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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sunday to you!

Christine won the Power of Veto Competition last night, and she does not plan to use it.  Her task for the next 48 hours is to get Nicole on board with keeping Zach, so the Detonator numbers are not exposed.

Zach's task is to convince Nicole she is not and never was his target, and to just generally behave himself.   Cody's still a little squidgy, but Derrick has at least gotten him to agree that keeping Zach this week is better for their game in the long run.  Cody's assignment is to snuggle back up to Christine, just in case..

I'm starting the Overnight Report a bit earlier than usual again today, due to some very important conversations on the live feeds during the 11pm hour...

Ready?  Let's dive in! 

Camera 3
Zach, Cody, Derrick

Zach: I added another verse to it.. my eviction speech..

HGs, I'm begging you, please give me another chance. 
If you wanna follow me on twitter, 
my name is @ranceypants. 

Your decision is crucial,
The wrong choice may cost ya,
So when you walk into that Diary Room,
please vote to evict Jacosta.

Zach: F'in epic, right?
Cody: That is poetic.
Zach: Welp.. sittin' on the choppin' block again.  What's new?
Derrick: Best case scenario woulda been you winning. Just don't do anything Zach-like. Just.. stay still.

Zach: Do you think Nicole's gonna try to get her to use it on Jocasta?
Derrick: no.. we're good.

Zach: Golden.  We're golden. 
Cody: You gotta to kiss Nicole's ass. 
Zach: Why?
Cody: Just so we can be like, we're votin' to keep him. Cuz if we all vote to keep you, and she doesn't want you, our cards got shown. They'll know the numbers.
Derrick: You just gotta let her know.. what happens if I stay? You're not my target.
Zach: ok
Derrick: 100%.
Derrick: So she feels comfortable.
Cody: Be like, I understand that you returned the favor.. what I did to you.. I put you up, you weren't my target, you're still not my target..  Something like that.
Zach: Yeah..

Camera 3
Derrick and Cody

Derrick: Real quickly.. Nicole told me, Christine said she wanted me to put up you or Cody, then she walked out.  That's all she said to me.
Cody: WTF.. Did you see who ran up there?  Frankie and Christine jetted up.
Derrick: Yes.. but if Christine doesn't use the Veto, I think we can work with them, because if she doesn't use it, then she can't backdoor..
Cody: What do you mean, if she doesn't use the veto? I'm callin' em out.
Derrick: But if Christine doesn't use it, I think we should work with them.
Cody: Here's the thing...

Derrick: We gotta keep Zach here. Do you agree with that or no?
Cody: Yeah, dude.
Derrick: Lemme ask you this: Can we afford to vote Zach out?
Cody: (silence)
Derrick: Honestly, I'm askin' your opinion..
**or at least letting you think you formed it of your own volition
Derrick: ..cuz I mean, we vote him out, and then next week, Hayden wins and puts us up there.. That's one less person we have that will vote to keep us, against like a Victoria. That's my fear.

Cody: Yeah, bro, I don't know.
Derrick: I don't know what we should do either, but we gotta come up with somethin'.. by Monday. Cuz he thinks he's safe.  Here's my thing.. Frankie and Christine are workin' together.  They're plan is to get to the end, but we have the numbers right now, so if we..
Cody: Here's the thing.. We can keep Zach, let him know the shit that's gone down, and then he'll f'in flip on f'in Frankie.

Derrick: Exactly.
Cody:  ..and Christine in a second.
Derrick: Exactly.  But if we... Like, right now, we've been workin' hard to get the numbers these last 7 weeks, if we flip now and start workin' with Hayden and Nicole, we're behind the 8 ball.  We have to try to get the numbers back on our side on their team.. and we're on the bottom of the totem poll... cuz they're workin' with Donny.  So my thing is, even though we know Frank and Christine are talkin' shit about us, I think they plan on workin' with us for a few weeks, until they get other people out.. So guess what?  We f'in yank them before they get us.
Cody:I will yank them on the double eviction.
Derrick: Exactly.
Cody: My target next week is f'in Frankie or Christine.
Derrick: But.. we gotta be careful about Donny too, though...

This is ongoing.  As before the PoV, Derrick is diligently working to bring Cody where he wants him.. and he's making headway. For this week, all Derrick really needs is for Cody to agree to keep Zach, and he's done that.

Camera 3
Fire Room
Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick

Frankie: Oh my goodness, this is exciting. You won your first Veto!
Derrick: You're gonna be a popular person over the next few days, Christine.

Christine: I'm gonna just tell her (Nicole) that I'm not gonna use it, right?
Frankie: Yeah
Christine: Yeah.. I don't want to.

Cody: hehe.. I don't wanna do it..
Christine: hehehe
Derrick: Well, it puts you in an awkward spot.
Christine: yeah.. So I'm just gonna like, look, here's the thing, your target's gonna have to change.
Frankie: mm hmm
Derrick: You have a close enough relationship.. She's not gonna be mad at you though..
Christine: I don't think so.. I don't care.

Cody: hmm.. don't think so, don't really care.
Christine: hehe.. yeah.. I'm not usin' it, sooo..

They discuss the best approaches, and how to bring Nicole to a point where she's ok with keeping Zach and sending Jocasta home..

Christine: I just have to convince  her that it's ok that Zach stays.
Cody: I mean, if it comes from you.. You were one that he put up as well.
Christine: Exactly.  It could be 7 to 1.. just Donny (voting to keep Jocasta)..

This is ongoing, much like the night..

Cam 3
Fire Room
Zach enters..

Zach: Are you guys evicting me?
Frankie: yeah (and giggles from Christine)
Zach: (whines, kidding) How'd I know??
Frankie: I just wanna let you know that you may only have a few more days to discover that you're a homosexual.. and to have sex with me.

Zach turns and teases..

Cody: Haa!
Frankie: Oooh. That was hot. I just got a little chub.

Zach gets on his knees, takes Christine's hand, and..

Zach: Thank you.. so f'ing much.. I have never loved you so much in my entire life.
Derrick: There's one condition though..  We already told her.  The only way she's not gonna f*ck you, is if she gets to hear the speech..
Zach: Oh.. ok.. Say, "Zach it is now your turn to plead your case," or whatever.
Frankie: Zach, you go first..
Zach: Thank you, Julie..  ahem.. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Nicole is my target, I'm coming for you.
Christine: hahaha
Zach: I love all you people, and I am so grateful.  Maybe I'll even change my ways, and not be so hateful. We're all going to jury.  We're on the right track.
Zach: America, and fans at home, please hashtag #ZachAttack.
Christine: ha!
Zach: Houseguests, I'm begging you, please gimme another chance.  If you wanna follow me on twitter, my name is @ranceypants.
Christine: hahaha!
Zach: Your decision is crucial.  The wrong choice may cost ya.  So when you walk into that diary room, please vote to evict Jocasta.

Christine: Woaahhhh!
Frankie: That's the best thing ever.  You have to do that.
Zach: Obviously I'm gonna do it.  I've been stayin' up for 10 hours makin' sure i know it.
Derrick; heheheh
Christine: That was  amazing.  That was really cool.
Frankie: That was amazing.  Are you gonna change your target?
Zach: I should, right?
ALL: yeah.

All agree he should change the target in his poem to Victoria..  then they can't resist ribbing him..

Frankie: I can't imagine losing to Jocasta in something by 10 minutes.. Can you imagine being that person?
Zach: Can you punch me in the dick?
Frankie: I'll do something else to it.

Camera 3 and 4
Living Room
Frankie and Derrick

Frankie: Today was so important.
Derrick: mmhmm.  Just gotta keep the group together.
Frankie: Yeah, I agree. That'll be our job.  It is our job.
Derrick: mm hmm
Frankie: And we need..
Derrick: If he goes, tough (Team America) missions get screwed up.  He leaves, we're f*cked.
Frankie: Yeah. And I'm super happy that we have.. And.. I'm super happy that they see how valuable Christine is.
Derrick: mm hmm
Frankie: We all are so important..
Derrick: mm hmm

Camera 1 and 2
Dining Area
Juggling Limes..  As with everything between the boys, it's competitive..

Hayden is.. learning.  
  Cody's good.
 Caleb should add it to his resume.

Frankie and Derrick
Living Room
Camera 3 and 4

Derrick: That was impressive.
Frankie: Caleb!  I would like to have sex with you!  hehehe.. I love how that makes him laugh.
Derrick: He literally went to one hand and flipped him the bird.
Frankie: I saw.  He's so good at everything...  except for winning competitions.
Derrick: Yes.  Yes.

Christine enters.  Frankie gushes over how proud he is of her.. She's proud of herself too.
Frankie: ...and Zach's great cuz.. Keep your target in front.

Camera 3
Living Room
Cody and Christine

Cody gets back to work, working Christine, as instructed earlier by Derrick.. "use your face!"  He picks her up for a snuggle.. and gets completely entwined.

Christine: You were mean today.
Cody: I'm so nice. You were mean.

Christine: Can I take the place of Amber in your life now, Cody?
Cody: Oh, so you want me to act like I love you and lie to you and send you home?
Christine: hehehe.. no, please don't.
Frankie: Awww. yeah. don't do that.
Cody: No, you can go right back to the place I had you beforehand..
Christine: Where's that?
Cody: Right in the center of my heart.
Christine: Awwww! You're such a player. Tryin' to play me.
Cody: Oh.. I would never do that.  I'm just a cuddle bear.

Camera 3
Living Room

There's been quite a bit of penis size talk tonight.. We'll join them for a bit of it.

Christine: So, Derrick, you takin' a shower soon?
Cody: So, Derrick, when r you gonna be naked, per se?
Christine: Derrick, I wanna play with.. pfftt.. I wanna watch you..
Cody: Woahh! I wanna play with your..
Christine: hehehe..  I wanna watch you play baseball!
Derrick: Christine, you're just a sinkin' ship.

Christine: I know!  I am!!
Derrick: Tim did wanna hang out with me.
Christine: I am done. 
Derrick: Doesn't anymore.
Christine: Ok, he has a giant one, so it doesn't matter.
Cody: Woah!
Derrick: Perfect.  So we're good.

Cody: (to his penis) Hey buddy..  you're great just the way you are.
Christine: hehehe
Cody: That's what I tell him every day.
Christine: Tim, you know how I feel about you.
Derrick: but in the meantime..
Cody: penis talk just..

Christine: Cody, you have a great one. Don't worry.
Cody: Oh God.. Thank you.. I feel like I constantly have to fix my penis now.. Texas tuck.
Christine: What does Texas Tuck mean?
Derrick: In your belt, in a waistband.
Christine: Ooh..

Cody: My brother called it the Texas Tuck one time, and I..
Derrick: Just stuck with it.
Cody: We were walking into Longhorn one time, and I was like dude, I have a boner, I don't wanna go in there.. he's like, dude, Texas Tuck it up.   I was like, Yeah!  I was like, definitely!  Waooh..

And with that how-to hand motion from Cody on the mechanics of the Texas Tuck, we're moving right along.. ☺   Penis talk continues..  It's at 12:59am on Camera 3, if you'd like to flashback on the live feeds.  Funny stuff.

Dating Talk..

Frankie: I love splitting the bill.  It's so easy.
Caleb: I will definitely split a bill.
Frankie: If there's no hope for a follow up, split it.
Caleb: If I take a girl to an expensive restaurant, bill comes up, $240, you better be coughin' it up.  I didn't eat $240 worth of food.  I'll take a girl on a 1st date straight to Taco Bell.  If she complains, she ain't gettin' another one.
Zach: No, you don't!  You'd take a girl to Taco Bell??
Caleb: I would.
Christine: I would go on a date to Taco Bell.
Zach: Well, you love Taco Bell..
All: (laugh)
Caleb: Now that shows simplicity.
**that shows cheap f*ck. Victoria agrees with me.

Caleb: That shows, hey, let's go to Taco Bell.. Nooo.. I wanna go to Miro Jima, where it costs $400 to eat.  You ain't for me.
Victoria: That has nothing to do with it.
Caleb: It does.
Victoria: Simplicity..  You can take me to just walk on the beach.. or go get ice cream.. but why Taco Bell? Fast Food Restaurant?? Take me to go get ice cream on the beach.  I'd rather do that.
Christine: I don't have a beach to go to..

Jocasta: If a girlfriend of mine calls me and tells me a grown man took her to Taco Bell, I will be there to pick her up soon.
Victoria: Thank you! Yeah!
Caleb: Hey, and if she complains, she aint for me.


The rest of the HGs chime in and give Caleb hell..He confesses he usually goes to Olive Garden..

Caleb: I wanna be completely honest.  I have never taken a girl to a fast food restaurant on a 1st date, BUT..
Jocasta:Any time I've talked to a friend who went on a date to a fast food restaurant it was..
Frankie: It was "do you wanna f*ck on an empty stomach or a full stomach.."
Jocasta: Yes.  Yes.
Frankie: Cuz if you wanna  f*ck on a full stomach, let's go grab a burger.
Jocasta: And my friend would fall for that crap every time.  I'd be like, where'd you go?  Burger King?

Caleb: Or.. you can take her to a restaurant and the bill's $240 and..
Frankie: And you can f*ck later.
Caleb: ..and you never hear from her again.

**I'm loving Victoria's horrified looks.  This whole conversation is completely out of her wheelhouse.  Completely..

Hayden: Victoria's very flustered.. Like bothered..
Victoria: Because it's not true!
Caleb: It is true.
Frankie: She's defending her entire class of people.
Victoria: Like, ok.. A guy comes to pick me up on a date, talks to my parents, and then I'm gonna tell to my..
Zach: Wait.. They talk to your parents before they even..?
Christine: They talk to your parents?? On the first..
Victoria: Yes.
**like I said, completely out of her wheelhouse.  Victoria's simply part of a different world than the rest of the house.
Christine: Wow.
Jocasta: I'm sure that's traditional..
Victoria: I'm gonna go out with someone who's a stranger, my parents don't even know who they are?  Heck no!

Zach: You are a grown woman, aren't you?
**again, for her, this is a translation issue that implies she's more experienced than she is. 

Victoria: No I'm Not!  
All: hehehe
Victoria: I'm not!
Frankie: No, you're not.

Jocasta: I think that's cultural though, right?
Victoria: yeah!

Camera 3
Living Room
Zach, Victoria, Caleb

Zach's talking about dating when he gets out of the house.. Victoria and Caleb are dispensing very different advice.. Zach and Victoria agree that Caleb's advice is creepy..

Living Room
Zach and Nicole

Nicole: I thought you were gonna crush that comp..
Zach: I did crush it, and I had Donny and Victoria mixed up the whole time, and I was just walkin' around in circles, just cursing at everyone, cuz I thought I had it right. I was just an idiot.  I take full responsibility.  No excuse for my actions.  I'm a f'ing idiot.
Nicole: You got done quickly and you had just 1 thing wrong and couldn't figure out what it was?
Zach: And I had all the right ones up there, and I was like, wtf? I'm missing a piece!

Cody passes through and pounds Zach goodnight..

Nicole: Don't you have like a photographic memory?
Zach: Yeah..

Cody crosses to Nicole's couch, picks up his clothing pile..

Cody: Oops, my underwear.. (he seems to flip them towards Nicole)
Nicole: Cody!!

Zach: haha!
Cody: They slipped right out of my hand..

He hugs her and heads to bed..

Camera 1
Derrick and Jocasta

Following a prayer session, Derrick and Jocasta talk about today's results and what she needs to do moving forward..  Nicole joins them and Derrick is forthcoming about their talk..

Derrick: I just told her, you've got to wait til Monday, and campaigning is a game, just like any competition.. While it's not a comp, campaigning is a facet of this game, and she has to be prepared for that on Monday, depending what happens.
Nicole: Right.
Derrick: She said she's gonna talk to you, she said she's gonna talk to Christine, and that's important.
Nicole: mm hmm.  I haven't even talked to Christine yet.

Derrick: You want me to leave for a few, so you guys can talk?
Nicole: Doesn't matter. You wanna talk?
Jocasta: Yeah..
Nicole: I have no idea what's gonna happen.  No idea.
Jocasta: I.. I mean..
Nicole: I would talk to her first, and then talk to me.
Derrick: yup..  You're never out until you're out.  You just gotta wait and see what happens and go from there.

Camera 3

Following a quick whisper between Frankie and Zach in the bathroom...

Zach: I think it's gonna be 8-0.
Frankie: Yeah, I think so too..  It's crazy.
Zach: Out of control.
Frankie: Did you talk to Nicole?  Perfect..

Skippy flips us to Cody and Hayden.

Cody: She said she's not gonna use it.   Nicole told me today what Christine said about..
Hayden: She said it.
Cody: I think it's F'd up.
Hayden: Yeah.. and she said I would be Zach's 5th vote, cuz she said to Nicole that, "you know there's an all guy's alliance, right?"
Cody: yeah
Hayden: And she's like, "Hayden's voting to keep Zach.  I know you want Zach gone."   And like, Christine is the one who last week was like, I want Zach gone.
Cody: Yeah, I know.
Hayden: And now she's pushing for it, cuz obviously, like, I'm guessing cuz of Frankie..
Cody: It's 100% cuz of Frankie.  He's got her wrapped around his..
Hayden: Yeah. Absolutely.
Cody: It's bs..

Cody hears something and turns to see..  Derrick comes in, eating a bowl of something.. He sits down and joins them..

Derrick: Me n Jocasta were prayin, then she wanted to talk to me for a couple minutes about where things are at, and then as I was sittin' in there Nicole walked in.
Hayden: Where's the actor at? (Frankie)
Derrick: I haven't seen him..
Hayden: Where the F is he?
Cody: Might be in the bathroom.
Hayden: I think he's in the ceiling.
Derrick: I'll go look.
Hayden: I think he's in the ceiling, dude. 
Cody: All of a sudden, he just pries off the wall..
Hayden: hehehe

Camera 1 and 2
HoH Landing- Chess Table
Derrick and Nicole

Derrick: He's like, do you think Christine's gonna use the Veto, and I'm like, I don't know, dude.  I don't know.  I was like, you have to campaign hard.  You have to her to use it.  He's like, "I don't know if she will.  I don't think she'll use it on me.. cuz obviously" 
Nicole: Have you talked to her?
Derrick: No, I'm just sayin' that's what he (Zach) said.  I was talkin' to Hayden in the Have Not Room.. Christine's kinda sayin that she's not gonna use it.  I don't know.  She might.  Once you talk to her, she might change her mind.
Nicole:  You don't think she'll use it?
Derrick:  I don't know.. She's playin' a very low key game, but.. at the same time, she might talk to you and feel completely different about it.
Nicole: (i couldn't hear)
Derrick:  SO just keep it the way it is then.. That way she doesn't see your cards. 
Nicole: If she thinks I'm gonna backdoor Frankie..

Derrick: Right.  I don't think she'll use it for exactly that reason.  Cuz she doesn't know who you'll put up.  So why not?  She doesn't care who goes home this week..  I don't know if he's bullshittin', but Zach's sayin' his target's Victoria.
**chumming the waters, as it were..

Nicole: He told me yesterday, I'm his target.
Derrick: F'ing kid.  He was just like, "yeah, we gotta get Victoria outa here."
Nicole: (i think i've got this right - they're whispering)  I think getting rid of him is good for all of our games.  He'll snap at any time.  Blow up on all of us.

Talk continues, but it's Rationale fka Quad Squad related, and since Derrick just laid the Zach's target is Victoria bait, I believe that point is moot... 

Camera 3
Rock Room
Zach and Christine

Zach: Christine, you are the reason why I'm staying.   I love you.  I owe you the biggest favor ever. 
Christine: Nooo
Zach: No, I really do though.
Christine: You rock, Zach.

Zach: Oh my God.. ahhh... 
Christine: It worked out well.
Zach: It worked out perfect.
Christine: I seriously think it might be a 8-0 vote. We'll see.
Zach: We'll see.

Yes, we'll see!☺   And this, dear dishers, concludes the Overnight Report.   Happy Sanity Sunday!☺  I'll see you for the Viewing Party tonight... Please mind the critters on the live feeds til then..

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You'll still get the same great deals, they'll throw us a little commission for sending you, and we'll get to keep blogging Big Brother! It's a win, Win, WIN! ☺



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning. Dang feeds, they're back to the way they were two weeks ago. Frozen, if you go live, jumps to midnight and freezes. Frustrating!!!!

Didn't take for Derrick long to counter any other moves. He is playing a masterful game.

The season may be determined by who strikes first. I still think this was Derrick's chance to strike first and get Frankie out. Probably not really possible, even if he wanted, with Christine winning the veto. So unless something happens today looks like Jocasta is toast. I guess we may have to wait for the double eviction and hope something different happens there.

I'm still rooting for the underdogs.

August 3, 2014 at 4:11 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So much for Caleb being the suave southern gentleman he told amber he was and how she would be picked up in a horse drawn carriage for their first date and being taken to an expensive restaurant. I hope you like a beater vehicle and Taco Bell girl...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Evidently he's been caught in so many lies like how he was lined up for a million dollar movie role, was going to be drafted by the colts, discriminatory tattoo on his head that doesn't exist, his brother being a famous country singer etc. I pray he goes in the double Thursday for my sanity.

August 3, 2014 at 6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is best for Derricks game..

I believe if they had pulled the plug on Frankie. Derrick would be right behind in a week or two. No way would Nicole/Hayden keep him around over Victoria and Jocasta. Derrick is right in saying that keeping Jocasta is just keeping a number for that side of the house.

August 3, 2014 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

JEEZ this season is the most frustrating!!! (At least to me..) I can't believe Christine wants Zach to stay! Just two days ago she wanted him OUT. Freaking Frankie and Zach need to goooooo... if Nicole isn't careful, ANOTHER girl will be on her way out and the girls numbers will be THREE! THREE PEOPLE! Compared to SEVEN guys! If Christine doesn't use the veto on Jocasta, it just reinforces the fact that she's playing for 5th place at best... These girls are hopeless... Here's to another boring week of this boring season...

August 3, 2014 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Good Morning and Super Sunday to all.

Since Christine is planning NOT to use the Veto, the task these next few days is to find a ‘path’ to change her mind so that Nicole can backdoor Frankie like she wants. I ONLY see this happening if HAYDEN can influence Nicole into lying to Christine.

What lie? Well it would involve Cody & Derrick being on board to pull off and Derrick really putting some trust into someone. Nicole would have to plant a seed that she wants to Back Door Derrick to Christine. If Derrick caught wind of this and didn’t know, then it’s toast for Nicole in the Double Eviction.

But IF it could be done, Christine would then run to Frankie with the idea and Frankie would run with it throwing lots of fodder in. The line in the sand would be drawn no matter the outcome.

So come veto time, Christine uses it on either nominee and Nicole puts up Frankie to the astonishment of C/F.

Chaos reigns.

Now, of course, I want Derrick gone as much as Frankie – but it would be so delightful watching everything unfold. And, I can imagine anything to keep Zach in the game.

Here’s to lying in the BB House.

August 3, 2014 at 7:32 AM  
Blogger OA said...

Man christine is really getting cuddly with Cody.

It sucks now we can't see frankie hit the BD, but there is alway the DE!

August 3, 2014 at 7:38 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

I would not be surprised to see Christine spearhead a movement to get one of the guys out. I have the feeling she would love to leave her mark on the game with an unexpected move.

Eh, I am not sure of anything anymore ... which is a good thing. Keeps me interested ;)

Thanks for TOR!

August 3, 2014 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I haven't been able to get my feeds to work since last night. Nothing works in the main viewer, can see them in the small boxes. Their viewer discretion message plays through and then just a black box. After awhile a message comes up on it that says the event has not started. I've tried two computers and three web browsers. Flashback doesn't work either, just stays frozen. I've emailed CBS feedback, no response. I've read on forums there's a lot of people having issues and the response from CBS to all is like Donnie chirping crickets.

If I had to guess, I'd say their demand on the feeds are greater than they anticipated and their servers aren't handling the demand. Probably due to the influx of people who have gotten the feeds to follow Zankie.

Luckily some are still getting it to work like Carolyn to keep the rest of us updated.

August 3, 2014 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger Saginaw Guy said...

It looks like another boring week of the alliance picking off the individuals. I think I enjoyed it more when there were two opposing teams where each has a legitimate chance. These huge alliances become too powerful, unstoppable, and boring.

August 3, 2014 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

If Jocasta can go this week and Victoria the next, it could get interesting with all the alliance overlap. Right now I'd hate to see those two continue to just float by

August 3, 2014 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Okay after 10 minutes to load I'm able to watch the flashback from last night of the POV aftermath. Sounds like it was an awesome comp. Can't wait till Wednesday to see it. Feed still freezes every once in while and the audio jumps back a few minutes and replays, when it catches up the video goes again. At least it's something!

The double eviction this week is going to be so interesting!

August 3, 2014 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger Ellyson said...

I think Christine is my least liked player. I hate how she fawns over Cody. I don't know how I feel about this season yet, I'm very meh. But I do like that they are getting rid of the weak players and floaters first. It's going to make for some very exciting feeds come next week (after double eviction) when they have to start going at each other.

August 3, 2014 at 9:39 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good morning Carolyn, everyone

Happy Sanity Sunday, didn't start off to sane though. That Veto was for sure insane. All the audio leaks on BBAD and nothing on the feeds and then when it's all over it's Christine who's holding the prize. She is so in the dark that she is the Caleb/Amber of the Detonators and isn't being told anything and they have meeting without her and she's toast whenever they decide. For these reasons and her misplaced loyalty to Frankie she won't use the Veto because getting out Jocasta plays perfectly for the Detonators but not her.

Christine and Nicole are polar opposites it seems. Christine wants all the attention, begs for it, and touching and rubbing with the guys, Cody, and on the other hand Nicole is basically hands off. Christine is completely lost with no head in the game and Nicole is playing well but not quite as aware as she needs to be. Hayden is part of that problem. He knows what the guys are doing but he thinks he is part of it. He had great advice when he, Nicole and Donny talked but then when it was over he's just one of the guys again and like Christine not in the game like he should be. It's very frustrating to watch.

Now on the opposite side of the house I love Derrick's game play. He is so focused on the end that when he slips he's quick to get back on track. I do think this is a lost opportunity though not getting Frankie out. I don't think all his mist could convince Christine to use the Veto though unless they told her to save that. If that happened then he could pull the trigger on Frankie. I also think if they figure out this is a double coming this week they just get Zach out this week and hope to get Frankie is the first part of the double. I'm quite sure that once this happens, the double, that they will go to one HOH. The survivor of the endurance will suddenly have a lot more power and they all know that.

Until Christine doesn't use the Veto though we might get some good feeds with people thinking and rethinking everything. Then trying to deal and manipulate her to their way of thinking. I wonder if Nicole will tell Christine about BDing Frankie, probably not since she's on to her now as not being loyal to her and Hayden, but then again time to make that move. Be remembered. Otherwise she's the next Amber.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'll see you tonight for the Feather Boa Sunday Gala :)

August 3, 2014 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

This is the first time this season that I'm posting because, and I hate to say it, I'm just not really feeling it this year. I'm not invested in any of these houseguests' games and really could care less who stays and who goes. I miss the days when power shifted between sides of the house. These 10-0, 9-0, 8-0 votes make for some very dull game play. Combine that with a houseguest like Derrick who, while playing a great game for himself, continually shuts down any possible big moves that could create some viewer interest, and I'm bored out of my mind. I think I can count on both hands the number of times I've tuned into the feeds and stuck around for more than a few minutes because, as an east coaster, nothing ever seems to go on this season while I'm awake.

The women in the house have consistently annoyed me by allowing themselves to, so easily, become nothing more than puppets for the men. I don't understand how some of them can proclaim to be such superfans, and yet be so blind to the fact that they've played a game that, so far, makes them so utterly disposable. Victoria cries every time she's put on the block, yet other than running to Derrick to follow his instructions, never makes any deals with anyone, aligns herself with anybody, or does anything to try to actually play the game. Jocasta, while seemingly a pleasant enough woman, is less than useless as a player. Who the heck does she know in production to have been chosen as a houseguest this season? I've never heard her talk game, she can't win anything, and she doesn't have any type of presence in the house other than being a friend to Donny.

I'm disgusted that Amber sat around for 40 days and was prevented from playing her game because some idiot decided that claiming her as his own was more important to him than his purpose for being in the house in the first place. Although she claimed loyalty to her "alliance", I think had she been able to round the rest of the women up, they might have been able to make a play to get some of the guys out of the house and level the playing field a little to give them a shot at trying to make it to final 5, 4, 3, or 2. It makes no sense to me why Christine would rather be low woman on the totem pole of an all male alliance, than try work with Amber and Brit to try and make some moves to get the guys out of the house. The choices some of these women have made, and continue to make, just boggles my mind. To be continued...

August 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

Initially, I found Frankie to be entertaining enough to hold my interest. I enjoyed his presence in group conversations, leading the meditation circle, and just providing some coming relief, but as time has gone on, I've gotten to the point where I really can't stand him. While his mode of gameplay is reminiscent of Andy's, I just get this feeling of entitlement from him that drives me crazy. If it wasn't for his being a have not this week, he would've rooted himself to that HOH room again just as he's done every single week since he got there (even though he barely ever speaks to Nicole!). It's nice she can see through him, but what good is that to her or her game if she doesn't try and convince Christine to use the power of veto on someone?

It's impossible not to get blood on your hands while playing Big Brother. Eventually it's going to happen. There's nothing to watch when an HOH is presented with an opportunity to make a move that would benefit his or her game, but fails to strike while the iron is hot out of fear of getting blood on their hands. If someone doesn't at least try and convince Christine to use the POV, this will end up being another wasted week. They can all sleep much easier knowing they got Jocasta out of the house since she's such fierce competition, and maintain the "brigade's" status quo, yet again.

Sorry this is so long, but I'm annoyed and fear that, based on how things have been playing out, this season's winner will be chosen from another positively awful final 2. I'm glad you're loving this season Carolyn, since you invest so much love and care into maintaining your incredible site. Regardless of how boring, awful, or wonderful these seasons are, the one thing I can always count on is that I'll love every minute of time I spend here on BBDish. As everyone else before me has said, thank you for maintaining such an incredible site, and thank all of YOU who contribute your comments and opinions for being so wonderful yourselves!

August 3, 2014 at 10:01 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

For those having feed issues, here's the response that CBS sent me back when I reported my issues. It's the response they're sending everyone right now, so at least they know there is a problem.

Dear Big Brother Fan,
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding the “Black” and “Loading” screen issues. As of now, the matter has been escalated to all appropriate streaming technicians who are working on getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible. We are reaching out to let you know that your case has been saved and you will receive an update as soon as we know more. We thank you for your patience during this frustrating time.

Big Brother Support Team

August 3, 2014 at 10:04 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm not sure if anyone noticed this or thought it but on BBAD they have commercials. There is one for a business called "Adam and Eve" anyone else think that Caleb and Victoria having the punishment of Adam and Eve is a plug for that business? Just thought it was interesting.

August 3, 2014 at 10:42 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I don't know how an exciting week turns into another predicable one. Unbelievable! I hope Nicole can get to Christine and get something done. Sigh

August 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Just another update for those having feed issues:

CBS has posted a scrolling message at the top of their "Help" page for the feeds that says the following:

"The following issues have been reported to our technicians: We are aware of "black screen" and "loading" issues that may be affecting Live Feeds for viewers. We ask for your patience while our technical team investigates this matter."

August 3, 2014 at 11:11 AM  
Blogger St0rm said...

Wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for al you do.... with working at 8-4 job it's tough to stay up and enjoy the late night feeds...

Everything you do keeps me up to date on what I've missed and I get a chance to go watch the top notch stuff. Much appreciated :)

August 3, 2014 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger St0rm said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

August 3, 2014 at 12:49 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Why can't Nicole just fake out Christine & tell her she kinda wanted to backdoor Caleb (or someone else that Chris would approve of...except Donny because I don't think Chris would believe her with him). But if Chris is worried that Frankie will be backdoored she should be told that Nicole actually has Caleb, or maybe Victoria in mind...which would fit right in with Chris' lie about Vic & Hayden making out). I'm surprised that Derrick hasn't thought of this maneuver.

August 3, 2014 at 1:02 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

this is the point of the game when we the viewers get very frustrated. of course we see everything that happens and just know what moves to make..and the players just know what they know. deep breaths everyone..as with every year some folks play very well and some folks just wont wake up. Jerry i agree this is Derricks game to lose. we will see just how well he has been playing these players when the double eviction happens and there is just seconds to scramble.

August 3, 2014 at 1:25 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My feeds finally starting working. In time to catch Nicole and Donny talking in the B/Y. Ca 1/2 1:25pm She has informed him that Christine, Zach and Frankie are targeting him, he told her he thought Derrick also. She isn't so sure. They are working out a plan to trick Christine into using the veto by saying she'll put up Donny. Looks like the Donny/Hayden/Nicole alliance is solid.

August 3, 2014 at 2:01 PM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

Good Afternoon. It's cloudy and muggy again in LA.

Interesting night on the feeds.

@Ryder Read your long comment last night about your take on the house. I am pretty much in agreement.

As of this moment... Nicole and Hayden are talking in the HoH. Both would love if Christine uses the POV on Jocasta thinking Donny would go up, and then Nicole would put up Frankie. Nicole was hurt by Christine's lies yesterday and said to Donny she no longer considers her a friend. Nicole told Donny when they spoke she would NOT put him up. Nicole, Hayden and Donny are close. Donny mentioned who he wanted to target... somewhere in there was Derrick... Nicole responded... "I don't think so" about Derrick being a threat to Donny.

Hayden just said that he thinks they should next target Frankie and Christine, after Zach leaves this coming Thursday. Little does he know lines will be drawn if votes are not mostly keeping Zach. They don't see Caleb as a threat. And Derrick and Cody did not come up at all as targets.

August 3, 2014 at 2:10 PM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

I must add to those who are upset about one side mainly being in charge in this house. Blame the Outsiders... because every time they have had a close chance to change direction... they chickened out.

The two HOH this week could have easily gotten out a strong guy... but they were too afraid to get blood on their hands. Donny and Nicole get what they deserve this week. Stupid ass play, because they did not want to make the targets on their backs bigger. Seriously, as if it could get bigger... even Donny knows the big alliance in the house.

I like Donny. He knows the game. But it turns out he sucks as a player.

Derrick rules the game so far. Will he be able to run the course... that is the one thing to now watch.

Can't wait for Frankie to go. He acts like a teenager with his sexual innuendos. I used to be entertained by him all the time... but now it's only 30% of the time. Also, if a straight guy acted half as sexual as Frankie... there would be outrage on the boards and chat rooms. He better Zip it.

August 3, 2014 at 2:20 PM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Mrs. Slack, product placement. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Now if they could get Captain or even Bud to be a sponsor.....


August 3, 2014 at 2:28 PM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

"Superfans", my tush!!

Nicole, has the chance to be downstairs scheming with Christine, and Donny present to fill Christine in on what's going on behind her back...and where is Nicole? Laying in HoH bed flirting with Hayden!

Christine has a chance to make a move that would take out a major obstacle between her and 500K, instead she wants to see a weak player, who is no threat to anyone, hit the bricks this week...

Guess they should just write Derrick the check now, because after this week, he just needs to coast....

August 3, 2014 at 2:51 PM  
Blogger pickedonalways said...


the only company that I've ever heard of called "Adam and Eve" is a company that sells sex toys. Could that be it?

August 3, 2014 at 3:42 PM  
Blogger Sweat210 said...

Caleb & Vic can't go up this week because they won the Battle of the Block.

August 3, 2014 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Martie....she can't put up Caleb and Victoria because they are safe this week.

August 3, 2014 at 4:18 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Agree on Frankie

August 3, 2014 at 6:29 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Might make for some more interesting tv. This cast doesn't seem as crazed about booze as past casts. Hiding beers and fighting over it. Maybe they should be rewarded with an all night binger.....again for more interesting tv of course :)

August 3, 2014 at 11:09 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yes it is, and it's the main commercial during after dark on tvgn. I just thought it was kind of hilarious :)

August 3, 2014 at 11:10 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Shi Shi, Sweat & others...sorry about the memory fart. I totally forgot that Caleb & Victoria were not eligible to be put on block. But the concept is the same. Nicole should definitely float the rumor that she wants to backdoor someone significant other than Frankie that Christine would go for.

I agree that Frankie needs to go. His has some entertaining schtick but we have seen it all now, more of the same is just annoying. And the constant sex references & innuendo are really showing his true colors. Note to Frankie: if you really want to entertain us (& the HGs) then stop pushing sex in our faces every time you open your mouth...it does nothing to endear us to you.

August 4, 2014 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Just paid my son's college tuition and no money left to tip you.....but thought this may be ok as a replacement. Thanks for all your hard work. http://www.bustle.com/articles/30088-big-brother-16s-cody-modeled-underwear-for-a-living-you-need-to-see-this-photos

August 9, 2014 at 4:16 PM  

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