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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  Today in the Big Brother 14 house, Frank will be writing his HoH blog, and we'll have HoH pictures, and perhaps a bit of scheming from Wil, as he attempts to stay in the house another week..

This is what we know, but on the Big Brother live feeds, one should always expect the unexpected..

If you're just now checking in, before you begins the Overnight, please have a look at Late Night Lessa's terrific coverage from last night:
Need more catching up?  Here are the 3 posts that preceded that... 

We rejoin our crispy critters at 2:40am.  It's been a long 38 days, and they've all got sex on the brain..

Feed 3
Frank, Shane, Dani, Brit

Frank sex talk in HoH.. We join this conversation already in progress.. It's funny as all get out.  I highly recommend you hop in and watch for yourself on flashback!  Be advised, this is definitely Not Safe for Work!
Click the Pic to get to the Live Feeds Log In ~or~ The 3 Day Free Feeds Trial

Dani: Well, if you use your knuckle, it gets it better..
Britney: That area, under the balls..
Shane: I've never had a girl do it to me..
Dani: Brit, I think it's just a Southern thing.  I've done it a million times.. Anyway.. It happened in the shower.. the salad toss.. from an ex.. It wasn't terrible, but it was very awkward..

Brit: Have you ever tossed a salad?
Frank: No.  I've never even gone down on a girl. My rule is no lower than the belly button.
**he says he's kidding.
Frank: I have a joke.. It's bad.. I eat more pussy than cervical cancer..
Dani: Do you guys give a sniff test?
Frank: You do the ear wax test.. You get a little ear wax and you put it down there, and if she jumps, that means you don't have to eat it..

Shane: Have you guys ever touched a guy, felt he was too small and stopped?
Dani: Yes! Yes! You feel like you're with a little kid.
Brit: I'm talkin' short vienna sausage..

knock, knock..

Frank: Come in..
Joe: What is tossed salad mean?
Frank: Eatin' someone's booty hole.
Joe: never.
Dani: There's no way I would ever lick one, but if a guy's into it, whatever.
Brit: Me neither.. A dude's is way in there..

Dani: Anyway, what were we talking about?  Little penises.. There's such a thing as a man's penis being this big and this wide..
Joe: Japanese?
**oh, joe.

And we move on from sex to poop.. to increased toilet paper usage during menstruation.. and back to poop.

Shane: Do you know what a blumpkin is?
Joe: A blumpoklin?
Brit: A BJ while you're on the toilet.

Raw sex talk continues.. The Hot Carl.. The Pink Sock.. The Stranger.. The Trumpet.. A Dry Run..

Dani: Britney, have you ever done it and they press too hard on theback of your head?
Brit: No.  They do that, and I'd slap their face.  It's so obnoxious.  I have no problem.. If you're gonna do it, great.  I'm gonna do the best job I can, but you're not gonna push on my head..
Shane: I've never gotten off when a girl did that.
Frank: I can count on one hand how many times I have.  Just not a blow job guy.. I think the problem is the girls..
Shane: Probably.. Damn Vermont girls..
Frank: I think we just haven' thad it done right.. Britney sounds like she's really good at it.
Brit: My only problem is guys want eye contact, and I know I'm not lookin' cute..

Shane: I think we got a lot easier job goin' down on girls than they do with us..

Dani: How do ya'll feel about 69?  Love it, Hate it?
Frank: I've never cared to try it.
Brit: You're kind of distracted.
Shane: I can't feel like I can perform my best..
Frank: And it's upside down.. Your nose is in her asshole..
Dani: If he's real into it.. My only definite no is anal.

Talk turns to toys.. Cockrings, Vibrating and otherwise.. Britney endorses.. Joe too.  Frank and Shane are clueless. 
Frank: So have you girls done anal before.
Dani: No.
Brit: No.  But I do have friends that enjoy it.. They do it on the reg..
Frank: I'm kinda like Joe.. Anal sex turns me off.. Sh*t comes outta there..
Joe: hahaha.. That's enough. That's all you gotta say.

On to His and Hers.. Hot Wax..

Britney and Joe both recommend to "go expensive" when buying any of this stuff, or you're not gonna like it.

Sex in public places.. Joe says he and his wife do it in lingerie fitting rooms.. Shane in a lifeguard chair..

Dani: Have you ever dressed up, Brit?
Brit: I've been on a honeymoon..
Shane: Any dominatrix stuff?
Brit: Black is my husbands favorite color..
Frank: I could get into that..  Not the pain part, but where they're telling me what to do..
Dani: Actual outfits?  Like French maid.. But I've never whipped anyone.
Shane: Like a playful whip..
Brit: I know a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because she looked up on the ceiling and saw footprints..
Dani: What'd she do?
Brit: Broke up with him. 

Brit: Sorry, mom.. Please don't tell dad.
 **sorry - i zoned out. not sure what this was in reference to..

Brit: My husband and I got caught one time by a policeman.. In front of a tire store.. He said you have the wrong kind of rubber.

They wrap it up and everyone heads downstairs.. Then teeth brushing commences.

Frank: I hope you live feeders had fun watching that tonight, cuz I was having fun laughing at that.  (TOOT!) Excuse me.  Sorry, nana.  G'night America.

Have Not Room..
Shane: If we wake up tomorrow, and I'm still layin in bed for 10 minutes, it's because I'm waiting for my morning wood to go down.  38 days is a long time for a guy.

Joe: I've already had a pleasant dream in the house..
Brit: How many days ago?  Joe be honest.. You tried to to the trumpet didn't you?
Dani: What about putting it into action?  Did you try in here?
Joe: No.
Brit: Shane, did you?
Shane: No.. I know what I like, and it's not a trumpet.
F1 and 2
Shane: Are you guys touching each other?
Dani: Yes.. We snuggle..
Brit: Your hands are soft.. So smooth..
Shane: I hate you both.
Joe: Easy boy..
Shane: I'm good..  It takes more than that.
Brit: OK.. we'll just cuddle some more.


Wil and Jen

Annoyed by the noise of the Have Nots, Jenn goes outside.. Wil joins her.

Wil: It's sort of an eye opener.. It's like the odd man out kind of thing.
Jenn: Totally.

Wil: I was always raised to keep certain things to myself, and never make people feel like their ideas are stupid.. Like Danielle the other day..  I respect wha tyou believe.. Just return that.
Jenn: It's that simple.
Wil: The other morning, I was up in HoH with Dnaielle and Frank and Boogie..  They were talking about how they address people, and it's always Mr or Mrs.. and with me, after you hit a certain age,it's a first name basis, and they were like, well, I respect my elders.
Jenn: We're a lot alike.. Just looking around in here, I'm like, I'm the only speck of pepper..
Wil: Like everyone says, oh, her tattoos.. or the hair cut.. I think you're fabulous. I think you're style forward.  How many girls walk down 5th avenue with your same haircut.
Jenn: I think you're right.. Especially today, I saw how things just laid out.. I think you're right about final 6.  I know Britney always kisses the HoHs ass.. and I can see how her and Danielle get along with the sorority sister thing.. I just didn't wanna hear something and get really pissed off.  I was like, I'm just gonna sit outside for a while.. Cuz they're gonna talk too loud and talk some sh*t and I'm gonna be f'in pissed.
Wil: I still think on Thursday you can pull something out.  I'll be rooting for you.
Jenn: I'm like that wildcard.. If you go, I'm gonna be bummed.
Wil: I will to, but I'll be ok.  Certain things just don't add up.. Especially tonight..
Jenn: Tonight I'm like.. oh my God.. He wants Wil out.. and Joe's talking about what he's cooking on Thursday.

Wil: The last thing I wanna do is wake up tomorrow and be nice to these people..
Jenn: Me too.
Wil: you know what I say though.. Razzle Dazzle em...


Talk turns to the other HGs.. Who they like and not.. Who they think will go far.. Who is fake..

Jenn: It would just be nice to survive a littl ebit longer, but then I think, it would be nice to go home.  Anything can happen.
Wil: Anything can still happen for me.. But they'd be foolish to keep me in this game, cuz I'm gonna come guns blazin' if I win HoH.  But they're foolish to keep Joe too..
Jenn: The guy can't keep a secret...
Wil: Spreads lies..
Jenn: It's like short term memory loss in this house.

Wil: You just have to shake things up if you win HoH.
Jenn: I will.. It'll be a kamikaze mission, but..
Wil: If you put up Dan and Mike..
Jenn: I would backdoor Mike..
Wil: If Dan wins PoV, you put up Shane.. If Mike wins PoV, you put up Frank.  If you put up one from each side, that'll take the target off you.. cuz it'll get them arguing with eachother.
Jenn: It's like last week, we were talking about.. We're gonna see who's going where..
Wil: As far as female competitors, Britney and Danielle are gonna bring it.  But I think the ringleaders are Dan and Mike.  If you get one out, it'll cripple them. They're all doing the same things they did in their seasons.. Boogie has his number 2.. Dan is just gonna con artist his way..

Talk turns to Danielle bashing her parents.. and sharing things you just shouldn't share to a national audience.

Jenn: I just can't do that sorority shit.. In a group setting, I don't tend to say a lot, but when I do, people listen.
Wil: I have a friend, who talks so quiet I can never hear him, and I asked why him one day, and he said, because when I talk, people listen.
Jenn: And he's right.

Wil: I mean.. they are all Have Nots together..
Jenn: That's the bond..

Wil: It'll be 7 weeks on Saturday.. That's a long time.
Jenn: Do you feel different?
Wil: I feel like an untrustworthy person in here.. That's not me.  Once we're out of this, I'm looking forward to taking a breath and taking control.. What about you?
Jenn: Yeah.. Outside of here,  I would never have lied to Janelle's face.  I would never never do something like that. It's the game.  Sorry kids.
Wil: I was kinda shocked at how easy it is for me to lie in this house.
Jenn: You get pushed to a certain points..
Wil: And the sneakiness of the game is kind of addicting..


Wil: Britney's a pussy.
Jenn: Totally.  She'll set it up around her..
Wil: Then she'll cry when she goes home.
Jenn: You set up your favorite player ever..  Yeah.. If we take Britney out, or Shane out.. Then Britney would be screwed.
Wil: She just might need to go.  She really showed her ass to me today.  She was like, are you gonna leave those hair extensions in when you get out of here?
Jenn: What is this talking like you've left already?
Wil: Oh my God.. I didn't think about it that way..

Wil: I might just blow.. If you talk about your GD wedding one more time, I'm gonna pop ya.

Wil: The next 48 hours are gonna go by so slow..
Jenn: Maybe it wont..
Wil: I just feel like somethings in this house are out of your control.. You can talk til you're blue in the face, but..
Jenn: It doesn' tmatter.
Wil: The only way, if they're set on voting me out, is to come up with something about Joe.. to make them paranoid.. But I think the best thing for me to do is lay low.. and let him be loud..
Jenn: Maybe.. If he's feeling confident and boisterous, he does it all by his biddy self.   (pause) I was surprised he didn't change his nominations. 
Wil: There's a lot more reasons to get rid of me.. I'm more likely to win an HoH than Joe, which is a big one.. My goal was to get to jury, and if this was a regular season of Big Brother, I would have.

**Why, when 500,000 is on the line would anyone's goal ever be to get to jury? We hear it from so many, every year.  I just don't get that.

4:30am The fish have been evicted...
**not really.. That's the control room..

Feed 3/4
Wil says goodnight.. Jenn stays outside by the jacuzzi.. in silence.

a yawn and a stretch.. and a couple minutes later, Jenn's to bed...

Sweet dreams, houseguests.  We'll see you in the morning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thorough reports, as always!! Your blog is always my first stop with my coffee in the morning, to get what I missed.

I am so over Wil. I can't even stand him, and he's making me dislike Jenn (Who I never really had an opinion on, either way). Calling Britney a pussy and a liar-- that's the game! He has lied more than almost anyone, and for no apparent reason. He's all cocky thinking he would have "made it to jury" if it was a regular season. Maybe, maybe not. If anything, Janelle being his coach helped him to stay longer.

August 14, 2012 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Caro...are you still living in 'cool' comfort. No more AC problems?

I had to give it up early again last night before After Dark was over so much go read the TOR but I'll be back.

August 14, 2012 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I've gone to Vote! :) See you in a bit..

August 14, 2012 at 6:39 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

Before I start reading TOR, I have something important to say and I didn't want to forget.

I saw Britney doing dishes last night.

August 14, 2012 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

**Why, when 500,000 is on the line would anyone's goal ever be to get to jury? We hear it from so many, every year. I just don't get that.

Carolyn, those that say that are convinced they cannot win the $500k.
You will never hear a Mike, Brit, Rachel, Dan or Janelle say that.

August 14, 2012 at 7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to pics today. Should be fairly quiet unless Wil decides to start something about Joe..

Have a great day everyone..


August 14, 2012 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Pamm!! :) yup!

Good morning, Mike! :) word!

Good morning, Grendon! :) Hahaha! Funny - i did too.. lol..

Good Morning, ShiShi!! :) I am and it's glorious!!! :0) Thank you!

Good morning, PrincessZac! :) Thank you very much.. and AMEN!

August 14, 2012 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, JustMe :) Thank you. This is my blog, and with it come the snark both of myself and Lessa, who very graciously gives of her time.

August 14, 2012 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

good morning carolyn ty for the posts

August 14, 2012 at 9:58 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! Great TOR as usual!!

Woke up at 6am eastern right in the middle of the sex convo in HoH...OMG, what a discussion to wake up to!!

August 14, 2012 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Justme1099 said...

Don't you think 2 old bitter women picking on a 23 yo girl is pathetic? I mean seriously. Oh and don't worry about even speaking to Danielle in Vegas, she will be well informed of exactly who you two are. :-)

August 14, 2012 at 11:52 AM  

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