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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday snarkisms...

Oh, how I love Dan. *L* Right now, he's picking on Danielle pretty hard core... he's made Tuna Mac'n'Cheese, and she loves it, so he's giving her complete descriptions and eating it with great relish... She's laughing, he's enjoying this tremendously..

Dan: Sometimes, you get a bite, and it's all noodles, like this? I like to reset my bite.. I've been know to reset things a time or two.. when you have a perfect bite.. the perfect blend of tuna, mac, cheese, garlic salt, deliciousness...

Dan: It's probably one of the finest boxes of Mac n Cheese ever made. Mmmmm. You know what makes it taste better?
Dani: Because I can't have any?
Dan: I didn't say that - you said that..
Dani: You know mac n cheese is my all time favorite food!
Dan: It's also a great source of iron!
Wil: You're horrible! A real tease!
Dan: no worries..

 Dan: it's part of your training how to win this game. The way you roll your eyes, you're not ready for the 8th stage of Ninja Warrior Training
Dani: You're not making any sense..
Dan: Which is why I know you're not ready.
Dani: A good coach never gives up!
Dan: I'm not giving up! I'm just coming at you from a different direction..
Dani: I watched the whole time, didn't cry and whine!
Dan: You looked to another samari for help - I saw you in this mirror! A true Samari Ninja Warrior would have done was set up a pot next to it, and had right at it.
Dani: I didn't want slop right now!
Dan: You saw how Boogie did it - but 8th stage hasn't happened for you yet, positive attitude, go back to your dojo, put in some work? And you'll be tested again. And that's how Mac n Cheese is tied into this game.
Dani: You just make up stuff on the fly!
Dan: There's scribes and scrolls at home! You think I make this up?
Dani: You're gift is speech!
Dan: I have studied the ways. One day I will come to you with a Samari sword. When my time is done here, I will pass it to you, and you will be ready to fight your oponates...

Dani: How many levels are there?!
Dan: You've been through seven! That's good. You're progress between 1 to 2 was a little slow, but 2-7? You could be the finest student I've ever had!
Dani: How many have you had?
Dan: I can't say. I may have more than one...
Dan: See, Karate, there can be only one. I throw smoke bombs at you, to distract you. You doubted your instincts..
Dani: no, but your poker face is so good!

This is cute/funny stuff, continuing and totally Dan. Love it. Catch it on flashback, feed 3, 9:40 pm..

Dan: I will now retire to the backyard..
Dani: You're such a karate kid! You haven't told me.. DAN!
Dan: things will be revealed when you need to know... your not ready for the keys yet..

The past hour has been spent in the backyard in Shane's Boot Camp... Jen, Joe, Boogie, Shane and Frank working out - now they're inside for their Muscle Milk, and catching their breath.
And glistening.. heh.

 Outside, Jen and Dani dance...

While Wil and Ashley whisper:
Wil: there's no problem going up there and reminding them we're, you know, solid votes..
Ashley: yeah, I can do that.

Wil teaches the Charleston, Boogie teaches them how to do the Roger Rabbit

And the Running Man..

Inside, it's Bible Readings with Father Dan..

Wil/Ashely/Boogie on the Patio:

Wil: All the talk, the weeks, the lie.. I mean would it be beneficial to talk? I mean, you've been really quiet..
Boogie: I think we just took time off because we figure it'll stay the same? And everyone is waiting till tomorrow, you know? There's still a lot of time.
Wil: I just didn't know if I should before the POV, etc..
Boogie: He's totally cool and open..
Wil: and the two of us are like, you know
Boogie: i know you two are tight..
Wil: right?
Ashley: Oh, yeah, right!

Boogie: What do you attribute to you feel good today?
Ashley: I think I just got better... he said that I'd feel bad for the shot too, I don't have full mobility but I'm way better
boogie: Thats great! And four days to do nothing...
Ashley: Yeah..

Boogie: almost a whole week
Ashley: It's good...
Boogie: And maybe Shane can help you, with some back strengthening exercises later on too..
Ashley: He said I need to work on my core... In high school, when I was on cheerleading, a girl told me not to work abs because it would make my stomach look bigger, so I didn't and now I'm like... I need abs!
Boogie: Not to be corny or anything but its great to have Shane here.. it's like free training! And Dan's torturing me with my all time favorite dishes, Tuna Mac.. I LOVE TUNA MAC...

Inside, the talk has turned to Atheists, things they believe or don't, because Jen knows some friends, and Dan is curious..

Jen: I definitely think religions have basis in the same ideals..

She goes on to talk about "America's Favorite Satanist" because she knows him, says he's a cool dude

Jen: We couldn't be more opposite spectrum's in what we believe, but its based in respect. He told me if he believed there was such things as Angels on Earth, I'd be one of them, and I was like oh sweetie.  During Halloween, which is like his Christmas, he has open houses and stuff... his house is decked - and if you see our Video, we filmed it there, and you can see different rooms..
Dan: ever seen any creepy stuff that happens there?
Jen: no, I've heard, but just lots of partying till like 8am.. he kinda also takes care of young gay guys that are thrown on their asses when they come out.. he's a safe haven for young people..

Dan: isn't that like contradictory?
Jen: it's weird.. I mean it's like Satisfying the Flesh, which is what he told me, and he does that, he has his boy toys, he's gay, but he also takes care of a lot of people. I do think he's on his best behavior when I'm around.
Dan: is it like Wicca?
Jen: No, two different things...

General conversation - Wil and Boogie are still chatting outside... general chitchat.

10:25 - Britney to the DR.

Wil heads inside:
Wil: See you around!
Boogie: Yeah, see you around.. in like... 7 minutes!

Shane, Joe and Dani are chatting at the pool - muscles, being in shape, etc.. pagent girls, working out for fitness competitions, etc.
Joe; not to be personal, but how's the libido when you do that? I knew a body builder who lost her desire completely..
Dani: it never affected me that way..

Joe: that has to be hard, getting critiqued all the time..
Dani: it didn't, but that's why I obsessed about working out all the time, I wasn't getting on stage till I was 100%
--Lessa: oh, it did. you just can't see it...

Boogie, Dan, Ian, Britney talk about the POV..


Boogie: Tell them that you had to host, if you were a sho-in to win it!
Ian: I think me saying that was... you know.. completely baseless with what the game actually was...

Britney;s hair looks fantastic:

Britney gets into the hot tub..

Frank: See a little bit of butt cheek there, Brit..
Ian: I saw it too..
Brit: IAN!
Ian: in the mirror! I couldn't.. I mean.. just be careful!
Dan: Don't cover your eyes NOW, ian...
Ian: I... anyway..
Frank: I looked right toward it when i saw it...
--Lessa: hahahah! Poor Ian.. he was trying to be sweet and respectful... <3 br="br">

11:10 PM - Mike, Dan and Frank are chatting in the living room... Sports, food, upset tummys...
Outside - Hot Tub chatter with Britney, Wil, Ashley, Joe, Dani and Jen....

Boogie: Wil asked me outside if he should talk to you and I was like well, if you mean about the Veto, it's not being used but you should check in..
Frank: Joe pulled me aside and asked, he was like you have to ask, you know...

Dani comes in:

Dan: He was bending your ear in the pool huh?
Dani: He was talking about sex, actually.
Boogie: ...ew.
Dani: I think he thinks like he's golden.
Boogie: why would he think that?
Frank: I think he sees Wil being so negative, and that would make me feel good if I was on the block..

11:30 Inside - Boogie is reading proverbs, and translating it into "hip hop vernacular" while Shane and Joe enjoy slop-burgers.

Outside, general chitchat at the hot tub
Re: the duck
Brit: He'll always be Howie to me. We named him that.
Ashley: Hi howie.. I really want to meet Janelle's Howie..
Jen: I don't think Janelle is the type to be bad about it all when we out there.. I think she'll be down for a drink after... she has her show, I'm sure she'll be super involved still.. it'll be all good.
Ashley: everything that was evicted I think will have great things happen for them..

Brit: i just had a weird thought! You know how Lane was the one I'd take to the end? They called us Brane.. and Shane was the last person on my team.. we could have been Brane too! Weird, huh?
Jen: Do you talk to any of them?
Brit: I talk to Matt a lot.. he's a really cool guy. He loves to talk to ex-houseguests and helps run Dick's site, and is the one that gets us all together for chats and stuff.

Brit goes inside
Jen: it will be hard to get Dan out - he'll have to be backdoored!
Ashley: it'll be so hard.. he's so sweet!
Jen: He knows that. He knows. We have to think really hard about getting that POV.. I am not scared to make a big move, I know they think they can me do anything... (Shakes head)
Ashley: I just prayed to the gods of the gods of all the gods...

Ashley: they could backdoor Dan!

Wil: I just can't believe that they have the opportunity to make a big move in this game...
Jen: and your gonn waste it on JOE?

Ashley: We were up there, saw his face when he couldn't backdoor Shane. Those mentalities do not change...
Jen: Dan or Shane.. if not? Foolishness. If it doesn?t there's something else going on..
AShley: what does he have to lose? Nothing..
Wil: Britney was like she's not saying a word to Frank until after the POV.. but when we came out of the storage room, she came out of the HOH.. they're not working together.
Jen: I don't think so. He was in a great spot - we could stick it out.. that's his line of thought..


Jen: Noms change - or don't.. I think they want Joe out. He's making a fool of himself.. those stories?
Ashley: I think it's a waste, but that's me..
Jen: Wil and Joe.. he's just not gonna win...
ashley: I don't know if Frank is thinking leave another target in... there's a ton of targets at this point!
Jen: Shane is a threat to ALL of us.. the kid wins non-stop!
Ashley: He wants to win - we know how he is when he doesn't win!
Jen: Salty! This is franks moment to make that happen..
Wil: Should we act then and do something? Should we promise.. Should I say if you make a big move you have our votes behind you... I'll do it..
Jen: they took care of me this week, it's good, but I have to owe them a favor. YOu have to really mend that bridge..
Wil: I thought every debt was repaid after last week, keeping him in..At the same time, she never would have put us up, we sent home one of our own..
Ashley: which was a big move on our part, showing we wanted to break away from her.. We need to pitch we're gonna work with them..
Jen: I know you think being with Frank and Boogs would be a bad thing-  but not right now..
Wil: i've said all along that it sucked to have Frank and Kara on that block the first week..
Jen: and if Ian wasn't saved that week he would have been the first one out..
Wil: Frank needs to understand we sent someone home that never owuld have put us up..
Ashley: I went up there today to fish for information, wanted to know what was going on and wanted to throw out to him that us...
Jen: it's two extra votes on their behalf..
Ashley: We;d be willing to vote with him if nominations change..
Wil: Should we go to him now? IN the moment is always best...
ashley: you go up first, then we'll follow
Jen: Tell me your point list..
Wil: the blame thing - you stuck up to me, I voted to keep you in.. debt paid. two, I sent a huge player out who would never put us up.. three, AShley and I, if there's a big move made, there's three solid votes behind you
Ashley: and you can't trust the other people
Jen: what if the target is me? Protecting my own little ass here..
Ashley.. no, we'd vote..
Wil: I'm on the block.. just trying to..
Jen: True.

Wil: joe's on his own right now - he's scared.. but if your worried
Jen: Not worried, I'm being an asshole and looking out for myself
Ashley: you have too! It's ok!
Jen: just give him a little pepper, a little salt..
AShley: He made him feel loved and accepted but didn't tell hm anything..
Wil: Let's do it. We'll do it together. We're not targeting anyone and just saying if there's a big move..
AShley: no, we have each other. Trust factor.
Jen: No boogs.
Ashley: yeah.
Jen: Hey, you got this!

Jen flashes us a smile:
Brit and Danielle arm wrestle:
While AShley grabs Frank and asks him if they can talk...

Ashley: We just wanted to talk to you.. its been kinda hard to get in and talk to you...
Wil: i've been thinking a lot since our last conversation and just as far as.. we talked and we want to bring three points to you. First, week one, when you stood up for me with Willie, we voted to keep you in the house... and thats a strong move. And we sent out someone an ally, and that's a strong move - Janelle would never have put us up. And number three.. if a big move was made tomorrow? and you needed the votes next week? You would have ours.
Ashley: Joe's kinda a wild card, but we could..
Wil: if he stayed in the house he could be tameable.. and if it was my HOH.. it is a big move, I understand.. I mean if I go home, Ashley's gonna come blazing!
Ashley: *laughs*

Ashley: We wanted you to know-  I mean, we don't know who your target is.. we want to be behind you next week..
Wil: We all have targets in this house, and there's the possibility for you to make a big move and you wnat to do that? I mean it's likely I'd stay up on the block which is fine, but I won't hold that against you. And you'd have votes behind you if someone is targeting..
Frank: what you've been talking about I've been thinking about it hard, trying to sell mike on it. Trust me, my mind has not been made up...
Ashley: i'm just saying - if tables were turned... I just feel like the veto would be used but that's just me...  I mean, if the other side.. they'd...
Wil: take you out..
Ashley: yeah, the past in this season it's been used a lot...
Wil: its a safe move to not..
Ashley: yeah, but you never know who will win HOH and we want you to be behind yhou.
Wil: and we have never targeted you.. we made a big move last week for us personally this week and we can't spend the rest of the game apologizing and making excuses...
Ashley: and it wasn't only Wil that lied...
Frank: Oh I know.. eeryon dones..
Wil: and its big brother, everyone does.. at the same time we just
Ashley: We wanted to give our speil.. and.. at the end of the day its hard..
Wil: I know its not a personal attack, I'm not playing this game personal.. it gets harder not to take it personal, but just.. end of speil. I just think there have been other people int his house that were against you ahrd core and we've shown you that we want to be behind you.. and when I give my word, I've shown you...
Frank: My only worry is taking a swing and missing this week.
Wil: If Joe is taken off the block he'll go with her, I'll go with her..

Frank: that;s the only thing that keeps me on the fence... if I swing and miss it will come back to bite me big time..
Wil: He or shee could put up you and...
AShley: yeah but..
Wil: Well you know.. but you've been thinking about this..
Frank: and Ian and I.. I mean we have our intentions alligned for this week..
Wil: He made the comment about us he'd never turn his back against the boys... I mean, I thinkhe's always wanted to be part of the boys club...
Ashley: You saying Ian would be a swing vote?! Wait, can we go over this?
Frank: i'd have two - you and Jo or Wil, fairly certain I'd have Mike's vote.. and thing is, we've had this conversation and this person and his relationships he's made in the house, we're worried about the swing and the miss. Jen is up in the air..
Wil: We were just talking... and she's solid.
Frank: If I leave you up there.. she wont vote you out?
Ashley: Jen will stick by you whatever you want. She's not budging.

Downstairs - Brit and Dan are in the arcade.. checking in there:
Brit: I think he's solid because he gives us all the information we want, but he has his cake and is eating us too.
Dan: When Frank won the hoh, he was celebrating more than anyone.. which is fine, but he's gotta know he's either with five or three.
Brit: i don't want to hurt his feelings but I try to remind him that he's low man on the totem pole and boogie says mean things about him all the time..
Dan: if you need to tell him he's number 2 behind shane with you, I'm cool with that, to get him more on board with us..
Brit: I see what your saying.
Dan: I don't think they'd bat an eye to make a big move - but I don't think they would right now.

Brit: they would fully expect, if one of us wins to
Dan: put Joe out.. yeah. But if one of them came down.. next week.. we could do whatever we want, know what I mean?
Brit: yeah, we have to play it by ear. I think we might have the double eviction on Thursday, or a fast forward week. Ian doesn't think it'd be a double eviction because we have to draw for pov and stuff - there's still too many people.
Dan: The show's only 10 weeks long.. and this is week what, 5?  there's 11 people in the house right now. You know those things are gonna happen, its just a matter of when.
Brit: It'd be good to all be on the same page going into something like that.
Dan: that'd be the time when a big move would be made, since it's so quick..
Brit: that'd be the best time.. it doesn't give anyone time to..
Dan: So Ian doesn't want to win...
Brit: I know, so annoying.. he's not thinking about his long term game at all.. if he doesn't win anything, he's not gonna win everything. you don't win by throwing competitions the entire season.. he told me he through the bugler.. he remembered everythng.. he could be dangerous..
Dan: gotta make him think he's number 3 in our group..
Brit: all i hear frank complain about is the coaches. Eveyrtime he gets the chance to make a jab? Like today about the banana thing, whenever production came on...


Brit: it like irritates me how made he is about it.. have you never watched this show? get over it. He's such a douche. He is, he's so douchy dan.. I was in the bathroom, and he said I feel like I got robbed of my moment, this girl had to pass out!


Dan:  just standing there watching it happen.. I mean.. that bothers me a little bit.
Brit: We have to think about who could round them up. Frank, yes. Boogie, no
Dan: Boogie has no relationship. How concerned are you about tomorrow..
Brit: not.
Dan: 95% if they did that, they'd have to get all the votes. Joe will ashley jen and Ian.. they'd have to get everyone except for us...
Brit: Can't have JOe and Wil, one would be on the block.. they need five..
Dan: its just a matter of waiting, a matter of time.
Brit: uh huh. Frank said that - we were talking and he was like its nice to have a week where we know what's gonna happen and can relax, and it sucks to know its borrowed time, it can't last forever, but at least we all know how it is. I didn't even bring it up, he did. He was basically like its gonna come to the end.

Brit: Wait, they do have the votes. Boogie. Ian, Jen, Wil, Ashley, Boogie.. but they don't really have Ian... and they would pull off Joe and keep up Wil...
Dan: Has Joe asked you about your vote yet? He hasn't asked me either..

Brit: I'm confident too - but in the event that happens, we'll have to put a FIRE under Ian..

Ashley: I think Ian would be too scared to go against you guys...
Wil: You saved him.. worst comes to worst it'd be tied, and you make the decision.

Wil: If it is a coach against a player, Joe's there... and if it is who we're assuming, people would be foolish..
AShley: so foolish...
Wil: This may be a trap, but if you watched his season, he's making every move he did.. he's so well protected..
Frank: I know.
Ashley" We need to talk to Joe..
Wil: Danielle will not speak one word of game with me, Britney or shane, not one word. Ian finally did a little bit, but that's it..
Ashley: ever since the coaches came in, Danielle and I used to talk all the time, but now it's like their lips are zipped.  Same with Britney.. she's always trying to get me to give her information and i'm like I don't know shit..
Wil: If you're willing to make the move, we're there. You know?
Frank: Yah.
Ashley: and another thing, I know we haven't been winnning things, but we really need to like, win things. To show our worth.
Frank: yeah.

Britney comes in..

Brit: We gonna play? people are going to bed.. I came up for some tea...
Wil: We'll play!

She goes..
Wil: She just wants tea...
Ashley: I think she really did want to see where we were for badmitten..
Wil: You think the best of everyone!
Ashley: ...oh. she's so good at this game.

And its 12:40 BB time, and past my bedtime as I have to work so early in the morning. G'night dishers. Mind the critters!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe may be the worst jump roper on the planet

August 12, 2012 at 9:50 PM  
Blogger kmacattack said...

O m g ----

August 12, 2012 at 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its hard to make fun of Joe when Boogie is working out in the same backyard.

August 12, 2012 at 10:04 PM  
Blogger Justme1099 said...

Why all the Danielle hate? I don't get it.

August 12, 2012 at 10:16 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

I don't hate her - but she's not my favorite, just because I know too many girls like her. But that has nothing to do with her game play, as of yet. :)

August 12, 2012 at 10:23 PM  
Blogger NMann2215 said...

I can handle Boogie working out as long as I don't have to look at his chin that seems to stick out (or is that just me??) but Joe trying to jump rope had me laughing!! (or maybe I'm just so sleepy I'll laugh at anything?)

August 12, 2012 at 10:38 PM  
Blogger Justme1099 said...

But yet, there are so many snide remarks made about her, on a personal level. Not trying to fight or be rude, I'm just pointing out the obvious and it's not just you.

It's sad when people online think they actually know someone and make judgements.

August 12, 2012 at 11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its called human nature. We dont all get along. We dont have to like everybody. I dont like her personality

August 12, 2012 at 11:25 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Just me - I snark on everyone equally. Except Dan - but I even snark on him, too. *L*

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not judging them as people, just as the people they show themselves to be in the house. I see these people more than I see my own family at times during the season. They are who they are, I am who I am, you are who you are.

Acceptance is the name of the game. You don't know me any better than we all know them... I don't try to change your opinion on the houseguests, and I reserve the right to change my opinion on a moments notice. I am female, after all. :)

And that's the last comment I'll publish on the matter.

August 12, 2012 at 11:26 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

JustMe: You are defending your friend. I get that. I'm simply not publishing it because your doing so by attacking me, and the writers of blogs everywhere.

The houseguests WILLINGLY put themselves into this situation. It is human nature. I'm sure there are things you've said about others. We all have.

Pot/Kettle = both black.

I hope you continue to enjoy visiting here, but if it is causing you personal distress, we understand if you do not.

Just be aware that I snark on all equally - those I love, those I hate. We know what we know of them from how they portray themselves in the house. I love Dan because he is the same way inside the house as he is outside. If others are or are not, well. That is on them. I call them as I see them. Period.

Now, REALLY. this is my last comment on the subject. *L*

August 12, 2012 at 11:42 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

G'night dishers. I'm out.

August 13, 2012 at 12:41 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

If Wil and Ashley were smarter, they would have done what Brit just did, count the votes, show Frank that he has them and would have them after to run the house, pretty much. I'm thinking Frank's going to change the noms..but we'll see.

August 13, 2012 at 3:25 AM  
Blogger piper said...

Do you know her? I would appreciate a personal insight. I do not hate Danielle either but from what I have seen and heard from her, she does rub me wrong sometimes.

August 13, 2012 at 7:01 AM  
Blogger Show the Love Be The Love Feel The Love said...

I think she is really insecure...

August 13, 2012 at 1:35 PM  

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