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Monday, August 23, 2010

Late night with Lessa!

Wow. What a day, hm? Matt on the block, Ragan upset, Matt and Ragan break up, Matt and Ragan make up, and on and on and on... Whew!

Matt's on the block with Enzo, Ragan told him it was a done deal, he was gone, and even told Britney he wouldn't vote for Matt to stay!

But he and Matt have been talking quite a bit, now, and Matt even told him his big secret, that he's a superfan and was supposed to be on last season, that he met Natalie, and Ronnie, and Casey was in the van with him. He's been applying for years.

Ragan said this should have been his season - but he made mistakes. Matt agreed, and then, just now, told Ragan that he will help him study if he wants, because he wants him to get that HOH.

(I'm betting Matt wished he didn't throw this HOH now, hm? Tsk.Tsk. You NEVER throw HOH!)

Currently, Hayden and Lane are playing Pool, Matt's watching, while Britney, Brendon and Enzo chat about relationships and kids and such in HOH. Bubbles for a bit, as Lane keeps talking about them - we come back to Hayden going in and requesting some things - cards, etc. Cams flip to Ragan still studying by himself in the Taj.

11:15pm Upstairs, Brendon/Britney and Enzo talk about when they got their keys..
Brendon: They surprised me with mine..
Enzo: Mine was sitting on the table for five minutes and I didn't see it. Everyone's lookin at me, and it was between canollis, and I was into the canolli!

Talk continues on, Britney talking about her dad, her stepdad and her mom. Matt, Hayden and Lane retire to the patio for a late night munch session.

Matt: Rachel and Kathy for a week? Have mercy, man.

Matt: My intentions were just for the house - I wanted strong so we'd take him out in the veto. Then the button didn't work anyway. If I had known, I wouldn't have made that decision. It was stupid, a stupid move.
Hayden: Can't play the what if game though.
Matt: It's why I'm sitting here. Her reasons were so... this is why I think she's up to something! They were so f'ed up! I was like you have to know you're feeding me bs! Somethings up!
Hayden: What were her reasons?
Matt: She flat out told me she wants me gone and Enzo to say - I can respect that, it's way better than not telling me. I said why? And at first she was like well, I just think he deserves it more, because he tried so hard in the last competition and did really well - and I'm like, this is my third time on the block and I try hard in every competition. She was like no, he just deserves it and I was like if that's your reason, fine, but justify it.
Hayden: Reason she told me early was that Ragan didn't get to play in the veto..
Matt: I know she thinks I won a prize or something, I didn't get them. And I was like you made me play in the veto! I'd have been ok to host it if had saved my ass this week!
Hayden: (plays the whatif game again..)
Matt: There's so much that's f'ed up here.

Matt: I love the guy. He's the most honorable and dependable person here, but he's a competitor. And if he's after the brigade, that's even scarier. The pecking order needs to change a bit to keep the BG strong.
Hayden: Think it's gonna be a double eviction?
Matt: I don't know. I hope it is - because if it's not? It's a week with Kathy and Rachel.. and possibly another with Brendon, and I'd have 2 weeks...
Hayden: If you stay, who does Ragan put up with HOH?
Matt: If I stay, I have his ear, and make sure it's Brendon and Brit. He's very suspicious of all four of us, myself included. I'm not saying he wouldn't put you up and target you - but I know his theories, and..
Hayden: It'd be me and Enzo..

Ragan joins...
Hayden: I think so too, it'll be a double eviction.
Matt: If not, this is gonna be extended to the 23rd, and I need to see my family man...

Talk turns to daytime drinking, and missing summer cookouts, etc. Turns out Ragan didn't know Lane had his phone call - so talk turns to that.
Matt: Ragan, this is amazing sh*t!
Lane: I pick up the phone, and it's my mom... got through the miss yous, it's hard in here...

He continues to tell Ragan about his phonecall...

Matt: isn't that crazy? He's a menu item!

Matt goes inside, Hayden takes his palce.
Hayden: Can you believe Lane has hamburgers named after him?
Ragan: I love it!

They continue talking about it, Matt rejoins. Upstairs, talk has moved on to roommates.

11:50 - bubbles.

Britney's talking about things that Nick does that annoys her...
Britney: It drives me crazy! That's what the towel rack is for! And this is the worst. When he washes clothes? He only dries the clothes he needs right then - it's too much work to move them ALL over... What do you do that drives you're wife crazy?
Enzo: She yells at me for everything...

Downstairs, Ragan is alone on the hammock and Hayden and Matt are working on some sort of project... braiding dental floss and tying it around the cork of the wine bottle and tucking it back in...

Matt: Hey Ragan! Think you can finish that bottle of wine so I can use the empty bottle?
Ragan: Nope.
Matt: Wanna try?
Ragan: Nope.

Hayden: He still mad?
Matt: I didn't think so, but now it seems like he is again...

Matt goes to get more floss.

Lane: If you get the cork in, and put the sack in and then blow air in the sack and pull it out, and it pulls the cork out with it...
Hayden: Really?

HOH breaks up to go find out what everyone's doing, what they're talking... Britney's joking..
Britney: What are they talking about? What there's to say? I don't understand!

Britney: What are you doing?
Hayden: Making a ball out of dental floss. Trying too.
Britney joins Ragan on the hammock, everyone else is on the patio.

Britney: So yeah, then he was like that's why I want to wait a while before I get married... if Rachel and I get married, we'll take our time.
Ragan: He waited 10 whole days before saying I love you!

Ragan: She brings out the worst in him..
Britney: He's so much more tolerable without her..

She asks about his talk with Matt
Ragan: I caught some flaws in the way he was selling the conversation.. like, he said he was only trying to explain why he was going up... If you're saying you shouldn't go on the block, but Ragan Ragan Ragan Ragan... you're basically saying Ragan should go on the block. Here's the deal - I've been in my head all day, spending a lot of time alone. Because I'm very, very hurt by it. And you know me, everything goes back to these patterns in my life where somebody lets me down, and I get super passive aggressive, and I just cut them out of my life. And one of the things that makes me cry when I heard Lane's story was him talking about how big his family is, and I thought if I won that phone call... who would I have? And that made me feel... pretty low - happy for Lane, low for myself. And tied into today's events, I can either continue the patterns in my life or try something new and say... I don't condone what he did, but I truly believe that our friendship is real, and... I'm going to grow up to be a very lonely person, if I can't forgive people.

Matt made a foil football goal on top the wine bottle and a little triangle football for it. Hayden's still working on his ball.

Britney: You have more of a depth of knowledge than he does, than they do. They study things differently, like these are the competitions, and they don't put it together in a way they can say did it happen before or after... and they don't put them in the time frame of a week, they just put it into different categories, and it's really ineffective that way. Do you think Matt will campaign to me?
Ragan: He asked earlier and I told him there's not a chance in hell of him staying, based on intuition. I don't think he'll campaign. He told me he thought people were icing him out a little.. and when he campaigned against me..
Britney: I think that made a lot of people sick to their stomachs. I don't want to implicate anyone, but I've found out more details since this morning..
Ragan: I told him he can say whatever he wants, but I'll see it...
Britney: It'll be a big conversation...
Ragan: Hello, my DR was 1 and a half hours long!

Britney: The thing is, I don't think he's a bad person, or in his life outside this house..
Ragan: Oh me either!
Britney: ...he would betray people.
Ragan: We need to have a serious conversation about the two of us. About how we interact... I think I told you, we're the next pair. I think we're the next targets and we need to do things that make it less obvious to put us up against one another, because we can only help the other out if one of us is off the block. IF people say put them up together..
Britney: Then we're screwed. I've been spending a lot more time with Hayden, because people also pair me up with Lane, so spending more time with Hayden and Enzo is a good thing.

Matt and Hayden play football - aiming for glasses on opposite corners...
Britney: I agree with that strategy, though it makes me sad.
Ragan: It makes me sad too. But the worst thing is if we get on the block together.
Britney: The only way we'll go up is if Brendon wins HOH. He has to go this week, has too, has too..

(Across the yard) Brendon: Going to bed - goodnight!
(Friendly) Britney and Ragan: goodniiiiiight!

Britney: That's so funny - he's disgusting, goodniiiiiight!
Ragan: I don't even hate him anymore.
Britney: Me either.

Ragan: Well, I've got your back. I want you to know that.
Britney: Thank you. I got yours.

Britney: I don't want you to feel alone..
Ragan: I don't. Since I've lived alone? I don't need...
Britney: Me too. I enjoy social stuff, but I can be alone. I mean, I get paranoid if I'm alone too long here, and think people.. but I like it.
Ragan: Me too, it was nice today. I think it'll be interesting if we get to the five... and truth be told, I need, after these last three weeks, I need a little break from talking game and doing this and doing that... I just need too..
Britney: I've gotten more of a break than you, and you had a rough last week, this week...
Ragan: It's been that way from the beginning - since sequester when I got that injury, and then had to come in and jump on a wiener dog..
--Lessa: that's what she said! ZING! (sorry, couldn't resist. hee.)

Ragan: The fact that he's (Brendon) still in this game to me is...
Britney: Unbelievable!
Ragan: And against his will, even!
Britney: I've been on the radar since week too, won my first POV week two! And you got screwed by Rachel too.. the Rachel Reilly Reign of Terror!
Ragan: She really had it out for me! Why me?
Britney: I don't know, because she really 'loves gay people'!
Ragan: (cracks up laughing) Psycho bitch.. How awesome would it be final two together?
Britney: I'd love to. Let's make that happen. Rachel would DIE - at the finale she'd be uncontrollable! She'd be drunk..
Ragan: Can you imagine? Rachel's jury question would be sooooo... and then when she put her her key in... she'd be like, I'm voting for the least disgusting...
Britney: The least cockroach-y! I bet you a million dollars she'd pull the key out of her bra!

Ragan: I feel bad for Matt...
Britney: I do too
Ragan: It's Karma...

Ragan: ...and if Brendon walks in the door right after him? What a horrible....horrible place to be!
Britney: I just thought of another thing for my costume as Rachel! I'm gonna stuff my bra with gummy bears..
Ragan: I think there's some costumes that are too scary...

...bubbles, wonder what the boys in the bathroom are talking about....

Lane's in the shower, Enzo brushing his teeth, Brendon on the couch..

Enzo: I thought about coming in with a different strategy, not saying I was married, but I was like I said something about the dog, the wife's gonna be mad, so I was like hey yo! I'm married, ya'll!

12:30 Britney tells Ragan that they were worried he'd pressed the red button when they were on lockdown and he was in the DR - and Skippy gives us a bubblebath.

Talking about first impressions of everyone first night. General chatter all the way around... Britney and Ragan are chatting about things that freak them out - oceans for Ragan, space for Britney, the moon and how big it is... etc.

12:40am The (current) Brigade is on the patio, and the line of the night goes to Matt with:

Matt: I asked for the coup d'Brigade when I went in there.

And with that, it's Lessa's bedtime. Night Dishers!

1:15 am*sneaks back in* - I checked back after brushing my teeth, and I find this! Britney's made a crown out of tin foil, and Ragan is directing her like those creepy mom's in Toddlers and Tiaras..

Ragan: I love it how they come in and say "you did NOT do your best today!"
Britney: ...and the girl's like six!

And just before that? Enzo the Penguin decided that the weight bench was his spaceship and took Matt for a ride...

VERY funny, MUST see! :) And NOW, to bed! :)



Blogger Kassie said...

is anyone else BBAD not working right now.

August 23, 2010 at 11:20 PM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Hey girl,

What a day! Lol at Matt and Ragan breaking up. I just wanted to pop in and show you some gratitude for all you do. You Dish Chicks Rock :)

Headed to bed. Have a good nite.

August 23, 2010 at 11:58 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Lessa...thanks for the updates and all you do at night.

Quit watching a bit ago cause it's getting kind of hard now. Can't wait for the double eviction to be over and to see who the survivors are.

Looking around I only see Kassie. I didn't get Showtime this year, so have no clue if it's acting up.

August 24, 2010 at 12:10 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Thanks again Lessa. Seems Brit is making Ragen more sad. But I'm sure she'll realize that and get him laughing soon. And I actually feel sad for Matt because he is smart and there's nothing he can do to dull his brain. He knows what's coming. It's like everyone else is in their happy place...for the moment.

Okay, off to brush my teeth. And then yawn!

August 24, 2010 at 12:24 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

I have the most difficult time locating "Late night" with you Lessa.
There's no link under the banner and (for me at least) I have to sign in, then re-load the Dish page, then scroll down to a side link and reload once again.
You're so generous to be the late night host, I think more people would like to join you if they thought there was an easy way to locate your work.
Thanks for being here =)

August 24, 2010 at 12:47 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

I'm way late into Late Night. I had to pick the lock because Lessa put the chain on the doors. HA!

Now I know Carolyn has to be lurking about so I'm going to catch up on some 'stuff' before she gets TOR together.

GOOD MORNING CAROLYN!!! Here's hoping today is just a wee bit more calm.

August 24, 2010 at 3:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, GayTor :)

August 24, 2010 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Pally - You really don't have to go to so much trouble. just come to the main page http://bb12dish.com & scroll down. No need to click on anything at all. The newest post is always at the top of the queue...

August 24, 2010 at 5:27 AM  

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