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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday! :0)  It's PoV Day in the Big Brother 14 House..  As HoH and Nominees, Danielle, Frank and Wil are guaranteed to play.  The others will be picked sometime today.  Danielle's hoping hard that Boogie's name does not get picked, because if Boogie wins the PoV, her whole week goes awry.

If you were away from the feeds last night, please go and read Late Night Lessa's excellent coverage that starts with the Nomination Spoiler and runs through 11pm.  The Overnight will pick up where she left off... I caught the 2am til bedtime live, and I'm gonna dive into flashback, and add the rest in between..

Wil is telling all assembled that he could've gone another 20 minutes on the Endurance, and only dropped because Danielle promised him he was safe.. 
Wil: Earlier today, she said Dan doesn't even know what I'm gonna do..
Joe: She said the same thing to me.
Wil: And, funny, they took me up there and it was we we we we we .. They think that Frank and I are in a final 2 alliance.
Joe: They really still think that?
Wil: mm hmm.  And I never really got a chance to show where my vote was gonna go.

12:05am BBT
While Britney and Janelle talk about the need to win the coming HoH, Boogie tells Frank about his conversation with Dan.. (If you missed that conversation, it's in Lessa's coverage.)

Boogie: So he basically was like, quite frankly, I wanted to play this game with you.
**dan's aces at a good ego stroke.
Boogie: ..and he's like, 2s company, 3s a crowd. And he's like, as long as Frank's in the game, you seem as if you're always gonna be loyal and in an alliance with him, so where do I fit into that if push comes to shove?  So I'm like, you have to understand.. Frank is..
BB: Dan, you are not allowed to talk about production..
**is it just me, or does boogie look perturbed by the interruption?

Boogie: Of course he's gonna tell Janelle that the 1st week.. It's what anyone would do..  It's what you'd do to win the game.. I'm like, so let me get it straight..  You didn't just let Danielle make up her own mind..  You orchestrated the whole thing...  and he's like, "I did."  He goes, "she was wavering, and I did push her in that direction."  He goes, "the Wil thing, I had nothing to do with.  That was stupid and I didn't support that."  He goes, "Did did know that he was gonna vote Frank out, but the rest.. I didn't support that.. "   OK, fine, I said, but.. He goes, "In hindsight, why should I have told you?"  I said, because we wanted to work with you..

Boogie: I'm like, Frank's been honest with people.  He's been a complete straight shooter, unlike everyone else in this house, including you..

Frank: mm hmm
Boogie: I'm like, so let's talk about today..

Britnus Interruptus..

Brit: Oh, I'm sorry.. Do you need some time..

And we're moving on..

While Dan and Britney talk game and strategy for the week ahead, Janelle's outside with Ian about to do some laundry.. before heading up to the HoH to join Dan, Danielle and Britney.

Dan: They'll wanna get rid of Boogie..
Brit:  It depends.. I know Danielle'll maybe get rid of Joe.  Actually, Janelle could maybe go after Ian.. Speak of the devil.. Come in!

Janelle enters.

Janelle: What's up?
Brit: Just talking.  Did you hear about the coaches convention at the hot tub?
Dan: Yeah.. Anti-Coaches.
Janelle: yeah, I heard.
Brit:  Joe and Wil were leading the pack.

Dan: ..and Jenn and Ian
Janelle: We already know.. There's no way those people will not put coaches up.
Brit: No way. And what blows my mind is that Joe can be so nice to you and like, eat your cookies..
Janelle: Oh trust me.. I'm on to him.  Danielle, people in this house are so two-faced.
Danielle: I know.  Who are we talking about now? 
Brit: We're just talking about Joe, and how he obviously wants the coaches out, but acts like..
Danielle: Oh yeah, I know..
Brit: ..so friendly with everybody else.  Did he tell you that today?  THat he wanted coaches out?
Danielle: No.  Cuz he knows I'm with Dan.. Like, I'm not separating.. Whatever.  And clearly they're all pissed, cuz I saved all of ya'll.  Who was all mad that I saved all of ya'll?
Janelle: Wil..
Brit: WIl, Joe..
Janelle: I don't think Joe so much.  He's just..  It's Wil.  Wil is pissed off.  Frqnk is pissed off.
Danielle: I knew Frank would be mad.
Brit: Obviously.  But Frank didn't even come up here and talk to her.
Janelle: What does he expect then?  ya know?
**hehe..  1st time I've heard Janie's Minnesota accent come out in a while!
Brit: He didn't even come up here and make an attempt.
Janelle; Yeah..
Brit: Are you hoping you get chosen to play in Veto.
Janelle: mm hmm. Worst case scenario, Boogie saves Frank.
Danielle: Don't even talk about it.
Dan: Do you think
Janelle: Probably.  I asked Wil tonight.. Can I talk to you?  ANd he said, I'm not in the mood.  Maybe tomorrow.
Danielle: Are you serious?
Janelle; Yeah.
Dan: SOmeone's getting everyone riled up.  Who do you think it is?
Janelle: It's Frank!
Dan: Cuz he didn't seem riled up at dinner.
Janelle: It's Frank!
Danielle: Well...
Brit: I think it was the hot tub convention outside.

Janelle: I begged Trixie to tell me what happened and she wouldn't spill.. She's like Joe's not trustworthy, Wil's really upset with the twist, and she's going to bed.  So Wil's really upset with the Coaches in the game.
Dan:  The smart ones would try to join the coaches.
Brit: No freaking kidding!
Janelle: Not only that, but just looking at it from Wil's perspective.. Like I'm his former coach and I totally had his back.. and he won't even speak to me!

Danielle: Well, hopefully ya'll know I'm not on the newbie bandwagon.

Dan:  You know, if a floatation device wins, they're gonna get swayed to put us up.
Janelle: mm hmm
Danielle: What??
Dan: If a floatation device wins HoH, they're gonna put up 2 coaches, obviously.

Danielle: yep
Dan: Cuz that's their only move.
Janelle: I don't think Trixie would..
Danielle: I don't think Shane would..
Janelle: He might not, but it might be too tempting for him as well, cuz...
Brit: I know, but he's not down there with them at hot tub, frikkin' cheersing to getting the coaches out.  Shane's not like that. 

Janelle: I know.  We jut have to win HoH, or we're screwed.
Brit: Basically..
Janelle: Joe's.. I don't wanna talk shit.. but you know what I mean.. That f*cker. He sat in front of me yesterday, and he high fived Frank and said, "The coaches prize just went from 100,000 dollars to 50,000." Wait.  Hold on.  If we're only playing for 50,000, wouldn't you wanna keep us in the house?? And these f'in  morons are banding together..

(all laughing)

Janelle: ...saying, Let's get rid of the 2nd place people..  They're so stupid!
Brit: That is stupid.
Dan: Janelle, you've never made me laugh that hard.
Janelle: I'm sorry.
Danielle: I love it, truly.
Brit: If they were smart, they'd latch on..
Janelle: Instead, they're playing like little bitches, saying, we've never played this before, we don't know what's..  We don't know what to expect, cuz we're f'ing stupid.

Brit: Total amateurs.

Dan: I love it when Janelle gets like this.
Danielle: I love it.  Like, I'm just eating my popcorn over here, enjoying the show.  Ya'll keep goin'! So who's on the newbie squad?

**It is pretty great.  You should check it out on in the flashback area of the live feeds at around 1:10am on feed 1.

Janelle: There's floaters and there's leaders.. There's people that are always gonna float, and there's people that are gonna lead.
Dan: They're floatation devices..
Danielle: You said nerd herd from last season.. So what are you gonna call these people?
Janelle: I'm not gonna call them nerds. Cuz they're not.
Brit: They're amateurs.
Janelle: They're amateurs. They think they know, but they don't know.. And they think by watching last season, which was a completely different game, that they've got everything mapped out.
Brit: So dumb.
Janelle: So stupid.
Danielle: So who's not on the newbie squad?  Everybody besides me?
Janelle: Trixie's not on it.
Brit: Shane's not on it.
Janelle: There are 6 of us, and 8 of them.  It that right?
Danielle/Brit: 7 of us.
Janelle: Are you sure?
Brit: 4 coaches...
Janelle; Boogie's not on our side, you guys..
Brit: Oh, you're right..

Dan: Boogie's a lone wolf.
Brit: Boogie has gone AWOL.
***With apologies to BB6/7James, Boogie's having a "Janie stole my dolly" moment.

Brit: Who can we not let win HoH?
Janelle: Everyone!
Danielle: (gigglefit)
Janelle: F'in Wil, Joe, Boogie, who else?
Brit: Who would Boogie even put up?
Danielle: Nobody knows.  Probably me.
Brit: He's gone rogue.  This guy has gone rogue.
Dan:  I know.
Janelle: Boogie would probably be a complete moron and nominate me and Dan.
Janelle: He would!  Just to make a point.
Danielle: Well, I love y'all, if that helps..
Janelle: It does.. but only about this much.. hehe.. because there's so many people in this house.

Danielle: Well, y'all aren't floaters, so ya'll have nothing to worry about. The only (newbies) that have won stuff in this game are me, Shane, Frank, Willie.  Willie's gone.. Frank's on the block.  I can't play.   At least Shane's on our side.
Janelle: But sometimes it's not about what you can do, it's about how many people are against you.

Dan: Yeah..
Janelle: And right now, we have a lot of people who are after us.  They need to send in more people.  Not Jodi.  Send in Evel Dick!
Brit: That's just what we need. We have 7 weeks left..  and 12 people.. Let's send in some more.
Dan: But at the same time.. They haven't won anything.
Danielle: That's what I'm saying..
Janelle: Basically, we have to win HoH.  If we don't, one of us goes home.
Brit: Agreed.

Danielle: Well, one, Boogie can't get picked tomorrow.
Janelle: Frank cannot stay, because he is the leader of the downstairs alliance against us.  He's a little f'in torch, and it's lit, and he's all F the Coaches!!
Brit: Frank's alliance is a coach.
Janelle: No.  Frank has Boogie.. and everyone else.
Dan: Yeah.
Janelle: That's why Frank needs to go.

This is ongoing, much like the night.. I've got to move on..

Feed 1
Janelle, Danielle, Dan

Janelle: The thing is.. they already know we're working together, don't they?
Danielle: I wanna know what they'd do if you said, "let's have a team meeting."
Janelle: I don;t think they wanna make themselves targets to me.. although Joe already has.. Why would he say, the coaches are playing for 50k..  and then Wil's already in a huff n puff about the twist.. I tried to talk to him last night, but he was just fishing for info.  He doesn't really care about me.
Dan: Alright.

Dan leaves.. Janelle and Danielle stay up in the HoH..

Janelle: You think Trixie's lying to me?
Dani: About what?  If I can't nominate Boogie.. Gah.. Frank n Boogie.. making me sick..
Janelle: It's horrible.
Dani: I haven't even thought about it.. The only reason I put Wil up, is cuz I knew Frank would go.
Janelle: Gotcha
Dani: This is how I put in the keys.. Britney, Ian, Dan, Janelle, Shane.. I'm not a liar..  I put Snoogs in last just for shits n giggles..
Janelle: That was great tv.. I didn't know..
Dani: You knew you were safe, didnt you?
Janell: Yeah.. I think that was a good move, because it fractures Boogie from Frank.. and Frank from Wil..
Dani: Guaranteed right now, if it stays the same, Frank goes home.
Janelle: It has to stay the same.
Dani: Do you know how awkward it is..
Janelle: THey wont even talk to me..  OK.. we need to study together..
Dani: Let's do it..

Jedi training begins..

Week one, who won the coaches comp?  Who was on the pink team in the mattress comp?  Who won PoV week? 2? 3?

Janelle: Sorry, I just farted.
Dani: I know. I smell it.
Janelle: hehehehe. How was nominated 1st.. 2nd.. Was the PoV used? Who was replaced.. Week 3? What did Shane score in the Hockey Comp?  Who was the host of the 1st Veto Comp?

Danielle's getting just about everything right..

Janelle: How many in the house are currently married?
Dani: 4
Janelle: How many have kids?
Dani: 3
Janelle: How many owls are in the boom boom room?
Dani: F*ck, I don't know. 4
Janelle: How many robots are in..
Dani: Currently 4.  There used to be 5. Wanna know why?  Dan stole one.
Janelle: How many steps to the HoH room.
Dani: F, I don't know.
Janelle: 16.  How many people are currently in the house?
Dani: 12
Janelle: How many last week?
Dani: 13,  No 12.  Nobody went home.  OK.. I'm gonna quiz you now.. What were the names of the HoH competitions?  WHat's the HoHs in order? Who's the 1st girl HoH?  What's the 1st 3 Veto Comps? HOw many Veto winners have there been?

Janie: 2
Dani: no, 1.  Shane won all of em.  How many Coaches Comps were there? Who won em?
Janie: Boogie, Janelle, Janelle.
Dani: Who was disqualified?
Janie: Britney.. Boogie wasn't dqd.  he just didn't wanna go on slop.

Janie: Who was have nots week 1? 2? 3? 4?
Dani: week 4 none..
Janie: Who's been on have nots 3 times?
Dani: Ian

They move on to Before or Afters..

Janelle: Did Julie announce the the coaches could trade players before or after Frank won HoH?
Dani: After.
Janelle: Was the Have Nots new bedroom released before or after Kara was evicted?
Dani: Before.  Who are the HGs in order of eviction?
Janelle: Kara..
Dani: Wrong.
Janelle: ooh.. Jodi, Kara..  Here's the trick - Do you consider Willie an eviction or expulsion..
Dani: How many people have left the game..  Who's been on the block 3 times?
Janelle: ummm..
Dani: Frank!
Janelle: Oh yeah.. the guy we can't get rid of.  The lumberjack ogre.

**They are excellent Jedi Training partners..

2:25am Checking the Quad, we see the others are in bed now..
Janelle: How many times has a man won HoH?
Dani: 3
Janelle: How many more times is a man gonna win HoH?
Dani: Zero.

Janelle: Oh my gah, Dani.. If Frank doesn't go, I seriously will cry in my pillow.. I told my team, Frank needs to go.. I was like, guys, you gotta take out big threats if you wanna stay in this game.. They keep him.. 
Dani: Frank is a smooth criminal.. As soon as he gets up on the block.. Like I saw him doin' it with you..
Janelle: He knows I am the one person in this house that's been onto his sh*t since day 3.
Dani: THen how can ya'll be civil?
Janelle: Because we have to..  He came to me today trying to get me to work with him.. I was like, wow.. This guy's a real doofus.  Does Ian scare you?
Dani: A little.. I know his allegiance lies with Boogie and Frank.
Janelle: One of Boogie's people should go this week.. These poeople.. Uniting together over fear..  No offense, but I think I'm a stronger player than them..

Dani: How convincing is Joe?
Janie: Joe is just a shit talker.. The thing about Joe and Wil is they aren't as trustworthy as I am.  They've both been caught in so many lies you can't count em.. I think Trixie would probably go with me rather than them.  So who are you gonna pick for the PoV tomorrow?  Shane?
Dani: I don't know.. I hopeFrank picks you..  Please BB gods.. Make it happen..
Janelle: If I win.. I wanna go up to him and whisper.. You're going home!
Dani: Would you really?
Janelle: Yes.

Janelle: What time is it?
Danielle: Late!  You can sleep up here if you want..
Janelle: I better sleep down there.. They're gonna play the card, why are they working together..  There's so many people here..
Danielle: We've already gotten rid of 4, and now there's 12 again.. There's so many people..

Janelle: You're good..
Danielle: I'll never vote against Dan..
Janelle: I feel like this is BB6 and 7 again.. I feel like half the house hates me for no reason.. I have to win..
Danielle: I'm gonna follow you around the house just to hear what you say..  Who would you put up?
Janelle: Depends if Frank is here.. 
Danielle: You can say, you have officially won the bb title of most times on the block without being evicted..
Janelle: But that's not true..

Danielle: I don't have a vote.. But you, Dan, Joe, Britney..
Janelle: Ashley..
Danielle: As long as we can guarantee 5.  That's all we need.

Janelle: The thing that kills me is they could both still be in the house next week. If Boogie wins PoV.
Danielle: Don't even get me started.  Do you think Veto's gonna be Q nA?
Janelle: No..
Danielle: Do you think it'll be  a puzzle?
Janelle: I don't know.. I can be good at puzzles.. If it's words, or bb related things..
Danielle: I hope it's puzzles.. The thing I'm worried about is is Frank good at spelling?
Janelle: mm hmm.. he's probably good at puzzles too.  Was Wil really pissed when he came up here after nominations?
Danielle: No.. I told him, I put you up to make sure Frank goes.. If I put Boogie up, he'd go.

Dani: I just can't believe your team turned on you like that..
Janelle: Well, not Trixie..  I don't know what to think about him anymore.. Wil.. I wish I would've lucked out and gotten more loyal people.. It's an individual game now.. OK.. I'm gonna go to bed..

They hug goodnight.. Janelle thanks Dani for studying with her and wants them to study like this every night.. Janelle goes downstairs..

2:45 Dani puts her headphones on, and we get a little sound bleed of her music because she still has her microphone on..  BB notices a couple seconds after we do, and sends us fishing for a minute, likely so someone can whisper sweet nothings to Danielle and tell her to take her mic off.

Sweet dreams houseguests.. Rest well.  You've got a PoV coming today.. We'll see you in the morning.



Blogger Michigan Man said...

Morning Carolyn, everyone

I don't think Dan was stroking Boogie ego. I could be wrong but I listened to that whole conversation very closely and have been listening to Dan and Janelle, that's the key I think his conversations with Janelle, and he really wants to work with Boogie. The problem is Janelle. Dan is not seeing her true hatred of him. She is the one who poisoned the house against Frank and continues to do it. I think Danielle's attitude toward Frank is a direct result of Janelle's influence. Britney was that anti Boogie and Frank until spending a lot of time with Janelle. Dan believes he can't win unless next to Boogie in the end, I feel. He needs to keep all the coaches in as long as possible to keep the target off of him. He is a very big target without doing anything this season. He came in that way.

Boogie has a great point that Frank has done nothing wrong, beside the trashing and bad names but that's no worse than Janelle, and has been completely loyal to Boogie and his team. I do think they wanted to work with Dan and Danielle and Janelle got in the way of that.

Janelle has two strengths in this game, she can win competitions and she can turn anyone into the bad guy. People love her "bye bye bitches" line but it's a mean thing to say, she and Boogie are very similar in there attitude to people they don't like. Her biggest problem, the reason she hasn't won the game is she hasn't been able to win in the clutch. She hasn't won the first part of final HOH and has never been able to determine her own destiny. I think that comes down to her ego. Her's is as big as Boogie's if not bigger.

I do think what we heard in the storage room was real. I see Dan now, possibly, finding a way to save Frank and I think when Danielle finds out about what is really going on she will be devastated. Dan has a a very nice reputation but in the end we all know Dan plays for Dan and no one else. He plays to win. That's his ego.

I guess we'll see. If Frank survives this week again I'm going to start calling him Frank the Teflon Tank.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

August 4, 2012 at 6:23 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Everyone! :) Happy PoV Day!! Thanks so much for being a part of the Dish, and thanks for all your RTs on twitter and likes on facebook!

Hi Michigan Man! :) Actually, I think you're right. I was too early in commenting about the ego massage..

Hi Blueee! :)

Hi RobTan! :)

Hi HomeAt615 :)

Hi Pammmm!!! :0)

Hi SalmonAndCereal! :)

Hi Grendon! :)

Hi GayTor! :)

Hi Sherri! :)

Hi Dom's Mom! :)

Hi Christy in AL! :)

Hiya Emrys! :)

Hi ShiSHi! :)

Hi Deejay58!!!! :) Welcome back!!!!

Hi GerriCurless! :)

Hi April! :)

Hiya ElizaD! :)

Hi JadeDarkStar! :)

Hi JamieF! :)

Hi Mappy!! :)

Hi Curlerchick!! :)

Hi CountryGirl! :)

Hi VivianPhillips! :)

Hi AngelFace! :)

Hi GGdcrj! :)

Hi FLGirl! :)

Hi AshleyKP! :)

Hi RonaP! :)

Hi Shamrock!! :)

Hi SillyCheeks! :)

Hi Keri! :)

Hiya BoilerUp! :)

Hi M! :)

August 4, 2012 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Carolyn, thanks for another fab TOR. I am so confused why Dan wants to work with Boogie. I really am. Come to think of it, I'm not sure who's on 1st, who tried to steal 3rd only to find they needed to save themselves by returning to 2nd and who is closest to home plate. I really hate that production messed up last week's huge move to blindside Frank and Boogie.

August 4, 2012 at 7:55 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Everyone! :) Happy PoV Day!!

Hi MattBurns! :)

Hi DabidB! :)

Hi Cheryl! :)

Hi Michie! :)

Hi Katie Brat! :)

Hi Kimbaaa! :)

Hi WendyBBFanatic! :)

Hi SassySis!! :)

Hi Susan! :)

Hi Cindy! :)

Hi Dixie! :)

Hi Lucky13! :)

Hi Jbo! :)

Hi Showthelove! :)

Hi Autumn! :)

Hi IndigoPrince! :)

Hi CheerGirl! :)

Hi Lulu! :)

Hi KMac! :)

Hi MiaMonasdotter! :)

Hi VivianPhillips! :)

August 4, 2012 at 7:58 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

i was awful about saying hi to everyone yesterday.. Trying to fix that now. :)

August 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning, Cindi :) Thank you! I don't think it's necessarily so much that Dan wants to work with boogie, as that he knows with Boogie in the house, there's always a bigger coach target than him..

August 4, 2012 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Good morning Carolyn. Been stalking this site for a few years smd I can't thank you all enough for keeping us all up to date.

August 4, 2012 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone!

I really want Boogie to play in the POV and to save Frank. I want drama and the house to go into a tizzy :) !

August 4, 2012 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Oh my.

Carolyn said 'HI' before I even made it into the comments!! LOL

Good Morning, Carolyn! Great TOR! Thanks so much.

Are you recuperated, yet?

August 4, 2012 at 8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't here much yesterday because of b'day stuff...but read all the posts and comments so I knew what was going on..Thanks Carolyn, Lessa and BBAddicts for all the info and comments..really helps..:):)

Have a great Saturday everyone..


August 4, 2012 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger curlerchick said...

Morning Carolyn.

Thanks for the TOR. I initially didn't like the reset but today I'm starting to see the possibilities of how the game will change, I'll keep liking it if the newbies don't get sucked in to keeping all the coaches. I like the alliance Dani, Dan, Shane and Brit, and although we all know there will be a casualty there, I like the idea of two coaches and two newbies in the final 4 and then duke it out.

Now how do I get BB to buy in?

August 4, 2012 at 8:37 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi Pat! :)

Hi Laura! :)

Hi Pammmm!! Birthday?? Yours??? omg

Hi Curlerchick!


August 4, 2012 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Hello everyone. What a wild night. I'm not a jani fan but I have to admit I was laughing my butt off last night when she came up to the HOH after everyone was asleep and talked with Dan and Dani!

Now I have to go back and catch up on TOR and thE two before that. I'll be back.

August 4, 2012 at 10:26 AM  

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