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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Overnight Report~ Victoria & Derrick Hatch a Plan

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you!  As a reminder, the PoV Show will be tonight, Tuesday night, and the Live Show will be tomorrow, Wednesday night.  Both are at 8pm, and the Viewing Parties will start here on BBDish at 7:50pm Eastern both nights.

There are a couple of times throughout the season when key conversations happen before the clock strikes midnight.  Last night was one of those times, and that conversation will be featured in it's entirety, here in this post. 

Monday afternoon during the 5 o'clock hour, the HGs got a message on the big screen from BB:  Live Show in 48 hours.  So they now know that the Live Show is Wednesday, and Derrick keyed in to the fact that it specifically said Live Show and not Live Eviction.

Just before 8:30, Victoria and Derrick hatch a plan to get Frankie to take Derrick to the Final 2.   Let's have a look at that convo..

Camera 3
Living Room
Derrick and Victoria

Derrick: You have 2 options.  Your first is to accept whatever happens happens, if you stay, be happy bein' the top girl of Big Brother 16, or.. you make a last ditch effort, you start a little thing goin', see what happens.  If it works, you look great..
Victoria: Nothing's gonna happen.
Derrick: Well, something will happen.. It'll be bigtime drama.
Victoria:No, it's gonna be drama for maybe 5 minutes because of how Zach was trying to campaign, and then Frankie told him whatever..
Derrick: (if you talk to Frankie) To cover his ass, he's gonna go tell Cody.
Victoria: I know.
Derrick: And then Cody's gonna come to you and go, "Victoria, wtf are you doin' "
Victoria: I know, I know..
Derrick: You gotta be prepared to be like, "Listen, I wanna stay in this game." And he's gonna be like, "Ok, well, just so you know, I'm gonna campaign against you now."  And then, you run the risk of bein' secluded by them.. I'm still gonna hang out with you.
Victoria: This sucks.
Derrick: It's not the end of the world.. It could be though..

Victoria: Do you think the game or the button will be after the live eviction?
Derrick: Could be.  If it's at 5:36, that means there's only 20 minutes left in the show.  So what are they gonna do?  Flip the house and then, within 5 minutes, nominate someone to go home?  Or they just..  Maybe it's not an eviction at all on Wednesday. 

Derrick:  I really wouldn't.  In the position that it's in right now, I'm literally gonna be right after you.  Unless I win.  I know that. 
Victoria: Do you really think that?
Derrick: yep.  Because of you.
***Oy, the guilt! Work it, D.

Derrick:  Not in a bad way.  In a good way.
Victoria: How's that in a good way?
Derrick: Don't say nothin', but Frankie's already startin' with like Caleb n stuff.  Caleb told me today.  This doesn't leave me or you.  He was just like, "Derrick's gonna win if anybody brings him.." Basically what you told me too. 
Victoria:  So he's putting it in people's heads.
Derrick: Right. And not only that.. Me n you bein' so close.. He's gonna think that, y'know, you're gonna vote for me.. All I need is 4 more votes.
Victoria: Who told you?
Derrick:  Caleb told me..
Victoria: F*ck.
Derrick: (whispers)  Go to the Fire Room.

And off she goes.. Waiting for Derrick to arrive, you can see her wheels turning...
Victoria: But Caleb and Frankie are super close.
Derrick: I understand that, but if you leave, you're a jury vote. It is what it is..
Victoria: Does Caleb believe it?  Like Caleb is buying it?
Derrick: Oh, I don't know..

Caleb comes in for a minute and asks about Derrick's finger.  When he leaves, Derrick whispers very low.. "Don't talk about anything right now."  Victoria doesn't, and listens for tell-tale noises of an eavesdropper outside the door. She's sure she hears something.   Caleb has already returned to the backyard. Derrick goes out for a minute to check.. Victoria is tickled by all the cloak and dagger.

Derrick: You're goin' crazy.  You didn't hear shit. They're literally outside. All 3 of em.
Victoria: Because of me? Me? That they're not taking you?
Derrick: Think about something.. If you're them, if you go to the jury house..
Victoria:  I can't talk to jury members about votes.
Derrick: If you go to jury, that means I have you..  I probably have Nicole, because you and Nicole are close.  I probably have you, Nicole and Hayden, because Nicole and Hayden are close.  I probably have you, Nicole, Hayden and Zach.

They hear movement outside, and stop talking for a moment.

Derrick:  Moral of the story is, I have a few people that would vote for me, and so they're probably thinkin', if Derrick's not in the Final 2, Victoria would have to vote for one of us.  Unless they thought that you wouldn't vote for me.. That's the only way.  Know what I mean?  This game is so crazy.
Victoria: I kinda want to talk to Frankie.
Derrick: What are you gonna say to him though?
Victoria: Not about me.
Derrick: About what?
Victoria: Just to like f*ck with his mind.

Derrick: As far as what?
Victoria: If he does get final 2.
Derrick: What're you gonna say to him?
Victoria: Like, I just wanna talk to him about game in general.. and say that even though we're close.. friends.. doesn't mean that I would vote for you..
Derrick: You mean like try to throw him off?
Victoria: Yeah.
Derrick: Ohhh... I know what you're sayin.
Victoria:  Like, just because we're close doesn't mean that I like your gameplay better than his..

Victoria:  Or.. you know what I mean.. That I really love the way that he played the game, so... 
Derrick: Dude, you know what we could do?  It'd take some skill on your part though.. This would really be contingent on.. We would do it, but then obviously the twist could change it, and we wouldn't have to do it anymore, cuz it would save you, and it would be fine.  Obviously there's like the bros thing.  You already know that.  You're not dumb.  The 4 of us were together.. and Cody thinks I'm very close with him.  Like, I've told him from like week one.
Victoria: I know.  He tells me all the time..

Derrick: I've told him from like week one - me and you, buddy.  Me and you til the end.  Doesn't mean nothin', I've told you all along.  Ultimately, I've never had to help him out.  I like Cody, as far as like, game, but I consider you a friend.  You get what I'm saying?  There's a big difference.  I might not talk to Cody outside this house.  You, I will.  Big Difference.  But like Cody, definitely thinks I'll vote for him.  We're like final 2 together.  He probably still thinks that, you know what I mean?  There's no doubt in my mind.  You're not gonna change Frankie's mind, obviously, you know that.  But if I..

Derrick: I know how we could do this.. I could tell them, I told Victoria I'm not gonna vote for her (to stay).  You could legit be pissed at me.
Victoria: That's gonna be hard.
**you're such a sweetie.
Derrick: I know.  Just like, not talk to me.
Victoria:Yeah.. but.. I'm gonna have to do that for a day and a half. Derrick: We wouldn't do it today. We wouldn't do it right now..
Victoria: No, but we would do it tomorrow morning..
Derrick: No, we could do it tomorrow night.
Victoria: We can.. Fine..
Derrick: Might have to do it around like 5 tomorrow afternooon..
**Set your alarms. ;-)  Tuesday at 5pm on the live feeds.  Should be a good show!  Of course, that's when the Tuesday Show will be happening on the east coast.  Thank goodness for flashback!

Derrick: Because then you could go to Frankie and be like, "Derrick just told me he wont vote for me.. I thought he had my back.. I thought he had my trust.  If he makes it to the final 2, I'm not voting for him.  I'm telling you right now.

Victoria: (clearly loves the idea)
Derrick: ..and you can also be like, "Nicole told me right out that he back-stabbed a lot of people, and they're not voting for him."

Derrick: Do you think it would work, though?  Do you think you could pull it off, though?  We would do that tomorrow, BUT then on Wednesday, if there was a twist, where you stayed, and we were safe, and I won like HoH?  I'd put f*ckin' Frankie on the block and send him home.  See ya later, Frankie.  And they'd be like, I thought you didn't like each other.  Well, guess what?  You f'in thought wrong.   Honestly, I think he knows we're the closest in the house. So if he sends you home this week, I'm crippled, cuz I don't have my closest ally here.  He'll send me home next week.  But if he thinks that we're not friends anymore, he'll keep me.. til the end.. because of what you told him.. That  you're not voting for me, and Nicole told you right out that Hayden and Donny and Jocasta hate me.  He'll bring me to the final 2.
Victoria:  I will go to jury and...

Derrick: And then you can tell him in the jury speech when you stand up.. be like, "Oh, by the way, Frankie, I lied to you the whole time.  Crush him on national tv. That's the plan..  If the twist isn't til after.. then we're screwed.  It aint gonna work.  He might keep me because of what you do.  But.. if the twist is before and you stay and you're safe, well then, then we can just be like, we made up, so we don't have to look like we lied.
Victoria: mm..  It's like how Dan did this.. exactly that.
Derrick: Exactly that.  Because Cody definitely thinks I'm voting for him.  I told you this, from weeks ago.. I've definitely made deals and said things to make sure people don't think we're close, bottom line, but I think you know where I've been the whole time.
Victoria: Oh, I know..
Derrick: But like Cody definitely thinks me and him are goin' to the end together.  I would go to him, if I had to, if you weren't here..  If I vote to keep you, and he knows that, Cody's gonna send me out the door too.  But it could work.. it really could work.  Tomorrow, I can be like, I just told Victoria I'm not votin' for her cuz I'm loyal to Cody.. She's pissed at me.. And then, when Frankie tries to like talk to you, like, "hey are you ok?"  You can be like, "I just can't believe Derrick betrayed me like that.. This whole time, he's been workin' with you.  I can't believe that."   Like, "I don't care who he's next to, I'm not voting for him, and you know what?  He doesn't know it, but Nicole told me before she left, that Hayden and Donny and Jocasta can't stand him, because he lied to em, so.. good luck if he makes it to final 2, because whoever's next to him, they're gonna win the money. "  And then he'll be like, Ohh..  Then he might take me.  Maybe.  He still might not, but he might.
Victoria:  It might work.
Derrick: He might. He might be dumb enough to be like, Oh.. ok..
Victoria: I have to play it off.
Derrick: And then when the jury stands up, you can be like, "Oh, by the way, Frankie, that was a plan we made.  Congratulations, Frankie, you just won 2nd place." 

Derrick:  It could work.  That'd be epic.

Derrick: Wow.. That'd be crazy.  I don't even know if that's been done before.  Not to that level.  But we'll wait.  Cuz I can't not talk to you..
Victoria: I can..
Derrick: If it's like 12 hours, I think we can both act..  Then literally, we're gonna see each other in 7 days, and we'll be celebrating.  If I win the money, I'm buyin' drinks all night.  I got you. Even if I come in 2nd, I'm buying drinks all night.
**they still don't know the finale isn't til the 24th.

Victoria: We have to do it before.. We have to do it around 1 o'clock, because we have to have enough time..
Derrick: ..to like really be pissed at me.  Cuz I wont talk to you..
Victoria:  Cuz I wont talk to them right away.  I'll want to wait.
Derrick: And be like, "Derrick told me that he's workin' with all you guys, and that he's gonna work with Cody and.." not work with Cody.. don't say that..
**lol.. it's too truthful??
Derrick: But like, "he's loyal to the guys.. and that you guys have been workin' together this whole time and I can't believe he did that to me.  I don't care who he's next to, I'm tellin' you right now, there's no f'in way he's getting my vote."
Victoria: (excited)  I could fake cry!
Derrick: Yeah, do it. Do it up.. Do it up.. "There's no f'in way I'm votin' for him, and you know what, the joke's on him, because Nicole told me before she left that Jocasta, DOnny and Hayden don't like him. "
Victoria: "..and I just kept my mouth shut, but that's it. "
Derrick: Yeah.
Victoria: "It's over for him."
Derrick: yup.  Perfect. Don't tell him that you told me that though.  Don't tell him that you told me that they hate me..
Victoria: No, that's a secret.
Derrick: ..because then if he doesn't come back..
Victoria:  ..as if you don't give a f*ck.
Derrick: Yeah.
Victoria: Fine, you wanna be mad at me, be mad, I don't care.
Derrick: Yeah. Yup, exactly.  Ohh my God, this could be unbelievable.  Unbelievable..  But, that's plan A for tomorrow..
Victoria: If there's a twist..
Derrick: If there's a twist and you're staying, then we tell him, oh , we weren't lying, we just play it off like we made up.. we came in here and made up, because you're staying and we wanted to talk it out..  I'll be like, She's still mad at me a little bit.  You'll be like, I'm still pissed at him.. Like, I'm not goin' to the end with him, but I'm in the house now for a while, so I gotta...  That'd be epic!

After a moment of fishies..

Derrick:  You can fake cry?  That's scary.
Victoria:  hehe
Derrick: That'd be unbelievable.  That's a really good idea.  Wow, you're good!  You're scary good.  Should I be worried?

Derrick: You're scary good.
Victoria: I think we should do that.
Derrick: If it works, and he's dumb enough to take me to the final 2 because of what you said, literally, the whole reason he will lose is because of Victoria.  Of course, Nicole will f'in love you.  When you get to jury and tell Nicole, by the way, I just played the shit out of Frankie..

 They continue talking and tweaking the plan..

Camera 2
Fire Room

Derrick: I'm about to pull off a brilliant move.  We're gonna make this happen tonight.  I'm gonna need a sidekick for this one.  Victoria's gotta come through.  But we got it.  Don't you worry.  We're gonna pull this off. This is my version of the Dan Gheesling funeral speech right here.  Dan, I'm about to make you proud, buddy.  You watch.  Yup.  It's gonna happen.

Derrick and Victoria resume their planning session, and Derrick puts it into motion just before 1am..

HoH Room
Derrick, Frankie, Cody

The fix is in.. 

Derrick: Obviously, I said it a lot more nicely.. I said, "You're a great person, I love you to death, I'm gonna definitely talk to you outside this house, but I think Cody has earned the right to be here, and the guys kind of agreed that we were gonna go to the 4 together."  And she started with the, "I had a feeling I was gonna go home, but I didn't want you to be the one to send me home.  I wanted someone else to be the reason I went home." And I'm like, I think that's because of what you..  Kinda how she felt hope.. And I'm like, "Ya know.. I can't in good conscience vote him out, cuz I've been loyal to him too."

Derrick: She's cryin' downstairs right now.  I feel like an asshole.  But.. she's in the room with the lights off.
Frankie: Welp..
Derrick: She still might try to talk to you..
Frankie: She's not gonna try talking to me.  I can't vote. She might try talking to Caleb, but..
Derrick: She just said she felt betrayed.. She had a feeling she might go home, but she can't believe that I'm the one who's gonna send her home.
Frankie: Well, she didn't say that to me.  Also, I didn't give her any hope. At all. I just said she should leave this house with no regrets, and if she's gonna regret not speaking her mind, then she should do it.  I said, I'm not gonna be mad at you for campaigning.. I said, Cody's not gonna be mad at you..

Derrick: She knows.  I told her.  I said, the guys kinda talked, and we decided we've all done decent in this game, and we wanna be the final 4, and may the best person win..  And she's like, "But at this point,  aren't you supposed to choose what you want?"  And in a way, I was kinda like, that's what I want.  At first, she didn't wanna take no for an answer, but then she was like, "I don't wanna talk anymore," so I shut off the lights. 
Frankie: Well, I don't think it went..
Derrick: I've told her to her face, I have your back.. and honestly, I have for the most part.. But there's only 4 people left.  How can I vote out a guy who's won comps when she's literally been last in everything.
Frankie: I told her, you owe everyone in this house the place where you are in this game..

Derrick: She's not happy with me. 

Cody: So she wanted you to vote for her to stay, Caleb to vote for her to go, and Frankie to send her home, if that's how she was gonna home?
Derrick: Yup. That's what she said. 
Frankie: Oh really.
Derrick: She didn't want you to do it, but she's blaming me, essentially, for her going home, because if I voted for her to stay, you would be the deciding vote.
Frankie: Right.
Derrick: And she could live with that more than me, because you haven't like talked to her as much as I have.  She wasn't sayin' it in a bad way.  She was just sayin' like, "I can't believe you're gonna be the one that sends me home." 

So.. stay tuned for Victoria's performance today on the feeds. ;-)  She's mentioned 1pm and 5 pm as possible start times..



Blogger Ryder said...

Good morning Carolyn and all my Dishie Friends!

A while back I wrote a post about the things that I didn't particularly like about this season. I promised myself then that I would write another post about the things I really do like about this season. So in no particular order here it is...

1.) The humanity. The humanity of these house guests has been a pleasure to watch. We've seen a couple of house guests get really sick this year and I was so happy to see how the other house guests quickly came to their aid. Putting game aside, they have been supportive both physically and emotionally.

2.) Bodily gases. Some years (like last year) we are subjected to a fairly constant flow of bodily gases. Many house guests in past seasons have openly and carelessly passed gas in the house in front of each other and anywhere they happen to be at the time. Personally I find it tasteless and offensive. Some things should be done in private and in a bathroom. Maybe it's just me....but I don't want to hear you fart all day. I appreciate this years group (for the most part) who are respectful of themselves and others by not doing this in public.

3.) The language. I am not easily offended by most words, however, there are some words that I find exceptionally offensive. In particular I find the C U Next Tuesday word to be both degrading and offensive. There have been seasons when that word is used many times every day. This season I have only heard it once. Thank you house guests!

4.) Special treatment. Even though I hate the special treatment of faux celebrities house guests, I have to hand it to these house guests this year for not being resentful of all the perks and privileges afforded to Frankie. I couldn't do it if I was in there. Just the fact that he got to keep his family pictures and no one else did would be enough for me to blow up. These house guests just accept it and let it roll off their back.

5.) The talent. This year has some of the best competitors we have ever seen on Big Brother. I don't remember ever having a live show questions competition that actually ran out of time because so many house guests knew the answers.

6.) Prejudice. The lack of house guest prejudice against homosexuals and people of color. This season's house guests have been amazing with their acceptance of each other. I have never seen a season like this when it comes to everyone getting along regardless of race, sexual orientation, physical appearance, etc.

7.) Microphones. I love that these house guests are generally considerate and almost always remember to remove their microphones prior to using the toilet. During most seasons I end up hearing dozens of episodes of toilet, uh, events....thank you to this years house guests for NOT sharing!

8.) Fights. This season's lack of screaming, angry, nasty fights has been a treat. I know some fans love the drama and the meaner the better, but I am loving these house guests for using their minds and not their screaming to work things out.

9.) Affection. There is a lot to be said about the power of human touch. Babies can't thrive without it and all of us need a little comfort now and then especially when under massive amounts of pressure. I appreciate this years group for giving each other a hug when they really need it.

10.) Being here. This isn't just for this year but how could I write a list without giving credit where credit is due. Carolyn and her BB Dish has given us a safe place to vent and express our views without fear of reprisal. It's an angry mad world out there but it's a peaceful place in here. A big part of my personal BB experience each year is being here with Carolyn and with each of you. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, Carolyn always handles herself and her website with class and dignity. And for that, I am so grateful!

September 9, 2014 at 4:15 AM  
Blogger Mindy said...

Didnt Derrick mess up his game though, because of the rewind? He cant play in HOH, and I hope he wont be put on the block bc of all this. Victoria will probably end up nominated and evicted anyway, but Derrick will cause unnecessary drama with all of this which puts a target on him - no?

September 9, 2014 at 4:36 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks Carolyn! Guess I'll have the feeds on again today. Yesterday was the first time I had them on all afternoon.

Ryder, I love your post!!! Well said

So wanted to see the puppy ... hope it is today :)

September 9, 2014 at 4:54 AM  
Blogger aeh said...

Do you think that they don't have smokers gathering to feed off each other is making a difference this year? It seems that was where so many mean-spirited things were said in the past.

September 9, 2014 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Like! Like! Like, Ryder!!! And good morning to you.

Good morning Carolyn and all of our BBDish friends!!

Happy Tuesday Show Day!! I'm STILL without power but praying that I'm up and running again by show time. Just one comment on TOR... I don't know if it's just me and the fact that Frankie is at a point of no return with me, but his comments re: Victoria being upset came off as insensitive. I've mentioned in previous posts how he's become progressively cocky and annoying since his "sister reveal", but there's no need to be heartless. Oh, my bad, one more comment... Derrick is almost too convincing in his talk with Vic re: Cody. Will she still be hurt in the end if he's forced to choose between the two? Yes. I keep having flashes of the Dan/Danielle "breakup". But on the other hand, he really makes it sound as if it's not for certain that he'd take Cody to the end. That worries me. I'm #TeamHitmen. Well, maybe Derrick will give us some insight after the big rewind. I hope so!

Have a great day everyone! Here's hoping I'll be watching with you all this evening.

September 9, 2014 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Interesting! Derrick/Victoria plan
As Derrick tries to convince Frankie and Cody of his telling Vic …I went to flash back around 1 am HOH.
quad cam.
Derrick sat with his body turned away from the guys, looking down mostly as played with his wedding ring.(deception)
This position is unusual for D/ as he is usually forward facing in an convincing stance and speaking very confidently.
Frankie didn't say much but when Derrick asked Frankie when Vic was in the kitchen " did she looked pissed?" F/ said "no she doesn't look pissed at all"
F/ doesn't seem to buying this.
Cody sat stone faced and looked pissed, taking in a deep breath as he seemed frustrated. Which he was.

Well after my mini melt down yesterday over how boring it's been, at least it's something!

Have a great day!

September 9, 2014 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

When I read the headline: Victoria and Derrick hatch a plan, I was more than a little skeptical. After reading their conversation though I think a better headline would be: Derrick "and" Victoria hatch a plan. In Victoria Derrick has an absolutely blank canvas. At least Danielle had serious doubts about trusting Dan. Danielle was an actual entity in the house that effected the game. If Victoria is able to pull off Derrick's plan it will literally be the first time she has effected the game. I cant think of another HG in 8 seasons that that can be said about.

September 9, 2014 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I feel like everyone is going to see right through this plan and it will make Derrick look even more manipulative. Calm down Derrick! Take a swim, play some pool, and pray that Frankie doesn't win his HOH back!!

September 9, 2014 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and Ryder.

Ryder I could not agree with you more. I also have loved the way this cast has been so considerate of each other.

I must say I have witnessed many episodes of 'bodily gases' this year. lol

One more thing that I like..this group has not begged for alcohol every night. So, for the most part, it has not been a drunken cast either (except for the one night Cody and Caleb got wasted)which was pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice bottle of wine occasionally!

They did handle the special treatment of Frankie, i.e., pictures, hair dye, makeup, etc. very well. Much better than I would have, to tell the truth.

I also agree that if it wasn't for BBDish and Carolyn Big Brother would not be half as much fun. I check many times a day to see what everyone else thinks of the antics that are going on. I also love the 'little comments' that Carolyn adds because most often I am thinking the same thing. Its nice to have it confirmed by someone else. lol

I'll be watching the feeds today to see the continuation of the Derrick/Victoria drama even though I'm at work. Thank goodness I'm in an office by myself!

Everyone have a great day. See you tonight.

September 9, 2014 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

So Frankie got to keep pics because he is a 'celebrity' but Derrick cried because he had to give back a pic of his baby. What utter BS. If there ever put another 'celebrity' on I'm skipping the season.

September 9, 2014 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

9:05 door bell... Dog!

September 9, 2014 at 9:06 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I can't hate on Derrick because of his game play in this post. Is he actually convincing Victoria to not try to save herself but instead give him the 500K? He is no Dan but a close second!

September 9, 2014 at 11:59 AM  
Blogger irishrovr said...

You mean "Derrick hatches a plan and Victoria thinks she thought of it"! Once again he pulls the strings. While I would have liked to see someone jump up and make some big, smart moves and shake things up a bit, at this point Derrick should win. But, then, why wouldn't he? It looks like everyone else is ready, willing, and able to give it to him on a silver platter. The guy's good at this game!

September 9, 2014 at 1:19 PM  

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