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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Overnight Report™

Happy Thursday, BB Lovers!!! Here's the dish on everything that went down in the BB11 house last night while you were sleeping! The Overnight Report™ starts where Genie's Wednesday Night coverage left off. :)

10:58pm BBT
HoH Room
Chima, Kevin, Natalie, Jessie, Michele
Cams 3 & 4

Natalie: So I'll come up and get a shower when you get ready in the morning.
Chima: Sure! Anyone else want to interfere with my last night in this room? Understand... when you were HOH, I came up here in the morning. You have beds! Are you in the have not room? What the f**k?

Talk moves from HoH Bed/priviledge sharing to Russell Bashing.

Chima: Anybody who needs protection...
Jessie: I couldn't believe, like, he stood that far from my face, and then he's like, "Whatcha gonna do, son? Whatcha gonna do, son?"
Chima: He said that?!
Natalie: What'd you say?
Chima: Wait! I had missed that part? He stood where?
Natalie: And what'd you say?
Jessie: It didn't matter. I knew we weren't gonna do anything... so.. Peace!

Jessie leaves the HoH.

Chima: He stood in his face, because he didn't think Jessie would do anything.

Kevin: That's all he knows.
Natalie: Mm hmm. That's all he knows.
Kevin: He plays Big Brother like it's an MMA match.
Chima: Mm hmm.
Kevin: He gets all hyped up, tries to psych people out... mean mug... and then he swings when he doesn't have to... He's always on the offense when he doesn't have to.
Chima: Very good point. Very good analogy.
Kevin: Thank you. He's in fight mode.

Chima: I know this is not nice, but I really do see him going to prison. That's where sociopaths go. Men with mental illness end up in prison.
Kevin: Or like domestic violence, I can see him doing...Imagine if he was into a girl, and she wasn't into him anymore, and it'd be like him losing.. and it'd be like f**k you, bitch, and he strangles her or something..

***Et tu, Kevin?

Natalie: Have you guys been downstairs? I heard banging... This is a long lockdown.
Kevin: We're gonna be f'in hanging.

Talk turns back to sleeping arrangements and how it's just not nice to share a bed with Jessie and Natalie, who flail about too much. Then a bit of positive thinking about the coming HoH.. Then back for more about Russell...

Chima: ♫ I'm gonna put cauliflower ears in his bag... ♫ He's gonna be so pissed when he opens up his bag in the hotel room at the Sher-a-ton! ♫
Kevin: Doesn't he go straight to the jury house?
Chima: Oh.. Good point. Nevermingd.
Michele: No.. they might have to debrief him first... and see a psychiatrist... and then send him to the jury house...
Chima: Oh yeah... They definitely need to have him see psychiatrist.
Lydia: Do like interviews and stuff...
Chima: I think he should have a week with the psychiatrist, 'cause he needs it.

Most of the HGs file out, leaving Chima, Michele and Jordan is now laying on the floor, listening to Chima's Prince CD, Purple Rain.

All the while, Russell's solo in the Pool Room...

For a fun Flashback Find, go to Quad View at 11:16pm BBT, and bring it up to full screen, so you can see Kevin downstairs mugging for the HoH Spy Screen Camera... then 2-3 minutes later, Natalie and Lydia doing same...

11:32pm BBT
Have Not Room
Michele, Jeff & Jordan
Cams 1 & 2

Jordan's laying next to Jeff, scratching his back... Michele's on the other slab of metal.

Jordan: No, I'm awake now. I don't wanna sleep in the splish splash room..
Michele: You can sleep in our bed (here in the Doom Room), and it'll be warm.
Jordan: Oh my gosh.. WOud I be allowed to bring my own blanket? I seriously would tonight, if y'all wanted me too.
Michele: I want you to get a good night's sleep, so you can kich some ass tomorrow.
Jeff: (whispers) Yeah...
Jordan: But if I lay flat on my back and bring my own pillow... I should be able to bring my own pillow, shouldn't I? I'm not a have not.

Jeff encourages her to sleep in comfort, adding that the have not room is already jam packed with bozos. Jordan giggles.

Michele: Who're you callin' a bozo?
Jeff: Me n you.
Jordan: Oh, that's so funny.
Michele: hehehehehe
Jeff: I'm gonna be the biggest bozo... layin' in here tomorrow... If I win HoH, ya think they'd let me skip that day?
Michele: I think so...
Jeff: THey better not f-ck around.
Michele: Dude, ifyou're HoH, they have to let you sleep up there.
Jeff: They'll make me pay it back at another time.
Jordan: That should make you strive even more to get it tomorrow... Right?
Jeff: Mm hmm
Michele: As if we needed more encouragement...

Jeff: Be careful how loud you talk in here... They can hear everything...

Jeff gets up to grab his socks...

Jeff: I'm just grabbing my socks. I wasn't trying to make a sweet move.
Michele: Whatever... Doesn't bother me. I like to watch...
Jordan: No, um... me n Jeff'll be aggravated with each other, but then when I'm not around him, I'll be all, where's Jeff? It's a love/hate, isn't it..
Jeff: Mmmmm.

Jordan's stroking Jeff's arm, which is flung across her chest at the moment...

Jeff: I want to win HoH, so I could wear that robe!
Jordan: (laughing) You would wear that!
Jeff: F**k yeah, I would... To breakfast and stuff! I'd steal it and try to keep it.
Jordan: be like hugh hefner?
Jeff: fuck yeah...

They fantasize about winning HoH and all the family pictures...

Jordan: I wanna see my family so bad... I'm serious. It would help me... a lot.

Chima wants to turn on the light - so they go "clap on" and after a couple tries, it's perfect timing.

Jordan: Hey, Don't you like him scruffy?
Michele: I like him however he is - it's perfect
Jeff: Oh boy. Now it's the BS room.

Chatter continues...

Jordan: This is like an insane asylum.

Michele lightly kicks Jordan's bottom.

Jordan: Is my crack hangin' out?
Michele: (giggles) Nooo.. I just kick people in their butts. I'm sorry.

11:42pm BBT
Have Not Room
Jeff, Jordan & Michele
Cams 1 & 2

Speculation about the HoH Comp..

Jordan: I think tomorrow's gonna be questions, but why would we have a tarp?
Jeff: Maybe that'll be there all weekend...
Jordan: True.
Michele: I think it's a heat thing.. It coulda been, too, for the workers that are putting it together, 'cause if it's gonna be hot, and they're dealing with metal and stuff...
Jordan: Well, we always know before... Like 2 o'clock.. Is that the time we normally know?
Jeff: If it wasn't big for tomorrow, they wouldn't have put us on lockdown as early as they did.
Jordan: True.
Jeff: It's gotta be something extravagant. I don't think they're gonna do all that for questions..

11:52pm BBT
Green Room
Chima, Kevin, Natalie,
Cams 3 & 4

Chima: The rest of this time should be fun... without him. We're halfway there...
Kevin: There has to be a trip...
Natalie: They've never given away this much money... The most was 10gs.

*** It's now 6:45am BBT, and Chima's already up in the HoH, so I'm going to get the rest of this done as quickly as possible...

11:54pm BBT
Have Not Room
Michele, Jeff & Jordan
Cams 1 & 2

Jeff: What, you're done? (Scratching his back)
Jordan: Mah arm's tired!
Jeff: It's an endurance challenge. You're out? Just gonna fall? Scratch my head...
Jordan: Don't smell my armpit!
Jeff: It smells kinda funky..
Jordan: Your deodorant isn't working!
Jeff: I'm out...

12:15am BBT
Haves Room
Jeff, Jordan, Michele
Cams 1 & 2

Jeff & Jordan are under the covers in one bed, and Michele's on an adjacent bed... Chatter... Jordan asked the DR for hair dye for Michele in her HoH basket, should she win. Talk has turned to make overs...

Michele: Jeff needs a make under.
Jeff: awwwww Michele!
Jordan: That's so sweet!
Jeff: I feel pretty!
Michele: Handsome.
Jeff: You always say nice things! Thank you, Michele. I'm fucking winning HoH for you, so you can feel safe all week! Have your makeover!
Jordan: Oooooooh, to feel safe! That would be nice...
Jeff: ...and I can wear the robe.

Talk turns to previous HoH Comps and more speculation...

12:20am BBT
Green Room
Chima, Lydia, Natalie, Jessie, Kevin
Cams 3 & 4

Chima: Stop staring at my boobs
Natalie: He's in love with you! He says you smell so good he wants to jump you. He's always staring at your boobs...
Jessie: I can't help it! She's the only person I don't hate with boobs! I don't like boobs!
Chima: They look like an ass, is that why?

Talk turns to butts and cellulite... then they move on to chicken pox scars... then finally land back on Russell...

Chima: Russell's probably listening at the door. Anyone voting for me? Still no? Ok...
Kevin: I'm gonna vote for him.
Lydia: Kevin? I will pull off your balls...
Kevin: How can you if you're not here?

All laugh...

12:38am BBT
Green Room
Lydia, Jessie, Chima & Kevin

Lydia's massaging Jessie...

Kevin: Really? You're actually afraid of failure?
Chima: I'd hate to die and leave things unaccomplished.
Kevin: What haven't you done?
Chima: I'd like to do more with my career...

Jeff passes by on his way to the bathroom, says his stomach is upset... talk turns on to the party and everything they ate, then back to careers and goals...

Lydia: What would you like to accomplish in your carreer? Write a book?
Chima: My biggest hindrance is myself. I procrastinate. Being here has renewed a fire in my belly, though. All this time we waste doing nothing.. I have a vision board, and that's one of the things on there.
Lydia: I have a positivity board.
Chima: I have career section, family section, everything I ever wanted in a relationship, and I put words - intimacy, trust, happiness, kids... family portrait.. to me, that's accomplishment. I did it in like 4 hours, and right after that, I got my first red carpet job. The house I have on the board is a little outlandish -I don't need all that. But I figure reach for the moon, land on a star.

12:46am BBT
Around the house...

Michele heads to bed in the Doom Room
Jeff/Jordan cuteness in the Haves Room...
Michele comes back to the Haves Room...

Michele: I remembered the word I couldn't think of! When we were talking about how rats lift their butts when they want sex, it's called "presenting!"
Jeff: Look at her bouncing! She's so excited.
Michele: I can't sleep...

Michele leaves and goes back to the Doom Room... Jeff calls out to her, jokingly...

Jeff: Go present yourself, I'll be right there... (softly) Oh now she'll be all flustered from that comment. (yells) I'm just kidding, Michele!

1am BBT
Haves Room
Jeff & Jordan

Pinky Swears... Cute!! They're making 1/2 way there resolutions... Examples: losing weight with Jeff's help, working out, stop sleeping so much, Get up and Be Happy!

Jordan: ...and I'll quit trying to throw stones at Jeff all the time...
Jeff: I like this!
Jordan: I'll be nice and try to be 50-50 and rub his back...
Jeff: Wow!! Where are all these ideas coming from? I like it!
Jordan: I'll give him better haircuts... um, what else?
Jeff: We're drifting... We just need to stay positive...
Jordan: We're focused... and cleaning, and cook sometimes, but Jeff is the main cook.
Jeff: ok...

They pinky swear...

Jeff: Now smoke it.

Jordan: Wait!
Jeff: We already smoked it!
Jordan: We're smokin another one! Halfway to our halfway resolution, we're not gonna get down on anything, and we can do everything. And it's not over until Julie says we are evicted.
Jeff: Alright. Deal. I like where our head is at.
Jordan: And this starts when Jeff is no longer a have not...
Jeff: So I can complain tomorrow?
Jordan: Yeah...
Jeff: I'm pumped now! I'm gonna start tonight! I can't wait to sleep on that hard bed!
Jordan: I can't wait to sleep in this comfy bed. Sorry. I had to throw one stone.
Jeff: I was being sarcastic. You said it starts tomorrow.
Jordan: OH! and I forgot this. Gimme your hand. Oh and if Jeff gets evicted, he has to give him his hat, his shirt, his sweatpants... And... if Jeff wins the half million he has to buy me a new pair of earrings..
Jeff: I'll smoke half of that...
Jordan: I'm just kidding...
Jeff: how much are these earrings?
Jordan: $1000.
Jeff: I'll smoke that right now! If I win, Jordan gets earrings. I'll smoke it myself!
Jordan: And if I win, Jeff gets season tickets to the bears.

Jeff: I like our halfway resolution... I'm pumped. And we can't get crabby if we remind each other.
Jordan: Ok. I'm getting sleepy, so I'm taking my mic off. You can stay here if you want.
Jeff: Then I'm stayin'.

1:09am BBT

Jordan's now alone in bed in the Haves Room, avoiding Russell in the Pool Room.
Jeff's gone to bed in the Have Not Room, and he's chatting with Michele about his and Jordan's half way there resolutions on Cams 1 & 2...

Jeff: We were saying we're gonna start taking advantage of the situation and keep our attitude better. I think that's good. I got away from that. You don't seem too postive about my positive thinking!
Michele: You're cranky!
Jeff: Ok, it starts NOW. Nah, I got away from that, so I'm gonna get back to it. You know like we just had a steak dinner and beer, and we're complaining.
Michele: And we met Jeremy Privin
Jeff: Yeah! We're such selfish bastards. I'm gonna complain, but have a better attitude.
Michele: Yay, you and your positive Aura! That's why I like you, Jeff. I can't wait for Jordan to give me a makeover. It'll be awesome!
Jeff: We'll do it in HoH this week!
Michele: All three of us can sleep in that bed.
Jeff: Yeah.

***LOL. Michele, I don't think that's part of the plan, dear.

Green Room
1:25am BBT
Kevin & Lydia
Cams 3 & 4

Talk is of Natalie. They both think she'll come out to herself while she's in college... They're also grossed out by her much older boyfriend, dating her when he was 22 and she was "16"...

By 1:57am BBT, all the HGs are snug in their beds... Production has told them to have an early night, because they will have a very early wake up in the morning...

They weren't kidding... Chima was awoken by production before 7am... We'll have that covered for you in the Morning Report.

This concludes the The Overnight Report™.



Anonymous Jen said...

WTF? I thought Lydia was creppy.

Michele: "I like to watch."

Um, no.

August 13, 2009 at 7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is already HOH lockdown. They have all been up there for about an hour. When they first went on HOH lockdown they were wondering if something happened in the outside world and they are just not telling them, but the conversation did not last long..they all went back to sleep except for th Queen herself. I can't wait for her dethrone and Jessie eviction...

August 13, 2009 at 7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What week does the double eviction usually take place? I was wondering if that may be the reason for the longer lockdown and maybe earlier arrival for the audience?

August 13, 2009 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Sassy Sis Designs said...

Ok, I wish Michelle would not have come in to the Have Not Room last night, while Jeff and Jordan were laying in there! Those two never get anytime alone! HaHa!!!!
And THEN her saying all 3 of them can sleep in the HOH bed......TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

August 13, 2009 at 7:57 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Carolyn. Hope the back is much much better today. You definitely need to rest as much as you can and call in ALL the reinforcements.

I haven't read yet so off I go.


August 13, 2009 at 7:57 AM  
Blogger ~Robin~ said...

Morning Carolyn, morning dishers!

August 13, 2009 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, Genie and fellow BB addicts

Happy "Live" Show Day

Tsunami Thursday!

Hail Wizard Jeff

That Jessie/Russel whatever the heck that was last night was nuts. Funny but very odd.

All hamsters on deck! Get this show on the road.

Great day to all

August 13, 2009 at 8:10 AM  
Anonymous Jen said...

Re: Michele


August 13, 2009 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger HanHaysMom said...

Good morning Carolyn & Genie! (again!!) I swear Jeff & Jordan are just the sweetest things. If nothing else they have a life long friendship. Anyone who does what those 2 do for each other on a daily bases is someone I'd want for a friend!

Can't believe the trivia is already up. Lots of goings on in the BB house today! Can't wait for tonite. I really think Jesse know's his time is coming to an end. He'll have the jury house all to his lomesome & hopefuly next week his lap dog will be there w/him. Who knows...the few weeks that they have in the jury house may solidify their relationship!

Can't wait for the live show!! OOO...BTW, Gaytor....A BBDish get together in NO sounds good to me! I can hop in my car & be their in a few!!!

August 13, 2009 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Michele certainly did more than her fair share of c*blocking last night.

I was watching that and thinking... This girl just doesn't have a clue and can't take a hint. I had forgotten she is really the kinky one in the house and I know if Jordan would just give a hint she would be right there with them.

Jordan's back rubbing last night even turned me on. I can't imagine (yes I can) what Jeff was feeling like with pressure on a certain body part against that cold hard steel.

Ah, that I were a hand upon that back. .. and lower and lower and lower and SCENE!


August 13, 2009 at 8:26 AM  

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