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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Frank Week Friday! Today in the Big Brother 14 house: a Have/Have Not Comp and Nominations..

The HGs (*started off looking like they) had a shockingly early night last.  I'm gonna dive into flashback and pick up the Overnight right where Lessa left off, at 11:20pm BBT, and continue on through bedtime.  If you were early to bed last night, or out and about having fun, do go check out Lessa's Stellar coverage of The HoH Reveal and ensuing events.

While I'm getting TOR together, here's a bit of flashback fun to start your day off right:  go to 12:39am to see how this..

 Turned into this! Super cute! And really nice to see them having so much fun. :0)

Click the pic to get to the Live Feeds Log In

****11:20pm to 1am will be filled in here****
Please refresh this post around 6am BBT 
to watch it magically appear..

As we rejoin our HGs at 11:19pm, Britney and Danielle are downstairs talking on 1 and 2.  Dan, Boogie and Frank are up in HoH on 3 and 4..
We're gonna follow the power and float on up to HoH to join them for the continuation of their talk about what they'd like to see/make happen this week, and what they're planning for the weeks ahead...    Here's a teaser - Joe and Shane are the likeliest noms at this point, and if Shane comes off, they're planning to put Britney up as the replacement, in hopes of manipulating  trust from Wil et al...

11:19pm BBT
Feed 3

Boogie: They do know that it's 2-2-2, tight as shit.
Frank: Yeah.

Boogie: I mean in some ways, it's 5 groups of 2, cuz Ian and Jenn you could kind of call a 2, even though he's our puppy dog. Pun intended on the dog suit.

Dan: I guess.. Who are you more worried being associated with?  Me and Danielle or Shane and Brit?
Boogie: Just thinking out loud.. If he goes at 2 of the 6, I think it's easier on us to sort of position Shane as Captain America...

Dan: Yeah.
Boogie: ..and the 3 PoVs.. the HoH.. you know.  It's.. We definitely want.  You never know.  Jenn could win an HoH.  I don't think Ashley ever will.  But just to keep making sure it's those 3 other people.
Frank: I mean.. Shane's already..

Boogie: Because look, it's not the worst thing, if we're rollin' 5, and Britney or Shane goes home..
Frank: Yeah
Dan: Yeah
Boogie: ..and we didn't do it.  Especially if it's jury.  It would still be..  It would be really good for us.  We would still have 1 ally, and if we weren't, you know, the targets..  I mean, look.. I don't think Ian is putting any of the 3 of us up.  He would be the best outside person.. to put either of them up.
Frank: But Shane and Britney would still link that decision to us.

Boogie:  Yeah.. but.. I'm thinkin' not in 2 weeks.  Ashley will be off limits..
Frank: Yeah.
Boogie: Or at least we'll be able to sell that.
Frank: Yeah.  Wil will probably be gone.
Boogie:  We may not care then.  Ya know? I mean..

Frank: Yeah. I mean in 2 weeks, it's possible..

Boogie: Wil is scary to get to the end.
Frank: Yeah

Boogie: We just can't like ignore him and..
Frank: I agree. I don't want him to go to the end, because obviously, I'd like us 3 to... but the thing is, I'm much less concerned with Wil now, because of that bs he did last week.  I can use that against him all day, every day, if I need to, and people wont forget that.  People have been shocked by that..

Boogie:  Yeah.  I was shocked by it.
**That makes 2 of you.

Frank: Even when I told Ashley, I was like, I stood up for Wil against Willie when I was on the block.. and then Shane turns around and lies to me 2 weeks later.
Dan: Wil.
Frank: I mean, Wil turns around and lies to me 2 weeks later.

Boogie: Yeah.
Frank: But.. It'd be better if Joe goes, and then Wil.  There's no point in keeping Joe and Wil around.

Boogie: Just to live with, Joe's gotta go.

Dan: If you keep Wil off, if there any way you 2 can work out something with him?  Just you 2 and Wil?  In the case he wins, you guys can tell him who to put up?

Boogie:  We probably could, but I don't have that kind of relationship with him, because I made him feel super guilty about what he did..
Frank: I think I could, but..
Boogie: Can you trust him.
Frank: Exactly.
Boogie: The move he made.. aAnd he's not a dummy.. He might think, f*ck, I could pull another move like that, and no one would think it was comin'.

Dan: It goes back to me.. what he did with Kara.
Boogie: Voted her out.
Dan: Yeah. 
Boogie: Yeah..
Frank: But that means he'll make the smart move too, possibly, meaning, working with Frank and Mike.. He might go, "Hey, I can work with  Jenn and Ashley, or I could work with Frank and Mike.. "
Dan: But then.. What happens if Shane comes down? Then you don't put him up as a pawn? 

Frank: Well, no.. We thought, if Shane goes down, put Britney up.
Dan: Ah
Boogie:  That way, he thinks we're after them.

Boogie smiles big..

Dan gets the giggles, perhaps over the sheer evil of it.

Frank: Yeah.
Boogie: But the you know.. Now it's like.. It's the trust factor.  They have to trust us.
Frank:  Shane's even joked around.. I mean, he's serious.. about staging an argument between the 2 of us... He's serious.. It's a little silly.. a little unnecessary, but..
Dan: Yeah..
Frank: If he's thinking that, then he would kind of understand going up in this situation.
Dan: To get that out of his mouth, you gotta keep her at bay, cuz she is gonna be..
Boogie: Yeah.
Dan: But at the same time, Danielle and I have had a hand in the 6.  What have they done for it yet?
Boogie: Yeah.. I don't wanna rock the boat yet..
Frank: Everybody in the 6, with the exception of Mike, was wantin me out at one point. 
Dan: It's true.

Frank:  I mean, Britney had Shane.. Except for Shane.. I think Shane really did have my..  I think Britney really did talk him into puttin' me in that situation.
Boogie: Definitely.
Dan: Probably cuz Janelle was tellin' her..
Frank: Yeah. That's part of it. 
Dan: See Janelle had me at first, cuz I didn't think she would lie, cuz she didn't lie before.  When she told me something, I believed her.
Frank: Like when she told you I wanted to go after the coaches..
Dan: Yeah.  What do you think Dr Will did when you cast your vote?
Boogie: I think he went Nohoo!! and just laughed..  Especially cuz I said her name too?  Erin never cared.. but Erin stuck by Will when he f'in looked like he was bangin' the sh*t outta Janelle all summer.
Frank: Yeah.
**If you're newish to BB.  Here's what Boogie's talking about:  During AllStars, Janelle and Dr Will had an intensely hot (but hands off) flirtmance that had the entire BB loving world buzzing.  It was pretty spectacular.  Both had significant others outside the house. Erin was Will's girlfriend.

This brings us to 11:30 up in HoH... Beyond here, the guys are just solidifying their good feelings about the alliance..  They touch on the differences between playing with men vs women, all of the personal that comes into the game with women, all of the insecurities that get couched as game play.. etc.. At 12:15am, the HoH conversation wraps up and they head to bed..

I'm gonna dive in and check on the rest of the critters during this time period.. Please refresh in about 30 minutes to see what they had to say. :)

11:30pm BBT
Feed 1
Hot Tub
Wil, Ian, Jenn, Joe

Ian: It's a messy game.
Wil: It is a messy game.
Jenn: She played her game messy.. and there you are.

Joe looks up at Jenn.

Ian: Exactly. Oof. That's what it was.

Wil: People that're watching, and some people think that this is the way you really are, but it's such a heightened..
Jenn: That's what bugs me..
Joe: I must just be.. I thought, today, in my mind.. I thought someone told Danielle that I was sayin' that kind of sh*t.. I saw her in the storage room, and I said hey, are you ok? And she's like, "I don't wanna talk about it!"
Jenn: That's mean ass stuff to say to a 23 year old girl when you're a grown ass woman.
**it was never said, Jenn.
Wil: When it comes to playing this game, there's no reason..  But I think it all goes back to how she was socially playing the game.  I think she was detrimental to everyone's game.  When you're trying to figure out who you can trust..
Jenn: And there's a wildcard running around stirring things up..

Wil: Especially when you have a very high possibility that all four coaches did know they were coming into the game..
Ian: Yeah.. We don't know..
Jenn: We don't know.  They really could've totally known.
Joe: I hate to admit this, but I keep coming back to the Willie thing..

Joe: ..and Willie said he had conclusive evidence..
Jenn: Willie was full of shit.
Joe: Yeah.. But could Britney have told him?? That's what he could've meant by that is "I've been told by.."
Jenn: Yeah, I mean..
Ian: Wouldn't surprise me..
Joe: It's a distinct possiblity.
Ian: His brother knew the coaches  were gonna be part of the twist before he came here, so.. His brother coulda known, Hey, they're gonna go in the game at some point.  You gotta know that.
Jenn: I mean, my big thing was just the keyholes next to the coaches faces..
Ian: That was mine too.
Jenn: Cuz Big Brother's too smart and too good on details to.. There would have been none.
Ian: Yeah.
Jenn: There just would've been.. Unless they would've fought for a key..
Joe: Well, the good thing after today is.. There's only 3 coaches left.
Wil: And I'm not saying I'm gunning for coaches.
Jenn: I'm not saying that either.
**cuz we don't trust you, Joe, and we think you'll run to them immediately..
Wil: But if they are working together, it's not  the worst outcome. But I feel.. Ya gotta work together at some point.

Joe's trying to gain a little ground back with his newbie compatriots.. with anyone, really..

Shane joins them out back and I stick around just to grab a screencap of the newly dubbed Captain America..

..alas.  I really miss the scruff.

As I was saying, Joe's just trying to get back into the game this week, since he was completely left out of the loop last week... As we join Wil and Ashley at 2:15am, it seems Joe may be having some success.. 

OOps!  Spoke too soon.. at 2:15am on Feed 3, Ash and Wil couldn't sleep, so they've just decided to get up and have some tea... decaf.. OK.. We'll join them now, and then I'll dive into flashback to get the 11:20pm til 1am stuff..

Ash: I'm so pissed.. When I saw the doctor, he gave me a shot on the left, and I was thinking I should ask him to do the right, cuz it was still hurting.. So now he's gonna come back tomorrow and do the other side.
Wil: I'm gonna go pee.

Wil: Where should we hang?
Ash: Are we locked out?
Wil: No, it's open.
Ash: How can you tell?
Wil: You can see the lawn chair.. Do you want sugar?
Ash: Let's go outside..

2:20am f3/4
Ash: This whole butt thing really puts a cramp in my style..
Wil: Whose plate is this?
Ash: Britney.
Wil: It's always Britney.. Either Janelle or Britney.. that always leave stuff out.
Ash: Disgusting..  Ohh..  this tea is good..

Wil: I just wonder if they'll hold true and put up Joe.
Ash: I'm so curious.
Wil: I mean, if they do put Joe up, it puts no blood on their hands.  It would probably maybe even take some target off their back. What I just can't believe is that Frank and Danielle are that F'in stupid.
Ash: What do you mena? As their coaches?
Wil: To be alligned with them.
Ash: Yeah..

Wil: I think the only reason Frank feels so comfortable with Mike is because Mike plays in a pair..  and it was so obvious Mike threw it to him..  If we could somehow get the other side to put up Mike, I bet Frank would work with us..
Ash: I think Frank is almost scared of Shane.. and he's indebted to Boogie..  Yeah.. Boogie needs to go.  So does Dan.. I'm just playing they both go during the double eviction..
Wil: That would be nice..  Ian made a comment, "You know I can't go back on my boys," referring to Dan and Boogie.
Ash: Ian is so obsessed with them..
Wil: You gotta get rid of the coaches, but we could get rid of them if we had the newbies with us..
Ash: Thank goodness we got rid of Janelle though.. At least that's one coach..
Wil: But it may work against us because at least she was a number..

Ash: I really don't wanna get put up on the block.
Wil: I don' tthink it'll be you.. It'll be me.
Ash: They see me as so easily..
Wil: If Joe stays up, he'll go home.  I just hope it's a fast forward..  Let's go on fact.. These are the theories..

2:29a F3 - Wil theorizes about who is alligned with who.  They wonder about Jenn's alliance..

Wil: You know?  Keeping Joe in this game.. Just as a number?  Could be a good thing for us.
Ash: I know.. We gotta see how noms go.
Wil: I was talking to him earlier tonight, and he was "so sorry" and all this bs.. So I definitely think that door is completely open for us.
Ash: He doesn't have anyone..   But I want so badly to backdoor Dan this week.  Frank absolutely would.  Because they know Dan would do the same thing to them.
Wil: Unless Dan's working with them.
Ash: But even so, it's such a big alliance, it never sticks..
Wil: And why would they waste a week on Joe?
Ash: And I'm really not worried about Joe in jury.. THey're playing their game and kind of screwing us.  I'm glad we got out Janelle, but are they just playing us.. Are we just the chitlins to be picked off..
Wil: We haven't won anything.
Ash: Neither has Ian!
Wil: He keeps making predictions about what's going to happen, and he's always wrong.
Ash: And he cares so much about the coaches, it's disgusting.  No.. The coaches have to get out.

Ash: I never know.  Is he  throwing competitions?  He never wants to study with me.  That's a red flag there.. And then he like sticks up for Janelle?  I'm like, dude.. Go to bed.
Wil: omg.. I totally wanted to rip him a new one there.  But.. It could be just the guys wanting to pick off the girls.. So maybe Britney's a lost cause..
Ash: She's so spiteful sometimes.
Wil: Danielle didn't wanna put Boogie up, because she's like, they'd vote him out.
Ash: SHe said that?
Wil: She said that's why I went up instead of Boogie, because she wanted Frank out, and they'd vote Boogie out.
Ash: I'd almost rather Danielle leave before Shane.. because I think he'd come with us against the coaches..
Wil: I'm almost afraid to ask him anything though, because it might go straight back to the coaches..

Wil: I dunno.. Maybe we're selling Jen short..
Ash: She would screw them for us.  She just has a little advantage cuz she's in with the,m, which is good for us.  I do trust her.. but there's no one else to trust.
Wil: Maybe if Joe..
Ash: I do think it's scary for us if Joe leaves this week, but he has to win PoV.
Wil: I just don't think Frank would miss the opportunity to take out a big player.
Ash: They're definitely upstairs scheming..  It's good for us.  They're not gonna scheme to get us out.
Wil: If we had won HoH, I wouldn't have wasted it on Joe.
Ash: Me neither.
Wil: If we can just get them to do the dirty work. 
**nope.  that's your role. own it, tool.

Wil: But Ian is such a fan.. It gets in the way of him actually playing this f'ing game.  There's one thing for sure.. They didn't want us winning HoH.
Ash: mm mm
Wil: We just need to get you better.
Ash: I know.  It's imperative.
Wil: Who is that?
Ash: It's Joe..  This is our chance to talk to him..

2:40am Joe can't sleep either.  He comes out and joins them.. and we get fishies.. and Joe's gone..

Ash: I don't even know what to say to him.  I've been lying thru my teeth to him for the last week.
Wil: I know.  I'm so done with lying..

Ash: Hopefully the doctor comes tomorrow before the competition.. Maybe it'll be one of those food ones.. That'll be good for me, cuz I don't have to move.

2:43a F3/4
Joe joins them..

Joe: Did ya'll go to sleep at all?  I tried to for a while, then just gave up..
Wil: Tryin to find out what's going on tomorrow.. cuz we're not on lockdown..
Ash: Nomination Ceremony's always at like
Wil: 6..

Joe: They could lock us down at like 5 this morning?  Last time it was like 5 or 6am.  It might be something fairly easy.. Obviously it's not gonna be much if they haven't locked us down yet.
Wil: She thinks it's gonna be one of those food things..
Joe: God, I wish.

Wil: You talked to Shane?  What's going thru his head?
Joe: He seems to think he's going up.
Ash: Really.. 
Joe: He put Frank up.

Wil: Could easily be me going up..
Joe: Seems pretty obvious it's gonna be me.
Wil: I just don't think they would waste..
Joe: I ws an 8 to 1 vote against him, but like you said, there are bigger fish to fry..  But we don't know what kind of deals they made to get that vote.
Wil: Well there wasn't a deal with either of us..
Joe: But Dan and Dnaielle..  My biggest upset was not knowing..
Wil: We didn't know which way they were really gonna vote.
Joe: But you all knew.  You knew your vote.
Wil: Yeah..

Joe: I see your calls, but do you see why I was upset?
Ash: Of course.
Wil: I just knew I couldn't trust Janelle, and who knows, it may come back to shoot us all in the foot..
**ya think

Joe: The worst part is we don't know what deal they made.. Did they make it with Brit n Shane and Dan n ..
Wil: Mike is always more comfortable working with guys..  I think Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane are working together..
Joe: So if they are, what's the deal?  They didn't just all vote Janelle out for free.  Cuz they saved Frank, basically.. Again.  I'm sure we'll all know tomorrow night.. exactly where they stand.
Ash: Yeah.. We'll know a lot tomorrow.
Joe: And I didn't know any of that stuff that Janelle called Danielle.  I just found out about that tonight.
Ash: Janelle was playing a dirty game.
Joe: Is that why you voted against her?
Ash: Yeah.

Ash: I guess you should'nt play this game personal, but it happens, I guess.
Joe: It's virtually impossible not to.  You gotta try to remove yourself, but it's virtually impossible.
Ash: Shows that you're loyal though.
Joe: And it's probably gonna put me on the block.  What worries me is the deals..  Frank said something about a prior season that made me think he's not gonna put Shane up.  Frank was talking to Dan on the couch about how Brendon shouldn't have been put up at one point, because it took a big target out.  If that's his philosophy, then Shane's not going on the block.
Wil: He's not, and he's pretending he is..
Joe: What it's probably gonna be is me and you.
Wil: Probably.
Joe: Well, that's probably gonna work for you.
Wil: It would make more sense to get me out than you out.
Joe: Yeah, but you would have the votes.   Yeah... It can't be Shane, Brit, Dan or Danielle.. So if you think about it, it can only be you, me or Ashley. Unless they reneg on something..
Wil: I think you're right.. because they certainly didn't want us winning HoH today.  They took us out.

Ash: Even if we wanted to save Janelle, we didn't have the votes.
Joe: I tried to tell Janelle that..
Wil: I really didn't appreciate when she asked me to swear on my dog..
**and you din't appreciate when she saved you, twice, but we'll move on.
Joe: Swearing doesn' tmean anything in this game.  Yeah.  I'm fully expecting you and me.. Unless they tell one of them they're a pawn..
Wil: While they try to backdoor someone else.
Joe: But they have some kind of deal .. They wouldn't have given Boogie that without some kind of safety.

 3am Ashley gets up to take some advil.. Wil tells her to wait a little while longer.

Joe: You need to tell them to get you an xray.
Ash: They already fixed my left butt cheek, but now they need to fix my right one.
Joe: What'd they give you, cortisone?
Ash: Yeah.. It works like magic..

Wil: Are you gonna go to bed?
Ash: I don't know.  I'm spazzing out about this.
Wil: I think I'm gonna go back to bed.. What are you gonna do?
Joe: I think I'm just gonna lay here a while.. Otherwise I'll just drive Dan crazy (tossing and turning).

3:01am Wil and Ash head inside and go back to bed.
Joe remains on the couch in the backyard.

3:14am After a few quiet minutes on the couch, Joe heads back inside and to bed..

Please refresh this post periodically as I fill in the details between 11:20pm and 1am.. :) ok, diving into flashback... NOW! :0)  And.. Firefox just crashed and ate everything, so let's push back that reveal til 6 or 6:30am bbt..

It's 6:25am BBT, the HGs remain snug in their beds, and The Overnight Report is now complete!  Thank you for being a part of the dish.  See you back here with a new top post when BB wakes them for the day.  :0)



Blogger ellaelise said...

Wil just seems like such a bitter, angry person, and I don't know why that is. He just acts really nasty and says nasty things, and I TRULY don't understand it.

August 10, 2012 at 4:07 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!!
Good morning BBDishers!!

And so it begins anew. I enjoyed the events of last night's show tremendously, but it will now be interesting to see how loyal The Silent Six really are to one another. I agree with Wil in that it seems crazy to waste an HOH on Joe. The two I would like to see go next are in the alliance of six. Wonder what Frank/Boogie will do...

Well everyone have a great day! I'll be checking in here and there. I'm off to read the comments from last night's party... I can never keep up during the show!

August 10, 2012 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger Natalie37 said...

Good morning Carolyn and everyone! I'm not surprised they're putting up members of their alliance, that sure didn't last long. I don't understand why they don't put up Danielle, since she put up Frank, then left him on the block after winning veto. This year it seems that no "alliance" actually sticks together. That's just crazy!!

August 10, 2012 at 4:52 AM  
Blogger kimba777 said...

Good morning Carolyn and everybody! So sorry you are having to fight with your computer this morning! But I really appreciate all of your hard work, you are the Greatest!

August 10, 2012 at 5:42 AM  
Blogger Cammi said...

Morning all! WOW. Who knew Joe would be the one figuring everything out! The others are so blinded that they refuse to see that they were used. They lost a number and huge/fierce competitor. It's funny. Janie went out trying to protect them further in the game and they shoot themselves in the foo because of lies orchestrated by Danielle, Brit, and Wil.

Getting rid of Joe is a wasted HOH. That side cannot win at all. Good for them for keeping Robin and the Joker in the game. LOL.

August 10, 2012 at 5:43 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

good morning carolyn and all

August 10, 2012 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

Good Morning all!

I think if Shane goes on the block and cannot get himself off with the POV he will be going home this week. No one in their right mind would waste the opportunity to get rid of Shane when the other option is Joe who hasn't won a thing. Also who wouldn't want to be in Final 2 with Joe...the other person would have an easy win.

I think Frank and Boogie are just blowing smoke up Dan's ass... and Dan is dumb enough to want to ride the Frank and Boogie train. I wouldn't be shocked if Dan is back doored. Boogie will want him to pay for his sins at some point.

Danielle's HOH was the worst of the season.

I am now done with my rant of the day!

August 10, 2012 at 6:41 AM  
Blogger Kelly Bou said...

Good morning Carolyn and BBDishers!!

Looking forward to if the silent six hold it together this week or if one of them (Brit, Shane or Dani) gets a clue.


PS Thanks Carolyn for all you do, you are truely amazing!!

August 10, 2012 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, everyone!! :) Happy Friday to ya! :)

I'm off for a quick bike ride to get the blood pumping before the HGs wake up! I'll be back by 8am bbt.. to publish comments, say a proper hello and keep watch on the critters! :0)

August 10, 2012 at 6:51 AM  
Blogger IDPINK said...

It was so good to see the house guests having fun last night.

Hello everyone. Hope your Friday is wonderful

August 10, 2012 at 7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always been a big BBDISH fan, i always tell everyone about this site. I've felt like you've always kept it "professional" but this week i was very disapointed but all the little snarky comments about people who were talking about Janelle. It was very ovious that she was your favorite but god it got so uncomfortable to read. Janelle did this to her self, she floated to were the power was every week. I am very exited that she is finally gone, this was my first time watching her and i have to say that i was not impressed with the way she played the game. When Julie asked her about getting rid of Joe and she said she was trying to protect him? Come on! Really? I did not buy that. Even Dan who really liked her saw that the best thing was to get rid of her.

I have not been reading the blogs lately, i was getting very uncomfortable the way all Janelle fans were bashing Danielle, how was that better that what the houseguest were doing? And how come no one was ever deffending Brandon or Rachel when Ragan or Brit were mean to them?

I am just so glad that this is a new week and even if Boogie and Frank decide not to keep their deal with the silent 6, i know its a game.

I do want to say thank you for all that you girls do. Lets keep it "professional". LOL

Happy Friday

August 10, 2012 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger BBMommyJess said...

Good morning Carolyn and everyone! I'm a little anxious to see who frank decides to put up today. Will he stick with the 6 or try to flip the house again?

August 10, 2012 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Happy week of Frank the Teflon Tank, told ya I'd call him that. Nothing sticks to this guy.

Good Morning Carolyn, everyone

I really like Frank, not so much when he and Boogie are alone because he takes on Boogie's swagger, he seems like a really nice guy, he loves the game, didn't complain about the spirit tard, and just seems happy to be there most of the time. He keeps up his social game really well, like Dan, he doesn't burn bridges with anyone so that will help in the long run.

Joe a wasted HOH but not. If you get him out now you get rid of monkey wrench that you can't control later. Keep Joe in and he could be swing vote that could really hurt someone. Also it's better to have people on the jury who are like you, if you are playing hard and trying to win, compared to just angry people who will vote personal.

This is a critical week, it's possible for a 4/4 tie again. Frank could be the deciding factor and he could get out a strong player or strengthen his alliance by protecting Shane, whoever might be the pawn. I think if they are trying to split the vote this week, Jenn will be the swing vote so it depends who the pawn is if she will vote them out and thus cause a tie. Might get interesting this week.

Have a great day everyone :)

August 10, 2012 at 7:48 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi everyone - glitch in the plans here. The Sky opened up BIG time during my ride, so I sought shelter and I'll get home as soon as it let's up enough to where it doesn't feel unsafe..

August 10, 2012 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!!!!!

Good Morning, Dishers!!

A new game has begun this week. Bye, Janelle. I shall miss you in the house, but not having to go to Jury, you get to return home to your beautiful family. I shall look for you on Twitter!

I loved the segment on the show last night with Ian and Ashley's family. Too cute. Of course, we all know there really isn't a showmance there (although I think Ian would like for there to be one), but it was very cute. I adore Ian's mother! And the photos of Ian as a little boy was too cute.

Sorry I couldn't join everyone yesterday. My sis-in-love's babysitter fell through last minute yesterday morning and I had to rush over early and sit with my nieces until 4pm. She used to work as an Occupational Therapist which is what her college degree is in, but two years ago she accepted a teachers' assistant position at a grade school 3 days a week working with children with learning disabilities, such as low-grade mental retardation, autism, among others. School is starting up in a few days and she had to go in yesterday.

I ended up staying for dinner and just making a full day of it. By the time I got home last night, the Live Show had already started and I just wanted to crash on the sofa and watch while vegetating.

My three nieces wipe me out. Their ages are 8 (soon to be nine this month), 6 and 2 and a half. They are little bundles of energy. ♥♥♥

We walked to the park, we rode bikes, went swimming in their neighbor's pool for about an hour. Colored, watched a Barbie Princess movie (I was thrilled *ahem*), among other things.

All in all, a perfectly blissful day.

August 10, 2012 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger LtlAngel6 said...

Hello everyone! That sure was quick with the 6.. probably will be shane leaving.. I really was hoping for someone else to win HOH like Ashley or Jenn anyone but Boogie or Frank... Boogie is going to go to the end... and surprised that Frank doesnt see it that Boogie and dan are going to sail... and danielle either Frank and danielle will be cut loose helping to further Dan and Boogie... that's where the coaching coming in is bad... they have previous experience..

August 10, 2012 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

np Carolyn, stay safe we have big storms here too. Jenn got up went to storage and back to bed so we're not missing anything.

August 10, 2012 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger ChristaC said...

Good morning Caro & fellow Dishers!

Caro - be safe! Hope the ride home isn't too bad.

I'm sure Showtime loved the last 10 minutes of BBAD being a view of lumps in the bed. :)

Have a great day everyone!

August 10, 2012 at 8:05 AM  
Blogger Heynewgirl said...

could it be true that there is no smoking going on anymore?

August 10, 2012 at 8:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning!! I'm back! WOAH, what a deluge!! Goodness gracious!

Good morning, EllaElise! :)

Good morning, Lucky13! :)

Good morning, Natalie! :)

Good morning, Kimba! :) Thank you very much!!

Good morning, Jabe! :))

Good morning, Sharelle! :)

Good morning, Kelly Bou! :) Thank you!!

Good morning, IDPink! :) Right?!

Good morning, Very long Number who isn't at all pleased with me.. :))

Here's the thing - Unlikely as it seems, I too am human and quite fallible. I try very hard to maintain decorum and a bit of distance, so I can keep the blog moving and friendly, but sometimes I fail. I failed last week.

However, as far as bashing goes.. That I take exception to.. Perhaps we have different definitions.. I don't allow bashing. I do allow people to express differing opinions. When an opinion is different than my own, as long as it's not bashing, it gets published. Same goes for when it agrees with me.

That said, again, I am human and quite fallible...

And I'd really like to move on from last week. Today starts Frank's first full day as HoH. I'm happy for him. I like him. I think he's playing a stellar game.


Actually, one last thing.. What you don't ever see are all the comments that actually are *bashing* houseguests and commenters.. Those, only I see. Sometimes it gets like a battering ram in the moderation area.

And one more thing.. As I woke up from my 3.5 hour nap most people call a full night sleep, to begin the overnight report at midnight bbt, the 1st thing I was treated to was some little jackhole on twitter telling me how much I suck, and how awful my site is.

Did I go back to sleep? no. Did I even respond with the half dozen things I wanted to say? no.

I started the overnight report... and kissed my mother goodbye as she left for my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party week in minnesota, which I'm missing, to be here covering the feeds and keeping the site going.

end rant.

August 10, 2012 at 8:33 AM  
Blogger ChristaC said...

Awe Blue, that sounds like a perfectly blissful (if not exhausting) day! What lucky girls they are to have such a terrific uncle!

The boys scaring the boo out of the girls was fun. Men crouching in underwear? I'll take it!!

August 10, 2012 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


"I do want to say thank you for all that you girls do. Lets keep it "professional". LOL

Happy Friday"

oh look.. Proof I'm horribly sleep deprived, cranky, and should not rant.

Thanks you.. and Happy Friday to you too!

August 10, 2012 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Oh, and one more thing.

In my humblest of opinions, Frank deserves to win this game. He's survived the block how many times now? Granted last week he survived because of AG manipulation and would have gone home otherwise had the Coaches not hit the re-set button, and he's held HOH twice now. His social game is off the hook, as well.

While I'm no Frank "fan", I don't dislike the guy, either. He is playing an awesome game. I hate that he's attached to Boogie, and Boogie I definitely dislike. Always have. Maybe that's why I've been slow to warm up to Frank. Which isn't fair to Frank.

I'm still pulling for Ian and Dan, but Frank is killing it in the game. (In a good way)

That is all.

August 10, 2012 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger Kelly Bou said...

Will someone explain to me why people dont seem to get that a BLOG is an opinion.....

And if you dont like the opinion stated in the BLOG then by all means state your own opinion but do not make it personal with the BLOGGER....

Come on people keep it 'professional"


PS I want Brit and Shane to wake up and smell the coffee, please!!

August 10, 2012 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Christa C! :) Thank you very much!!! lol re bbad..

Good morning, Michigan Man!! :) BRILLIANT Name - Frank the Teflon Tank!! LOL! Love it! Have a super day & thank you very much for the safe wishes!! xo

Good morning, BB Mommy Jess! :) Expect the unexpected. ;)

Good morning, Blueee!! :) I'm so happy to see you! I missed you last night! Almost sent out a search party! It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time though.. I'm happy for you!

Good morning, Ltl Angel! :) I don't know.. I think they;re just putting up one of their own to cover the alliance..

August 10, 2012 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger ChristaC said...

Caro - sorry you had to be subjected to that this morning :(

((((DishyHugs)))) and sending a bottle of champagne & carton of OJ for mimosa making stat!

I don't get why people feel the need to spew their hatefulness & cruelness on others. The internet is a huge place so if you don't like something, go somewhere else. I think it just shows the low self esteem & jealousy the person has. Here's praying they find peace & leave you the heck alone!

Words can't express how grateful I am that you sacrifice so much of your personal life to be here for us. Sorry that you're missing the festivities with your family.

Sending you lots of hugs & kisses today and always! We love you!

August 10, 2012 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Kelly Bou - Thank you VERY much! I really do try to keep mine out of it as much as possible to make the blog comfortable for everyone.. and I try to be pretty even handed with my snark, but alas.. there's that word again, HUMAN. ;)

Blue :) - ((((((hugs on you))))

Christa - right?? i was jealous.. We should all be so lucky as to have an uncle blue!

Hi HeyNewGirl! :) Hmmm.. No? Have Frank and Joe run out of smokes?

August 10, 2012 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Please don't engage the little beastie on twitter. He doesn't deserve your attention. ;)

August 10, 2012 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Hoping these jackholes didn't damper your mood as much as the deluge did. People this is a friendly blog. Carolyn and team does not have to do this. They do it for the love of the game. If you can't write something nice then keep it to yourself.

August 10, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Happy Friday Carolyn and Dishers. Carolyn, you are the best. I'm sorry you are sent hateful messages. You are the reason this site is rated #1 among BB websites. Thanks for all you do. I cannot imagine a BB season without you. Sorry I haven't been able to hit the Tip Jar yet, but I will before the season ends...(((hugs))) to the Goddess of the Dish!

August 10, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, thank you again for the great party last night and for TOR...
I think this is going to be a fun, but bumpy week...fun, fun, fun...

Hi Blue, missed you yesterday and last night, it sounds like you had a great day..:):)

Hi Everyone..

Love the name "Frank the Teflon Tank" Michigan Man...lol

Have a great day everyone..


August 10, 2012 at 8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you have a short memory if you think people didnt defend brenchel from things ragan and brit said. Janelle obviously didnt play a good game, but she didnt do a tenth of the things she was accused of and she didnt deserve the personal attacks she recieved on the way out. This game gets ugly. Fine. Bb fans should be used to that. But when a HG shows their ugly side its understandable that a large amount of viewers (and bloggers) have less than warm feelings toward them. I hope when Danielle falls, she falls hard

August 10, 2012 at 9:03 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Pam!! :0) Thank you!! Have a wonderful day!

Good morning, Cindi! :) Happy Friday to you! Thank you so much... ((((hugs back to you))))

Good morning, Pat! :) Thank you very much!! Actually.. I enjoyed the rain! hehehe.. :)

August 10, 2012 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

We have fish on all four feeds, perhaps sleepy HGs soon :)

August 10, 2012 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Should come here to NJ expecting torrential downpours and flooding. Lost electric 3 times last night but did not interfere with bb

August 10, 2012 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger Blakrose said...

Oh Carolyn.. to know that you are missing fun family festivities for us here at the blog makes me a little sad.. You do SO much, I dont think people realize just how much you really give up, and really put into the dish to make it great.. you and the others.

This is a wonderful place and when I am busy camping or unable to be watching the feeds I come here, all hours of the day to see the commentary, as I have been doing for years.

Thanks for making this a great place to be! (Btw, I came here to post this from FB, as you tagged me in a comment and said you ranted, I wanted to see what the hubbub was about! Thanks for keeping up FB too, you are truly awesome for what you do!)

August 10, 2012 at 9:10 AM  
Blogger Maggie Manning said...

I really hope shane isn't stupid enough to offer himself up if he gets nominated and doesn't win pov I think he will be our the door and not Joe. I don't understand why they wouldn't put up Joe and wil so at least one of them would be out.

August 10, 2012 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Maggie!! :)

Good morning, Blakrose! :) Thank you very, very much! ((hugs!!))

Good morning, Pat! :)) Eeek!!

MI Man - That's what I'm thinking.. Look out for a new top post! ;)

Good morning, Rob Tan! :)

Everyone - New Top post within 7 minutes. ;) ClickMeRightThere

August 10, 2012 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Geeech said...

Mornin Caro
There are some arguments to be had for joe to stay. In my opinion he has proven to be huge liability and I believe his perverbial goose is cooked!

August 10, 2012 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger mcornett said...

who won the swagg!!

August 10, 2012 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Geech! :) I think you're right.. however.. if the newbies are smart, they'll go for the power player over the one who annoys them..

August 10, 2012 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

So is Janelle really gone? I hear that Kara cancelled a blog talk and wonder if anyone knows if JoJo is still in sequester. I suspect CBS wants to give Janelle a chance to come back like with Brendon last season and all 3 girls will compete to see who returns.

I don't really care though because it was traumatic enough watching Brit, Ash and Dani spread lies about Janelle then play girlfriend to her face. I hate 2faced people like that. Lying is okay in This game but don't also pretend to be best friends. Dani was the worst, making up insults Janelle never said to her. And her crush on Shane is so immature for her age.

Anyway I'm reading to move on...and I want Wil, Boogie and crazy Dani out.

Hoping Ian makes it far...and surprisingly to myself, I've grown fond of Frank. He's an honest guy mostly and has played a good game.

August 10, 2012 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn, and fellow Dishers!!

While I don't always agree with you 100% on likes/dislikes of players and the games they play as individuals, I always enjoy coming here to read the reports, and this is always my first stop of the day on my daily "internet paper route".

If we all agreed on the same thing, it would be no fun...

As far as gameplay goes, smartest choice this week is either Wil or Joe...

Wil, well, just because he's Wil, drama queen, and weave picker extraordinaire...

Joe, obviously, if not gone now, could play a big factor at the end, without ever really raising any eyebrows along the way...

I wouldn't expect Frank or Boogie to turn on the Silent 6 yet, too soon for that, if they have the numbers working for them to keep them in the game longer, they will use it...as dumb as Boogie can be at times, I'm sure he knows this as well...

August 10, 2012 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger LtlAngel6 said...

Good morning, Ltl Angel! :) I don't know.. I think they;re just putting up one of their own to cover the alliance..

I hope that is the case, i think they would make a dynamic duo.. but hard to tell what they are really thinking that isnt said outloud. :) Keep up the good work.

I love reading everyones opinions.. he sometimes helps me see something i didnt catch.. :)


August 10, 2012 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger Geeech said...

that makes perfect gameplay sense but I think all the smartness left the blg right behind janie as the newbs voted out someone who protected them lol.

August 10, 2012 at 9:36 AM  
Blogger Amanda Holmes said...

Good afternoon Carolyn!

It's raining here in Michigan too,
so much for that trip to the zoo. Sorry you had to endure the nastiness this morning.But you know that saying Birds of a Feather? I've noticed certain fans attacking other fans on chats. Simply for not wanting Jani to go. It seems mean people attract mean fans. I wouldn't give it a second thought.

August 10, 2012 at 10:28 AM  
Blogger spilltojill.com said...

Its good to finally hear some game play out of Ashley and Joe......

August 10, 2012 at 11:17 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Trivia...maybe nominations.

August 10, 2012 at 6:10 PM  

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