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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday... fireworks?

10:15 PM BB Time
Hello Dishers! It's Monday, and I was all excited to type my little fingers to the bone while resting my poor tired feet from work, figuring on game game game game game game... and what do I find?

House Vollyball.

Friendly house vollyball.


Honestly though, I do love that everyone is still getting along, and know that the gaming is far from over for the week. So, I'm around - and should GameTalk break out - I'll be sure to catch it. For now, enjoy the feeds...

Frank: OH! In the baby maker!
Danielle: You hit my boobs!
Joe: Why the boobs, man?!

Lots of good shots, nice job, and friendly banter... fun. :)

Wil: Let's do shirts vs. skins - girls are skins first!
(everyone laughs)

Meanwhile - Shane.

Just Shane. hee.

 10:58 - something different!
Hey, I didn't say it was exciting, just different...
And gymnastics...

Ashley:  I like to make my parents proud with that one! It's my only talent...

Ian: long day today.
Ashley: I feel very thankful.
Ian: Would you nominate me?
Ashley: Would you nominate me?
Ian: Look at that smile..
Ashley: I never know..
Ian: I never would..
Ashley: I'm winning this week!
Ian: I'm winning!

And also...
Janie: I don't wanna play anymore!
Dan: You never finish a game!
Janie: NO! You said..
Dan: I did not!
Janie: I'm taking my move back!
Dan: Cheater! You can't! It's Check!
Janie: no it's not!

Dan: It is!
Janie: FINE! WHy are you laughing at me?!
Dan: (laughs)
Janie: Bitch. You're in check!

Janie; Gonna kill ya now!
Dan: Bring it, Janie!
Janie: Gonna leave ya nothin' but pawns!

Outside, Brit goes to grab her jacket..
Brit: That's a big spider!

Ian saves her and Ashley.

Brit: Did I inturrupt you're conversation?
Ian: No, I just asked her if she won HOH if I could sleep up there..
Brit: What? What did she say?
Ian: She said no, Janie wants too..
Brit; Why would you want too anyway..
Ian: Seriously, you are asking that?
Brit: Where did my little Ian go! What happened to you! Are you trying to hook up rightnow?
Ian: no. Yes. No. I'm just trying to live the whole experience..

Brit: Ian!
Ian: No, i'm just tired of the have not bed..

Dan: (laughing)
Janie: Why are you laughing?!
Brit: If you could be really hot or really funny
Ian: Really hot
Brit; no! you should pick funny!
Ian: I thought hot would be easier
Brit: For easy girls.. do you want easy girls?
Ian: Depends, what is Kristen from your season?
Brit: ooooohhhh...
Ian: Got to admit that was a well placed line..

And it's 11:30 - and I'm exhausted, and they're still getting along and talking randomosity... so Lessa's going to bed. Stay tuned for The Overnight Report with Carolyn!



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