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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Overnight Report™

Good morning, BB Lovers!! Happy Wednesday!! Is anyone else feeling a little hungover from the Run up to 10 Million party last night? What a good time!!! :) Thanks so much for being here!

I'll be doing the random drawings from all the comments sometime later today. In addition to the BBDish Gear CVenus designed for the occasion, BB Alumni have really come through & shown their BBDish love!! We'll have signed goodies from them too! Who, you ask? Well, just for starters, Dishchicks Jun Song & Chelsia Hart, BB6/7 Howie, BB9 Alex, BB10 Renny and BB10 Michelle...

Today in the Big Brother 11 house: HoH Pics, Goodbye DR messages, more speculation about the coming Endurance Comp and, no doubt, a healthy dose of paranoia, drama, half nekkid men and ladies in bikinis...

As is my habit 1st thing in the morning after I check to see who's still awake in the house, I just went to check out the ebay daily deals - good stuff today, but not for me... then I headed over to C=Venus' site, bbchops.com, and yayy! Cool new chop! :) Then I remembered to check for any new BB auctions on ebay, and here's what caught my eye:

While I work on getting the overnight together, check out this new video from Ross Mathews! I meant to put it up yesterday, but with all the action on the live feeds, it slipped my mind...

If you haven't seen the Late Tuesday Night post, that's a very good place to start for flashbacks!! In addition to the post itself, there are several comments (in the comment section of the post) to guide you to the funny bits. :)

I cannot seem to caffeine my brain into submission this morning. All I'm good for right now is directing you to some fun FlashBackFinds to go check out on the Big Brother interface on real... However, Lessa has a milestone of her own to reach this month, so let's do the dishy thing and help her get there! Here's the link.

Here are my flashback finds... Clicking on any of the pics below will get you to the free trial for the live feeds, so you can join the party and start accessing all the best moments from Big Brother 10 and 11 whenever you want them! :)

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