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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Morning Before Nominations

Good morning, BB Lovers!  The HGs are up and getting ready for the Nomination Ceremony.. What follows is a quick exchange between Donny and Nicole - she's tweaking her nomination speech, and Donny is a very eager audience member.  If this is your fist time on BBdish today, you may also want to have a look at these previous posts: The Overnight Report, HoH Reveal

Camera 1
Nicole and Donny
HoH Room

Nicole forgets about the cameras in the HoH bathroom and exposes her bottom.. and freaks out about it.  Donny reassures her, saying the feeds probably aren't even on right now.. When she recovers,

Nicole: I'm just worried about my speech..  Can I run something by you?  I don't wanna be mean to Zach.  I don't wanna stoop to his level at all.  I wanna say something about a dictionary...

Donny looks so excited for a preview of her speech, it's as if he's in the home audience.
Nicole:  "Zach, I wanted to keep up the tradition of bringing up the Big Brother dictionary, but actually you can look up any dictionary and look up the word Karma.  Last week, you said some mean things to me, and I guess, with that said, it's no surprise.. I bet you did see this one coming.." or something like that.  Think Karma's mean?

Donny: Yeah, Karma would only be if he could go out the door.
Nicole: Yeah..
Donny: All this nomination's useless, cuz he could save himself today..
Nicole: Yeah, so that's why I shouldn't put him on blast.
Donny: Yeah.
Nicole: But I don't wanna look like a weak player.  Should I just make it like a joke?
Donny: yeah, a joke.
Nicole: Like, Zach, I was thinkin' about bringin' up the BB dictionary, but it's really not needed, and wth everything that happened last week, I'm sure you saw this coming.
Donny: mm.. That's better. Like karma.. He has been up there before and he's ridden all the way to Thursday, and it really didn't bother him all that bad.

Nicole: I think he wants me to say something mean so he can say something back.

Nicole: I can't believe my butt was out there, Donny!!
Donny: It's fine.  These people in this establishment wont put it out there.  They really wont.

Nicole: Should I make a joke? I wanna make some kind of funny joke.. I could say, "I was thinking about opening up the BB dictionary, but like a superfan like myself, you might not understand a lot of terms that are in there, so I'm gonna leave it at that."
Donny: That's cute! He woudn't understand it cuz he's not a superfan.
Nicole: ..you might not understand all the terms that I would bring up, so I'll just drop it.

9:48am -- Fishies!
10:00am -- Jeff Loop!  It's time for the Nomination Ceremony!

We'll see you in a new top post with the Nomination Spoiler and Aftermath just as soon as the feeds come back and the HGs reveal alllll... 



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