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Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue's Overnight for Chima's 1st Night as HoH

While I get the Overnight together of the highlights from last night, please enjoy Blue's complete, unedited coverage & commentary on everything that went down from 12:30am BBT til 3am BBT.

The time is now 12:31BBT (3:32 ET)

Feeds on Jessie and Lydia (all four)

Jessie: "You're mad because we voted you out?"
Lydia: "No, but seriously, you should enjoy this week with me, because next week I will probably not be here...........?"
Jessie: "Chima is going to do whatever she wants to do! I'm not going to get into the way of that!!!"

Lydia is talking about Chima calling her out for being a whore, and how would she have reacted if she had said that about her......

Natalie pokes her head in to say they need to outside...........

Now Michele and Lydia are in the bathroom, and Michele says she is pretty sure Jeff has the power, because he spent a lot of time in the DR today, and he has some really good zingers for everyone in the house. Lydia agrees.

They both move on.

Back Yard
All 4 Feeds
Jordan, Kevin, Lydia

Kevin: "It's like he was trying to fit so much in......." (talking about Ronnie's speech)
Jordan: "We have had some great speeches, y'all!!"

Michele joins the sofa crowd. Some people are playing pool.....Jessie......umm, not sure who all is..........

Jordan gets up and joins the pool table crowd.

Kevin notices they have not been locked down from outside yet, and wonders if they will have "Have/Have Nots" comp tomorrow.......or if maybe there will be a night competition tomorrow.

Russell is called to the DR!!

Kevin: "Have you had a chance to talk to Chima?"
Lydia: "No, she's been in the DR......and what's the point, Kevin?"
Kevin: "Well, something weird happened while I was up in there."
(he stayed up there a long time earlier when Jessie was still up there with Chima.)
Kevin: "Eventually he stormed out the door, and I felt like he was jabbing me all day..."
Kevin: "That was so weird because he stormed off while I was upset.........."

Kevin says that whatever beef he has with Jessie, he told Natalie he does not have it with Jessie.

Kevin thinks that Jessie really is screwed.

Lydia mentions that he hasn't come to talk to her.

Lydia keeps saying how "she hates me, she's coming after me, she hates me" (she's referring to Natalie, and mentions her by name.

Kevin suggests they sit down and Lydia says they have tried that. He suggests they do it with Jessie and him (Kevin) to sit down and talk.

Kevin doesn't want to be involved, he says to get Chima, otherwise it looks like they are ganging up on her.

Lydia says: "She (Natalie) is all about Natalie."

BBGod: "Jeff, please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room."

Kevin keeps telling Lydia she needs to have a talk with her. Lydia says she has called her a whore and voted her out.............she's not sure........
(she could actually also be talking about Chima on that comment, as well as Natalie)

The Have's Room
Chima and Michele

Chima is getting her clothes and things ready to move up to HoH. Lydia passes through to the Splish Splash room and interrupts the convo they were having. All 4 feeds.

Michele says she is sorry about Chima's mom.

They talk about sick family members.

Michele's Grandma is ill, as well.

Michele: "Some of the people have not had it that hard in this house, and you are definitely going to appreciate that room!"
Chima: "Right!!!?:?? Little comforts help to keep you sane!"
Chima: "It's a lot of pressure between now and tomorrow to decide who to put up, because there are a lot of people in this house I like."
Chima: "And even if you like one person in particular, how do you say..........you know?"

About the Coup D'Etat: Chima: "It would be nice to have that power, but obviously America does'nt love me!!! " *giggles*

Lydia asks Chima for a chat before she goes to bed, and Chima says, "Sure, Darling..........."

LOL!!! Chima is so confused about where she has clothes, and doesn't, and does she have clothes drying in this room or that.........hehehehe.....she's a bit confused at the moment!!.......It's funny!!!! She's so trying to get her things together to make her official move up to HoH for the week!!!!! hehehehehe

****And....we get the "We'll Be Right Back" screen!!!! wow, this is a long one.......*tappa tappa tappa.....tapping fingers.........hehehehehe*

***it's so neat, because I can see the Control People moving around, and I also see the BB spy cam screens on the Control wall moving around, zooming in and out, HG's moving around and chatting, etc...................hehehehehehe

***diggin the BB music here!!!! w00t w00t!!! Does anyone else ever hear the theme music in their sleep? Or am I alone here??????????? LOL

***They keep this up much longer and the voices in my head are going to start coming back again.............and this blog could break off in whole brand new tangent.........*ahem* hehehehe

****sitting her wondering what Jane's psychological take on all the current happenings will be tomorrow!!! Can't wait to find out!!! (while waiting on the Live Feeds to come back!!!)

****also very, very, very excited to find out Jun Song's take on last night's Live Eviction show!!!!! I know it will be an awesome one!!! As always!!! (Love ya, Jun, you Sex Kitten, you..........Purrrrrrrrr back at ya!!!!)

****Come on Production!! At this speed, Carolyn will be awake again, and will have half her Overnight Report finished!!!! (I would add the *tm* to the Overnight Report title, but can't remember how to add it now..........and I used to know!! *pout*)

Time is now 1:17BBT and the "We'll Be Right Back" screen has been up for so long now, that I am wondering if Production is having a discussion with the HG's about somehting. Perhaps. Who knows. It's been around 12 to 15 minutes now. Hmm.

HoH Room
Chima, Natalie, Michele

Talking about lotion!!

*yay Michele for being in there!!!*

***Thank gawd the feeds are back!!! sheesh!!! That was close to half an hour!!!*

Natalie: "I have tangley, I have weird hair!" (only when you don't wash it for days at a time!!!)

All 4 feeds are on them right now. Natalie is making herself at home in the big round chair, and Michele has made herself at home on the floor. Chima is in her bed. Who will leave first? Should be interesting!!!! LOL

They are all giggling and laughing and talking girl chat...............we'll see how long it lasts!!!! (I didn't know girls could chat so much about lotion!!! LOL)

***BTW, I mean no disrespect when I say "girls", I know they are all women. It's just something I say, and no disrespect to anyone here!!!!!

They are talking about Chima's bro in one of her pics. It's amazing how little game chat there has been tonight. Which makes me thing Friday day is going to be hardcore!!!!!

They talk about family, Chima says she lived with her parents until she was about 24 or 25, which seems to be what a lot of kids do today.....until it was time for her to move out and grow up on her own.

They just keep talking about life stuff, nothing even remotely game related. I WANT DRAMA, DAGNABIT!!!!! LOL


HoH Room
Chima, Nat, and Michele
Still all 4 feeds

Still non game related chit chat. Just updating the time for everyone.

The "We'll Be Right Back" screen keeps popping up.......don't know what happened to using the Fishies feed, but whatever. hehehehe From here on out, I will be using the acronym: WBRB for "We'll Be Right Back"

And we are back, and we now have Jeff on cams 3 and 4 heading out to the back yard!!!!

And WBRB again. Right before it cut out, Jessie said he just got "Have Not'd" don't know what that means because the feeds cut out again!!!!

I'm on cams 3 and 4 right now
Back Yard
Jessie, Lydia, Jordan, ..........Jeff is standing and smoking.

They are talking about a 3-some.
Jessie says no, he has not had one.
Jordan says she doesn not feel that way about girls.

Jordan says she would want 2 guys.

The feeds on Cams 3 and 4 cut to the Have's Room where Kevin and Russell are.

Feeds 1 and 2 are still on the HoH room with Chima, Nat, and Michele.

Kevin is saying how his boyfriend fell right into his hands. Sounds like they are talking about gay-bashing, and how Kevin says he doesn't look for it......and there have been a couple of incidents, like walking through a mall and holding his boyfriends hand.....................

Kevin is talking about the fact that his long term relationship is not the exception to gay people........some people think it is and that some people think that gay people are highly sexually active........but that isn't the case at all.........

Russell is saying how if someone said something on his end, he would confront them, but it takes more resolve on Kevins end not to, and he admires him for it!!! LOVING RUSSELL RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Kevin asks him if he has a short temper.........Russell admits, sometimes, yes, he does.

Kevin: "I'm a little hyper-sensitive"
Russell" We all are."

They are having a really nice conversation, and totally connecting on a human plane. It was nice...........until the WBRB screen popped back up!!!! GRRRR!!!

My feeds have frozen up.....I'm having to reload!!! Dagnabit!!!! Hang on!!!

I'm back with the feeds, but of course, they are on the WBRB screen!!!! Of course!

GOOD GRIEF!!! The "WBRB" screen is getting really old, really fast!!!!!

We are back! *again*

HoH Room
Chima, Nat, Michele

Chima is talking about the Cosby show......and how she wished that was her family.

Feeds 3 and 4
Back Yard
Lydia, Jordan, Jessie

Talking about Ronnie.

Jordan is talking about Ronnie being in the room when she and Jeff were trying to kiss!! LOL

Jordan: "We weren't even listening!"
Lydia: "Jordan, that's why you're my lady!!!!!!"
Jessie: "Who did he say would win?"
Jordan: "Oh lots of people. He said Chima or Russell would win."

**Not sure, but I think Jordan said something like........"Ronnie, sorry, but I don't need it up the butt a third time!!"

LMAO!!! I ♥ Jordan!!!!

Jeff is out in the yard walking around, wearing long pants and a grey sweater........

Jessie says he didn't believe Ronnie had an alliance with them at all!!! *rolling eyes*

Jessie" His stories were the best!!!"
Jessie: "It wasn't his stories.........but....
Lydia: "It was his delivery!"
Jessie: "Exactly"
Jordan: "In my goodbye message, I wasn't mean, at all!! "

What is interesting here is the fact that Jessie is totally trying to play it off that he wan't that into Ronnie.............and trying to be on Lydia, Jordan, Jeff's side!!!

Jessie talks about the Endurance Comp and puking.................he says he couldn't stand when Jordan puked.............he dry heaved and was gone!!! lol

***Have to note here, Jeff is being uncharachteristically quiet tonight!!! Poker face, Jeff!!! Poker Face!!!! I will be dedicating Lady Ga Ga's song "Poker Face" to Jeff all week long.........not the lyrics exactly, but the chorus for sure!!!!! P-P-P-P-Poker Face....P-P-P-Poker Face!!! If you don't know the song, use your $10.00 monthly allowance on Real Player to download it, or look it up on YouTube!!!

***I had to go take care of something, sooooo sorry!!!! (My aunt got up for a few minutes, and I had to take care of her!!!!)

***I'm back, now!!!

HoH Room
Chima and Nat

They are talking about who to put up.

Nat is pushing hard for Russ to go up........Chima is not so sure about him........but thinking about him...........

Chima says that Russ is reeeeealllllly goooooood!! And Lydia and Michele could both be convinced to keep him!!!

Chima: "I think he (Russell) is going to whatever side of the house has the power."
Chima: "Since when are you a man of your word........When do you keep your word?"

Chima says that Russell will ride with their side of this house this week, and go with the other side next week.........and she is not sure if she wants to see another woman go home this week...................

Natalie is saying how Michele said in her speech that the house is divided, which proves whose side she is on.......and is pushing hard for Michele to go up.

Chima and Nat are totally not on the same page............Chima may very well do what she wants for nominations, and not listen to what Nat and Jess have to say about all of it....................but you all know how fast things change and who the hell knows what Chima will do.........not that it matters because Jeff holds the Coup D'Etat........what a bad week to be HoH!!!! heheheheheeheh *snarky laugh!!!*

Jessie is joining the HoH room.

Time is now 2:42a.m.BBT

Chima says she is still considering putting Russell up. Jessie says okay, it's her HoH.

Chima: "And even if we kept him (Russell), I don't know that he will switch sides next week."

They discuss the multiple possibilites of the Myster Power............basically talking out their butts!!!! LOL!!!!! They are so confused right now about what to do, and where the votes may lie...........and who may have the power, and how it may be used.............*head spinning........head spinning.......head spinning.......* hehehehehe

****This is going to be such a fun week!!!!

Some of the HG's have gone to bed, but I'm not sure who.......I can tell because cam's 3 and 4 have the night vision *green* screen on.........I'm staying with the HoH room with Chima, Nat, and Jessie.

Chima mentions putting up Lydia and Michele to backdoor Russ, but she doesn't think it will work.........and questions the benefits of getting rid of Russell right now for their team..................

***is anyone else's head spinning, because mine sure is!!!!! YIKES!!!! (going for my dramamine!!!)

***Feeds continually cutting out to the WBRb screen.......hold on.....*sigh*

Feeds back and Jessie talking non-stop..........."this person is coming after you, that person is coming after you.....Lydia .....blah blah blah...I'm getting screwed over by this person......blah blah blah...I'm gettin f**ked by this person........blah blah blah, you are screwing yourself by this person, or that person..........because.....blah blah blah...I'm a body builder............ blah blah blah........and then that person will f**k me over.....and blah blah blah ............."

OMG!!!! Jessie........paranoid and not able to make any sense much???????? (I don't think even Goddess Carolyn could have transcribed this properly!!! LOL)

Chima: "Okay, I'm getting tired and I'm going to have to sleep tonight........"


Natalie: "I think you are reading too much into it, Jessie!!! You can't worry about the power this week!!!!!"

Now Chima is talking about Russell again.........and how strong a player he is..........I thought she said earlier she wasn't sure about putting him up........GRRRRRRRR...

I so can't follow these idiots' trains of thoughts right now!!!!!!

Jessie: "We will back up your decisions a 100%!!!"

Natalie mentions how Chima needs to talk to Michele about what she meant about the divisions in the house, and Chima agrees, and says Michele has already said she will talk to her in the morning...and Chima says she is keeping track of people who have not gone up to her HoH room thus far!!!

Natalie, Chima, and Jessie are totally trashing Russell................and supporting Chima if she does put him up!!!! Remember this, because Jessie and Natalie will probably try to say later on that they are totally on his side!!! Natalie promised Russ earlier tonight that she will support him no matter what and said her word is gold. Note that!!! Natalie totally said earlier tonight that she has Russell's back.....to his face!!!! And that she keeps her word!!!!

I'm not playing sides by saying that........I'm only noting what they said, out of their own mouths!!!

Natalie is saying how much she hates Michele and Lydia.

*******Okay.........Carolyn..........the time is now 3:02a.m.BBT or 6a.m.Eastern.......You can take it from here!!!!!

Amazing how little game talk happened tonight.



Blogger Genie Sea said...

BLUE!!! I love your updates! It's almost like I am right there with you! Huggies! :)

August 7, 2009 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Blue! Awesome writing!!!!! Thank you!

August 7, 2009 at 10:08 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Excellent Blue. I couldn't hang last night. the WBRB's were too much to keep me awake.

Can't believe you got all that. You definitely deserve the "Vampire of the Night" award.

Not that any of it made sense but you can only report what they say. This is the year of not making any sense in that house.


bluex1969 said...

I guess even Black Holes have enormous attraction and pull,...

No, I'm not going to say a word. Not one word. It's good that you know you're best attributes. *GUFAW*


August 7, 2009 at 10:09 AM  
Blogger Syn928 said...

Fantastic job Blue! The BRB screens were driving me nuts so I eventually just shut the feeds off completely.

Thank you so much for your reporting from the trenches, heh.

August 7, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

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