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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Sunday!☺

The HGs got all kinds of crazy on the feeds last night - spin the bottle, making out, Shane and Danielle's first kiss, 2 streakers, 1 skinny dipper, body shots, you name it!  Ashley alone kissed half the house - boys and girls! hehehe!

If you missed it live, you really must go check it out on flashback.. Go to 10pm on the quad, sit back and enjoy!☺

For like the next hour!

Click the pics to get to the live feeds log in, or the 3 day free trial if you need it.

Personally, I think the whole thing is hysterical, and very worth sitting through on flashback, but if you want to skip ahead to Wil's streaking and skinny dipping, go to 10:32pm on the quad.

Too freaking funny!  It was like they were all possessed by the spirit of BB9, minus the sleaze factor.  Just good, clean, occasionally naked fun. ;)

Actually, while you're in flashback, go to 9:20pm on the quad too..  The party inside while the sushi party was happening outside was very fun!

Ashley and Wil's dance routine, which Wil then taught to Frank is worth the price of admission!

OK!  Time to get crackin' on the Overnight Report!  You have fun in flashback while I'm getting it together. :0)  Also, please have a look at Lessa's fantastic Late Afternoon Update!  Also, please join us for the Sunday Show Viewing Party tonight at 7:50pm Eastern, 4:50pm BBT. :0)

10:45pm BBT
Britney and Danielle
Feed 1/2

Danielle's feeling awkward about her and Shane's first kiss, since it was during spin the bottle, and she wants a redo.

She's asking Brit for advice.. and having a nip slip. Woopsie.

And just bonding more with Britney..

11:12pm BBT

The HGs are appreciating the break from the tension they've all been feeling.. Tonight was a much needed release.
Wil: We're all getting high off of carbon monoxide right now.
Boogie: I think the moral of this story is, this house is a whole lot more fun without ___.
All: (agree)
Wil: Screw Sushi parties.  Give us a booze bash!
Jenn:  I agree.
Boogie: Look what we did with so little.  We were like circus monkeys.

Boogie: There was tension in the house til Wil's birthday broke..
Wil: Well, thanks God.  I think it was nice to have a little bit of a break.
Dan: Absolutely.
All (agree)
Boogie: It was a little intense for 48 hours.
Wil: I think it's nice to have a reminder that everybody here.. you guys are great people..

Feeds 3/4
Britney, Danielle, Shane

Britney and Danielle are talking about Britney's sex life at home... Britney says every time she turns on the shower, there he is...

Danielle: You're tellin' me every time he comes to the shower, you have sex?
Britney: Why do you think he came to the shower?

Dani's up there because shes trying to get past the awkward 1st kiss with Shane, but it's not really working, as he's laying there with earphones on.. perhaps feigning sleep.

Meanwhile downstairs in the bathroom on 1 and 2, Boogie, Frank and Wil are talking about masturbating in the BB house.  Frank says he hasn't felt the urge. As Frank creams his face up as part of his nightly routine, Boogie comments..

Boogie: Damn, look at this metrosexual here.
Wil: Hey listen, good hygiene should not be mistaken for metrosexual.

11:50pm BBT
Feeds 3/4
Dan, Britney, Danielle, Shane

Dan: Do we need to talk to them about the dangers of a Showmance, or no?
**funny, since the whole thing was actually contrived by Dan.

Britney: Do we need to talk to you about the dangers of showmancing?  Lean back so I can see Shane's face.
Danielle does.
Britney: Once it's out and about, and known to the public, and well known into the covers..
Dan: Don't get under the covers.
Shane: Thanks, Dad.
Britney: You'll go up on the block together.
Dan: Exactly.  And the whole point of this is so no one thinks you're together..
Dan: So you're never up together..
Shane: So you can't sleep up here tonight.
**1st time I've seen him smile in a while.
Danielle: Hold on.  Can we have a little time out here? 
Dan: Or ever.  Unless you put a ring on it.
Brit: Or ever.
Dan: or a Veto on it.
Shane: I can do the veto.
Danielle: Ummm.. Dan.. You called us out in front of everybody at the Sushi Party.
Dan: Jokingly..
Danielle: And didn't you spin the bottle to make us kiss?
Shane: You said houseguests choice..

Dan: That was all cute and good.  It was good for production but..
Shane: It's not good for our game.
Britney: No more public makeouts.  Tomorrow you have to act all sobered up and scared..  Oh my God.  Who is that person?  WHy did I kiss that person.
Dan: The walk of shame.
Shane: I can handle that 100 percent.
Danielle: Of course you can.

Britney: After the game, if you guys wanna visit me in Tulsa, whatever.  In the game.. make out.. no bueno.
Dan: But you're ok, cuz a million people were making out.
Britney: Exactly.  So your bases are covered, because Ashley and Boogie gave tongue.
Danielle; Ashley kissed 3 people.
Britney: 4..  I mighta given her a little more, but she had just kissed Boogie.  There was no way I was getting anywhere near that mouth.

Shane: I understand.. completely. 
Dan: So this isn't one of those things.. Well, we already kissed, so we get to do whatever we want now..
Danielle: Nah
Shane: Nah.
Britney: No, it's not one of those.
Shane: I didn't want that anyways.
Dan: I appreciate Shane's honesty.  You did it for production.
Shane: You're burning a hole in me.  Don't look at me like that.
Dan: But in all seriousness, you understand..
Britney: In all seriousness, you get it from the game's perspective?
Shane: Absolutely. Yeah.. we'd be huge targets.

This is ongoing, much like the night.  If you'd like to see the rest on flashback, go to feed 3 or 4 at 11:50pm.

The punchline...

Shane: Maybe I need to invite Wil up here to sleep with me tonight.. to throw everyone off.
**everyone but a significant segment of the live feeders

11:59pm BBT
Feed 1, 2
Boogie and Frank

Back to game we go... While Boogie's fantasizing about dumping Jenn to acquire Shane in a trade, Frank's hoping Jenn or Ian can win an HoH and take Shane out, so he doesn't get the blood on his hands.

Frank:  It'd be good for you, and it'd be good for me too, cuz Shane would still be the bigger target.. which is fine with me. 
Boogie: You know.. At the end of the day.. She might get there, but I don't think she can win.
Frank: No, she's not.
Boogie: She wont be able to stand up against anybody and say, ya know, I love her, but..
Frank: The only chance she would have is against Ian, but I think he'd pull it out.
Boogie: The only chance she would have is Danielle.. or Ashley..  I didn't give it much thought til Britney said it..  We thought about it a couple weeks ago, but he was so hunted, I didn't think he'd go for it.  But now that we're rollin' with him..  My biggest fear is that Janelle wins the coach comp (again) next week and saves Wil.
Frank: Yeah
Boogie: That's a problem.. if it happens.  We can still get rid of Ashley, but Wil needs to gooooo.
Frank: Yeah.
Boogie:  Look at him tonight.. He's so f'in popular, he's like the court jester.
Frank:  But I'm telling you.. He's burning bridges so..  He's had a bad attitude..

Boogie: Yeah..
Frank: Before tonight, he's had a bad attitude..
Boogie:  He had the bad attitude, but then tonight, he gained favor again.. 
Frank: People don't remember that.
Boogie: Tomorrow we'll wake up and the cake and the wine will be a memory.
Frank: And he was talkin' mad shit about Britney while ya'll were outside..
Boogie: What'd he say?
Frank: He was mockin her.. like about her wedding..
Boogie: ooooh hohohoh..  Oh, Because he could.. Because her only player was.. outside.
Frank: Britney would be so pissed if you traded, but who f'ing cares?
Boogie: Who cares.  She'd go ballistic.  I would crush her.

This is ongoing.  If you'd like to watch it in the flashback area of the live feeds, go to feed 1 or 2 at 11:59pm. 

12:48am BBT
Quad - On Feeds 1 and 2, Joe's game talking Jen..  On 3, Ashley's telling Danielle all about what was happening inside while the sushi party was going on outside.
We'll join Jenn and Joe.

Joe: Cuz then they can never get your votes.. They can never get the majority...They'll be f'in tongue tied.  It's a very smart way to play it.  And I think that's part of the twist.. You can't be a team.. 
Jenn: A million times.
Joe: You are not a team.  You're coached by the same coach.  That's all.  And you girls can lay low.. cuz they're not gonna pick you off.
Jenn: mm mm
Joe: It's all you need. Smart way to play it.  And if I go to jury, I'll work on that end for you guys.  You feel me?
Jenn:  I hear you loud and clear.  I think JoJo will be down for that too.
Joe: When I get there, I will work.  Cuz the last thing I want is for them to win it.  It's almost like 2 players, cuz each coach picked a front runner.  If Janelle hadn't saved Wil this week, he'd be going home.  Because she saved him, I go home.  It's that simple.  And I think they're gonna take out Ian soon.
Jenn:  I'm nervous for him.
Joe: Everything I've heard is that's next.. Cuz no one wants to play against him when the memory games come up.  And always every season, Ian becomes more that...  And Frank and Shane will be involved in that.
Jenn: I know.

Joe: And possibly.. maybe Wil.  He says he doesn't wanna play with the alpha males..
Jenn: But he'll end up playing with them.
Joe: They may come to him to try to get Ian, is what I'm thinkin'.  WIl's a really good guy, but it just may be a game play for him.
Jenn: That's all.
Joe: Hopefully he wont.  I don't know. Cuz Boogie's gonna try to sell the power male thing.
Jenn: Of course.  He's been tryin' to do that since Dy F'in 1.
Joe: I know.

Jenn: Danielle's very lucky to have Dan.
Joe: Yeah.  Best coach in here.  That's why I wanted him.
Jenn:  I wanted him so bad too.
Joe: Yeah.. he's definitely the smartest one in here.  He's havin' her just lay low, and every time she comes up, he just tells her to find herself an in, and give herself a shot.
Jenn: He gives great advice..
Joe: Yup.
Jenn: And he's like, don't feel bad about not competing..  You'r elike this big question mark right now.. Just lay low.  You're doing great.  And Danielle and I talk a lot..
Joe: They need you..  And Ash is gonna need you.. When I'm gone, Janelle's gonna take Wil.
Jenn: Good talk.
Joe: mm hmm.  I'm gonna have a cigarette and go to bed.
Jenn: Yeah.. I'm gonna start winding down..
Joe: I promise you, that's your smartest move.

Jenn:  Yeah, I know it is..
Joe:  It's huge for you.  And for them.  It's a perfect scenario for you guys.

Jenn:  Yeah.. cuz of the guys thing..
Joe:  Well, they're already together.

Jenn: I knew that.
Joe:  But if you do this, it's protection.

Jenn:  I said, I don't know guys..
Joe: Well, you gotta good shot if you do, cuz you'll get numbers.
Jenn: All I've ever been concerned about is numbers.
Joe:  You gotta lay low one more week after I leave, and then..
Jenn: I know.  I think I can do it.
Joe:  Have your 3 together.  Let them take out one more.  And then, no matter what, you've got your numbers.  You guys just gotta count on each other and stick together.
Jenn: We both wanted to win that HoH..
Joe: You guys'll get one.  There'll be one geared for ya'll soon.  There always is.
Jenn: I'll plant the seeds tomorrow.. All this deceit between Ashley and I?  The seeds are already planted.  Cuz the guys are gonna battle it out.  They're gonna go for each other's throats.
Joe: Watch it though.. Cuz if Boogie has his way, he's gonna have Frank and Shane in the finals.. Cuz he knows that Frank would beat Shane in votes. That's why you all gotta make one move.  You get one HoH, you can take one of em out. Then you got numbers the rest of the way.  But they gotta be on board.. and I think they'll take Ian out for ya.

Joe: Just keep it quiet.. Only you 3 know.
Jenn: Cuz the guys are gonna battle it out.

And they wrap it up and head inside, first saying goodnight to Ian, who's been on the hammock this whole time..

Jenn/Joe: G'night, Ian.
Ian (from Hammock) G'night..

Joe: I'll be in our bedroom.  Don't hug my bear.

Feed 3
Ian's stimming on the hammock.. and then he begins to talk..a little bit

Ian: So it's not true.  It's not perfect.  Next week.. Messy next week.. At least we got the swimming pool back.. I guess next week kind of a mess.  That's the good news. Do I really need it next week.  Probably not.  Got myself in a decent position.  That's for f*ck sure.   I have a huge f'in mess if I win HoH next week.  But I want that letter.  I can't out Ashley up, but I can't put anyone in my alliance up.  What a mess.  What a mess. mm. What time is it?

Ian goes inside to look.

Ian: I'm going to bed in like a half hour, so if you wanna get a DR in?  Soon please.  Real soon, cuz I'm tired.  Everyone else has gone to bed.

1:13am After using the restroom, Ian washes up and brushes his teeth.. then paces a bit..

Ian: F'ing weird, man.

He goes into the Have Not Room, apologizes to Joe for turning the lights on real quick and gets ready for bed.

1:17am and it's lights out in the Big Brother house..

And this concludes the Overnight Report! :0)  Happy Sunday to ALL!!  We're taking our Sunday Sanity Break.  The houseguests will very likely sleep in late today... I recommend checking in on them on the live feeds around 11am BBT or so..

Join us for the Sunday Show Viewing Party Tonight!  And until then, please mind the critters!  You never know what mischief and mayhem they'll get into.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning everyone,

Happy Show day...fun night in the house last night, fun to watch..

Now game on again.

Have a great Sunday...


July 29, 2012 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger April said...

Good morning!!

Last night was hysterical! So much fun!

Did anyone notice that right after Danielle's nip slip she says, "I'm so freaked out about having a nip slip" ? Coincidence? I'm thinking not... After watching her all night, I'm beginning to think she's a little full of herself! I really liked her until last night..... She just went on non stop about the kiss, wanting to know what it "looked like" to other people. And then up in HOH, she seemed desperate for Shanes attention.

Does anyone else get the feeling he's just not that into her?

July 29, 2012 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger pixie said...

The chat room for the dishers is Watermelon Whags in caxe anyone wants to chat there.

So far, I'm pulling for Ian as he is the most palatable of all of them. BB picked a really bad cast in my opinion. This is my least favorite season since I began watching BB. I probably could have done without the live feeds, however, I did order them thru Carolyn! There just isn't anyone to really pull for. I miss having a couple of favorites.

July 29, 2012 at 11:23 AM  
Blogger FL Girl said...

I agree, Shane isn't into her. I think he is kinda in his own world. He doesn't seem to fit in so well. He's no social butterfly.

July 29, 2012 at 3:46 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

I think shane is surely into danielle but supposedly he promised his mom no showmance but with her being all about the lord, i think shane is afraid of disrespecting his family, personally i wouldnt even hesitate, not often you meet a girl as sweet as danielle.

July 29, 2012 at 3:50 PM  
Blogger we love karamonaco said...

Hi ya'll my name is De Angelic yes it's my birth name thx mom & dad lol. but i just wanted to say i ave been watching this site 4 a few weeks & i love it i love how it's ran people on the other site not naming it did not respect my opinions but you guys all seem very cool here

July 29, 2012 at 4:07 PM  
Blogger we love karamonaco said...

Dani is living in a fantasy world in the bb house shane is only using her for votes. he has said he promised his mom no showmance
plus the goodbye message to Kara about her long beautiful legs.
if Dani knew he said that omg!!
mental breakdown because she flipped out over the shane & jojo joke. plus Shane has entioned Kara's name at least twice this week. hey ya'll just call me Dani or Angie all my friends do

July 29, 2012 at 4:42 PM  

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