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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Late Late Night with Lessa..

Well, well, well. Seems we've had yet another busy day on the blog, let alone in the house! If you want my comments, it's left as a Comment on This Very Post Right Here, so Carolyn can leave it up or delete as she feels necessary. I warn ya - i'm a bit mama bear over her right now. I made her laugh, then made her sleep. Hee.

By the way - if you haven't gotten the live feeds yet? What are you waiting for? Click that red button right... up... there. Three Day Free Trial - can't beat it! See what we see, and what we rant and rave about all the time, so you too can join in the conversation!

As our fearless leader has had a long day, I'm going to do my very best to stick with the houseguests till bedtime, so that Carolyn can rest. We'll see how it goes.. :)
Currently it is 12:05 in the BB house, and Frank has just gone to the DR, presumably to shed his SpiritTard at last. It's munchy time for the other houseguests, and everyone is awaiting the Shunning.

General chitchat all around.

12:21 Still waiting.. and now we have Fish too - and then we're back and my feeds froze, and I missed the shunning. *L* way to go, Lessa!

12:27 - Oh Danielle, don't you know if you pull our one gray hair, 6 more arrive to the funeral? Tsk...
The discussion at the table is the boys, discussing girls, Kara, playboy presumably and silicon. Heh.
Dan: Were they? I mean, I never looked so I couldn't tell you..
Wil: Thats really none of our business...
Boogie: the point of getting them is to make it our business!
Joe: If you lay flat, they should go to the side...
Shane: Janelle was open about hers...
Boogie: She's had like three sets in 7 years..
Dan: Kara just floored me. I never would have guessed that in a million years..
Boogie: She had such an understated personality, usually those types are way out there...
Dan: I don't think we got to see all.. she had some fight in her...

Grooming with Jen..
Jenn: Why would you want to do this?
Danielle: Why would I want them in my hair?!
--Lessa: Wear them with pride... of course, I blame mine on my teenagers. Heh.

Shane: That's a great picture of JoJo..
Joe: Hotter then hell in that.. What do you think Willie's doing?
Boogie: Back to work - a week long bender, then probably had to go back to work. I have a feeling he lives week to week..

Britney heads to bed.
Shane: I'll be to bed in a little bit.

Boogie keeps getting us sent to fish, talking about production going through his suitcases..
Boogie: they went through my suitcase and I was like you ain't takin... (fish)

Boogie checks in on the hair work
Boogie: Better white then gray, right?

And the old Frank is back...

Dan and Boogie talk music..
Dan: So she was the only one you liked, on Survivor?
Boogie: Yeah, I don't think I messed around with Survivors. I messed around with one of the American Idol chicks, turned into a hot mess though she wasn't bad back then.. There was one girl but she was a total c..


Lessa: Boogie's a ladies man? ...why?

Boogie: one of my best takedowns though was I took down this girl who got third on ANTM.. She was tall..
--Lessa:.... no, REALLY?

Boogie tells the story about how Dr. Will met his fiancee..
Boogie; oh! This is a good one!
BB: Fish. Gee. Thanks.

Dani: Look at this..
Shane: are they gray?
Dani: No they're not gray!


Boogie: I've met a lot of Survivors... a few Apprentices... that [little person] from Amazing Race, she was a bitch!
Ian: Her cousin was even worse!

12:50 fish again... Skippy, you an' me, we need to have a lil chat....

12:51 - Brit and Shane in the have not room..
Brit: Frank can't play HOH next week. The only person who can win for him is Boogie..
Shane: For him or Wil? Who?
Brit: Frank..
Shane: I feel bad for AShley.. what's gonna happen... she can't compete. I know she's not acting, but at first I thought.. it might be because of the medication, but I don't wanna call her out. If I win, I'll put up Ashley and Jen.. or Joe if he's still here. People who are floating can get this chance to show..
Brit: And we can backdoor..

Shane: I don't want the blood on my hands for that. I want to stay true to my word, Frank stayed true to his this week.
Brit: Ian won't do it..
Shane: If Ashley, Jen and Wil are gone - he's gonna vote for...
Brit: He told us he would...

Brit: Maybe next week is too early. We need someone else to go after them..
Shane: I don't know who would...
Brit: we need to get through this week, Dan you, danielle or me win HoH, we're good.
Shane; If Frank wins veto, he might backdoor on of us... We'd have the votes... no it'd be 4-4.. unless Ian voted with us..
Brit: Ian said he would... you need five.
Shane: It's a lot. I have to win POV. Keep nominations the same.
Brit: exactly.

--Lessa: Oh Shane. I miss the scruff... stop shaving.

Brit: Oh well, we'll figure it out. Goodnight.
Shane: Goodnight. See you in the morning..

1am: Wil delivers tea to Danielle.
Dani: How are you?
Wil: Fine... Thursdays and Fridays always suck.. kinda get you bummed...
Dani: At least you're not a have not...
Wil: look at my foot! Blisters! Sorry that's gross
Dani: Doesn't bother me..

Dani: I feel bad because they're joking around.. I know they're kidding but they're like you're the bad guy now.. because I put Janelle up and sent her home.

Fish. Skippy, skippy, skippy...

Wil: We were talking about Ashley and how bad she's hurting, and next thing I know he's (ed: frank, I'm pretty sure) in here sucking up. And the bullying thing, I mean, I don't think it was that bad, but he uses it to his advantage, but I just don't think it's genuine.. Just remember you can be edited to look like this wonderful person, just don't..



Wil: And to throw it back in my face, you know? It's dirty... Don't worry about it though.
Dani: Things like that bother me. Making me into something that I'm not would really hurt my feelings. I mean, comments like that, and it was a good strategic move no matter what. It just got me she was nice to me before, then..
Wil: Don't worry about it - I mean you hopefully have 6 weeks to change it. Look at Britney, she wasn't shown very nice at the beginning of her season and came out on top. That was something I forgot about really, you can be yourself, and be edited to look like something totally different..

Wil: we'll definitely have to meet up some day and go shopping, I'll treat ya.
Dani: You do what you want with that money, Wil.. you go on a shopping trip.

Dani: If I hadn't have won, I would have taken the trip, not the money from you.
Wil: aw.

Wil: I've been thinking I really have to get that POV.. but if I do, he might put AShley up. I can't do that... I don't think she'll be able to compete. If she won it, then like..
Dani: You think it's getting worse or is it gonna get better..
Wil: I think its gonna get worse...
Dani: Your parents are doctors right? I have an aunt that's a doctor...
Wil: Dad's a doctor, mom's his nurse...
Dani: oh...

Wil: If you were gonna be Ms Alabama what would your platform be..
Dani: What do you mean? Oh. Um, Children with disabilities. I've got two cousins with Cystic Fibrosis. Let's get personal. It's not a mental disability, it's..
Wil: yeah, I knew a girl..

Fish - in and out as she talks about the cousins, and the new baby on the way..
Dani: I'm supportive, but I don't know how its gonna be like. What's sad is all these people grow up, and get to our age and want to marry and no one wants too. The hardest question I ever had asked, Nicole, she's like 8..


Dani: And she was like.. when do people die, and I was like 70 or 80... and she was like when will I die? How do you tell a 7 year old that she's dying?
Wil: You don't...
Dani: That's wat I told her, you will live as long as you want to. Take care of yourself.. I went back to my room and broke down. Thats my platform. I love kids, I love them.
Wil: You want kids? How many..
Dani: At least two... I've dated too many only children, I have one friend that's an only child that's decent...

Checking into the living room..
Boogie: So there was this long mirror, and Im checking my form right? And I look in, and there was this whole room of guys in there! Watching me... they charge you and make more letting them watch me...

Lessa: Oh dear.
Boogie: Then I felt like I was putting on a show - obligated..

1:20 Back to the bathroom:
Wil: I got my first development deal when I wass 13. At 16 I got my first record deal, then to 20 I toured constantly.
Dani: With who?
Wil: Can't tell... then I moved out here and they were obsessed with finding out gay or not, and they got with my parents and then the next day I was released from the label.. so I moved back and..
Wil: then I got into like, production and.. so I get the best of both worlds. Music and comedy..

Dani: I feel like everyone here is something... I.. don't tell.. but I am a pagent girl, but I'm also a Harly Davidson calender model. Heart of Dixie, Ms. September...
Wil: So you were never Ms. Alabama..
Dani: My best friend was.. but I've done a lot of pagents.. I was asked to do a music video before here but had to turn it down because of conflicting contracts.. I did pagent week..
Wil: We gotta do Fashion Week together!

Dani: I mean, I'm nothing big or anything..
Wil: Me either.. but I've done some amazing things..

Fish, briefly..

1:25 In the living room - the talk is class attendance. Dan, Ian, Shane, and Boogie joins again from the DR.

Boogie: What would be your class schedule..
Process design, Linear (something ) Math, and the easy stuff... Buddism...
Boogie; Did you sign up for these?
Ian: If I make Jury, they'll drop it. If I'm not back before school, the form is signed and ready to go.. this is my least technical semester. Some engineering class too.. I can't think of it.. oh oh, shortly before I left I transferred into Polymer Science..
Shane: What's that?
Ian: Long carbon strings
Shane:....sounds fun?
Ian: Once a week for three hours..
Dan: oooooh. ouch.
Boogie: Sucks!
Dan: I didn't like college..

Boogie: Second semester, home stretch..
Ian: Process control..
Boogie: Whats that?
Ian: This is the system you need, this is the process, if you deviate it'll blow up, don't let it blow up. Statics or.. Homogenous Catalysis...
Boogie: i'd like to stick one of in one of these and see how low a percentage we can get..
Ian: Organic Metalic... I've taken tests and gotten in the teens before. I got a 12, twice.
Dan: Would Taylor be in there with you?
Ian: She's a year behind me...
Boogie: That'd be a great class with someone your crushing on..
Ian: All you do is meditate..
Boogie: Exactly.

Boogie: She's super smart
Ian: Yeah, she's pretty smart.

Shane: You got a 12...
Ian: yeah, but I passed the course.. a D. The first test I did badly on, and they were like we can work this out.. I went into the final with a C, then bombed the final.  we had this Reacter Class.. and we had a 25 point test, and I got like, a 3. 12%. the class average was like 8 out of 25. And he was like I don't curve... so basically the whole class is failing, except that kid over there that is perfect.
Dan: what does he look like?
Ian: He's a perfect male speciman..
Boogie: Shane, I didn't know you went to Tulane!

Ian: I remember Shell gave them a check for 5000 for being there, scholastically perfect..
Dan: Kinda like when Boogie gave you that 3 grand..
Ian: Kinda like that! (Smiles) and the next day he took a test without studying and got 100% on that.
Boogie: He's that smart..
Ian; Yeah. I think he wants to go right into Chemical Engineering and make the money. He'll have his pick, he'll be like I want that job.

Ian: So the professor told us that if we do well on the next test he'll disregard... so take the second test, and got a 10 outa 25... He was like I don't curve, but if you do well on the Final, it's 4 hours long, extremely grueling, but whatever you get on the final, I'll give you that grade. I studied the entire week, nothing else, that class,  locked myself in my room, studied for that had another final but it didn't really matter - took the test thinking it went all right... B. Dr. John, freakin love him.
Dan: I don't understand killing yourself for a week for..
Ian: I learned the material. I struggled, but he said the struggle is part of it.

Dan: If that happened in May, you were already knee deep in this process..
Ian: Yeah..

1:40 And Fish. Again.

Alright - it is almost 2am Big Brother time, and I have to be up in just a few hours to Volunteer for a fundraiser for our local Women's Shelter - so that's it for me. Ya'll mind the critters, will ya? And take care of each other.




Blogger Lessa said...

One of "my" teenagers posted this on facebook today:

"I love haters, but I hate when they hate on something I like then it's like 'Woah, you can't hate on this unless I say it's okay. Okay?'"

And I feel it was pretty appropriate for today, hm? I don't know if ya'll have noticed, but Carolyn and I almost never agree on the houseguests, and I tend to be FAR more snarky and opinionated then she is in my comments. Still, we have a beautiful working relationship. Why? Because of mutual respect and admiration, as well as maturity - well, I respect and admire her and I think she shows maturity. The jury is still out on me. :P

I think the vast majority of us feel that way too - so lemme take a Mom moment, and say this: it's a game. We like who we like, we dislike who we dislike, and we all have opinions. No one is right, or wrong in sharing those opinions, as long as we are all respectful of each other. This is Carolyn's house - we need to play nicely in it.

End Rant. :)

August 11, 2012 at 12:22 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Hey Lessa - not sure what happened, but hoping you and Caro are okay and that no one got creepy with comments. Have a rabid headache from staying awake for far too hours the other night into the next day (great grand baby girl Zoli was born at 4:30 a.m. BBT!) I can't even read too much right now so don't even know what happened to Ash. No need to post this - just lending support in case you guys need it. I hate being in the dark lol

August 11, 2012 at 12:58 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Congrats on the baby news, Izzy! And thanks for the support. It was a rough week, for sure.

Ashley's still having problems with her back.. :)

August 11, 2012 at 12:59 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Thanks Lessa! What a blessing she is.

Dear Skippy N.P. - you're drowning us; knock it off

August 11, 2012 at 1:22 AM  
Blogger kmacattack said...

Congratulations Izzy!

August 11, 2012 at 1:37 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Aww...thank you kmacattack!!

August 11, 2012 at 1:48 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Sweet dreams Lessa.

August 11, 2012 at 1:49 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...


I had no idea you opened a post since you didn't start it at your usual time. Anyway I gave up and just watched the feeds for a couple of hours. Pissed at Skippy New Pants so finally I turned that off and went to Twitter and then play some Pogo and then watch some late night Olympics.

I ♥ ♥ ♥ your Mama Bear rant. Glad you got Caro to laugh.

Now on to BBLF. Everyone knows I despise Mike Malin but he finally crossed the point of no return tonight. I wish I had thought to time stamp it but surely someone else was watching that can back me up on this.

Mike and Frank were still talking about who needs to go and Wil seems to be the odds on favorite. But... what Mike did was totally unnecessary. Willie was ridiculed for doing it and I think Mike should be too. Mike was even more blatant that Willie's short burst of hand gestures.

Mike Malin did the effeminate hand gestures and imitated Wil's voice and acted like he had extensions. He did everything but actually drop the three letter F bomb, or at least I didn't hear it which is a good thing if it did happen.

My point is, since Willie was (rightfully so) ridiculed for it, then Mike Malin deserves the same. That on top of his common use of the big *C* word about women and everything else he says about them has me at my boiling point.

I can't see how anyone can have any respect for him, in or out of the game. Certain mannerisms are not learned for a BB summer, they are in for life. The man needs some serious counseling. He's the type that would probably get a thing out of it but he needs it.

End of my rant.

Now it is almost 4 AM BBT and Dan and Danielle have been talking in the Arcade ever since I turned on the fees again. Everyone else have been asleep and stayed that way. A lot of game talk but I couldn't hear most of it so I gave up trying. As of now, everyone is in bed.

This comment covered just about every face I can make so I will just sign off with my trademark one.


August 11, 2012 at 4:02 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

And that wasn't even my planned GaYToRtorial. Still working on that so it will come later in this week (next 7 days).


August 11, 2012 at 4:04 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Lessa, in your opening comment you said "No one is right, or wrong in sharing those opinions".

That should have read "No one is right, or wrong in sharing those opinions except GaYToR who is always right".


August 11, 2012 at 4:09 AM  
Blogger Cwmild said...

Lessa and Carolyn,

I tried posting yesterday when this all went down but was having issues posting.

I have been a faithful BBdish reader for many years. This is my first time posting.

I was unable to get the feeds this year and your blog has been the only way I am able to keep up on the house guests this year. I love the way you both run this blog. I really enjoy reading updates and honestly the best part to me, is when either of you add your thoughts or comments on to the post. Agree or not with them your comments make me smile every time.

Anyway, I just felt this is the time for me to post and let you women know how thankful I, and judging by the comments yesterday, all of bbdishers are of what you two do.

On another note while I'm posting, Blue your comments are hilarious and I had to let you know I really enjoy the comment section and look forward to reading what you have to say.

August 11, 2012 at 5:57 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thank you Lessa. Hope today is successful.

Gaytor, I love your rants. Looking forward to your next epistle.

Hope Carolyn got some well deserved sleep.

August 11, 2012 at 6:39 AM  

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