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Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekly Recap - Week Three - Enjoy!

A nice little tribute/weekly recap for you guys. Brian, Steve and Angie were some of my favorites in the house. And it sucks that they're gone. And anyone who knows me, I love competitors, no matter if I like them or not. Michelle & April have earned my respect as competitors. I just got off the phone with Chelsia, and her first words to me were.. "This SUCKS!!"

Angie fans are screaming tonight!




Blogger theZanyOne said...

Nice recap. Miss her already.

August 1, 2008 at 12:54 AM  
Blogger Tella said...

Wow, another fun video... my three fun faves are gone. Only Dan left.

A bit disgusted when I watched April doing nothing but complain and biatch that this HoH comp was rigged against her and her group. Seriously?

I think she may go against her word and I hope she pays dearly in the end.

I miss Angie already.

August 1, 2008 at 1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at evel dick's blog. He is seriously not liking this season's house guests at all either! (like some of you)

August 1, 2008 at 5:36 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Great work Real Deal! I don't share your enthusiasm about Angie, but enjoyed the three week review.

August 1, 2008 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

That was awesome, TRD! :D

You rock!

I have to ask, was that HoH at the end in the Craig Ferguson sense of the word, or merely for historical record?

August 1, 2008 at 6:45 AM  
Blogger theZanyOne said...

well, after checking the weather for the weekend, I'll be here reading the dish the entire time. Heat advisories, heat indices over 105, lots of humidity.....

Hope the Hamsters do something entertaining.

August 1, 2008 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

WOW! TRD! Another great one!

August 1, 2008 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger Boomer said...

LOL @ Carolyn and her HoH question to TRD! ;p

TRD -- I love you! Not like that, but I love how your brain works and I love the heart that comes through in your video pieces and your photography! You are a joy!

As each HG went in to vote out Angie my heart grew heavier and heavier. I mean, on the one hand I think if she had pulled that speech out of herself earlier in the week perhaps she could have had a chance of breaking through that mob mentality, but honestly, I am REALLY sick of the HGs letting the HoH call all the shots!

I agree -- it SUCKS!

Let's hope someone can shake things up this week. Will April? I'm not hopeful, but we'll see what the week brings.

August 1, 2008 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger ltcmek said...

Awesome TRD! I was dancing in my chair and trying to hold back tears at the same time.

Watching the HG's in that kind of light made me realize I would really like to root for Ollie -- if he would just get away from April.

August 1, 2008 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Fantastic as always TRD. I always enjoy looking back.

Applause to you as always.


August 1, 2008 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger Genie Sea said...

Smashing montage TRD. You amde me miss Angie even more. Love the girl, hated her gameplay.

Carolyn... Your question killed me haha.

August 1, 2008 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

TRD, I have to come back and say... (my fingers were too fast on the button before)... What a great job you do capturing the best moments and making the HGs almost likeable.

It's nice to be reminded that despite what we tend to remember most, they really do have some good times each week. Finding those good times can NOT be easy.


August 1, 2008 at 9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the funny ones are gone...well most of them anyway. I can't believe they voted angie out!! She rocked. I'm not a big fan of voting people off for emotional/personal reasons. If it were me in that house I would have voted jessie out. He's arrogant, but he has also won some comps. He was more of a threat then angie, even though I think, if given the chance, angie could have been a serious competitor

August 1, 2008 at 3:17 PM  

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