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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday! :0)

Frank and Joe have this one last day to secure their positions in the house, because come tomorrow night, someone's going home, and then the game starts all.. over.. again!!

At the moment, it's looking like Joe will stay, but 36 hours is an awful lot of time in the BB house..

Within the house, the speculation about the coaches entering and how that will happen is at an all time high.. Some think the Coaches will play in the Endurance Comp HoH that the HGs are all sure is going to happen Thursday night.. Some think their performance in that HoH will determine who even gets to enter..

Either way, all I can think is, Yayyy!!!  Endurance on the Live Feeds!! If you haven't gotten the feeds yet this season, now would be an excellent time to take advantage of the 3 day free trial. :)

Read Late Night Lessa's stellar coverage  to see what happened in the house between 10p-midnight. :) 

And now.. let's see what our HGs get into from midnight til bedtime..

Feed 1 and 2
Janelle and Brit

Brit: So the 2 of you made amends..
Janelle: Oh yeah.. And they're both telling Frank they're 100% on board, so they can blindside them on Thursday.
Brit: Which is scary, cuz we wont really know til Thursday..
Janelle: No, we're good.

Brit: Ashley has been like.. She's upset right now.
Janelle: Cuz of Ian?
Brit: I'm really not sure what happened.. but Wil got upset with her or something?
Janelle: Ian was quacking like a duck.

Brit: Only Joe and Ashley are outside.. I wanted to makes sure she was ok, because she looked a little upset earlier, and she was like, no I'm good.  I look horrendous.  Do not wanna go to the DR right now.  What are you gonna do?  Go to sleep?
Janelle: I do not feel cute anymore.. Even my boobs feel bigger.

Brit's putting on makeup for her DR..

DR: Hey, Britney, This is just to pick up your meds.


Feeds flips to Frank and Ashley by the memory board.

Frank: Did you hear that by the front door?

Ashley pauses for a moment, then realizes he's kidding.

Ash: ooh!

Jen, Wil
Kicks Room
Jenn: 3's a majority.. You ready?
Wil: mm hmm scratch your cooch.. Goodnight.

Jenn flips off the light.

Jenn: So good.

Feed 3
Dan, Janelle,  Shane, Ashley, Ian

Dan: I'm naked here, for Gods sake..

Feed 1
Britney and Dani are emptying all the ice trays into a bowl..  giggling..

Feed 3
Dan: Aaaahh!!!!
Dani/Brit: hehehehehehe
Dan: Bunch of Southern assholes.

Feed 1
Dani: He's going to murder me.. Murder.. 

Shane comes up..

Dani: How pissed is Dan right now?
Shane: He's not that pissed.  You are brutal Britney.. He's gettin' you back though..  I instigated it.
Dani: He's like, I did that on my season.. I'm like, you didn't do it twice in a row..  Don't you love how Janelle and Ashley come here and eat all your food?
Shane: I kind of invited them, but it is annoying..

Dani: They're all weird.  We live in a house of psychos.
Brit: They're frikkin nuts.
Dani: I'm up here tryin' to tell my story, and Ashley just walks in the door..
Brit: I thought I could trust Ashley, cuz she would always talk sh*t about Janelle, but now..

Shane's looking stressed..

Brit: It's tough when we all get in a room together and e have to talk 90 miles an hour
**you're tellin' me.
Shane: Do you really think you're coming back into the game?
Brit: I don't know.. I think Janelle's making up a lot..
Danielle: TO make people paranoid to get rid of me!
**you are the sun?
Brit: She's making up all kinds of things, trying to secure herself all over the house.
Dani: I'm just glad you and Dan are secure people..
Brit: Well, Janelle gives me a lot of information..

Brit: Ashley has no mind of her own, and is Janelle's puppet..
Dani: Jabelle pulled me in here and said, JoJo and me took a bath about  week ago whil;e Willie was HoH, and she was up here calling you a fat ass, and that you're not pretty..  I was in here bawling.. Dan came in and he was livid.. She was trying to get me to go confront her.. I said, it's not about me standing up for myself..
Brit: If we go call her out right now..
Dani: She told me that..
Shane; To create a scene..

Dani: Did Janelle and JoJo ever even take a bath together?
Brit: Not that I remember..
Shane: And she was trying to instigate you creating a scene..
Dani: I said it's not about me defending myself..
Shane: I know JoJo was sketchy.. but I really don't think she said anything like that.
Brit: I really think Janelle just made it up.  I'm telling you that Janelle just makes up lies..  OK.. We'll make this a full-blown trust exercise.. Janelle came to me today and tried to get me to make up a lie with her about Frank.. And I said, if you're gonna make up a lie, at least make it up about someone who's not in the house anymore.. And I'm thinking in my mind, I'm not gonna do this..  I'm freaking out.. And then Ashley comes up here and lies for Janelle.. And then when I confronted Ashley about it.. She said she didn't remember Frank saying that..
Shane: Do you think Wil?  He told me today that we're 100%.. I came here to play for me..

Dani: Frank.. It's not an option.. He's gotta go..I wont tell Dan, unless you wanna tell him.
Brit: I think it's enough that..  Janelle is the idfiot.  Why would she ever come to me saying, we need to make up a lie.. After I squashed it and said she couldn't use your name.. that squashed that, but then she had Ashley come up and do that right in front of me.   And that lie was so pointless, it was all bread out of paranoia, thinking Wil was gonna change his vote..

1:14am and paranoia is screaming through the HoH..

Brit: I'm telling you.  I think she's been making up lies since day one.

Janelle bashing continues and expands up in HoH.. We're moving downstairs to check on the others..

Feed 3

Janelle: That could be good in a couple weeks, but Danielle's gonna be really pissed.
Ashley; That's ok.. She's the kind of girl who'll always find a way to be mad.
Janelle: But don't do anything this week.. We really need her vote.

Ashley: I've already been doing like giggles with him..


Janelle: hehehehehe
Ashley: Keep that in my back pocket.
Janelle: I'm so glad our whole team's staying..
Ashley: Me too.

Janelle: OK.. we need to start studying next week, Trixie.
Ashley: I have to.

Dan comes in.. Ashley looks up at him..

Dan: Don't give me that smile..

Back up in HoH..
Brit: I think Janelle likes it when people are unhappy or upset..


Brit: And any of these theories, I don't think we need to test them.. We know she's like this..

Shane: Pretty scary with her still having 3
Dani: But they're not strong players..
Brit: In the event the coaches do come in the game, Wil will nominate Janelle in a heartbeat..  And she keeps telling me she wants to work with me.
Dani: And him.
Brit: She's trying to pull me.. I'm sure she's trying to pull Boogie.. So no matter who wins, she's covered..

Dan, Ian

Dan: Have you considered both options?
Ian: Yeah.. I'm weak as sh*t.. Either way you get a big guy out of the house.. I thought I was going up.  Either way, I'm next.

Dan: What's the most interesting thing you've found out about someone here?
Ian: I don't know.. Apparently Joe's family invented I can't Believe it's Not Butter..  Kind of a dumb thing to lie about..  Thursday's gonna be sick.  Weird..  I hope it's endurance.  I really do.  Cuz I'll be out here all night.
Ian: I want some snacks.
Dan: Right now?
Ian: In my basket..

Brit, Shane, Danielle

Brit: Janelle thinks they're gonna announce it on Thursday.. and we'll all play for HoH..
Shane: That's what I was thinking..
Dani: What if they just keep it the same?  It could go either way..
Brit: There's gonna be a twist.  Either someone's coming back, or the coaches are coming in..

Feed 3 or 4
Ian: I should be up, not Frank..
Dan: Did you do something?  To put your team in harm's way?

Ian: I guess I'm just really cautious.. I don't like being prodded too much.. So I'm very careful with words and phrasing..
Dan: Did you spook someone with what you said?
Ian: Yeah.
Dan: Well you gotta know that's gonna happen from here on out.  What are you gonna do different next time?
Ian: I guess I could raise an eyebrow.. I mean, I was making duck noises earlier, and someone thought it was a code.  Come on.
Dan: You hesitate, someone can read that as lying..

1 or 2
Brit: I think we're gonna have to earn our keys.. If they only make it 2 coaches going in.. and we're gonna have to hold our keys to earn our place..
Dani: That would make 9..
Brit: And that means jury..
Dani: That makes more sense.
Brit: I can see that being true.

Feed 3 and 4
Dan: Do you know who you'd put up?
Ian: I haven't really thought about it.

Dan: I don't really care who you're putting up.. It's just a hypothetical question.. If I'm a houseguest and I get that answer from you, I'm worried..  What if it's someone who really wasn't on your radar, and you give them that answer, they're freaking out.
Ian: But with the coaches competition.. it's mathematically impossible to promise anyone safety next week.
Dan: That's not true..
Ian: You can promise 1 person.  I just don't wanna write checks I can't cash.
Dan: But if you don't even pull out your check book, that scares people.
Ian: I just want the HoH to know I'm safe.

Dan: How do you think you're gonna handle it, if it comes (endurance).  Do you think you'll be nervous..
Ian: yeah.
Dan: Do you think it'll effect how you play veto?

Feed 1
Shane and Danielle
Brit's in the bathroom

Danielle: Sorry, does this bother you?
Shane: No, I just don't want you to have an armpit in your face.

Dani: We bored the camera.  It turned away..
Shane: Good.

Dani pulls the cover over their heads and whispers something. The cameras do not zoom.  They know nothing's going to happen.

Shane: What in the hell.  I'm surprised Dan's not up here.
Dani: He's down there. Waiting.  He'll stay up for hours waiting to pull a prank on me.

Britney: Are you guys stressing?  About the coaches coming in?
Shane: A little..
Dani: It doesn't make sense, because she's been so gung ho about the coaches not coming in..
Brit: To you guys.  Secretly, to me, she's been gung ho about it since day one..


Shane: I think you and Dan got it.
Dani: I think Boogie's body will give out.
Shane: Frikkin' hell!
Brit: They want you to be surprised, caught off guard, holy crap..
Shane: Wil's gonna flip..
Brit: We're the only people who're gonna be prepared..  Maybe Frank and Boogie.. Because Frank's been talking about it since week 1..
Dani: That's why Frank's out the door.  See ya later, alligator..
Brit: And Wil's gonna freak out. He wants her out the door.  He hates her.

Dani: Janelle's gonna come at you.. She's gonna be like, Britney, you know I love you..
Brit: I know.  I see what she's up to though..
Shane: I bet they get rid of the coaches room for pandora's box.

Dani's having another memememememe I'm so stressed moment.. Britney says goodnight..

Shane: Changes every day.  Every flippin' day.  That means we're gonna have to be playin' against Boogie.  Know how intimidating that is?

Dani goes back under the covers..

Shane: No showmance here..
Dani: This adds another whole level of stress. At least I know I can trust Dan..
Shane: And we can trust Britney..  Final 4 baby..
Dani; At least we both know we have coaches that wont come after us..
Shane: Exactly.

Dani: I'm surprised Dan didn't come up here..
Shane: Me too..
Dani: He's always thinkin'..
Shane: That's why Britney said, the people who stay up the latest win this game..  Damn.. Took the wind out of my sail..  Man.. Win HoH.. Prove to your dad.  Prove to Colt.

Dani: You're so mean.
Shane: Don't turn your back to me.  I'm not gonna cuddle with you.
Dani: Will you rub my back for me?
Shane: No.
Dani: I'll give you one.
Shane: No, I don't like to be touched.  Your ass is right on my leg.. You fart in your sleep.
Dani: I do not! One time in my 23 years of life!
Shane: Happened once, it can happen again.

***Dani, please get out of his bed. I'm embarrassed for you already.

Shane: I'm just kidding.  Calm down.  You take everything to heart.

He scratches her back..

Dani: Oh my gosh.. Frank is not gonna leave me alone..
Shane: He's gonna try to dry hump you.  Maybe you should have a showmance with him before he leaves..
Dani: Stop.
Shane: Showmance..
Dani: I can't even hug you because of that.
Shane: What do you think people think withyou up here all the time?
Dani: For a good 2 weeks, you were this big hugger..
Shane: I was never.

Dani begs for 2 more seconds of backrub.. Shane says no.

Shane: You ruin my blankets every night.  I have to make my bed after you leave.
Dani: Why are you so mean?
Shane: Cuz I don't wanna fall for ya.  You live in Alabama.  I live in Vermont.  Do you get where I'm coming from?  I have tried long distance.

shocked face.

Shane: What?!  I'm bein' truthful.  I'm stuck in Vermont.  Hate to tell ya.   Money dictates what I do.  Always has.  Always will.  That's why my other relationship didn't last.. Cuz of money.  Flying back n forth..

feed 3
Ian and Dan

Ian: Checks bounce here all the time.  I just wanna play clean.  Squeaky clean.

Shane's being polite.. Dani's not getting it.  It's beyond beyond..

Shane: I came into this game to play the game.. I didn't come here to meet someone.  I came in here expecting not to let it happen.
Dani: You try to control life, and you can't.  I don't want you to feel like you're pressured.. but I don't want you to feel awkward and this whole defense mechanism.. The 1st week and a half you were very open.. Why?  You think you could develop feelings for me and you don't want to?
Shane: yeah.. I'm shuttin' down the emotional train.
Dani: Whatever.. I'll still keep being nice to you.
Shane: It's not southern hospitality. 

Dani: You are 110% afraid of me..
Shane: No.  I'm not afraid. Not at all. 

After a huge dose of HoH Comp prowess bravado..

Dani: Tell me why you don't like being touched.  Honestly.
Shane: I don't like my body.
**former fat kid
Dani: Seriously?
Shane: No.  You're getting too deep.. Too much information..

Shane; I keep my feelings inside.
Dani; I'm not trying to crack you.
Shane: Yeah you are.. Why don't you like your body.. Why don't you like..
Dani: If you're gonna continue to be a closed book, I'm still gonna continue to be open..  Punk.
Shane: I'm gonna come jump on you in the morning..
Dani: No you wont.  You say that every day.

Shane: Are you excited you get to go cuddle with Ashley?
Dani: I was happy til just now.
Shane: you love it..

Dani: Do you think I'm a kindergarten Teacher?
Shane: yeah.. You wouldn't lie to me about that.
Dani: If I wasn't a teacher, what would I be..
Shane: I'd have to think about that.

Dani wants a hug goodnight..  Shane's lying down..

Shane: You come 90, I come 10.
Dani: I'm the girl.  I have the boobs..
Shane: If you want it..

Dani gives 90.. to get her hug..

...then turns his light out.

Shane: Thanks, mom.
Dani: Don't call me mom.
Shane: you're right.  that's gross.

Dani goes down to the bathroom to pop her zits..
Meanwhile, outside, Dan makes a free book offer to the first person to tweet his wife and tell her he loves her right now...  Chatter between Ian and Dan is about Ian's Have Not stats and the like.. Then Ian moves on to Survivor knowledge, which is as impressive as his BB knowledge.

**Between all the Survivor Alums and all the BB Alums, Ian's going to be in fan geek heaven at the Vegas Bash. hehe.

Dan: Shout out to Rob Cesternino... Rob has a web site..
Ian: I think Willie is less popular than me.  That's about it.
Dan: You got America's Choice in the bag.  Count it.
Ian: No way. Wil's got that.

Ian and Dan call it a night.. Dan comes into the bathroom..

Dani: How was your cold shower?
Dan: How was your kiss with Shane?
Dani: There was none.  I promise you.
Dan: What year were you born?
Dani: 89.
Dan: You were 8 years old when this shirt was created.

Ian enters the bathroom..

Dani: You're only 5 years older than me..
Dan: Ian Terry was only a zygote..

Goodnight, Ian..

Dan: You ready to go to bed?
Dani: Yeah.
Dan: Is there anything we need to discuss?
Dani: Not really.
Dan: What were you guys doin' upstairs.
Dani: We were all talkin.
Dan: About what?
Dani: We were talkin' then Britney came in.
Dan: You guys decided you were gonna stab me?

Dani gives the theory.. that 2 coaches would be eliminated/evicted during the comp.

Dan: They wouldn't do that.  They wouldn't bounce 2 returning players..  What else did you discuss?  Do they think they can trust me?
 Dani: Yeah..

Dani asks for assurance that Dan wont stab her in the back in this game, and she gets it..

3am.. to bed to bed..

Dan: Is the baby bear awake?
Ashley: I lost it.  I'm so thirsty..
Dani crawls into bed.

Ashley: Sister bear..

Ashley gets up to get some water.. and use the bathroom.. then it's off to sleep...  Danielle and Ashley move into their spooning position...

Shane takes his shirt and shorts off.. and.. umm.. cameras, dear.

....and we have snoozing critters on all feeds..  See you back here when they wake up!



Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

I'd think that Frank had some chance I haven't seen Danielle budge an inch about getting him out. Janelle could do something, more, that might make that happen but it doesn't seem likely. If they do pull it off, blind siding Frank and Boogie, it will be the best one ever, besides those on Survivor. Nothing beats a Survivor blind side.

We just aren't getting any drama at all, yet. Every time we think it will happen someone squashes it. I guess we'll have to wait for Thur. for some fireworks. With this build up, they could be huge.

Looking for an early lock down today for endurance prep. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone.

August 1, 2012 at 5:46 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Blogger stole my comment :( got to go to work so only time for this.

Morning Carolyn, everyone

Have a wonderful day all :)

August 1, 2012 at 5:47 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning Carolyn and all my other BB Buddies.

I was so laughing my butt off last night as I saw Britney for the third time yesterday ask someone to fix something for her to eat! They have all been saying in the house that she doesn't do anything, doesn't even wash her on dishes and I witnessed it for myself yesterday. Wonder who waits on her at home?

Should be an interesting day today. I think the Shane, Dani, Dan and Britney quartet sounds good if the coaches come into the game. Probably all of Janelle's players except Ashley will abandon ship.

Got to go turn in the time. Be back later.

August 1, 2012 at 7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow dishers!

Oh Ashley Ashley Ashley. I have to say I feel for the girl, cuz she's going to watch this and see it clear as day. The girl has issues for days.

As much as I am done with joe screaming at me through my television, I find myself hopIng this flip works and Boogie finds himself without frank. I suppose only time will tell in this crazy house.

Have a great day everyone!

August 1, 2012 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger deeder76 said...

uh whoa, shane!! was he doing what it looks like? without covers??

August 1, 2012 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

I. hate. conference calls.

54 minutes of hell and no end in sight right now.

August 1, 2012 at 7:54 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks for the report! I'm not liking Dani much and never have liked Britney (although I had hoped to change my mind and like her this season). I'm rooting for Ian, maybe Ashley if she's only playing dumb, Jenn because I see a cool side to her on livefeeds and I respect Dan and like Janelle.

I'm going to be in LA for a writing conferencee tomorrow and will miss watching BB on livefeeds and the actual show (but it will be DVR'd). So I'll be sneaking looks at tweets and blogs to keep up with what's going on.

Thanks for all the updates!

August 1, 2012 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning!!!

I've been watching flashback so I'm not even close to being caught up on reading. I just had to comment on something.

Janelle has sunk to an all time low. She just turned from being a coach into being a pimp. Now she's trying to get Ashley to hook up with Shane in order to get them ahead in the game.

On another note-WTH kind of magic power does Shane have. Ashley thinks Shane will leave Danielle for her. Danielle still can't let go of the fact that JoJo was jealous. Last night, the whole incident with Ashley being upset with Ian for quacking got twisted into Danielle saying, "That was a lie. She was pissed because I was sitting next to Shane." I haven't seen anyone so blinded by the belief that 'if I want it bad enough I can make it true' since season 9 Natalie and her obsession with Matty.

August 1, 2012 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Michigan Man! :) "Looking for an early lockdown today for Endurance" Me too!! Have a great day!! See you at the Wednesday Show Viewing Party tonight!

Good morning, ShiShi! :)) Don't forget - Dan and Janeller have a deal too.. hehehe! Have a beautiful day!

Good morning, KMac! :) Yay! A Pic! :)) Have a super day!

Good Morning, Deeder! :) hehehehe.. mmm.. perhaps I embellished just a tad.. cuz the pic made it so easy to do!

Good Morning, Zany! :) Been. THere. Feel. Ya! Breathe, love, breathe! ;)

Good MOrning, Linda! :) Thanks for letting me know.. Just so you know, during the live show, I always update the post with all the pertinent info - votes, evicted, etc.. so just pull it up on your cel phone and refresh. :))

August 1, 2012 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Grendon! :) Just to be fair.. If we're gonna call Janelle a pimp, Dan gets to wear that fedora too... The whole thing with Danielle and Shane was started by Danielle at Dan's urging, "Get him to fall for you," and also as a way to add a brute squad to team dan.

August 1, 2012 at 8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Caroly,

Hi Fellow BBDish Addicts,

Great TOR...

Can't wait for lockdown today..ENDURANCE!!!!!

I have a feeling Wil just might flip if Boogie and Frank stay on him...

Also Dani has to go so Shane can play his game...he is telling her that nothing is going to happen between them and she is cuddling and asking for hugs...poor Dani..:(:(

Have a great day everyone...


August 1, 2012 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...



Morning everyone!!! I'm glad no fireworks last night, I got to watch some Olympics!!! I was bouncing right along with those girls.

Granted, mine was due to not wanting to drop ice cream on the couch while I sat there and watched them work it out, but hey, it's the thought.

August 1, 2012 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Emrys said...

Morning Lovely Caro! Thanks for the wonderful TOR!!

Caro, i was going to write the same thing about Dan. The things they were trashing Janelle about, they are all guilty of it in one way or another. Brit getting on her high horse and acting like Jani is some evil being when all she does it trash other people all the time is hilarious.

The game is Big Brother. Any of the HG claiming these type of tactics are wrong or unfair does not know anything about the game.

And Danielle....just...the level of desperation and clinging she is showing towards Shane is just embarrassing. The whole time while she was talking to Dan she kept saying that she's not in to him that way and blah blah but lo and behold, shes in bed with him later asking for back rubs. Its just really cringe worthy.

Finally, I REALLY hope that if the coaches do come in, Dan and Janelle do work together because that would be an awesome alliance. Here's hoping!

August 1, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

We've got lockdown, People! Looking good for Endurance!!

August 1, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...


I keep forgetting to mantion Nat and Matt, but that's who I think of when I see Dani and Shane together!!

Man, Natalie had it bad!!!

August 1, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow Dishers!

I think Linda Joy and I are on the same page regarding the HG's, minus the Ashley factor. I adore Ian and really hope he can go the distance. It makes me so mad at the way Shane talks about him, including his ever so nasty way of describing someone who is gay....errrr. (That's a growl). Shane is a bully and Dani off balance to be interested in him. Looks are skin deep but ugly is to the bone.

Speaking of balance...yay for the Women's gymnastic team! Gold, gotta love it!

August 1, 2012 at 8:59 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Hi all!! First time posting here, but I've been visiting and reading the updates here since BB9!!

First of all, Thank you Carolyn, and everyone for the invaluable service you provide!! This is the first season since 9 that I've been financially unable to subscribe to the feeds, so this site has definitely been my #1 source! I've always enjoyed reading the comments and opinions of everyone, just as much as I enjoy reading the transcriptions of the feeds...Over the past few years I feel as if I've gotten to know many of you through them! I will definitely be posting more in the future, but, now it's time to click refresh and see what the HG's have to say next!!

August 1, 2012 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, RobTan! :)

Good Morning, Blueee! :) I am a happy happy A/C girl!!!! Delicious!!!

Good morning, DavidLockner! Welcome to the comment section! Nice to finally meet you! :)

Good morning, Susan! :) WoooHooo for the Fab Five!!!! :0)

Hiya Zany! :) mm hmm!

Good morning, Lovely Emrys! :) Thank you! Yup to all of the above!

Good Morning Pammmmm!! :) Thank you!! Meeee toooo!!! :0)

EVERYONE - New Top Post!!


August 1, 2012 at 9:23 AM  

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