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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday, friday...

....gotta get down on Friday! Everybody's lookin forward to the weekend....
And no one more than me! Ooooftah - what a week! And since I'm going to be gone tomorrow night, I thought I'd hang around a little extra with ya'll tonight. :)

So, while I was waking up - I thought I heard something on the feeds in the background, so I hit the flashback first thing. And here's what I heard...

Britney and Janie, in the HOH.

Janie: He's going to sit here and wait until he gets into this game. Then he's going to start playing.
Britney: That's why we have to get rid of Danielle. We have to get rid of them both. Danielle will be easy to get rid of.
Janie: I think we have a lot of pull with people.. but to convince 6 people..
Britney: We have the whole week to figure out - and win the hoh.
Janie: Frank is the only one who's come up to ask about the keyslots and us coming into the game..
Britney: I think Boogie told him.. he's probably like ride or die, we're not just playing for you, we're playing the game with you.
Janie: I think he figured it out. But he hasn't spread it around the house
Britney: he probably thinks that he'll have a shot if he keeps his mouth closed. But if it does come out, we'll have to shoot it down with contacts and stipends and like it's not a possibility..
Janie: because that's what he does..mindf*cks everyone... yeah.

Janie: We have to plan about this - how do we convince them that it benefits THEM to get Dan out of this game early?

And there we have it - the mentors seem to think are coming back in, down the line! And? They're terrified of playing against Father Dan. As well they should be!

Alrighty - I'm going to get caffeinated, and get crackin - Welcome, dishers - it's LATE NIGHT! :)

9:15 BB Time - We have Willie and Frank on the hammock
Willie: And if you win HOH next week, who's going to be on your side, see what I'm sayin?

Frank: You got my vote, I got your back. Definitely thinkin - you're gonna get Wil next week, right? Because he's dangerous..
Willie: Yeah, if you..
Frank: Yeah.
Willie: if someone else can keep you in a good spot. The perfect thing is if you win next week - for me. And you. And then do that. It's so far away dude, I hate to jump the gun.
Frank: Yeah but like to plan ahead
Willie: Yeah. We'll get together this week the whole crew and we'll talk. You know.
Frank: I trust you, Willie.
Willie: I hope so. I'm putting all my eggs in your basket.
Frank: I got your eggs... not gonna scramble em up..
-- Lessa: awwwww, it's a bromance!

The rest of the hamsters are milling about, some on the patio, and in the kitchen, general chitchat. Britney's proud of doing 100 lengths of the yard - which is a mile and 1/2 or so according to Dan.

9:27 - Patio Crew
Boogie: Are you at all concerned you won't have a job when you get back?
Brit: I am, but it's a good job to have, as there's always an opening. I mean it's competitive, but there's always an opening.
Boogie: Do you get a car?
Brit: Yeah, it's small, but yeah.
Boogie: In new york, did you have to walk, and carry product?
Brit: No, just my laptop as they ship their product..

Alcohol! Boys night!
Boogie: Won't be fun without the girls
Brit: We had fun without you.
--Lessa: Hehe.

Paper Rock Scissors for what they are drinking:

While outside, Brit bemoans the fact that she doesn't get endorphins when she works out, no part of it is fun for her at all.
Brit: I don't really gain weight, so if I work out would I even look different?
--Lessa: pfft. skinny girls. :P

9:35 PM
Back to general chitchat, all the way around... with occasional Fish thrown in for flavor.

Aw look - we have a new pool boy! Look out Jeff...Ian's after your title! (or not. Hah.)

 And here's some Friday night Eyecandy... Shane fresh outta the shower...

Shane: I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight on that bed with my back the way it is. I just took some advil though

Janie: Oh good..
-- the comps are beating them up this year - YAY! :) I mean, awww..

And here - equal opportunity perv cam... JoJo after HER shower..
Boogie is trying to buy extra beers - and asks what they might charge for it...

Boogie: I'd buy it for 25 bucks.. 5 dollar tip..
Dan: Anyone who'd buy it for 30 would buy it for 80...
Boogie: You said 100...
Dan: I'm cutting you a deal!
Willie: I will sell you this one for 1000!

Laughter all around..

We follow Janie and Wil to the hammock..

Wil: Penny for your thoughts... how are you?
Janie: I'm good, but so sick of no one knowing what they're doing...
Wil: game wise?
Janie: Yeah, like Joe... he's..
Wil: He's just ready to play.
Janie: yeah, that's why he gets so excited.. he's pumped..
Wil: We'll watch it when he really does get to play..

Janie: I really really want to beat Boogie in the coaches competition next week...
Wil: You will..
Janie: He's really strong, physically..
Wil: You just hit the hill at the wrong time, it's luck of the draw. You almost had him.
Janie: I want to.. You know boogie's going to be in this house the whole summer, because of his players? It's so frustrating. I'm glad he's not actually playing the game.
Wil: I think someone will come back...
Janie: Absolutely.

Brit joins and they talk about getting on a better sleep schedule.
Brit: So I need decaf is what your sayin?

Talk turns to JoJo and her griping about alcohol. While Ian plays around in the pool.

Wil talks about Brit's humor.
Wil: You're so funny. You don't realize that about yourself?
Brit: No. Is that your wine?
Wil: You want some?
Brit: No, I'm going to drink it when you going to the bathroom then laugh about it with Janelle later..
Wil: Haha! I'd laugh about it.

They talk about the saboteur in Brit's season..
Brit: It was just that the static was SO LOUD.. you'd be relaxed, and it was just creepy.

10:10 PM
Lot's of general chitchat - all the way around. Dan talks about writing a couple books to help people get on reality shows. And how most people freeze when they get in front of the camera, etc. Talk about open calls and the audition process gets us sent fishing...

Brit/Janie/Wil are still at the hammock, talking baby clothes and cribs and such.
Several houseguests are still on the patio, chatting it up. Drinks, clubs, etc.

Inside to the kitchen, where they're asking Willie about making some gumbo and jumbalya.. and frog legs. Hah!

Willie: Got a decent buzz there boogie?
Boogie: Yeah, that last one made it happen!
Willie: How come the girls were so uppity up last night and we're so... oh - ya'll had more, huh?

Wil: I think you'd be a good DJ
Willie: No. I got no rhythm.. I'd be horrible.

And just because I haven't screen capped her yet - and I kinda love her... Jen, reading the ever exciting Triscut box..

I do love the 'bad girls'... :P

JoJo: These are special f'in treats, what can I say?
Jen: These are special treats.

Inside, the speculation has turned to someone coming back, double evictions, etc.
Willie: Let's just say I don't think Jodi is at home right now.

HotTubTalk - Jenn/JoJo/and Danielle - who they're calling lollipop.
Jenn: So we're here season 14 BB, want to send a shoutout to all of you - we're here with two lovely ladies..
JoJo: don't forget about ted!
Jenn: He just did his first session in the DR..
JoJo: Ted's gotta go - he's a big f'in threat. He's a big social gamer!
Jenn: We're gonna ask some questions..
JoJo: (Who's exaggerating her accent enough that I want to drown her in the hottub already) What the f's with the bama shirt?
Jenn: Let's get personal - tell us about your first boyfriend..
Danielle: My first boyfriend was not my first kiss - we were in Circuit city.. and he was 19 and I was 14..
Jenn: We have a 5 year difference..
Danielle: but I didn't know what he was doing and I went to lay my head on his shoulder, and we head butted! So he grabbed my face and laid one on me, and I've never been so excited in my life.
JoJo: Did you f'in fall in love with him or what? Was it f'in love?
Danielle: He was my first heartbreak. I wouldn't do anything and he said he couldn't be with a virgin
JoJo: Then he's a f'in douchebag, he did you a f'in favor. I'm bettin he's gonna be regrettin that
Danielle: He's a nice guy and
JoJo: Don't ya go talkin f'in nice about him!
Danielle: I can see the other side now though, so.. it's good.
Jenn: That was a sweet story. Lollipops are always sweet. How many licks does..
JoJo: How many licks DOES it take to get to the center...
Danielle: A lot... What other questions do you have?
Jenn: ohhh! Lollipop wants to get unwrapped. So you were a virgin through high school.. so there's a point..
JoJo: So it gets lost, it goes away..
Jen: Not lost in the mail, or anything
Danielle: It's not a nice story, never been in a relationship I wasn't cheated on. But, how I gave it up..
JoJo: even when ya gave it up?!
Danielle: I date douchebags. One guy said I'm the girl you take home to mom, but he's not done... so basically they want to date me, go have their fun, and hope I don't find out..
Jenn: Your not a backburner lollipop..
Danielle: I was 18, and was basically so depressed, right after Josh cheated on me while I was away, so I just gave it up to a guy I was friends with, there was no emotion, wasn't special, and basically he was like I really want too and I was like ok. In a truck.
JoJo: every guy you've been has cheated - how did you find out?
Danielle: The first time his friend told me, the first two times, really, I was close with their friends. The third time, Chris (not his name) he started to get clingy, and we were taking a break, and he went and slept with another woman.


11:11 - Make a wish! (Still Fish.)

 11:27 - Finally, we're back!
Boogie and Frank are talking in the kicks room.
Boogie: I notice little things, like high-fiving..
Frank: Maybe. I was thinking if I could bromance with Shane.. he'll think hey...

Janie comes in.
Boogie: just talking about the game plan. I haven't seen Kara in a while.
Janie: Maybe Dan got her.

They start talking about what the room was like in their stars.. sharing beds, etc. Frank and Janie head up to play chess.

Boogie: Don't hurt him too bad Janie.
Janie: I won't!

In HOH, Everyone's talking about food.
Britney: Why is there so much Pickle juice?
Ashley: You can cut up cucumbers and make more pickles
Britney: We have pickles! It comes in a jar! It's like him cutting up all the tortillas for chips when we have two bags of chips! We have to preserve our food! He was so offended when Janelle didn't jump out of bed for his pot roast! Maybe she doesn't like potroast! It wasn't in the freakin' manual! Like today he makes salmon salad - I don't like tuna salad, salmon salad, and I was like I'm gonna make me a wrap and he was all...
Have you heard that he's asked for exotic spices in his HOH basket? OH yes. The possibilities..

11:34 - cut to Kara and Wil talking to Joe in the game room

Wil: I think everyone is stuck in the situation they're in, just the way the cards are dealt.
Joe: We have to go for the numbers, so do you... If she can get Shane..
Kara: Then it's split 4-4...
Joe; and Willie makes the decision.
Kara: Whatever way Shane and JoJo vote, so will you..
Wil: I will work on them..
Kara: (sighs) I'm just over this conversation.
Wil: You ok?
Kara: Yeah.

And she leaves.
Wil: did she really just say she was over this?!
Joe: She's not a player..
Wil: wow...
Joe: Thing is, she can't win. If this stressed her out? She can't win. Keep her here.
 Wil: Wtf! She's in here with two people telling her to fight.. and she's over the conversation?
Joe: (laughs)

Cut to Kara and Dan in the bathroom.
Kara: Whatever way Shane and JoJo are going to vote, they'll vote the same way, that's basically what they are going to do, go with the majority. Frank's trying to make deals with them, you know. They'll vote.
Dan: Have you talked to him?
Kara: Who?
Dan: Willie!

Danielle: You been in the DR this whole time?
Dan: Yeah. talkin about you.
Dani: good things?
Dan: yeah.

Cut outside to Willie and Kara on the patio.

Kara: I just want to talk to you again.
Willie: What's up?
Kara: I dunno what Shane's gonna do with the POV.. I want to stay, you know?
Willie: Yeah, and I've been thinking of the situation, but we have like, a week.
Kara: I just feel like if you don't get Frank out, you won't get a chance. and I know 100% for a fact he's coming after you. He's told me.
Willie: That's what you got to do, tell me things.
Kara: he's trying to get me and Dani to work with him, and go after you..
Willie: I need to know what he said - when did he do it?
Kara: For a while now. Every night this week.
Willie: Said he's coming after me?
Kara: You and Shane. He's told me he has.
Willie: What kind of deal do you want to make with me?
Kara: I'm not coming for you - I won't put you up, won't backdoor you
Willie: Danielle might.
Kara: We want to work with you guys, you and Shane. We talked to Dan and he talked to Brit about it, talked to Shane a bit. We think it's beneficial to work together.
Willie: Yeah.
Kara: Dani's not gonna put you up..
Willie: she's sweet - with everybody, so i gotta be careful
Kara: Will would not nominate you or Shane.
Willie: who would you?
Kara: Ian and.. well, Ian and Jenn, Boogie has to go.
Willie: yeah. I don't know, it's hard. Ian would have been an easy target but Boogie saved him'
Kara: I just don't think I'm a bigger threat than frank...
Willie: you're not. So you won't put me up..
Kara: I won't. I'm giving you my word.
Willie: Everybody in my position just wants to get back to the point they can play HOH again, that's my main agenda. I want to compete, next week I'm vulnerable because I don't get to play HOH. So I'm in a bad spot. I don't want to have that risk. I want to do everything to stay in the ngame. It's not like 'm making final two deals with anybody. I just feel like everyone is playing so hard so fast.. I think it's because we have coaches
Kara: I agree. I know. It's way to early for this
Willie: yeah, but everyone is doing it because the coaches want to stay strong, so they're forcing everyone to tip their hat quicker than they want too. I mean, for me, I see your point and I believe that you wouldn't mess with me next week.
Kara: I don't mind staying up against Frank if I know I'm not going home.
--Lessa: Oh dear.
Kara: I know Frank will offer you stuff, Mike is his coach, and well
Willie: Yeah, he's evil and manipulative - our game changed when they picked their teams.
Kara: Yeah, I'm saying to you, I want to work with you and Shane, Danielle and I both do, and JoJo - long term, not just a one week deal. We'd rather work together.
Willie: Everyone wants too, it just doesn't work like that, there's some division somewhere. Can I ask you an honest question... dan and boogie aren't working together?
Kara: no, no. I swear on my life. I want boogie out. if they are, I have no idea about it, I've made it very clear you know, I want boogie out of here. Ask Danielle and see what she says. I made it clear to dan I won't work with him. And Dan doesn't trust him.
Willie: yeah.
Kara: are Janelle and Britney working together?
Willie; not that I know of. My main thing is making sure I'm protected next week. Then re-evaluate. This week is a long week. I'm not promising nothing to you or Frank because I don't know. Day to day I change, it's just so early.
Kara: Yeah. I just wanted to talk to you, and let you know the deal is on the table.
Willie: I know. I believe that if your safe you won't mess with me.
Kara: I'm gonna ask Dan about it - if they're working together I'm pissed..
Willie: no, don't do that.. it'll cause strife, I was just wondering what you'd seen..
Kara: Ok. Yeah, I don't know, that's all.
Willie: I do believe you.
Kara: I just wanted to keep talking to you.
Willie: yeah, I appreciate that.
Kara: it's stressful..
Willie: for me too and I'm not there - I gotta think through next week too. I don't believe you think I dislike you, I'm not one of them people that says get rid of the pretty girl, it's not that at all, its just how it fell this week. I definitely want to keep the communication open..
Kara: I'll talk to you every day
Willie: you don't have to do that, I'm not begging for attention or anything
Kara: I want too.. get to know you
Willie: i'm gonna be up front with everyone letting everyone know what's going on.
Kara: I'm sure they'll do what you want
Willie: I don't know.
Kara: I know most people want Frank out but will go with the majority
Willie: yeah, we'll see how it goes and hopefully everything works out, and if it does, we'll do our thing next week and see how it goes. If it doesn't, no hard feelings, and I'll tell Frank the same thing.It's all good.
Kara: Thank you
Willie: thank you, baby.

They hug it out and rejoin everyone inside - or not, Kara and JoJo stay outside and Joe joins.

Joe: the thing we do have to think about is it will all eventually break up. You know what's funny though? I know I'm not supposed to do this - they keep telling me don't refer to it as teams in the Dairy Queen..

And fishies. Briefly. heh.

Kara: Everything seems to flip on a day to day basis.
Joe: that's why I said that you should wait till like Wednesday.
JoJo: Minute by minute.
Joe: I'm not going to exert any energy on it till Wednesday. I asked Willie to tell me if I was going up
JoJo: they can't tell you.
Kara: It'd be sunday..
Joe: Yeah, that's right. I want to know if I have to campaign, that's all.

Shane heads to bed - as does Wil, he steps outside to say goodnight.

And in HOH - Thermodynamics get Ian hot - see?

He looks thrilled - the current talk is diamond rings..

Joe heads to bed, ad leaves JoJo and Kara on the patio, about her talk with Willie.
Kara: I just want to keep an open line of communication with him.
JoJo: that's the important thing, to get to know everyone. Give them all a chance and stuff. I got lucky because we won and they're not gonna turn on me the first week so I didn't have to try as hard, you know? If we didn't win I'd have been trying before nominations because you just never know. That was his thing, he hadn't spend time with you or Frank. It's hard you know, if you dont..
Kara: I don't mind staying on the block, as long as I don't go home.
JoJo: Dan was nominated second week and made it through.
Kara: It's scary.
JoJo: you're handling it well though.

JoJo: Frank could win HOH next week.
Kara: He's smart, physical. I think he could win everything.
JoJo: he's hiding something
Kara: I think there's more to him than we know.. Think we're a threat because we're the two girls that are the strongest?
Kara: And we're small, which could work well..

In HOH: Britney/Willie/Dan
Dan: the reason I picked Daniele and Kara.. I felt they'd work together well, which for girls... and they came up to me and mentioned that they wanted to work with someone, and I said, well, if you want too. If I could advise them what to do, I'd ask them to pair up with you guys. They're trustworthy - I expect them to do what they say they're going to do.
Britney: We've been in here for 7 days - I mean who's to say who's trust worthy..
Willie: I'm stressed out, to save myself next week
Dan: Yeah, that's why I feel with Kara, she's stressed, and..
Willie; I talked to her a while ago
Dan: is she good?
Willie: yeah.. better than she was
Dan: Yeah, I think she's just now getting comfortable with this game. I'm glad she's come up to you on her own.
Willie: Yeah it felt forced before... like you'd told her too
Dan: Yeah, she's coming out of her shell. I like you, I like JoJo.. I think either of my two won next week
Willie: I'm not expecting final two deals, just next weeks safety
Dan: Yeah, and I think if they win, and we can come with a decision to see if we can move closer longer in the game.
Britney: I feel like you and Boogie are close in the house - I feel like I took the blame for the nominations.. people think Willie is doing what I told him to do
Dan: Where do you think that's coming from?
Brit: Just considering that I think you and Boogie are closest...  do I think you and your team would go after one of his players?
Dan: at this point yeah..
Willie: I want to ask you - are you and boogie working together?
Dan: No. And if he's telling you otherwise, I want to know. There are no deals, communication, but no.
Willie: I was just curious -
Brit: We just felt like, right after nominations, he ran off with you
Dan: He was like, you know, none of janie's are up, the lines are drawn, and then he was like get dans out and 33% and it just went to show he hasn't changed. He was like the line is drawn in the sand, the blonds are working together, and then he drops the comment that if Dan is out, there's a 33% chance to win and I knew I couldn't work with him. Communication is always open, but I don't play that shit.
Willie: yeah...
Dan: I would think, that if Kara stayed up there, Frank would go. He was one toss away from winning the whole thing today
Willie: yeah, I told them, just because your nominated, doesn't mean you go home.
Britney: and you know cuz you've played before. Can't make a decision, because we'll change our minds 15 times...
Willie: This room is chaotic!
Dan: Yeah, I feel like I can't come up here.
Willie: No, you always can! Boogie never comes up here, at least you try!
Brit: i just feel like this week should have been easy...
Willie: you know who I wanted to get out - and I got blocked, now I'm forced... it put me in a bad spot. I had to make the wisest decision, i had no clue, and the two least I was communicating with was Frank and Kara
Dan: I understood that and she came to me and asked if she made a mistake and I was like yeah.. I just want you to know, really, there is no way I'll work with that dude. I want his ass out. I can't trust him..


Dan: I just want you to know, I am open with my players. But Boogie - we're sitting out there, and Ian doesn't move for 3 hours, and Kara wants to talk to me and he's in there in 3 minutes.
Willie: You are telling me, you are not in any way working with him
Dan: Until all that shit went down, communication was going on, but no, not at all. The person that told me the 33% comment, showed me trust. All it takes is one thing.. the way I played, and am trying to get my players to play, is they have to be loyal to just one. It was successful to me.
Willie: I promise you, I trust you more. I don't think you'd put me up, it builds a relationship
Dan: It's in their best interest to team up with you. They're strong in their own way, and will need a little help, as you will too. I don't want to make alliances for my players because I want them to take that innitiative. But I think it'll be in their best interest. And I want you to know that if he's saying that stuff, tell me. I'll call him out.
Willie: Yeah, I think the coaches thing made people play harder quicker.. it turned into a total different game. I felt I had to win because I felt like I was going home.
Brit: He did.
Willie: and she thought so too.
Brit: He was the only - he was huge, obvious competitor left...
Willie: It kept getting down, and I know you said it was because I wasn't looking at you
Dan: I wanted to ask a question and they said no.. and if you had looked at me, I would have picked you. And I'm like you know, I thought you were gonna be brash and cocky, but your not, and I'm like Brit made a good move..

Dan: I just hope Kara is around so we can show you.
Willie: I believe you - I mean, what would she do if she did win next week? I'm just kinda wondering where her head would be?
Dan: I think the next easiest move is Ian - who would be pissed off besides Boogie?
Willie: who would you put him against?
Dan: I don't know. Jen maybe, because she wouldn't wig out.
Willie: Yeah, it's all hypothetical, yeah. And I know that all your promising is that I wouldn't go next week. I get that.
Dan: Yeah, and even if things aren't looking good - I'd appreciate if you'd tell me.
Willie: yeah, I told her the same thing, I won't just leave her in the cold, as that's disrespectful not to tell them.
Dan: Yeah, obviously I wouldn't be thrilled, but it would give me a sign I could work with you with Danielle..

Brit: And I think that even more important than you coming up here, is if Kara and Danielle come up here.
Dan: Yeah, and I'm glad you told me about the Boogie thing..
Willie: i'm just glad you didn't say oh nothing, because I'd have known.. and it's not anything - I just want to be safe next week.I didn't want to make people hate me this early in the game. I mean, if Boogie had just left things alone I could fall back in the pack, and play the game. He's about to come undone...
Dan: Yeah

...and Fish.

Dan: would want to know if you made a deal with Janelle...
Brit: Just like everyone assumed, you know, we're not with Janelle. Joe almost went up on the block. Did it piss me off when Boogie came up here, and said that if someone comes off one of Janelle's must go up? Yeah
Willie: Dan, you do a much better job of communicating without someone wanting to punch you in the back of the head when you leave the room..
--- Oh I do love me some Hantz.. hee.

Dan: You know, I feel that where you are weak they are strong. Could they have won this competition? Yeah but they had to be perfect. Do I think they can win Trivia? yeah - not that you couldn't but I think they're good. I think them paring up with you and Shane, would be better then pairing up with him and Jen..
Willie; you just know and have to let Kara know it's not a popularity contest.. and she's more leaning towards pulling people to the end that she likes, instead of aligning herself to get further, she does with someone she likes
Dan: Yeah, and that's where me as a coach would say do you want to win, why are you here?
Willie: it's just a possible thing - I mean, if she says I don't like Willie, but right now there's no substance, I mean she might decide I'm a likeable guy..
Brit: She probably won't..
Willie: she won't.. (Laughter)
Dan: If you had asked me before, I would have said no, but she grabbed you tonight, and she's going to start showing people she's hear to play. I just think she's really nervous.
Brit: I think she's doing good.
Dan: she's getting better. When she gets trapped outside, she freaks out... anxiety and has to go to the bathroom, and today I sat her down before and did some visualization stuff, and she was fine today. She's the best player to have, as she listens and is coachable and is getting better. I'm trying to say she's not 100% there, but she's going to get there soon, and it'll be like its time to make a decision, and vote out someone she likes and I think she's going to get there, especially after she's felt the heat of the block. Bottom line, I genuinely like you, and like Shane. I don't dislike JoJo, I just haven't connected with her as I have with you and Shane. It's just so hard to get you alone.
Brit: there's so many people in this house.

12:35 - checking in with Janie and Frank at the chess set..

Frank: I'm just hoping I can make it to some point in the game where there's a trade. I can't make it to the end with this ball and chain around my ankle in this boy
Janie: He has the worst reputation and no one wants her here.  He's like one of the most evil players at all time, so it's not good to be on his team and Dan is so trustworthy..
Frank: Dan is banking on that. I think if they get out of Boogie, then he can let his players coast
Janie: You think that's why he picked them
Frank: unlike Boogie, Dan is a good coach!
Janie; He's a coach! I think Danielle is  brainwashed
Frank: She's a wash, but Kara could be dangerous..
Janie: How did she get in this house? I'm saying what did they see in her?

Frank: I think he's trying to put a bigger target on Boogie and his team.
Janie: It's so risky - if he did that and put Kara in Jeopardy, he would have to play this game with just Danielle.. he's already targeting you. He's all none of these guys can beat Frank, he's a beast
Frank: I lost today!
Janie: I know..

Frank: Obviously I have Jen and Ian's vote... I just..
Janie; You have to fight to stay. It just sucks your coach is such an asshole
Frank: Yeah, that's why I'm trying to separate myself from him. What he wants to happen is me to get home, one of his players win, and come after you guys.
Janie: But for that to happen Kara or Danielle would have to win HOH..
Frank: Imagine if he was here with just Danielle
Janie: it'd be hysterical!

Janie: Dan's really good at this game. He gets into my head too.
Frank: He is.
Janie: Boogie's gonna be with us all summer
Frank: that's why I'm hoping for a trade. And if a few weeks down the line there isn't and you send me home to get rid of him I'm fine with it..
Janie: He's just a little too much.. I like him as a person.. but he gets too personal in this game. I never said one thing bad about him, then watched the season and he did nothing but trash talk the whole time..

And round and round and round we go -  it's bedtime for Lessa! Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, and I'll be back again Sunday night - where half a dozen things will have changed and gone back and forth and back and forth - after all, isn't that why we love this game?  :)

Sleep well, dishers!



Blogger Michigan Man said...

Yay! We still get to play. Evening Lessa

July 13, 2012 at 9:18 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Hey there late nighters... Hi Lesssaaaaaa!! :-) You may have a hot date tomorrow, but the dish is your date tonight! :-)

July 13, 2012 at 9:20 PM  
OpenID shannonline said...

The mentors aren't definitely getting back in the game. Janelle and Britney are just speculating. They think they're getting back in the game but they weren't told before hand they were so they really don't know.

July 13, 2012 at 9:21 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hey ya'll! :)

It's not the first time the coaches have been heard talking about getting back into the game. I think it's almost a definite at this point. I'd be willing to bet on it, for sure. :) But that's just my gut feeling..

July 13, 2012 at 9:24 PM  
Blogger Raffaela said...

The coaches aren't definitely being put back in the game. Brit and Janie are just guessing they're going back in although they are acting like its 100% happening like Lawon did last season, but they dont actually know. They weren't told before going in that they would be a part of the game they are just assuming and it's not smart for them to base their whole game on that.

July 13, 2012 at 9:25 PM  
Blogger Raffaela said...

I feel like I could see it happening but do you think they'll all go back in or only the coaches left with players at whatever point they do that

July 13, 2012 at 9:26 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

I'd still put money on it. *L*

July 13, 2012 at 9:26 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Party on! We got booze

July 13, 2012 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Lessa: I agree completely re: coaches playing. First, these are not the type of all star players who would come into the house if not guaranteed that they could play the game... they aren't the type to sit on the sidelines and just like the action pass them by. Second, we all know that veterans tend to have more inside scoop when coming into the house beyond the first time... they have to get enticed into playing another time so production tends to let them in on a bit more of the scoop for that season... based on their talk on the feeds, I'd say their playing the game in an individual capacity at some point is almost inevitable if not certain.

I still vote for letting them play individually once their whole team is evicted... how fast would we see those newbies being thrown under the proverbial fast? I think Einstein's cosmic speed limit of the speed of light would be violated and we would have to rewrite the laws of physics thats how fast there would be under bus throwin'!!

July 13, 2012 at 9:31 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

I agree the vets have to come back or someone else needs to come in. Otherwise two more evictions and we're at jury already.

July 13, 2012 at 9:31 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

I don't think there's any doubt at least a couple of the coaches come back into the game. The game has just started yet we're going to be down to 10 players by the end of the week. I'm not sure how it'll happen but I think the coaches will be playing eventually.

July 13, 2012 at 9:32 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Stephen - I think that'd be awesome they could once they lose their team, but I think it will be the opposite - I think if they lose all their team members before they get into the game, they're done for. Brit and Janie seem terrified to play against Dan's social game.

July 13, 2012 at 9:35 PM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

Hi Lessa!! Welcome back!! Thought I would pop in here and at least say hi! Gotta hit the sack but look forward to reading Late Night With Lessa!!


July 13, 2012 at 9:38 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hey Steph! Sleep well! Mwah!

July 13, 2012 at 9:38 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@LEssa: I agree that once their team is gone they are too, but a boy can dream, can't he? *SIGH* *DAYDREAMS* Okay, back to reality. Yeah, let's be honest, who would want to go up against Dan and his clever tricks? They need to poise themselves for an attack as soon as the game allows

July 13, 2012 at 9:41 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

This is hilarious

July 13, 2012 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger goodgirl said...

I thought I heard Brit and Janie talking about coaches coming in later in the game, earlier this morning. Then I heard it tonight and was sure. I think I like the idea, but I wonder how the 100k comes into play in that situation?

Hello, everyone BTW.

July 13, 2012 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger Lezbionic said...

Can't be said enough...Lessa, YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU!!!

July 13, 2012 at 10:01 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Aw thanks. :)

July 13, 2012 at 10:02 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@goodgirl: thats what made me come up with my "once your team is gone you can play" theory you can play it safe and try and coach your player to the end but not win as much and not play the game fully or you can cut your team loose and go for the gold and risk it all... but in the end I agree with Lessa that that isn't how the twist will go down, but i sure wish it would!!

July 13, 2012 at 10:08 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Ashley is going to have a email box full of marriage proposals when she gets out.

July 13, 2012 at 10:08 PM  
Blogger goodgirl said...

Stephen, if that were to be how it works, then I would agree with your feelings on Dan. He could have been brilliant in his picks.

July 13, 2012 at 10:13 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Lessa: LOL literally re: comps are beating them up this year, yahhh I mean awwww. Had me cracking up for some reason!

July 13, 2012 at 10:15 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hehe - I can't help it. I love when they get beat up - mainly because it means they're playing HARD... I hate when people throw competitions..

And face it - scars are sexy. Hee!

July 13, 2012 at 10:17 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Amen to the sexy scars!!

July 13, 2012 at 10:18 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

While they keep sending us fishing and talk general things - I'ma take a quick break. Back in a few!

July 13, 2012 at 10:19 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@goodgirl: if Dan had an inkling, I think that would perfectly explain his picks... but that is such a big risk to take on a hunch that a twist may work the way you think when 99% of the time your hunch is wrong in BB (or 100% when you are one certain Stephen Ritchie). LOL

July 13, 2012 at 10:20 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Enjoy your well deserved break, Lessa!!

July 13, 2012 at 10:20 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

naked DRs, now that would have been something to see

July 13, 2012 at 10:21 PM  
Blogger Prairie Dawn said...

Maybe Dan picked his team knowing they were weaker, so he could play after they were sent home? It would explain his choices.....

July 13, 2012 at 10:22 PM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Hello Lessa,

I am sure they are coming back into the game. The reason AGP didn't do it from day one is cause of the ~ ~ BLINDING ~ ~ GIGANTIC targets that would have been on their backs.

Honestly it isn't fair...They brought back the Best of the Best. How do you compete against that as a newbie?

July 13, 2012 at 10:23 PM  
Blogger WendyBBFanatic said...

Have been in and out all day. Just wanted to say Hi this time :) Welcome back Lessa!

July 13, 2012 at 10:31 PM  
Blogger Edie said...

Hi Lessa and late night dishers!! Just getting home from work and getting all caught up . I really wish Frank would have won the pov.

July 13, 2012 at 10:32 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hi Wendy!

I'm back - but just posting randomly until we get some game talk. :)

July 13, 2012 at 10:41 PM  
Blogger Edie said...

Omg did anyone else just see what Ian just did? He kicked himself in the face on purpose in front of Britt and Janie....lol who does something like that ? I really want to like him, but he needs to chill out ....lol

July 13, 2012 at 10:47 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

*LOL* Everyone has some unusual talent - apparently, that's Ian's. Dan asked him to do it - "Have you seen this? it's crazy!" I missed it on the cam though. dangit.

July 13, 2012 at 10:49 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Figures, the good stuff is starting to happen and I'm nodding out.

Catch it on FB, night all

July 13, 2012 at 11:04 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Night MM! :)

July 13, 2012 at 11:05 PM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

@Edie: Normally the self-inflicted harm begins around day 45... not this early in... must be crazy in there this summer!

July 13, 2012 at 11:14 PM  

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