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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you!☺

There's no pussyfooting around this..  The shit is about to hit the fan.. Dive in!

Camera 3

Derrick: What if that was the twist?  Victoria's actually a superfan.
Frankie: She had to think about taking the Veto, while she was on the block.

Derrick: Personally, I don't mind doing it.  It's like another notch for my place in heaven.  Her parents are watching right now, hoping I don't talk shit about her.
Christine: yeah
Derrick: ..which I'm not really.  That's the dad in me.  She's someone's daughter.
Frankie: (legs spread) Zach, do I remind you of your cousin right now? This is how she was.. constantly.. in this room, pussy out.. all the time.  Full on camel-toe, like this.
**he's referring to BB15 Amanda.

Zach: She's been changing in the fire room this whole time.
Derrick: Exactly.. and I'm sure her dad must be sitting there goin' "Oh my f'in Gah.. Get on the phone to CBS.. get her out of there," and they can't.  So I feel for em.
Zach: She's an idiot.  It's her fault.
Derrick: I feel bad for her.  She's not prepared for this.  She's not prepared to be in this house with people who want to play, and she's not prepared for the backlash.. from Superfans, who are gonna be pissed that she got cast, and they're gonna be pissed at how she played the game and complained about things, that people would give their right arm to come in and do.
Caleb: Heard that.
Derrick: And she thinks people are gonna love her.
Frankie: Was Rachel Reilly a superfan?
Christine: Yeah, but she got tortured.
Frankie: She's exalted now..

Derrick: She's like Jordan.
Frankie: She's not like Jordan.  She's an idiot.

Christine: But they like to show the mean people..
Zach: I told the people.. I'm gonna be the villain.
Derrick: That's why they casted you.  Honestly, it is draining..

Each has a Victoria story to share..

Camera 2
Amber and Cody

We join this conversation in progress.  They're having a laugh, running through their pretend relationship  and breakup outside the house...  and the possibility of Cody moving out west after the show and rooming with Amber.

**and suddenly, Caleb is singing this song in my head...
Cody: Then we break up.  I get back my Christmas gift.. I let you down easy.. My parents are gonna hate you..
Amber: And then we go visit Frankie.. or Hayden
Cody: I would do that.  I'd b like, Hayden, we're here..
Amber: Have you never had a roadtrip like that?
Cody: No, we'd always keep em local.. We went to DC, Rhode Island.. I'd rather fly.
Amber: Honestly, if you just packed clothes, that's all you'd need.
Cody: My parents are hating you right now.
Amber: Why?
Cody: They're probably like, "get him away from her.  She's getting him to move out."
Amber: haha..  It's gonna be me, you and Hayden.  Can you see me, you, Hayden and Frankie living together?
Cody: no!
Amber: I would honestly be the one cooking, cleaning..
Cody: I'll vacuum though.. I'm really good at vacuuming.

Cody tickles her and she punches him, playfully.

Amber: You know I hate to be tickled.
Cody: Ok, but that punching thing has got to go.  You have these bony ass knuckles into my bony ass arms.  There's no muscle right there where you hit.

Talk turns to Thursday..

Amber: If I stay..
Cody: When you stay.. 
Amber:  I just need you to trust me.  Caleb was sayin', "I don't care what they say to your face.. THey all wanted this.  It was them.  I did come up with the idea."
Cody: That's funny.  I never spoke to anybody about not trusting you before any of this.  That's what pisses me off.  I'm sick of people coming up with shit and then wanting to drag other people..
Amber: I feel really bad for Nicole.. Me and her are NOT working together.. I don't know why everyone keeps coming up with these things..

Camera 3
Derrick and Frankie

They make a break for it and head up to HoH..

Derrick: OK, what's the best deal for us moving forward.. for Frankie, Derrick and Donny, although I think Donny's making deals left and right.
Frankie: I know.
Derrick: It's only a matter of time before he throws one of us up on the block.
Frankie: Honestly, the realization I had in the BeeHive is real..
Derrick: The Amber thing.. She's goin' home. 
Frankie: But do you see that?
Derrick: Yeah.. I don't think she'd put us up, but she is unpredictable.  She could put us up next week.  She could get a feeling and put us up.. And I do think she's kinda owning that guys vs girls thing.
Frankie: Yeah
Derrick: So.. she's gotta go..

Zach comes up to report on his talk with Amber..

Zach: She's like, there's people f'in with my game, and I don't appreciate it.
Frankie: Did she say it was Caleb?
Zach: She didn't say it, but she implied it.

Frankie: So she didn't actually say to you, "Caleb is my target."
Zach: No.
Frankie: Ok, here's the thing.  I think the best course of action for tomorrow is to continue to fuel the rivalry between her and Caleb, so that then she blows up her own game.. to Caleb.  And if on Thursday, Thursday, not tomorrow, Thursday, he still thinks that she should stay?  We tell her.  She told all of us, pulled us all aside and said, she told all of us, "you should keep me because the person I'm actually gunning for is Caleb.  He's f"d up my game."
Zach: We tell him that, you're saying.
Frankie: (nods) Thursday.
Zach: Yeah, that's fine.  Dude, in the Diary Room, they were like yelling at me, bro.  They were like, "if you do what you think you're doing, you're gonna have a big problem." 

Derrick: (laughs) "if you do what you think you're doing, you're gonna have a big problem." 
Frankie: Do you agree though?  I think we should do it after the 2nd lockdown.  Give him time to lose his mind. 
Derrick: He's not gonna believe that..
Zach: That's what I'm saying..
Frankie: No, no no.. F the jury.  About him saying that Amber..
Derrick: Oh.. yeah.
Frankie: You think that's a good idea?

Derrick: Only if he's still adamant about keeping her.  Hear me out.. We all know that every single person in this house wants Amber out except Caleb.  What or Who are we protecting ourselves from?
Frankie:  I guess we're just forging a stronger bond with the rest of the house..

Derrick: If we told him tonight, what is the negative repercussion?  Now, if we wait til Thursday, it looks like we're just throwing a last minute curveball at him.  Because, he can check with people.. We're telling him a fact.  We're not making this up.
Frankie: OK.. So let's find out what she said to Cody.  To me and Christine, she said Caleb.  You (Zach) cannot be the person to tell him.
Zach: Why not?

Frankie: Cuz he doesn't trust you, Rose!
Derrick: He just did that whole f'in speech for him.  You don't think he does?
Frankie: No.  I think if he tells him, he's gonna believe the opposite.

Derrick: I think if he was in the room, along with other people..
Frankie: The people he trusts.. Me, you.. He doesn't trust Cody, because he thinks he wants to fk her.  He doesn't trust you, because you tell lies all the time.
Zach: hehehe
Frankie: I think it would literally take all of us though.
Derrick: I'm just throwing out different scenarios.. I don't think Zach should do it alone, but he should be present.
Zach: I think you're thinking about it too much.  I think we just tell him.  Amber's going.  She wants you gone.

Derrick:  Is there a negative to that?  We all just tell her emphatically, you're goin home. There's no reason to try to divide the house because we've already decided.

Frankie:  And that would help with all the whispering and craziness.
Derrick: Right.  RIght.  Because right now, she thinks she can wedge things.
Zach: She thinks she's staying.  Cody and I were literally just telling her a minute ago, you're fine, you're fine..  Let's just squash it.  What's the worst repercussion?  You're not gonna feel any. 

Derrick: Let's let her have a little rope and see what she does with it.  SHe's telling people that Caleb's her target.  She doesn't know who's bringing it to Caleb's attention.  It just has to be emphatic.  "Amber, you're going home.  The house has decided you're going home.  We'd appreciate if you'd just respect that and go about your business for the next 2 days."  She's not gonna like it, but..

Frankie: I just think it's an unnecessary amount of chaos.

They go back and forth on tell Caleb now or Thursday.. now or Thursday..

Derrick: Amber could go back and say, if I'm goin' home, I'll just start makin' shit up and see what sticks.
Zach: One thing's for sure:  Caleb's gonna be here, and we're gonna have to deal with that.  Telling him on Thursday, he's gonna be like, wtf.. I didn't get a chance to talk to her..
Frankie: (imitates Caleb twisted Amber logic) ..But I'm not her target.  All she wants is to go on a date with me in the jury house. "
Zach: hehe.  The worst case scenario is they both get blindsided and he comes after us.
Frankie: And we say, listen, man, she wanted you out.  If we give her the time, she'll come up with something.

Derrick: You have an HoH room for a reason.  Everyone in the house knows how they're voting.  The only person who doesn't know she's going is Caleb. If we just make it known, who is she gonna go to?

Victoria comes up, interrupting the conversation.. They say they were talking about pool.. restarting the tournament.

Frankie: Caleb is literally driving me nuts.
Victoria: Did you expect anything different?  He's up your ass 24/7.
Frankie: Literally inside of me.
Victoria: He's gonna have a mental breakdown. I don't understand him.
Frankie: He's in love.
Victoria: He's not in love.  He's obsessed.  There's a difference.
Frankie: You're right.. He is too much.  I'm gonna continue to babysit.
Victoria: I give you props..

Camera 3
Jocasta and Derrick

Derrick: Amber's a good person, but one of yous are going home, and it ain't gonna be you.  As of right now, you are 100% safe.  If something changes, I will let you know.  I promise you.

Camera 1
Rock Room
Cody and Amber

Cody: When he walks in, can we kiss?
Amber: No, I'm not kissing you.
Cody: Why not?  It's a friendly kiss.
Amber: hehehe!  You're crazy.

Cam 3
Pool Table
Hayden and Derrick

After finishing a game..

Derrick: Yeah, like, Christine, she'll tell me things, but I always feel like I'm the 7th person bein' told.  DOes that make sense?
Hayden: I feel like she doesn't say a whole lot.  She listens a lot, and then says the info she hears..  This is what I was telling Cody before.. The fact that I feel comfortable enough to bring up this information to you, Cody and Nicole, but my gut tells me to not tell Christine, that should show something.
Derrick: Yeah.
Hayden: I think she's trustworthy, but I think she acciddentally says too much..
Derrick: I agree.  So what do you think? 

Caleb is across the yard, about to use the cold outside shower.  Skippy flips the cam to him as he takes his pants off..  It's at 12:55am on cameras 3 and 4, if you'd like to see. 

Derrick: You just showed butt, dude.
Caleb: Did you like it?
Derrick: That is now somebody's screenshot.
Caleb: They got that? Cowboy's butt!
**you bet.  go to 12:57am for the completely exposed tushy..
 Derrick: Don't worry, you'll have a nice porn career after this.

Meanwhile, up in HoH..

Camera 1 and 2
HoH Room
Cody and Zach

Cody: So what are we gonna do moving forward?
Zach: Amber's gone this week.  Hopefully Caleb doesn't win HoH.
Cody: God!
**it's practically written in the stars, don't ya think?

Zach: And then, in order, Victoria, Jacosta, Hayden..
Cody: Yeah, he would murder any of us at the end of the game.  Murder.
Zach: First chance we get, we have to get rid of Hayden.  Victoria, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Donny.. and then it's us 5.

Cody: Bro, do you think Christine runs her mouth too much?
Zach: Obviously you do..
Cody: No, to other people.  She's been talking to Donny and them a bunch.
Zach: I don't think Christine has the balls to make another move.
Cody: You know who's been talking to Donny a lot lately?  Nicole.
Zach: Really..
Cody: A lot!  He loke grabbed her today to go talk on the hammock.. for a while.. like a long ass time.  I'm just like, wtf is that?
Zach: What do you think moving forward? Cuz obviously you've been thinking about it a lot.

Cody: My thing is, once Amber goes, Caleb has to go after her, because we have no idea where he is, and the fact that he said to Frankie, like, I'll be working alone in this game.. just shows he could put up one of us.  If he wins, I think there's a chance..  I think he has to be the next to go, because none of us know where he's at.  Frankie has his head in a million places.. but the whole situation with him and Nicole.. I don't know what's going on.. Why do you care, and why do you feel bad for her?  She's saying that Frankie was the one who told her story to Caleb.. I'm like, is she lying, or is Frankie?  You're up here with him all the time.. I don't know where his head's at.

Zach: He tries to control me a lot.
Cody: I think he might have a little control over you.
Zach: he does.
Cody: That's a little bit worrisome.
Zach: To you?
Cody: (laughing)  If he tells you to put me up over him, would you do it?
Zach: Are you kidding me??!  GTFOhere.. C'mon dude, don't be a f'in idiot. It's you and me..
Cody:  I've got my eye on you.
Zach: Good, you better have your eye on me, buz I'm gonna slit your f'in throat when it comes to final 3.
Cody: I don't doubt it..
Zach: I'm ruthless..

Cody: Watch what you say to Christine.. She f'in talks.  I know it for a fact.
Zach: You're playin' me right now..
Cody: no, I know Christine is talking.. She said you're telling people that you have Donny in your pocket.
Zach: How do you know that?
Cody: I talked to Donny.
Zach: Donny said that?
Cody: yeah.  So it's like, I was like, Dammmmn.. Christine is running her mouth a little bit.  But I don't know if thats's a bad thing..
Zach: That's an awful thing!

Frankie, Hayden, Derrick

Frankie (imitating Caleb):  ..And then she said she wants to eat a banana with me in the jury house!
Hayden: I know..
Frankie: ..and it's all forgotten.

Derrick: If we do it, we have to do it in a group setting, so she realizes she can't go to anybody.
Frankie: It has to be a group setting, and I almost feel like she has to be in the room.

Hayden: That would be amazing.  Her face would be red as.. Honestly, I don't really care, but I feel like it's best for all of our game to just tell him.
Frankie: If we all get together, she's a liar, she's a liar..
Hayden: I'm so glad I wont the PoV and can be a part of sending her home.  It's like a dream come true, honestly.

Cam 1 and 2
Zach and Cody

Zach wants to confront Christine about the information Cody gave him..  He says he'll say it came from Donny, not Cody.. They continue talking about Christine, and how she's at the bottom of the pecking order in the alliance, and actually has the power to flip the house against them if she wants..

Cody: I think the thing we need to make sure we're tight with is Hayden.  Make sure he's close with us, and we'll f over the girls if need be.   I don't wanna bring it up with Frankie.  I love him, but he's f'in good.  What if he's saying to them the same things he's sayin' to us?  This game is crazy.   I don't wanna be like, We're so good, and in our goodbye message, they're like, "Uch. We were playin' the f**k outa you guys."

Camera 1 and 2
HoH  Room
Zach, Caleb, Derrick, Frankie..

Zach: I wouldn't be surprised if Amber's lying to you.
Caleb: About who she's gonna put up?
Zach: About anything!
Derrick: You admit that's possible..
Caleb: Anything's possible.  But she told Cody and me, you're not her target.  She told the 2 people she trusts in this house the same exact thing..

Frankie decides now is the time..

Frankie: Ok, Caleb, I have to tell you something.
**here it comes.
Caleb: Oh God
Zach: Oh God!

Zach literally jumps up and runs across the room.

Caleb: Lemme guess.  I'm her target.
Frankie: What makes you say that?
Zach: Yeah, what makes you say that?
Caleb: Because I had the biggest hand in putting her up.  And I'm not done.

Everyone starts talking at once, then Derrick brings focus back to Frankie.. 

Frankie: She's going around telling everyone that you are her target, because you're ruining her game.
Caleb: How am I ruining her game?  (angry) How am I ruining her game?!  I've done nothing but help her game.
Zach: Dude, she's blind.  That's what it is.  That's what me standing up at the Veto Meeting was all about.  Amber, you're blind.  WTF do you not see?  The most loyal, biggest competitor in this game has your back over anyone's..
Caleb: yeah
Zach: And what are you doing with it?  Shitting on it.  You're rubbing your feces all over the trust he's given you.
Caleb: I'm her target.. hmm.. That's somethin' to hear right there.  She tell you that too?
Cody: Dude, I didn't wanna f'in..
Caleb: She tell you that?  Yeah, that's great.

Derrick: Caleb! Caleb, Caleb! Stay here! We wanna talk to you!
All: Caleb!  Caleb! Caleb, Caleb! Caleb! Caleb, Caleb! (trying to get him to stay)
Cody: Seriously dude.
Derrick: Dude, Caleb!

Caleb walks out the door. 

Derrick: Gettim.  Gettim, Frankie.

Frankie springs up and goes after Caleb..

Cody: Oh my God.  That's why I didn't wanna say anything. This house is gettin' blown up.
Zach: Is that my fault?
Cody: no, it's f'in Frankie..

Caleb goes searching through the house.. 

 He lands in the bathroom..

Meanwhile, the guys have spread out on a search and rescue.  Cody finds Caleb.

Caleb: Cody, I don't wanna talk. OK?
Cody: I understand that, but..
Caleb: We can talk later.

Caleb heads outside.

Camera 2

Derrick and Cody go back upstairs to the HoH.  Then Zach.

Cody: So my whole thought with that was she disclosed information to a lot of people. TO me, to Christine, to..
Derrick: She said it to..
Cody: Here's her thing..  He thinks that Frankie has a personal agenda and he thinks that Zach has a personal agenda..
Zach: Ok, wait. 

Cody: Lemme just finish.. This is why I wanted to be the one to tell him, cuz me and him had the conversation the other night, and he thinks that you and Frankie are doing this.. maybe to turn him against her.
Derrick: Not 100%
Cody: Just questioning it.. I said, I think everything he's told you has come right from her mouth..

Camera 3

Checking out back, no explosion yet.  Frankie is playing corn hole with Christine, an excellent way to keep an eye on Amber and make sure Caleb doesn't get to her 1st..   Amber is the admiring spectator.  I don't have eyes on Caleb..

Camera 1
Cody, Derrick, and Zach
Cody: I don't think he wants to talk right now. He's f'in heated..

Camera 1 and 2
Cody, Zach, Derrick

Derrick to Cody: Bro, when he heard it from your lips, he knew it was true.
Zach: I want him to come back up here.
Cody: He needs to talk..
Derrick: We gotta reel him back in.
Zach: Should I try to get him back up here.
Derrick/Cody: NO.
Derrick: He's so angry, he might punch one of us.
Zach: Then he's gone.
Derrick: We don't want him gone.  Bro, that's the thing.  We gotta stop cannibalizing ourselves.
Cody: That's what I was just f'in sayin.
Derrick: He ain't never gonna vote us out.

Cody: That's what I'm saying.. I love Jocasta.. as a person.. I don't know where she's at in the game..
Derrick: Caleb will vote out every one of those people before us, without askin' anyone's opinion.  He wouldn't do it.  Do you see how he's goin' to battle for her?  Because he thought she was loyal to him.  Wahh.. it's gonna get bad in here..  We have to let the house know.  Hey House, Amber knows she's goin' home..
Zach: Everyone's outside right now.
Cody: I don't think we should do that tonight.
Derrick: no, not tonight.  OK.. I'm gonna go make an attempt.

Derrick leaves.

Cody: I'm not gonna chase after him.  Who am I, his f'in puppy.  Go pant in the corner.

Camera 3
Living Room
Derrick and Caleb

Derrick finds Caleb sitting alone in the living room..

Derrick: You wanna go somewhere and talk, Cowboy?  Trust me.  Me and you. First before we start.  I didn't know about this.  This is a game.  Let's man up and do this.

Caleb pulls the bunny slippers off his feet, tosses them across the room, and follows Derrick into the Rock Room..

Derrick: So, Cody just filled me in on everything.. He wants to talk to you right now.  He said, "she told me tonight, she wants to vote him out." Dude, we're playin for 500,000 dollars.  She didn't tell me that, but she did say she wanted to talk to me later.  But she did pull Cody in.. I believe Cody, and I know you do too.
Caleb: (nods yes)
Derrick: 'Cause that's why you asked him.. That kid ain't gonna f'in lie.  He's not like that. And he's pissed up there right now, cuz he's like, "yo, I wanted to tell him alone, because I trust him, I don't want him to look like a f'in fool on tv."
Caleb: (stonefaced)

Derrick: But guess what?  You're gonna have the last f'in laugh.
Caleb:  (silent)
Derrick: Let's go up there.  You good?  Let's go up there.

They walk towards the HoH stairs..

Derrick: Hey.. Hey.. This is a f'in game, dude.  Game on.

Caleb makes his way up the stairs.  Derrick follows..

Camera 1
HoH Room
Cody, Zach

Zach: Oh yes.. He's comin'.
Cody: Who?
Zach: Beastmode.
Cody: Thank God.

Derrick and Caleb enter...

Cody: You good?
Caleb: Nope.
Derrick: I told him you wanna talk to him.
Caleb: Go 'head.

Cody: We were in the Rock Room.. I told her I've got your back.. She's like, "Essentially, there's someone who's hurting my game right now," and I was like, don't even f'in say this to me right now..  I know that you've had your questions on people maybe just tryin' to get her out and feeding you shit.  You know, when we were up the other night, and I told you at like 5 in the morning..  My one thing, I was torn on whether or not to just go f'in grab you and be like, this is the deal.   When she said that to me, I was like, she's clearly playing this game.  I was voting to keep her, until she said that.  I didn't wanna tell you, because today, when we talked in the beehive, you went to her and told her, so I was like, ok..
Cody: So that made me a little weary about saying anything, but when Franie brought it up, I was like, no way.  I wanted to tell you like one on one, with no one else around, because I didn't want you to be like, ok, now there's a group of us, he's bringin' it up now?  I wanted it to be like, us, one on one.

Cody: When she said that to me, I was like, there's no way I'm keeping you in this house.  There's no chance.  Especially naming that she was gonna come after you? I was like, no shot.  I knew how you had my back, so for me I was like, ok.. That kinda solidified it for me.  Depending on.. I don't know how you feel about it, but..  For me, it was like, I didn't wanna put a dagger to your chest after everything you've done for her..
Derrick: That's what Zach was saying at the PoV meeting.  You said it right to her..
Zach: Yeah.. and that was for her to realize wtf she has.. or HAD..

Derrick: This is what..
Cody: I just want you to know that it was comin' from me on a personal level with you..   I was like, with a smile on my face, thinking, I'm glad that I built this trust with you, so I could know that you're gonna come after you..
Derrick: And Caleb, I know you saved me week 2, because she contemplated putting me up.. Correct?
Caleb: mm

Derrick: And you saved me.  I know that.   You said, if you put him up, you're gonna be goin' home the next week.  That's where your head's at. That's why nobody questions you, dude.
**I keep hearing the intro to the Bionic Man in my head.. "We can rebuild him.."

Cody continues.. then Derrick.. and back to Cody..

Derrick: Ya'aight?
Caleb: (softly) no.
Derrick: Well, for whatever consolation, dude, we're all here for you.
Cody: No doubt about it.
Derrick: We gotta stay f'in loyal.  We're all in this room together.  We started in this room together.  We're here to play a game, and she's tryin' to play you, and it backfired on her.

Zach: I don't know if this is the right time for me to speak up, but I told you 2 weeks ago that Amber is not who you think she is.  I don't know, bro.. This really sucks.  I'm upset for you, bro.  I have your back in this game, and I don't want anything to be tarnished at all. 

2:29am Hayden comes in..
Hayden: What's the haps?
Derrick: Drama, bro, straight drama.. Loyal to people and they're not reciprocatin' that.

The room falls into silence for 2 full minutes..Having just arrived, Hayden is understandably uncomfortable..

Hayden: Should I ask what's goin' on, or just leave it, or...?
Caleb: Doesn't matter..  You can tell him.  I don't care.

Derrick tells Hayden..

Hayden: Yo, sorry Caleb.  That sucks man.  We got your back.

Caleb: Dude, I ate the pickle.
All: hahahaha!
Derrick: I'm glad you have a little sense of humor about it.  Man, I was waitin' for your first words.

2:34am With Caleb's cue, the mood in the room lightens... a bit...
Derrick: She aint makin' you look like a fool.  You have the last laugh.
Cody: I just know it's a tough pill to swallow.

Caleb: I've swallowed bigger pills than that.  I promise.  I just wanna go out there and hit her in the face with a banana.  Right in the face. 
Zach: Throw a banana at her.  I wanna watch.
Derrick: No, don't do that.
Caleb: It's prank session tonight.  That's for sure.
Derrick: She thought she was flippin' the script on you.  Little did she know..
Caleb: I need to go in there and do my goodbye message.  I didn't get the other one out.  

Cody: That's the great thing in this house. No one realizes how tight knit this group is.
Caleb: What do I do if she tried to talk to me?
Zach: You don't talk to her bro.  She's f'd you over way too many times.
Caleb: I mean, should I just look at her and say, "I already know. You're screwed.  You're goin' home."
Derrick: Game-wise?  That's probably not the best decision.  When Thursday's 2nd lockdown comes.. just a few minutes before we go live, you pull her aside and say, "Hey listen.. I've known all along.. You broke my heart.. Have a good trip."  And that's it. That way she has no chance to run to Donny, Jocasta, Nicole.. and make up lies about you that could ruin your game. 

Caleb: I think I need to make the next 2 days for her a living.. heck.
Zach: And I'll be right behind you, helping you every step of the way.
Derrick: hehehe. Shocker!
Zach: It pisses me off how she treats you.
Cody: Ok, Zach, hold on..

Camera 1 and 2
Hayden, Derrick, Cody, Zach

Hayden: Ok, that worked.
Derrick: Perfectly.  Frankie brought it up..

By "that worked" they mean getting rid of Amber without having Caleb come after them.. Even better, using it as a way to solidify the bro-brond between them all.. 

BeeHive Room
Frankie and Caleb
Camera 3 and 4

Frankie: Honestly, Caleb, I...
Caleb: It doesn't matter.. about my feelings.
Frankie: I was trying to think of the most delicate way to tell you, and also..
Caleb: I knew before you even told me, that's the thing.
Frankie: But I didn't want.. What do you mean? 

Caleb wants to know who told him that Amber was saying Caleb was her target.  Frankie doesn't want to names names..

Caleb: Frankie, it's either I'm your main squeeze in this game, or I'm not.
Frankie: You are.
Caleb: If someone said that about you, I would say..
Frankie: I don't want to incite a riot.
Caleb: I just want to know who I should look at differently..
Frankie: She said it in front of me.. and Christine was there.. I just don't want you to be upset or mad.. I don't want you to  freak out and get mad.. and pull Christine in.. I just.. I don't want it. I was trying to keep it calm for a minute..
Caleb: Keeping something from someone you're aligned with isn't gonna keep anything..
Frankie: I wasn't gonna keep it from you.  I was just trying to give everyone a night to digest everything.
Caleb: So how do you think it would've made me feel if you told me tomorrow?  Our trust.  Where do you think that would've went?  Out the window.
**Caleb has clearly been suddenly possessed by my Aunt Ruth.

Frankie: Alright.  I can't believe you're mad at me for this.
Caleb: I'm not mad.  I'm over it.
Frankie: Please don't be mad at me for trying to protect you.  Please..

Caleb: I do know one thing.. If anything else is said about me, just tell me then and there, cuz that's the kind of guy I am.
Frankie: Alright.

Camera 1 and 2

After a bit of talk where Frankie explains to Zach how he actually put the idea into Amber's head that Caleb is her target... and Zach marveling at Frankie's genius..  it's Zankie time. 

Zach: This week was so much drama...
Frankie:Every week's gonna be like this from now on.
Zach: You think so? Oh my Gahhh.. Well, as long as you and I have each other's backs...
Frankie:  We have each other's backs to the end of this game.
Zach: Dude, do you trust me with your life.
Frankie:Yes, and that's what I'm saying.

Zach: And you know I'm gonna slit Derrick and Cody's throats.
Frankie: I know.
**Zankie meets Dexter.

Frankie: I know.. and they have your back too.. like, a lot.  Everyone thinks you're a lunatic, but they're always constantly defending you.
Zach: Always.
Frankie: Always.. which is great, cuz even I say you're a lunatic, all the time.
Zach: That's fine.  You can talk shit about me..
Frankie: I have to, especially when you're being a lunatic.

Frankie: Like when Cody comes to me with "Can you believe Zach said this thing about me?"
Zach: Yes
Frankie:I'm like, Yes, I believe it with all my heart.. That's what he does.. It doesn't mean he doesn't have our backs. 

Talk turns to Frankie's blog.. He tells Zach that he says hi to his little Broski.. and mentions "Zach's Attack"  and to keep winning tournaments for Team Zankie..

Zach:  He loves Team Zankie. He's obsessed. 

By request, Frankie does his Zach impersonation for Zach..

This is ongoing and adorable.. I recommend you check it out on flashback.  If you haven't gotten the feeds yet, and you'd like to check them out, here's a 2 day free trial.

And this, dear dishers, concludes the Overnight Report. 



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning,
These are nasty people. They are sitting in HOH planning on how much they can humiliate Amber during eviction. I’m assuming production will not allow their plans to go through. I realize that the other are probably just putting Caleb on, but the idea that you would encourage someone with an obvious problem is just awful.
The only difference between this week and last week is that Amber is starting to get some sympathy from the audience.
As deluded as he is I’m even starting to get sympathy for Caleb. For his own sanity he needs to be pulled from this game.
This group has so many stories going with so many people I have no idea which is a real conversation anymore.

Thanks for transcribing the conversations, some of them I just can't listen to anymore.

Disapointed, waiting for Thursday.

July 30, 2014 at 3:31 AM  
Blogger Meka said...

I hope when this game is over either Caleb himself or someone close to him gets him some help. I grew up with someone who would hyper exaggerate everything and flat out lie for attention (and really to make himself feel better over having an average life when he was clearly meant for greatness) and it is frustrating and sad. He's a lonely person now because few have the tolerance for it or the balls to confront him.
Even though the boys are doing this for game, Caleb really needs his eyes opened on Amber, and maybe this will be it.

July 30, 2014 at 5:23 AM  
Blogger Vicki Hobb said...

Jerry Williamson, you hit the nail on the head. I think it is awful what they are doing to Amber. Egging Caleb on is not good at all. I am having a problem watching any of this now. Last season was awful for the nastiness, but this is just as bad. I am almost wondering if they are pushing this so Caleb will do something to self evict. They may think they can control Caleb, but what if they can't, what if he actually hurts Amber. Derrick of all people should know better being a police officer. I think the only one I like is Donny. This may be my last season of Big Brother, this isn't fun any more.

July 30, 2014 at 5:54 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

This is like the movie "groundhogs day"?
Everyday i wake up and it's a caleb repeat day!

He is either planning his hate or his love for Amber…

It's 5:55am . caleb is practicing a speech for Amber on eviction night with life coach derrick.
By the end of the day he will have talked to her found some ounce of hope for them and then go into saving her…

It will be along day of babysitting Caleb…

") off to work…Enjoy your day!

July 30, 2014 at 6:04 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am very disappointed in Cody... This will hurt Amber when she goes home and sees that it was her best friend who sealed her faith... Why do they hate amber so much? I watch the feeds read the blogs. I don't get it.

July 30, 2014 at 6:26 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Lather. Rinse. Regroup. Throw dirt in. Repeat. I have a feeling today will be a repeat of the two previous days. The wash water is so filthy now it's hard to decipher who's who and what's what. Something's gonna go boom or Amber is gonna calmly accept her fate and step back to watch them all self destruct.

July 30, 2014 at 6:37 AM  
Blogger Lolli said...

Ana, I think she's just the next in line of the girls. I see soooo many opportunities to flip this house; it's frustrating to watch!

July 30, 2014 at 6:45 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning! And goodnight!!

See u in a couple hours...

July 30, 2014 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger bethg said...

Hello all! This is my second season watching. I guess I came in on the show's decline? I still enjoy it since I don't know about its glory days.

I don't watch the feeds. I just read the blogs and watch BBAD. Last night it ended in the middle of a conversation between Frankie and Amber in the beehive room. So, 2am eastern time. I couldn't catch what they were talking about. Was it anything worth recapping?

Thanks! Love the BBDish!!

July 30, 2014 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn, Jerry, Meka, Vicki, Yasmin, Ana and all my BB Buddies who follow.

Just wanted to say hello before I start to read the TOR.

I have to say this cast has the patience of Job. I could not listen to Caleb drone on and on and on about the Amber situation! I would have to tell him to please stop it as he is driving everyone crazy. He is so obsessed with his 'honor' that goodness knows how he will react when they vote her out because he will think it's all his fault for 'putting her up'. I think they should just tell him and not blindside him with this. Poor Caleb truly thinks he is the 'beast' to beat in the house and the only thing he has won was the first HOH that nobody wanted to win. Every group or individual he joined last night he immediately began talking about Amber and never shut up. I had to keep switching feeds because I was so tired of listening to him.

I'm sure it will be the same today.

Have a great day everyone.

July 30, 2014 at 7:11 AM  
Blogger Katlady3 said...

Hello Carolyn, and everyone else. This is my first time commenting although I've been a reader for years now. I'm also disappointed with the way these houseguest are treating Amber. She wasn't my favorite, but she doesn't deserve the nastiness they are spreading. I'm also concerned for her safety and they way they r egging calab on. Someone like him is very unpredictable and these guys are feeding his anger towards her. I hate the way this season is shaping up, another brigade, which was very boring! Thanks for all u do Carolyn!

July 30, 2014 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

good morning all, goddess of the dish and dishers.
wow what a night on the feeds. I may watch the caleb finding out fb later. I hope every one has a good day.
Still sorry to see amber go next but I know there nothing that can change it now.

July 30, 2014 at 7:25 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Happy hump day!

Correct me if Im wrong... Are we not watching Big Brother? Its a game to win 500k. There are no rules beside dont headbutt and dont throw your mic in the jacuzzi. Psychological torture is ALWAYS encouraged: see Evel Dick

July 30, 2014 at 7:34 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is so sad for Amber! Caleb is psycho and no one should be egging him on. Saying he's gonna dump ice water on her? Then throw stuff at her and hit her with flour? CRAZY. He's the one who stabbed her in the back! He's a chauvinist

July 30, 2014 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Esthera said...

I feel for Amber she has done nothing wrong but be put in an awkward position with Caleb's obsession for her, the girls jealousy, and the guys mistreat of her by planting negative thoughts in Caleb's head. It's a really messed up situation I can't wait for this week to be over. Hope Caleb opens his eyes and sees who the true enemies are and puts up frankie and derrick on the block.

July 30, 2014 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What else can I add? Jerry, you said everything I am feeling. I take it by the comment and then fish, PR is TRYING To stop this , but in my opinion , too little to late. Amber is such a sweet girl, she truly had no chance in this game with Caleb's SICK Obsession. These HG are evil. The way they play into Caleb is disgusting. This is Clearly someone who has some very serious issues and I agree, DERRICK of all people should know better than this. Clearly he's seen hundreds of Domestic violence and mental cases. I know he is hungry for the money, and he's playing a good game, but I'm very disappointed in him right now. At this point, I'd rather see Victoria win over these baboons , DISGUSTED!!!!!!!

July 30, 2014 at 7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should "At the End of the Day " to wake up the HGs tomorrow morning. As a joke about Caleb's favorite term and as it will be prophetic, "there's a reckoning still to be reckoned
and there's going to be hell to pay At the end of the day".

July 30, 2014 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@Ana Clark: They "hate" whoever the target is that week. If they haven't done anything terrible they will make it up. I still feel Derrick is running things, but it may be getting out of his control. He seems to be the major factor in who is targeted, Zankie takes care of spreading rumors and hate, they tell Christine and she fires up the mean girls, Derrick and Cody play everyone's friend, and you have the game that's being played this season.
We've had four evictions and only two votes for other than the evictee. I expect it'll be the same Thursday.
If the same crew, or someone they control, wins HOH Thursday, you'll see the pattern repeated.
I still have hope for the season but, so far, it's wash, rinse, repeat.

July 30, 2014 at 8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very disturbed and disgusted with what is going in the house right now. What they are doing to Amber is just plain wrong. This is not game play. I fear for Amber. I agree with what your are saying as well Jerry.
I do not understand why they have to be so mean about evicting her. She has done nothing to deserve it. This is going beyond the game.
What they are doing with Caleb is dangerous. This has been a horrible week. BB needs to step in.

July 30, 2014 at 8:56 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Maybe cbs will throw in a Pandora's box today to distract the HG. Not. They love the chaos. Ratings are ratings to them. Trending, whether good or bad, is free PR. They're gonna let it go as far as it goes. They'll only step in once a physical melee occurs. Mental and verbal is AOK with production. Can't wait to see our TA choices for next week!!'

July 30, 2014 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@Jumbo, you're not wrong. Maybe it's my old age showing, but I just find this group too vicious for my taste. Evil Dick was entertaining, and except for going way overboard with Jen, nowhere near as nasty as this bunch. You never knew what he would do, he kept your guessing, this bunch is scripted, predictable and, for the most part, boring. Of course that very well could be selective memory on my part. :-)
As I said, I keep hoping.

July 30, 2014 at 9:38 AM  
Blogger cynthia said...

hi Carolyn, everyone!

if they're going to send Amber home, then just send her home. but to go through this length vilifying Amber so they can cover their tracks with Caleb is just wrong. they all know how obsessed Caleb is with Amber - they talk about it all the time! nobody knows what Caleb is capable of especially when pushed this far. this is just crazy and sad.

i'm so disappointed with these morons...

July 30, 2014 at 9:40 AM  
Blogger Silly jilly said...

Lying in BB? Say it isn't so! Why do people just have to complain every season when they know what this game is about? Great season, great cast, bring on the drama I say. Ambers feelings will be hurt but as soon as she walks out and is filled in she will see the boys knew the truth about Caleb. Unfortunately there is only one winner and you are playing a GAME to get to the end. Amber should have brought her. She said in her pre interview she would do what she has to do to win but she must have forgotten she needed to actually do something other than be truthful.

July 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Jerry Williamson

I thought ED was very perdictable. The game is thegame in my book. I dont see this current situation any different than any other in previous seasons. Itsa brutal game. Nobody forced Amber or anyone else to sign up

July 30, 2014 at 10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one enjoying the great game play. There is nothing nice about the BB game. Its a serious social experiment and it interests me to watch and listen to the way things can twist and turn and get twisted and turned. Amber will be fine. There is a shrink that helps them with re-entry. Caleb will be fine. enjoy the game for the game that it is..I do.

July 30, 2014 at 10:34 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have followed Big Brother and bb dish for years but this is my first response. Jerry I agree 100% with you. I fear also for Amber and feel the HG have passed all moral and personal boundaries regarding Caleb. I also think Frankie is already planting seeds in Caleb against one of the other girls, probably Nicole using Amber as the ammunition, causing more fear in the house. I hope I am wrong

July 30, 2014 at 11:01 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I don't know why everyone is so upset about Amber...

They did the same exact thing to Brittany last week, and it was awful to watch. Just because Caleb has delusions of grandeur, I guess the Amber situation seems worse? I don't think Caleb has the faintest idea of himself and has no insight regarding his thoughts or actions. I also believe that he acts abusive, especially by putting Amber OTB in an attempt to control her...

I do believe it's sad that the others are complacent in the roles they play especially regarding Britt & Amber.

It's probably best for Amber to just get out of that environment at this point.

July 30, 2014 at 11:16 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

Good Morning,

I can't wait for the comp and Ceremony on tonight's show. I really hope BB hold the TA to the standard of what we voted for, i.e. two people arguing to accomplish the task.

@Jerry Williamson

Your comment about these HGs could be mine. They are a nasty bunch of people. On every level. They are dirty, don't clean the House and are not the HGs I liked a few weeks ago. Funny how things change. And let me not even get started with Frankie and Zach for different reasons. At least Zach shakes up the house... but Frankie is just getting 'old'.

Hoping for a Donny and Hayden win in the next HoH.

As for the treatment of Amber... I look at it this way - at least Evel Dick (who I was a fan of) said it to your face... these people are all fake, and I am allergic to fake. It's not that they just use strategy... they intend to really hurt their target. That is cruel. Some of them get a kick out of it. I'd take a NYC attitude = in your face, over a BH attitude = talking about you behind your back while kissing your cheek, any day.

July 30, 2014 at 11:40 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...


Just want to make sure you all know there's a new top post..

:0) ClickMeToGetThere


July 30, 2014 at 11:43 AM  

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