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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dishers, Someone Got me Good!

Due to my overwhelming gratitude, as well as my complete and utter disbelief that CornerOffice would actually come to visit bbdish, I fell prey to an elaborate hoax and/or a very clever prank... depending upon your general outlook.

Fully knowing CO's exclusive home base had always been RealityBBQ, I about keeled over the night that name appeared in the comment section here. I was halfway between incredibly flattered and incredibly doubtful... and I said as much.

My further communication with this person via email led me back toward flattered. My pride got the best of me.

I apologize to all the dishers and more specifically to RealityBBQ, where I was a contributing member for many years and where Corner Office has always given his or her exclusives.

Also, I'd really like to just put this behind me and move on, so comments are closed on this post, and I ask that it not be brought up on others... It's more than a little embarrassing.


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