us as well as giving some of us near heart attacks.

Monica, Dan's family, students, team, and St. Marys are soooooo lucky to share their lives with this bright and caring young man.
Not to ignore the other 3 members of the 4 who have tried hard to always keep in mind it is only a game. Keesha, again commented on how she knows there are times in the house she has not been happy with her behavior and regrets things she has said. She has expressed her true sadness at that and I admire her for it. NOne of them are perfect. We all know there are SOME hgs who cannot or will not say that.

Lastly, so wish Joshy could join us for a brief visit before the end, Would really love to hear his opinion on the whole season so far.Think it would be funny and insightful. HINT HINT! Maybe Chelsia can talk to him and tell him we'd love to hear from him.

August 31, 2008 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

psst.. fyi - there's a morning post now...

August 31, 2008 at 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Cheney said...

MAMACEETA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! ... Obviously her daughter takes after her too ... great blog ... Chelsia is special - if you saw her astrological natal chart you would understand just how much!!! - and I think she will end up being a great "Ambassador" for Big Brother in the years to come!!! ... and to the Dish Chicks, keep up the GREAT job!!!!!

August 31, 2008 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Great perspective! Thanks ladies!

August 31, 2008 at 12:15 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

Chelsia blog, is great, it's funny she always writes what i feel or say to my friends.
Great minds think alike.

August 31, 2008 at 1:22 PM  
Blogger N2RealityTV said...

That's what I really wanted to read ... a double view. Thank you Chelsia and Mamaceeta!!! How I appreciate you both blogging.


August 31, 2008 at 5:09 PM  

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