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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!

Ordinarily, Monday would be PoV Ceremony day, but BB pulled a fast one on us and had the Ceremony yesterday at 12:02pm, and SHOWED it on the feeds.  If you'd like to see it, just hop on flashback and have a look. FYI- Frankie did not use the PoV.  Victoria and Cody remain on the block. 

Of course, due to the Rewind Button having been pushed, the whole week will rewind come Wednesday night, and Frankie may not even be HoH.  Someone will have to win it... all over again!

As we rejoin our HGs at midnight, Caleb, Derrick and Cody are playing pool in the backyard.  Frankie sticks his head out at 12:07am and says, "Good morning."  Then back inside..

Victoria comes outside and joins Derrick by the hammock at 12:11am.. 

Victoria:  What are you thinkin' about?
Derrick: Nothin.. Just bored.  Bored for the next 2 days.
Victoria: I can't believe I'm gonna be gone.
Derrick: You don't know that.  For now the chances are 50-50..
Victoria: Did they do goodbyes yet?
Derrick: No.
Victoria:  Nothing I can do.. When you know, you know.  They were like, "you gotta do something."
**On the mention of DR, Skippy sends us fishing.  Look!  A marlin!

Derrick: That's why you never know, so I'm just gonna enjoy these last couple days and see what happens.. Have to wait and see.
Victoria: Cody's (couldn't hear)
Derrick: If you go Thursday, I think I'll go out next.
Victoria: Why?
Derrick: Because I think they think you'll vote for me, and other people will vote for me.
Victoria: I don't like when you say that.
Derrick: I'm just talking.
Victoria:  Words are powerful.

Derrick: But  I'm playing a game, and I'm talking game out loud to you.
Victoria: But they haven't put you up yet.
Derrick: That's exactly why.
Victoria:  They're gonna get rid of Frankie first..
Derrick:  If they can.

Victoria:  He's a beast.  He can't play in the next one.

Derrick: I told Nicole I was gonna get Christine out.  That I did it, she's probably gonna be like..
Victoria:  Derrick's the man..
Derrick: SHe's gonna be like, Shit, he wasn't lyin' to me.
Victoria: SHe felt so horrible.

Derrick: Even when you were like, "I know you're workin' with a group of people."  It might look like I am, but I'm not. Regardless of what I have said to other people, doesn't matter, cuz every time you were on the block, I found a reason, and it always worked. I don't blame Nicole.. Have I told these guys I've got your back?  of course!  But what I say and what I think will only be said in the DR.
Victoria: But do you see the girl..
Derrick: Yeah, of course.. People think we're workin' together, but in the end, what I say and what I feel are different things.. Christine thought we were workin' together.. Even at the end, she came into the room and asked, "We good?"  Yeah, we're good.. And gone.

Victoria:  But do you see why I was a little paranoid?
Derrick: Yeah.. that's Big Brother. That's the game.  You don't get here alone.
Victoria: You don't think she liked you?
Derrick:  No.  She told people she was gonna send me home a couple weeks ago.  I knew that.  Never said nothin' to her..
Victoria: She said a lot of very very cruel things.

Derrick: Honestly, with all the people left, I'm ok with any of them winning half a million.. Christine was the last one I wasn't ok with.. We';re gonna see how Wednesday goes.  You may be safe in this house.  If not, we'll work something out.  I would just wait til Wednesday.
Victoria: If you win HoH, do you wanna get Frankie out?
Derrick:  mm hmm
Victoria: Not Cody?
Derrick: No.. He's been loyal to me.  That's the truth.  If I'm gonna lose to somebody, I want someone who I respect to win.  I'd like to win overall.. so that's what I'm gonna try to do.  If I can win this next HoH, I'll get to the final 2.. If Frankie wins it, I don't think he'll take me, I think he'll take Caleb.  It depends on who he thinks people like more.  I've won as many HoHs as Caleb now, but I'm trying to keep that to a minimum..
Victoria: You would have had 4.
**had he not thrown 1 to Frankie the week his grandfather died.
Derrick:  mm hmm.  We'll talk more out of this house.  I'll introduce you to my wife.. I could tell you all my stories.

Victoria: I wanna hear.  Crazy shit.
Derrick: Like when I was a kid.. or now?
Victoria: All.  You gave me a little sentence, then you left it to my imagination..
Derrick:  You'll find out.
Victoria: You'll find out who the real Victoria is..
Derrick: I know who you are. 
Victoria: I know there's  lot more to you that you're not exposing.. Where me, stupid as I am, I expose everything to 11 million people.
Derrick: We'll talk.
Victoria: I wonder if my mom talked to Jana..

12:30am They go to check on their laundry, with the promise to come back and talk more.   Two minutes later, they do.. This time both on the hammock.  After getting situated..

Derrick: Oh, Victoria..
Victoria: What?
Derrick: I can't wait to see my kid.I'm so excited.  I'm focused.. but I can't wait.  It's a long time to be away from your kid.  Regadless, win or lose, I'm comin' out guns blazin'.
**awww.. papa D.

Victoria: Before, Cody was like, "what if we both leave on Wednesday?  Not just you."
Derrick: It's possible.
Victoria: That's dick to even say that.
Derrick: Why?
Victoria: Cuz..
Derrick: I think honestly, people respect you to not lie to you.
Victoria: But to my face..
Derrick: I think you took it wrong.. cuz we all respect you.  Like people could be "sure, you're safe." 
Victoria: No, I'm not saying that.  I don't want people to lie.. But nominations just happened.. He's not nervous.  He knows he's good.  OK.. Besides Wednesday.

Derrick: You can't say "besides Wednesday."  Wednesday is everything right now.  I honestly don't think the nominations mean shit right now.  If you want my honest opinion.  I don't think they mean anything.  They mean absolutely nothing to me.  I'm just bein' honest with you.
Victoria: Right.
Derrick: They don't mean anything, cuz they could change very quickly on Wednesday.  It could be me up there.  That's just the way it could go.
Victoria: mm hmm
Derrick: So.. Just gotta wait and see.  Then after Wednesday, then you know. Depending on what Wednesday is, you know.  But before then, I would just relax.  Try to get enough sleep.. Cuz Wednesday's either gonna change everything or.. it was bad, it was good, but it didn't effect the game.  Then we're movin'  on.  We have a live eviction on Thursday.
Victoria: I'm gonna be so nervous talking to Julie.
Derrick: You shouldn't be. You're gonna do great.

Meanwhile, by the pool table... Cody has just won a round.

Derrick: 2 nights in a row.. Now he has to jump in the pool.
Victoria: Why?
Derrick: He's a man of his word.

Per a bet, Caleb must now jump in the pool.

Cody: Here's a thing..  You don't have to do it.
Derrick: hoho! Just for that, he's..
Cody: He doesn't have to.  He's gonna get all wet.

Caleb's word being his bond.  He ignores Cody's pardon and leans back to take the plunge..

Victoria: Oooh!
Derrick: Atta boy!  No pity around here.

Across the yard, Cody's at the bench press, making weightlifting grunts and growls..

Caleb: Here's the thing.. I'm such a nice guy... You don't have to do it.
Derrick: Yeah.. 
Caleb: Shut up.
Derrick: hehe..
Cody: (grunt)
Derrick: You knew once you said that he was definitely goin' in.

Caleb emerges, drenched, as one might imagine.
Cody: Did I know that Derrick?  Is that what I knew?
Derrick: Yeah.

Caleb makes his way to the bench, where Cody's lifting, and gestures as if he's going to punch him in the gut...

Cody: Don't do it, don't do it.

Caleb: Alright live feeders.. He beat me.
Cody: Like always.
Caleb: Like never.
Cody: Except when shit's on the line. It's called bein' a clutch player.  Learn about it.

Caleb: I told him to play me again, for the same thing, he wont do it.  Because he's a chicken!
**just whip em out and measure, boys. it would be so much easier.
Cody: I'm dry..
Caleb: Hey! You wanna play again?!
Cody: I'm not playin' to jump in the pool.
Caleb:  I didn't think so.
Cody: OK.. You just jumped in the pool.
Caleb: You! Are! a Chicken! bok bok bok bok..

Cody: Pure muscle..
Caleb: Who's wet??  hehe.. Who's wet?! hahahaha

12:37am Heading back over to Vic and Derrick..

Derrick:Moon looks cool tonight.
Victoria: mm hmm. Full moon.
Derrick: Yeah, it does look full.
Victoria: They say the freakiest things happen on a full moon.
Derrick:There's a nice little breeze tonight.
Victoria: Do you believe if you point at the moon, you get like that little blister thing?  Have you heard..

Derrick: What?!
Victoria: Have you heard of that, or no?
Derrick: No.
Victoria: Really?  Never point, or you might get a blister thing..

Derrick: My God..  Who told you that?
Victoria: Since when I was like.. a child.
Derrick: Yeah.. it's not true.
Victoria: I think it's one of my superstition things.
Derrick: Alright, well..  (he points to the moon)  How long til it's supposed to happen?
Victoria: Don't do it..

Derrick:How long?
Victoria: I don't know.. Wait,  You can't have your hand bended like that..
Derrick: (straightens his whole arm)
Victoria: yeah.  Ok, stop.  (re the moon) That's gorgeous. 
Derrick: I was just saying that.
Victoria: Och.. I wish I could take a picture.  I miss taking pictures.
**me too. 16 more days, dear.

Victoria: I miss being around being around happy people..
Derrick:  No mark.

Victoria: No mark.. just wait for tomorrow.
Derrick: ow!

Victoria: hehehe.. No tomorrow you're gonna have like a little blister thing.
Derrick: If I don't, are you gonna be done with that suspicion.
Victoria: Yeah.
Derrick: I wont tomorrow.  I promise you.
Victoria: Superstition.  I have many.
Derrick: I know.
Victoria: My mom hates it.

Derrick: I gotta get my finger checked out again tomorrow.

Victoria: Yes, you do.. I can't believe that happened.
*apparently, he cut his finger on a broken champagne flute at the engagement party.
Derrick: It's still sore.
Victoria: oy yoy yoy.. I can't believe that happened and you didn't pass out.

Across the yard we hear Frankie.. He has emerged from the DR, and he's inquiring as to Caleb's state of dampness.   Caleb continues giving Cody hell..

Victoria: I would have never thought in finals..
Derrick: What?
Victoria: That you'd be my person in this house.

Victoria: That was finals, no?
Derrick: Finals, yeah.. No, semi-finals..
**They're referring to the audition process. Realizing this, Skippy sends us fishing, and I catch some snapper!☺ Score!!

The final 5 are gathered around the jacuzzi, talking about the HGs who've already left the house.  We join this conversation in progress.. Current topic: Christine and the Audience Booing.

Derrick: Something happened. They knew who was walking out that door before she walked out, because Julie said, "Christine, you've been evicted," so they knew.  And people did clap before she was out.  And as she was out, and we had already moved over to the counter, her face had already turned grey.
Frankie: yeah
Derrick: You think about the time lapse..
Cody: I don't remember it at all.
Derrick: She walked out, there was claps, a couple sporadic boos, we looked at the screen, and it turned grey.  Then me and you were looking on the counter.. My arms were on the counter, and I was like, "dude, did you hear the boos?"  And you went, "I know," and then we heard Boooooo..  It was still goin'.
Victoria: Yeah.. for a while.
Cody: She might've literally just walked away.
Caleb: Walked off, yeah.
Victoria: She would do that??
Frankie: No, she's obsessed with the show.
Cody: Right, but in a spur of the moment like that.. Like super pissed off..
Frankie: So pissed.
Cody: She might've walked off and they'd have been like,  you need to go back on the stage.
Frankie: Well, whatever it is, there's gonna be gifs of it.  Lots and lots of gifs.
**not from me.  I was too shocked. 

Cody: I am literally gonna go like this...

Cody: Then like, walk out.  They'll be like, "Get out here, you coward!!"
Cody: I'll be like..

Derrick: heheh..  He just stands in between the 2 double doors.. 
Cody: I'll be like, "Guys, let me back in!!
Frankie: Pleaseee!!!
Cody: Let me out through the DR!"

Talk turns to who they'd like to see in the audience from their friends, who have apparently not signed waivers, so it's a fishing we go...  Oooh.. Look!  Dolphins!! So pretty!☺

Camera 1
Frankie and Cody

Frankie: I'm telling you.. Do not stress out.  Do not stress out over diet. 
**I concur. You look just fine, dear boy.
Cody: (mumbles something)
Frankie: Yup.  You know how long it's gonna take you to lose?  About 1 week.  When you're out of this house, not in this house.  In this house, losing that would take him 3 months.  You have to retrain your body.
**unless slop was an option.
Cody: Yeah
Frankie: We're used to eating like shit, sleeping like shit..
Cody: yeah
Frankie: Looking like shit.
Cody: Being absolute shit.
Frankie: And there is nothing that's gonna change that in this house. And honestly, we don't look that bad.
Cody:  No.  Obviously.

Camera 3

I spy Derrick alone in the Storage Room.. Let's see if he has something to say to us..


Mmm.. nope!

The HGs seem to be winding down.  Derrick's upstairs showering in the HoH Room on 1 and 2.  Cody's showering tin the common bathroom on 3 and 4.  Pick your pleasure.
Frankie's planning on taking a bath..

Camera 1
HoH Bathroom
Derrick and Frankie

We join this conversation  in progress..  They're talking jury votes and Frankie's about to hop in the bath..

Derrick: Jocasta would go to Cody.  That'd be a toss-up. That'd be a battle.
Frankie: God, man.
Derrick: But I definitely don't think there's anything bad between you and Cody.
Frankie: No, nothing.
Derrick: I just think that he's a very intelligent person.  You're an extremely intelligent person, and.. you can count.

Cody enters the HoH Room, as Frankie's looking for something in the main room.

Cody: What up, paisan?
Frankie: Come in to our bath party.  We're having a bath party.  Come be in it.

Cody: Did you run the bath yet?
Frankie: Yes
Derrick: He just filled it up. 

Frankie: Yeah, there's no hot water left in the house.

Cody puts the earphones on, lays on the HoH bed and listens to some tunes..  Frankie hops into the bath, in his swim trunks.  There's a first for everything.

Spying Victoria on Cam 3, I pop over to see what she's up to.. Eyebrow inspection, perhaps?
Yup, that's it.

Camera 1 and 2
HoH Bathroom
Frankie and Derrick

It's a battle of, "I have the least votes on jury."  As we join them, it's Jocasta's vote they're discussing.

Frankie: If I'm sitting next to anyone, she would not pick me. She'd definitely choose Caleb over me, and she'd definitely choose Cody over me. And she'd definitely choose you over me.  You had a prayer alliance.
Derrick: Yeah, but, from what Nicole said.. I don't think so.  She asked me the night before, and I was like, "Yes, you're good."
Frankie: Yeah, but we all did that. We're all on equal footing with that..
Derrick:But did she trust me more?
Frankie: Most likely.. But I think that trust would..
Derrick: She was extremely hurt by me..
Frankie: To me, I think her love for you, prior to the betrayal, will carry her vote towards you, over her hatred of me before the betrayal..

Derrick and Frankie, cont'd.  They've moved on to what Derrick's going to say to Victoria...

Derrick: I'm gonna wait til after the twist.. see how that goes.. and if things stay the same, that's when I'm gonna have the talk with her.  Just try to break it to her and say, listen.. Cody's played a great game, been a good friend, won some comps, and I think he deserves the opportunity to stay in and compete in the next one, because you know, he's a great competitor, and I think he's a good person, and.. y'know.. He's kept himself in this game numerous occasions, where you (Vitoria) really, you really haven't up to this point.  Although everyone loves you.. You've been a great friend, and I hope we're friends outside this place.   If this hurts me, I don't care.  I just want you to know that it's not personal..

Derrick: As long as she knows it's not personal, I can live with it.
Frankie: Yup.
Derrick: I wonder if she'll cry.
Frankie: I don't think so.
Derrick: Oh my God.. She will.
Frankie: Think she'll cry before..
Derrick: When I tell her?
Frankie: Oh yeah!
Derrick: I'm actually nervous to tell her.
** i can tell.

Derrick: Then again, Wednesday's twist, I could be like..
Frankie: Take a seat.

Derrick: I could be like, OK, save me, Victoria.
Frankie: Yeah, please use the Veto on me.

And this, dear Dishers, concludes the Overnight Report.. As we had the PoV Ceremony yesterday, I imagine they might push the HoH blog and Pics, which usually happen on Tuesday, to today.. We shall see...



Blogger Unknown said...

I do hope production stil has them do goodbye messages for Cody and Vic. CBS could be showing their cards if they don't.

September 8, 2014 at 5:06 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBDish friends!!

First a BIG ♥♥♥Thank You♥♥♥ to you Carolyn!! I have been without power since 8:12PM Friday evening. I missed the show/Boa Sunday Viewing Party/JeJo engagement party!! :-( But at least I can feel like I've been here through your posts and comments from you and all the BBDish friends. I never thought I'd be so content to be at work on a Monday morning, but I can now charge my phone and catch up with BB!!

Well, everyone, have a great day!!

September 8, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger seasons said...

Probably a bit of a minority opinion but I think if anyone other then Derrick or Frankie won the game it would be quite sad. Although people don't like Frankie you cant say he hasn't played a good game and doesnt deserve the win.

A final two between Frankie and Derrick would be a quite interesting one and I have no idea how the jury would string.

September 8, 2014 at 5:55 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Just watched last nights show...

Dan is the best player ever. But right behind him in my book is Jordan! Having those two seasons back to back has really hurt the show in my opinion. Incidently, how many people were cheering for Natalie to win BB11? She clearly "played the best game".

Its time to bring back some vets. I remember people not liking HGs returning from previous years. I think the last two seasons have shown that the show needs them

September 8, 2014 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but where are the shopping links? I used the link a couple of weeks ago to buy my grandsons hockey gear, now I need to get him some new shoes.

September 8, 2014 at 9:29 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Even though it won't mean anything, but instead of putting Victoria through a hurtful conversation, why can't they just plan a 1 - 1 vote with Frankie being the tie breaker? Frankie already put her up so it's not really added blood.

September 8, 2014 at 9:29 AM  
Blogger Machell said...

I completely agree seasons!!!!

September 8, 2014 at 9:39 AM  
Blogger Nikonos5 said...

Carolyn, Thank you so much for teaching me much about Judaism. I was wondering if Victoria served in the IDF? I know she lived In Israel for some time and wondered if she was required to serve during that time? Again thank you so much for all you do here.

September 8, 2014 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Carolyn the only reason Frankie wore his bathing suit in the bath is because Derrick was in there. He knows Derrick doesn't like all that lovey dovey stuff that he does. I've seen him when Cody and Caleb was in there and he was just like the day he was born. lol

I can't wait to see Frankie's face Wednesday when he finds his week has been a bust! Here's hoping that he doesn't win HOH or POV and they can get him out of the house.

I've kind of like Caleb now that Amber is out of the house. If he could just curb his bragging and trying to out do everyone he would be ok. He was so excited to see the country singer the other day he had a little tear in his eye. Derrick gave him a little hug when he saw how moved Caleb was. Cute!

September 8, 2014 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Karen W. said...

So sorry I've been out of the loop all weekend but can someone tell me if Derrick and Cody ever discussed his picture? I was wondering if we know any more about it? Thanks!

September 8, 2014 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good afternoon Caro. I have been meaning to ask you how your back is doing lately. Mine has really been bothering me the past few weeks. That's why I had such an early morning doctor appointment this morning. Even had to change my chemo to Wednesday this week when I was called Friday saying that they had a cancellation for this morning. . My legs and feet have been going numb when I lie down to sleep and the just getting to the standing position from a chair makes me see stars. I ended up being sent for a new series of xrays, not a CT or MRI scans along with being put on prednisone for a week in case it's just inflamed. I can't remember doing anything that would cause a problem other than cough a few weeks ago.

I have forgotten to ask during both Thursday's and last night's parties about Derrick's having shaved his beard. In the case of Donnie and many others in the past hasn't production told the HGs no when they asked about shaving a beard off or cut long hair short when getting gussied up for the live shows. Thursday night I thought Derrick looked so much younger. I then thought maybe it was due to his hair looking longer and curlier. Last night while he was playing pool I had many more close ups of his face and his line from his ear to chin and stubble under his chin are definitely gone. Flashbacks since Thursday are also showing him clean shaven, but last Wednesday he had the sexy stubble.

No need to print this entire comment, but I'd just like to hear about your back this summer and the question about Derrick being given permission to shave off the beard. I do remember him saying a few weeks ago that due to his job that he'd have to shave before going back to work.

September 8, 2014 at 11:24 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning! or afternoon?

Wow , what a snooze fest!

If it wasn't for your all so funny commentary Carolyn, I would be bored to death.
Here I was thinking their might be some interesting game talk this week.
However, despite a great cast this year, CBS BB just blew an incredible opportunity to give this season the twist it needed to excite viewers, but never happened.
When your hsg predict whats gonna happen and it happens, it's not a twist.
When fans have to megaphone to BB house to get something, anything to happen besides the predictable.
Producers are tired!… repeating same comps in similar order…..
We have seen this happen all too often with TV shows… they loose that fresh exciting momentum and fall into rinse, repeat only to get cancelled.

Which is what IMO is slowly happening with BB.
#socialmedia #change

September 8, 2014 at 11:30 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

I watched that conversation with Vic and Derrick last night and I really think he sees her as a little sister. His eyes says a lot. I am not doubting that they will keep in touch. She is also no threat to his marriage. I have loved their friendship, ever moment of it... even when some rough moments came up. It's such a sibling relationship. We, also know, he is most loyal to Cody and Victoria.

It has been so interesting, because in the real world... those two would have never met. Now he could be somebody invited to her wedding. Victoria has benefited by Derrick... when she was mostly hanging around Nicole and Christine in the beginning of the summer she was a MEAN GIRL, and picked on all the pretty girls in there. I hope she has grown up some.

Can't wait to see their reactions to the dog coming in soon... hopefully they can all take turns cuddling and playing with him or her. I hope it's a shelter dog that will get exposure and a new responsible loving furever home.

Within two weeks I'll get my life back... it's interesting how this every year sucks me in... good or bad. I love the social experiment. I can still do some of that with Utopia... which is nutso so far, with egos all over the place. It shows you that as long as humans are involved... Utopia is an imaginary thing. I'll follow and watch feeds sporadically... but not like my summer obsession with BB. I feel the withdrawal already, as for BB. It's insane.

I really hope the Hitmen makes it. I really do.

Now.... bring on that Rewind... and GO VICTORIA!

September 8, 2014 at 12:33 PM  
Blogger Deb in SF said...

Does anyone think that Production tells some of the HGs what's going on? For example, Derrick last night very certainly told Victoria she wouldn't be going home this week as he thinks the Rewind button means the nominations will be voided. He sounded so sure, not speculating. It has occurred to me more than ponce that Frankie and Derrick have been told by Production what's going on. Does anyone else think so?

September 8, 2014 at 2:55 PM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Were you mad when Jordan won?

September 9, 2014 at 7:59 AM  

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