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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twas the night before eviction..

And all through the house - negotiations are flying and someone's a louse. You know, it's just another day in the Big Brother House! :)

I may not be here for long - put in 12 hours again at work today and am beat.

11:00 PM As I rejoin the houseguests, There was a brief meeting with Team Janelle and Dan, which they're debriefing each other on in the storage room, and Joe is putting the moves on Jen.

...not like that. Like this!
Joe: I have Danielle's vote - she promised me a favor last week. And I want you to know if I do go out, come directly to me, as I have some vital information for you, that will be very important. Obviously I want your vote because I think it will help both of us.
Jenn: Down the line
Joe; I think it'll be huge for your game. I think it'll be a wise decision, even if it doesn't seem like it now. I don't think these teams will hold up much longer.
Jenn: This week is important as I think there can be definitely surprises, know what I mean? It's a marathon not a spint. I'm trying to see, you know.
Joe: Here's what I want to ask - I don't want to pressure, but will you give me an inclination on how your gonna vote by tomorrow this time? I just want to know mentally..
Jenn: Sure, sure I can do that..
Joe: It doesn't change our relationship, I wouldn't pressure you, just say hey.. I'd like to know.
Jenn: I think that's fair, I'd want the same thing..

Wil flips out and grabs Janelle...

Wil: Jen's gonna go to Boogie and know the jig is up!

Janelle goes to pul Joe into the storage room.
Janie: What did you say? You have vital information?! Why did you say that?
Joe: I said IF I should go home...

Wil enters - and FLIPS..
Wil: Give me 5 reasons why I shouldn't vote your ass out right now? She's telling Frank RIGHT NOW... Its something he told me, and now I'm FUCKED..
Joe: Did you listen to the whole thing? I said IF I GO HOME come to me for information! Read through that before you get upset. I gave him no information.

Janie: He could use that as strategy - didn't have to say anything.. Wil...

Wil leaves..

Janie: Now they know it's coming from him, and your damaging your vote with Wil.
Joe: I don't understand that. I just said if something happens and I'm gone, come to me. I didn't even say vote for me, I said alls I would ask..
Janie: Just go to her now and say I don't have the votes, never mind.
Joe: I'm not gonna say anything if he's already in a tirade...

Wil goes into the room with Jen, Frank and Boogie, and she's telling it straight.
Jenn: He has vital information that he'll tell me if he goes...

Everyone makes a face, and Ian enters..
Boogie: Is there any part of you that says you want to tell him.
Jenn: Just so he sleeps. I don't want to deal with him tomorrow, I want to do my hair, get ready to hang upside down, whatever...
Wil: There's no part of you that...
Jenn: no!
Boogie: What is Janelle worried about that he gave her too much information..
Wil: Because he's trying to stir up stuff last minute..
Frank: They're just throwing a hail mary... No one in this crew has called you expendable.. it's the same tactic willie tried to pull.. manipulation..
Wil: Yeah, like you only got 1000 and Ian got three...
Boogie: just trying to get into your heads.
Frank: I'm not worried about your vote
Wil: You better not be worried about these two!
Boogie; They just think it's insecurity point that they can pressure.. They're underestimating your maturity.
Jenn: he said it would benefit my game
Boogie: Then tell me now, right?

 Wil and Janelle go into the arcade room with Britney - they're all laughing.
Janie: This is why he has to stay, he's so bad at this game..

 Joe's upstairs, Dan just came down...
Dan: I have vital information!

Everyone laughs, and Brit and Janie and Wil head upstairs...

Wil: It isn't funny! I'm saving your ass!
Brit: What happened?!
Wil: He was like I have vital information. You might have blown it Joe..
Janie: He might not be blindsided now..
Wil: We have guaranteed you your vote... why would you do that?!
Joe: She wouldn't have said anything... I don't understand!
Wil: First thing she said was what's this information?
Joe: I understand your blindside.. but why would you promise your vote... that your gonna vote your key guy out..
Wil: I've worked my ass off this week to make it work...
Brit: This is because you don't trust him?
Joe: Yeah, possibly..

Joe: You know how it feels to me because every time I turn around you're sitting with the other guy? And you get into a fight with Janelle, look at it from my side!
Brit: You're staying! Why..
Janie: There's no reason to go to Jenn...
Joe: All I did was to go to her and say I have information - it could be I sleep with Ian every night and he's on someone else's team!
Shane: Now we have to make a lie..
Janie: Ian's America's Player..
Wil: No, just make it an empty threat...
Shane: That he and Jen are gonna get you out...
Wil: They're downstairs trying to figure it out right now...

Joe: So they still think he's totally with them! There's nothing in that sentence..
Brit: Maybe he needs to do damage control..
Wil: I already did - I went in there like I was scared Jen would flip her vote... that it was an empty threat...
Brit: So just tell her never mind..
Janie: It was a last ditch effort...
Shane: Yeah, from here till eviction... act like your pissed..

Here comes Frank and Boogie! And Jen...
Frank: You locked me out!
Boogie: Not interrupting anything..
Shane: It's a party up here..

General chitchat about the playdoh they got to play with tonight - Dan is trying to bake his to make his hard and stick together. Ian heads upstairs too... then leaves after 5 whole seconds. Ashley is apparently in bed...  Dan's playing with playdoh. Ian joins.

Ian: I just don't know why she got offended.
Dan: Go ask her, she's not sleeping..
Ian: You sure?
Dan: Yeah, I just saw her...

Ian: I just wanted to say sorry about the duck thing - I don't know what it was..
Ashley: It's ok. Wil was just worried that it was a secret code.. Are you ok?
Ian: Yeah, it's just.. today.

General chitchat, talk of where everyone is.

Joe, Brit, Shane and Jen are still in the HOH... Janelle sits in the living room... Wil's making coffee, Boogie, Frank, Dan and Danielle are in the living room. Brit laughs..

Brit: Oh, so Boogie and Frank are gonna follow Janelle all night! This is ridiculous!
Shane: No one's gonna get any sleep...
Brit: Cept Ian! The jokes on us..
Shane: It's amazing he can sleep in there..
Joe: He balls all up and is fine...

--Lessa: I want to rip out Wil's weave so that he quits freakin pickin at his hair..

The HOH crew sends Joe down to make it awkward in the living room.. laughing as they watch the spy cam.. Jen fills them in on what happened.

Shane: We got a lock on our door, we can go to bed whenever!

Shane goes to get his bag...

Jenn: They forget that I'm a 37 year old woman. Certain things just don't bother me..

Janelle enters and asks if she can take a bath..
Brit: They're following you - he'll be up here in no time guarenteed. He said I can keep this up all night... They don't want you to talk to Danielle..
Janie: that's so funny...

It's 11:58 - and Britney fills Danielle in on the happenings, and the following tactics of team Boogie And skippy has a foot fetish..

Or maybe is just a Janie fan...

Dan: Most popular girl in the house, how's it feel?
Dani: Yeah, hate it. (smiles)

Dan: It's midnight. We should go to bed soon anyway..
Brit: They're not gonna rest...
Dan: If I weren't married I'd sleep in the same room to keep guard..
Brit: This house is crazy.. amateur hour..
Dan: The side that knows the votes are going their way are freaking out...
Brit: What was he thinking..
Dan: I have vital information... 

Dan: what happened up there?
Brit: Awkward small talk, then Janelle said she was gonna find Danielle, and Frank started laughing and got up to follow her and Boogie said that he could do this all night...
Danielle: What did I miss in the DR?
Dan: (gives quick rundown)
Danielle: They both keep trying to corner me...

Here comes Frank...
Frank: Attached at the hip!
Frank: Hey - if you don't mind, I'll sleep with you to see if there's any subliminal messages why you sleep (laughing) in fact, why don't you just sleep between me and Jen...

Brit heads to bed..  Dan does too - leaving Danielle alone in the bathroom alone for a few minutes..

Frank: I trust you completely. We'll, at least 50%..
(He tickles her)
Frank: At least 50%!
Dani: I'm gonna kick your ass!

Frank: I'm gonna cover my face and my genitals..

...then this happened...

Wil joins..
Frank: I want to know what this vital information is...
Wil: That's vital to your game...

Everyone laughs. Bedtime routines continue - and it's time for me to start mine. G'night, Dishers!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's "appropriate" to ask, but did you see Janelle had a wardrobe malfunction before taking her HOH bath at 8/1 23:53:21?

August 2, 2012 at 12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's "appropriate", but did you see Janelle had a wardrobe malfunction before taking her HOH bath at 8/1 23:53:21?

August 2, 2012 at 12:37 AM  
Blogger IDPINK said...

Just watched the show...Shane is sexy...but kinda orange. He shall be called my pumpkin :-)

Joe can you please stop yelling? Anyone else notice his soul patch is off center? Thats all I see when he talks. Lol

August 2, 2012 at 1:37 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Does anyone else get the feeling that if Joe stays (most probable vote outcome) that he's going to be in that house for a LONG time?

There are bigger fish to fry, and I can see people dragging him along for the duration.

His DR sessions are the most annoying of any HG which I can remember. I'm legally deaf, and I still want to turn down the volume when he's in DR .....lol

August 2, 2012 at 5:13 AM  
Blogger Lupo said...

Joe may be one of the worst players ever in BB history.

lmfao@vital information.

He tried making a bit move and makes a big blunder. So Embarrassing!!!

I caught Jenelle's nip slip on the final 10 min of BB After Dark.

August 2, 2012 at 6:52 AM  
Blogger David BfromCanada said...

hooray for eviction day!!!

August 2, 2012 at 6:55 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Oh dear...did blogger just eat up TOR Carolyn was working on? :O

August 2, 2012 at 8:03 AM  

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