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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whispers, lies, allegations...

(said in my best Wil immitation, of course)

Well, well, well. It's been a busy day here at the Dish, hasn't it? :P If you'd like my opinions - I can direct you to the previous post comment section, toward the end. :) If not - that's cool too. I'm all for spreading love and spraytan...

...wait, that's Ashley! I'm here to deliver the goods, AND the snark! So let's get to it, hm?

It's 8:35 PM, and we have general conversations around the feeds. We have Shane and Danielle having a heart to heart in the back yard, talking love, life, relationships, family, etc. It's sweet, and filled with seriousness, and teasing, and in general a nice conversation.

Inside, we have Frank telling us once again that he has one more good prom left in him - and that if any 18 year olds are willing... he's game. The others are appalled, and he swears its a running gag between him and his friend, but that he'd have a blast doing that...

Dan: Hey Joe! Would you let your 18 year old daughter go to a prom with Frank at 28?
Joe: No.

Dan: I don't call a lot of things strange.. but that's a little strange...
Brit: why not be a chaperone with a teacher... you're gonna be 30 soon!

Since I'm here early, I'll hang out and pop back in when there's actual gametalk. Stay Tuned, Spark up the Feeds, and Enjoy the momentary respite from non-stop game. :)

9:55 Workout time in the back yard - on all feeds:
 Danielle: What are you doin?
Jen: (Prancing) This is my serious work out. And I was zoning out in the hot tub. Very busy, you know! I'm very busy!
--Lessa:  Her soundbites - always gold. :)

Dan's running, Joe was doing weights. Danielle's hanging out..

Picking on Dan
Dani: Run Forest!
Joe: Run!

Jen: I may or may not have been sitting by the hot tub and I may or may not have had my sunglasses on and I may or may not have been taking a siesta!
Ashley: That's why your so happy!

Britney and Danielle pick on Ted..Then this happened:

9:15 - Joe attacks an innocent pineapple with a pizza cutter and plastic knife.

--Lessa: rumor had it, the pineapple was talking smack and wanted Joe on the block. Instead, it found itself on the chopping block. (badumdum.)

Frank: If I have to go home Thursday, and don't have to hear Joe go on about Mad Love cooking one more time, it'll be ok..

Since Frank and Boogie's conversations revolve around the same thing over and over (They'd be crazy not to go for our deal and do things our way) We join Dan and Ian in the pool.. where I strain to hear - and miss most of it. When did Ian become such a good stealth whisperer?!
Ian: She's smart. She jedi trains every night.

Ian: She would probably put Shane up on the block. I'll go up there to take a bath tonight and we can all talk then. Britney listening to music, whatever, so its not obvious. There's no concern in getting rid of him, at all.  To Keep him - I know he's not coming after us, where as Janelle will. What makes me so sure is that they were talking to me as team boogie.
--Lessa: thank you, airplane, for bursting my eardrums..

Ian: Frank is not coming after us, Janelle is. Why go after one who might, against one who is?
Dan: We gotta decide tonight.

Ian: Frank is his Will.
Dan: Doesn't that concern you?

Dan: Is this a fair assumption that you base what you know about me from my season. You know my word is good.
Ian: Yes.
Dan: So, by Boogie's past...
Ian: It's knowledge is power but one event doesn't directly impact the future..
Dan: If you don't learn from history you repeat it..
Ian: I'm more worried about keeping Janelle here rather than keeping Frank.
Dan: I'm open to either, but..
Ian: It's Danielle's decision, and I'll respect it, but I think it may be a mistake.. without her here.. she's the only person besides me that knows everything really well. If Frank gets it, it's Joe and Wil.
Dan: HOw do yo know that..
Ian: I've been talking to him since day one..
Dan: How do you know he dosn't have something with Wil
Ian: He doesn't.. it's garbage. My name was thrown out there as having a final two, it was trash.

Ian: Frank is easy to get information from. Janelle offers nothing to us. There's assumptions about everything..
Dan: You just have to make the best decision
Ian: I just think sending Frank out over her is a big mistake.
Dan: I'm gonna go up there, shower.
Ian: Ok, try and get britney.. Shane and Dani are expected...

 People come out - Dan announes he's taking a shower - as people crab walk - they lost a bet that Danielle won - counting MnMs - how many colors there were...

Brit: We sucked at that!
Joe: We sucked!
Jen: You know what sucks? MnMs!
Joe: You should have equal colors!

9: 40ish
Dan pulls Frank to the back room

Dan: I got 100 bucks, wanna buy something, why do I wanna buy Frank?
Frank: You know I'm honest, and I do what I'm gonna say. I want to know what you will do if you send me out.. Me and Mike, it seems like a great plan for all of us.. and I think, you've played this game before, and as a big fan, if we go now.. you'd know we couldn't trust us. Me and Mike - especially me, I've been trying to play this game honest.. and I know Brit is worried about Shane's name.. but obviously I was going to go for Wil's vote I can't use his name, have to use Dani and Shane.. Over these last few weeks, before I knew the vote might not go my way, I thought the twist looked good for Mike Dan and I... our core group, jen and ian and danielle.. it's obviously been switched a little.. Brit has Shane, Mike has me, and you and Danielle.. but I think we have us core three, and we have.. we shane and britney that could take a hit for us.
Dan: If you win HOH who do you put up?
Frank: If Janelle goes home, Joe and Wil.. then the next week, and even after that I'm willing to put up Jen and Ian. What would you... I mean..
Dan; It's just a really agressive move..
Frank: Getting rid of her is like cutting the head off that snake. If Joe, Wil or Ashley win.. or even me she'll come kiss our ass. That's the game she's playing.. it surprised me, I didn't think she would with the way she's played before, but it seems to be that way. You know how bad I wanted to get into this house and getting deep into the game, this is my best option going forward and to stick with it...


And we get back and they've already broken up the talk..

 9:54 - Ian and Janie are talking competitions in/by the hot tub... inside it's general chitchat while Frank paces... then joins.

9:58 - Ashley finally emerges from her Bath in the HOH room, to cheers and applause for... existing I think.
Ashley: oh my gosh - thanks guys!
Jen: We were just welcoming her back..
Ashley: I feel so special!

10:01 - Frank debriefs Boogie

Frank: it was quick - first thing he f'in says I wanted to f'in choke him, he was like I got 100 dollars sell me frank. I was just like, you know, on the fact that I knew he was apprehensive that we'd put them up but it wouldn't make sense for me and mike if we burn that bridge...

Ashley peeks in, leaves..

Frank: I was like that wouldn't be good for us, and it'd be Joe and Wil if Janelle is gone, and that I'd be up for Jen and Ian down the line, and I told him I thought the coaches twist meant it was good for us, and I'm like obviously things have changed, everyone has their own life preserver, but I felt it'd be me you and mike as the core, not putting Danielle out there, and SHane and Brit can take the hit if someone has too before final six, and I want to work with someone going forward, they're not gonna suck up to power and I know I can count on you and you can count on me all the way down - and he got called to DR...
Boogie: And he said talk later?
Frank: He said they'd all talk later..
Boogie: Wonder why he wouldn't let me in the room?
Frank: Maybe just because we hadn't talked one on one yet.

Boogie: I need to get Janelle in that hot seat.

Frank: I didn't get a chance to tell him that if it's us 6, thats less of a chance of him going up.. but with them four, it'll be him and shane..
Boogie: We need to get that into his ear tonight.

Boogie: One of them wins, and I'm a free agent? He and Shane go up.

They go to see where Dan is.

Boogie and DAn in the HOH

Boogie; Where's your head?
Dan: I just talked to frank - he said he'd put up Joe and Wil..
Boogie: There isn't an option for us, really. I'm glad we're talking one on one. Shane and Danielle seems ready to go. Britney is more leery, she sees the boogie character scumbag, you know me a little more. I know you're thinking way down the road and what I would choose - everyone has to get cut at some time and if we're in that position it'd be a nice problem to have. But right now, we have to get rid of some bodies. If you go the alternate root - one of them gets HOH and you have a foursome, there's a better chance you go up. Me and Frank are here,, and the votes... and for Dan as an individual it's better as they'll feel oh, they got to Frank and Mike. I don't connect with Joe, or with Janelle not that she'll be here.
Dan: What wer eyou saying about the M&M... ready to blow your brains out?
Boogie: I was like are you getting this? This is my summer, i could be at the movies, I could be doing anything.. they're seperating M&Ms...

Boogie: She's like I don't know if I can trust boogie and you have to trust someone and you know you can't trust those four. Frank and I are still here.. he'll gravetate to us and would put up who I say. Britney is no master strategist here. You and I can have a much better relationship.. Brit is a great 4th place kinda player and that's not what we're here for.. I feel like I'm begging.

Dani joins

Boogie: I feel like I'm begging, but I don't feel we have any other options too. I mean, Frank kinda said it, we don't want to worry for the first time here. You and Dani have that, another duo, but why not have another duo. There's 12 bodies to get rid of... Danielle wants Janelle out.. come on dan, come on dani, lets take out the Queen B the first week of the reset! You wanted the reset, let's do it! Lets get her trouble making ways and lies out of here!

Dni leaves, saying she speaks no english.
Boogie: What does that mean?
Dan: She didn't want to comment.
Boogie: oh.

Dan: did nyou see vets vs. newbies last year
Boogie: It'd be three vets, plus three... so yeah I see that but I don't think that will happen here... I did see last season, and look who won!

Janie inturrupts, then goes to find Ashley..

Dan: She knew she wasn't up here..
Boogie: yeah - who cares, I'm gonna talk to the people in power.

Boogie: isn't it appealing to get her out of here?
Dan: I think the problem is, if we get there against a newbie? We won't win. So if we get a couple coaches in the jury?
Boogie: Id' sit next to Ian, Jen
Dan: IAn? Who wouldn't give that kid half a million?
Boogie: He wouldn't be ideal. I just don't want to be on the Jury and give someone like Ashley the money. Jannelle isn't going to be workable... imagine if one wins HOH next week - if Frank's gone.. someone's gonna sit next to me, and it ain't gonna be britney... automatically her three people are off limits, you think she's gonna put up Ian, Jen and Boogie? She'll put up you, shane and me. Probably shane and me - then you're losing another one.. I just wish you can see the picture I'm seeing. The alternatives aren't great.. I assume it's Janelle or Frank... so look at the two sides. Vote out frank - I'm twisting in the wind, Jen and Ian are twisting in the wind, and we ahve four and four..
Dan: If that happens, what are you gonna do?
Boogie: Not coming up to you! Voting out Frank will not make me run to you guys. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'll have options.. run to you, run to them, be by myself.. all options suck for me if Frank leaves.. It's not gonna be good. Maybe I'm the next one to go, maybe I win HOH and a lot of people have to sweat it out.. I just don't see how any of those options are better. Why not Wil if not Janelle? You have a relationship with him?
Dan: I have no relationship with him. IT's either leave it, or vote out Janelle.
Boogie: Leaving it doesn't guarentee Frank leaves, but it would be a waste of power to send Wil out over Janelle. The lies are caused by Janelle and Joe mostly.. we're straight shooters, we didn't even talk to you because we knew one of us would go up.It seems this game this year changes on a dime..
Dan: I just hit a red button to start the game over..
Boogie; yeah. And I'm trying to look at it from your perspective and I'm trying to see why my idea doesn't work for you.
Dan: Honest truth it goes back to what we talked about in the storage room. To me, I thought it'd be us two and we'd dance around everyone else
boogie; Why can't we have that with Frank here for now..
Dan: Maybe we can..
Boogie: You changed my attitude in the storage room. I just think for now Frank fits into that, getting some people out here and to cut off the head of the beast right away makes so much sense and the strenght and power going into HOH...
Dan: I totally get it. I see both moves. For me, it's what can you get to get these people that don't think like us 110 into it..
boogie: i don't know! I'm talking till I'm blue in the face.. if I can't sell them this? There won't be anything else to sell if Frank leaves... it seems Brit is the problem with it.. she doesn't know me.. she knows about some legendary myth of the great mike boogie.. but to win this game you have to trust.. to finish fourth maybe you don't, I don't know, I dind't finish fourth..

And here come Janie and Brit..
Janie: We just wanted to come and talk!
Boogie: We're talking...
Janie; oh, We wanted to have a coaches talk!
Boogie: oh, ok! I thought you wanted to do makeup or something..
Brit: No, we rarely have a chance to be together, so its good timing..
Boogie: ok, so, what's up..
--awkward silence..

Brit: I thought we were planting seeds...
Boogie: But we have our guys up against each other..
Janie: Let's get rid of our guys!
Boogie: Ok! Lets get rid of Wil this week!
Janie: Next week!
Boogie: I don't trust you. There's no way in the world I'm going to support anything that says my number one guy goes home for something mythical in the future.. You've done a fair bit of draging me through the mud
Janie: I have not!
Boogie: I don't trust you.
Janie: He's told me that he's coming after you and Dan. It was two days before Shane won HOh.. that doesn't make you nervous?
Boogie: There's no way he's coming after me. He was playing you for whatever reason. I wouldn't ask you to send your number one guy home, so don't ask me. Your guy Joe is the biggest trouble maker. He's your guy, i understand that, but I think if he were to win, the coaches wouldn't be safe, I feel that way.
Janie: So do I
Boogie; you would be safe, that's the difference.
Janie: I don't know that - I am trying to get you all together but you don't want to work with us!
Boogie: I don't control anything. I have one vote. If he goes home, there's nothing I can do about it. I can't be part of a plan that sends him home to be a part of a group of people that has done nothing for me. Wil and his big elaborate lie..
Brit: I feel that's really respectful answer and I can appreciate that, honestly. It is what it is now, I can appreciate your answer.
Boogie: I am perfectly fine going home whatever if it means to stay means to scumbag frank.
Dan: take frank off the table - is there anything.. there's clearly dischord between you and Janelle.. is there anything that can be done, because we can put up anyone we want..
Boogie: it's like - it's a waste of an HOH, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't want to waste it on the people not in the conversation..
Brit: on someone without value to all of us..

Boogie: it would be selfish.
Brit: I feel that was honest...
Boogie: Just to air it out - it seems like its your team, when I'm trying to gain ground and mostly trying to save Frank.. this has been so much hard work trying to keep himsafe and people are asking me did you say this, and I know it came from the group so I'm not accusing you as an individual.. and they're lies.. I never came up to power and said Joe said this Wil said this... it catches up with you. I don't want to keep track of 87 million lies.. Ive been no angel in this game, I'm just saying we had to do what we had to do.. unfotunately, with both our players on the block and no one to replace.. I'd like to save all three of my players.. who am I gonna say to put up, Jen? It doesn't do any service to the HOH.. it just seems like an Impass. Unfortunately, but.. this is why I didn't press the button. If I had one player I probalby would have had it too.
Dan: What do you think Janelle..
Janie: It's like your mad, but I think we should move forward..
Boogie; But no one is willing to sacrifice their players. If Jen was any kind of threat.. I'd say take out my number three player.. but even if you did the same - I'd say that was a waste. She maybe be your number one friend, but what a dream to go against final three. Waste of an hoh in terms of big brother. If no one's willing to put their people up.. Wil, joe, Frank, Shane... the only way to do this is to let Danielle and you decide what's best for you. Doesn't mean we can't look out for each other when the bodies are eliminated.. but for tonight, there's no where to go. There's not an expendable person in here.
Brit: makes sense.
boogie: Awkward!

Janie: Can I say one more thing - Frank, JOe and Wil are coming after the coaches. That's three people.
Boogie: Frank tried to explain it to you..
Janie: No, he tried to tell me I didn't remember, and it was a completely different week, it was a lie. He was HOH, he wasn't on the block.. it was day 21, 4:30 pm, we were playing chess.
Boogie: look, if the four of us, I'm gonna be a nominee if they come after the coaches.. it's gonna be me and dan or me and you.. Dan has better relationships that I don't work that hard to do... the point is, Frank knows that if he joins a group that wants to get rid of the coaches, he loses me and I've been working this whole time. I don't know what nhe can do to prove it to you - I mean people say things all the time, he was trying to throw you off..
Janie; He said it was a what if thing...
Boogie: all I know is since the twist, I didn't hear Wil and Frank say anything - but I heard Joe say at the sink the coaches are playing for 50 thousand, I'm sorry if I sit next to you I'm not taking home 50.. the guy is so cocky...
Janie; During the competition they said they need to beat the coaches, it traveled right down the line..
Boogie: look, if you don't have the same relationship with Joe, what about him going up tomorrow.. dun dun dun.. you still kind of have it..
Janie: no I don't..
Boogie; You're hesitating...
Janie: No, obviously waht he said pisses me off - thats why I'm trying to keep us together...
Boogie: Ok then, lets go this way... that's my vote. Take Frank down and put up Joe and Joe goes home..
janie: I don't want to work with my team... you do..
Boogie: All I want to work with is Frank... Ian  isn't a threat - don't want to sit next to him, but Joe is someone clearly anti coach and you say you don't have a relationship with him, so what aobut him?
Janie: that'd be up to Danielle.
Boogie: It's all up to him. Look I'm not gonna push for it, I'm not staying up late.
Dan: Hypothetically - he goes up and goes home, does it fix anythinghere?
Boogie; Yeah, I would think we have an agreement, but itll be short lived - next week we'd have the same problem.. no one wants to lose their people..
Janie: So you'd never put up Frank ever..
Boogie; I won't say never, but not in the next 4 or 5 evictions.. I don't know why everyone is so against this guy? I realize I'm biased, but he's been the same person when he was down in the dumpps, as when he was on the top of the world..
Janie: He said I'm next!
Boogie: He said he was joking..
Janie: You don't see this, but he was trying to threaten me I think, he said he was going after Dan then you than me...
--Lessa:....oh Janie.. you're slipping... that makes you third, not next...

Boogie: He might have been puffing his chest a little, it's possible. He has a healthy ego.. unless he's the greatest actor of all time, he won't put me in harms well, and for now I'm doing the same.  We have so many problems to get to that point.. we have 12 people in here! If you go in order, I'd say Wil and Frank.. I don't think Wil is anti coach either, I think he had the major fuck up... and he knows Joe is such a wild card.. but you admit Joe is a trouble maker.
Janie: I do admit it..

Boogie: I would just ask respectfully to do whatever you need to do to get whoever you need out that is best for Janelle... just please don't let that desire go to the power and say that I'm saying things I'm not. I'd ask that - I can't demand it, do what you want, but it hurts me a bit...
Janie; What have I said..
Boogie: i'm saying you, as a representitive...
Janie; I told Wil not to lie in this game!
Boogie: We can just call it water under the bridge, I'd betray peoples trust if I say who said it, I'm just saying it's made it harder and stressful to refute these statements that I supposedly made that I didn't. I don't feel I need to say those things to advance. I just think we can look out for each other..
Brit: I can respect that. I'm anxious to get downstairs because of anti coach - I feel your being honest and respectful and open and I'm good.
Boogie; Open lines of communication.

They leave.

Dan: Well that clearly is never gonna work.
Boogie: I called their bluff.
Dan: You ready to f'in roll or what?
Boogie: Did that work for you?
Dan: If you gotta stab someone - make it one of those three... Shane, Brit or Dani
Boogie: I think you think I'm looking to take down the only person I have respect for? i'm not gonna do this - we can memphis, dan, boogie and will this thing. I like Frank but I met him 30 days ago.

Boogie: are you ready to sack her?
Dan: I'll sell the swan the best I can..
Boogie: I want to take them all out. Britney and I, we get along. She doesn't have 1/1000 that I have with you and I ask the same. If it's me you Ashley and Danielle in the final and you win the POV and I'm not head of household.. Dan the player will cut boogie, but we made this pact..
Dan: I want to beat the best - at the end.
Boogie: I agree. Its a long shot, but I think it'd be... I came here for the show, too. The money is great, the spirit of the play is great, but we come to put on a show - and there's no better way to start this off then kick that liar out of here..
Dan: I don't need it - but I want the Brady shirt
Boogie; (Laughs) tonight? YOu want the shirt! you got it.

Dan: If you guys win - play straight up. Next time, take out shane if you need too.
Boogie: to be honest, we don't even plan on that. We're planning on playing it straight up
Dan: Me too. We hold the six. Then its just rollin.

Dan: ok.. so if Wil comes down.. and..
Boogie: Do it.  get the milage you can out of this. hide it however you want. Tell them we wanted to vote out frank, then surprise surprise and we'll get Ian and Jen too - and it'd be 7-2. I'm happy to say if they get Hoh..

10:55 Here comes Frank.
Dan: You're about to roll with two of the best players in this game, you better not fuck this up...
Frank: Allright!
Boogie: You just missed some good shit.. Brady shirt as collateral, and you know what that means..
Dan: We go to the six... then ride it out
Frank: You know it.
Dan: We'll have a meeting and I'll pitch it hard..

Boogie: Britney - and this is not why I did it because I'm sick of holding my tongue, but I think she saw that I was being sincere...
Frank: What happened? Was Janelle in here?
--Boogie fills him in - i'm popping to see what Janie and Brit are up too..

Brit: Do you think it was good or bad that we went up there?
Janie; Good because Dan will see he's totally connected to his lover..
Brit: That did not go over like I thought..
Janie; He said five evictions! That's final seven!

Brit: I'm baffeled..
Janie; He's really bad at this game..
Brit: So weird...
Janie: I will, if you get rid of Wil this week - then you're just working with your team! Is he an idiot?!
--Lessa Mirror Mirror on the wall... you're both thinking the other will fall... hee.

Boogie and Frank leave when Dani comes in..
Dani: What did you do? You have that look on your face...
Dan: I'll tell you everything. All the coaches were here and Boogie called out Janelle about lying and she didn't have anything to say.
Dani: Ok.
Dan: What does your guy tell you.
Dani: Janelle's a liar. Been saying that from day one. I'm at a disadvantage, i've never seen them play - but its 7 years later. what are you thinking now?
Dan: Need to see where Brit's at... but with Frank and Mike in this game, there's bigger targets than you and me.
Dani: I said that yesterday
Dan: Why did we change?
Dani: You were convinced I was personal, and I wasn't..
Dan: Maybe I was being personal. I like Janelle. I understand..
Dani: Did you coaches make a deal?
Dan: No, Mike was asking if there was any way to mend anything..
Dani: What she say?
Dan: nothing! She sat there and didn't say anything. Clearly, we pick a side. We're rolling the dice and trusting Mike and Frank, but even if someone were gonna be scumbagged by them, it's not gonna be you or me. Might be shane. But they said roll with the 6 as far as they can.
Dani: Do you believe them..
Dan: I feel this gives you - you're not gonna be touched. if it pays off, we both are in good shape, and you are definitely if it doesn't. If we go with Janie..

Here comes Brit..

Dan: your gut, no talking..
Brit: he's being honest...
Dan: Me too. He called her out
Brit; He called her out - what did you say?
Dan: I told him I saw what I needed to see. he said you were surprised...
Brit: i was.. and he said I don't need to play your game, and I'm not gonna throw those names out there, let it be...
Dani: Did he look at her and say your a liar?!
Brit: Said he didn't trust her, and she had run her name through the mud.. he said he wouldn't betray the confidence.. I was like whoa.. it was nuts! and tense! And when he said put up Joe, she had nothing to say, you wanna work together, but your not willing to abandon yours..
Dan: and it wasn't even her best guy!
Brit: and she just stared at him...
Dan: Don't get pissed, but wanted to see what he said, I said if he has to cut britney would he and he said he didn't want too..
Dani: So he wants to keep the 6 together? Then that's a freakin smart move...

11:08 Here comes Shane...
Brit: Let's fill him in....

--Lessa: Looks like Operation Backdoor is back in action, don't it? Hee. Oh, pardon me, I'm distracted..
Shane; is that waht we're doing then?
--Lessa: oh, yes, transcribing. I remember...

Dan: This is what we're talking about For the first time, I saw Janelle put on the spot, and she had nothing to say.
Dani: tell him about the Joe thing...
Dan does..
Brit; It just proves what we already thought - she knows those people aren't coming after her... she's not willing to sacrifice them. She didn't say anything, complete silence. I've never seen anyone be ballsy enough to turn down an alliance because you draw the line in the sand, because it's too awkward to say no. Janelle said boogie work with me and he said no.

11:13 Ian enters to take his bath - leaves to get a towel, but will be back..

Brit: I feel like he was being honest. If that conversation had never happened? I would still worry.
Dani: this has to be the last time, because I can't handle this.
Brit; let's take a break then and talk about this - Janelle told me something that upset me. She told me you told Frank that I made you put Frank up
Shane: That's not true.. I told him that the only reason he went up was to secure the votes.. I said Britney showed me that it was important to insure the votes...
Dani: She was trying to cause a rift..
Brit: Yeah, to say but Shane said..
Shane: You wer ein that conversation, that was all I told him was what we said..
Dani: Joe came up to me and said... Ian you were sitting there! We were sitting there and Joe looked at me and said that Frank said you weren't gonna take the veto, that he didn't take the trip because I wasn't gonna take the veto and that was not even true!
Ian: Joe's tall tales.. right after the competition, I asked him you've seen the show, why not go for the prize? And he said he reserved some hope that she'd go for the prize..
Dani: exactly - I was still standing there, we never stood side by side to have that conversation, and he went uh uh uh...
Ian: Stirring again...
Brit: A lot of drama went down earlier...
Ian: About me?
Brit: no - just making you aware...
--they fill him in..

Ian: Mike Boogie saying he'd go down with this ship?!
Brit: that's the thing.

Dan: Lets make a decision. What do you want to do? Ian?
Ian: I don't think boogie would go after anyone, but Janelle would put up boogie, shane, dan..

Ian: I think it's dangerous - no question, out Janelle.
Dani: Ok, you?
Shane: Right now, 50-50
Britney: 50-50
Dani: Out Janelle. Dan?
Dan: Out Janelle.
Brit: Done, majority rules.
Dan: So you know we're gonna create that 6, that you're "not a part of" but we'll keep you in the loop because you're with us.

They send Ian out to make it official.. Ian's being a total good sport - he gets to play with everyone. Loving it...

Dan: So you're on board?
Shane: Whatever you want - I wanted Janelle out, but you know.. I think Boogie and Frank will gun for Janelles team.
Dan: So we take down Wil, put up Janelle, so it doesn't look like we working with them..
Brit: To secure the vote.
Shane; Got ya.
Dani: and they're bigger targets. And I'll tell Wil that if I pull you down you vote who I want.
Dan: You, you, boogie, ian, that's enough.
Shane: it's done. She's gone. Rally em up.
Brit; i'm scared! It's huge!
Dan: What do we tell Janelle.
Dani: I'll tell her - I heard she wouldn't put up her own, it scared me, I'm sorry.
Brit; She'll assume boogie told her
Shane; Then they'll fight.
Dani: ok.
Dan: No turning back..
Brit: I'm 50-50... I'll be on board, but it's Danielles decision.
Dani: I wanna see her blond hair walking out that door on thursday.
Brit: i'm not scared of her being mad.. just down the line.. she's never gonna put up her players, she's gonna take everyone else - but on the same note.. mike boogie is going after Janelle's players... Janie will go after boogie..
Dan: We don't know that for a fact... is she gonna take down Jen and Ian rather than Shane and Danielle?
Brit; no, and we want to protect Ian..
Dani: ok. Get Janelle out.
Shane: I'm on board.
Dan: If we had another Ian, I'd say we don't bother.. Brit - you gotta be..
Brit: Its not that I'm not on board, it's just scary..
Dan: Bottom line, they can't take five of us out at once. If it doesn't work this one's on me.
Shane; No - we all thake the hit..
Dan: We trust Janelle or mike and frank..
Brit: Oh my god, if Janelle goes home, they're gonna scramble!
Shane; And none of them have won HOH -
Dani: All hoh and veto people are in the same alliance..
Brit: Bring them up for a discussion.
 Dani: Done! Biggest move I can make is sending Janelle DeSoto out by my hand!

Dan finds Boogie and asks where Frank is at - and asks him to go get him...
Frank walks in
Dan: What did you say about my wife? The deals off.
Boogie: what?!
Frank: he's fucking around!
Dan: (Laughs) Go upstairs - we're solidifying.

Dan: You know I'm sticking my head out for your ass, right?
Frank: I won't forget it.
Dan: Go up in a minute.

Dan gets to the HOH
Dan: The name is not gonna work either. The avengers?
boogie: THey tell you that? Haha!

Boogie; I risked a lot up here earlier. I called out Janelle, and it takes a little heat off you guys as I will be the one nominated. I believe in the 6 of us enough that I am willing to risk that, to do this. I believe we can make a good run.
Shane: Franks on board too?
Dan: He's coming up..
Boogie; She just doesn't like him, he has her number and doesn't want to do a mudmask and calls her out and she doesn't like it. He has zero coming after the coaches - I'm his guy and he'd be comeing after me and that's not good. I think Britney you're the one with the most sceptisim.. I hope that showed you - I'm willing to be the next one out of here because I believe getting her out..
Dani: So you want a final six, no question, no turning back, good.
Boogie: Yeah.

Frank enters.
Boogie: We said that from the beginning. All we've done is have to worry and its a lot of rough days in this house... thing is.. we don't want to have to worry anymore. We want to know that when they say you allw in the hoh I don't have to worry and for you guys to have the same confidence...

Here comes Janie... Frank and Boogie run to the bathroom to hide... They don't answer the door.

Boogie; This is what I'm talking about - lets get this out of here, it doesn't stop
Brit: can I tell you my honest hesitation? Frank has a lot of good relationships - say Wil or Jen wins HOh, I'm worried the two of yo come up here and put us...
Boogie: i get that. i think we showed a lot..
Brit: I want to be the part of the team that tucks and rolls and says we're fucked, doesn't turn against each other when someone else is in power...
Boogie: Exactly!
Frank: Even when Shane one - I didn't come up here and throw their names under the bus...
Shane: it wasn't five minutes before Joe was up here...
Frank: I just dind't want to throw under the bus and obviously I'm going to do the same thing with you guys and we can just roll all the way
boogie: We haven't had that yet, even with our own team.
Dani: I've never thrown you under the bus and would want that same respect..
Boogie: That's the thing with this 6-pack, we all have one other person. It wouldn't work the same otherwise. it's even footing. We're way into it.
Brit; I was just really impressed with how you handled the conversation. It was a game changer for me.
Boogie: I wasn't going to betray any confidence.. I can't say enough how much we want this. Forget what I said - look at the reactions when her bluffs were called, blank face. The girl who has an answer for everything didn't say shit.

Boogie: I'm not going to ask you to waste an hoh, she would. Lets take out the queen. I'm gonna feel damn good Thrusday night when it's the 5 of us competing.. and side benefit, I kinda still have a relationship with the other two players... that's votes.. especially Ian. And one of them could win - and Ian will put up Joe and Wil..
Dan: If Ian wins can you keep one of us off?
Boogie; All of you. I even said to him as a hypotehetical, it might be you and me, who would you put up - he didn't even think, which was odd because he's in the clouds, without hesitation he said Joe and Wil and I was like I was thinking the same thing?
Brit: Ian are you gonna put up Shane? It's not in my foreseeable plans..
-- everyone laughs..

Boogie: As long as we have one on one - then we have the votes. Make whatever deal you want with Wil, take him off, we're good.
Dani: So if I take wil off... your ok with that?
Boogie: We trust you. That's ok with us.
Brit: Janelle's gonna be all over me... you ok if I tell her Im gonna vote?
Boogie: But you'll vote her out..
Brit: yes! Of course!
Dani: are you ok with me telling her that..
Boogie: I don't care - if it makes it feel better?
Brit: the numbers...
Shane: Me, you, dan, boogie, Ian and Jen
Frank: Its sstill close, but..
Brit: you're gonna have to trust in me, when you seeing us talk..
Boogie: Please be friends with her and all of that - I'd love for her to think its going one way and have it go the other. She's gonna throw the kitchen sink for this.. we go this route - swear you won't change it.
Dani: If I put Janelle on that block, she's walking out the door. You swear that you will not backstab us.
Boogie: i swear to you and actions speak louder than words. I just told her to her face I don't trust you, and I won't work with you. That's an incredible liability for me as an indevidional.. if I go home at least I know I went out playing with the people I want to.
Dan: I think it'll be more entertaining if you and her got into it..
Boogie; you want the final pound of flesh in the deal!
Dan: (laughing)
Boogie: There'd be a big fight and he wants to see it..
Frank: tell her I begged you too I wanted to be on the blocka gainst her~!

Dani: Ok! You want me too?
Brit; The only person in an awkward position with the vote is me. Hopefully she won't press me on it because with Ian and Jen..
Boogie: She will panic..
Brit: Hopefully it'll kinda... confuse it.
Dani: If I do this. Janelle goes home.
Boogie: Absolutely!
Dani: she's gonna go off on me.. I don't care.. but..
Boogie: that's why there's a lock on the door...
Frank: i'm gonna still trying to get Ian and Jen and Ashley and Joe.. I'm going to work for that.
Dani: yeah, just don't say you have us..
Boogie: yeah, just act like you are desperate for the votes..
Frank: I'll be like hey look.. you stick with me and Mike, numbers,e etc.. but obviously you have to trust I'm just working my game.

Boogie: You put her up, she is gone.
Dani: I'll take Wil off, put her beside you, she goes.
Boogie; What if you say to Wil, I'm gonna replace a nominee, not gonna tell you who, but you have to vote I say, he'll be yes, whatever you need!
Brit: Deep down he doesn't like Janelle at all.

Dan: So the key is Ian and Jen.
Boogie: Ian is a definite.. 98% and the only reason for the 2% is because of the dog, the fun.. Ian likes Frank a lot and doesn't have any kinda relationship with Janelle.. if it was Ashely? I think we're good. And if we can smash her out of here? Even better. If Wil and Joe vote seperately? Even better...
Dan: good point.
Brit: as long as only one of us goes up at a time, we always have the votes.

Frank: If anyone sees me talking to someone, just ask. Open lines of conversation. Down the road. I just know, being on the block as long as I have, I know the paranoia. I'm fine and I'd hope if I asked then you'd be fine too.
Boogie: it'll be nice to go to bed one night and know things are better in the morning.
Dan: We just gotta change the name.
Boogie: I have said in the past the Avengers..
Frank: The Dream Team! The Brady Bunch!
Dan: The oceanic 6 - but have to change oceanic.. the Mayem 6..
Shane: I like that...
Brit: (shakes head) Are we getting this intense over the team name?! We're making sick game moves in week four and we're talking about the name - I'm gonna throw candy!
Frank: I like the 6-pack!

Frank: We're keeping it quiet, how about The Silent Six!
Dan: YEAH! AND here's our sign!!


They see Janelle is posted out there to watch the door..

Brit goes first: Gonna tell them they're peading their case.. and I'm tired of hearing it...
Dan: I'm taking a shower and going to bed..
Boogie: please, just go to bed and lock the door...

Dani: FUCK they're coming up here!
Dan jumps into the shower..

Dan: They went to the bathroom! Go!

 Dan: Sorry mom! She told me not to make a deal with Mike Boogie.
Dani: We ahve the rat pack and the silent six?
Dan: If it works, we don't have to worry about it. If it doesn't, they can only take one out at a time.

12:02 - bathroom

Brit: I don't know, Janelle. Dan's been up there a long time. They're not talking to me..
Janie: Whos not talking to you..

They move to the Arcade
Brit: There's always someone up there, then they don't tell me anything. I don't know. Maybe I'm being paranoid...
Janelle: It wouldn't make any sense to keep Frank in this game...
Brit; I have to stay up late and get Danielle alone. I think Dani and Shane tell each other stuff..
Janie; That they don't tell you... I feel Danielle trusts me... she's easy to talk to..
Brit: I dont know, i'm just like the outsider..
Janie: I feel the only one I'm working with in her is you. Everyone else would sell me out. Wil for sure, Joe of course, not so much Ashley, but you know.  If Frank gets Danielle to use the POV on him...

Joe peeks in, compliments the masks...
Joe: Is there anything I should know?
Janie: No, we'll just talking about Frank..
Joe; He came downstairs and boogie was yelling Hail Mary time!
Brit: Who is all up there?
Joe; Everyone..
Brit: Ian? He was going up to take a bath..
Joe: Oh yeah, he's up there then boogie and frank came down..
--Lessa: Well played, Brit, well played. Lead him on.. Ha!

Joe; He came down yelling hail mary, don't knwo what that meant..
Janie: You know football, what does it mean?
Joe: Last ditch effort. Ok.

He leaves.

Janie: Did you hear anything he said?
Brit: Of course I did - he just wants to be safe. They know Dan and Dani is who they have to convince.
Janie; They think you four are working together..
Brit: Great team. I'm on the outs.
Janie: I'm telling you - Shane told Frank you told him to put him up
Brit: I know.. it doesn't surprise me.
Janie; It's weird I wasnt invited to the meeting since I was promised safety as well. He's promised safety to the entire house but for Wil, Joe and Ashley.
Brit: And me.

Brit: Maybe you should go talk to Dan...
Janie: Let's go take our masks off..


Dan: Put that in your final two speech. You took out the best player.
Dani: It's huge. This is what I wanted to do when I won hoh.
Dan: Tomorrow will be a long day.
Dani: I'm gonna come up here and lock the door. I don't have to pretend to like her..
Dan: In your speech.. don't be rude or anything..
Dani: Less is more.

Dani: She's leaving.
Dan: Because of you. You had a good teacher. Just kidding.
Dani: And I picked out all the brown M&Ms for you, being so thoughtful, and you ate an orange one! When do you ever get a bowl full of 50 brown M&Ms?
Dan: Never, it was very thoughtful.

12:20 AM Britney heads up to "take a shower" and has a mini breakdown about being mean..
Brit: (in tears) I feel bad - I'm not a mean person, I mean I used to be! But I feel like I'm lying. I am lying to her... I have to remind myself week two! She threw me away!
Danielle is talking her down...

 And with that - I'm out because I have to work way too early. *L* Mind the critters for me, will ya? Stay tuned for Carolyn and The Overnight Report!



Blogger softballmom/bblover said...

Good evening Lessa. I have to say, I am really enjoying the convo between Shane and Dani. It's really cute and a nice reprieve from the game for a little while. Frank talking about going to prom is nasty, whether he is joking or not!!!!

August 5, 2012 at 8:54 PM  
Blogger Sassy Sis said...

Loved the chat with Danielle and Shane...although, i wanted to hear the story of the kidnapping, but those freakin' fish!! LOLLLL

August 5, 2012 at 8:55 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Re: Frank

Yup - It's definitely a bit weird... the little boy doesn't want to grow up. Prom wasn't that much fun, that I remember and I went to three of them!

August 5, 2012 at 8:56 PM  
Blogger Emrys said...

Hiya Lessa! Thanks for your work!! Although I'm a huge Janie fan, I can understand that you don't and like Brit. But still respect you for your own opinion. So please continue snarking and doing an awesome job reporting!!!
We love it!


August 5, 2012 at 9:17 PM  
Blogger Mia Monasdotter said...

@Sassy Sis The kidnapping Dani referred to was mostly when they were taken to go into the house. Very little forewarning.

Also loved the convo with Dani and Shane... it explains so much about both and their insecurities. It shows you once again not to judge a book by its' cover. Lots of sadness behind both those facades.

August 5, 2012 at 9:17 PM  
Blogger Janet Dolliver said...

i really hope you're getting this pool talk between ian and dan because i can't make out a thing! hahaha

August 5, 2012 at 9:26 PM  
Blogger Sassy Sis said...

I was shocked that dani didn't reveal she was a nurse during their convo. tonight. But yeah, you could see the hurt in Shane about his parents finances and how much he loves them and wants to help them out. such a precious heart.

August 5, 2012 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger Sassy Sis said...

I can't understand what Dan and Ian are saying either.

August 5, 2012 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Creepy? Probably. *L*

August 5, 2012 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger kristin said...

I'm always a sucker for the showmances/hopeful relationships. Really loving Danielle and Shane! That conversation was full of vulnerability and so genuine!

August 5, 2012 at 9:33 PM  
Blogger Blissful_Decadence said...

I am really hoping for a Dan/Ian Dream Team...That would be my ultimate outcome.

I love Ian for his undisguised crazy fan status, obvious social awkwardness, suspected Asperger's Syndrome with a sensory disorder, and all around good-guy persona.

I would love to see Ian win this season...and I think that Dan would like to help get him there.

August 5, 2012 at 9:33 PM  
Blogger Blissful_Decadence said...

I am really hoping for a Dan/Ian Dream Team...That would be my ultimate outcome.

I love Ian for his undisguised crazy fan status, obvious social awkwardness, suspected Asperger's Syndrome with a sensory disorder, and all around good-guy persona.

I would love to see Ian win this season...and I think that Dan would like to help get him there.

August 5, 2012 at 9:35 PM  
Blogger Vigilant Observer said...

Lessa my love, don't you know that snark makes the world go round. I am going to join the lessa for BB15 fanclub... who is gonna start it?

August 5, 2012 at 9:38 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Lessa I just got thru reading your novel and I absolutely agree with everything you said. Well said

I also love watching Dan pull his 'moves'. He's an absolute master at dealing with and motivating people.

August 5, 2012 at 9:39 PM  
Blogger Vigilant Observer said...

I am still confused as to why danielle in her school girl crush hasn't told shane she is a nurse but she told dan...

August 5, 2012 at 9:40 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Lessa I just got thru reading your novel and I absolutely agree with everything you said. Well said

I also love watching Dan pull his 'moves'. He's an absolute master at dealing with and motivating people.

August 5, 2012 at 9:41 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Aww, Observer, you are sweet. But they'd never let me on BB.. I'm a BBW and proud of it - they'd never give me a second look. :)

August 5, 2012 at 9:42 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Thanks ShiShi :)

August 5, 2012 at 9:42 PM  
Blogger Vigilant Observer said...

Lessa, you explain to them that that is A) a natural woman, and B) its called Alaskan Insulation and it protects from becoming fridgid... if they wanted a woman without it they could invite sarah palin... I'm sure she would be welcome in the house LOL... Love to see her and Wil and Jenn interact or to hear her participate in the sex conversations that always come up...

August 5, 2012 at 9:50 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Oh god. They put Palin anywhere near Big Brother and I'm boycotting. *L*

August 5, 2012 at 9:54 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Why are you creepy Lessa? I haven't seen evidence of that. LOL

August 5, 2012 at 9:54 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

I dunno why I'm creepy.. but it was written on the internet so it must be true, right? :P

August 5, 2012 at 9:55 PM  
Blogger Vigilant Observer said...

I'm quite suprised we haven't seen a politicians child on bb yet... it would have interesting back story bb likes to leak when they wanna give a particular houseguest a little more pop before they make a twist that keeps them in for extra drama

August 5, 2012 at 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why ian is all over saving Frank? I wonder?

August 5, 2012 at 9:58 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Must be Lessa!

August 5, 2012 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger I hate blue said...

Your creepy smart you should be on bb without a doubt!!!!!

August 5, 2012 at 10:12 PM  
Blogger curlerchick said...


I read your novel, and I too like Brit's saucy comments, I like her dry humour. I like your snark too. Carry on, that's why we come to read it.

So do we think Boogie is making headway?

August 5, 2012 at 10:16 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Lessa said...
Re: Frank

Yup - It's definitely a bit weird... the little boy doesn't want to grow up.

That's what makes Frank and Mike such a perfect couple. Mike will never grow up. They both belong in Never Never Land. (that means I'd prefer to Never see either of them again.)


August 5, 2012 at 10:21 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Hi Less!
I'm a "newbie" to commenting but have been lurking for a couple of yrs from BC...I'm sorry to start this way...u sinner! Lol...comparing britney and janelles game play...good poke! Yes I guess if u took strategy and competitions out of it and went just on the social aspect theirs is similar but J appears to "read" people when she's talking to them...I am (obviously) a Jani fan...don't love everything she does and says but its the overall game.
I'm also a dan fan because he does it by playing the anti game. He shouldn't be able to win his way and it was unanimous. I would like to like britney. She can get down and trash talk all she wants...if only she would dooooo something else too. Game related. ☺
Love u guys!! Ur awesome!

August 5, 2012 at 11:07 PM  
Blogger Virg said...

Britney and Dan sure know how to twist everything Janelle says....Everything Mike is doing and saying is getting twisted to say it was Janelle....ughhh I am getting irritated by Britney, Dan and Daniel.

August 5, 2012 at 11:13 PM  
Blogger Mia Monasdotter said...

This game is so frustrating... and I have been liking Dan so far, but now he is buying what Boogie is selling? Seriously. I know Janelle deserves what she is getting for having not shown loyalty with Brit's team and having spread the lies with her players about Willie. But it almost seems the people in HoH has Janelle Derangement Syndrome. They make her a bigger liar than she is. She used to be loyal... not this year. :-(

And they all deserve what they get trusting Boogie. It's puke worthy.

August 5, 2012 at 11:19 PM  
Blogger I hate blue said...

Its official bye bye jani hahahaha

August 5, 2012 at 11:24 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Lessa I'm going to tell Carolyn you should get triple-time and combat pay for your work this evening.

I'm only listening and I can't keep up.


August 5, 2012 at 11:26 PM  
Blogger Virg said...

Boogie is the one with all the lies....Janelle is trying to be honest....she lied to Brit's team week one but they have lied the entire time and not to mention boogie and Frank have plans to get everyone of them out....how dumb can these people get...Brit talks about her keeping her team but Brit plans to keep her entire team plus some...I just don't understand their thought process. If I was Janelle I would call all of them out. If janelle goes, I hope Boogie and Frank take them all out because they are dumb enough to believe what he says. Janelle said she does not want to work with her team and he said he does but they tell the newbies the opposite...ughhh I am so frustrated with BB I stop watching for the night.Wake up House guests and see what is really going on!

sorry had to vent.

Thanks ladies for keeping us updated and doing such a great job on the blog!!!!!

August 5, 2012 at 11:44 PM  
Blogger KKati25 said...

I may be in the minority, but I am so loving this....Tomorrow is gonna be great!!!!!!!! I like the six pack and am stoked at the prospect of it actually.happening.

August 6, 2012 at 12:02 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

I'm with you Kati! :)

August 6, 2012 at 12:04 AM  
Blogger Sherrie said...

Iove it too!!

August 6, 2012 at 12:11 AM  
Blogger Sherrie said...

I love it too! Can't wait.to see what drama ensues after POV ceremony.

August 6, 2012 at 12:12 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Alrighty - I'm out for the night! Mind the critters, hm?

August 6, 2012 at 12:25 AM  
Blogger Judy AndRob said...

Know you won't see this Leesa but that was a great accounting of the meeting last night... thank you for keeping me and us in the loop. I see the logic in getting rid of Janelle, but like to use your words 'I'm skeered'

~~~POST OR NOT, UP TO YOU Carolyn or Leesa~~~

Leesa, Re your comment and opinions.. LOVED them but most of all loved how you oh so subtly and with finesse came to the aid and defense of your teammate and captain. I'd want you guys on my team anytime!!

August 6, 2012 at 5:07 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

I would pay to see, oh wait I am paying, to see Janelle go ballistic once she realizes she is being blindsided.
Boogie the master, an amazing display of gamesmanship by him over the past 24 hours.
Silent 6 silly name but this grouping will make the rest of the season more entertaining.
Note: Ian made the most timely move of the season so far by changing allegiance when he did.
Dani is about to make BB history.

August 6, 2012 at 7:22 AM  

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