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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Late(r) night with Lessa!

Hey ya'll! I just finished watching tonight's show - loved the have/have not competition! Ragan cracked me up! So - around the house (and I'm still trying to get caught up for the day) It seems one of the fish is a downer, and Enzo and Lane take a quick moment to talk game on the patio - Hayden joins a moment later.

Enzo: Just get this thing over tomorrow, man.
Hayden: I think we're sitting pretty now.

Hayden goes up to HOH with Britney.. seems they're gonna do Just a Tip

Lane: She'll put up Mattie, don't worry.

10:32 - Bubbles! Ragan (in HOH) started quoting the Gaga song he was listening too..

We're back - briefly.
Hayden: I will do that, if I get the opportunity.

Brendon: You're good at everything they are...


11:39pm - Back. Matt joins the HOH room - Lane, Brendon and Enzo are down around the Patio.
Enzo: When Ragan sees what is happening, he's gonna snap, which is gonna make me snap, because he'll basically be sh*tting on me, saying he wants me to go home..
--Lessa: Hey Enzo! Guess what?! It's BIG BROTHER.

11:41 - bubbles again. WTF Skippy?!

11:45 - back finally.

Brendon: She almost thinks that they're unstoppable.. but looking at the quiz, Ragan was out first.
Lane: Unless it's a paint can spinning, they can't win..
Brendon: They're not gonna do another one built for a midget again..

Brendon: I told Britney there were gonna do something physical, they want the power to go back and forth. And I told her if you bank on it being a quiz. If it's a double eviction... I think we can beat Matt and Ragan in skill too. So it's like she's banking on aligning herself with them, and all three of us will have to be on the other side.
Lane: She wasn't listening, and I had to go into the asshole lane and say if you do this.. would you rather have one person pissed off at you, or the whole house. One person will get over it.
Brendon: I'm gonna try to explain that to her tomorrow.
Lane: She's got estrogen. She's scared.

11:47 - bubbles again, for no apparent reason...
11:52 - Back, and it's Just a Tip Time!

Hayden: Welcome to the 6th edition of Just the Tip! And we're live on Showtime. First of all! Going to talk to Britney about current events!
Britney: Let's just talk about the POV competition! A punishment was doled out to Brendon, that he'd be handcuffed to someone for 24 hours! In stead of picking one of his friends... guess who he picked!
Ragan: He actually made a smart move in this game!
Hayden: Britney!
Britney: And that's not all - he also had a chum bath every hour! It was horrifying, horrendous!
Matt: even worse, the Chum had to be submersed in Brendon every hour, we feel sorry for the chum! A moment of silence...
Hayden: We're back!
Ragan: Another thing, Pandora's box! So Britney opens the third pandora's box this season and ends up getting stuck with Jessie!
Britney: From season 10 and 11
Matt: and 12 now! He never goes away!
Ragan: ...and then we get a Luau, and everything is gorgeous, dot dot dot, until the dancers come out - and they were straight trannies! If they had a bottle of heinekin - they would break it and take our wallets! One had no boobs, all had c-sections scars, and skinny and fat at the same time! And they were like meth dancers, and then the booties would be faster and they were like oompa loompas going crazy and then they just disappeared!
Britney: I could see it - and I was watching Ragan watch the dancers, and he was going like this..
Hayden: When they started to wiggle? There was way too much jiggle!
Ragan: Who wore it better? This is a dress worn by Britney, final six at least! Now you may have noticed a similar dress on current Jury Member Rachel - Now if this was a side by side.. the way Rachel wore it was a little different. See the drape - with Rachel, imagine it in blue, with the skirt pulled over her head and a titty hanging out!
Hayden: Britney wore it better!
Britney: Thanks guys!
Hayden: Last but not this week, I'm a have not for the first time. The cot is brutal, I can't take a cold shower...
Matt: look at his HAIR!

12:00am Checking in downstairs..
Brendon: This is the best thing that could happen.
Enzo: If Mattie gets put up.
Brendon: ...as long as one of them goes home... I'd prefer it be Matt, rather than Hayden. Especially if he's selling out his best friend, telling you to tell Britney to put him up? And Matt who has a vacation and 5k?
Enzo: You know it's not me - I wouldn't ever give up my clothes...
Lane: I went after everything else... and Britney didn't win sh*t, and I know Matt won something.
Enzo: ...and he said his equipment wasn't working.. how much points did he put up for the 5k?
Lane: Hayden put up 10, so more than that. And we know Hayden didn't get it..
Brendon: and he's the saboteur, it makes sense.. he thinks he's a genius, but he's not, he's sloppy. I been trying to tell everyone... but the house wouldn't listen..
Enzo: This is the house
Brendon: We are the house
Enzo: If she doesn't put Matt up, she's going across the side of the house with Matt and Ragan and against you guys. I don't think she's gonna do it.

And here comes Hayden.
Hayden: She was wondering where you were at... Ragan or Matt say anything to you?
Lane: no?
Hayden: Said you'd be up right up...
Lane: He never told me that.
Enzo: I'm talking to her tonight. No way I'm sleeping without talking to her.
Brendon: You really need to stay up there and not let them be alone to her - make sure Lane is the last person to talk to her tomorrow.

12:06am - and bubbles, briefly.

Lane and Hayden decide to go upstairs, too. Enzo remains outside, throwing pool balls around on the table.
Brendon: where's everyone?
Enzo: Upstairs. Go up there, then maybe they'll break it up, so I can talk to her. I gotta talk to her, yo, I ain't playin' games...

Brendon: How're you, gonna pass out anytime soon? Tired?
Britney: Yeah, i'm really tired..

12:12 - bubbles. sigh.

We're back, and Matt and Lane are playing games on the back of the cereal box, as Enzo talks to Brendon downstairs..

Enzo: I haven't been bothering you, and well, you know I'm not up there now she's up there with f'in Ragan and I wanna hit him in his F'in mouth! That's why I'm staying away from him, bro.. Where I come from, someone throws you under the bus?
Brendon: They talk tough when they're in situations where they can - Ragan's gonna speak out and act all tough, but soon as we're out of this house...
Enzo: I just wanna last longer than that lil f'er. If it's not in the cards for me to win? I wanna last longer than him.
Brendon: Me too.
Enzo: I didn't like him since day one, man, day one. He says he doesn't feel right crackin' on people, then he's crackin' on Kathy... He's such a lil b*tch! What are we supposed to do, throw the competition for him? No one wants to be a have not! I hope Matt goes on the block, I wanna see him go crazy, f'in b*tch that he is, he's such a lil b*tch. He's more of a b*tch then the girls in this house. He's gay, I get that, I understand, but you're a man too, have a little balls! F'in lil b*tch! People get angry, I'm angry right now, I understand. But cryin, saying this ain't fair, rigged for you..
Brendon: He said that? He's pissed off because I won? Because I'm going after him?

Enzo: Only bad thing was you didn't get one of them f'ers out! Who knew he had a power..
Brendon: Who knew they'd want him so bad they'd give him a power
Enzo: We shoulda thought of that, yo.

Lane comes down, so Enzo goes in to see what's going on.

Enzo: It'll be so evicted with me like this, this suit, no clothes? It'd be dirty as sh*t man, dirty as sh*t...
--Lessa: Will Enzo break the curse of the stupid costume?
--Carolyn: I've been wondering that too!

Lane: She's gonna ask you if you want him out.
Enzo: Of course I do, this guy. He thinks he has an alliance with me and Hayden now. I'll put him on the block in two seconds, tell him he's just a pawn. I'll tell her I'll swear on my family, if I win HOH, you pick who goes up next week.
Lane: What she's scared of is, if she and Ragan go up on the block, that no one will try for the POV.. and I stressed everyone wants Ragan out.
Enzo: I want him out. I'm gonna tell her, you know, I'm not hanging out because I'm gonna snap on him.

Lane: I'll be the last one to talk to her. She won't do something that she thinks will upset me.
Enzo: I survive this week, I need to wake up dude, wake up.

Upstairs, Matt and Hayden are playing the game on the back of the cereal box with playdoh pieces..

Ragan: I'm going to swing then go to bed. God, I've lost so much weight...
Lane: Sucks man, you worked hard to get that weight..
Ragan: Whatup?
Enzo: What's going on up there?
Ragan: Mad game talking. Nah, just kidding. The lucky charms? I guess you take the charms out, and they act like dice depending on how they fall - and there's a game on the back of the box.
Lane: Really? Wow!

Ragan wanders off, Brendon comes in.
Brendon: I keep freaking out every time I see myself and I have no hair...

Hayden wins the game!
Matt: OH COME ON! That was a good game man. That's intense!
Hayden: It was good! Comeback of a lifetime! I won with the Moon in the last play of the game! It was like a 60yd field goal with 2 seconds left...
Matt: You got stuck in the heart for a while too..
--Lessa: for some reason that game and the convo makes me happy. *L*

Britney says she's going to sleep, she's really tired, and the guys head downstairs, after wishing her a happy birthday. They talk about finishing the rest of the alcohol... and Enzo heads upstairs...

Enzo: I just wanna talk to you five minutes. Just wanna see if your nervous or whatever?
Britney: It sucks, you know? They've been talking to me all day.
Enzo: That's why I'm not bothering you, you know. I trust in you, I just let it be, take it to heart and all.
Britney: I know you don't. It sucks with the position I'm in? I feel like I can go home on Thursday. I don't want too, and I'm having to put my trust in your guys when you say you want Brendon out..
Enzo: I want him out, you know, let him go!
Britney: ...and then some say they want Ragan out, and I gotta trust on you, I gotta trust you all to protect me Thursday.
Enzo: You trust Lane, and Lane trusts me. I trust him a lot. You and me were close with Monet, and I dunno what happened, then Lane came over, and you went with Ragan and Matt, Hayden came towards me, that's what it was.
Britney: I don't want to send you home at all. The only reason I put you up is because you were the only one who hasn't been..
Enzo: And I tried so hard..
Britney: I know, I know how bad you wanted those prizes.
Enzo: I don't wanna snap on Ragan and Matt, that's why I'm keeping away.
Britney: I know Matt's shady. He's playing everyone. I know all this stuff. I'm not blind to it? It's just scary to me. I have to trust you guys to protect me. If he wins HOH?
Enzo: He's not coming after you! He wants Ragan out! Ragan's not gonna win POV! The puzzles are done. The questions? You and I embarrassed him. Ragan will be upset, but he's not coming after you. You're safe for 2 weeks, and that's sh*t's pretty good. I can't say that, know what I mean? I'm telling you man - you get Lane mad? Hayden and Brendon will be pissed off... this way? Mattie goes home... Hayden didn't even tell me, so it has to be Matt won. I hate to say that cuz I don't know, I trust Hayden more.
--Lessa: sigh.

Britney: I don't want to jeopardize you going home...
Enzo: I thought I won POV... someone got a bad thing and then I got the POV. I was like oh man, you gotta be kidding me. I wanted Brendon out too.
Britney: What Matt and Ragan tell me is that he's not gonna put me up ever, taking you final three.. but Enzo could put you on the block, do you trust Enzo?
Enzo: You swore on your family, that's serious, I trust that. I swear on mine. You could even pick who goes up. I get upset.
Britney: I feel you trust Lane, I trust him, you trust Hayden, I trust Hayden.

Enzo: What happened to us, you know? We were tight..
Britney: Brendon... you hang with him, I feel I gotta avoid him.
Enzo: I had to be the middle man, you know? People wanted Rachel to stay, and I was like send him home, he wants to go home.
Britney: You trust these people who are voting
Enzo: The only chance I have is if Mattie goes up. If Hayden goes up, I'm going home in this nasty suit. You put him up, and Ragan says something, I'm gonna snap on him, I'm there with you.
Britney: If Matt goes on the block, he's gonna throw you under the bus.
Enzo: I hope he does. I'll even say in my speech Matt, you're a good guy... nothing bad to me. I trust Lane that much.
Britney: I feel I can trust you
Enzo: That's what I'm saying! We were tight in the beginning! Then Ragan and Matt got involved somehow. You swore on your family that I'm not going home. I trust that so much! I swear on my family too, if I don't go home, I win, you pick who goes up.
Britney: I want Brendon gone. I don't care how it happens.
Enzo: If Matt goes home, Brendon will calm down a little bit. Rachel will be happy, and he doesn't care what happens. Me, Lane or Hayden are gonna win HOH, we go to final four.
Britney: You have to win HOH. It can't be Brendon. If Ragan wins Veto, I'm toast.
Enzo: I'm ready to win HOH. That's it. Once I take this (penguin suit) off, I'm unshunned, I'm going, I'm going. Everyone was coming up here bothering you, I didn't wanna do that, you know?
Britney: I don't want you to go home, bottom line.
Enzo: Make it happen, and I'll do whatever you want me to do. We're connected with Lane.

Britney: ...and if we leave the two of them in this game together...
Enzo: There's not stopping that. Use me, I don't care, do whatever. Someone won a Hawaiian trip and someone won 5k, and I think Hayden would have told me.
--Lessa: ...and he did.

Britney: You would have thought he won something, you know? That's what made me mad, you know? I got houseguests choice and picked him so he'd have a chance to fight for his life...
Enzo: You told me I was safe and I fought for my life...

Enzo: I'm ready to go crazy, yo. I want this HOH bad, so bad. And if I get it and it's a double eviction? I know I'll get f'ed, it's gonna happen, gonna happen.
Britney: I just don't want Brendon to get it.

...this conversation is ongoing, and going round n round n round.

Hayden: He's overdoing it bro...
Lane: She wanted to go to sleep!

1am Amen! And it's now Lessa's bedtime - Night Dishers!



Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

Hi Lessa! It has been bubble city all night!

August 22, 2010 at 11:42 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Its annoying! If it keeps up, I'm going to bed. *L*

August 22, 2010 at 11:50 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Hey Lessa and all y'all!

Been watching feeds for a while now. Can't figure out why Skippy keeps going to bubbles, unless he ate something that disagreed with him. If that's the case, he gets a pass. But shouldn't there be a backup Skippy or a Skippyette?

Or maybe Enzo put the penguin suit on the bbq?

August 22, 2010 at 11:52 PM  
Blogger Kscooterfox said...

Hi Lessa and Michelle!

August 22, 2010 at 11:58 PM  
Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

Skippy has been a jerk all night.

Hey KScoot and Izzy!

August 23, 2010 at 12:13 AM  
Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

Yep Enzo has crossed over. Hope he is gone soon and takes Brendon with him.

August 23, 2010 at 12:21 AM  
Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

OMG Brendon he won two endurance comps..how many have you won? Oh that's right your feet were to big.

August 23, 2010 at 12:23 AM  
Blogger DEB said...

Hi all hope your having a good night.Everyone wondered if Britney was making a positive change. Guess we have our answer now.

August 23, 2010 at 12:24 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Okay, matt and hayden are cracking me up with the cereal box game.

Hmmm..back in my day (when you had to walk six miles in the snow to get to school..joking, but pretty close lol) but I'd get a game on the cereal box and a prize inside!

August 23, 2010 at 12:30 AM  
Blogger ajs221 said...

Hi everyone!Hi Lessa!
For those of you that have watched the Matt, Ragan, Lane conversations earlier today...what is your feeling about who goes up?

August 23, 2010 at 12:31 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Nite Lessa...sweet dreams to all.

I'm a little over enzo at the moment. But there's always tomorrow!!

August 23, 2010 at 1:00 AM  
Blogger DEB said...

I don't know AJS its a close call.But I notice she keeps telling Enzo"I DON'T WANT TO PUT YOU UP" Not I am not putting you up.

August 23, 2010 at 1:03 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

OK Carolyn, I know you are in this box somewhere. You are just waiting for me to post something so I can get got. I'm not sayin' nuttin' until I see a TOR post. PBTTTH!

August 23, 2010 at 2:53 AM  

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