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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Telling of Zach

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!☺  Today is PoV Ceremony Day in the Big Brother 16 House, and as always, we'll be here with the live feed updates before the Ceremony, in case anything changes at the last minute, and then with the PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Aftermath, once it happens.

It's quite rare that all the most important action in the house takes place before midnight, but last night it did, and what follows is the transcript and pictures of that.. The Telling of Zach.. I rarely say who I favor, but this season it's pretty easy - I love this cast completely - and it's important to me to give Zach his due by making this report as complete as humanly possible..

What strikes me most is this: At 20 years my junior, Zach is being much more of a grownup about this than I am. ☺ I'll get there.

"Never forget it's just a game." 
~Dan Gheesling, as quoted by Zach Rance. 

Camera 1
Storage Room
Frankie and Zach

Zach: You're still puttin' her up, right?
Frankie: (long pause) yeah.
Zach: You swear?

Zach: Look at me.

Zach: You are, right?
Frankie: I don't swear on anything.
Zach: (stares)
Frankie: I'm not swearing on Anything.
Zach: Frankie...
Frankie heads back to the kitchen.  Zach follows, as if nothing..

Camera 3
Donny and Zach
Pool Table

It's 8 minutes later, and for Zach, the lack of eye contact from Frankie spoke volumes.  He and Donny are playing pool together, and between shots, amid casual conversation, Zach says..

Zach: I'm goin' home this week, Donny.
Donny: Ya think so?
Zach: I think so, yeah.  I really think so.  Combo.
Donny: I wished I'da won that Veto.  I tried my best.
Zach: I know. It's alright though. You win some, you lose some.
Donny: I tried my hardest.  I was in the lead for a little while.
Zach: You were.  Slow and steady wins the race. Most of the time.

They continue the game..

Donny: You think they're in there plottin' against us.
Zach: I wouldn't doubt it.  I just have this feeling.. and if I'm up there next to Cody, I'm definitely goin' home.  For sure.

After a few more minutes..

Zach: Yeah, Donny, I think I'm goin' home this week.
Donny: Well don't think like that.
Zach: I don't want to.. but he'd be stupid to send Victoria home.
Donny: She's gonna be like Ginamarie and make it to the final.
Zach: Oh my God.

Camera 1
Kitchen Counter
Zach and Frankie

Frankie: You wanna have sex now?
Zach: Maybe.  We'll see after tomorrow.

Frankie: And there's that.
Talk turns to cookies.. Frankie's baking some.

Camera 1
Frankie, Christine

Frankie: I was thinking about saying, "I don't know if there's a saboteur in this house, but I do know that one person has, at one point or another, sabotaged all of our games..."
Christine: Oooh!!
Frankie: "..and I'm doing this for the good of the house."  Good right?
Christine: That's great.

**millions of us, including your sister, would beg to differ.

Christine: That's very great.  Very good.
Frankie: God.. The timing is kinda perfect.

Frankie sees Caleb and beckons him into the room.

Frankie: I think I'm gonna say, "I don't know that there's a saboteur in this house, but I do know that this person has sabotaged all of our games at least once since he's been here.."

Caleb: Yeah.
Frankie: Something like that.  I'll come up with a better way of saying it.
Caleb: Oh, are you talking about putting him up?
Frankie: Yeah.

After brief fishies, Zach is in the bathroom washing his hands.

Talk turns to cookies and acid reflux.. And Frankie and Christine exit too fast for subtlety.  Zach makes eye contact with Caleb through the mirror and shakes his head.

Caleb: What?

Brief Fishies..

Caleb: I'd just make an accusation.  I don't know what he's doin'.
Zach: Would you tell me if you knew, though?
Caleb: Would I tell you if you were goin' up?
Zach: Yeah
Caleb:  Do you think you're goin' up?
Zach: Yeah.

Zach: Would you tell me, or no?
Caleb: I mean, if you asked me, and I knew for sure, I'd say, "Yeah, I think he's gonna put you up."  I have no idea.  I think it could be Victoria too.
Zach: But do you have a slight doubt in your mind that it's not gonna be Victoria?
Caleb: I have a.. I have a.. A percentage of me says, yeah, he's probably going to, especially after this.. and then you stole the pool ball. 
**If you haven't read the  Team America Task post, everything is being blamed on Zach.. 
Zach: SO you think he's going to..
Caleb: If I was him, I would, due to that.
Zach: Really?? Because I hid the cue ball?

Caleb: mm hmm
Zach: Really??
Caleb: Because of that and after hidin' all that stuff, and then you try to sneak and hide a cue ball?
Zach: mm hmm
Caleb: You were sayin', "Man that was dumb.. If I go home for tryin' to steal a cue ball," but it adds to everything missin' already. For me, and my game, and how I would look at it..
Zach: If you were in Frankie's position, you'd put me up?
Caleb: Yeah
Zach: You would?
Caleb: Due to all that, yeah.  For my game.  At that point, it's for my game and my game only..
Zach: mm hmm
Caleb: Because, if this guy is the saboteur, he's probably got $25-30,000, he just tried to hide the cue ball, he just came out of the DR, where they said, "Hey, try to sabotage the pool.  Make em not be able to play pool ever again."

Zach: So I'm goin' home because I stole a cue ball.
Caleb: I don't know if you're goin' home.
Zach: No.. You know I am.  You just don't wanna..

Caleb: I have no idea.  Zach, I'm the most loyal person in this house.  I have no idea if he's puttin' you up.
Zach: Are you votin' me out over Cody?

Caleb: If he puts you up, I probably would vote you out over Cody, because of what's goin' on.  If none of this woulda been goin' on, I don't think he would put you up, and I think everything woulda been the same.  Victoria woulda gone up, gone home.
Zach: But because I stole the cue ball, I'm goin' home..
Caleb: It looks like you're the saboteur.

Moving forward a few minutes...

Cam 1
Zach and Caleb

Zach: (calm, accepting) I know he's puttin' me up.  It's all makin' sense to me. I know he's puttin' me up, and I got no chance against Cody. No chance.  It's gonna be unanimous, for sure. So..

Caleb: And if you are up against him, probably so.
Zach: Oh, for sure, it's not even gonna be close. I have no chance, cuz.. Victoria and Christine are definitely voting to keep him, and you're votin' to keep him.
Caleb: I want you to know, if that is the fact, it's not based on you.  It's based on everything that's happened since day one in this house. Game play is all it is.
Zach: mm hm
Caleb: And Frankie? I'm sure he feels, deep down inside, if you won HoH, you wold probably put him up and one of us other beasts up... because you've went against the grain before.  Where's Zach's head?  Dude., I don't know. I think he's with us, but he's thrown Christine up before, he's lied to all of us..  I don't know where he's at. Honestly.  But.. I think he's with us. But thinkin' in this game could send ya home.
Zach: mm hmm
Caleb: With Frankie bein' in power, just do like I said.. Pull him aside and talk to him.  He may...
Zach: I'm gonna try, dude, but at this point, I know I'm goin' home. Ya know?
Caleb: Hey man.. You feel that way?  You feel that you're goin' home? 
Zach: I mean, you told me you think he's puttin' me up, so..
Caleb: Probably.
Zach: Yeah.. He is, He is..
Caleb: Now he hasn't said, "I'm puttin' him up," but from how he's talked, he probably is.

Zach:  Damn.. What am I gonna do with my last days here?
Caleb: Probably hidin' some more people's stuff, sabotagin' more stuff, bein' Zach Attack.
Zach: Gimme some ideas.

Zach: Started thinkin' about my speech..
Caleb: (pauses, then) I mean, I wouldn't prepare a speech.. I'd go up there, "I wanna that God for me bein' here.  Mom, little broski, dad, love you guys.  Obviously, I think this is the end of my road.  I've played a good game.  I'm glad I'm here with you guys.  I've made it firther than a lot of people, and I'm so grateful to be in this house and to have made it as far as I did. Ya know.. If you guys keep me.."
Zach: No.  There's no chance.  There's no point even like sayin' it.
Caleb:  Ok.. Then you just give your goin' out speech.  See you guys in the jury, or see you in the finale.


Camera 1
Zach, Frankie, Caleb

Zach, Frankie and Caleb enter the HoH Room.  Zach goes to use the bathroom..

Frankie: Beastmode laid down the law..
Caleb: (stealth whispers)
Frankie: Why?!

Caleb: I had no idea that you..
Frankie: Caleb, this is a group decision.
Caleb: Oh yeah.
Frankie: Yeah.  (Zach comes out of the bathroom)  Alright, so explain to me what's going on?

Zach: Before I came to this house, I read a letter by Dan Gheesling...

Frankie:  uh huh
Zach: ..to the future BB16 houseguests.. and the one thing he said at the end was, "Don't ever forget that it's just a game."
Frankie: Right.

Zach: Why the f*ck would you waste a week of bein' HoH on Victoria?  Someone who is never gonna win a competition, who has no f'in chance of winning, when you can get out Me or Cody?  So.. O kinda thought in the back of my mind this whole week that..  Why the f*ck would Frankie put up Victoria and send Victoria home?  Yeah, we made the pact, whatever, be the last 6 here..

Zach: ..it's all gravy, but it's starting to come to me.. You're gonna put me up.
Frankie: Well, I'm gonna be totally honest with you. You're the one that gave me the idea. Honestly.  I wasn't even thinking about it.
Zach: How?
Frankie: I wasn't even thinking about it.  And let's also be honest, your name has been tossed to me by every single person in the house since I won the Veto.
Zach: Everyone.
Frankie: Yes.
Zach: Including Cody?
Frankie: Yes.
Zach: And Derrick?
Frankie: Yep.
Zach: Ok.  Fair enough, dude.  It's all good, dude.  I don't care. Like, I'm goin' home, I'd rather know..
Frankie: I know! And I was gonna tell you tonight...

Zach: (laughs) No you weren't..

Frankie: I swear to God, I was.  (to Caleb) Wasn't I?
Zach: I asked you!
Caleb: He was going to.

Zach: (heated) So then you lied to me!
Frankie: Everyone..
Caleb: We all collectively came together, and we said it's either Victoria or Zach.  At the end of the day, he's the man with the power.
Zach: Yeah
Caleb: He's gonna choose, yes or no.
Frankie: Correct.  It was gonna be my decision in the end.  Everyone had come to me and said, you know, "Zach has kinda burned all of us at one point or another in this game...  His trust is..
Zach:  Shot! Shot!
Frankie: ..basically gone."  It's just..  The only thing that started it is when we were in this room, tryin' to pick nominations, and you kept talkin' about how I wanted you out 2 weeks ago.

Frankie: ..and I was like, how do I know in 6 weeks, that's not gonna f'in perk in your head? 
Zach: Right.
Frankie: Know what I'm saying?  You could be the final HoH.. it could be you, me and Caleb, and you could say, "Yeah, but you wanted me out 7 weeks ago.  F*ck you!"  Cuz I don't know that you'll ever heal from that.
Zach: Right.
Frankie: I don't know that you'll ever heal.  I obviously have healed. Like, this isn't about last week.  Know what I'm saying?
Zach: It's about what's best for your game.
Frankie: It's about what's best my game, and, you know, everyone is kind of on board...

Moving ahead a few minutes..

Zach: It is what is it, bro.  I'm gonna get to shake Julie Chen's hand on Thursday. 
Frankie:  You have played an unbelievable game. 
Zach: The fact that you guys still like me!
Frankie: I love you.
Zach: ..is just alone..
Frankie: I have no doubt that if you made it to the end of this game, you'd win.
Caleb: Yeah.
Zach: Well, Donny and Nicole told me straight up that if I'm there, they're voting for me. I can say that now..
Frankie: Well, I know they're not voting for me.
Zach: If I was in the end, I think there's only 2 that would win over me.. Him (Caleb) and Derrick.
Frankie: I agree.  I already know that I'm not getting any votes from the jury.
Zach: Well..
Frankie: I'm not getting Hayden, I'm not getting Nicole, I'm not getting Jocasta..
Zach: If you guys wanna ask me right now who I'm voting for, you could ask me.  If it's you two, I'm gonna go like this (flips an imaginary coin). Heads, Congrats Beastmode.  If it's you against Cody, probably you.  Derrick over anyone.
Frankie:  Yeah, I know.

This conversation is ongoing, if you'd like to see it on flashback.. I'm going to do an Overnight Lite now.  See you there soon. ☺



Blogger Ryder said...

Good Morning to our favorite blogger Carolyn!

Good morning to all my fellow BB addicts and friends!

I screwed up. I meant to post at the end of the viewing party post.

Sunday evening around 5:30ish BBT Cody can't find his hat...then others start missing things & they all go on the hunt for the stuff and the culprit. For a good while they blame Victoria then Zach! He's the saboteur! This is really the TA assignment and they have organized the overnight neighborhood watch. This may lead to being the (pretend) reason that Zach gets back doored. It's all fun and games for a good while and if you want to join in on the fun it would be a good flashback to check out.

6:38pm BBT

The hottest cowboy I have ever seen! Carolyn you must go look (and a screen cap would be nice!) at Cowboy Cody wearing only a black cowboy hat and black shorts with a pink headband around his neck.

8:07pm BBT cam 2

They find their stuff in the recycle bin in the storage room. The neighborhood watch program continues and Derrick tells Donny they should keep it up until 7pm tomorrow. Frankie proclaims that no one will ever believe anything that Zach says from now on. It's throw Zach under the bus and back up and do it again prior to Frankie nominating him.

Ryder says to BB....I'll give you a Frankie and a Christine for just one Zach to stay in the house!

August 18, 2014 at 3:46 AM  
Blogger Ryder said...

8:18pm BBT Cams 3/4 backyard

Frankie thinks this whole thing is great (Zach being blamed) and now his "soul" will feel better about back dooring Zach. Christine concurs. Mean while in the house Zach is getting worried that he may be put up because of this. He insists he is innocent and didn't do anything! Frankie continues to shoot him down and come up with reasons why Zach did this and other things in the house.

9:12pm BBT CAM 2 Kitchen

Frankie asks Zach are we going to have sex? Zach responds maybe....I'll let you know tomorrow (after the POV ceremony)

9:17pm BBT Christine and Cody have figured out that Zach has been the saboteur since week 2 when he told Devin to put him up. They think he is laughing at them behind their backs while he is making money at the same time.

9:21pm BBT CAM 2

Zach & Cody in the kitchen Zach says ,,,,he's putting me up. Frankie and others come in to get cookies and after they leave Cody says he doesn't know. Cody thinks it doesn't look good for Zach.

9:31pm BBT CAM 1 bathroom

Zach asks Caleb if he is being put up. Caleb gives lip service & then, at the end of the day, if he was Frankie he would put Zach up. He thinks that Zach has been the saboteur and may have made 25k-30k, then later 50k so far. Zach tells Caleb that the week Amber went home the plan was to evict either her or Caleb and it was Frankie's idea to do it. Caleb isn't surprised and says he will keep that in mind for future game play. Zach keeps asking why me? It all boils down to cue-ballgate. Earlier in the evening during the happy time when they were running around looking for their stuff Zach, being Zach, thought it would be funny to hide the cue ball. He got caught. Therefore he has been blamed for everything that has gone missing and of being a paid saboteur. Zach just keeps saying I can't believe that I'm going out because of a cue-ball. Zach has calmly come to terms with being evicted on Thursday.

10:13pm BBT CAMS 1/2 HOH room Zach, Caleb & Frankie.

Zach knows he is being put up and Frankie has no choice but to admit it to him. Frankie starts by telling Zach that everyone in the house wants this and then tells Zach that he, Zach, gave him the idea to put him up. Zach says just be honest with him he doesn't want to hear I gave you the idea. Frankie says he was worried that Zach would always go back to Frankie's betrayal of Zach (after Skittlegate the other night F & Z talked it out again and Frankie told Derrick afterwards that he can't trust Zach and he needs to go). Derrick enters and clarifies that this isn't because of a cue-ball. It is a game move. Zach seems to be OK with the whole idea of leaving. He sees it as their best game move because Victoria would be a waste of an HOH.

August 18, 2014 at 3:47 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

First wanba say Thanks to Carolyn....

I haven't even finished reading this page yet but C'mon, Frank, you know exactly what you're doing by being coy to Zach in the storage room. Frank knows that's not how you hide the fact that someone is getting back doored. For God's sake, he's a SuperFan!

Ughhh, I guess I'll read on, as I'm sure it gets worse....

August 18, 2014 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, okay, so Frank just went ahead and let the proverbial cat outta the bag, but this "Derrick and Cody" names getting thrown around as "getting all the jury votes" kinda makes me think that Frank could have something else up his sleeve this week and is just really keeping it all to himself. Guess I need to read next Top Post!

After all the years of watching BB I don't even know the rules for telling or not telling who's going on the block or who'll be the renom.
I thought I had it down, by last year for sure, that the HOH is not supposed to tell who they are nominating. But they have broken, what I thought were those rules every time this season, haven't they?
I don't know, I'm so confused.....
Maybe someone can set me straight on the rules for nominations?

Thanks y'all! Much BBDish Love to everyone!

August 18, 2014 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

Pamela, here's a link to a pretty good article about the Renomination Rule controversy:


They have not enforced it for awhile, but the rule was that you could not let on...Brendon was not allowed to nominate Brit bc he told her, I guess. We can be sure they won't start enforcing rules that would cost Frankie. He is sure he is getting a free ride somewhere this season. What a creep!

August 19, 2014 at 9:18 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@cyninbend, Thanks so very much! I thought maybe everyone was done with this page and comments!
Truly appreciate it :0)

August 20, 2014 at 3:35 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@cyninbend, Thanks so very much! I thought maybe everyone was done with this page and comments!
Truly appreciate it :0)

August 20, 2014 at 3:36 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

OH, and completely agree with you on Frankie! "Mr. Graaanndde"
BB really has changed rules or as they might say, "allowed for" specific people to not have to do certain things this season! Is the Big Brother gene pool getting as bad as the Republican Party presidential candidates?!!! ;)~

Peace Y'all,

August 20, 2014 at 3:41 PM  

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